Comparing Our Spiritual Gifts


Welcome to daily grace. We believe that the Bible is true trustworthy and timeless and we want to help women and like you know and Love God's word the Bible shows who God is and who he is changes. Everything my name is Joanna. I'm Stephanie. Come join us as we chat about the truth of God's word in our everyday lives breath spiritual gifts are given to us by God for the good of the body of Christ but our tendency is often the fall into unhealthy unhealthy comparison when it comes to our individual gifts. Maybe we find ourselves and being someone else's gifting or even taking pride in our home mm-hmm in today's conversation. You're going to take a look at that harmful tendency in our own hearts and see how God's design radically changes the way that we view and use our gifts. Hey guys welcome back to another episode. Would've daily grace. This is Stephanie. And I'm here as always with my co-host Joanna. Hey Hey hey so today we are going to be talking about spiritual Gifts with the specific focus on how we can find ourselves wrestling with the tendency to compare our gifts to a someone else's gifts. I know that there have been times in my life when I thought man. I wish I could have that gift. And do what she she does. I mean let's be real. There have been times when I thought. Wow I wish I could speak as eloquently as Joanna and you. This issue of comparison doesn't just concern secular. Things I guess is what I'm getting at so we're going to talk all all about that. But First Joanna Sheriff favorite thing of yours from this week. Wow my favorite. Thank for this week is a seasonal seasonal version of Hershey's kiss. It's always food related. I know I know So are so I love Hershey's Hershey's kisses and I don't know if you know this about me. There's something about a milk chocolate Hershey's kiss and people make fun of me for that are like youths. Boring it's gross. It's not classic. Yeah classic but there is a seasonal flavor for Christmas. I don't know if it's still out or not but I still have some leftover and it is the Cherry cordial cream Hershey's kisses And they are so good. I've not tried that one so I grew up. AM eating like the actual like Cherry cordial chocolate. Yeah around Christmas every year and I always loved them and then I tried these Hershey's kisses and I thought he's so good and then I ate one of the actual cherry cordial's and it was not as good as their. She's guesses they are better. So if they're still available go who out to target and buy some before they're gone. I thought you were going to say the peppermint ones which I really love. There's the peppermint Hershey kisses but you know what this is a great example of Howard just so different but I thought that were different. And we're going to talk about that what about you. What's the favorite thing of yours? Oh man so. We had talked about this off the air yesterday and juggled my mind that I wanted to share it on on the air and is the song Jesus strong in unkind by city. And Yeah it's such a sweet song to sing with your kids to sing over yourself and kids and I Sing it every morning together. Now just because I want it ingrained in their brains and my Brain and heart so that is my favorite thing. Everyone has to look it up. Jesus as a strong in kind by city alight. Yes it is so good and the reason Stephanie. And I were talking about this off air yesterday is because I was in the playroom with my two and a half year old daughter and out of nowhere. She starts singing the words we can always run to Jesus and I- sweet despite lost it right right there in our playrooms. Yeah man so good so back to our topic for the day. We are talking like Stephanie. Said about spiritual Gifts but specifically the tendency that we have to compare ourselves to other people in regards to our spiritual gifts and you know. I think it's easy for for ask to look around other believers whether it's in our local church or maybe somewhere in the world of social media and see people who are gifted in many different ways and then look at ourselves and compare and say why can't I have that gifting or even kind of more judge mentally say how they they really aren't gifted in that area. I am might not say that out loud but we think it and you know we won't talk about this idea of of spiritual gifts are tendency to compare them and why it's actually a really good thing than they are different that we don't all have the same gifting acting. Yeah I'm so before we jump in there. We need to kind of ask ourselves while what are spiritual gifts. What are we talking about when talk about spiritual gifts? Well I think. One of the great passages to look at is in First Corinthians chapter twelve and verse seven says to each is given given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good so as we look at spiritual gifts what we're talking about is a manifestation Shen of the Holy Spirit this is the Holy Spirit working in US and through us and it is for the good of the body of Christ so that we can fulfill the mission that God has called us to in his kingdom to advance his kingdom and proclaim the Gospel And so that's going to look different For different people that spirit is going to work through US differently manifest itself off differently and so a couple of disclaimers before we get to far into this conversation. The first one is. There's a lot of debate about whether or not some of the spiritual chill gifts and specifically want to have to do with the revelation like prophecy or speaking in tongues. There's a lot of debate about whether or not those kinds of of gifts are still active. Today we're not going to go into that debate There are lots of passages that you can look at. There are lots lots of articles you can read lots of different arguments for both sides. And we do WANNA point you to kind of the four major passages on spiritual gifts fs in the New Testament. And that's First Corinthians Chapter Twelve Romans Chapter twelve a Fijian's chapter four and first Peter Chapter Four. And so if you want to do some more research on that end of the spectrum start with those passages and then go do some reading. You'll find tons out there tons you can look at so. That's the first claimer second. DISCLAIMER is. There's also a debate on. How many spiritual gifts are listed in the New Testament? Some people say there are to some people say they are somewhere in the twenties and most people agree that the less than the new testament aren't exhaustive. So with that being sad we might talk about some things that are not specifically listed as spiritual gifts in the New Testament and so some of them might not fall into that category of spiritual gifting but they might be more just strengths talents abilities. Things like that so we are not necessarily saying that every single type of strength that we're talking about is a technical spiritual gift right. We are definitely taking a broad approach to the topic of gifts here and I will say though that because the debate around spiritual gifts isn't a first first order issue it shouldn't be the cause of division within the body of Christ and we want to fight against division and fight for unity and that's also why we're talking about what we're talking about today on the topic of comparison because it's important Comparison more often than not. There are some exceptions but it was often than not comparison is unhealthy and doesn't lead to greater unity and when we look at scripture concerning gifts we we see that the different gifts given to God's people are given for the purpose of the common. Good Joanna you adverse seven but I'm going to go back to First Corinthians twelve and and read verses four through seven yeah says this now. There are varieties of gifts but the same spirit and their varieties of service but the same Lord and there are varieties of activities but it is the same God who empowers them all and everyone to each given the manifestation of the spirit for the common. I'm in good. So spiritual gifts are gifts of Greece given to us by the spirit and they're given to us for the edification of the Church Church and the spread of the Gospel for the glory of God They're given for the common good. That's the key phrase here right and the diversity of our gifts should lead not to division by actually lead us to greater unity within the body of Christ. Yeah and I think so important to start like you did Stephanie. With the purpose of spiritual gifts. Yeah right like you said. I Corinthians twelve seven says to each is given the manifestation. They should have the spirit for the common good. And this is what it's for. It's for the good of the body of Christ. You know we see that idea reiterated in First First Peter Four ten that says as each has received a gift use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace and so we tend to think that these gifts are for us Or that maybe they somehow define our value are worth or we can even treat spiritual gifts like personality identifiers right like we might take a personality test. Oh well here's my spiritual gift. That is part of my personal identity. Yeah that can lead to some really unhealthy comparison between one another so for example. Maybe we see someone who is able to beautifully and inciteful teach the word of God to a group of people and we are envious of them wishing that we could do it and end up feeling like they're better than us and we just aren't good enough because we not have that gifting or maybe on the flip side you are especially empathetic to the struggles of others and you take pride in that and then look down on others aren't so quick to jump in and help And so if we're comparing ourselves in a way that results in envy or results in pride we're clearly missing the point here right. God works these things in us for the good of one another and instead of viewing them as four or one another. We're looking at others as competition We're looking at others as something to measure our own worth and value instead of looking to how we can use what God has worked in us for the good of one another and so it should causes causes to be unified and build each other up but unfortunately it can often cause division when we focused on comparison. Yeah I think you're absolutely right. That comparison often happens. Because that's how we assess assign value to ourselves and to others and like you said that's spike comparison often leads to competition. You know we want to increase our own sense of value and we feel like the way to do that to be better than someone else. Yeah but we have to remember that spiritual gifts assign value to a person feel like we need to say that like over and over again like spiritual gifts are sovereignly given by God. They are gifts and got doesn't have favorites right when we are united to Christ we have the righteousness of Christ and that's true for anyone. That's United's decreased. Yeah and that's so true that we just have to get past this idea that our spiritual gifts somehow determine how awesome we are awesome. We Are you know that same passage from I Corinthians chapter four and emphasizes there are a variety of guest but the same spirit says there are a variety of guests but the same spirit and their varieties of service but the same Lord Lord and their varieties of activities but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone and so it says focus on there is one spirit so in a broad sense all believers actually have the same gift and that is the gift of the spirit we have the in dwelling Holy Spirit. Beer it within us. But the spirit chooses to manifest himself in us in different ways And and you know we see that again. In First Corinthians twelve eleven all these are empowered by one and the same spirit who apportions to each one individually as he wills else and so. Yeah God is the one who gives them. We don't earn these gifts And so we can't take any kind of pride in them right after Paul talks about spiritual gifts he goes on to talk about the people of God as a body He does this also when he talks about spiritual gifts in Romans Chapter Twelve and inefficient chapter four. And so what we see. Is that this idea of the body of Christ in the spiritual gifts working together for the body is so important so i. I do WanNa read. A few verses begins begins in chapter. Twelve First Corinthians verse twelve for just as the body is one and has many members and all the members of the body though many are one one body so it is with Christ for in one spirit. We were all baptized into one body. Jews or Greek slaves are free and all were made to drink of one spirit for the body does not consist of one member but of many. If the foot should say because I am not a hand I do not belong to the body that would not make it any less part of the body and if the ear should say because I am not an I I do not belong to the body that would not make it any less a part of the body if the whole body were an I wear would be the sense of hearing if the whole body were an ear where would be the sense of smell but as it is God arranged the members in the body each one of them as he chose if all were a single member. Where would the body be as it is? There are many parts yet at one body and I love this passage because it just shows us that it is such a good thing that we have different gifts. Yeah you know. If everybody had the same gifts we could not function properly. We wouldn't be the body. I'm just like a body won't properly function without. Its different parts have different purposes. Says you know you might think that your purposes more important or less important but each part has been arranged in a way that it's indispensable for for the body to function properly. Yeah so think about it this way. I thought of this analogy. Let's say that you are planning this huge huge wedding. It's GonNa be this elaborate elegant super fancy wedding right. You're going to need lots of different people involved. You're going to need a minister minister. Someone who is a good decorator pastry chef to make the cake a chef for the food autography musicians a seamstress. That's right on and on and on so. Let's say that you focus your attention on finding the best pastry chefs in the country because that needs to be good. I says we're going to be a legendary cake. So you find all of these incredible pastry chefs and you hire them to run. The wedding and the cake is magnificent. But here's the problem now. You have pastry chefs trying to take wedding portraits. Trying to sing your first damn. Let's the office is going to be a mess. We're going to get some interesting stuff coming out of that wedding because what you need is the diversity of abilities abilities or gifting to come together to make this beautiful wedding. Yeah and when it comes to the body of Christ. We don't decide that we're going to pursue this gifting reading or that or go to school for it but God is the one who gifts us and he has perfectly ordered it so that we can all work together to function properly A. and grow up into Christ so we see that it's really so important and vital and by design that our gifts are different but even still in the early search this tendency for unhealthy comparison existed or outs. Paul wouldn't spend so much time talking about it. Yeah I think that's so interesting what I loved your analogy That helps us. Visualize it really well But I think it's interesting that this issue of comparing spiritual virtual guesses not new like you said it was in the early church and so let's talk about what fuels comparison. You know. There are many things in our sinful nature that can fuel comparison and threaten the unity within the body. Right off the Bat I think of like insecurity and envy. Can you know if we are misplacing. Our identities then we're always going to be insecure to some degree and we're also always going to compare ourselves to others to some degree and if that's the case we'll always Russell with envy right. If we're insecure. We begin comparing pairing. We're GONNA always wrestle with envy. 'cause it's this vicious cycle that just feeds off of each other. You're you're insecure U. N. B. Other. Compare yourself up to other people and then that just makes you more insecure And here's the truth though like there is always going to be someone no one else. That's doing something better than you. There's a who is going to be someone else. Embodying a particular quality or virtue more more than us you know no matter how much we strive for perfection like no one is perfect apart from Christ. So that's what I'm getting at. No one is perfect right. Romans three ten when none is righteous. No not one so then. We need to be careful about where we're placing our identities and we're going to get more into that in a minute. It's so true. Envy insecurity can really fuel that comparison and on the flip side. A lot of our comparison can come out of and result in pride. You know we might see our gifting as better We think that we've earned it or produced it in ourselves. When in fact dodd gave them out based on his own will? It was his decision. And it's not because of anything that we've done and so. I think that we can kind of fall on both ends of the spectrum. Yeah there is this kind of despairing insecurity and envy or it's this kind of judgmental judge mental pride. Yeah absolutely so how do we combat all of those things insecurity envy and pride and how do we combat comparison of spiritual gifts and we kind of always say this. But it's because it's true. We need to remember the Gospel Because the Gospel leaves no room for simple comparison because the gospel honestly puts us in our place. You know the only comparison Jason that really matters is between senators and a holy God you know. We are sinners and we fall short of the glory of God. There are no exceptions to that but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news so instead of being insecure the Gospel tells us we can securely rest in Christ and. Here's something else. The Gospel does it gives us great. Hope it takes her eyes off of ourselves and puts it on Christ who is the main in character of the story of redemption. So it's just reordering things to how it should be to God's design and what we need to do is we need to continue you to live every day with that truth before us. We need to take our focus off of ourselves to behold God and by His grace man we need to put off the old man and live in the new identity in Christ that is given to us and to know that our value and are worth is not contingent on anything or anyone else apart from our God who is unchanging and so when we and live with their identities firmly rooted and Jesus and keep the Gospel ever before us we won't struggle within security and will find that we will will be able to better understand like really understand that anything good is given from above. Yeah but so good. I think you're so right when we can take our eyes off of ourselves and stop navel-gazing where I look to Christ who is our identity man all that insecurity there's just no room for it and it just it can't survive in that kind of environment And you know as in thinking about how do we combat these other issues of envy and pride I was thinking I think actually combat them both in the same way because I think that there are two sides of the same coin. Yeah right so I thought of three kind of major things that we need to be seeking after in order to combat combat envy and pride that comes in to play with this comparison of gifting and one of them is humility so first of all we need to recognize is an acknowledged the truth that it's God who gives these gifts and that he has our best interest in mind in sovereignly averagely administrating these gifts to us. So that means we don't have to be envious of what he has given to others because we know Oh that he does what is best. Yeah and we have no place to be prideful because we know that we didn't do anything to earn it. It's all his work. Irk sure so that just comes back to knowing and reminding ourselves what God's word tells us about this issue of spiritual gifts and the second thing in in addition to humility is gratitude which I think flows out of humility and so we have to remember that God does not give us gifts because we need them but God gives us gifts because somebody else does right. Our gifts are given to us for the good of the body of Christ. Yeah and so. We can combat envy by expressing gratitude to God forgiving others the gifts that we need to benefit from right if if we realize Oh God has gifted the body of Christ in order to help me. Some he's given someone else a gift that I need to to benefit from man we can praise him for that and instead of being envious that we don't have it. Just thank the Lord that someone else has that to offer for us On the flip side we can combat pride by expressing gratitude to God for mercifully working in us in the midst of our own weakness right when we turn to him in gratitude. We are acknowledging that this isn't of us that it's all of Heaven uh-huh and there's no place for pride there so humility gratitude and then third we need to serve. You know ask yourself how can can you use your gifts for the good of others. And the way that this combat's envy is that we begin to see the fruit of how God has gifted us as we serve out of our gift ings and we can rejoice in that we can see the good that he intended for what he has worked. Worked in US and it also combat's pride because as we're serving we're shifting our focus from how we can puff ourselves up and better ourselves and serve our own best interest were shifting to ask how we can encourage and build up others And so I think that really envy. VM pride they go hand in hand and the way that we combat them is really the same. You know as I'm hearing you talk them like beyond such amazing and grace that God designed it that way to help us. Not Be so self reliant but we can't do it all on her own. That's grace once. I started viewing spiritual ritual gifts as gifts like you said given to me to gift to others. Like things really shifted and I think as we begin to really let that sink in that our gifts are sovereignly. Given by God to us for the common good will move from Comparing our spiritual gifts to actually celebrating our gifts and others guests like we will collectively celebrate them. And I think it's proper I think that's right. We should cherish them because they are gifts ordained by God for his people to the praise of his glory And they're given given to us to strengthen us not for our own self promotion but to the service and good of others and there's this beautiful all truth fat because these gifts are for the common good for the good of the body like we've been saying and like you said we benefit from other people's gifts and that such profound truth that we can easily lose sight of but it's so rich and it's so good yeah and I have seen that play out out time and time again in the context of my own local church. You know we have people in our local church who are gifted in teaching and can draw us all to God's word so that we can know him more fully. Yeah and we have people who are gifted in administration and they plan our events aunts and they make our budget and they really help the church to function in a way that we can steward what God has given to. I want you know we have people who are especially gifted in welcoming uppers who show up early to make coffee and in greet people and make them feel welcome and I can tell you personally that I have been so encouraged and so add a fide fide by those people who remember what kind of tea I like to bring and make sure that it stocked with the Coffee Bar and it's just you know all these different different people come together We also have people who have experienced and abilities that might not be considered spiritual gifts per se but they I use them for the benefit of the body. Anyway right so whether it be technical skills to run audio and lights on Sunday morning or it's people who have skills in web design who have made our website beautiful and accessible or people with handy skills who paint the walls and have helped to build furniture that we need for the new building that we just purchased right so we have all of these people using their own talents abilities and their spiritual gifts for the good of the body of Christ. And you know you might look at someone who leads worship through music or teaching or whatever and say. Hi Wish I could do that. But the truth is we're not gonNA function properly as a body. If everybody is gifted in that way right it might be like have some really pretty music. But the church isn't going to be functioning the way it's most too And so we are better together not in spite of our differences but because of them. Yeah man as you were talking. I also thought the people who serve in like children's ministries. Yeah so grateful for them Bam we really do need each other. That was God's good designed nine for his people. Yeah I really do. Think the metaphor of the body depicts the depth of that truth so well I think it's so interesting that it was the natural progression of all of Paul's writings on this She said it was in every major passage. Because yeah if someone within the body is not exercising the gifts Scott has given them the effects are actually systemic. It says if the eyes were not functioning you know that lack of site would uniquely affect the entire body and so we need each other walking and step with the spirit and utilizing the guests that he has given us and we need each other for so so many reasons and much work through those real quick here first off we need each other for our mutual Sancta vacation and we talked about this more more at length and episode twenty nine studying scripture together. So if you haven't listened to that I encourage you to go back. But we're just sanctified as a body and we develop unity the unity as a party when we study got together and we go in depth in that episode but we talked a little bit about how we can help each other see our blind spots and we can share insight and understanding and I thought of proverbs. Twenty seven seventeen right iron sharpens iron. One man sharpens another and Joanna. You did a great job of showing us. How different gifts within your local church contributes to the vitality of the whole church? And so you know just thinking about that. It's not just the people with the gift of teaching that edify the body though they do in a special way by faithfully teaching the word and helping people rightly handle the word of God. But I'm just saying that. Our churches need those with the gift of administration to help the body function in an orderly manner rating and then they reflect our God of our order. So we get to see God's nature and a fuller way and we need those with the gift of service you know. They do a lot behind the scenes but we need them to help ministries emissions worship service just happen and so there are just so many different ways we can help each other grow in Christ likeness ignace and as we enjoy the fruit of sanctification and our own Reis are going to be multiplied when our brothers and sisters are also so growing and Christ likeness because we share this ultimate aim to glorify God and so when this happens we are going to collectively of Lee rejoice. Yeah I love that in that building up of the body that sanctification that we experienced together and you know I also think that we we need each other in the body not only for the good of the body but also for the good of those who are watching You know one of the amazing things about how God has designed the body of Christ is that it's so different from much of the way that the world actually works. You know if we look around the world differences differences tend to be a reason for division instead of a reason for unity. You know we talk a lot in our world in our culture about the need to come together to show kindness to each other despite our differences but the truth of the matter is that's not the reality. That's not what really happens most of the time time but if the body of Christ functioned the way that God intended it to function imagine the witness that that would be into a divisive watching world. Imagine if we actually did celebrate our differences and actually rejoiced in them and saw after them because as we know that we need each other. You know we're not always very good at this. You know the body of Christ. We are a body of sinners being sanctified by God's saving grace but this is what we are called to. This is what we are called to grow up into. And what an amazing witness for the world around us to see the body of Christ. The people of God are united and stronger. Yeah because of their differences. Yeah you're so right like true. Unity amongst diversity not because of shared interests or an passions but because of the Gospel like fat fat is truly beautiful yeah absolutely and unite the thera lot of practical implications of this of the fact that we have this unity and diversity and one of those is that we need to get involved in a local church show as we look at the fact that God has gifted us individually as members of one body. I think that there are a lot of practical implications for us as believers and you know. I think that what we need to see is that we need to get involved in the body of of Christ and specifically I would encourage getting involved in a local church and there are several reasons for this one. Is that you. We need the body of Christ in that. First Corinthians twelve passage where. It's talking about the body of Christ verse. Twenty one says the I cannot. I'd say to the hand I have no need of you nor again the head to the feet I have no need of you and so what we see is that we cannot say. I don't need the body of Christ Christ. We have to realize that watching sermons. Online isn't enough for our growth and functioning in the body of Christ. I mean going to church coach on Sunday mornings honestly isn't enough. We need each other and that means that we need community. We need to be intentional about getting involved fault. Maybe that's joining a community group at your church or meeting up with someone in your local church on a regular basis because we know that that those other people have something that we need for our spiritual growth and that we as a body need in order to fulfill what Christ has called us to do. Yeah so you you need the body but also the body needs you. Yeah here's the thing you have gifting that God has given you for a purpose and that purpose this is to serve other members of the body and so if we're not using our gifts for the good of our fellow believers honestly we're walking in disobedience. To put it bluntly we are sinning and I know that feels weird to say. 'cause it's a lot easier to recognize sin for something that we are doing than something something that we're not doing. Yeah but if we are not using our gifts for the good of the body than we need to repent and I think we can ask ourselves some questions questions in order to get involved. And that's how has God gifted me. What role has he placed me in? What resources has he provided? Me With and how can these things be used for the building up of the body and you know when this happens when we see the body of Christ working together as God intended us to a beautiful thing happens and we see it. And I Corinthians twelve twenty four through twenty six says that God has so composed the body giving greater honor to the part that lacked it that there may be no division in the body that the members have the same same care for one another if one member suffers all suffered together if one member is honored all rejoice together and isn't not just something that we all want that we all long for is to walk together not suffer alone and to have someone to actually share our choice. Well you know I think a lot of try to find this and things like a romantic relationship and you know God absolutely has gifted. Did those of us who are married with this opportunity to have someone to walk alongside us and share our burdens but we also need to know that we can have have that kind of family loving unity whether we're married or single because we are united to the rest of the body and when we suffer we all suffer together and if we are honored we all rejoiced together. We are called to be in this together. Yeah off that's also good and think that's great encouragement to not just attend a local church but really be involved in the local church to actually be the church we want to encourage ourselves and all all of you that are listening to us the gifts that are entrusted to you to edify the church and you do have have a gift right. We've Read First Corinthians twelve like so many times but look at bursts seven to each is given the manifestation of the spirit for the common good. So that saying if you are united to Christ if you're a member of the body of Christ you have a role to play in fulfilling the calling God has given to the body because you were given the manifestation of the spirit so you have a gift yeah and you might be listening thinking cool. I have no yeah no idea what that is not know what may sphere gifts are. How do I find out great question? Yeah so You you know there are these things called spiritual gifts tests out there and you know. I want to kind of caution you so that these can be helpful to give you kind of an overall idea But we have to know that these are not the end all be all right eight right. Yeah a test that you take online isn't going to tell you the spiritual gifting that the whole year has given given you with absolute certainty. Yeah right that's just not the way that it's going to work so just like any kind of personality test. These things can be helpful but we don't need to let them be the end. All be all ran us right. I would say a better way to find out. Start serving you know if you I don't know your gifting don't worry so much about figuring out what is my gift but instead ask the question. Where is their need that I can help fell? Yeah you know Paul is talking in this. First Corinthians twelve passage about how we don't all have the same gifts how they're going to be different and then he says this I will show you a still more excellent way and so there's something that he's GonNa tell us that's more important. And then what are specific gifting is and he tells us what that is. The beginning of First Corinthians chapter thirteen. Here's what he says. If I speak in the tongues of men and of Angels Angels but have not love I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal and if I have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and all knowledge allege and if I have all faith so as to remove mountains but have not love I am nothing if I give away all I have and if I deliver up my body to be burned but have not love I gain nothing and so above all the specifics of the different spiritual gifts is love. Yeah this is what the purpose of these things are. This is what is going to be enduring. Passed all of them and so look for ways days that you can love others even if you don't know what your specific spiritual gift is. You're going to be exercising in some way if you are faithfully faithfully seeking to serve and love others and you know we can't let this uncertainty be an excuse to not love others right. All these other gifts are going to pass away but love never fails surprise. That's that's the context of that love passage learners patient. Love is kind you know. Oh all of that. It's in the context of these gifts. And that is the purpose of them and so we can start. They are even if we don't know how the rest is going to work out. And that's how we find doubt we find out by serving and I would also say become involved in a community like we've talked about already and ask those people who know you. Well you know say to them. Where do you think would be a place that I could serve based on what you have learned about me? What kind of gifting do you see evidenced in my life? Sometimes we need the insight of another believer who has walked with us. Yeah to help us see those things you know when we enter into community community and to real community with others they can call out gifting they see in us so much of the involvement that I have in my local local church right now is because somebody who knew me said. Hey I really think that you would be a good fit for this. Would you be willing to serve here. Yeah and you know even thinking back before my local church the whole reason that I ever considered becoming a teacher. which is what I did? Right out of college is because my high school schoolteacher said Hey. I think that this is something that you need to pursue when it comes to not only our talents and our abilities but even our spiritual L. Gifting 's those in the body of Christ who have walked with us can be an incredible resource and helping us to identify and Stewart those gifts fs and our lives. Yeah I totally agree. That's kind of my story as well It wasn't a spiritual gifts test or anything although I have taken them but what was more enlightening and helpful Lasting for me was just having someone within the body of Christ like encouraged me in that way and identify it and so since since then I mean I try to be very intentional and calling out gifting that I see in those around me I think it's so much easier to identify gifts and other people people then in our cells and I also think it's just encouraging and loving too and we need to help each other persevere in the fight fight of faith so there are many reasons just kind of Have Your eyes open to other people's gifts because like we said we need each other We benefit from each other's gifting things so I think you said a really good point that this can only happen like this figuring out spiritual gifts calling it out in each other if we're doing more than just showing up right even if you don't know your gifting I think you're so right. We need to say this again. Like serve in some way. Even if that means like you're just lingering during around at first like just remember that there is always room Yeah who serve and ticket plugged in and I think more often than not the the problem is is that we don't give the time and space That's needed to kind of figure things out and so just an encouragement to just extend extend grace and put yourself out. There may not happen the first Sunday or the second Sunday but discontinue showing up continue. I'm really doing what you can hand to plug into your community. Yeah and you know in light of that. I think it's important to Kinda give this word of caution that be careful that you aren't confusing to serve in certain ways because that's not my gifting shrew You know I was looking through these different spiritual gifts passages. There are a lot of spiritual gifts listed in the New Testament that we are actually all called to exercise in some degree even if it's not our particular spiritual gifting so for example spiritual gifts included are giving showing mercy service right. We're all called to do these thing. Yeah but for some they are given this manifestation of the spirit in a particular way in those areas. And so don't use service isn't my gifting as an excuse to kind of sit idly by in your church and do nothing. Hey don't don't use. I'm not gifted generosity or giving as a reason to have a tight grip on our own material possessions and You know I do want to say I think is important for us to be mindful of where we might have weaknesses and consider that right so if we're not gifted in teaching. We probably shouldn't volunteer here to speak at our churches women's retreat right. That's not where we are going to be. Best able to use our time and it's important for us to be good stewards stewards of what we have to offer. And it's not going to benefit the rest of the body but on the flip side. Let's say that God has done something. Something incredible in your life and your women's ministry leader has asked you to take a few minutes to share about that and at your women's Bible Study Right Eight. That might be a time when you say okay. I'm not gifted in teaching. But maybe God is asking me to serve out of my weakness and share share. What he has done proclaim his good works like scripture calls us to even though? This isn't my particular gifting right. So yes as we need to be mindful of our spiritual gifting. Yes we need to focus our time in the places that we are gifted because God has gifted us there for a reason but and we also have to realize cleaning bathrooms or taking out the trash at church is not a spiritual gift and somebody's gotTa do it right. We all can step in and serve you. Even if that's not our gifted right I I also find it interesting when Paul talks about how we do not all have the same gifts. He calls us to desire some of the gifts that we do not have avenue earnestly now out of envy but out of a desire to serve others and so this makes me think that maybe our gifts aren't a one and done in kind of thing that may be. God gives them to us at different times for different occasions. You know. I don't have a place where scripture directly says that scripture. It doesn't say you'll be given different guests different times but in this is kind of me taking this context of this passage. If we're called to desire those gifts chiefs maybe they're not always going to be static and so. I think that we need to be open to what God might be calling us to do. And where we might be. We needed to fill some need in the local body of Christ. Yeah I always say if God has called you to it he's going to equip you through it so or or to do it well and so yeah. I love that you know. We are all called to spread the good news. Even if we don't we have the gift of Angelism we are still call to walk by the spirit and grow in Christ likeness and love our neighbors and make disciples which actually are all aspects of evangelism. So I think the best sway to go about all of this is just to keep God's global mission as your life mission keep it in mind and be apart like really a part of a local church and be under the care of your pastor and strive to live according to the word of God with a heart sat on obeying his lead. And we can't go wrong doing those things. Yes absolutely absolutely. I love that. Well praise God that he has made us different. I hope thet we can walk away from this conversation with hopefully a fresh perspective afresh humility and gratitude and just excitement for what God is doing through us and through the rest of the body for the good of his kingdom and his name. Well we want to thank you all for joining us once again. Hey we quoted lots of scripture And so you can find all of those references including those kind of four four key passages in our show notes and you can always find our show notes at daily grace. PODCAST DOT COM. We'll always have all the episodes up there for you to listen to as well thank you so much for joining us and we'll talk to you next day

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