247: Vaccine Injuries, Autism, and Homeoprophylaxis With Dr. Jeff Knight


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So that's S T A D Y M D dot com forward slash wellness. Hello and welcome. To the wellness, mama podcast. I'm Katie from wellness, mama dot com. And I'm here today with Dr Jeff Knight who is a chiropractor physician with an emphasis in helping people tap into their natural ability to heal. He uses a multi therapeutic approach that includes functional medicine functional neurology muscle activation, brain and cellular detox chiropractic and functional movement. He has a strong passion for serving autistic kids, vaccine damage children, and and helping couples who are challenged with infertility in were to deep on a couple of those topics today because I get a lot of questions from you guys about that. And Dr Knight has some specific area of expertise here. So Dr Jeff welcome and thanks for being here. Thanks for having me. I'm excited to be with you guys today and excited for our conversation. And like, I said, I think you're obviously, I'm guessing seeing more and more children with these issues in this part of your specialty, and I'm gonna ask you today. Some of the regular questions, I get from readers, and I note. I'm just going to call out the elephant in the room before we jump in. I know that vaccines are controversial topic. So for those of you who are listening, please note that we are definitely not going to be discussing whether or not you should or should not give axioms we're going to bring up questions to consider. We're certainly not going to be judging any parents for any decisions one way or the other. But we're going to take a deep dive into related questions that I get a lot like vaccine injuries potential turn it is and other questions. So to start off Dr Knight. Can you talk about what you're seeing most commonly in your practice, and why this is become such a focus for you. So yes, some of the things that I do see often in my practice specifically with autistic kids is the they do come in and always bring up the questions of where the history is in how this all came about. And and yeah, I would never say that vaccine is the number one cause of lie child has been become autistic. However, it definitely can be a trigger. Just like so many other things that can be a trigger for other health issues as well. And so so the the reason why this has become such a passion of mine in. Why it something that I'm so interested in long story short is in my early time of school had a chance to go to a seminar in and I learned through the seminar that there was a doctor that was able to help reverse some of the symptoms of autism. And that was something that really struck me in end grew up thinking that once you're autistic that means this is just something you gotta live with the rest of your life. And so it was more of like kind of the idea that I realized that you don't just have to cope, but that there is hope for healing and Freeman some improvement. If not for some kids, you can see a complete transformation, and I grew up with two stepsisters that have autism kids. So I gotta see firsthand of the challenges that it put on the family. Especially mom and dad, and siblings and one of them. He was pretty high functioning. But the other one was definitely severely autistic, and you know, very difficult with verbal in all that. So when I saw the challenges that they face in when I realized that there was actually some hope for a family like like, my stepsister, I thought, Wow, I've got I've got to do something more about his in enemy, quite honest. It was I guess you could say it was definitely a gentle nudge from from God's saying. Hey, Jeff, you gotta do this. Because there's so many people that need this help in in really that they can find value from from tapping into that audience natural ability to hill, but there's definitely certain things that can interfere what that ideal function. And so, yeah, we see a lot of things that can contribute to the autism such as yet there are some vaccine damages in the reason why that can be such a sensitive thing for these kids if they're come. Into this world or any predisposed for some sensitivities, for example. I know on some of your other podcasts, we've talked you've talked about a generational talks ity, and that's a real thing. And what that means just as refresher. For those of you that are listening is there can be talk since that can be passed from from mom, baby. But it also can be past for generations. So there's a biologist name Michael Skinner who did some studies in realize that you know, what great grandma had in her body could potentially be in me right now just through the generational. Toxicity. And so oftentimes we'll see mercury or lead that can be passed for mom to baby as well as some other things. And then there's other studies that have shown that in the court of newborn babies blood that there's actually several toxins they're already in. So you know, when you throw in the vaccine if there's a very highly sensitive child. And maybe they are already somewhat compromised due to it could even be the process of delivery. 'cause I mean, as, you know, Katie being a mother six my wife's a mother of six delivery is not anything. That's just a walk in the park when you're delivering these babies, but that's a stressful thing for both mom and the baby. And so this baby as they're coming through that birth canal. That's a lot of stress on the cranium. So in also the neck, and that can definitely stress the nervous system to some degree. So right there there can be some susceptibility just be just the way of how traumatic that birth may have been end. Of course, I know another topic that you discussed before is is c sections in how unfortunately these babies aren't gonna get the maximum amount of that good bacteria from their mother going through the birth canal. So these are all kind of like the perfect storm, that's creating this potential eruption for for autism in. Then you top it off with say. Vaccine in. That's where I've had some parents that have come in in bay said. Yes, soon as my child was vaccinated. Here's what happened and they'll go into details about some things. So, but then again, I think we all know hundreds of not thousands of people that have been vaccinated, and they haven't had any direct acute injuries as a result of it. So the question is in I kind of compared to a car accident. I mean, I know people that have been in car accidents where one person walked away on the the other person died in the same car in you kinda think how did that happen. You know, like how did one person, you know, quote, unquote, e so lucky or fortunate verses that one person that that they lost their life. And and sometimes vaccines can be that kind of like a car accident where some people walk away. And it's like, well, luckily, there was no major trauma from the things that are in the vaccine specifically, which are you know, there's mercury there's aluminum there's they even use. You know, some other ingredients that they can't be harmful. Of course, what the intend to try to create immunity for that child. So the intention behind it. You know, it's there's a good intention behind doing vaccines. But again, it's just like is your child more susceptible. And and you know, is there potentially, you know, some kind of history that maybe even mom or dad had for example. If a parent grew up in maybe they had some some different like health challenges, whether it was auto immune or maybe they grew up, and maybe they had some even sensory processing disorders, or maybe maybe they were even somewhat mildly autistic, or or who knows, but you know, right there that's going to even create a greater chance for some of these kids potentially from also, you know, becoming that way in. So my approach is really like like you explained in my bible therapeutic approach because it's not like a a one-size-fits-all type of. The thing you really have to go out this in a multifaceted way and really get specific on understanding that individuals needs because everyone is so different. So hopefully that helps a little bit definitely. And I think you're so right about the bio individuality, and that's the one commonality. I see in all the research. I'm reading right now in everything seems to be indicating that the future of health is very personalized and very very much buried, and that's something I've said several times recently is I think that there's so much. We can learn from different approaches because we are also different at the end of the day. It's each individual working with practitioners who understand their medical history of fine. What specifically works for them. And I love the way you the vaccine topic as well. Because like I said, certainly we are a judgment free zone here in anybody. No matter what decisions they've made on that. Completely welcome in this community. And I would never judge apparent parenting. It's incredibly incredibly personal decision. But that said, I think we also do need to make sure where at least asking the questions because it is a big decision. And I know for me, and I love your feedback on these men a couple of the questions that I definitely asked an researched when I was considering this decision for my own kids. The first was we know by their nature that vaccines have to create an immune response that like you explain to. That's what that's how they work. And so one thing I asked was if it's doing that is it could there be any negative effects of that immune response? And if so does that grow exponentially, the more vaccines we add because that's something that's been brought up quite a bit. Is that increasing number of vaccines that have I know since I was a child there's four times as many that are recommended now than when I was that age. And so, you know, does the first vaccine still like is the seventieth vaccine is important as that first one if they are that affective and James Maskell who founded new healthy had a great explanation of this recently of just a way to think about this for parents. He said you have to think of it in terms of somewhat two opposing philosophies, and then way that so one being in science linear cause and effect in another economics. We know there's diminishing marginal returns. So the first example, he gave was antibiotics, which of course, when they first emerged. They were very valuable. They changed the trajectory of human lifespan, you know, had a death sentence just because you had a simple wound and mortality rates dropped. This went on for decades until curious thing happened, and we started seeing a marginal return once we use antibiotics millions of times. And now we see superbugs and these bugs are mutating. Now, we're seeing the kind of rebound effect of that. And you know, see this other places in society as well. But I think that is something we could also look at could there be this effect with the number of vaccine that are happening. So even affections are could be argued to be proven to reduce certain diseases. Could they also be fuelling chronic disease or? Could the seventieth vaccine at as much as the first or diminishing returns there? So I'd love to hear like what are some of the questions you thought about when making this decision for your own children, just as far as the philosophy and the questions you asked. Sure, you know, it's amazing you touch on the antibiotic things I was going to assure share that to because. Yeah. As they were such incredible blessing for people that had exposure to these illnesses. I mean, it was incredible. But yeah, what has happened is. You know, people are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics I mean, how many people, you know, with penicillin and all these other antibodies it just doesn't work for him anymore. And because of the superbugs has the as intelligent as our bodies are, you know, those critters those little creatures bacteria, the viruses all that stuff there superintendent to in their whole desire is to survive as well. And so so with the whole concept of backseat, you know, the. Question. Yeah. Is this gonna be technically be the same type of result? Now. That's a great question. I don't have the perfect answer for it. But from the research in the study that I have done is that I know in the early, you know, like, I think it was back in the sixties. I can't remember the name of the doctor off the top my head. But they they were saying that, you know, once you get back seen or receive a vaccine if you get one than typically, it should be good for life. I know there's a big topic on herd immunity to and and the white people should be on all the kids should be vaccinated to help support say that immune compromise child. And so the argument there, though is truthfully, you know, herd immunity is effective. Ninety five percent of the population have been vaccinated or alise our immune to that specific, infection or illness. But what they're what the what we're realizing is that that means that every adult would also need to be vaccinated within the last five or ten years of all those different series. So how many adults do you know that are regularly getting their vaccine? So right there on fortunately just for from that argument, if you are looking at the herd, immunity that means day these kids are walking by people that have not been I guess, you could say, quote unquote, protected from vaccine for who knows how long so that gives me hope to realize like, wow, you know, our bodies definitely can do incredible things on its own end. When we allow our body to have that natural in Nate immune response. It's not just gonna give us immunity for the current time. But the majority of the time you're seeing immunity for a lifetime versus where if you got introduced to vaccine. In early on. Guess what? That means. You do have to go back and get reinculcated every five to ten years for the rest of your life, basically or else, you are going to be more prone in what they are finding too is that you know, we're seeing different things like measles in. We're seeing different things like some of those illnesses like protes-, but we're also noticing that a lot of those outbreaks are in individuals that have been vaccinated as well. And so that question of is that sim death back seen really gonna add the value compared to maybe those first few and and that's a tough question to really answer. 'cause I would say the likelihood of that is it's probably not gonna make as much of a difference mile. My biggest concern, of course, always is looking at the risk versus benefit. And where you know. I know I've got several friends in colleagues that you know, are older than I am that grew up in the. They they did get some of those childhood illnesses. And it was just like, well, that's just how it was where for me. It was the chicken pox, and we had chicken pox parties. Right. And we would go, and and if you knew that so and so had the chicken pox, while mom would say, all right. Let's go play with them. So you can get this quick and be done with it now at a young age. And then the beautiful thing is now I have immunity for the rest of my life with that. So it's it's definitely one of those topics that I think is really interesting in the studies in the information that I've received as I've looked at this more depth has led me to looking at. Okay. What are some other safe effective ways to still provide immunity because the thing I'm most concerned with with the vaccines are honestly, the the materials that are in there that can be neuro toxic. And that can also affect neurologically the child both acute end ten down the road. And that's the other. Why would say the seventieth vaccine would not be beneficial more for this straight fact of the bioaccumulation of toxins in how they can reside in the brain in deep into the tissues, which can affect neurological connections immune connections, as well as hormone connections. I mean when we see a large large increase amount of childhood, asthma, childhood, allergies. And then also as were seeing to there's more and more people that are auto immune because when we're forcing immunity into someone that's not natural form than were basically, basically pushing a button and telling the body to be on, hyper drive immune response, which then, you know, can trip it to where it's like now somewhat, you know, over stimulated in a sense to where it's now super-sensitive in it. You know, you start to see some of these other challenges. So so an end to be quite honest with every. Anyone that's listening? So that people can know where I'm coming from. So, yeah, we do have six kids, and guess what through my research and education. You know, we've only not vaccinated one of those six kids. So the first five all receive some forms of vaccines. And why because that's what I was taught at what I knew to be the right thing. And so, of course, my wife, and I that's what we chose to do. But as I started learning, educating myself, more and more these were the concerns I had in of course, as I started having more and more patients come in with their child, and I would ask where they started seeing some these negative facts in they mentioned through vaccinations, and I'm like, okay, there's gotta be a better way. And again, you know, it's it's like we're all doing the best. We can as parents, right? And our number one goal desires to try to raise her children to be healthy happy and be able to live a fulfilling life. And so anyone that shoes? It's vaccine I would say bless you because you're trying to do the best thing for your family in any. Anyone that chooses not to? I would say bless you. 'cause you're also from your understanding you're trying to do the best thing for your family as well. So I don't necessarily think anyone's wrong or right? It's just really coming to know what's right for you and your family and being comfortable in confident with that decision. And so for me that concept of knowledge is power is what gave me that power in confidence to say, hey, you know, what there's a there's some other options that can be really effective and safe, and that's kind of the path that I've gone down. So, but which you know, leads into if you wanna start chat about this, Katie is a home you'll prophylaxis chimp in there now because I get a lot of questions about this. Both is safe. Is it affective? Does it do the same thing? How to do it? So I would love if you could give us an expert primer on what that is. And how you used it. If you have. Yes. So so again, the homeo- prophylaxis, it's basically, this is a way to a hell. Help individuals acquire natural immunity using a homeopathic approach. It's nothing new. This has been around since seventeen ninety nine just to give you a little history. A doctor hahnemann from Germany who was the father of homeo- homeopathy. He I used it with scarlet fever, and what they found is as they would administer a remedy prior to these kids potentially getting the illness. It had an incredible success rate where the amount of scarlet fever was definitely declined significantly in that community and in in that area of the country where they live so the state of Germany or the country of Germany really started to embrace this in started to utilize more and more frequently but from there the home homeopathy in the homeopathy LAX's became something really effective tool to use. It can be used on on several different illnesses. So there's a a childhood program that that I use for families in our office, which is focused more on addresses, some of the same stuff that you see on vaccine schedules such as polio protests, you know, the mom's needles and all those other childhood illnesses as well. And and the it's very easy to administer. It's a natural approach to introducing immunity. And so it's using these little pellets, we call them, no, so DHS, and they are have been prepared and diluted substances, you know, for the purpose of educating the immune system in gentle non-toxic way. So they're completely natural. They don't contain any foreign cells, or antibiotics preservatives, or at advocates or any chemicals of any kind. And really the goal of HP is just to orally introduce safe. You know homeopathic versions of some of those diseases. I mentioned to. Actually stimulate the immune system because what they do with the home office eighty. It's basically taking the energetic form of that illness, and they do what's called the take the mother tincture is what you could call it where you can get that onus from like sputum or discharge or other things like that. And then they mix it into this tincture end a success it, which means they shake it so many times. And then they, you know, go through this process that over time it's in it's diluted over time. It's basically all that's left is the energetic form of that illness in so you're introducing, you know, this ability for the body to respond, positively to that immune, you know, energetic, immune response in the body starts to create real immunity for it. So it educates the immune system. So there's no there's definitely no side effects to it in. This has been really need for us. To us 'cause there's not just the the series for the kids to to utilize, but there's also even different forms such as like a flu version so people that want to have protection against the flu in MRs were in the thick of cold and flu season and our family. This is something we've used at for all of our family in his, you know, what's amazing is our kids have been incredibly healthy in spite of even playing interacting with lots of kids that have gotten the flu in been sick for days, if not, you know, weaker to in our kids come home in, you know, thank heavens. They're still healthy and happy doing well. And so it's really again like I said the idea is to educate immune system, and it reduces the susceptibility. So it's not it's not a vaccine, and it's not necessarily simply just a replacement for a vaccine, but it's more of a strategy that can help strengthen the immune system. So it's it's been really. Need in our our youngest daughter. We've been using it with her. And so we do this where there's different series in you pick maybe pick one one of those childhood illnesses a month, and they're the pellets are so small you can even put him in a baby's mouth in it'll just dissolve in. So that's the natural way of how we get onus. Anyways is through the Nukus membranes. So it's coming through the arm. Ouch. Into the into our cells that way versus being injected directly into the bloodstream, you know, in the idea there, of course, is just give the body strength. The ability to be more prone to fight off any exposure to that illness. Now is it one hundred percent affective accords? There's no notice thing as one hundred percent affective nece on on any, you know, homeopathic or or vaccine, but there was a doctor out of Australia named Isaac golden and heated fifteen years study. Back. I think it was from like eighty five to ninety can't remember off Tom ahead, but he did a fifteen year studying and by following on these kids, they found that it was really successful that it did reduce the amount of illness exposure and also assisted in more long term health benefits fascinating. I'm sure from a lot of parents really to know that there are alternatives than have been studied especially for that long. This episode is powered by a ritual. They make vitamins specifically designed just for women ritual vitamins contain night, essential nutrients that most women just don't get enough of including vitamin B, twelve as medical ballum, inform folate and not this medical acid d three K to vitamin E omega three fatty acids boron. 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So essentially feel like the modern equivalent of a country medicine, doctor who comes to your house when you have a medical need, except it makes the best use of technology because we get instant access to our doctor via text Email or even video chat. You can find out more about how it works or take their free quiz to get matched with a doctor who fits your needs. And personality by going to steady m d dot com or read slash wellness moments. That's S T A D Y M D dot com forward slash wellness. I know that you do like boxing injuries are well-documented thing. Regardless of whatever perspective parents may have on vaccines. There's a lot of data that vaccine injuries are well documented, and I know that you were part of a series with Dr Patrick tempo about healing from vaccine injuries. So I love if you could walk us through a little bit of the approach there. When a parent comes in with a child who has an injury to see you. What do you look at? And how do you start at therapeutic approach with them? Also, a great question. So I definitely look at three specific things primarily in the easiest one that anyone can apply would be relating to the gut health and to diet and digestion because we know that govern connection is a powerful connection and even the bacteria in our gut can influence, our brain and our nervous system to certain degrees. So definitely the first thing is looking at changing or modifying or. Doing some things that are a little different in a lot of families. Actually, honestly, there's so many incredible parents out there that common they've applied. A lot of these principles already in 'em, basically as far as the diet and digestion of big part of it is definitely reducing the sugars removing in the process sugars and really trying to get into more of Akito genyk type of diet where you're doing high fat moderate protein in low carb in the low carbs are going to be focused more on good vegetables. You know, lots of good green leafy veggies. So, you know, some fruits here, and there are okay. But the idea is just to keep the coast in the sugar levels, low indefinitely remove any process stuff now for some people that might be really hard to implement right away. Because, you know, unfortunately, the way we've, you know, live in this country. We have so much convenience in there's so much, you know, ease of gathering Gadet getting some kind of a quick quick mail here quick meal there. In end, those aren't necessarily always the most beneficial. But if you can even just start with say, if you still your kids still are like in love with their MAC and cheese or in love with you know, some of those other Staples that a lot of families have if you can even go to nor Ganic and a non GMO version that'll be far better than just, you know, buying the other stuff off the shelf. So that would be a one one great way to start is really, you know, increase good fats because our brain loves good fat in our brain needs that good fat for both, you know, the nervous system, but also for hormone function, and you know, there's so many other great benefits even deeper at the cellular level. So increasing good fats removing the sugars in processed foods, really focusing on eating close to possible. What comes from mother nature, so just whole foods, and then reducing carbs to certain degrees. So the Kito says can be a healing. A healing mode for that brain. And in fact, he genyk diets were first discovered to be so beneficial back in the early nineteen hundreds with children that had epilepsy. Seizures and where it was a powerful tool in resource for even helping their brains in helping calm things down. So with autistic kids, these are kids that have a chronic inflammation of the brain. And so our goal is to also, reduce inflammation and helping crease their body's ability to heal on function better. So definitely start with diet and with with just of health the other thing that I do is a lot of with chiropractic. So specifically, there's some specific adjustments that I really focus on one in particular area of the spine that I really find that can be a powerful impactful is the upper part of the neck, so the upper cervical spine and where even the the head where it sits on top of the neck. It's called Oxford and the top vertebrae call. The atlas and so that area right there doing specific adjustments that can free and release some of the tension there, which can also positively affect one of the really important nerves in our body called the Vegas nerve or cranial nerve number ten in cranial nerve ten or the Vegas nerve. It has a huge role with balancing that whole fight or flight mechanism in in in our bodies. And so a lot of these kids are in a fight or flight mode. And so if we can help stimulate that Vegas nerve, which does the opposing where calms things down helps people be more restful in it helps kids be able to be more present and be able to digest their food better at cetera. I mean that can be a really powerful tool. But so yeah, jesting of the of the of the spine can be really powerful because then we just enhance the nervous system in the brain's ability to communicate to the body. Some other techniques uses one call. Neurological immigration system, and that's more like a functional Raji technique where really were through contacting different points on the body. We can neurologically stimulate different responses to help the brain even communicate more clearly with Oregon's glands to increase its ability to work against kind of infections and things like that. And that's been pretty powerful as well. But I would say all those things have helped me get incredible results. But then I knew there was always something missing. And that's where I started working with Dr Pompa and learning how to detox the brain. Because again, heavy metals have an affinity for the brain specifically mercury aluminum. So if anyone has ever had any kind of silver filling or if a mother was pregnant with silver fillings than that can even pass some some of the mercury from child to baby. And then of course, any of the vaccines or flu shots that can. Mercury aluminum are the age of events that are used there, and that can settle into the brain in in caused some of the irritation on the nervous system. So doing strategic approach to how to remove those toxins, and and really go through that process is really powerful. I mean, there's some other beneficial things that can be done that can really help as well in. It's again, it's all focusing on stimulating that brain in a positive way trying to recreate good patterns whether it's functional movement to I mean crawling as silly and simple as it might sound. You know, just getting your kids to crawl more often can be really powerful for grading some different networks of connection from the brain to the body. And then that can also help stimulate other good good connections with how the body's functioning in working the weights post too. So those are a few things that I use that have been really powerful ineffective at allowing us to help some of these kids. You know, make this path in this process to helping them heal in helping them again, like I said before not just cope, but you know, give them hope to where it's like, hey, you know, they can actually they're communicating better. They're forming more sentences. You know, they're I contact is improving. I see some of these kids where they're, you know, now actually interacting with their siblings and playing with them more. And I mean, just the there's a ton of really needs things as parents are sharing with me as we're going through this process. And I would definitely emphasize it as a process for sure. So 'cause I wish it was a quick fix. But it does take some time out. It's really neat to see those changes. That must be so rewarding. And another question we've mentioned that, you know, vaccines by their nature they work to create in the moon response. And you've talked about the generational taxes city in how if there's underlying factors that this can trigger some things. So I've got a lot of questions from parents. And you mentioned that you even chose to backseat several of your children, if parents are choosing the vaccinate are there things they can do proactively before. And after to help keep inflammation low and to help hopefully avoid problems. Have you worked with parents on that at all? There's definitely some things that can be done. I mean, think of all the the individuals that work in hospital system. They're required to get flu shots and be up to date on their vaccines. And so it's not just kids, but even even adults there's definitely specific things that you can do to prep your body in a sense. So that when if you do choose to do that there's ways to minimize the negative effects in? So there's some some really good. Products that that I use in some of them that are a staple as far as the detoxing goes one is called sido detox. The other one is called bind. And so us utilizing even those in doing some heavy dosage before you get a vaccine is going to be really powerful and beneficial. And then after the vaccine is received, you know, doing that as well. And so using some of those drops in some of those supplements those capsules that can help really catch in gear at grab those those those toxins that are being injected into the body and make sure that you're getting him out as quick as possible, and that can be helpful. Also, another like, you know old trick is wherever the vaccine it is going to be done. You can put some ice over that area and numbing that area. Where the vaccine is gonna go into can actually help reduce the the body's ability to spread that those toxins as. As quickly so you can do ice. And then shortly thereafter, another remedy is putting some bent night clay over that area net can help even pull some those toxins out of there. So there's a few little little things there that can be done in the I can definitely help coach some families. If if that's a choice, they do make. But they do want to make sure that they, you know, for them they find that the vaccine is going to be important for them. Here's some tools in resources to help them to to minimize potential negative effects of it. So and that would be again, go at those adults that that are needing to be vaccinated working in the hospital system if they want to keep their job, right? Otherwise, I know if they don't do that. Unfortunately, they're asked to leave. I think there is that commonality you mentioned several times of inflammation. And so all these seem like good things at all of us can implement irregardless vaccines, just to keep inflammation low. And I'm curious. Do you feel like other things? Go back to inflammation as well. It seems like I'm seeing so much in the research right now of that being very much a common trigger, and I'm curious if you're seeing that as well. And if you have any additional advice for all of us in just keeping inflammation low so a common trigger for what? Specifically, I just for chronic disease in general, I'm seeing that connection across auto immune disease. Like we've mentioned a little bit certainly in kids with any kind of struggles. Like, the ones we've mentioned, but it seems like that's a connection in everything from joint pain to potentially in kind of across the board. Yeah. Definitely inflammation. I mean, it's it's crazy. The things that can create that inflammation will definitely make us more susceptible more vulnerable to being exposed to some of these other things that can take place in. So. Inflammation from you can come in so many forms. Definitely there's inflammation response from from stress. There's inflammation response from you know, the foods and beverages. We put into our body. And then there's inflammation, of course from different traumatic events. And so our body interprets all those different stressors similarly in. So if there is like this, chronic inflammation, going on then you know, it's it becomes like a perfect storm. I guess you could save for for really facilitating more and more negative things from happening because the body in a sense it's filling like, whoa, I've got this fire that is continuously burning. I can't put it out. And so if it's always trying to minimize some of those negative effects of inflammation, will unfortunately that does leave us exposed or vulnerable to you know, other things that can happen in the body. And so the more we can incorporate in adopt. You know, good healthy habits of. Finding ways to minimize inflammation. And one tool that I know that's been discussed on your podcast before his fasting utilizing both intermittent fasting doing extended fast can be powerful as far as really toeing the body in giving it a break allowing it to speak be quiet and minimize some of that that stress that comes from from the inflammation. So fasten is an incredible tool, of course, choosing low inflammatory foods that are are not gonna stimulate in increase that you're tation. But I guess that gives it gives me the piece in the hope that, hey, this is something that we can influence more than we realize, and it's something that necessarily we don't have to fill like, well, this is just my reality. But but there's so much. I mean, I've seen I've seen people reverse their diabetes. I've seen people, you know, take a hypothyroid issue and completely change. That I've seen other audio mute conditions that people where they've been able to make that choice in really do some great things to reduce reduce those those stressors in that inflammation. So it's it's definitely a big deal. I mean, it's been something that I know has been more on the forefront lately in our member even a time magazine back I think in two thousand four it said inflammation, you know, the root of all disease, and it is definitely one of those connections that will trigger in and makes several of our illnesses in things worse. So yeah, I totally agree with you there. Katie. You have definitely touched on some of the really hot topic questions that I get a lot and shown a lot of light on those today where can people find you? If they want to keep learning more from you or STAN touch. Sure. Yeah. So probably one of the easiest ways is our website. It's WWW dot true north Cairo dot com and our office is called true north practic in wellness center. We're just north of Salt Lake City in Utah. And our office phone number's eight zero one four four seven one six four seven. But then I also do have a Facebook page. Just Dr Jeff night put in different information out there on on different things. And I've got a YouTube channel to that has different testimonials in other ways that people can connect kinda see the families that we've helped and what that looks. Like, but yeah, it's a love what I do. There's not a day where I don't look forward to you know, going to work. I love it. It's just so great. And you know, so passionate about serving these individuals in helping helping people be able to find greater peace of mind, hope and freedom for them in their own families. It's just been been a blast. I think it's soon for Neka one last time what you said earlier that every parent is in this doing the best. They absolutely can for their children in that something we all share. And so even though things like vaccines can be such controversial topics. I think it's important to have the discussions into have them in a kind respectful way in realize that at the end of the day. We are all doing the best for our families with every with the information, we have in the individual cases that we have. And I love their people like you who are working with people in their very specific cases to find out. What those answers are for them. So thank you so much for your work, and for your time here today, pulling all of those that you mentioned in the show notes. People can find you and Stanton which grew will execute. He appreciate the opportunity and honored to be with you today. And thank you to all of you for listening as always cheering your most valuable asset of your time with us. We don't take that lightly. And we're so grateful you're here, and I hope that you will join me again on the next episode of the wellness, mama podcast. If you're enjoying these interviews would you please take two minutes to leave a rating or review on I tunes for me. Doing this helps more people to find the podcast, which means even more moms and families can benefit from the information. I really appreciate your time. And thanks as always for listening.

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