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Kornheiser and I may or may not have been asleep. I'm going to go with nate yeah I'm taking on so I woke up this morning terrified terrified that there was pardon the interruption Mike Wilpon your NASA swept the cardinals won the National League Tony How do you feel watching this dream come true Tony did you can get the P._t._i. podcast on the E._S._p._N.. APP or Apple Paci justice shoutout got it right yeah the Astros right now they have the energy they have the clutch hitting the I mean Tony the what the timely hitting the two out men in scoring position hitting tate's everything that's right but great starting pitching which is different now than it was when we started nationals you've gotta go through seven but they have it you gotta go through stuff you get if you look closely at the nationals if you look at they don't have a tremendous amount of home run power but the top five guys in the lineup who were Turner and eaten and less than Lebron goes quiet but we begin today with The Washington nationals scoring seven runs in the first inning last night on their way to a four-game sweep of the Saint Louis Cardinals and don't and Soto and Kendrick are very formidable and in a world series against an American League Team Four Different Times Kendrick Don have to play the field sorry they give how many hits the first five six or seven innings none hardly on what are you talking about favorite bathing the cubs rejoice when I told you he can be a d. h. so dosier in Cabrera can get some at bats I liked the Nat Salat I'm terrified of the bullpen as you know I'm terrified great it hasn't given up it has one one because Astros Yankees game four has been rained out in New York now all the stupidly breakfast talk is about how both teams will be affected great starting pitching and you were taught this by the great managers and Pitcher you covered that's why we both covered baseball gray starting pitching beats what I want I know I want I feel don't throw last world series in Washington DC nineteen thirty-three you were only in fourth and fifth grade then yeah but I but I issue with three three maybe I don't think he rinky if he's having pitchers grinky might be six he's having trouble right now okay so the nationals are as good why in the world should this matter one iota as long as they're going to baseball I'm GonNa go backwards just a little bit I meant that the three starters Sanchez Sherzer in Strasbourg gave up no one the matt they hit a little bit better I don't think I don't think the Yankees pitches well they don't they hit a little bit better but to be fair I thought the dodgers were a better team than the nationalist and they weren't if seem to recall going with a group of people as birthday party I think you're gonNA PTI boys and girls in today's episode the Astros go up jalen Ramsey goes runs against the story I think the cardinals are against are you making them the favorites you want no no no no no no you do that deliver gangster just four they got rid of Carl's when you have the four starting pitchers the nationals have I understand that Houston may be able to the nationals have is every bit as good as anybody who's been in these playoffs so for people who've watched show

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