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Presidential pay to play?


Is President trump regularly violating the anti-corruption provisions of the constitution called the emoluments clause. I'm Bill Newman and this is the civil liberties minute. Minute emolument is a fancy word meeting profit gain or compensation and article. One section eight of the constitution in sweeping language prohibits any person in who holds a federal office that includes the president from profiting from his office that is from receiving an emolument trump profiting from the patronage of persons seeking favors favors from administration who are at the same time spending huge sums it his hotels has spawned numerous lawsuits alleging his violation of the emoluments clause. The emoluments clause case brought a New York federal court initially was thrown out but recently was reinstated by the Court of Appeals and that case now proceeds however another the case with a similar legal claim has been thrown out by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and in the District of Columbia a very similar case brought by congressional Democrats also it was headed to that circuit court this first ever constitutional controversy may well be headed for the Supreme Court which may or may not actually make a decision after all the High Court just decided in the case of blatant partisan gerrymandering that it would not and no federal court could fashion any remedy for for that corrupt democracy destroying practice the civil liberties minute is made possible by the A._C._l._U. because freedom can't protect itself.

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