100 - On White Claw 70, Defending Bad Snacks, and Keebler Dreams


This is the food scientists. PODCAST podcast. I'm your host Amy's Jack I'm here with Danny Sussman. Hello entire Internet world and aliens. Perhaps in the future and Brian Ryan Pierce. Hello entire listening world which includes everyone from the listening universe alien overlord. I knew it was a mask all his time two hundred episodes but she finally fessed up one hundred episode. We're still going to do our normal things. We're going to have some news and experiences -periences we're going to have our pringles. Dinner Party are how else we do at celebratory party without pringles. y'All know that defend defend our bad or controversial snack and we're GONNA finish hopefully sweetly with some sweet dreams from keebler and throughout trying buying the new white cloth seventies. Pick one and go for it. I don't know which one I'm grabbing here. This is all the watermelon. Now these are white lawsuit seventy that means. There's a healthy option. They have fewer calories seventy calories so the yeah. This is great here and I heard one person say that these don't don't taste like diet beverages would smells the light. Fire that right now. I am still nice. Isn't fake watermelon dot on the White Club and we're really not at all I. You know what that's fine yes. Yeah so watermelon. Let's just see how it goes. Oh Wow this is not what I was expecting. And I'm not happy about. That and tells tastes like watermelon. Infused sparkling it tastes very faint though the other flavors of white cloth were really like they were strong. They really tasted a lot. More like the flavor. Yeah yeah that's mostly what I mean. Alcohol watermelon is mostly water and the name has a flavor. But when you have something watermelon flavor I mean. We know that watermelon candy does not taste like like a watermelon watermelon but this kind of tastes like lottery Mellon like the actual fruit watermelon on like very little flavor. Hey in our chat. I have to say Bobby Whitelaw here. That's like having duff man. If we're talking about beard like Bobby White cloud whereas less spandex little bit less spandex but yeah glad to have you here bobby waclaw so so far. We're going to be doing these throughout the episode watermelon. I'm not a fan of now. I think if you mix this like maybe maybe with lemonade like just to do like infused water. Just in General I. Yeah no I really do. Target has some really really good Fiji Apple Water Strawberry Lemonade. Oh I didn't mean like you buy like just take water at hello infused. No I do like you get at restaurants. Sometimes I usually don't like yeah because this is just like watermelon water if you made it at home. But if he's watermelon watermelon it's so yeah so far. Watermelon might be good for mixing on. Its own needs a little help. So get you drunk. It's white clawed though and it's white cloth seventy which has even less alcohol. I believe believe it heads. The Ha. It's more lacroix than vodka. It is closer to Lacroix so far. But we'll see we'll see all right we'll get to the next one in a little bit here but yeah I. We'll get the show rolling here and thank you jeff for all the happy hundred wishes and glad to see all your the along with the news. Brands will stop drinking. Oh I actually have a warning. Oh a red alert because something is coming back this holiday season. Good morning bad. It's a red alert. That's not a good thing I don't know to me like Like if something is super good. That's the red alert because I eat all of it and die. They if the mud pie was on sale at Dairy Queen Like Free Mudslide Blizzard Day. You can go to all of them right red alert okay but and I know the sad thing is people are going to be taking all of us and telling us so excited agree the Oriole. Oh Candy Canes are coming back and they are they were not that good it or not daybreak Europe things the Oh yeah yeah. Okay like if they're not disgusting but they are not Oreo flavor. They're not even good shot. They're very fake chocolate flavored candy. Clear the poster child of Orios. Yes yes they you were one of the first price that we had on the show. That was the Horio. Yeah when you're like what's a Horio Oreo candy canes yes a little more just for newer folks here a Horio is a cheap oriole productivity just through to get some quick cash. It's not good it's not quality it's trying maybe a little bit even of all Nacchio unconscious and take your wallet. Yeah that's the. If there's a brand that will be like sure you just we'll take your money and you can put our name on it Oreo Yeah so look out for those please please do not tell we really appreciate when people tell us about new things at that one. You don't listen. He does and it happens all the time but still I mean we're happy to hear those things but if you see that happen to any of us whether it's on social media like you can just buy don't be like Yep they called it because we won't get mad but or if you're into giving terrible gifts give Brian just like a case of Oriole Correo Candy Canes Because you've heard he likes orioles and you've heard he likes candy cane if you want your kids to stop believing in Santa Claus Bring your kids. Those candidates say Santa Santa brought. Ub Brian to come to your house and visit you and talk to your children. Send him those he'll do. I'm not talking to. They're going to ruin Christmas. Well I don't want to be the I wonder ruined. You just promised one of you. That's the Brian I you know. I'm drinking the clause. I'm not Santa Claus right but you're just gonNA ruined Christmas. Houston Brian. The OREO Candy McCain's Hill Shelter House and be like kids. Let me talk to you about Santa. This escalated here. That's going to bring you together. Oh Okay uh-huh that means it's a terrible fighting. I didn't know together even though Granada at the thing. I'd have to talk a little bit about Mike. Is this GONNA be Salad. No okay I wasn't going to make you a salad. Wanted to make them eat lemon bars and I'm still going willing to just so you know you're still going to but I had a horrible experience making them so because you ate them. I don't want to defend these particular lemon bars even though we're gonna eat what we learned. Is that lemon. Bars are terrible unless you ma. She's bringing out lemon bars this morning. I you want to pick my lemon bars in their little warm. Because they're really fresh out of the oven nice and they look like little masterplan in bars. We're not gonna eat them right now. They look kind of like creamed. Corn is this like the time my sister made corn muffins and forgot to add the sugar. And we're going to get there. I really good Baker. I can make complex things towards that can make basic. Confirm that have proof roof here. I've peanut butter cookies but we have no yes. I had some of these last night at a party that we all do. They were all very good after. I got the crust. Trust me that there's cookies offering me one and in the oven. I realized I use the wrong measuring scoop for one eight ingredients so my ratios rough. And then there's those making the top part the lemon custody parts in cracking eggs into it. One of the experts really bad so I start over and then when I went to use the lemon one of the lemons was bad so I had to use pre bottled lemon juice. So that's why I don't want to defend these particular pairs but we're still gonNA eat them because it's what I have and they're not bad they're just so you're saying these are awful lemon bars and you want us to eat them. Yeah but we're not okay. Okay but finish Michelle. You're you're a watermelon because we will segue into the lamb in white cloth after that. So what are you actually talking about now. Okay I'll defend regular numbers. Do a little bit these guys eight now we we. We had an issue. I mentioned the part that we went to now amy in Dan you came late. Amy Got Mad at me and I'm like well. Let's let's we can talk about tomorrow mark. She's like I want to talk about it now. I'm mad at you. Be Bad at you now so there was an issue last night because I went to a party and I brought Durian Durian Wafer cookies. That rig worse than some of the other day and we've had I was there for that. Where 'cause does he kept making people eat them? No way we I did not make anyone eat anything blocking the during cookies because they were exiled they kept walking backwards. Me In the smell. Mel As you know is enough to smells thought of dropping one of the shooter dead. She's like you put it in the hood on my coat. Get away from the smell but in my defense and he said it was okay. Yeah it's true. He did like. Would it be a terrible thing if I brought during take the barbecue and I said it's fine because you're telling me I can avoid them. Some people liked it because we know there's a taste put that like it but then they had durian breath. I'm near me. Yeah so finds one of those things that some people think it tastes like butterscotch me. No so that's the other part is if you send Brian the Oreo Candy Canes and he comes to Your House to ruin Christmas he's also going to bring Duran way for A. Why am I like the mailman here here? Because you said you said that what happened. I hope you have the taste. Buds that make it taste like butterscotch yum. Yummy Scotch. Also good ventilation yeah us. I know this because it was outside I would not have brought it if it were a party that we're inside not at all okay. Conveniently left them there. Oh shoot I forgot okay. So are we having lemon lemon white clawed if unless we have something else we can do the lemon bars celebrating today. one hundred episodes. So what would that be without pringles. And I'm in Europe. They had a line of Dinner Party. pringles so we're going to celebrate with a celebratory pringles. We have percents echo and pink pepper corn flavored pringles and we have cocktail sauce. Flavored pringles awesome. I'm really scared. Well would you like to do we. We have a beverage so maybe we just need some cocktail sauce yeah. I forgot to bring inch shrimp flavored pool but I have seen shrimp or prawn flavored potato chips but this is just gonNa be cocktail sauce. Aw Oh it smells lovely. I don't even know you took a lot. Danny if you like the lemon in the water it made my eyes burn outside party last night it was. It was very very cold cold in Minnesota here but layers. It's all about the layers. Oh this does kind of hit the little shrimp do you like it though. Danny I love shrimp cocktail. No I do not love cocktail decidedly. So they're they're not to shrimp cocktail in pringle and this is awesome. Well he's not gonna like the cocktail sauce 'cause yeah a little horseradish e. This is a this is a a decent cocktail sauce. You know I've certainly had worse shrimp cocktail than than this too. Many of these. It's better better than actual shrimp cocktail. I'll say that it's not the worst thing we've ever had. I like these like I'm kind of ashamed. Aimed at the level of like I have for these. What else goes with Seafood's lemon we're not there yet. Oh the Whitelaw okay. Yeah white cloth now. It smells just like a lemon shelter. Wire we'll see. That reminds me of half. ooh My very first Las Vegas Buffet. Experience uh-huh. I went with this guy named billy and this was more years than I. Want to admit but We went to the birth the buffet at the Mirage. which at the time was the biggest buffet in Vegas? And Billy gets a plate like full-sized dinner plates piles it with shrimp two three inches high of shrimp. I mean brings it back to the table any sits down and he goes God dammit. I forgot the lemon and then knows I won't forget the lemon next time and he plows through this whole pile of shrimp and then he goes back in a second plate just like that got it gets back to the table. God dammit. I forgot the lemon again. I won't forget the lemon next time. Plows through a second. ENORMOUS PLATE OF SHRIMP ended up three plates of shrimp. Never remembered the lemon but a bar for Buffet shrimp eating that. I have to this day not not seem surpass. Well Yeah I mean you can't when you're a buffet like there's a lot going on we were asked if the cocktail catch-up chips. No no no I mean gene can use catch up to Makassar the chili sauce and this is a propped. A proper cocktail definitely tastes different. All right I'm going to open these other other party. The is gonNA keep going. Oh wait we didn't talk about the lemon though the lemon berry taste like lemon. It just doesn't matter what I do. I kind of like it though. I like it a lot more than than Seltzer. Water Kinda refreshing. It's another one of those that you do need to mix with something else. I think another one. That's like the home infusion if you if you WANNA again but it's I don't know those infusions not exactly to be a little little too. I don't know of Tart or two do wrong. It just says on here with a hint of lemon yeah. That's definitely a hint so I can see this enhancing certain things if you want to put put it again in lemonade. Maybe that would be a hard lemonade. You know what I would do is just put vodka that would work to all right. The Dinner Party yeah and pepper okay. They don't smell terrible. So somehow we have a Wine and pepper corn flavored. Pringle to to celebrate. Amy took you've stack. She thinks you liked them. I guess and pink PEP records pepper. Yeah I'm making some Brian Face. We've got a little like I'm not Brian facing yet this pepper corn but that seems more black pepper is peppery and like a little sour. The psycho well. You don't put pepper with pro Seco- Julia doing pringles. So sometimes I just have to wonder I have to wonder what's wrong with you. Europe why are you doing these and calling them dinner party. Like who's GonNa know know who's going to have these kind of growing on me that my favorite pringle put their kind of growing. What is your favorite pringle? It's a tie between the original and the Jalapeno which is very very very green. It's nice to know the both of these are getting hard pass for me hard sauce a lot more more than these. And you can't get unlike the white while you cannot get drunk off of the perfecto chips have to say one more thing about the lemon white club Blob. I would never drink his seltzer water. Even though this flavor isn't very strong I could drink this really. Yeah I love. South are really Well it has just enough flavor where it's like okay. That's kind of refreshing. But I was raised in just like just sparkling water with no flavor that yeah we have. We've we've never had friends like you know. The the seltzer bottles are like clowns would spray the who they were still getting those delivered to their house and drink out of the home. That was good stuff. Unlike these and pink pepper our are we having a dinner party with us. This is a party. I'm going to say maybe two on facebook and then not go. Oh Brian One hundredth episode at this. I'm here this already. But like if the if this were the party. If you threw a perceptual and pip pink. Pepper Corn Party Danny. He wouldn't go yeah. I threw a pink pepper corn party. People would be like calling the authorities do a wellness. Check check amy. Let's get your let's move on to the next segment here and get these Lemon bars atrocities wants to defend lemon bars. I don't want to defend these particular particular lemon bar but you're still gonNA make eat them. I've already had one won't kill. You made small ones now. Whenever we've talked about lemon bars we've said we we hate them and everybody? The response to our hatred of lemon bars has been universal. And it's well that's because you haven't had the lemon bars I make mine are good good. Unlike all other terrible I understand you are the best lemon buyers. Were still eat them. Because it was my plan to have doc goodman buyers and once again proving there is no such thing I just ask rotten ingredients to. Oh yeah thank you for giving us rotten lemon bars quality. I mean the texture is just not good. Well yeah it messed up the crowd crush amy. The bar texted the crust is okay but I don't want to see crust plane with lemon lemon flavor false. Okay no no no. They do have a good strong lemon flavor. Why do I wanNA bite into a lemon lemon flavor? Good Lemon flavors judgment make would you rather have eleven bar or black licorice. I think I'd rather go to the dentist. You GotTa pick one crime. Hi Good Lovin Barton. More black licorice black liquorice because it can be done in one bite. So could this. I would go with the lemon bar. Okay see staying at the worst thing out there A lot of people talk about candy corn. But we've talked about way way too much is true so I just haven't here for us to eat with googlers because we also said it would be good mixed with other things or better with other things now guber. That's the reasons right. Not those are just covered peanuts to balance out the sugary. I'll have some googlers. I could totally eat candy. Corn Guber because I had ED bacon fail. That's why also the peanut butter cookies and the good candy here in googlers income but see you did say it's better than the Chris. You would black licorice Grisham. Yeah all right. So Danny's going to defend now. I came to realize something about. That's GonNa make this a recurring segment. We haven't decided which it's GonNa be depending defending bad candy or just Danny Likes Old Lady Candy because I was in the store looking at like things that people generally don't like and realized I love Old Lady Candies. I'm Mike have an inner grandma and so So when he says a lot of the things that you would find like in your grandma's purse like the hard candies like the ribbon. Candy Ribbon Kit. Oh the the strawberry ones with a little bit of Jelly inside of them. Well all says his mother makes sure she does. I'm starting this off with a wrench burnt. Peanut yeah these are usually seen on a bowl in the table. He's never at Gramma on the southbound at my grandma's house and people hate these. Like if you google well. Let's describe them if people can't place them based on the name there the peanut but has a really hard hard shell. That looks like it has chickenpox unnatural red color red sugar sout shell with bumps that I don't know what they're you're so okay. I'm eating this right now. What do you like about it? There's another link to lake here flavor on the coding. It's an extra sweep. I just like doc the crunch of that first bite only Duke. It don't let the burn zone. The peanut tastes like it's really can't oiled world. This is just how it's supposed to be. It's like softer than like a regular peanut. You just like Old Lady Candy but this not only candidate. They're saying that all lady candy is meant covered in lint which you probably likes that too the other softwares dissolve in your mouth love those. Yeah I'm not feeling the love here for these. I'm going to respect your legs. I'm not gonNA Yuckier Yum but I'm not talking about the more because I have the handful and I can't stop and you know we say a lot like if these were sitting out I would eat them. I would not baking fundamentally the whole back for the this done. Well you may may googlers. I'll take those okay so my candy. Can I have one more go for it. I'm just going to Redo the ingredients. Sugar rose peanuts Corn Syrup. Confectionary SHELLAC Katya gum artificial flavor and then colors so the color isn't even I mean I guess I don't know would would make something that color. No there's an artificial radio but I like that there's a SHELLAC involvement in it but you know for some reason SHELLAC Miam- I don't know why I can't stop eating them. They're just like sweet sweet peanuts. I know most people hate them. Just eat right into the microphone. Danny here our listeners. Love that we've gotten that feedback back all right my candy my snack. I'm going to defend that tons of people seem to hate laffy Taffy now. Not just any Laffy Taffy GAFFEY BANANA LAPD. Are you also going to defend the jokes on the package. I am going to defend the little jokes. You get to jokes with each thing so for for example what type of scan can prevent infection. Wait opening what type of scan can prevent infection. Antivirus the antivirus scan. Okay okay. What kind of hear? What kind of tree likes is to give high fives which one palm trees? Oh see yeah. That's the best smelling insect. Well Nice Stink bug. The older aunt minus two is yours to. Why couldn't the clam finished dinner? Why it was stuffed? I was GONNA say that but everybody wants for that What type of grade only gets better upgrade? Oh so these are drugs wait wait. I'll fly was the clean anstey. Whom why was the queen of the ants? I was GonNa say something like she had to get to the throne. I don't know the first first one on this one. So yeah like the jokes you get some some clinkers complaint is the amount of work it takes to get all of the wrapper off. There's no these tend to go bad quickly so the rapper can stick pretty prefigures and they can get really tough and really brittle which those are not good one. I lost a corner owner into the rapper. But when you get a list seem soft this is much better so again we've said before fruit. Flavors this is not taste like eating a banana. This is the Banana Candy Flavor. But I could eat these all day probably have another way. Clo- you know what I did. I can't even talk. I have this thing my mouth but are you hating it though. Because he's got hate banana laughing. It gets hate. I'll tell you more ministers I can not okay stuggled. We'll come back to you amy. You were saying earlier that you like banana flavored things. Do you like these. Come all right. They're uh-huh carpet antic candy. But I don't hate them. Yeah if the rapper takes forever it's probably not GonNa be good experience because they've been sitting in the sun or something never take them from a parade trade when throwing out candy because those are not going to be good ones I was gonna say is this is back before I hid from trick or treaters our went to a bar instead of handing out candy. Lina trick or treaters. I know if there's candy available in my house I will eat all of it so what I do Wanna I share with those little beggars right and so what I do. I don't WanNa have like so much in my house that I end up like the hospital is so for Halloween. I I'd give out candy that I would not eat myself so that if there's leftovers I'm not tempted by it so I would always give out Laffy taffy because it's like the one thing that like so all flavors you don't like could you imagine like after eating like you feel like I can just like mindlessly eat Li's French burnt peanuts these Laffy Taffy like with all the work between the effort involved in peeling open then chewing it and getting burst starbucks appeal comes off easy. And how about this. Do you like regular Taffy like salt. Water Taffy okay. But I mean you have to chew that a lot too do it tastes good flavors in all right. So we're GONNA move onto the next rumor spreading white cloth and we're not mixing mixing it up today with anything else. We're just having the as it is. We're going to move onto the CLEMENTINE next. I think it's really interesting that they don't call this Orange Orange. But it's good orangey. I don't really like this one. I flavor stronger than the watermelon. The Lakers tastes like the reign of the orange kind of like a combine. Oh I do like clementines. Is I like lemon times like oranges. Orange flavored things. I didn't think I would love this when when I was kind of hoping it would have more of the flavor of an orange crush it does not. Yeah this is another. I think. This is the theme. Here the White Claw seventies are good for mixing. Now if you like just you know. I don't WANNA say bland water because that sounds too negative because I don't want to rip on these but it doesn't have as much flavor as the regular white cloth. Is Bobby White cloth so here when he took he has not had these yeah. I was really surprised about that L.. Send some Oreo candy corn to Your House Kings. Yeah we'll send him these and he can send us those. Yeah Okay So. That's the climate enjoying the French. Burn peanuts these are delicious but let's have something is actually delicious now because I'm excited for what we have next breath so early on in the podcast. If you go back to our archives as episode one hundred we shouldn't looking back we. I did some investigation of the girl Scout Cookie Mafia. We did mine. You will learn that. I have issues with girl. Scouts and their They're cookie racket no girl scouts to the girl scouts themselves. I was scammed by a girl Scout. As part of their cookie racket which has finally been busted hosted by a number of stores that are selling them year round and for less Amena the similar Karma delight which to me is the queen of the girl scout cookies very good one of my favorites Absolutely did a taste off of all of the knockoffs and the brand to go after after them is a keebler. There are other ones to you. You see the more and more out but usually it's like a store brand. I guess you're right. Yeah it's like a store brand cookie that goes after the girl scouts but Keebler took one swing and that's swing is coconut dreams. But they were like. Hey girl scouts hold my beer because they also took the coconut. I don't think they should be giving girl scouts beer to hold their l.. They don't know better. They said we're we're GONNA different chocolate and may cook. I'm excited for that. And then they're also we know Bryan Pearson his cravings. So we're GONNA do them up in peanut the butter too. I'm so excited. And so we're going to try all of the dreams and see if we have good dream. Yeah let's start with the classic ones the classic and even says right on their sweet dreams baked fresh the arithmetic sweet dreams are made in the the girl. Scout tradition is mostly sleep packaging. Yeah that is very sad but the cookies are very good These are so good they taste like the girl scout cookies but they're cheaper so I started that you guys only took one. I took two or we're going to be eating a lot here by the end classic I mean I guess people that don't like coconut. I love coconut. But you got the caramel chocolate and just a little crunch Do you think being fudged dipped. It's going to make them to Chaplaincy Laurel Show I. I am looking forward to finding out. We want to try these same ones dipped in fudge peanut fudge budget. Because if that doesn't go well I have hope that the peanut butter first of all really this not going well it might taste good but the ratio is still and if you look in your grocery stores or anywhere you will find a lot of knockoffs goffs Girl Scout. Cookies thin mints. You can find some of the tag alongs lie different kinds of look around. Usually it's around. Girls go cookie season Zain. But I haven't seen more you can find the knockoffs seed. You look good year round girls Gus. I fixed your Samoa for you and is covering the whole thing and chocolate willoughby too much. I'm still eating the original. I can't stop that and he's really steering his. It's good but is it better. That's the question question. That's why I'm staring at it. I'm not tasting as much of the Carmel and has If I could see it some of the flavors missing I feel like they make up with more chocolate by getting rid of some of the Carmel. I think you're on to something then. There's still a web if you eat all the time maybe the original all the time. Maybe you know shake things up and get the fudge covered but I don't think that they are a replacement no yeah the knockoffs are so much cheaper than girls got taste the same. They do orbiting if you go back and find our tasting of the Yeah in the first year episodes. I believe the girl scout cookies finished I last did a blind taste test That the knockoff were better than the original. And now Brian. We got the peanut butter and and I'll just eat the plastic. That's fine hole in your bite-size good do you bring it back. Bring it back good cookies inside like it's GonNa take those peanut butter too. Oh Yeah Oh boy. We've lost them for audio lists. Brian scientist grabbed. I'm GONNA guess a fistful of them. amy almost ripped my hand off trying to get at taking it away. This makes up for every awful thing we've ever had on the podcast every one. Have you never had these before. No I'll be honest. I didn't even know they existed. There's good as the peanut butter patties the different thing from the peanut butter. Good as this is like a trucker cook eve with crunchy peanut butter. All around it dipped in chocolate. I need to take take these into a dark room and just oh funny. You should mention that Brian because we have three of them. We have three of them. I'll pay choice to make Jill How serious do I WANNA get MHM while you're thinking should I explain to the chat why I believe that girl scouts are a scam. Now they can go. We haven't told that story. I'm so long last time when you did that. If you WANNA know why I I have such girl scout issues. Go Back Infos at didn't hear of Samoa Girl Scout Cookie in your part of the country. It's called the CARMO delighting but it's the same thing. I'm so happy right now. Really saw you're thinking about all three. I think I know. Do you WANNA go first. are either of you ready. I I just want to make sure because this is an important one. I don't WANNA get wrong. I could do this. I'm not going to go for Danny. Okay I took a bite of one but that's okay. Let's collect my thoughts more pause and think about it. Brian is dreaming I'm in my happy place. They are called dreams. Brian's dreams have a happy ending adding I I'm going to kill the fudge covered coconut dream. You try to take something and made it better and you didn't and it's sad because I had the highest hopes for you and you let me down and now you you die. Think about it. You got what you deserved. Wow the harsh words. There harsh word very hard coverage coverage. They were that much of a disappointment. I am going to marry coconut dream where forever it. It was my first love my longest love. We've had a thing forever. Nothing can tear US apart. I don't care if it's something new and flashy and different you know this is it like. We're basically like childhood sweethearts me and Makarov Delight and and this is a replica. So we got that and I will frolic with the peanut butter dreams basically weekly because it feels good to cheat on your future wife. Brian Wow I was there I uh-huh keep going keep going okay. All right you know I was there I all right. You know I will go because I actually. I'm I'm pretty on pace with you here. I am going to kill the fudge covered because You know it's not that bad but if this were the bachelor like you know even though they're all like pretty or the Bachelorette they're all like good leading people. Someone still has to go and you are getting rose this week you you were getting death so sorry covered is this is a nice neighborhood Hud. There's always a warehouse and you're bringing down the property values so you're going to marry the original the Carmo light it as Yeah no it's like you said it's like your childhood sweetheart. We have history Rico way back the shot is GonNa flip out and yeah I know I saw them like no you know me. You don't know me you don't knowing maybe that's way too many white claws but yeah no no more they're good and like there's a base there's a solid baser and without that original. You don't have any any of the variants so there is something Just special there that there's already a long term commitment and we can keep going now. I am definitely frolicking with the peanut butter ones. Though what happened to the whole festival that you had is someone eighth aiming you talked for a long time I had got bored and so I had to think. Okay I'm GonNa frolic with these because you know what if we were married. It would be nonstop frolicking. I mean and I wouldn't. I would have to quit my job. You would never land house and you. Let's be honest. It's not the healthiest relationship. It has a lot of good points is based on one thing. It's just lust. It's pure lust and gluttony. I love it's so much but I know but it is not a solid deep thing there. I know that it's purely physical. Is it really though because I mean your relationship with peanut butter uh-huh and your relationship with chocolate And your relationship with those two together. I mean this is just a new form of an old love. I mean I would feel the same way about races uses though because the chocolate. It's too much sugar located. I'm sorry I'm sorry everyone I'm sorry. I said that I was like no. No no no no no no no no no. Don't don't worry chat. I got this it. It's a lot of sugar if you eat a lot non stop. It's not too much certainly but if you keep going with fit you're going to have issues like says the man who eats Sugar Salad Bowl. Yeah that's amazing. Well Yeah so basically what you're saying is that you've been on this and you gorge yourself south in this and then after so much of it you feel a slight bit of shame and you have to like maybe maybe one day a week you do that but you don't. You can't do it every day. You can't keep that pace up eventually elite like it's going to catch up to you one way or another. You're the kind of person it's like what I had my fun. It's time to settle down. I would keep having my phone and I probably would be stringing along the original on like we'd have a long engagement that maybe we're an open cookie. Open face cookie relationship. So you're gonNA see both so this is frolic. I hope they're OK with. Ah I mean let's be on. These are sisters these are siblings. Frolicking was I'm just I'm just asking how is working right out other friends relationship. A lot of shocked faces. I know right. Yeah there's a lot of fake like faces of terror. I know I know like I'm being read for filter and I get it. I get peanut butter. It's definitely worthy of marriage. What do you think about this? This is more about me than anything this I. I cannot get past the exterior. I'm being shallow here. That's me so there could be. There might be a lot to the peanut butter drain. Yeah you're like. Why are you talking to shut up? Shut up again. I'm being an awful person here. I'm so fast it's It's like no no don't talk show. Yeah that's and that's all you that's all you're interested in So it is you. It's not as he keeps feeding them. I don't want to get to know them better. I ah good with what I have right. Getting another better means. It's time not like getting involved with them. If I read that nutrition label if I read that ingredients lists things might change that. We're not gonNA do that literally. Eaten half a package of these while we talk protein. It's more package than cookie but still ate half of them. So Oh doesn't want to get to know if I need to do like a fireside chat or something about this and more definitely happy to do that and yet they the agreed because because mine made sense and Brian's didn't given what you know about the same result yes but we have. We're different when people who don't like the same things everybody assumed that because of your love and he nut butter chocolate and your reaction to them that you would be into it and I was really into it. which is how things got? And then we found out that you have feelings But but feelings don't matter when it comes to these right I have feelings. I don't care about their feelings right. You're just using them and you recognize that. Yeah I'm up front about things like that on boundary. I'm not shady. Yeah right okay amy topless easy I will. I will blow your mind okay. What she was going to say? This might have to question a new to. I'm going to start with marrying the original right. Well the original keebler. But you know what I mean. You're the coconut cream. It's got a good variety. All righty. He's got the coconut. It's got the Carmo it's got the fudge it's got the cookie. You want variety still eating French. Burn peanuts by. I know our listeners can hear you. You crunch crunch crunching need to get away from them in Friday's spice alive okay. Yeah here's my because my next thing is going. I'm GonNa tell you I agree with both of you on everything. I'm killing. The fudge covered coconut dreams. There's not enough it's just wrong. It's fine but it's it could be better. Which means I also frolic with the peanut butter offer allocating with the peanut butter but for me? It's because little similar to Brian but I don't have the love affair. It's just a little too much too much richness. She's too much. I feel like if I examined my soul. I would say that too but I don't want to go that far for a little while but you can't handle that before we before we don't make me get to know them better. Yeah we'RE GONNA get to know all of them better by reading. What's on the side of the package from the late? Great triple murdered. I cover coconut cream. GonNa say Ernie. The Elf died fudge overboard here in the keebler hollow tree. We also have discovered. There's no such thing thing as too much fudge that's why we're covering already delicious. Karnal dipped coconut sprinkled coconut. Dreams enriched chocolate fudge for for a decadent cookie this big on flavor these delicious Fudgy. Cookies are uncommonly good. A real dream come true and then signed by. Is that Ernie any signed by Ernie els health. No I love that. His signature is trademarked there. There's a trademark signed by his signature signature. Like I love that. Even they recognized as fudge overload but it turns out it's fudge overwhelming versus the original coconut. Sweet Dreams. James Baked here. What to keep their Ellsbury muff? Why Cookies of course here in the hollow tree are sweet dreams inspire uncommonly good cookies like our coconut dreams crispy? Cookie dipped in gooey. CARMO showered and sweet coconut and drizzled with our famous rich creamy fudge. A dream come true now. Now I'm going to say something if this is based on their dreams. Ernie you've been dreaming of Girl Scouts a little ashamed of you. I think you're right. I'm pretty sure that was a lot about oh of that. They're about the same size. I guess then Fudgy P nuttiness Marinus. What a Keebler elves remove? Why Cookies of course this is the same thing? Yeah except they changed the description cookies. Of course here in the hollow tree I just dreams dreams as far uncommonly good cookies peanut butter dreams each could gives me layers of creamy peanut butter and nuts drenched in Fudgy. Goodness a dream come true Ernie Ernie. You're better than this. He is okay but you know what else might be better than this that last week. Law Late clock now. This is the one that I was really really excited for pineapple white claw as I spill it all over. My Lap smells nice in panoply does tastes kind of pineapple. Ooh these are all like Spitzer just in it but if you remember light claw Zima but the original. That didn't really didn't didn't really have the same thing. Like this flavor is a lot stronger. So if you want something lighter they don't taste i. It's not like no it doesn't it just doesn't have a strong flavor. I mean

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