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How do you take down criminal network hidden in the shadows? I tell him that. I know that they're the ones who are running the largest child abuse website on the dark net the journalists working to expose the darkest corners of the Internet. That's your playroom for that's your baby's clothes. That's my house. The police ace who hunt down online predators. The environment. They're using no we didn't we didn't make it. They made it hunting. MOORHEAD subscribe wherever you get at your podcasts. This is a CBC DC podcast. Hi I'm Laura Lynch this podcast from the December third edition of the current can't if you can't sustain healthcare and all the multitude of services don't start with another program get that right start by getting that right because there are too many people across this country waiting far too long to get care and we as premiers have to address that issue head on But without a relationship with Ottawa is some sustenance. We're not going to achieve the goals. The Canadians deserve us to achieve. So that's my point Manitoba Premier. Brian Pallister speaking yesterday about the liberal. Government's Pharma Care Proposal. Canada's provincial. Premiers might have different opinions about that plan but yesterday they agreed auto wash should increase healthcare transfers. They shoot several other demands for Justin Trudeau to when they met in Toronto and with the Prime Minister. Handicapped by a minority government and concerns earns about politically fractured country. They're banking on getting a captive audience. In fact the premier's many of them conservative are sounding a lot like the opposition these days while Andrew Scheer Shear leader of the official opposition faces on going questions about his future our national affairs panel is here to discuss all of this. JP tasker is reporter in the CBS's parliamentary bureau. We've reached him in Toronto. Susan delicate is a national columnist and Ottawa. Bureau chief for the Toronto Star. She is in our Ottawa. Studio and and Checchi Curl is executive director of the Angus Reid Institute and she is in our London England studio today. Hello to all of you good. Jp Let's start with you the premier's here's had a laundry list of demands to what stood out for you as the most important. Yeah I mean it's hard not to see this year's meeting as anything but a victory no AETNA victory for from Berta Premium Jason Kenney You know I'm calling it the candy coup because he came up with a plan a plan for fairness for over to any gun all thirteen eighteen provincial territorial leaders to sign on and it really isn't small potatoes stop they've agreed to some big changes to the fiscal stabilization program which it sounds rather dull but it really could be something to help deal with these national unique questions. We've been facing over the last number of months and really what they've all agreed to do. Is pressure off watching boost the payments they give provinces that are going through tough times promises like Albertus Newfoundland Labrador which has seen their budgets have been holed blowing allowing them because of the oil. Price Crater I mean he thinks they've agreed to the premiums also agreed to pressure off a chain bill c sixty nine which hearing a lot about lately to the environmental neck. Liberal government introduced in the last parliament. They all said that there needs to be some change legislation to make them more palatable than the natural resources sector actor that he can get. Projects Built Kenny had both of those at the top of this list and the others went along. Even someone like the John Organ is obviously been against pipeline pointed development. He's agreed to sign on the dotted line with this one after the government to kind weaken or water down its environmental assessment bill. So that's that it's not insignificant and I think the Liberal government has got his marching orders from the dreamers And it's something it carries more weight. I think when they've all agreed to the same principle. Susan Delacour stood out to you. I think yes the call for unity and it should be said that Premieres are never so united as when they're asking auto offer for thing You and I have been covering this longtime Laura and we know that when it comes down to Asking them in to agree with what they should give to the federation rather than get from the federation it becomes a more Conflicted discussion but I to to like J. P. was struck by the tone The idea that they were all going to hang together I it's not insignificant significant to note though to that Christa Freeland the new deputy prime minister and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs was sounding pretty positive after she's been having thing some rather upbeat meetings with some of the premier's and She was trying to keep that tone up when she responded yesterday to or or her spokespeople responded to the premier saying Ottawa listening Ottawa's open. And we'll see that being said I. I did ask the Prime Minister's Office yesterday whether anything happening at the premier's conference yesterday we would see in the throne speech later this week and I said At these they said probably not. Okay Suchy Crow. What do you make of the way? The premiums tried to present a united front. You Know I. It's like this to shut cheese on this. So the less cynical shut she would say that yes. These are areas where the premier can move the ball because they know that they are priorities for government because government knows that these are priorities for Canadian. So what we're consistently the top issues in the federal election campaign health spending in a one in five Canadian. ADA has trouble accessing primary healthcare whether that's finding a doctor or finding themselves on waiting lists for surgery or for other procedures Pharma Care Plan. Dan Huge win in terms of buyin across the political spectrum conservatives many conservatives like it just as much as those on the left of center and you you know despite JP talks about the coup for Kenny the idea that L. Berta particularly and the western provinces albertans sketch catch. One have been in need of relief in need of recalibration on the equalization front on the economic front is not a new message. So I'm not tremendously surprised to see movement on that now cynical Shijie says that. It's really easy for premieres to come together and present a so called United Front Front and put the onus on Ottawa and really put the ball back in their court. When you're dealing with low hanging fruit you know? The the premiums did not come together to talk about interprovincial provincial trade barriers or labor mobility or sharing delivery of health and education or indeed the carbon tax because those would have been much more fractious conversations right so they knew how to present the United Front. JP just wonder It was called this meeting And he also chaired the meeting and tried to look like Captain Canada. I'm wondering how much you noticed. Sort of a transformation of his Or attempt to transforming his role on the national stage since the election. Yeah Yeah I mean it's been a rocky eighteen months. Since he was first elected is numbers of tanks in the polls here provincially so I think he is trying to present himself as Captain Canada. He you know. Prime Minister and Liberal Party slagged them for the better part of three months basically trying to pin the reelection hopes on him You know making him the foil if you will to their plan and you know he has been fairly gracious. I think he's tried to avoid going after the prime minister going after Liberal Party in those times. But let's not a have any doubts here. He's still very much opposed to the liberal plan. And you know he was the CO hosts at that meeting yesterday and none of the liberal government's priorities were reflected in communicated they produce at the end of that meeting You know he has definitely been a thorn in their side on things like infrastructure and other of dinosaur in the side on things like handguns handguns and all the liberal agenda needs to be they need to work with the provinces and territories to get some of their big election promises. And it's looking like they just don't have a willing group right yeah. There's no way they can get farmer care across the line if they have people like Brian Pallister yesterday pouring cold water on it thing. Forget about a new social program. Let's work with what we got so Doug Doug Ford is definitely still very much part of the resistance if you will. If you'll remember that team this magazine cover on the claims when they had all the conservative minded premiums front and center with that resistance assistance. Banner along the bottom. He's still ringleader in that leading the charge against the Liberals Agenda but he is taking a more conciliatory tone is definitely more cordial cordial than he has been in the past all right Susan given all of all of that and and what you've told us about the PMO's replied the premier's demands. How hard do you think it's going to beef? Prime Minister to smooth over regional divides during the second term in office. Well I think just as there's a Ford two point zero A brand new. Doug Ford there is also brand new. Justin Trudeau You know I I too have a cynical susana an optimistic but let's stay dealing with a bunch of Split personalities here history Algeria and and speaking speaking of Split Personalities It will be interesting to see whether Justin Trudeau two point zero. The post-election humble more more low profile Justin Trudeau That idea sort of infuses the next few months. It's it in two thousand fifteen when Justin true there are many differences between Justin Trudeau. Twenty fifteen and twenty nineteen But the that Justin Trudeau held a first ministers meeting before for he did a throne speech two weeks before This Justin Trudeau was waiting almost two months afterward and he has been meeting with them and talking with them them one on one. But I think you're seeing a slower more deliberative Federal Government a little more more cautious I think what you're going to see from them to is Less identity stuff Less talking about who they dr rather than what they're going to do If you like More verbs fewer nouns in the In the speech from the throne I I I get the sense. That and they've been telegraphing this that the election for everybody was a humbling. Experience and Dat Demeanor is going to be taken to discussions. We'll see how long it lasts. Politics is not for the humble as we know no but But but that is the approach right now look. The word of the last month of this year is going to be collaboration shouting. What do you think Canadians want to see from this new parliament? Well I think they do want to see something of that collaboration if you live anywhere outside of Ontario in this country you're you're quite of the view auto is not listening to your needs your priorities or reflecting. What's important to you? So you know. Susan talks about the reset or or or the new Trudeau in the new Ford. Look these things have to go beyond tone. Certainly it helps to walk back the rhetoric it helps to walk back some of the virtue signaling but ultimately this is a a government that is going to have to walk. It's talk and so that does mean squaring the circle on things such as Bill C sixty nine and that's going to get very thorny because they also so have a pretty motivated committed pro climate change base that Burnham and elected them and we'll maybe not take kindly to seeing that watered watered down at the end of the day. Canadians usually have a pretty positive view or pretty optimistic view of minority parliaments. Insofar so far is they look at it as an opportunity for their own needs and priorities to be met. And you see this with the outcome of this last election. two-thirds thirds say that they're either pleased or neutral about the election outcome. No one's really in a mood to see another election anytime soon so this can be a time. We're both the premiers and the parties and parliament can actually demonstrate that the political class isn't tuned out isn't focused on their their own gamesmanship gamesmanship in does have an opportunity And a motivation to actually work on behalf of Canadians. Let's see again. Whether any of that comes to fruition I think a lot of that has to do with how skillfully Trudeau and his government can manage a minority parliament. We saw in the first term that they didn't necessarily early skillfully handle a majority. Parliament will see. Jp What are you expecting from the throne speech. I think it's the forty third. Parliament will look a lot different than the forty thirty second parliament that we just finished. And I think there's a two pronged approach for the liberal government essay head into this minority governments. There could be an election within eighteen months two years. Who knows but but they have to be thinking they have to be election ready as it is now and I think they're going to be really going after Quebec we saw and how they might make mention of the throne speech? We saw how justin intruder structure to cabinet that time. Many more people from Quebec in prominent positions in an effort to win back those seats that went blocked the last time. If they want to get that majority government back they have to pick up the seats. That went to the book. Like why there's thirty two was during across some cheering Grassi. Off and then each and every day so they put Pablo Rodriguez House leader. He was the heritage minister. I should say now. He's going to be the host leader. He's going to have to deal with the You know a group of contingent. That is very much more Quebec centric. They didn't have that that problem time. They might have to throw a bone here and there to keep them on side. And they do have to smooth over this western illumination thing. That prime minister doesn't WanNA head into another election Russian Dealing with a flare up of something like exit in Alberta Saskatchewan now. I don't think he's been a remarkably improved his standing among western Canadians and win a bunch of feedback but even just to do something throw them a bone. Maybe Change Bill Sixty nine maybe look at alternatives to the oil tanker Bangle. They put in when British Columbia in the last time just to show the rest of Canada that they're sensitive to western Kenyan alien nation that they're on it that they're doing something I think setting Christie it really really up you know. Trudeau's top tenant as deputy prime minister and the lead on. This file does send a message that this will be the focus so they deal with those two issues. I think their mind. They believe that they can drag small right back into majority government of course easier said than done I host of ideas join me on a deep dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history at ideas we explore everything from the roots of totalitarianism to the evolution of Denim. No topic is off limits. Each episode cracks open a concept to see how it's played out over place and time and shows why it still matters today. Subscribe to ideas on the listen APP. Or wherever you catch podcasts now Susan a ah one of the first orders of business in parliament resumes as electing a new speaker and W- that's an important role in a minority government right. Yes it is The the the last speaker. Jeff Regan is running again as is a former liberal caucus chair Anthony Roda And there a AH a number of other Carol Hughes from the The the strange thing is we. We don't know who exactly is renting until tomorrow night at six PM because it's like like negative option billing you are considered a candidate until you pull your name off and some of these new rookies Ninety eight of them may not know that they have to do that. So if if you are the they're listening. MP's were still on the list. Knock your name off. But we're expecting about half a dozen people to run and I'm going to be watching the just the visuals of this. They're going to be interesting. I think people have forgotten that the the first of the last Trudeau government woman true to one point zero. Unusually only had one throne speech. Usually governments have them every couple of years and the last government Their explanation clinician was. Well we had so much in the platform and the first throne speech. We didn't need to do another one But a lot has changed since two thousand fifteen put it mildly And one of them is that center block has been shut down now for a year. So this is GonNa be the first time we see the the speech from the throne being read by Julie Piat who is not Governor General in two thousand fifteen and in the new Senate building which is the old government conference centre which means that. MP's actually have to walk outdoors hours and down the street here in Ottawa. To go and see the throne speech so it's going to be different in in just the visual look of it and it is going to be different. I think very very different from twenty fifteen as I was saying I think in tone I was struck the liberal platform about. How many their promises hinged on help with others including premieres and? I think you're going to hear that will will be a a a strong theme is We'd like to get these things done but we need help from others to do it including the opposition parties. Well let's see I don't want to do at the time. Remaining is just go round the table but about the different leaders. Jp Let's start with you. Andrew shared facing calls from some conservatives to step down. What will he do once? The House is back in session into put those questions to rest. Yeah the stakes are so high for Andrea Sherr over the next five or so months before that leadership review able April. He has to really shore up support and I think he has has to prove he's a formidable opposition leader. Someone who can take on Trudeau head-on If only to make it clear to the party membership that someone someone who can do it next time the next election. He's capable of toppling prime minister I think he was not a terrible opposition leader. I think he really was quite effective on things like essences since the level and he's bloodied them up a bit on that day in and day out of the House of Commons. If we can have a repeat performance he might be able to salvage his reputation among the party base. which you know from everyone? I've been speaking to seeming to turn off in a bit They they've kind of gone off. After the October twenty first election so he has to come out in a very leisurely way and he has to be squarely focused on taking on the prime minister. Not Easy and he's going to be pulled away from the house quite often over the next few months because he's on on these listening tours going out to meet with party members across the country to try and convince them to back him in the leadership review. We're GONNA have in April in Toronto. So it's it'd be a very difficult task for him and if that's if he can hang on. I mean the pressure might build to such a point that untenable for md even stay on as leader but third forty. We've seen more and more voice them for like we have in the last two weeks to call that all right. I do not envy Andrea Sherr jumping in on you. Because we've only got about a minute and a half left and we have two more leaders to go through shots she curl. What will end EP leader Doug? Mitzi need to do to advance. His party's agenda Parliament. He has to look like he is effective in parliament and he has to hope that the troubles of Andrew Scheer can continue although I would say that they're not really just about Andrew sheer the manner. The leader it is more of an existential angst that conservatives take going forward are facing do they want to be the social conservative protests party of Alberta Saskatchewan. Do they want to be more centrist party. Seeing did not end ended up performing as well as he did in two thousand fifteen yet. He has enough personal credibility to probably ride him through if he can look like. He's making making a difference and then for Trudeau and for the liberals there's two things they need to count on the fact that the opposition parties will be preoccupied with their own issues and more than just tone and showing humility. They actually need to show sincerity. Western candidate needs more than just a bone thrown into it. It actually needs to see that it's feeling respect pacers and you only have about thirty seconds left. I'm not going to Elizabeth May. Because she's announced her resignation. But what about capable leader. Ethan's Blanchet clearly clearly the most intriguing and fascinating leader during the election campaign interested. See if that carries on and also interested to see if they're going to be like the Bloc Quebecois allow position was in nineteen ninety-three or so Very civil very effective but the difference between a national separatist party and a separatist separatist separatist party. I'm going to be watching. How do you represent Quebec that way all right? Thank you very much to all three of you looking forward to the resumption of parliament. Thank you you AH JP tasker as a reporter in the parliamentary bureau. He was in Toronto. Susan Delicate is a national columnist bureau chief for the Toronto Star. She was in our Ottawa. Studio and Xiaojie Curl is executive director of the Angus Reid Institute today. She was in our London. England studio for more C._B._C.. PODCASTS GO TO C._B._C.. Dot C._A. Slash podcasts.

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