When Facebook bought Oculus did it make the VR firm less relevant?


this marketplace podcast is brought to you by smart water smart water is on a mission dad fresh thinking to the world that's why they created two new ways to hydrate smart water alkaline with nine plus ph helps keep you hydrated while you're on the move and smart water antioxidant without its selenium helps you find balance fear body and mind and now you could order smart water by saying alexa order smart water yourselves will think you're so smart water that's pretty smart how much did the rise in all of opulent do with baseball from american public media this is marketplace tech demystify the digital economy hollywood back in twenty fourteen the virtual reality company occupy who's gonna revolutionize vr for gaming yucky less risk headset for gamers by gamers end of story but then facebook's by the company for about two billion billion dollars because it had a much bigger vision for virtual reality as the future of engagement people hanging out in vr like they did on the news feed having a good time and watching ads for hours in twenty nineteen that vision is still a vision and in fact they occupy is true believers never really forgave the company in march i spoke with blake harris they author of the history of the future aki lists facebook and the revolution that swept virtual reality here's part two of our conversation station what was so special lowest so significant about occupies what's this idea of being loved and it was this idea of of having such a strong connection with their user base and what their community that is a big part of the book this backlash when a oc elizabeth solta facebook's people felt reliever betrayed you talk about palmer lucky getting death threats do you think that in addition to not ever really maturing gaming on the platform that loss of the sort of fan community we know how important and that could be that that loss really did prove to be you know more significant than people realize you're absolutely right i mean you also have to remember that this was a kickstarter company this is a crowd funded company and so it almost was like watching a reality tv show 'cause every few days they put on update they had such a great relationship with their customer base and maybe you know like a reality show maybe that wasn't fully authentic behind the scenes look what you felt like you were a part of it and then after you acquisition that just stopped i think i was a little skeptical or i thought the backlash with a little bit of an overreaction but at the same time i had someone at a book signing asked me last week about occupations new headset coming out the springs documents quest and they said you know it seems like an incredibly affordable great technological headset and i said you up and they said but should i buy it 'cause i don't trust baseball game and i really have no good answer 'cause i you know i i want you to buy 'cause then it'll help big vr more popular but i totally have those concerns and and and i wouldn't blame someone for not purchasing that's because of that i assume soom then that you'd be this book the cautionary tale for other start off yeah around the time of the acquisition of accuweather's face but could also recently acquired instagram and also a month prior acquired what's app and sort of their big pitch to to occupy was look how much economy we've given these two companies end it's significant to me that i guess last year the year before that you know the founders of what's app instagram innocuous almost all of them are gone they're opening quote of of the book is that quote from mad men were peggy olsen says you never say thank you and don draper says that's what the monies for and recover founders to be aware or entrepreneurs be aware of the bargain that's being made when you sell your company that no matter what you're told you are going to lose control and and that is what the money's worth so make sure it's enough money to make you happy like harris's de author of the history of the future earlier this summer aki lists did return to the big e3 gaming convention after a two year absence to show off its new quest headset

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