Episode 46 - Sarah Logue - Launch Your Farm


Welcome back to our forty six episode of the launch farm. Show you stare lok with team logos remax escarpment in burlington in this episode. Sarah and i talk about why she treated her business as a business right from the beginning and why it was so important for her to move quickly and purposefully to grow her farm sarah shares. How important it is to stay ahead of the competition and how she's focused on continually adapting and adding more value than anyone else and we talk about what she did to master learning the community in the homes in the area and how she used to position yourself as the expert. We share a super easy way. You can recruit the neighbors to help you sell your listings and find you new clients. And sarah shares how. She works each one of her listings in her farm to grow her database and her mind share plus a of other ideas. That you've been used to grow your geographic farm. So be sure to check out the episode like subscribe and enjoy the episode. Sarah welcome back to another episode of launcher farm show. I'm your host ryan smith today. We've got a great guests at serre from remax escarpment in burlington. So sarah take a second. Tell yourself while you're here well I am the broker record for our cute little brokerage team T mobry max escarpment. And i'm here because you've asked me to be here to talk about How we do our business and how we farm for certain areas in how that's progress over the years and what's worked for us and probably what hasn't worked for us is probably where you're gonna take me We had the pleasure of growing sorta from a two-man Gig to i think we're up to like twelve men gig now so it's been an interesting ride and farming certainly been offensive it but You know we're we're happy to share whatever we can share to help someone else develop their awesome. Yeah i'm excited about it. I heard a lot of agents in our area so you from similarly right working. You're the you're one of the nicest agents to ever work with. So you have that plus your your skill. So it's awesome to have you on dive start kind of what got into real estate. That's always a passionate to find out why people down. Because i find people have different reasons. Different things that driving. What got into the business. They easy answer is my husband. My husband always wanted to be like mr monopoly on a ton of properties and he's been very successful in becoming mr monopoly but he was like. This is so stupid you know. so much. Real estate nine had been doing Large chicago. Now is a business consultant. Baron i was is a real estate agents there so dumb there so slow lake or i guess they didn't have a great experience with some of my colleagues it's in the state side But basically he said. Sarah you need to get your residential real estate license and you know we need to be able to jump ahead on these things. Have the information i saw. I said okay. Well you know. I'd never taken a year off in life to do anything like that so i just had a baby and i thought what am i going to do with a whole year matthew like an worked so i thought well i can read a test on anything so i took the courses and it was like this is it. This is really it so it was. It wasn't that you know there was his immediate passion. But i had the experience of moving large commercial agricultural around and redesigning noses companies So it was kind of neat to be able to go down to a residential level And were people directly instead of just the corporation a switched in my head space. That was a neat space to switch to the one thing. I i've seen from definitely a theme for a lot of agencies really. It was never their first choice. It's something that they stumble into the very unless they have a parent who was in real estate business. Most people it's like they fall into always like to ask how you found it so at the beginning of your business. What does that look like for. You getting started. And then how did you kind get things rolling at the beginning. It was just to go as fast as hard as i could I found one of my biggest limitations. Was i treated the business as a business rate out of the gate. And i found sony. People that went to the adviser question. It wasn't the way so many successful single agents were managing. You know their style and so it was a little bit of change for me. Even my broker at the time was like certain. You can't do that or that's that's a different way about thinking it and i was like. Wow that's the way. I'm going to do so just out. I just went as hard bass as i could. I did tree every client as if they were a business transaction the way they should be treated and not just went to blonde. He's right so for you. Farming was obviously something. That's a good part of your business. Was that a conscious decision for you or something that you kinda fell into as well. I see you ever fall like to fall into good luck lake. That is is a challenge. Like y- like winning the lottery for me it was. I wanted to be the most informed person about the area that i worked in and that that's where i got lucky. Right so i had grown up in the farmed. Since the very first build so i knew every in and out because i had always been involved with it through my family Simply because i lived in the area. So i felt if i was going to be knowledgeable based that i need to work from an area that i understood so the ganic broke off. That was wow sir knows. every model. Every price per square footage every upgrade Every lot premium at and. That was the way that i started the farming because i knew the area it was already knowledge collected right in. How can you expand on knowledge. Just keep searching the area so many agents stayed in missouri. And i'll be like well. What do you like about it. What are you know about it. And they'll be like Unlike while you gotta have soft. Something's gotta grab you there. Otherwise what's the point. And that's emmy not out barring really begins. It does begin organically. You're in the school parking lot. You're at an open house. You're walking your dog. Whatever it is you know the air or you know the people in the area. They're going to stop and ask you love. People always say. Walk your dogs morning. And it's such a rare treat. That gets done with my dog on a sunday over. Walk and i love it but he likes. Did you see that house such assault or two point one. Yes i did. I so you have to have that. Organic level is big. And and the want right if you don't really care to see in neighborhoods prices increase or you don't care about the success in that neighborhood. I don't think he should be farming at hundred degree. And that's i had agents judge me and they say i one guy was doing webinars and he said there's nothing really good about my neighborhood like i. I can't think of anything good. Like michael shouldn't be further if you can't think of it like how are you going to sell the neighborhood if you can't eat good about them like every neighborhood something good. There may be some bad things about it. But it's like you have to be be some attachment to said want to see it. Do better and so bad in the windsor great for you getting started. Obviously it was a conscious decision based on your experience. How did i find a lot of struggle with coming at expert. That's one of these. I teach i teach i called. Cpr arts community positioning and relationships and positioning is really one of the key. Structures of it is position yourself as the expert you even have to have sold the home and teach become the expert. No the models. No the floor plans. No no no the parks. Whatever you said you had some family connections there. What why did you know so much about it. And why are you attached to that like how to. How did you get the information. 'cause i grew up in the neighborhood one and two. I did as soon as i knew i was going to be. In real estate. I went back to learn. All the floor plans go to every house for sale right And go through the upgrades. I over educated myself and then i never ever left the house without knowing what the hottest information was. 'cause i knew someone was always going to stop me and i want to stop me. I want that sarah she will know And i i tried to chase train that into a few younger agents from like you should never walk out the door and not know that your neighbors coming soon and what they're listening for. What their square footage. Just because if you wanna be that area expert you need to have that information otherwise. Call my old agent and many agents go to the old school way of just. I'm just gonna send postcards and knocking and it's like there's so much more business had to be had if you find out what's happening know what's going on when people can call you and say hey what's happening with this. What's what you know what's happening developments. What's happening with bylaw. Changes things of that when you can become that go to person. It just magnifies Yeah you you wanna be the source that people say. Oh my gosh. There's a new school coming in. Did you hear about it sarah. Well of course this is where it's going is what grades. It's going to be every detail. You should be that expert. Otherwise there's no point in farming area because you're not you're not really giving back any information you have no value. Add living exactly what you can learn especially with the internet. And i should say like yeah. It's going to take some work whether it's time energy resources like but you gotta you gotta find something that you can. You don't have to wrong. That's one thing. I would say it's like you don't have to be the expert in all of it. But if it's the builders or the schools the parks things that pick something become expert in that and use that as your way to start to become an expert so for you. Obviously you knew. What did you do next then to see. I'm going to add another layer. So anytime that i would list how rights i would massively work that listing and i say the stages to if you have a sign somewhere think of how hard it is to accomplish getting that signed so the worst thing i see agents do is they put up a sign. They sell the house and that it's good to know. Thanks for stopping end right i. It's such a joke. But if i'm putting up a sign on the street okay well either have five people. I know on the street that i've talked to already or i know there's people that sold recently on the street. I'm gonna let all those people know. Hey i know you bought last year for one one. I'm listening to house for one. Three streets juno of anyone else. That's a pretty big jump. That's pretty exciting. But you must have friends family. That come visit you write that. Want to see the house and you gotta do the back end to like. I've never been a door knocker. Never been great with. But i certainly hit the entire street with. Here's my teacher. She here's my proposition. Here's what i'm doing right. Oh hi mr neighbor. Come help me. And i recruit neighbors all the time like i think people love that about me. The general roy's stairs asked us to help her. Sarah's for this i do want to help you succeed decent people right so if you're saying hey guys i really i you know i really wanna get a great family in the neighborhood that this is a great school catchment. I know we have people coming from outside the area into our enrichment programs. Any of them saying to gosh. I wish i could just move to the aerosol can use my kids so much right now ask those neighbors for assistance and put your face in front of people right when you have that sign. Because everyone's gonna wanna know who's behind that sign absolutely so for you. When did it really start. Take off agents have said i teach different takes six months for even start seeing results. When was it for you. It's like okay. This is really starting to take off. And i'm certain. See the results from what. I'm doing lever fortunate. Because i mean i think in the first three months i must have nailed my little farm area with at least ten or fifteen listings like it was insane like i just wish. I pulled on past relationships because i was coming out of a strong work experience. People trusted that. I had more business sense on board than maybe the average joe But i think. I mean true farming probably i would say it takes closer to twenty four months to three years to really convert. I mean people to now call a us because they see our sign in the area right because they see our online ads in the air because they see us as an area resource to pull on that takes years minutes agents. Give up way before that timeframe. But it's a little investment and that's why they call it farming. You're planting seeds to grow harvest but then the rewards are plenty when when you stick with it. You got to work through that so for you at the beginning. What kind of mistakes that you make. 'cause that's always something that i like talk because agents have they try it and then they give. I'm sure you've made some mistakes. Wha what would some of those sixty me just say. I didn't go big fast enough right. Like i kept to finite i kept it too. Close to me I made it very personal personal. But at the same time that i think a lot of people behind because i was so focused on one instead of helping many So i think what you're saying is exactly right. If you're not willing to farm the entire area you're just going to be a one sign up. One sign down kind of person. I think you have to think bigger. Like i would have during the one st. I have done five string right. I would have invested more in. Wow this is why this work. This is why we these people behind. The sign were successful at this outcome. We didn't shoot our horn ever enough. Which and that's a struggle for a lot of agencies that balance of tooting your own horn. And i talked about in my in. My strategy scope is like self-promotion important part of it. It's tastefully doing in tactfully self promoting but you do need to promote yourself. You just got to figure out how to do it effectively to not his off people but still get your name out there and it's still i find it such a challenge right. You'll be like oh. I didn't know you did that to those people to i'd be like yeah we do you know or i didn't know your rankings. Reiter you know you so much smaller. I'm like oh yes. Oh i think you have to once you have a success As long as success is legitimate. And it's not egotistical rights. You should share actor community because the message should be. I wanna create the success for you as well my neighbor right so i wanna ask about competition. Because that's one that a lot of agents i find are on one side or the other of the coin where they they look in an area and say there's too much competition or go. I don't care and i'll compete. I know for your area. You are one of the obviously the the top in the area. i've coached agents. Who tried to go into to the farm. And i'm like hey may wanna rethink it just because of the price point in the competition. When did you start seeing that words. Like okay i. I'm not that there's no competition where you started outpacing people it again. That took years. I would say it really three years. I could see the difference where there was. There was a handful of various average agents. That i Majorly respected doing a very good business in my farm area And i just found that. I had to keep offering more right offering better services. Client care Again a much wider knowledge base or marketing base so that i could compete against them because in my head space and i think this is again. We're agents get stuck like. Oh my god. But that's you know mark moran or that's you know drew woolcott. How am i going to compete. But you have to look at what you can contribute to admit to make your offering a little bit different so that you can be But i think the real changeover for us is probably at least five years and then the the challenges once you become one of those competitors is trying to hold it s eight thousand max question was what are you doing to to maintain that because for some people they see other companies coming in they get cold feet or they all what am i doing. And then they don't adopt or they the chicken. What have you done to really stay ahead well again. You have to do exactly what you did at the beginning a level right so if you were if you were changing the game up at a small level now you have to do it at a mass level and you have to be prepared to reinvest right so we've always been very good at eating back to our community whether it's you know community. Events charitable events. Whatever our communities interested in we want to be backing it. Whatever our kid he wants to fight me wanna be backing it And you have to do that on a grand scale so you know you hear all the time. Well how many touch points but it. It's truly there can't be enough treachery and when you when you do a balanced if you're doing postcards it's like you can send too many posts but if you're doing events in postcards and community causes your part of the doing more and more more and that's that's what allows you to farm area right. You can't just eat the scar or the billboard or the door knocker. You have to be all of everything you have to. The person singing in the family choir. You have to be the person you know. Collect in coats for your coat drive. You have to be the person putting on a design of it you have to be all things otherwise. How are you community expert. You're just the guy who keeps printing postcards throwing my recycling box. Exactly i teach the thing called. The scope methods the balanced approach. It's self promotion community prospecting education. And i teach like you really need to scott call it strategy. Stacking layer your strategies together. And that's how you really solid farm. It's not based on one pillar one thing and i use colbert as example all the time. And if you were a doctor or you're an open house and door knocker. Kobe could wipe out your entire business. But you but having all those things like you're doing one of those methods could change. One person could come in and try to compete against you in one of those ways. You've got all the other things really creating safety net for you to really help keep you there and and keep growing so which of those strategies has worked the best which one has not that. You've tried and thaddeus This didn't work the way we expect. Always been really good base to base our clients love knowing us and we like being real people so i find that you know the one advantage. We've always had is that. My husband and i are accessible. We are the person sitting at your kitchen table. Were the first negotiating your deal. But you also see us out making up garbage on a community day so One of the pillars. That was hard for us in. Covert the pillars of of you. Know prospecting that you're just talking about was losing open houses because our open houses were full social event tours of our neighborhood right okay. We're gonna wind up these six listings for this week so that our clients can compare all of them on our sellers. American coming in compare and they can talk about the market. They were full on educational series. I are open houses by the end. I be like not him so there. She like my throat. Because we didn't stop talking to people about what was going on in the marketplace. In how they to this house so we lost that big biller And so i was like. Oh my gosh. We're not busy people face face and then we lost. What our second big biller. Which was community events like you know we we think for twenty twenty one hundred thirteen events on docket. Who or anything you just think about. The money were seen so we did. We had to give it really fast. Like every business right mike. It was like how do we get in touch with people. So one of the biggest things i said to someone else is laughing so hard as my soul. Time has massively in greece. So i used to be able to stand in front of a full group of people and speak Or standard open house and it was a rotating door to me. My phone time went from like three minutes to twenty eight minutes. So if worst back into some old practices where i was like. Oh my gosh. I'm have to call everybody and have these like individual open conversations with by right and that's and that's what i said you. Are we all just. We got in people spaces like i was like no more email indexing. These people are all sitting at home. They need connection. Let's give it to them so we looked for different ways to connect with people M did we shifted things right. We did like fun. Covid santa pictures on your front lawn instead of everyone coming to us a great a little more creativity and i think the community was just so excited that we were still a person you could see in a trying time right like no matter. What not selling houses because she thinks it's too scary to sell houses right now but wow chance stop here and i think that's important part like you said. Is you pivoted. And you shifted at. The great thing is that. There's a lot of agents who won't do that. And they're going to back or they only had a one trick pony and they bail out. So it's like there's opportunity now to keep pushing forward and as to recapture market share. You may not have it this year. You're doing things differently. You're shifting your capture people's attention new different way and keep it going and other agents won't do that. I'm not sure what or move into. Fear factor or to challenge factor Everyday in real estate is scary right. So if you're looking for comfortable you are in the wrong job like you think of how shift pivot sitting in someone's house. Oh well we were really thinking two million. Oh you were my cops. Say you're about nine forty nine so this is going to be an interesting conversation like you as an agent. You're pivoting constantly right so farming is no different. It's just a larger grew of that kitchen table meeting. And how do you keep all the players constantly touched in january to you exactly as you mentioned earlier about reinvesting in your farm and you mentioned about your expenses can ask like how much are you putting back into like taking a percentage offer me deal or you just like. How do you figure out how much you're reinvesting business. No so basically come saul. We look at what our events schedule lineup is what our print schedule. Lineup is where we're marketing dollars. And what are charitable donations are and then we take her percentage. It's probably close to. I wanna say eighteen percent Yeah i'd substantial right but it saves the whole like i look at the billboards. The bus again. I'm not criticizing. I think what people invest in that. And i think my investment gives a lot more production to my team but it also gives a lot more to my community than me like on a bill maher's hundred percent and that's your speaking my language when it comes to that and i talked like you have an opportunity to use your marketing budget to make a difference and not just market yourself and one of things i preach all the time is that your marketing should be not talking at people but talking with creating conversations and creating opportunity people to give back and creating an opportunity for the community to grow. And if. you're just spending it on billboards park benches and postcards saying how awesome you are or how amazing. Your dental work is then. Then you're you're not making impact in you can get a better response. You can spend less and have more business from it when you it correctly but a lot of agents default to lead the way someone else has done it. That's the way i've seen it. And they just kind of default to that and like you said you watch the money and you know what's making the difference in your way you feel better about spending it on out women shelter. Then you do on spending it on twenty buses right. And i think if you really wanna farming area you have to be a painful and you have to be real and you have to be one in the saying. It's like when each state me. Well this is my real estate facebook and this is my personal. Facebook is like you know when you go to the grocery store. You're still a real estate. Mike people are still going. What some barbara beers. And nash like you. You have to choose to walk that light and if you're not prepared to do it and you probably shouldn't be farming area because i know when i step behind door i get like oh sarah your car for like two hours last night on the street. Did you close the deal. Like you have to be one in the same. And i i am like what i say in real estate is what i do in life so it should try to be two separate entities and be like. There's me up on the board. That's the picture of sarah logan Oh you know. You never get to talk to sarah load. You only get to talk to so and so i would be crushed if my clients ever thought that was the case and that's and that's a testament to why you are successful as what you do. You eat breathe sleep. And it's a passion. Obviously you can tell your engaged with it in our passionate about it and people can feel him on the other end. and that's why you're successful. Well thank you. I want to ask about businesses. Because that's another thing that i think is important part. Are you engaging the local businesses. I've been preaching since kobe. Hit and if log hit but local businesses. I think are so important in. There's such an opportunity for real agents right now specifically because of cohen because of local businesses that we have an opportunity to really make a difference. Get back help. Local businesses keeping float. What are you doing to tie in those local businesses to what you're doing. We started it before. Kobe where we were using our partnership so have several fronts that we do to promote our local businesses We have a referred partnership lists that we share with our clients so pancake makers plumbers. You name it and you know we. We've tried and tested them before. We just freely them into our clients homes So we do support a lot of local business through the prepping of our home's renovation of our clients homes etc but then we also did a starbucks sarah campaign where we'd reach out and try to promote local businesses in area that we thought. Hey this would be great if our neighbors knew there. Was this great new coffee shop or that. There was a seamstress around the corner or a new dance school. Whatever it was it would. It would be anything that. I would track life in my day to day life dot. Hey i have exposure to this. My friends and family in this committee would love exposure to this and so we do an interview with the owner and learn more about the business and share it and then obviously by is many gift cards or coupons. Like whether it's for closing gifts raffles giveaways for that business during covid. We've really tried to switch it up to massively promote businesses. So people know they're still open and we'd been doing video giveaway so we had every agent our team pick their favorite restaurants Their favorite local store their favorite designer. Anyone that could still functioning crovitz right and however they were doing it into a video there and then it was like sheriff's on instagram. And you can win a gift card to this restaurant. So it gives us the community connection to what's around us and it shows that we do work with our local businesses and local businesses than in term work with us and that's huge a lot of injuries miss and i talk about one too. Many approach all the time and you are able to get front of their audience. Because you're helping them and you can now reach a broader audience and you can connect with people wouldn't have connected with but then you are also providing value and content to your own existing. So it's a win win agents or the the businesses are happy. You're happy you're providing value and opportunities to win and then promote you reaching people which is which is huge and not everyone even needs the agents Deserves to be a contest. I said of course not it just creates a little bit of fun and atmosphere to it but at the end of the day like most of my clients. Don't care about winning at two hundred dollars gift cards. They're just like sarah. I've always wanted to try saving times. Feline high near you are eating at mid so fabulous and if you love it then i know i love it right so but i think i think that's part that egypt after recognized with farming is. You can't say your name to enough people to armenia someone else you need to create little minions that are excited about saying your name to somebody else and until you have a lot of people going. Hey you said you're listening. You're how sir zillow. Solis this house five years ago. Are you calling sarah. You need those people in the streets. So don't leave them behind. You sold their house. You should still be talking to them every year of your life. Because they're going to get you your next report's at i was at the time of this recording. I'm single that the best way to be introduced to someone is to have someone else introduced. If i walk up and say i'm ryan walk woman. She saw your creep. If someone else's ryan's awesome and it's the same with our businesses like if we can get someone else to do that introduction force if we can get those people preaching. We're about an sing our praises. It's so much easier and when you do that in your farm it even that much easier because they live in that area they work in that area they serve that area in the new now or just pass through the community that much quicker and you can grow the business easier that way. Yeah and don't forget to thank those people profusely because they don't realize what impact they're making I would say one. add up. gina work states. it was easier. People were better promoters more outgoing right canadians or more conservative. They don't pass judgement. They don't want you to fold them. If something goes wrong right so you have to remind your clients why you are so successful in what you do well in that has to be part of your farming. I think so many people go okay. That that when i'm done let's get to the next one will know you're never done not what you need to stay working on that one. So farming has to have layers of past clients current clients and your clients. It just keeps changing ships. People vote and you picked him living in constantly. it's it's an evolution and it just keeps growing so speaking of evolution ties in nicely. Done next question is where do you see things happening for you in the next couple of years for your business. Are you pivoting things you keep in the same way. Obviously a cohen. It's changed a bit. But where do you see the russian happening. I think we're to grow cycle. And i mean we are in a strange growing. You're under kovic. We are trying to expand sort of ads in tears to our business whether it's inside sales than our sales rep sales manager than you know broker We're trying to do that. So that we can add more back to our clients and i feel like if i'm running the big picture business. It gives me more opportunity to come up with the ideas that are going to allow more creativity. More flexibility for our clients more opportunities. If i'm trying to manage you know one of my agents deals is going sideways Not thinking big picture of our clients. And i'm not thinking big picture for our community so we have to expand somewhat so that i do what i do so well at a bigger bigger level. And that's gonna be layering in knows those different inside sales and sales manager levels And we've got about about sixty five percent of the way that we're really missing really one pivotal pivotal person to be able to grow awesome. And how much is that is geared towards putting back into your farmer versus your whole business as a whole. I think i'll always start with the farm. Because that's the most passionate and i'm always. I'm always a little more hesitant. When i spread too thin right. Because i don't wanna be just the next idiot coming to your door pretending to know that i know everything i actually wanted know everything so i have a lot of information on a big research. An attic And i wanna be able to you can fireball me. I'm going to have all the answers until i'm at that white. I won't pretend to beat out like you know. Finian her backyard yup tossing. When ask you before we wrap up about saturation and how much you can get because again for a lot of agents stay keep trying to. They doubled down on things that we spend the money in the wrong place have hit that point. Or where did you start seeing that point okay. I'm spending more money. And i'm not getting the same returns for you are you. Are you close to that. And where do you see that going in. I do think we're close. I think the only thing that changed that allowed us to not at that wall was that braces jumped so much during covid that it allowed a natural expansion without expansion in work right when we saw the braces. Climb that was like. Oh wow like look at. Where number does so amazing in my mind going. Yeah that's the only because you know prices went here not because volume went here so we do use our farm area to spread organically quite naturally into the biggest feeder neighborhoods to our primary neighborhood right. So we've been shifting into those other neighborhoods to become a more of a control hand in those areas and provide the same service for the people racing into our neighborhood. 'cause i honestly tired of sitting in meetings and i sat one last in like. We're so sorry we didn't call you when we sold. We should've called resolved. And i'm like yeah 'cause then you'd be able to afford the house you want right. We wouldn't be in this shitty situation. Where i'm exciting all your back problems Which you know. I'm always happy so in causes when whenever problem. Because i do want to get out of it. That's my number one drivers. You know making sure people create success for themselves. So i do think naturally we will hit a ceiling based on the fact that we primarily sell. The family hall in the family hall was a fifteen year purchased. All right. so we're we're hitting that cycle right about now nine. Got a bump it out. You brought up a good point now. You're moving to the other areas. And what i find. A lot of six make is that they. They try their farm. Don't get their systems in place. That don't really hit the mount they can get her and they start expanding. Its like man you. You're you left a lot of business on the table and you would have got more business by focusing on that and getting the overflow business versus spreading yourself too thin without really having figured out and you've odyssey tracked tested and figuring out what's work now you're able to really double down in those other areas and you'll grow a lot quicker than than it goes back to that basic rule of thumb. If you're listening on a street work that st right if that's all you can handle in that moment than eight yourself the expert on that street but if you're going to to work you know twenty five hundred homes and you're not getting a result you like go to the next twenty five hundred dollars six. Why have results there. It's not a great many people. Look at oh this agents doing so well in this area. I'm gonna do so well in this area and you know it may be will but by not recharge the agent who is doing well in the mouth. They're doing it. I mean. I remember some of my first in the in the business were like peter hogan drop in drew. Woolcott ruled them like. How did you do this. What were you doing right. And then i worked some of their open houses to see what they were doing right Said to someone else today. Like you don't have to be the first through the winning line like look at what other people have done and see what's gonna fit what's not gonna fit for you. Don't be scared to call on agents and ask them exactly so the ties in perfectly to the last rep up section of what's one piece of advice you'd give. Someone is thinking of getting into starting a farm or bring new area. What piece of advice would you give be a knowledge expert. Know your stuff right. If there's an anomaly. Find out why i mean my staff still call me at how often i call for agents. Say hey you sold for like two point eight on a street that i've never broken one point nine. What the heck did you sell. Was there like the garage full of drugs. Like give me the information You know your agents too often. Think of his each other i think is competitors. We're colleagues fighting a big fight trying to create success for everyone reach out. Ask people get the knowledge so they you know what you're talking about. Don't pretend exactly. And it makes your job easier to work with people who do want to know that not coming in as a butthead role trying to get ahead and help everyone and make it easier than a win for everybody exactly. We all know. There's a grow up in the basement will burn so always wrapped up with the best book segments. So what's one book. That's either impacting life. Changing your life or that you think would make an impact in our viewers. Life now is anything i would read. Anything the tipping point brilliant. Brilliant book probably read it three or four times. But i'd say anything that he's written in the last decade is is worth the read Other than that my favorite educational book There's a leadership book. And i can't even think of the name of it but it's i think it's called widely and it's very very well written. It's it's a dated book. But i'll get you the name of it. It was very very good Other than that there is a ton of an. I mean i'm remax red white and blue through and through but there is some good resources that he w i've definitely done them over the years for some of their organizational structure on techniques. They do right really awesome. Put those in the show notes. People can check them out. So thank you for being on really appreciate it. How can check out what you're up to connect with you if they'd like team load dot ca anytime or just going we know. You are approachable and easy to get hold of such good. Thank you for being on your really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge information and passing that wisdom onto viewers and. I hope that they're inspired and can have a week's awesome exciting career like you've had continue on the passion that you have for as well. I hope for them as well awesome. Thank you very much. You're very welcome. Thanks for checking. Today's episode. If you'd like more videos like this be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel. Check out our facebook page and our other social media channels looking for to bring you more great content like this and happy farming.

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