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John Stewart Green Lantern Part 2


This episode of Capes and Lunatic sidekicks brought to you by tweaked audio get awesome headphones tweaked. Audio Dot Com and use the coupon code. Southgate get thirty percent off reshipping in a lifetime warranty where he can get there through the link on our website. Southgate Media Group DOT COM CA Paris annual listing advocates in lunatic. Sidekicks podcast podcasts. What about it? Welcome factor Kalma capers. Take Two I am still joining. Me Is always all right. We're back part. Two of our Jon Stewart special continuing on with green lantern from green lantern. One Eighty six eighty seven eighty eight one eighty nine from March through. Should have this Senate a march through June eighty-five s. Leave me alone. It's been a long day. I know you had to go to today. I know you're paying for four five. Am Love Chaz Natto? You're paying that natural now right Israel so yes greenland versus eclipse. Oh totally get eclipse. Oh really yeah. The first page of eighty six. They're like the deadliest ever to face the power green lantern. I'm like really eclipse. I said maybe or they talking about Jon Stewart greenlanders since the. This is still like Early in his career. I guess I help. And you know what I need Dr Bruce Gordon Sit Down Bro. Calm down calm down. He's like an eleven. I need a bit like fix. You're not even not even. Dc's biggest Gordon sit down. You're not you're not. Dc's biggest bruise or biggest Gordon's now the INS night. But yeah so the Gordon hide were now. For No that other hijacked the solar jet skid rows to cares build one so yes so. Birlik. Oh No clip. So what are we GONNA do? So Jon Stewart races off charges as battery and of course how season I know where Jon Stewart's go and I'm like dude like why don't you just? I'm like dude if you're really this mad about it. Why don't you tell Stuart who you who you were and be like? Hey you need some pointers or something. Something Jealous Jealous Jealous. I know But then elsewhere in the clip the giant floating sphere in this team is tiny death. Star girlfriend calls it. Oh I was GONNA. I was going to the store worship. Stacey Eighties What are you waiting for Mr Ward Eclipses senator looking on Santa's Naughty L. That color scheme is not doing for all purple yellow and black marble has a better goin' colored eam. C'mon now it's should be green or Purple Steering League was theorized better fashion sense than eclipse. Definitely So I brought you here for the chats wall then shoots him with that. He has to hold the diamond up. Designed shoot that high blast. That's a sucky power. So your superpowers astigmatism. Gloat while you can monster have you WANNA code puts them in a cone of Black Light Davis whose bad heart Sathian. Oh I think we discussed this before in a past episode. But yeah the the AD for Crisis. It's it's originally it was DC universe crisis on infinite earths but I guess they decided to drop the DC universe which you know if they did it these days it would definitely be big bold letters DC universe crisis on infinite or. I'm surprised at into that for TV. Current crisis on senator in include into that. 'cause I dunno marvel like everything I swear anything you know it's like always like morals this marvel legends. They do it. It's so funny I mean I guess they you know everyone knew who the flash and supergirl and every now and that woman Oh. I think we know who owns that. Woman could have been a legal loophole captain model. That was confusing for awhile. I will it. We are back on the ground that bears aircraft he stuff physical manifestation of pure evil. How purest evil? That's right now but green learend solved. Di Hey shadow wake up in the L. Wait a minute. What can anyone can quit. Auto did it can any one of these university. Look up in the sky without someone saying superman no you can't on funny like every arc. They just showed how Jordan like trying to call Superman or green era like he said last episode just like idiot. Just tell Stewart's rate they're just go talk. Tell Him who you were Open then eclipse. Oh kidnaps Gordon. Because he has a thing for him okay. He calls it a murder. Murder Moon. La Moon Knight's cousin. Or Oh you lucky. Raise probably never going to hear this. Although he might not Batman notes the small cousin of the death star Murdoch. Like how dare you the and then pour the how making it always bound himself? He's like why mostly keeping haunted like this. I thought Green Lantern was out of my life forever. Conceited Narcissus then Jon Stewart's Trenton. Cut off the the. Black light beam. You know makes a big clash light not working predators. GonNa get a backbone. Don't you worry now? Sean is trying to break into the murder moon. Oh my Lord. Yeah the Predator in that that jet path when he get at the ACME store were wildly. Coyote gets his thing was busted. I he's like he's like a roablocks character. Decades before roadblocks a looks like you know a foot Clinton soldier mix without power Ridley. It's just all kinds of confusing here. Colebrook maybe even a little joke for the hell of some of that old school spider-man webbing under his arm glide right down sugar glider never withstand the sugar glider opening awhile silverglate. We have and we never saw her again. Hashtag CISCO'S BUS relationships. Don't bite me so Jon Stewart's busy trying to save people when you're clips greenlanders going. Nothing can stand on my way and then this is like pure. It's what's Relate style wait to calm down or league ECORSE comics in this era we see. Hey how did you survive? Are you know your your last appearance that led me Dylan monologue the answer because like yeah like almost fifty issues ago? He's fighting how Jordan. He got sucked out into space and he was just drifting in space until he figured out the put that diamond up to his. I used his black is black light. Blasted SHOOT HIM. Got Utterly Insane. I tend to put my put an end to my curse. Dependence on you forever Bruce Gordon because clips Bruce. Gordon have a bigger Bruce Banner Hulk Relationship Gonul Award. He can use the power of the solar jet. Even Burke how this works this words move power system okay. A power the diamond or something I don't know if it's the solar energy though. Because what the Hell's going on here you will pull power source of the solar jet outs. You know they're all powerful macguffin. Monkeys Falcon macguffin intense late Greatest weakness you suck. He's Oh no celestial bodies many many miles away or going in front of each. Oh No more excuses seriously than cobra like you stack in. May It's like home Hambro late. Med megatrend star screaming. I'm just like Oh shut up star. Scream Cobra commander. You know the same Guy So yet they don't give me once. I'm dying man anyway. So yes YEP Bruce. Gordon turns on the bright light. So Ozzy's is able to escape in the Jet Predator here. Why do we need this way from Carol? Furniture Co nearer. You will stay in. Maybe you know like you know Carol. Business depends depending on the jets like the Predator. Iona very confusing but he a- battle dreamliner exactly Jon Stewart shows up your lot the same rings slinger. I fought before so. Yeah so while Jon. Stewart's can ready to fight yet. Davis escapes from Jed. He's GonNa lay it. In the desert in talents. They knew rich had a weak heart and they let him fly. Innuendo though remember how was supposed to fly. The jet in like member member Davis knocked them out and took the jet yet. But we heart. What are you doing only do you not much? How much stress deportations put on your What he wanted to prove himself one last time loophole for Work Alatau Gun just as much as anybody. Okay because I love. We put the jets onto the desert Howell says look perfect dead stick landing because as he climbed up. The jet. Davis is dead. Get that stick landing. You were right. These he leaves. He brought the plane home state. You were right. Carol and Lilith. The strain was too much for riches we cart. He's that we ever have to see him again. Being slinger like who comes up with these things. Len Wein marbly for me Bro. Going you got to do the whole thing. Slinger stay out of this with faces. Mind Year with eighty five free pre-crisis. Okay so yeah. Then Jon Stewart Grabs Bruce Gordon. An Predator puts them on a parachute and throw them out a lot more than the clips John and he makes a shield the flex his beam. The straight shot decimated. The satellites energy regulator basically his tractor beam fist like shooting and everything on the group at straggler beam. The black beam was become some sort of high intensity laser up. There were good. It's already too late for you pal yet. Lakes assemble trucks in a matter of moments. Your got you. Owe clips tackles attack. Check the tackles on the side. So they're falling but then joined makes us that the death rate chewing up. Yeah that that that the the the puncher land with nothing on it. Yeah well giving it properly. It's convenient no Is Out in the middle of nowhere like their stuff and all that stuff because yeah yeah yeah planes taking off and landing. Yeah so that that's reasonable But then the other falling John makes a giant pillow. Because Momma Stuart didn't raise any stupid children it ranks to be absorbing lab lifeway like in this era to bring like like landon can get hurt but the ring keeps them from getting killed. As long as it's charged that eclipses just like trying to blast John Geese gloating until was an he gets hit by zone. Beam sears even sears. Expecting offer the second oldest. Rousson the behind you the giant energy. Beep that we've been talking about the last pages. Put a gruesome way to go. That left him. Two billion a thimble. That's more it as hell never saw clips so again especially not in any annuals in the nineties. How did you ask questions learn? Well he bought it on himself so whatever so yeah then. John's like oh clippers. Said the satellite was going to explode in a matter of moments he makes a giant baseball bat and knocks it in the space where explodes above the Earth. What's the verdict? Jet Is fine a little work and she'll be good as new breast which gave like root. Hey Hey how Jordan. It's not greener name. He has to be something pop up so he got out to them and then at the end frigging. I think I'm okay with it. But then let the carols all freaked out case she gets like a rose from the Predator. Like treat you better than. How does the reels I mean yeah? The Predator looks creepy. But he's like look what do you know like I? How how Jordan has a new rack creditors when you're predators when you flowers how Jordan. Just like Crying about his ring early Lantern Corps recharge jets. John's never change. And then Oh issue. One eighty four begin a new writer and Peninsular think the artist is just for this young Paul Copper Greater and Bill Willingham Pencil. You know. Sometimes you need a break up. The opens up Rich Davis funeral talking about last issue. Oh even house thinking you know John. Stewart did a fine job as the new G. L. O. I mean did he do any worse than how. Okay Touche Gabby. How has way more experience? I mean I was GonNa say John Stewart that at least a good as job towel in late this. Why are they ever picked him? Never fearless too stupid. The no fear. That's a good reason to give somebody. Unlimit will powerless well. Tell talk to the Guardians I would only at late. Oh speaking of which. Yeah I mean. We talked about this case but green lantern season to number one. I like it like you said there. I think they put the leash on a on a cliche the Little Red Sports car. You're going fast. You can't tell me different bro. This is happening. Wants to go home. WE SEE. Bruce Gordon quitting because you know eclipses gone. So why do we need Bruce Gordon exactly so yeah so I Guess Hal and Carol like they're kind of living together but knocks at the duplex? Now that the dream right there to say who is this year. Oh we can steer the communal spaces otherwise I don't WanNa see you wham Bam Bam Bam the go back to your side I'm watching. Tv only risk do. Oh my Lord. I had like this This fantasy just like you know all of us. Our whole our whole case alluded takes team which is like how big compound you know. Everyone gets every family. Get thrown wing and then Lakers like a big communal. Tv Room in the middle kitchen hero for the you know the flights are going to start. I wanted to watch Beau. Jack wanted the long. I wanted to watch the flash. Were get your little. I don't care about Belkin in the winter. Soldier is your Nice Day. Wonder Ward the deal with this whole like we're kissing it's A. I'm not liking that. But we're kissing her in the predators just like. Yuck and isn't he like a party as part of her or something so she's basically like kissing herself. Both like I would marry myself. Legal only read mainly Mary herself. She's ever had no cabinet over Lafayette Angeles while. Yeah we'LL YOU JON. Stewart charges ringing like went out on patrol. Oh my what I love. How you making Superman holds anyone. Besides Superman telescopic vision postage fine trouble so basically has the ring K starting trouble in a point straight up so we can get the scene from the cover. It's like a little Arrow agreed hero if you will. Oh Hey Superman and green arrow exactly spatial champion. So it looks like they're having trouble joins trying to help them and ends up like damaging the shuttle while now I guess challenger was what eighty six. Yeah this is a little too before so yeah suggestions like trying to Lasso in everything in all the astronauts are just like oh come on alone than they get back under control. John's like they did it without me. Who Mckinnon needed in spite of me. Yeah he's going to make sure something like this doesn't happen again so he goes to go fast the guardians love. How is that all about being in a vacuum coming up like I mean I guess you? Now you're new to this. You know your your Green Energy Field. You can breathe. You can probably hear yourself so but yeah he goes. Oh for training the game. Kellogg new given exa bees. Are you ready to get to work? And I was like on what skills will still sure. But then you know Joe Station return so that at and return so there's that exists you do another Greenland and backup which I know you love Sharona forever blowing bubbles. That's the obvious. No one can hear phrasing team all the way to the house. I'll look at this. Look these ads in the back. So this'll why what this Around the same time one of our other episode look. The trial flashes giving 'em Still Horton back when she was called. I'm sorry I'm sorry I don't mean the rub it in for all you ladies of small stature that small you guys are just overgrown aren't just one size. Yep So yes back. Leonard one eighty eight. Yes Steve Englehart writer Pence Ler so third issue. Already on our third This Week Yeah. So they were having trouble keeping a or what what? Nobody when the work with the Black Guy. Ira No were they juggling stuff because cranes should I know that's probably what it was but look suspicious. Alvin insane but I love this cover. 'cause it's such a thing of its time. He can't do that. He Kit Reveals Identity Allen. Were says different. Lorde the title this because you know we get twenty young doing a report. In the beginning the title decent exposure yes cosies revealed his identity because twenties like greenlanders architect from Detroit named John Stewart. Oh My Lord. Lilith locked page three. They're continuing the trend. Look who were they talking to about it? Superman Green someplace get paid. The Megan chapels a page to their basically. Go the like flashbacks. The wind up joint Stewart was basically just house backup. Even though he didn't wear a mask at that time no one knew who he was. Nobody you know just the Black Guy. No one's GonNa no ward and we may never know what happened to the old gio ward. How Jordan and all that trouble? I went through to keep a secret trusting newly you and Tom in the non super world. Sean never cared. Yeah he's worn onto that ring man because even how you know carols let will at least your identity let you retire then but then how gets a call from all over Queen? She never told going to John. The we canary to stand in the background. We need Fishnets and BOOBS WHO YOU GONNA Call Command Sultana. Yes to use her more like seriously told you. Constantine as Tanna team I would die a kiss. The canary for me sounds very House never happy unless he thinks he screwed up. And the Damn Care Affairs. Who's done it them? I didn't is not a lack Lord the Predators going to shell up as caroline how ready to get down. The Predator shows up in the fact is convenient speaking of convenient plot point. Yet Tony's Bob Broadcast is gone so so well. They want her on the West Coast for PRA correspondence. So out of the way Kenneth. So yeah. John's identities out there. The count was asking him. Why do you wear the mask? He's like all those part of the green lantern. How fins get just like. Just say one thing. Isn't it weird that you know? She uses a ring appear black. It's just like you know I mean I get. She wants the blend in coming in. 'cause you know you take a look at our than the year that he's like. Well I think too. It's right I think she wanted to look like John. I think that was like our first hint that hey something may be going on between these two again again. It's eighty Katrina and again and again we'll it's eighty five so she made herself whites era like looking at interracial couple. She did move into his apartment. I guess you're right. I get the news. Apartment Ito Right now there's romantic finger cheap and like Oh yama sister. She starts that crap with Carol. She's a Yeah. We had a sexual relationship off. That's why he left the coerce overseas. Like I love it. She's better I love all. Yeah 'cause we think we said that last time it's like yeah. He told you know she was in love with someone and he told her. Oh no you got to put duty over low but then how you know are we. I know she puts a big kiss on him. John Comes Office smart in this issue. Like he is in his brains to defeat Sonar. I think that that was really important. Finally agree with brains instead of you know brains Brom finally. Yeah let's overpower them. How Jordan but then yeah carols asking how what that was all about. He's like she's another green lantern. That's telling us it. Any better is proven the point you know but yeah that's when sonar of Madurai shows up. John Takes the fight him. I like this artwork. Honestly though it's more like stockton at this yeah yes. It's very yeah. It's very of its time. Legit house on the ground just thinking no get includes Sonic Gun Keys. Mr Smart Exactly Bright Green Lantern. This this this This cost was kind cool though I do like it new sonar. Yeah very fancy void. Superman Superman had a fetish from Napoleon. But Yeah I just love God like John told me not to do anything not the blower cover and he was like. He's like yeah. Can you just like without a look into you know? Hit Him with both with sound waves and like upset. His Powell Yet but I. I don't have a green lantern ring that flashes like actually. Eli Gold though. I don't think they ever made the winner won in the in the Lake Gold seekers or whatever. I got a bunch of plastic ones but big plastic the only plastic on that I kinda had. It wasn't really that plastic with that region that was pretty solidly made. I like I don't wear them. I would like a real green lantern and flash ring any more thirty Green Landon. Lanner are super plastic. Yes they make lava lamp or something. Come on these each emerged. The parliament together don't want a couple years ago where it's like. I don't know what the ring was made up. Well when you stuck it to the battery. The battery lit up the like. You saw Big Bang theory worsted. Wrong wide So Green Lantern. One Eighty nine so North Bac. One meal rack up in the last issue. All that data backup where the one model doesn't socialize was actually pretty funny ads on your planet. How much sexualizing can you do? So Yeah Stylus like doc obliterated by the way Yuck has joining cap on sonar and his gang blindside and who's the other Guy Its relationship drama is a bit much for supposed to be training. But you know then Hal and Carol trying to track down the Predator GonNa work or guy. I think it's GonNa work out trying to track down the Predator Girl Jesse Ventura style enemy buddy. Ed How's Greenland say? She's so infuriating. Sometimes and that's part of what I love in her that that's not a healthy relationship detail that she makes me so mad and that's what I love about her love the angry. Santa's break your get back on with a porn blocked landlord Makara let searches house. Can't that's against the law so's assaulting I know have been we add breaking news that But then after what sonar and his guys get away we see John and kappa. Here let's go back to my place in recharge your rings article. Wow Wow no we could we could. We could both use my lancing. Oh use a half back in college come. Then you know I recite noth. But Lemme hear yours as we drink the emerald. We'll tell president her life. Midori Incredible Hulk sign. What is a pop quiz? Likely you did ask me. I've given her gusts and then an interlude. Because I'm sure most people thought the Mr Mr Smith was the Predator but then we see him report to the Predator so campy Mr Smith executive like Mel We see sooners guys like in a mansion or something. Oh boy this is our boy a homestead link to hell end of Thank God oh what about foreshadowing? Hal and Carol go visit Guy Gardner. Yeah basically coasts for now. What yeah we see John. On account of plating sonar in his men again yet action. Oh my Lord gives camera heart attack back off lantern. I used my power up. Her heart guys out here. Looking Lake frigging analysts in frigging journal had a baby I love. It's like leave or will kill her. So jaunt takes off pulls a flash man comes around the other side of the earth. Man Burn their retinas permanent. It is I hate Debbie. What's happening okay Random kids on a rollercoaster that we get the first cast to train him. A trading going really good. That is one hell of a kiss though because she said on her plant. They usually don't mean nothing they hadn't kissed by him. That's all black inappropriate. Just reading your all your friends blogs again. This is why you bury them in the backyard so far. What did you think of these issues? These issues solid beef I just I do feel a little bit of the inconsistency of the instability of writers though. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Very artwork especially on the last issue. I like that softer book. The a lot more yeah again I think I feel a great and everything but yet just was very on how to much like jumping around. I just WANNA focus on if you focus on John. Bogus on arm. Yeah we'RE GONNA make John Stewart Green Lantern. Make them green lantern and they. They would just kind of afraid too late. They made such a bold choice to focus on the black during landed. They were like well just in case we keep keep how around for a little bit beyond now. I mean yeah I mean yeah. The around time ruin rudy was iron man. I think they focused on him. More than Tony's the you know there was way more him than Tony. Stark own. More personal connection John I you know a little bit different. In that instance. Anything else on these. We're good yes so join us next time next week. Ironman Twenty Twenty yes. Big Iron Iron Man. Oh yes definitely taught me. One might copyrighted quicker. Okay all right so yes. The senator thoughts can be big ironman month next law next month. Send Your Thoughts Cape Some lunatics at Jimoh DOT COM? Call The voicemails six one. Four three eight two two seven three seven six one four thirty A. Capes and remember to follow us on social media can find it all all in one convenient place. That's linked tree L. A. N. K. TR DOT ee slash keeps lunatics. Anwr sport the sponsor support the sponsors tweaked audio hunter killer pod life the book in digital amp paperback. Go get that on Amazon and use the Southgate Media Group link right in the show notes to bring you all to bring while bringing the company money to bring you such products as comic capers and all of our find caves in cages capes amp lunatic says `Love Hellfire hang on the on the Web. Still free to find me on twitter at Hellfire or on Instagram at local fire. Sixty nine travel a sorry. Hello Megan Anyway. Thank you for joining us. Hope you enjoyed this trip. In the past Jon Stewart let us know somebody said they wanted to fix maybe on a Justice League unlimited all right right in l. us.

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