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ATP Finals Day 3 - Thiem Downs Djokovic In Classic; Andy Murray Interview!


Hi I'm John McEnroe's board. This is Martina Navratilova. I'm mats wilander. I'm Sandra Wanka Enlighten Hewitt. I'm Marie and you're listening to the tennis podcast four. We've just seen the best tennis match. The O two arena has ever seen in my opinion. Catherine Whitaker is looking at me with wide eyes at that pronouncement. Because because we've just seen dominic team takeout Novak Djokovic in a thriller of two hours forty six minutes and team is into the semifinals for the the first time in his whole life and he collapsed on his back in celebration at the end. Matt Roberts is here and I'm delighted to say formerly the Telegraph our partners and now of the athletic. Do you remember Charlie Ankle share. Well he's back. Hello Charlie had a David so you come one night it and you get that. I know it's they knew trying to suck me back in. It was great. Yeah definitely the best match. I've watched the O.. Two told you. Yeah but I didn't see that every federal one which I would guess would be. The main combat had the great privilege of experiencing on his first ever trip to the year Marina del Semifinal. Murray row niche. I'm not on the today's tonight's match was the longest since right. Murray manage in twenty sixteen which was three hours and thirty eight. You're yeah three-set match. Who's that Murray manage? 2016 save me and my replayed Nishikori and that was yeah. It's about three hours as well. Yeah Wow and then he's he's hit died talking about Murray. This was so good I forgot to tell you that Andy on this podcast. In about often times they keep listening so fast forward. This bits good too. We know that we've got into anti-american up all right okay right so this match was if somebody gave me an option of the type of match I wanted to see tonight it would be exactly what we got because it was dominate team deciding deciding. I'VE GOTTA go red line. Health leather the whole match and Novak Djokovic. Just saying I'm not going anywhere. And and they just went toe to toe for two to forty five minutes. I think I mean briefly to sum up the match which one the first on a tiebreak team then and that was after team at being redlining it and then He. I still don't know how they do this. He's stomach that lost. I set of an hour and six minutes when racing. Enough to three love lead in the second-set levels of match I can't even remember what happened in the third salvo and I was commentating on antidote. Remember what happened. Tell me what happened. Would you remember years ago when when Jovic played team and it was almost a mirror. Image team won the first set in the tie-break and then I mean games. Yeah once it was rather more one sided from from there on out but yeah in that match. He failed to recover from the letdown after winning tie-break so say the facts that he was sort of better able to mentally regret. Today after losing the tie-break I I mean we were watching it together Catherine and after that first set which apparently is the recipe for great tennis match. Do that this. That's great yes. It was tremendous seats. Yeah we had chips chips. I never get chips. But we've assigned run at the prime media. Runaways offering matt refreshments. You have a runner. I I did the same thing about robots allowed to leave the studio of fourteen hours a day. BBC Radio Philip of our water bottle from the town. Whether in well anyway didn't think with that team because my went back to that match from two thousand sixteen it must have been nice just a completely different beast now it back then he was the kind of player who when he wanna say against someone like Jackovitch. You did suspect that might be as good as it got today. He's John I'm here. I'm on your level and I'm not afraid and he really stepped up and I thought it was just so impressed and and that was exactly what we were saying. We said this can go one of two ways. Now he could be. He could channel his inner demons for and I fall away in the second set or we can channel is in the Dow and get stronger. Got As much more pertinently. His innovative Rinca because short-covering as diesel like to take AAC my analysis to make it stand stands like his big brother isn't he like makes sense. Yeah and similar level. They cited similar star. Tennis and Reverend goes been the one who's always troubled Djokovic in the slams and you could have mentioned team stepping into it's not role. He's been twice the French Open yet. I must be gone that because of a c one was discerned that kind of extraordinary wind assisted match and then the other was when the judge mortis tanked in the final set. This was even. I think this is even more exciting than that French Open match. There wasn't that sort of wind distraction. Yeah that friendship and match on paper looked thrilling. That I don't remember I mean. It was intriguing ordeal without not much on that occasion as well team serve for the match and if I remember right he was forty fifty up and just got broken in the blink of an eye lost the next four points where having had those much points and then one on that kind of remind me tonight. He went into the match. Didn't do it and again you can. We'll that's that played the worst three points. He played all matched to start. The final set. Tiebreak missed easy volley a double foul and another Mr Connelly. And you're thinking channeling is in a demonstration. Can we rewind just the little bit was it the penultimate point this second set was as good. It's entered the top ten tennis moments. Live live watching moment basically when Jackovich's and that sort of retrieving mode doesn't matter who you you are. You have to hit more than one winner point. He had to hit three winners. I think he I think even when he went full on back and Missile it came back onto his toes on the baseline and so rather than stepping back. He just swiped awfully four hundred down the line and I can't. I don't remember seeing at the crowd reaction quite like it just a combination of joy but utter disbelief saying definitely never. I've seen dominic team reaction quite like it. He suddenly became the incredible hulk. Here's waving the arms stoking up the crowd. He is the most mild mild mannered. Sort of child man you lever. You'll ever see I mean eve- even by the time he was speaking to Annabel Croft often the post-match interview which was sort of moments after this incredibly emotional Herculean effort he reverted to being this Showing all shy in the corner as same pre pump. Now I thought like he much more so than there are a few points which year he really loud almost quite guttural almost like in a kind of Vava rinker kind of way and it was. It was great to see that because he he normally shows emotionally just annoyed loyd himself he's one of those things set such standards. You know you'll see him react. When he misses shortly thinks he should make Catherine's Afri- I first nations? What does he say conduct rewind on the I'm GONNA pay again the the thing about how he was letting out a lot that to me is is part of the change here? He doesn't doesn't get into that deciding set and he's still bring in and Jock itch was bringing it. That was one of the great sets of the year it was and and he's thinking about backup that Federer Win John. which would he ever done? That would have beaten big three back to back. Thank you so anyone does that So I mean it feels like a statement ahead of next year and how. How often do people make famous statement severity but to me his tennis so sustainable stain? -Able like we've seen team play flashes of the most amazing tennis. You can imagine hitting winners Galore with such power Woah blowing off the core. But he might just do it in bursts but he did this the whole match he was just on it relentlessly loosely hitting the ball hard against Jackovitch. who was his best self tonight? And I'm not sure we've seen that from team Kim before even the match against Dr at the. US Open which was five sets. He had a couple of sets in there where his level really dropped. And that's why it was such match but his level did not drop tonight and we talk about his best. Tennis is being tennis. That makes you go SP or hearing fifteen thousand people collectively goes mid meteorology is really quite something that and that's what I remember from various matches against rinker that jockey riches hammer remember one the head. The Australian Open the first time that the rinker did what team did tonight and take him on and just rip winners and and take total racket out of his hand. Really there's a video on youtube and its finance the compensating and he's just laughing in the middle of in the middle of the point because the shots swastikas coming out with. And it's the same with team we were kind of living the match. Dominic teen fanatic in the in the row in front of us and I think when any support team you have to be prepared for highs and lows because there's a lot of stuff that takes your breath away and there's a lot of stuff we think. Oh why if you down that dominated slicing you back slightly reigned in you know on that point. I mean just to get an idea of how tense it was out there. I think I think I'm right in saying that twice. Got Two points away from victory before team held on and then he had chance to serve for the match you. There was a point at which would have taken him to match point. When team had four hundred was called out who that point it looks jock which had a match point then? It was overruled at challenged Hawke. showed it to be good another amazing moment of tension and the other Hawkeye was on teams first match point. It had an ace and he really didn't discuss is how much he wanted it to be over then usually a play with do a Polka face and sort give joy to try and give up for facial expression that says. I didn't need this to be in. I've got this even if I if I had a second serve. His face said if this is very loving take that point win on the jock rich we we only to recreate exactly the same conditions from tonight on Thursday for Federal Jock. Vich already have to come back and I need to sit together chips and David Been Five. Oh I've come and she'd be for two and a half hours very important about that as well as the beauty of this result actually sets up the rest of the tournament much much better. Because now we've got a federal of its showdown knock knock out a sanctioning standards and number one situation is interesting again. I can't don't get my head around it but I know it's interesting if you get. If Nidal needs to win Tim O.. Matches now thank goodness Catherine's not only to win. Two more matches Jing did win those two in the group he would just mic drop and Lee Abdominal Muscle. Courtesy say we'll see you later splendid. There was another match today. So Yeah basie. ICT Miss Through. He's GonNa play dead rubber against Matteo Bertini. WHO's out in case anyone? It's not going to be much Matteo. Bertini eighteen e seemed show before it was sure we had him in the primary studio after his match and he was already talking about this off. Season plans yeah. He seems like a Nice Chap Disney delightful chap who survey three straight afternoon sessions which feels like a bit of a slap in the face three times on BBC and an afternoon session against Hetero exactly so he's had his experience and now he's going to go home but he was beaten in straight-sets what what was federal out today. I thought not that great in all honesty mistake. Bertini hasn't been good as I think. The culture too quick for him. It's been quite an overwhelming experience I mean he's he's the first of that I think he's loved the experience but he's he's pretty overawed by the whole thing he looks. He's literally exposed in the Movement Department and on his on his backhand side and he's talked about that hasn't he said that he when he came out against Jovic on Sunday. They said we've got to get better. I want to get better and they already started talking about the off season so I think thirteen was good today and and federal didn't need to be that good to beat him and wasn't it was an improvement in the serving department on Sunday. Not of the ground in my. He's going to need to get better Thursday or he just needs all of us to be there to make sure it says we're not gonNA have Charles Olive next time we're GONNA win. That one Charlie Djokovic Federer Journalists GonNa take him yeah I think he'll yeah I don't think seen enough of federate suggest don't don't quit played really well today. He lost the match but he was a really good level. Anyone else. He's winning that he dumped off the course job. Ashby didn't wave or in a how how rarely in his career can he feel like. He's played his eight. Nine hundred match and lost doesn't happen if chocolate. Quick as well. He wins almost what would have happened at that gun. Five question countries look at small too much did have a different cadence to it. If both plays nude it was the best of five. Yeah right match. I didn't you can apply that you can't get to the end of the best of three match and go by the away chaps play on for another tea. Cairns appalled Matt's laughing at me so David that when he played me I thought about buying another one. I didn't win. The uh-huh Louvers is Roberts. They weren't coming to all. I say that I I think the facts are pretty clear on that. Federal needs to up his game considerably to even make it a contest. I think but equally we were saying when those big three plates each other they tend to play well against each other. They do tend to up their game if they've been amid scratchy there on them so I do think federal world come out. Playing badly has done in his first two matches. But I agree with Charlie. I think Jackovich's level is is higher at the moment. Incidentally the reason why the it the pendulum is swung so much on the the year. End Number One thing is that you get a get an undefeated bonus. He's not just lost the two hundred two points for that he would have gained for this match. She will get a bonus off some some point some leave. The necessary would have made a difference. It's actually it's actually really quite significant. Okay is there anything else. Anybody wants to say about. Tonight's TYPIC- before we get onto Andy Mark Nut. Okay Matt. Not no I mean just that. We implore implore these players so often to deliver against the likes of Djokovic Federer and the Dell and how many times have we been pretty disappointed by performance elements from one of them so if it was right that we just law dominic team as we have been producing what he did tonight because laws law domestic competition. Titian as well tonight because nine thousand nine hundred twenty straight-sets matches and then we were coming. Do we think I mean oversee. Let them enjoy the moment. Does that do anything for how we think he will do. It grandsons next year. Does offer the field as there's a whole you know does that give them confidence or is it just still this best of three versus best in the field him you think. Just say I think he's a different animal and he he's been trending Edwards for so long now. This is like another step. Another level is gone out tonight. He's going to get to at least Grand Slam semi uh on something other than clay next year. And I'M GONNA go for grandson final something other than clay grass cool. Yeah so how might be might be grass. I mean leakage. Cuba reached a final last year. I think he hasn't done non-clay semifinal has the team knows best is courters get the the Dow visit is not good enough dominic. Now he's under one in the. US Open this. He would want to mention that. I'm sure do something I hadn't really realized when I think my semi Shelly said his game is so much better now. And it's come on so much of this year was was like next year. His first go the quote slams with his new game his slice back. I was working well today because it was a mixture jockusch. Didn't know what was coming next it. If he got stretched out wide. He didn't panic. He got himself back in the rally and waited until he had a chance to pull the trigger. Catherine does I think I need that much but didn't need to just diffuses it neutralizes. It keeps going until he can go back. Yeah Catherine convinced feet of the ground into our Piguet where possible of feet off the ground single-handed back on winners stroke yet. See Why all right okay. Well there's enough highlights for Catherine to have our own personal real dominant team from the night. So Andy Murray was at his cat store shopping outlet that that is just opened in kings road in Chelsea launching his new clothing line preview. Tomorrow's much is what we'll do that after. Okay we're talking because Andy Murray was in attendance at this shopping out in King Tro Castell Which is new clothing clothing label and he had his new logo on show which was a. m. c. i. confidently saying Kastoria for the last just twelve months? been getting that stories. Okay so maybe everybody knows. Based on any work. In in a custodial short I think I used it first and your copied and we were all getting it wrong is is what I'm yeah. I feel like like I've heard custodial right right. Well we'll check that affects But it looks nice cool. Yeah so gone. I will look at it if you see Mary's new clothing line. It's it's really nice very nice. I hope some of it is available in swept wing fabrics Friendy say oh I'm sure it is. Anyway he was. He was very jolly spirits. You can have listened to what he said to the assembled medium meteoroid which I was one because he's a new dad again time in four years and the first question was about that has it. Yeah it's been good. Yeah just it's just busy with got three three kids under for now to dog so keep an eye on all the time name but yeah it's been it's been been good sleeping fine and everyone's healthy teddy. No middle name is when my my middle name in which she loved the name. But my dad's middle names Baron his dad was my granddad. So yeah cap that Teddy. No my wife liked that. So yeah this time runs being really good actually first time when we went from one to two that was the first week or so it was a bit more. I don't know what I guess. A bit of jealousy and stuff but this time round. They've they've been brilliant. It's been good. Yeah exactly I hope not only when you travel and go on expanding changed the dynamic if anything it also. Yeah I I've actually I guess in the last probably in the last year or so when when we traveled originally with I also selfishly like it was something that I really wanted to around my daughter as much as possible but actually after the after we went to Ustralia the first time with are actually lost. Lost the the Of It was a really long trip and went home earlier than expected and for the first week aid as you know has been particularly likes also trying to wake up in the middle of the day and she's completely out of the So yeah decided that they wouldn't be doing any long-haul trips anymore because it's better for them so you know it's something that you have to factor in like when I'm looking scheduling and planning even for for next year. Also my offseason light. You know how much time to spend away from whole narrative so it's definitely something something that a lot more aware of now and we'll be factoring into any decisions that I make with her tennis Something something I I mean I think short haul light definitely lake and in and around Europe occasionally but you know some might tosses at school. Just now. She's she's she's really happy there I think it's fair to don't stop pulling her around everywhere one you know. She's she's happy and settled like a home. Just so they'll definitely come from time to time around your long-haul don't think so I remember you send us your children seeing you play. Does that apply to make keep going an extra fee basis. I don't don't know when we'll stop So yeah I mean I guess like no as well like after the last couple of years and stuff it. It'd be nice if the but it's not. Aw Isn't the priority for me. You know I guess a lot of that stuff is kind of you know selfishly. I would like to watch some for me to play ultimately. It's not actually see that important. So yeah I mean hopefully I can get a few more years my my body and see what happens after that to watch the final because they really have never really had a chance to see you you know being so happy winning titles in tennis court I think they were having dinner at Wykeham. Momma's gotTA shooting the final. They were watching the. They've seen me on the tennis court like on TV and stuff recently over the last couple of months but Yeah I'm not sure. They got the patience to to sit and watch a tennis match. How did you how did you body sort of from top off tonight so the big exertion four weeks Did did you take complete sort of rest of. Yeah I took I didn't do anything for like twelve days. Nothing called semi the heaviest weight I've been in my my career probably as well so My elbow was pretty sore afterwards so needs to take a break because of that As well obviously baby came Came to sort of five six days after we got back from Antwerp so But yeah overall it was pretty good in terms of how how the body fell. Just just a how this this problem with my elbow Which starts it in in Asia is quite an injury? Don't know exactly how I go to Yeah that seems to be seems to be getting better now weighing up being to Miami for treating Glaucoma or do you think that everything. Yeah I I think I'm going to go just not for that long. I think going to do by twelve to fourteen days there so from like Like the V six December twentieth of December and then coming home and spending Five six days. We're actually she going up to Scotland for Christmas And then I'll head over to I think leaving on the twenty seventh So yeah whereas usually usually I would have gone probably three to four weeks Yeah just reducing a little bit and spend a little bit more time over Christmas as well. It should be nice in terms of five-set matches Australia. And you've playing vice it might potentially replaying number five segment in a row so that that's the thing. I don't know exactly how that I'll be. I'm actually not worried from the hips perspective. Because I've todd zero issues with it so far so I don't. I don't anticipate that you know playing an extra forty five minutes or an hour. We'll we'll be bad for my you know the rest of my body dehy- that responds. I'll see when when my physio is always been more positive about me playing grand on slams and playing a term where you play five days in a row. He loves the fact that there's a day off to rest and recover. Your body gets a chance to yeah. She rest up before the next match was sometimes they can enter up. You know what you're playing back to back days or the there's no. There's no chance to to do that so so I guess we'll see response when I'm over there but also you know I wouldn't be on -ticipant and I'd be playing seven best two five-set that matches their like maybe previously would have been my my expectation. Is He puts on weight. Arthur anchovies that just by not training. Did you treat yourself pick out all so so. It was evenings with the issue because when the newborns being going to bed at like seven he's like sleeping keeping for like a three hour period and my wife would sleep upstairs and get like Oh period of good sleep sleep and before the baby would wake up not be on my own downstairs and just chocolate biscuits and stuff and then there was Halloween and I had my second. Second Daughter's birthday party was in the Then also my sister in law had birthday. So's does lots of just cake and John can no trainings. Not Good not good combination. I was eight and a half kilos kilos normally eighty four off-season in a in a way. Yes we pretty much going after it from here. I'm going to take probably five or six days off after Davis and then I'll I'll train probably get three weeks training and Three weeks training and from the beginning of December through the twenty first twenty second. And then I'll have a little break again there But that's something that I'm doing quite differently. Like intensive days off for computers as off in a row which I wouldn't have done beforehand so in the I'm starting to try and do a bit more but because I'm doing a no need to watch a bit betta finishing off I actually don't dogs normally. We got them dogs normally get them. How much are you looking forward to Davis Company in the Eagles stuff at home with his same? I'm feeling that you've had before the day toys. I'm I'm I'm excited and intrigued to see what is going to be like. And then you fall in that. I'm GonNa miss the atmosphere because I I don't think the atmosphere is going to be the same as what it is and even you know in the away ties the I played. The atmosphere is tough. But the atmosphere's like when I finished playing like you I remember remember Belgian final and when I play my first Davis Cup in Israel and stuff like that. So I'm GonNa miss that but I love being around the team and being around all the players and I'm excited to see what the new format looks like and I hope the atmosphere is brilliant. That's just my one concern about the. I'm not sure how that's going to be but from what I hear here. We sold a lot tickets. And we're going to have quite decent fan base over there. But then. How does that work if we get through to this quarterfinals who the WHO has tickets for that late? How many people have come over for Wednesday Thursday? How many of them can stay? You know. So we'll we'll see but it'll be interesting to see how it goes NAS mission team imitates and I mean Genuine hadn't given any. I thought in terms of the big like grip stages. I think we've got a good chance in the groups I think You know on paper might look like we have the strongest team but like Kazakhstan of two very good singles players around fifty in the world. You on play well and then Holland of God really strong doubles and Robin Hasse. Who's been struggling singles wise this year? But you you know he he can play well. He's really talented guy. So I think we can get through the groups if everyone performs and plays well. But it's not you know it's not not Gimme and for us because you know there's some some good combinations there in terms of Kazakhstan singles and doubles so we'll need to wanting to play well to to get through talk twelve months from now and what you think you would regard as success between now and then I mean I know birth. Probably not the answer that you'd be looking for I would want to be healthy That's what I would want. You know like I think over the last six months or so definitely last six to nine months like you realize is like what really is important and like the reason you remember like why I started playing tennis in the first place and what the reasons for that were and you know. I played tennis when I was a kid through. You know obviously all my professional career And I I played it because I really love tennis and I really enjoyed playing and being healthy allows me to to do that. And it's nice being able to win competitions and having a high ranking and stuff that's that's Great Basha the the the reason why is because I love and I need to try and remember that. So if I'm therapy in the world or seventy in the world like if I'm still enjoying an enjoying the preparations in and the training and all of that stuff feel competitive than you know to be successful me but I need to remember that. Sometimes it's difficult when you start playing competing and losing matches and you really WanNa do better so that would be successful. I could stay dave stay healthy and hopefully stay stay on the court home as it was before No look I think I can. I think my body's showed that I'm going to be able to do that. They'll be able to to play a high level so and that's where I just need to be smart with my scheduling and the amount of tournaments that I play and also like being a little bit. You know the beginning of the year reactive in terms of like you know if I plan on playing three tournaments. Let's say in the first couple of months of the year but only win one match in each tournaments will could add a tournament but if I end up doing with old and maybe I'd play tournament less which in the past past. I wouldn't have done that. I would've had my schedule and it would have been late right. I have to play in Indian Wells and Miami because that's what the tourist says and you know they're mandatory events and you must play them whereas I'm not going to be not going to be looking at my schedule and my tournament year like that at all anymore quite differently for the WHO can visit us a subject close to my hawk racing. Komo pass an alternate make you fear retirement and think Oh. This could be my life after tennis when I'm not driven when you sit in their you'll probably to kill me for saying this but we'd always said I don't want to end up. What happened with an compare that I knew papers I know is from tomorrow because he was obviously when he was playing he? was you know great shape and very thin and then obviously when he stopped take things went so yeah. It's a knit avoid that so there's only Murray talking to US lot in the in the shop. Nobody got free stuff. And that's why we failed to clarify exactly exactly how to pronounce the name of the reward. He sounds in good spirits. Isn't he sounds he sounded really chirpy and So looking good. I can't really believe like the idea of him still being professional tennis player. Just mad isn't it. When you actually something about that about is through? Imagine I mean he had like fellow innovation. He went to saint did. Yeah Oh there is amazing. How'd you I asked him about the success story? Deny about twelve months from now what what would success be. And what do you think success would be finally bury takeaway. Obviously yes we. He wants to be healthier totally get that from his perspective. What do you really mystically think? We're going to be looking at from any twelve times fitness. I think yeah he's looking at the slams uh-huh I think if next year he got a quarterfinal that will be a really fantastic result. I think anything beyond not as optimistic. It's not impossible because it sounded Murray but I to me that seems about the level that I find it absolutely absolutely fascinating. The way he said his trainer matlet little thinks that he will be better suited now two grand slams than he would tour events because he's playing every other day rather than every day so the best of five-set element is less of a concern than the every day and how amazing to hear him use the words and concerned about the hip as he did in that door discussion. You know he's confident that the hip will hold. Its getting his strength back getting all the other other factors of his fitness back. That is the bit of the unknown but to just to hear him. Say those words where he's probably not stop thinking about the hit for three years the fact that it's no longer even a consideration really when he steps on cold completely remarkable. I'm still slightly concerned. End About things like the elbow and stuff like that. How much where tear on the rest of the bodies compensator injury? We won't know that of course until he starts playing but it's nice in him looking just such good spirits and look in Ford's and now yeah. He's he doesn't need to do he's. He's got his documentary coming out. which will chronicle exactly what he's been through but basically he is proper tennis-star again? I mean what would probably be ashamed open third round. I mean obviously it depends on his drawer to be unseated. There'd be no you can really be disappointed could do. I think it'd be really difficult within this all about the dress. She called me. This is draw and we ended up game. That's not too bad up. Yep I would be disappointed in the second yeah. I agree with the goodyear behind say fourth round. He plays Novak Djokovic. I Yeah I mean it's possible right. You're going to be yeah. We'd give them a free party. Will that that practice Matt. Yeah Yeah that one you witnessed Oh dear so somber. Yeah it was hideous. I hope horrible chocolate is well interesting. Interesting counterfactual because I think if he hadn't played I think the only thing that forced him to go so public with everything that's going on with because he played that much different at seen it like he was able to hide all all of that uniquely. Australian isn't it no matter. Is these practice matches. Yeah it is one of the great unknowns of this year. Why He? He agreed to do that. Match that practice match opinion is our it was so public. Don't you think it's classic Murray though almost just flocking himself itself publicly just to find out where I am. I'm not GonNa just do it against some any old person I think possibly subconscious telling him and that he needed a reality check. Yeah that's what I want. Oh yeah almost unique. You just need to come out and yeah hit. Rock Bolton Bolton just go publicists documentary I also really liked tomorrow. His Attitude Institute to the Davis Cup in that we just heard how many people we've heard completely writing off before it's even started a Murray with sexual wise voices sang that there are concerns about it but I'm equally. I'm really excited to play. I WANNA give chance and I thought that was really quite refreshing thing and thank goodness. Mary's back to say smart things. Yeah it's very twenty nineteen. Isn't it that everyone just feels compelled to take elaine commit to it. Stridently with imperfect knowledge of checked on the ticket sales by the way after because he he was wondering what happens after the group phases. And they've they've said that there will be tickets put aside for the nations. Sounds that that actually get through so that they have their chance to to get some and as things stand the semi finals and final are selling well over seventy five percent and at the moment which which is not as pleasing so. Hopefully we'll be ridiculed crowd in Madrid the other talking talking about that. We didn't get a chance to cover last night because we were on air at the time and the tennis podcast. When rounded out came into his press conference was the exchange? You had with Ugalde Scana. Kinda gotta the Italian journalist who guest this guest room. Football thing isn't quite an equivalent in the last of the English language questions Ugalde. Who who is somebody? Who has these this long winded way of asking questions and he goes all sorts of different routes and never completely sure which way he's going to go but does end up often fun getting quite interesting answers in almost in spite of himself but but but but he does often answers that we end up using he said something? I didn't quite understand it but but he was kind of questioning. Whether Nadal's poor performance might be due to being distracted by having got married last week and you build a jumped on on social media reaction was to call it bullshit bullshit question and let me go to Spanish now. Let's Mussa question. Thank you very much from a a journalistic perspective Charlie. I saw Steve Fraser from the Times. She said he thought it was a perfectly legitimate question. What did you think it's one of those? I mean if I were thinking about asking that question. I'd be very wary and I would think there's a decent chance I'm GONNA get get shut down here. He might have thought. There's a chance I'll get a good answer and if I do that's a really good story. it's obviously it can feel a bit inappropriate or whatever I just kind of think you can ask the question but then it's also fair enough enough doubt to slap it down like I kind of in a way. I just think we don't even have to make anyone the bad guys just. He's asked a question and he's got a response and and kind of move on and you know he he probably I don't know I don't really know what he was expecting. The Dow to say you know. Ah Yes you're right. I was dropping short because fifty And and my wife is here but like I would say for me. The admin of getting married beforehand is far more distracting. I show slaving over seating plans and flowers but like you know man is stressful time. Consuming getting married in the aftermath nots among just showed up in a seat Redman is a new word learning all sorts. What do you both think I think it was bullshit question? I think that sometimes Bouche questions get good quotes so and a and a lot of journalists prepared to to take the hits of getting a getting a chastening response in order to get the get quotes and and sometimes we pray grateful for them. And that's great. But I do. Think Bullshit Quest Percy I. I didn't particularly like the question but I have. I don't really have a problem with him asking as like you said as long as he's prepared to get slapped down. I think it's perfectly fair enough. What did and I'm quite pleased? He did it as well because he was quite entertaining. And Yeah All's fair as long as you you take it on the Chin which about incidentally didn't he does do they slap downs really well. No doesn't he won a post fall. It can also be if he'd if he'd said like son of a bitch but they've if curious trained is hard to know if meaningless uh-huh horrifying admission that he doesn't like cheese big if adult press conference unacceptable unacceptable. Well so very quickly. Then the preview of tomorrow what have we got some are hotter. Nuno's doll will right okay. Who went in that? I would say Medvedev I WANNA say method of Matt. Scott his head in his hands it can go onto the next one if these ads verification. Sobat both tough to call tomorrow. I think We don't do my predicts thirteen instead can can I mean sits Pasco a really good record against various. He seems to cause him trouble. So I I think I might go sit surpass Zverev and and Medvedev I think sits pass sits Medvedev. I'M GONNA GONNA give it. I'm going to give him not dull. Does that mean we've all different COMBOS. No think they've done the same. What doesn't happen they say hang we've gotten adul- part from crashing out the tomorrow correct? I only this big. Charlie did the eyebrow. Well we gotta get a picture of that final point I've found out you all right about boomers Catherine Katherine. I'm not one nine hundred and forty six to nine hundred sixty four baby boomer. Yeah it's not me on the dictionary thing that phrase has been around literally literally since nineteen forty six big. Thank you to share in Sheaf who has sent me a link with all sorts of contextual phrases that I didn't understand you're in the say I'm a millennial generation X. Generation Resolution Foundation think-tank defines genetics as those was born between nine hundred. Sixty six thousand nine hundred eighty. They grew up in a time. When technology was advancing fast wasn't nearly as readily available as it is today because of this the generation straddles both she digital and non digital world and understands the importance of both? I am therefore resourceful logical and good problem solver editing out. Let's say everybody born at the years. Nineteen sixty four nine six eighty it properly. That's me folks. What's what what it's all about? Okay Charlie was been ladies. Have you with us on vis-a-vis here and the house athletic. It's going very well. Thank you into my seventh week and very much enjoying it. Good man where we love reading your stuff. We'll have soon you on the tennis podcast. Thank you very much for joining US Castro. No matter we're back tomorrow. We are brought in association with the town of graphic produced by tennis balls DOT COM and Mascot Israel with a why why tomorrow Matt tool of sat together chip matching downfall. It's ever GonNa Happen here the two because that's how we get classics. We'll see you tomorrow.

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