FC 131: The FrazlGhast Halloween Special


And welcome to come aboard the check check. Please make sure to keep your lives. An experimental instruments inside the train at all times and now on with the show The podcast by a blizzard fan know about world of warcraft. And geeky stuff. I promise you they do talk about the world of warcraft. They just go off. The rails sometimes casts ghastly goals and no mash welcome to gas. Here's Presley joined by Sei scrubs versus the world and Lady Eighty CEPA zone. We will have some Halloween fun from size ghost stories. Two podcast awards stories then Trivia. We know at at this releases after Halloween but the spirit of Halloween lives in our As you will be invalidated as of November I thank you Capito Antagon- Eh concerning for help with that intro. That was on mazing. I've been waiting to unveil that all week. It's like I said. Hey can you doing epic intro. He even said he went out of breath doing that. Version of the INTRO. That it's awesome so without further ado that's get holiday holiday numb drain. Soosai yes I hear that you have a few on occurrences that you. You can't explain. That have happened to you. I Have Buckling folks. You're going to think I'm crazy or this'll be refund. I don't know how to explain these stories. Get some background on me. I'm a pretty logical person I try to you know research things before I just jump to conclusions and try to find out all sides of the story these things I have no explanation for so so in the theme of Halloween Fresno I will tell my stories from back in the day that I and my family and friends insist have. Actually you know experience back when I was a junior in high school so this was two thousand two thousand one somewhere in there. I learned how to play Guitar. I was learning. I just had my amp for a couple months at this point and a and a half stack so for those. Who Don't know what a half stack is you know the big wallet? AMPs that the cool bands the rock and roll bands. Have Rages see stacks. Stacks of Marshall's and whatever. Yeah anyways a half stack is one of those with an amplifier head on top of that. It's about one hundred and twenty watts of appear awesome in my room and when you turn it up to one it would rattle the house. I would get home from school. Oh about two thirty three o'clock and I'd be the first one home so I be home alone until about four thirty five o'clock when my parents and my siblings got home from their stuff and I remember one day. The first day things started getting weird I go into my room. I turn my amp on. And all all the KNOBS were turned up to mack's power so this horrible feedback comes in and hurts my ears all that stuff so then turn it down. I was like Oh man. The hill was that way I I know I had like half because if I got any more than that it would be too loud too play. Because I didn't have headphones. I saw my siblings home. I can't guys who's messing with my aunt and my siblings. It wasn't me like you take me to school. I take my I brother and my sister takes the bus and she left half an hour later would never come in my room. So is it okay. That's weird so the next six day. Go back fix all my knobs and everything tournaments on and it's at full power only this time after I turn it down when I hear something walking in my parents room above me so I of course am like Oh. That's not good. There's so many in the House with me. I should be home alone so I run upstairs real quick in my parents room. And nobody's there some thinking okay. Maybe it's the heater maybe. So that's that's Kinda weird going out and playing guitar in over the next two weeks. This happened every day in the feet. Got Louder and they got louder. It was to the point where I would turn my guitar on to play it to round out the feet because the feet were stopping around and it sounded like at one point like people were jumping on the floor. Now's by myself so of course I'm freaking out so one day after I'm like all right. What is happening so I get my parents come home? It happened again and I might dad. There's something in your room and my dad is one of those straight laced like you can't get anything by him. mm-hmm everything's in your head kind of guy you know. I mean those Stern Dad's yeah and when it comes to this stuff like come on dude you're crazy and so he's like all right. Let's check it out. Because he just walked through the door he got home or early so he comes up and we go upstairs we go to open door. Most door was locked. Sarah's like Dang it your mom locked the door so so they called my mom and he's like hey. You locked the bedroom door. What are you doing? And while he's on the phone with him I go back to my room and I hear the footsteps again so my dad. There's somebody any in your room right now. And he's like no no there isn't so he comes down to my room and he hears the footsteps with me so he's like like what the hell so he's like duty. Call the cops and I'm like you're the dad here figured this out supposed to protect me. We finally finally go in. And it's one of those doors that has the little hole you can poke paper clip through and pop the lock on the other side and so we go up there and we pop the lock and sure. Now there's no one in there so he's like that. I don't know what just happened right there. I was like I don't know either. Data's trying to tell you so fast. Forward in the next day happens again and now my dad I call him his work. This time he had to stay a little late. My Dad there's somebody in your room again in the doors locked and so gets home. I wait for him to get home. Because we're not going in there because if there's an intruder I don't want to be murdered. That's not. Yeah yeah that doesn't sound like fun so we go and we tried to paper clip thing again and the door won't pop this time. We jammed it in their we tried. Safety pins ends. We tried everything we could to try to get this door open and it wasn't opening so my dad's like Oh crap. Okay well I know my windows unlocked. Get the ladder ladder and you and your brother go. Climb through the window. So he's like alright so me being the oldest on my all right Bro. You're going I you know I got your back. It's fine so we go. We pop the screen. We open the window and we get in well this time in the closet. The little cover to the crawlspace now has shavings. Like paint. SHAVINGS or drywall. shavings on the ground like somebody cut it open and it was a jar by brother and I see Oh hell now. We're getting out of here so we run. We opened the door and we go flying out like dad. Add do the things that jar we got stuff on the ground. It's get crazy. This is not normal so he wants my brother and I now get the latter part of the crawlspace early Dan. Oh Yeah you're not gonNA go. Yeah yeah no no. You're not gonNA send your teenage sons in potentially get eaten by whatever's out there right. He was going to do that. I was like Dad. You're the DAD right. You're supposed to protect US dude. And he's like he's doing everything in his power to not pop his head up so you're doing I don't want yeah. Yeah so we get the ladder. And he's like fine some. Give me a flashlight. So we get him a flashlight. Any beams the flash the site in the holy pops his head up and there's nothing there there is literally nothing up there and he's he has no idea why that was cut because it was sealed because we had another access point down the hallway. It freaked him out so now. We're all like what is going on so as friends come over they start seeing things things so my my brother was sleeping in the living room. Our cousins stayed the night one night. Will he heard so in our house to get upstairs we. We had more than staircases that you had to go up. Like seven or eight stairs have a little landing and then take a left in golf the rest of the way and he heard what sounded like somebody jumping being from the top down to that landing and so he comes flying into my room and he's like dude somebody. Somebody just jumped from the top of the stairs down to the landing and I'm like what it's like to in the morning and so of course we check it out is nothing there now. My Mom's freaked out in some mom is very much into the paranormal. She's very all that stuff. Like you ask goes to real yes hundred percent real. So she's like we need to get a wage board. That's the next logical step into this right so we go into my sister's room who had like a mere on her door like one of those mirrors and if fell off in it broke will in the door pattern and this is totally. I get that we see faces and things that could be a defense mechanism through evolution. Whatever but there is a clearly a face in her door that does not look very happy? Of course that freaks us out even more. We continue forth with this Ouija board session so we have myself my now wife. Who was my girlfriend at the time slash friend and my sister my brother and my mom and a couple of our other friends in my sister's room and we start this thing and I'm not on the board we start going through and of course we pick something up as you do when you do a Ouija board thing? All of a sudden my sister's closet door starts kinda creaking open. We're like okay. Maybe it's a gust of wind. Maybe the door jams not set right whatever so so we keep going. But we're we're still talking we asked to. Did you move the door. And of course it says no and something else happens. And I'm like I need to get out of here so I go downstairs downstairs and as I go down the stairs I hear everyone starts screaming like okay so I run back up the stairs and what happened. Was the closet door open. All the way slammed itself shut and then ripped itself back open now. It wasn't in there for that but there was probably ten people in there for that and they swear up and down to this day that that's what happened. Wow how so at this point. I'm not going in there again. That's sorry says Jerry you're on your own. Yeah we'RE FREAKING OUT SEVEN SALVIN couple weeks go by and more friends see things my girlfriend. She's my parents. Were cool. So like my girlfriend's stay the night with me my now wife stay with me. I'll an xbox in my room so she heard the xbox buttons clicking and then she heard the knobs on my amp start turning like back and forth and so she wakes out like she jolts awake and watching this stuff happen and then on other fun thing was my blinds just slow turned opened. I just looked like at that point. She wakes me up and why what's going on and my blinds were moving but it looked like the heating vent was hitting him. Yeah and I kept him closed all the time. Because I don't want my neighbor looking in my room as like. Why are they opened? Like what's going on here. So close them. That happened all the time. Apparently but I'd sleep through it because I had my music on and so finally before we move. I had my best friend sitting in the living room with me and it was just him and I in the House and and I was like dude. I don't know what is happening here. But there are some weird stuff happening and he was like whatever man like. I don't believe you everyone's talking about it. You're crazy. Basically right as he says that my sister's door slam shut relate but oh okay. Somebody's as in the house. Like maybe my siblings were gone or something. Yeah or you know. We'll have the window. It was middle of winter. So why would we leave the window open. And right as he goes he kind of looks at me like what was that and I was like dude. I told you we hear the DOORKNOB. Click swing open again and it slams and we're like Oh hell no for getting out of here so we get up. We just both out like we're done we're done with this and unfortunately a couple of months later I moved out but that man. Yeah I see why you would move out that I mean that's just like yeah. Perotti listeners. Even freaked out all the time and I'm not overselling it. I literally like I've got the chills all time but don't most people have certain stories like this with the house because I know I had a similar story with my main house that I lived in for years ears. Yeah it's possible. I mean there's all kinds of weird stuff out there a lot of people dying spirits kinda around so I would be left home alone a lot when I was a kid and I would hear things things that those are the voices in your head. We've gone over this. Oh Okay yes that that makes me feel a little better but still yeah. Wow at least we know that they like xbox and guitars right. Yeah so it was a friendly ghost like Scott crap out of us so ever since then you never found what it was or did you hear from people who have moved into the house no so after we moved out the people after after US managers normal folks. They're older and we asked our neighbors. I Hayes anything. Weird happened as we were friends with them. Still even though we moved and they haven't said anything run into the House screaming. So wow yeah mine was just a a little girl. Girl who liked to leave hairstyles everywhere. That's creepy did you omit hairstyles or were they. All so this is before I was born and and my mom just moved in with my oldest sister and apparently before my second sister was born my mom would constantly see see my younger sister talk to someone like someone who was there and anytime would ask her who you time to. She's like Oh oh no one just a friend. So it's like okay as an imaginary friend is it like what so didn't think anything of it. After my sister Mr was born she was kind of other sisters stopped talking to her. Just disappear when my mom was pregnant with me my other sister started talking to this invisible person ever since Sisters were talking to this person. Hair ties would be randomly left everywhere throughout the house and it wouldn't my moment never bought them didn't belong to us didn't belong to her neighbors. But there's these hair ties anyways. My mom asked my neighbors if there is anything going on like from the previous owners and they found out the reason why the previous owner wanted to sell is because their little girl all died on the way to the hospital she was had a fever and everything and so my mom checked up to being. Maybe this girl spirits on on the house. Her parents families left but she's still hearing these that comfort so she's going to my siblings to talk. Wow Yeah that is awesome. That's cool cool story. Yeah they might. Everyone has those little stories of the House. There's always young bring those bumps in the night like that. My mom has to who from when she was a little little kid and her's are more scary than mine like hers. The thing was trying to like come at them and do not bad things but it was like they felt threatened and endangered eventually career could have occurred event. Something bad oral normal little side note like I always joke like I don't know what I believe. Really Yeah but I always mess with my kids so and they start chanting. That's like the one thing thing that drives me crazy. I always say guys if you chant. That's how you summon demons like you want us to get demons. And so now they the little joke in our house. 'cause they caught on to me but I was talking with with Michael and and and I and Mike we had this course on the genome project. About how this is that something that you don't see you don't know that spooky thing I mean there's a reason why there's all these movies out there and go stories I I used to read books Williamsburg. One of the first one was saying in an old house. And there's an I in the hallway staring back at them and when I when I saw that I I slammed the book close I am done and yeah. I'M GONNA put a hair tie on that because I'm freaked out. I think freaked freaked out already. But we're going to be something that's even scarier on enough. It's scary but as these on appropriate photos you're gonNA show us next because has that would be very scary after dark here after excited. Yes so we talked with you one. Oh seven and it'd be good ask you for an update. What are some horror stories of things that have happened since we last talk things that would make podcasters wet? Their beds losing all their data. That is a good one. Yeah yes but for me the biggest one I have to say is I have released a few shows late being a BI weekly Kliesch show. Having inconsistency is not good the last one I did I had to release it a week late because my schedule was crazy and on a sick kid so I had no way of making it happen but yeah for the sake of consistency like I have to prepare better for that. Get on my edits earlier because I just don't know what my day to day is going to be had another one. I had to delay really bad because of vacation. I just didn't prepare. That's all scrub stuff no pun intended and new things. I've learned I know I mean I'm I'm I'm actually in this ready for a while. I'm gone for that very reason and I wanNA make sure I get out there 'cause I was talking about they. PODCAST accuster consistency is key. I have one day. I released my hours. I knock on. Keyboard have not released one past the you Monday yet. I know it's coming and it's going to happen at some point that people need to remember everyone has lives. Yes Oh yeah life happens yes song says you let explains that yet. This happen here. It is sorry play or sorry. Couldn't have in this week because you know life happens People need I understand that and it's the same for them as well and a coup thing is everyone's pretty understanding we see interactions. I've had so yeah. It hasn't been bad and as long as you tell your audience. That's why they can never be understanding. Yeah for sure. Other than my term of life happens people get a little cranky with that. What are some trump's you've had podcasting in your recent journey Launch an episode. Fifteen tonight and I know Mo- shows shows get that far so I think getting past the first ten staying with it has really been awesome pretty proud of that because usually like I'll start something and you know I won't finish it. You can ask my wife above that. I totally understand where you coming from. I have lots of great ideas I throw them at FRY's LII and freshly. They actually does something with them. 'cause I wouldn't have the ideas and that's as far as I am surprised at this. Show up to one hundred hundred episodes. It's one of my longest running projects. So I'm aw that were here now. Talking about ghosts in our addicts like that to talk about my closet. It's my follow through on stuff stuff. Does that's awesome way going out and getting past the first ten keep out. I think you're doing a great job and I like where the where the pike is going. I I like the stories. You bring up because thank you. That's works I didn't even the news. Sometimes it's the people the people behind right. I figure too that. There's so many new shows out there you know you got the unshackled. Fury guys got Scott Johnston's projects. He got pat cranes staff. You've got all kinds of great stuff out there and I want we're trying to capture the player like what what's your perspective because we can learn stuff from each other and do things that we enjoy and have a great time doing right. So I've been having a blast with Eliseo. Hopefully everyone else has to an alley. Says you do a great job. Thanks Allie and now that we've we've we've talked about scary stories of both the physical world and the podcast world and now that I'm I crawl back out underneath the desk. So Halloween is is fun for dressing up. What is one of our favorite costumes? We've ever dressed up best. Oh so the one I have yet to top one year my wife wife and I were the big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood and I went and got one of those little old lady nightgowns with the buttons breath and I made sure it was like a size and a half too small for me so the buttons were Canada Poland. A little bit and so out for coming out of there and then I had for are coming out of the the sleeves and I had the shower cap on what the wolf is coming out. That was my favorite one of all time. That's awesome about what you for. Most of my Halloween's I've usually dressed up as a black cat or a witch you know. Ak Myself I south Do you know the one that really stands out is the woman mom can help you make I was very ungrateful at the time where you know it was perfect enough or you know. She missed something or she's not making it fast enough or the material. She was horrible. Because that was material we could afford afforded the time. So you know I was being an angry child but I still have that in my closet. I don't fit it but I still have it in my closet because she made made it for me and she took the time and effort and making it the way I wanted be made which was great because I made the sleeves leaves one of those like wizard sleeves because as a witch outfit That was super long and very pointy and we put an extra fabric. And that was my bags for trick or treating is basically At the Candy in Manhattan and then I would put it in my sleeps like a wizard. Pretty major which it was like you said it was one of the greatest thing because I didn't have to carry a bag like everyone else. I had sleeps beg of hunting sleeves. What more could you want? That's fantastic. That'd be a great thing for need any dandy people who want to have a thing as well I mean I mean you going to continue with your with your kids. It's it's basically if you ever watched the new like shows. Like Games of thrones like even on the books they were saying that they reach into their Sleeves and pull out the thing that they needed as like how many pockets are in those sleeves get thrown the not usually wearing clothes different different characters. Okay okay but even in the books is like their sleeves everything you need in these leaves their bags of holding and yes you just Kinda fish around and figure out with your grabbing. 'cause you know governor thing yeah telera dry. It's for later on in life when smuggling small bottles into venues found a fun way talking yet that we don't condone that. Oh Yeah I like that. You mentioned the loving care on on the cost because my mom when I was little made me a Jonathan deficit malicious costume and like it was so cool I got not much is to go with the first but much asked me look evil so we did. You have a lot of hidden pockets on Youtube with this outfit. No it was just it was just the Cape but like she's spent all October working on it so it was one of those. It meant so much to me because I she she she got the fabrics. You did all that. I've always remember that is like the love and the care I mean it. It's why it's one of my favorite favorite memories along with costumes. What is a favorite memory? You've had from Halloween. So my favorite Halloween memory. It was probably five five or six is like the first memory. Have Halloween and we lived on this Super Steep Hill. So we're we're talking like hills of San Francisco Cisco Steep but it wasn't in San Francisco. My Dad gets us to the bottom. My brother and is when my brother was really little. We're at the bottom and I remember him just standing at the bottom of the hill looking going and so he grabs my brother and I under both arms and he starts hiking the ever. He's like just don't drop your candy. We have our bags zoo picture. This you know thirty five year old dude to kids and underarm holding bags of candy up over ahead over trying not to spill it. It was pretty funny. You need the sleeves withholding we did. We needed those in two thousand nine hundred thirty five thousand five. I Dunno if I could carry two six year olds up a hill. He was dead when he got to the top. He had to stop a couple times looking back. I'm GonNa just hilarious because I've done stuff like that with my own kids so like they're like two two can't walk anymore so I got two kids on both shoulders firemen style. Oh yeah all right still spill your candy. How about you? I saw a little bit background with me is my my parents basically raised me and Mississippi's atheists but it doesn't mean they are atheists so my mom is actually a wiccan. So I kinda hind got a bit of the wiccan influence. We also have Jewish and our backgrounds. got a little bit of you so I was brought up to appreciate every religion for the reason. Why bring up the wicked one was One of my favorite memories of growing up with my mom is actually a celebrating a man with a mummy cheer taking part of that and what it actually represents where. It's kind of saying all right. We write things on paper of things that we want to burn All the negative stuff that we don't want it in the upcoming year and we would plant a list of things that we do want to come in the coming year and it's kind of like just saying let's get rid of the negative and grow the good. Yeah so it was just kind of like a nice little tradition that we would do and I will obviously miss the trick or treating and my mom is a huge Halloween person person so our house was always the epic best. One the to the point where you get like a six year old crying there is out because they can't take five steps onto the property because they're scared that's awesome the parents trying to coke some Tom. Everything's thanks fine. And then the kids get to the door and the say tributary knock on the door and then this big giant spider falls down right on top of their head. That is awesome so how I think I'm still has piper. And yes. She's awesome she. It planted right above so it would drop around your head but in between her and stuff. So you wouldn't know is there until it's too late yours. Hundred reminds me of I was a kid going to your house. I'd be terrified terrified because one of my favorites has to be when I when my sister and brother-in-law were watching me once for we can in Indiana so on the TV. There's an advertisement for hunting house at the local children's museum and the all I ended up before I mean I think it back Mike. How's that event you maybe thinking mansion you know we're the we're the joyful goes and we'll we'll hitchhike with you the deduct the I mean you know I I think it can be bad? I told my sister the parents had taken me to your house before she was Kinda unsure but was like okay so she went on on whatever saying we get there and going through gathering effort I cried streamed at every turn and I have never wanted it. Goes back two hundred house ever since. I got a friend who we've to universal on the night that they were doing. How in Orlando Man? I said you can go. I'm not going I've seen activities. I would be just be crying my eyes out I would love to I. Love haunted. Houses Vancouver has amusement park and they do fright right night and I would love to go to it if they didn't have like an half an hour to an hour lineup for each of the haunted houses. They there's way too takes and let too many people go in at once into the part which makes it not enjoyable when they first did it and it was not very well known it was amazing and an and there's just a regular nursery but they do a haunted house every year and I go every year and I just love it he would. It's Potter's others odd nursery. So if you're in Vancouver definitely of not getting paid to say let's go and the changed our. I think they give you two hundred houses now where it used to be just one big one. It's a lot of fun. I think they have raised the price which sucks but yeah it's great and I'm one of those people that will go to a corn maze at night. I don't I I went to one last night. Actually it's so much more fun at nighttime it's harder in the daytime is so easy 'cause you can see where the paths that everyone aches aches and night. Time is the best time to go. I wanted to join in the daytime at corn. Mazes when you're the only person there and nobody else is around I mean I. It's already creepy enough. Enough Times in the scarecrow that's walking around and wants to make friends with you by giving and capital says that they used to a the annual haunted house at Jacksonville and they spend more time laughing. At how lame. They are than being scared of everything that I also have it. They when I go to your haunted houses houses. Because I do go with friends I have to be in Fret that just my little tweak and I have to have someone behind me because I have this big fear someone stabbing me in the back of your humour. Okay being the first on scared. Yeah so the the other person is going to be the victim behind me not me so I'm good because I can't see what's behind me and I mean that's smart did there's a place round US called Hunted Hospital and waiver saying it's okay to throw you out a second story window because there's a net catching you but they can throw you out a window. I'm afraid of heights. It's yeah I'm afraid of heights to and I think you should be afraid of our next thing. So voters took interesting so we want better okay so far so subtle clear questions go home and I think we can learn some facts about Halloween and how a fun along the way whoever enters first multiple choice. So it's a little bit easier but for I guess the question first and if we can't figure it out then give us multiple choice. Okay do we like a buzzer. OR YOU'RE GONNA ask US individually about this just for fun and just make the sound from Dover and rising. I was possessed. Okay so you're on your own on what you want to say. I'll just do the dumb. And dumber sound down. Okay so the first Jacqueline was made out of what. Let's see. I think it was. I turn ups. Yes actually knew that one point so then according to partition if you stare into mirror at midnight a halloween. Who would you see buddy? Mary aunt wrong. If you stare into the Mirror yes at midnight at Halloween. Oh four this one bloody Mary your future spouse your death or dead ancestors that wrong. Long thinking I'm going dead ancestors wrong. Okay so it's not because I said that It's not that was the number two option. Okay I'll give you that be. Where did Halloween originate man? Yes I'm gonNA say Germany incorrect. I'm going to say United States dates demere America incorrect options share. Do it Englund. America Scotland or Ireland. Yes England wrong wrong. I'm going to Ireland correct. Yes yes I got one. There's a lot of traditions that we still like to turn up. One comes from Ireland a lot of that stuff we still celebrate. Imagine carving attorney do those things are creepy. Have you seen those. Yeah out like a Pumpkin did just carve the faces into them. Google real quick man. It is a good time. I'm going to look at it. I'm looking at it right now. I almost want to bring that back because that is too good. Well Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah don't go. Wow I'm glad we went to WHO Pumpkins was American thing because turnips weren't really native here but Pumpkins were scary. Things are great our show. Our work work is a Pumpkin Nice for the next one. Which is the top selling candy for Halloween man on before where from top American? It doesn't say is this top selling candy and CY. I'm GONNA see recess Wrong I'M GONNA say Candy Corn Correct Amazon and kick him up but man I. I like Halloween okay. I was totally going to study for this and I just didn't have time. That's all right. Always got to study eight kids at home study. I just don't do your homework. Kids yes and don't mind the weird sounds up in your attic or watch out for those hair ties. Yes how many witches were burned at the stake in the Salem witch trials. Yes thirteen incorrect. The Salem witch trials specifically typically or we go on like that whole era. It just says I'm going to say eleven fraz incorrect. You'RE GONNA give us a multiple choice. Thirteen in twenty thirty three or none Trick Emma twenty wrong. I'm going to say thirty. Three wrong does not say none an end. This I've I forgot to mention on purpose it has which is in quotations See and I do that too. Yeah Okay So. The average American household spent how much on Halloween candy each year. The enter is scary. The average American American household. Yes two hundred your high boiling pretty far. You said I would be surprised or you would be surprised. Every average households done st l. the streets. I mean candy business making a sweet prophet. I'M GONNA go a little bit off of what what is spent which was twenty five dollars and ninety nine cents higher. Yes e- I would normally spend about sixty dollars dollars lower fifty six dollars. Thirty five higher forty-five forty-five lower for two. There's only forty four forty four. I did Ford. Were we sent at the same time so I think we both get half but we get a half. Yeah Okay let me do a dash there. You go perfect okay. So far lady. Emma's winning it's not good folks only gets great and learning at home. So what was the first raft. Penny Candy in America. Yes it's that liquorice thingy that's which sting arterioles just took the roles. I never I didn't think analogy when I see those with licorice which things and you know what if you had the video right now you see me like trying to twist it off from like you know all those things and see like when they get all caught on there. I mean if you had it done so it almost melted into the thing like yeah. Did you notice zero. Saved an army thing. 'cause they're tank was leaking and all that and they end appointed see roles on the tank. Aw I have to find the article not doing it. Justice it I believe a deal which day of the year has the highest candy sales else. Yes October thirty first wrong. Which Day yes you want an actual date right yes? I'M GONNA say October thirtieth wrong okay. you sure. I'm sure in October. Fifteenth Wrong Dunedin any hints. Now taking guesses and always says never I and that's wrong too. Let's see here. It's Halloween theme so it's probably not Valentine's Day. No one ever gives me candy on Valentine's Day. Now that's a big. They want to go tober. Twenty fifth wrong. Did I say I've Tober I. I don't know but it's wrong to hit. It's okay for you to phone a friend here. Okay naming naming naming okay. You are calling Josh Josh. I I hate it here on that. tweet state Josh Josh. You're doing a great job. And he told are scary stories. Wh the Josh what's win. What's the date of the highest candy sales? I know this one I cool so I have residual and teacher said that they always say by not on our over twenty eight. That's when they charge devices the band. Okay I gotta go sorry. I'm yeah he was asking aside. Well let's do it. Let's go October. Twenty eight th. You are right charity answer. I appreciate it. I love it and tolerate says I worry about jobs. Education rather taste bombing I. I wasn't channeling. You know. No no no no. That's fantastic so the one point nine billion and candy sales. How much of it is from Chocolate Candy Joe Silva if you ever need any more help helper later on do you wanNA percentage or do you want like dollar figure rough dollar figure up? I'll give you close to this answer. Sure okay One point nine billion and candy. That's a lot. Yeah that is a lot lady do. Would you like to go first over half a Billion Alina. I'm bad with numbers. I'm totally about with numbers. Okay I WANNA say it's seventy five percents but I don't know at seventy five percent of one billion is currently seven hundred and fifty million. Yeah thank you Emma's boyfriend. My master go with that. But it's not that he was correct by the way the seventy five percent of one billion that is but I'm going to go with chocolate only right like chocolate covered over candies. Yup I it's just chocolate candy man. I would not be good on a game show either a million dollars. I'm going nine hundred thirty. Two million seven hundred fifty eight thousand two hundred and thirty two and twenty five cents for the win very specific if we were on the price right. I think you would be close. Sousse go over it under. So is it one million one billion or whatever it's one billions closer it's like one point one billion closer. Is it ninety nine nine whatever. How many nine point nine million? I think. That's that's lower but I'm gonNA just say Emma. MSN One point two billion one point two. Okay yeah that makes sense. I think that's what you're saying and you and your answer I in my math is bad so bad. So the days after Halloween account for what percentage of the Year Candy Sales Mac. Yes because has Christmas and Valentine's Day are big Easter's big too. I'M GONNA say it accounts for thirty percent. You went over fifteen percent over. Oh Wow let's go. Eleven percent close. Okay I will. I'll say ten percent correct. I'm sorry so sorry. Says he's close. I'm like it's always fair so I'm sorry that's all right you know. I'm giving an effort hundred then. So what does the English word hollow mean. You're yes to say how eve hollow. Yes hallo isn't it yeah. I'm stuck at Halloween Eve like Ev. I'm giving you. I wanted my hands in prayer a now Saint Holly. Yes yes missing the Saint. Okay I got where you were going with all also all Saints Eve. So that's why I give you that so I wasn't just trying to make Cy Losing A. I'm sorry it's okay right. So what phobia do you suffer from if you have an intense fear of Halloween yes I'm GonNa win a wild one here and go all hallows. Wean a phobia for the win and and close to Lamia Phobia Advisors says were wrong pumpkin spice phobia who hate trump gets mice. Come on it's good. I don't I love it. I see I know I knew where wolves one which is Lupin Phobia I think that's what it was Lupane none of the answers of the uh-huh snuff grounding the Halloween. Oh well Gordon Phobia. You're going outside Enya India and for this one you going to candy so of course. You'RE NOT GONNA be pretty well side by side but I want candy data phobia. I get as I got to. I will read off of the options. Pass move phobia. Sam Hainault Phobia. It'd be is beyond correct. You actually practiced Kazue though I had no idea. So this next one and I'm gonNA play right now. A cheap knock offs version of this movie soundtrack. One that I got the royalty not re- free rights to excellent so halloween. The movie was made in nineteen seventy eight on a low budget in. How many days yes thirteen? That would be awesome but not see. If I remember correctly it was not very long but I don't remember that number someone a wing one here. Yes and I'm GonNa go scabby something weird. Like seven days Attica edible sevens to it maybe or at least seven plus or minus a few. It's twenty one correct while I mean it was a factor of the answer. I accounts for something right. Okay have we have we. I give you these points again. I really should be letting you get some of these action. Now go for the kill every time. Never give up Bob. That's how you know. Yes and according to legend a universal tattoos in a long finger where are all signs of which Halloween Creature Unit Brown. Where we'll come right? So now we know that that where wolves have you Nebraska's and has a really long middle finger and which celebrity. It does not have a halloween birthday. And I'm GonNa let off because this is a cool fact Vanilla Ice Dan Rather Peter Jackson or Kevin Bacon. Yes Kevin Bacon Correct Sam. That's what I was GONNA say. I got it right so I gotta say side aside. I'm never going to tally up the stuff because it's it would be scared I. We've already been scared tonight. So I'm just GonNa say that Emma you want John and you a Jon Norris Bucket of your favorite Halloween Candy. The only issue is you'll never be able to finish it. So what is your favorite mister big Mr Pick Ferrari mister big. You haven't had a Mr Bean bag. Okay it's like a wafer in in the middle and there's Caramel and there's chocolate above the around that I gotta look to south sounds delicious. How how do you not have mister bigs there there? I don't know I know I'm just glad you're going to google it and you're GonNa get porn but I got a bunch of of a popstars. Does a song mister big. Oh It's cadbury made Mr big okay. I can't no well. It's not. It's which no because it's one big giant barreds. Mister big look like a giant turn. I'm sorry no the tight turned is tootsie. Roll pops when you get the big ones and you warm up and then you put on top of the cat. The cat litter cake and the letter take is like Brownie on the bottom. Then Moose in the middle and you get the white orioles and you pound them up and you get a small section of it and you die those little bits green and then you mix it up with had it makes it look like cat order and then you put the two zero pops. Not that I have done this wild. Oh I totally see that being thing when I was a kid touchy role. Jokes were always on the table and it gets very hands I mean Oh yeah when you're a kid you don't care though you're just making a turn laughing at it so yeah well I wanNA thank you both for joining me on Frederick Tonight. It went by fast but we had a great time. I was so fun. So where can we find you on the interrupts. We will start with cy so you can find me on twitter at scribes verse. That's my show or you can find a I personal twitter which is at Sira Underscore Kate O.. C. N. at see why are you be under a KFC and you can find the show on Itunes spotify stitcher and pretty much everywhere. Else has subscribes for soil. So if you google that pop up for working we find you. You can find me on twitter at lady underscore Emma and that's the main place you can find me and I am barring only one place. I know facebook. I don't do well. I Have Avenue campus. Yeah so you can pretty much find me on twitter all the time anytime google. Or you're the Halloween Trivia champion. So maybe you've got that going for you well well. Halloween is my favorite time of year. That's true it's mine too. But my trivia skills wouldn't show that activated off Offi border. Why Am Beckham Iron forward until so we one day reclaim nor gone? So I'm packing my bags right now as we speak but remember clean underwear phone charger but you know what I got a time for a few things. Let's look at what has been happening in the community awesome. Let's do that. There's a lot of the comedian. Bliss Konin virtually from home. So this record early in the week so I could be gone. But here's what I saw before I left you will see a ton of great content creators with all. The news was announced Rome maintenance. Release podcast over the weekend again. The live recording of the weekly reset which is tell us inevitable's weekly awesome series on Youtube all hosted the way I am speaking of the past year. I have no global it but I know it wasn't a shit show and is bounded video by Roman about the process of rebuilding. Wow inside of unreal engine. Four four wiktor is working on right now unreal. How well this looks? I'm a huge proponent of the creative outlets it's changed my indictment of Lao or the better this community beauty is what keeps me going and why I made us a huge focus of this show adding Nomi here one final change. We were finding as we were working on this episode the Final Prize Pool for the MDI in WC will now be six hundred sixty thousand dollars as combined but this has been increased with the direct support part of the east porch toy. So thank you community for the awesome job supporting each sports. Well there's been another pack of proudly cast. It was a lot of fun. I'm so oh God. I talked with science. I just had a fun time. Not goofing off you know. Having A I was a little scared though those things twitch oh you should see my reactions Catholic democratic questions were gold savage recounting his experiences. And we've got up. Let's go reaction different. Set with Alli Regio and the scruffy do it. That will be recording this this Thursday at nine pm Eastern and then. We'll go out on Monday. So for a little. While Thursdays things are always subject to change for different guests. Like that any diva shout at two sixty pierce who said that they loved my videos. This was a comment today. One Thirteen about confidence and genital Gamer who put it on the side of the storm. The so-called looking like I know that name I know they wait it's like that's that's our guys feel so cool. I've saved that to my phone chatter career who said that I have the best segues and they were talking with Allie about how they wanted to see me on a segway riding around on though I I'm glad it never happened because I can be dangerous on Segues I was on the Morley great podcast. Patron exclusive podcast. How have you seen that? And we discussed the nineteen seventy eight movie. Halloween definitely consider supporting them to hear this episode. Plus all the episodes like fast hundred mile high and pulp fiction and plus they do an amazing podcast. And while you're while support and Jim Muller Great podcast I'd like to thank those who have supported this show financially. They can make twit subs out there. Brandon's Mr Alley Capito. Chris Thick Nick Darke easy Mac. Jensen Michael navix. Pete Raza Risk Space Budgies Stone Cronk Tele Rod Thorn Watson's zero seven one five wicket kitten thirteen and -sorts and they get a Capito scrappy -sorts for the bits. If you ask what this show financially please go to support art done known. PODCASTS DOT COM. If you have twits Prime Amazon prime you can use your free twix Reps Gibson on my channel or any other out there and support some awesome creators all of your support. Port goes up sporting this labor of love. Thank you so much why am frazzled could find the show at no podcasts. Dot Com until next week. When we go well Oh my goodness over blitz gun news be awesome? Apply Bucks lead to affected area Bucks World of warcraft. Questions this edition of aspects. -Ly this questions about housing to whom it may concern. We'd like to offer you a chance. Sorrento place in downtown over Mar.. It's within walking distance of the bank and auction house in a shirt walked. Most other things you might enjoy this location has had four four previous owners half of which are still alive which is pretty good odds. It recently came available after last owner. Left town under hurry. You can have all the stuff she left behind. And we're about sixty percents. Sure none of it's cursed or would do you any harm but if you find something like that you're certainly welcome to keep it as an ED bonus. If you move vendrell at you. Direct a large group of trolls ORCs Tarin blood. ELVES Goblins Death Knights forsaken. Had PANDERA NHS they'll mostly pay attention to what you had to say. We're pretty sure. The previous owner honor will be gone for good but we could use your help if she shows up again. Please let me know if you're interested. Signed Zebbie boy. ps four the horde. You you know I have been thinking about moving into larger place. Come to think of it. I had a place in my car. I could pay wait a minute. I see what's going on here. He's trying to trick me into becoming the horde leader no way

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