Behind the Scenes of Breaking Money Silence with Emily Tuttle


I'm here with the lovely Kathleen Kingsbury and I'm just. I'm really curious kind of awe about your path in your journey. And how you've come to where you are today and you mentioned to me before that earlier in your career you started in more of a financial banking space and now you're a world traveling renowned bound author and it's. I'm just curious how you kind of moved along along towards thought it. Thank you for asking. It was definitely a crooked journey but when that makes sense since then if I had to kind of if I had to think about one aspect of that's kind of the line through the whole journey was following my passion and when I graduated from college I graduated graduated as a finance major. I was passionate about banking But I was more passionate about people than finance and ended up on the auditing side of the industry. And when you're an auditor. Auditor it's not about the people it's about the numbers and it's about the regulation so I ended up taking some courses in psychology and getting really much more interested in how. Oh people work and analyzing people as opposed to financial books and eventually decided to switch careers into the world of psychology. And while I loved that for about fifteen years is started to really miss the business side so my company K became wealth. Connection is really the connection between the two of everything that. I love about psychology. Everything that I love about finance dance and blending the two together and I think the reason that I'm successful and I get to do what I do and I'm lucky to do what I do is because it comes from the heart and I'm really passionate about it so so that's how I got here. That's wonderful to hear that's really awesome. I'm curious when you you're mixing your interest with the business side of things in the people side of things. Money is a really really hard thing for a lot of people to talk about. How do you get them to kind of be in a in a space where they can open up to you about kind of what their needs are and you can advise them from there one of my superpowers and I don't know how I developed. This was born with it. Is People love to share stuff with me. That's yeah and so I find that because I think it's because I'm open. I tend to be a sharer myself that people tend to let down their guard and and share with me. I also would like to think that having listened to a lot of people and in facilitate a lot of conversations. Whether that's you know at a speaking event or whether that's one on on one or in small groups that. I've developed an ability to not be judgmental but what they're saying and so I create a safe space and so when it comes to talking about money what's interesting thing is in my family. We talked about money a fair amount compared to other families. But we didn't talk about feelings so really. My work is about the emotional aspect of money so being able the say. Hey this isn't just about dollars and sense. This is also how you feel about money how you think about money and so that blend between both what I think is probably my business side and also so my counselor side I think is is where I have a skill in order to help people talk about a taboo topic and you know me well enough to know I like I like being audience talking about taboo thing. That's very true you are so I can speak from experience. You're very easy. It kind of feels like when you're having a conversation like you're you are very open and receptive so oh it's very easy to talk to you about many things I'm curious in your in your journey and in with breaking money silence and every in money myths and everything like that. What do you find is the the number one and it can be from a business standpoint or an emotional standpoint misconception. That people have when they're talking about money tough question as a tough question but it's a good question. I believe the the thing that most people that trips most people up is they feel like they. You have to know everything about how money works in order to talk about it and the truth of the matter is there is no person out there that knows everything about money or or does it perfectly and so I think if we were to talk about it more would realize wow. That person doesn't know that much about money or hey. They made a mistake. I mean I certainly have made mistakes and they learn from it. As opposed to this pressure to think Oh. Emily knows about money. Roger knows about money and that somehow that makes us think everybody else has got it figured out so I have to be quiet about it. That's the biggest roadblock. Yeah that makes sense. I think it's it's really interesting to hear about that from like a millennial L. Perspective honestly because we're taught in traditional education. We're talking very little about money and how to deal with it and I found myself As a twenty six year old person struggling sometimes to figure out how to be a little bit more wise about it. You know you come across that a lot with younger younger people that you speak with. I actually think it gets across. The generations is just what we don't talk about. May Shift and change and with millennials to stereotype a bit. That's okay your generation in which is the largest generation does talk much more openly about many previously taboo topics So I think that makes it different but for some reason money still one that really trips people up. So it's hopefully that will go away with the the next generation we can talk about or just not responsible with. I think she's a natural and I wouldn't you. Will you know me I'm GONNA say.

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