The Black Panthers in the Current Era - Prof. Jamal Joseph, Samaria Graham, Dr. Gin Love Thompson


This is Dr Jen Love Thompson, and I welcome you to the Akron for stations series along with a special co hosts tonight, actors and activists the Mario Grants. So, Mario Start and TV and film including reoccurring roles. On NBC, series Providence and Blossom. She appeared in Martin, Lawrence's major motion down nothing to lose the CBS mini series shake rattle and roll along with numerous other guest star, appearances and she. She is also a gifted singer and featured performer on the album based on the poetry of two pox four, the rose that grew from concrete. Some you and I are honored to share with you a conversation with Professor Jamal Joseph a member of the original Black Panther, party and author of cancer baby his memoir. Jamal is a writer director producer poet, the ultimate activist and educator he serves as the professor over Columbia University's graduate. Film. program. Professor Joseph is the CO founder and Artistic Director Those impacts the Harlem based Ucla to company and executive, director of new heritage films a non for profit organization that provides training and For minorities filmmakers. There are many other accolades and awards we could name. Demain is also known as to proxy, Cores Godfather and authored the book. To pock she core legacy. Demain along with the finish your court was part of the panthers. Twenty. One. The trial eventually collapsed and all the twenty one members were, what'd of all charges and nineteen seventy-one? Legend in his own right it is an honor and a privilege to welcome Professor Jamal. Joseph, to the conversation. Welcome tomorrow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So Great Mario. lemieux. Force a miss you I. Love You. Dr Jenny. Thank you for all that you do, and there's a real honor and real really high pleasure to be on your soldier. Well, thank you. So here we go. I want to jump right in I want to get to I want to get to the good stuff you know I'm the one of the things that I love. That I read. Is that while you were in prison and we'll get to that in a minute and how that came about you wrote poetry and plays and use that time to get to the super three degrees during that period. Two. degrees. From University of Kansas in sociology and psychology. So where I was I'm saying that and I'm bringing that up before we speak about how you arrive there because I that is just especially vital. Aspect of the series of who you are. So, vicious panther baby that came out and twenty twelve wasn't it? And, one of my favorite stories I'm GonNa ask you to retailer to me again is a how when you first came to the panthers. The Black Panthers you were fifteen. And you were ready to get a gun. But you receive something else instead and what was bad. So the context that story and it is in my memoir antibody. Is that Dr King was assassinated. and his death radicalized a lot of young black people. Had Been. active in the end of Lacey Pe- you council. I was a church boy member of Trinity Baptist Church. Went to a community center in how and pull the menacing townhouse I was part of clubs and organizations there and I was that. You know that kid who was on track to get scholarships and Go to college and you know people want me to become a lawyer I wanted to be a lawyer. Doctor. King. Got Killed. I. Got Really Angry. And I Winter on twenty th street on my way home I lived in the Bronx. And got caught up on the fringes of the riot and you know got thrown around by some cops chased by some cops and then rescued by a group of militants man who stood between. Me and the police and made them back off and told me to go straight home because it was. It's don't give these crops in excuse to kill you 'cause that's what they're trying to do with black folk out. The next day I was in school and having lunch with my friends. My two best friends one was still who is black and the other words Paul who's the White Kid Jewish kid and I announced that I eddie. Joseph had taken the name Jamal was going to be a threat militant now wasn't fully show what the word was, but they were these militants. Who who would be on television I, still recall Michael talking about our and h rap Brown and my friend Paul said Eddie. I don't know if you could announce that you're going to be a militant like it's a career choice could be doctor or lawyer that was like, no, you don't get it. You Watch right. So the the fall as much the myself had defined the most militant group on the scene and that night I billy night was the clip about the Black Panther party patrolling the streets of Oakland California Labor code guns and berets storming the state capital Sacramento in California when they were trying to change the gun control laws and depends said that was to disarm them and other black people. So we went to the Panthers Office, I wrote out there with two friends who are older than I was and We want none of us really sure what we're getting into. We just know that we found interesting I wanted to get your fifteen point. Fifteen this time I'm on a student and so and one of my friends says man you know you're gonNA have to prove yourself to be a panther. To kill a right to and and how to my son Jose killer. White. Dude I'm sure it's quiet but I couldn't hear punk in front of my voice. You know my other friend was like now I'm getting straight you ain't gotTA kill away. Do you gotTa kill like top and you gotta bring in his badge and gun and I'm like what but again? I could be a punk in front of my boys. So my heart is pounding. We. Find the Tampa office is that cool Black Panther logo on outside. We walk into the office and Hampton brothers and sisters there looking so cool with the Afros and their leather code. I see but I wanNA. PUT IT in context they will older to me I was fifteen but they were Nineteen twenty twenty one. That's what the face of the moving look like. And the person running the meeting is explaining the Panther Trim. Point Program. and. If you look it up online, it talks about housing talks about education and talk about healthcare. It talks about a trial by jury of our peers do is point number seven about an end to police brutality? Up nothing in there about telling the white guy bringing cop's badge or gut. Yeah. But in the middle of this action up and I'm like choosing these on me I turn away you right now and he calls me up. Front. And he's Sitting at this old wooden desk and he reaches into the bottom drawer of the desk. My heart is pounding I think he's GonNa give me big gun with a Panther logo on it and he hands me a stack of books. Autobiography of Malcolm X. Sold on ice by eldridge cleaver rescued by fence tonight. And I'm confused now and so excuse me so. Army he says excuse me brother I just do. And as more of my feet and Walking back to my seat, this is. Kind of real important. he says, you know I wanna ask you a question since you came in here. So mad wife. Oh. If. All of these times that in the community. That are brutalizing people beating people up locking people up shooting people down. They were black. And, all of the people being arrested and killed were white. Of. All of these store owners. These catalysts that are ripping communities your. High prices spoil vegetables right me. They were black and everybody being ripped off and exploit. It was like all of these jobs lying fascists politician. If all of them were black and all the exploited or oppressed people were white. Would that make things Greg. I thought for a second I said, well, no. So it seems like we're still be wrong and he said that's right. Your brother. This is a PLA- s- struggle with human rights, not just the race struggle for civil rights. Those books so you know what Real Lucien is about. Okay, okay and so powerful. Yeah and how many times do you hear that story and for the people that are hearing it for the first time? How blessed are you hear it? Especially in reflection where we are now, that story gives such a clear representation of what the heart of the panthers truly were because there's so many misconceptions as to what the panthers before. I. WanNa. Ask You when you were that fifteen year old. Do You And You just found out the Dr King. Who I have to say is one of my has throughout my life been one of my greatest teachers. And to this day remain. When you were when that happened at that moment, can you express? What you were feeling With. Greece. And tremendous anger. I think you know the You, know the the heart. The heart for Black America. Were broken. and there was a sense of dismay that if the. Prince of peace. I champion suggestions could be gunned down would hope. WAS A. Hope was there for the country? especially especially at fifteen, only three years prior knock a message in a fascinating. There's a connection with the death of The death of of of Malcolm, X.. And what I was told that I ate and the Panther Office. See. The greening of the panthers were all power to the people. Remember we come out of A. Era of civil rights where people were talking about we shall overcome. and that was overcoming oppression. Poverty. Racism. and. Rome that evolved the black power movement. The leaders of the Black Power Movement. Had Been in the civil rights movement. Sophie. Card Michael was a member of snakes. The organizations that John Lewis. Who passed away a few weeks ago founded? And then became the chair snake. And change the name to from the student nonviolent Coordinating Committee. To the National Coordinating Committee and started talking about black power. And the movement started. Embracing the teachings of Malcolm. X.. and not turning the other cheek. and talking about self defense. So it evolves from, we shall overcome black power. From victimhood to debts that we're not gonNA take it anymore, which is one of the steps toward being victim is like you won't continue to victimize me. And then the panthers started saying all powers of the people. So you go to panther rally and a great pamper leader like a Fred Hampton or Bobby Seale or in New York, city of famous or call would say all power to the people. And then we would always break it down and we will say that means black pile for black people but white powerful white people round powerful Brown people. For people yellow crowds, yellow people at X. Power to. to everyone everyone else. and. You might say, well, what do you mean why people they have power? But. The majority of white people up four and struggling they're more white people than in now on welfare than black people. And the same capitalist system. Everyone's struggling. So the panthers began to talk about class struggle began understand that the oppression of black people. Wasn't just based on white people hating black people. It was an economic system that profited a small ruling class. Slavery was a business. Pulse Slavery Life People Working in service industries in working You know you know menial jobs and doing backbreaking work for no money. The continuation of slavery there were people who were. Enslaved in theory, but they became sharecroppers working the same land that they had been on for generations to no money and then just evolved into mass incarceration. which is a modern day plantation business make billions and billions of dollars begins critique capitalism. and that racism is a byproduct is in fact the ideology because if you keep poor people divided. And thinking that their problems because you know you know poor white people. Hey, brass people and there's a problem and black people and white people hating Latino People Mexican people there. The problem it's Chinese people come knowing that saying the wheel picture in the real exploitation. I want to show you how what I mean. They're just connected. Martin Luther King. led. The Civil Rights Movement for fifteen years and his fight was for social justice. The right to vote desegregation. In nineteen, sixty, seven, he gives a great speech. As great as the I have a speech at Riverside Church New York. And he shoots the he was of America. And they're connected and they functioned together and he says the Eagles are poverty, racism and militarism. Poverty Racism and war. These are the ingredients a fascism. He began to denounce the war and Vietnam War capitalist exploitation not just the war that was morally wrong when he began to talk about class struggle began to talk about linking up. The struggle of poverty with civil rights, merging these two struggles, creating these alliances that king was dead within a year of that speech. Malcolm. X. said the white man is the devil. For the when he was a leader of the nation of Islam. Leaves. The. Nation of Islam he comes back from Mecca and he says I no longer believe the white man is the devil. because I have made prayer and pilgrimage Muslim school right who Asian boost Latino. But further than that, now can begin to speak about capitalism and the capitalist system of exploitation, and he starts to talk about class struggle and he's dead within a year. When the Black Panther Party about when Black Panther Party started talking about. Socialist Revolution. Not Fixing the system because the system is not broken. Wasn't broken. It's not broken now. The system is doing exactly what is designed to do, right? Yeah. What is supposed to? We're talking about dismantling and creating a new system, and that's when the the government and the FBI in the form of of Jay who was counterintelligence program attacked and destroyed the Black Panther party because when you talk about that Kinda struggle the way spread Hampton when he created the original Rainbow Coalition in Chicago Fred Hampton. Breeds like Pampa leader in order to who was murdered in his bed is twenty one. When you talk about that, Rainbow Struggle and people understand their struggles that connected struggles of workers struggles minute struggles against police brutality. For health struggles for justice in the course, there's struggles of immigation of immigration struggles choice struggles for the Lgbtq community when people understand that they're fighting a common enemy and that these fronts battlefronts of the same fighting the same enemy and you create a united front that for strategy that can win and match when the government will come down with every force imaginable using the courts to legally lynch you using to the police to Lynch you. Whether it's GonNa you down while you're jogging ex police are racist or whether it's putting the your neck and so you and so you can't read or choking Aragona that that's what we're up against. But that's the moment we need to be it. That's what the panthers were doing when the government came after and we were building a united front against fascism and in this moment of. Black lives matter the lesson from the Black Panther Party besides the breakfast program, which is how you spent by the way your day is a panthers you've got up in the morning was serving the people in the community eating breakfast, Detroit, free breakfast program it was a free health clinic educate. The breakfast program is the model for all the fleet breakfast and lunch programs we have in the country. Free Health Clinics, other models, war community health organizations. Tennis program all the models for community. Housing. The work that we did with workers in the united front work. That was how you spent the day because we understood that yes we'll have guns for self defense that there will be struggle one day. But as you Organiz people around their needs because when you talk about freedom and liberation injustice feed into someone who stomach is growling because they have the need the meal. Justice is someone who has no place to live as a warm dry safe place to sleep. So and and and Liberation to someone who doesn't have health care is being able to get treated for sickle cell offer asthma offer lead lead poisoning. So that's how you create a united front and that's how you organize people in the community around the knee, and then you clean out the country's edition of the richest men in the world denying people their basic rights and they're basically. Know. Jamal's listening to. I have to tell you my late twenties. I'm when I learned about the the breakfast? program. That's what you Roomie to learn more about the Black Panther party because I that's not you know something I've never heard before I didn't know about it and the more I studied in more I research Black Panther Party, the more I know and understand. The integrity but it's not instilling that you and that I really had full true appreciation for the Panther Party and I wanNA. Bring this up is speaking of. All of this. You know it's not the term as a term that they loved it there around the Stugotz. That's not what they see on those. White people I feel fear most is the entity of. And they're mentally distorted consciousness, I'll say I. You know whether it be subconscious conscious they're both. What they think? Most Armed black man well armed and having control of his mind has. Educated specially educated well, armed with knowledge and wisdom. And well armed with weapons as well to protect yourself in family. So. I would really appreciate you would take a moment and some Aria I was speaking before before this call and we were discussing the fact that for people who don't know about the Black Panther Party and you don't understand what they truly stick for. They see it and I think not just like people to believe this. I. Think I think that you know I think that there's there's other folks please this as well. They see. It as in the same realm boils my blood even think about this thing said, but it said the KKK some and I were saying you know the case is a is is hunting down people and the Black Panther Party is protecting people from that and doing this community education and work and people do not people just truly don't have that information. So everything you're saying right now to educate to educate people that aware. Is Everything the biggest misconceptions of the Black Panther Party give them great information. But if you had like two minutes to say something to someone about what you still the biggest miss communication and understanding the Black Panther Party is what would you say? To that. Well, it's a it's a capsulated in the story, and that's why I like to tell the story of my first day. In the panthers. Office because within minutes in moments. The the. My to just misconceptions about depends on quality went to spell. One one one was that. The panthers were a an ultra violent group that just wanted to hurt you kill people White people. And to was that, the Black Panther party hated white people that it was a a racist hate organization. and I got books instead of a gun and I got a lesson that. If black people on top and white people were on the bottom. It would still be wrong and we would have to fight that system that no one is free until everyone is free race gender choice preference. That's what real liberation looks like everyone is is free from oppression. And that everyone. Has An alienable right and the guaranteed right to boo clothing shelter. Read them. Justice. Healthcare. And that our society has a duty to provide that. Any food civilization is sees it as its first has and I. I've predation to make sure that everyone. is is cared for is safe and has you. To live their best life you know we we like to say that is that you know living. Living best like and to that end, that's the work that she did. And the best compliment that you could get in the panthers was that Russell sister is a servant of the people if you ask anyone any pants fashion. what we were taught to believe as they foundational principle. was value we would to have. A above and beyond all the values I guarantee you they will answer the question the same way and we studied we studied the ten point program or read books and we were you know a organization. It's really believed that education political education in theory but theory matter married with practice everyone will answer it the same way. They will say we were taught to have an undying love for the people guaranteed as any panzer. They will say that or they say we were sought to love people and serve the people mind body spirit, and so when I was walking to my seat. Again this very first day in. Office, it was pictures revolutionaries along the war. As you might imagine, you newsmen Bobby Seale who would have found us as a Black Panther party bobby Hutton who was seventeen years old fifteen when he joined seventeen when the police shot him in the back and then it said Bobby Hutton I to join first and then there's a poster of Che Guevara. The Great Cuban revolutionary. Leader of the kids revolutionary whose whose Argentinian whose doctor but and there's this great quote and it was from a speech that chain as United Nations after the Big Cuban Revolution in the quote is at the risk of sounding. US. Let me say the revolutionaries the guy by great feelings of love. Ask the and I watched it and I was like is this word love I mean the pants office but I've heard this when I would go with grandma uni. To Church. About love I heard just in the ended up Lacey Pe- why this word? Well, I true liberation struggle. that. Is just struggle is motivated by love and when you've added by that then ideologically but also instinctually you do the right thing in the struggle in the right thing by and for the people you'll struggling for. Yeah. Absolutely. But I thought that was coming to me when I was speaking with. You and your naming the ages of these people who are leading. This. You know this revolutionary consciousness it's just all inducing. I was reading last night and the an familiar with the ten point plan twenty six rules and discipline a discipline that I would like be on that some. But before I ask you to I, you know because as you were saying when here, what you also have to say about the times we're in now these militia groups coming up and we have. The you know the necessity of the organization. I'm to be there and how you're how you're doing that how to Black Panther Party veterans doing that but I read last night and open letter. From original Black Panther, party members to black hip hop artists who have an interest in our community. I read the article and I just it was written with such love. So I, would just like for you to speak on. Yeah. Absolutely the letter is was written by by a group of us. You veteran panthers including Sekou Ginga through over Andrew Ben. Wahad who are members of the Panthers Twenty One, the case that went to prison for the first time a Finnish records bombers was also a member of the Panthers Twenty One. And it was to. To reach out to. Office and you know successful black men and women in the entertainment industry to get them to reflect on this moment and to see that they could use this celebrity in this success to help turn this moment into a movement. But that can't be done without some of the historical context that we were talking. We didn't get here by accident that there is a system of oppression that fascism fascism is the combination of of of not arisen capitalism and racism. that's Mussolini. Did Italy the economy got better as other people got exploited. It was about being as high in, and if you would not Italian, you were the enemy. And in fascist Italy mostly targeted other retires were communists and he said they're not true Italian. And they were interred in concentration cans and they will vilified and. And they were murdered. Hitler was a student of Mussolini. Not the other way around. And so that's what he did. Beat German economy thrive as they went to war. And it was about being area and being German the targets became the Jewish people. and. So now we have different presidents throughout history who of us. who use that fascist model Nixon, with his campaign of law and order the law and order you know to go to your point earlier. That that the the criminal element, the way to rally white people has been around fear of the black man here of the black body. Right just this. This is someone who wants to kill you. This is someone who wants to raise your women just as the one that's doing Chroma Austin. CYSTIC show that the there are more arrests. In. Black and poor communities because more concert. and. There's a number white police officers was hey, you that it was the same number of police giving the same instructions in white communities those would be equal or greater. But that is not just. You know someone trying to keep society say that is part of the ideology of fear that makes capitalism and fascism work have to have an enemy You have to justify everything that the ruling class does to make itself stronger in the name of protecting it, and then you need to use police in military to enforce your power and what better example we have a vast and Donald trump in the way that he is. In. Support of the militarization of police in the way that he has turned federal troops on citizen and ways that we have not seen since students were Murray murder can say white students protesting against the war in Vietnam and soups was saying into the inner city to well, the rebellions that happen you know across the of course, the country and the absolute hatred for anyone that is a non white American and especially non white American man and he's rallied that same kind of irrational fervor that Mussolini had with in man and that Hitler had with German. Then they would be acting that some says arm themselves drink bleach. Right, run around without masks anything that he says, that is dangerous dangerous stay for passes and. What is the way to fight it? It is a united front against fascism. We understand that it was all miseration. Do people need to be armed for the purposes of self defense they do but the true? Danger. or the weapon a revolutionary change isn't armed mind. Conscious. Mind a minded understands with through liberation is in terms of who you really fighting and what you need to do in terms of building a united front and that's like it would not by interstate alone that we're in the spicy together and that's what's so encouraging about what what's happened in this moment the way. People write brothers and sisters. Left. Their homes in the midst of a pandemic that said, you should not leave home to put their bodies on the line to cry out for justice and that's what I learned was saying is that the next step is to recognize fascism for what it is and to do with the panthers were doing do Dr King was doing to do with Malcolm X. was doing at the time that they were killed and precisely for why they would kill is to turn this into a united front against bashes does them all like you said, you receive education in the form of psychology? Is that one of the? Was Yeah yes. I. Was you sociologist? and. Tomorrow I. Know. As far as The psychology part. How did how have you? Interpreted what's going on and what was going on well. When I got is degrees smari I thought you know I was in prison I was finishing up a fairly long sentence. And I thought that I would continue to go to school. When I was released and get A. Psychology and then continue to study. You know I'm a blackout in in the martial arts and continue to study. Acupuncture, and has this holistic practice way I was dealing with trauma right that that. Just you know we you know we now recognize that PTSD exists in our community and all forms not just of you've been to war but that you know that it is the pse of. Police brutality poverty in going up in areas where gangs have being formed because the kids. Feel that we have to protect ourselves both from the released from the Games right because then you know trying to is by violence. And quite honestly what happened while I was imprisoned. is on Saturdays they bring a movie and you know we WANNA get out, get out of ourselves and we'd be in the auditorium and. They would be. You maybe three months old or six months old. But guys would be sitting there. In Iraq attention of the movie. Now, it was like Magic Johnson they'd be talking back to the screen and doing the whole thing and these guys would be ruled and funny and the whole thing. But I saw the power of still and Samaria quite frankly I said Jamal. and then some theater before it was pack part of the Black Arts. Movement right and I said Jim. Mom. You can get out and you can go to school for another you know four years and so you can. Mess one person's mind at a time or he'll one mind at a time I said, no, you can learn how to make these movies and do these places and mess with a whole bunch of people at once. And that was really. How I thought I thought that culture could be a weapon and why began to write plays informed the company and came out and really studied film and theater at always use that I wanted to be an artist and smart. You know from my days together you know at the city kids foundation I work beyond that that when you combine an art of this and an activist. And an artist, you have an artist. So what does the lesson taught me about five right? Yeah and he told me that Tom and the person. Oh. Thank you and told me their trauma and the and the pressure wants just the providence of. Middle class upper middle class people and rich people who could who could afford to pay you know a fifty dollars now seventy five dollars an hour three, hundred dollars an hour or two therapists but it was the providence of whole communities I studied from France Benign. listeners is was a black doctor say hijras. Who became a revolutionary because as he practiced psychiatry in Algeria and other parts of Africa and in Martinique and all of that he saw the trauma of oppression grading wheel mental health issues. In people directly connected to colonialism and that's the way to fully for people truly heal themselves was not just counseling certainly, not just medication, but it'd be an active participant in their own the gration. Here's a really important point I'd like to make one of the greatest lessons of organizing I learned from a pain in Chicago who was my mentor was my big sister who took me under her wing from the first day that I walked into the Black Panther office. It was this idea that we were serving the people but also teaching the people, and if any of this, she said the goal of Panther Party is not going to be to make every man woman and child lamented the Black Panther Party. Goal of Black Panther Party is to teach the people the possibilities of struggling liberation by examples and to educate them. And so that their participants in their own liberation, and if we really do our jobs as panthers and I say this all organizers, then you make yourself obsolete. Duty of an organizers put themselves out of business because the people become revolution. They become the leaders they become a liberal and you'll part of bad mass of love in the Bush mentioning a Phoenician core you re to talks Godfather, and those are the other stories and when to get into the voting as well on the issue was voting or when I want to hear from you on that and this election but can you just? You know the pasta ice I fell in. Love with was before soon. became huge. There was like underground that you would hear. His music before he was famous, but there was a poetry. And you know everyone's seen the the videos when he was seventeen and. The wisdom that he had the insight that he had I, don't know if you had an opportunity to read the email the one that I wrote in that I probably spend my book sunrises at midnight that's honoring to PA. But tell us about that too pox that you knew that you meant for and that you loved that the sides of the him and the parts of him that he's not. Known for. Your. Opponent dutiful by the way maybe you'll grace. Grace the audience with that as close because you catches him so well in their home so he was he was. Absolutely. He he was to first and Foremost Panther Cub. I've written a book about pot call to pop legacy and saying. Oh thank you and the opening line of the books to park was in prison while he was still in the womb because if any was pregnant with and then thrown back in jail on the Panthers Twenty, one case and he came out fighting and he came out a warrior and he was always. That kid who was curious schools brilliant. Who went to rallies with his mother who was by her side when she was working at south around. Legal Services just how legal who fought for women's rights who for political prisoners obtained never stopped? Struggling in to park was there to get in trouble and if any would give him a spanking, she would give him the New York Times and he'd have to read an article and write. An Essay about that. How he punishment finish it, it doesn't make any sense to me to be a to be a black fund in a society that. Black men. Right, so she wanted to use bad. Discipline. You know not to put calluses on his ass, but to strengthen his mind. Because as we've been saying throughout our conversation, this evening, that is the best weapon that you can have is an armed. Black mine arm human mind you know real consciousness. So. Always talented always that, and that's a lesson in terms of you know even if he became more famous and even as he wanted to comment on everything. So that's why you could get. a dear Mama and. Baby to you know from the same artist was doing stuff like I get around me and my girlfriend which was about you know how much she was in love with his pistols you know. And he was that he was that Europe has generation that could channel and honest way and it's why people to this day I mean I have the there. There are people who I run into who to fans who want born. When supertalk was killed? Who Know his songs relate to him, who seemed to pockets that hero because he speaks truth to power in so many ways, but he really understood the issues to popper was. Very, political very conscious and he went through his period you know it was the East Coast West Coast Lists But had to park mapping killed oriented moved away from death row. He's GonNa Create. His company histone production company had a model for you centers across the country. He had a way that artists will be involved in directly giving us. The greatest leaders we have now if he were alive. There would be no doubt about it. You know and other still respond to that. I. Think it's part of what gets us to sit down with certain people. They know that we represent that lay I wanna go back to the panther lettuce just for a second because I really WanNa. Give a shout out to to Ti and to kill my enter. Ludicrous. Who responded to the letter who mentos or working with us to implement? some of the changes and to spread some of the word that we put a put out in that letter. So it was an open letter and they stopped us we didn't have to track them down just to say, we want to save what you veterans and he was. You have to say WanNa learn in this moment, and we want to deepen our commitment to struggle from the barechested this moment I want to just say one thing I, mean, there's so many things that being in. The orbit of. Mall Joseph has blessed me with giving. Me Is just just been like I can't. Even I can't even put the words to it but One thing that happened is we we had already been working together. I met him. Oh, back it up. I met him. More for people who don't know because on my say. At, the beginning that you are an accomplished actress. Meaning TV film you are. Oh Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. I WANNA make that I'll be and everything. Like that. Yeah. So So on this. Very, consciously, by the way tomorrow I'm sorry to cut you off but people need to know. And and Talking about park. up Meinie asked me to help turn to spoken word into an album. Set to music inviting different artists. It and scenario is a key part of that album coming in helping with vocal arrangements hanging on the album reading poetry the album getting guest artists to come in she's a key key. Member of the creative team that created the rose the grew from concrete album based on two parts book of poetry. She's a bad. He's a bad. And and that is one of the things anytime that comes up my heart just 'cause I 'cause I truly love to talk and. She actually is going she before started to keep your comment a little bit more about that they just about you before I can. Read. The two poems that I had that I wrote the rose before I even had. To me, there was no one to recite that for me other than she. But before I had even had an opportunity to ask her she said I'll do it undoing it, and that was just a precious and I'm have to do it and that's a good and we're fine with that. But Nikki Great Nikki Giovanni who I've also had the opportunity you spend a couple of days listen in years past she receives credit for for that but the all of all of the local sector hearing before Nikki Giovanni reciting and that's Awesome Maria when you listen to the tracks so so now From. Want people to know that. Very well, I'll just thank you. So I just graduated from college when I'm Jamal Joseph. And I was on dishing. And that was Jamal you WanNa i WanNa hear your version of that audition. And then I'll go on with what I would tell. The. Remember when I'll just for you. Peru. For the. High. Yeah. Yeah and he told me I was too light skin. Go ahead tell Jamaa Mario. Away, with a tower I. Put you on. Nobody's to and she probably I think she's still says it's the craziest call she ever got. Director call her to say these words exactly that you were hands down the most talented actress who came in and auditioned for the role and then she killed it but you were to life for the role but I wanna work with you want to stay in touch with you because you're amazing and that was the beginning about relationship, our friendship or membership. And totally was my mother loves you from that day she was like, what time is it? He's only. Look like. Okay. So I I met him in in that way. But one of the most beautiful things that I was able to do is just sit I just remember being in your apartment with your wonderful wife Joyce. And your children were little Munchkins at the time. Listening to you sell stories and looking at the pictures of you. But when you were younger and when you were in a, you know when you were when you were panther a younger. Probably that fifteen seventeen somewhere else you know somewhere in that. and seeing that. That was amazing. Just hearing your stories that was fantastic and one of the things. Somewhere in the journey, you've taught me about. Going protests and what happened that protest And so when I went to the Rodney King participated in the Rodney King protest in New York. You had alerted me that sometimes police are the ones who start the riot and I had. kidnapped. My boyfriend at the time Harold Perrineau. Remember how To, do. Yeah I have him, and then he and I went. And the person who was in front of me went on when the light change and once we got back together the group got. Together. For some reason, the police officer, they were all on motorcycles they ran over the the the guys lakes and made him fall over. The Guy who was directly in front of me so it would have been me if the light hadn't changed what I feel. and so I thought I'd say I'm going home right now. Only. Because I I don't have the ability to fight back I didn't have any. To not fight back, I wasn't going to be the one who would be like Oh. Okay. All right and he said everything's Okay and I said, okay well, I'm GonNa, go home. And he called me back later. told me he had got hit in his head with the billy clubs. Police officer. Executor's on payroll. The fact that you gave us I don't know who it was just me I can't remember if it was one of the Times at city kids or is one of the Times while I was just absorbing everything that you were saying when I was visiting you. But you did give tools in order to be able to be part of a movement as well. And I appreciate that because some elders. Don't do that. They almost feel there's either a fear or complacency not sure which one it is. But you did empower me to be able to stand and walk and go and be present. And then also be aware and cautious at the same time and I appreciate that. So I I don't know if I've ever said that but I really needed to hear that. Thank you so much. This is received with with I. Love It. Thank you so why? The series that I'm doing the impetus of it is that we have ninety days before the election trump is already being trump. He's already pulling you know all of these stunts. To save their stunts, makes it sound less dangerous though he is once again as I've said, if four to say democracy is that. Rest is like comparing a matched to an atomic bomb he is so dangerous that there are not where it's what's even more dangerous than him are the ones that are listening to him and following him blindly. So voting, we have Angela Davis Angela Davis that is voting for Biden. And people are GonNa tell me that they're more revolutionary than Angela Davis I have a real problem that. So can you talk to us about the necessity for everyone votes and remove trump the anyone who doesn't vote? is a vote for trump. Just speak on on where we are why it's so dire now and your take on that. Yeah I I really. Think you laid it out beautifully. and. You know the the Black Panther Party was involved in voting and getting people registered to vote. Even as the height of the Black Panther, party even as we were saying that the capitalist system has to be dismantled that is corrupt that it's only GonNa do when it's still to do which is why Obama can only do so much When you're the the the engineer of a train, you can only go. Where the track Soleil maybe you can speed it up maybe you can slow without that part is true. But Donald trump is a person who Because of his own sense of survival is on viciousness his. You know his sole interest is the survival of him and his immediate family will run that train straight off of a cliff with everybody on it. So. It's real important that we not get reelected. It's also important to understand that as you're getting out and you casting your presidential vote. against trump, you also get to empower these progressive young politicians. Who are running for office or running for reelection and that that changed on a local level can be powerful in terms of your community boards in terms of your congressional difference and in terms of demanding these politicians that they represent a progressive. Agenda in Washington DC, that's the pressure comes from. So you're a great story that Harry Belafonte told me who I'm I'm lucky to count mental. And it's the story of when eighth Brando. went to the White House and and and Roosevelt was president. And ACL Randall. Was a black man and one of the greatest labor leaders in history and most famously organize all of the poelman quarters the people who worked on the trains who serve the food turn the beds. This is before the airline Industry Americans have a by train, turn them into a powerful union. And he goes to the White House and Roosevelt gets his whole cabinet and he says I want you to listen to Mr. Is a very brief man and a great man and. A brand out lays out a powerful case for Labor emphasis, right? And after it was over President Roosevelt says. Missy. Randolph, you even more brilliant than I thought she would be and everything you said makes sense. Now I need you to get into the streets and make me do it. So that, getting out into the streets combined with voting is how real change happen? Yeah. This man trump. The occupant of the White House in terms of desperation and. Ignorance has shown you what he would do. He is nothing less than a mass murderer. This man has. Thousands ask people die. From the from covert ninety changed so that he could. Hang onto that racist days that he talked about that will follow him anywhere in hopes he can expand on that. So we've seen what he will do and you're absolutely right Angela. Davis was a lifelong revolutionary and communist who does not believe in capitalists. as voting for Biden I'm voting for Biden I'm urging everyone to get out and will importantly. You live in if you have relatives and friends and stay those swing states you've got to get them out to vote. Joe Biden is no prize. I will be the first to say, Joe Biden was part of that whole group of senators that under Bill Clinton. Made mass incarceration. The law of the land generations are black people that suffer from that but he has not Donald Trump who consciously murder people and he is someone in this atmosphere in terms of what people can do. The way rose though said, get on the streets and make me do it and what can happen congressionally they can be forced to do many good things you have to get out and vote I'll survival depends on this election. And we never stopped evolving and so and you know as far as bitings those beings vice president for the first black president of the United States I I just I feel I feel that we also need to while he may not be many people's first choice. As you said, oftentimes while I do feel like he's evolved I just you know it's about it's not always about who you want in office who who don't want in office only obviously trump just has to go we're not going to survive and. That's not being overly dramatic. That's being realistic and that's being factual. Our country will forever be changed in a way that we will not be able to get back to for for decades if ever, and what can we just we can't go there. So everyone I completely agree with you how important it is if you have a encourage others to vote and especially those people in swing states absolutely absolutely you have anything to say about that somewhere my yeah. Yeah. I've been actively working with David. Wilson. Brown here in North Carolina. He's a master if you would call them progressive, but he's very close to it. He's off for district five. He is someone who I. Totally support I've seen I've known him for about three years. Now I was running for Congress, I met him when I was running, I was running as an independent who was running as a Democrat and he was just dynamic. His heart is in the right place. and. If people in North Carolina come out and vote for David Wilson Brown and then up and down the ballot. I think we'll have exactly what we need. And yes we. Like them all set and like a lot of people say writing may not be the I don't you know the one that I voted for. Elizabeth Warren after to say I wanted a woman but anyway, I'm GonNa vote for a Biden. Of course, 'cause I can't see any more time in even think we should have I think that we should figure out how to get him out of office on Friday. Like. Maybe it's twenty four. Twenty four PM removed yeah. Yeah. So yeah being active being part of and if you if you can support a candidate by just helping making phone calls or doing, you know the small the smallest things it really helps get their names out. So you know the people who are listening if there's somebody that you believe in or somebody. That, you feel that you know where their platform will. Create the changes that you need to see and your community police support them. Don't just sit back and expect them to do it. It is challenging is time consuming. It's exhausting for run for office and they need as many volunteers and many people just speaking out for them. So please just be active we have to be active just like. When Obama President Obama was elected I. Think we dropped the ball a little bit and. Right. Now you don't have that option so. Present. And activated so that we can shift this. And we have to remain diligent for the entire ninety days. We cannot no matter what polls say because we know polls are not always accurate. No matter what it looks like or feels like you just do the work until the last moment to ensure that. This goal is not. vai By try. Okay. I just had to say that. Well, that's right. That's. How `Bout Five, five, five was using tomorrow director, vibe tribe. Okay, we need to do that. We do virtually come on. We could do that virtually we we should do the. Yeah we can. But we have Maliki Oba sometimes. We had a bunch of beautiful people, very likable art after Saudi, when what is now you told me about it to know what it is. It's a Diadema. It was I. WE described herself as they've has resume and news fats. So we did spoken word a little bit of jazz vocals a little bit of hip hop. You know it was a musical mash up and and we had a five track posse and sometimes we'd get on stage and the group would be six people. Sometimes, it'd be fifteen people and you know with was using vocals and poetry and hip hop spreading progressive news you know revolutionary anthems, pipe ballots, all of that. We just spoke through power throughout music. Okay. We we we calling it up. We're going to do. We're GONNA do over you and we'll call while you call me. I'm calling it up right. Thank you. It's been a pleasure. Here's what here's what I'd like to do If it's OK in the student of really planning the by ties and getting back together again tomorrow I'm going to show up home and then whatever it it says to speak to you musically. Grabbing feel worse than that and just take us out vocally. You Ready Okay. Okay. So are you ready? Yes Here's the piece. The time has come for risks and revelations. For Way out just to inner space. Now to one truth is really ones and it must be a perspective that are fragmented. The journeys we make in search on blemish wilderness reveals that much of the rest is ally. And if love. It's to transform and to be transformed then creativity must be the child of a most perfect union. We may not have all the answers, but at least less attempt to understand the question. who troop build endeavors, the bill, large creative fires, or maybe just the plain, but nevertheless we're trying. More Pacific Union. Lease. Healthy. Because love is. Thing. And He. Peace in love. Everyone. Love Late T. Mario. Thank you all. Thank you well, thank you. Love your.

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