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The following program is sponsored by the National Prayer Chapel win down in the river to pray studying about that good way down the starry crown. Good Lord Schumi. ooh Oh sisters. Let's go down. Let's go down. Come on down. Oh Oh sisters. Let's go down down in the river to pre down the river to pray studying about that. Good ole the robe and crown good coach attention all authors less less go down long Come on down down uh down in the river to pray studying about that good the starry crowned around. Oh God let's go down Down Oh let's go down to study you role in. Come on what you want to go on a AH stay away Sean. This ground you the last it now. Studying welcome to pilgrim's progress. I'm Ray Greenlee from the National Prayer Chapel. In the fifth chapter of the book of Romans were told by one person one man sin entered the the world and it was by one sin when Adam and Eve took that piece of fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They transferred the ownership of the world from the hands of the Almighty God into the hands of Satan himself and with that came the plunge of the whole human race into sorrow degradation uncleaned US Satan was determined he would destroy this creation. Shen of God no by one man who died on calvary ovary a way was opened for the entire human race to once more transition -sition into the presence and power of the Almighty God of Heaven and redeem the earth from the wickedness business. Now we're talking about are you a Romans Romans seven Christian or are you a Romans eight Christian and what is the glory a Romans eight Christian. Well let's review quickly Romans. Seven tells us that a person has no victory. They can't overcome their sin so they call themselves a Christian. They perhaps have even been baptized sized in water but they still walk in darkness. They still walk in rebellion against the Almighty but they consider Themselves Christians and consider themselves saved in fact one anglican bishop became so enraged aged with me. When I taught on this broadcast that you could leave your sin by the power of the blood of Jesus that you could walk walk clean before Jesus? This Anglican bishop became soon raged. He threw me out of his church. I was preaching in his church. He threw me out. He forbid me from even coming on their campus. This was for him the chief heresy because he believes in a Christian sinning he is Romans seven Christian. He has no victory and he doesn't believe it's possible all we'll let me say this very kindly. It is in the bitterness of disappointment it is in the heartbreak of failure it is the recognition of our being utterly ineffective. It is coming into a deadlock where we can finally come to the other end of ourself in finally can come to terms with what it means to be a Romans. Eight Christian going to good down there today. This is Halloween Halloween Day October thirty first. It is a celebration of death covered over by awesome sweet candies that we give our children but it is in every respect a demonic devilish celebration of death. Both I don't celebrate death. I celebrate life and the joy of walking in oneness with Jesus but there is a death we must speak of. It is coming coming to the end of ourselves and being willing. Now to be transitioned from a life of failure and death a life of sin a life of compromise a life of walking with one foot in the Kingdom of God and one foot in the devils kingdom not realizing that. You can't walk that way. You have both defeating the devils kingdom even though you're claiming to be a Christian it's that bag that I spoke of yesterday from whole foods that is to carry the produce produce out of the grocery store and there's a hole in the bag and the groceries all fall out onto the ground as you're walking that is very typical of many who call themselves Christians. You put your money in your bag and suddenly it's gone and you wonder what happened all my money. Will there holes in your bag. It leaked out with have to come to recognize that the true condition of our heart before God. And it's those failures those disappointments as bitter disappointments. It's that sickness and that pain it's it's the recognition of our gross mistakes. I tell you I wish I could have lived this life without making any mistakes I've made so many and they've cost me so much and and they've caused my heart such pain before God that I flee to him I flee to His mercy in His grace grace not understand Romans eight. We have to go into Roman. Six Roman seven is almost based in parenthesis but Romans six flows right into Romans eight. So let's take take a look at Romans six and let's understand what is it that's required of you of me to make the transition From a life of failure to a life of glorying in Romans eight now just to give you a taste you know Romans eight but I'm going to give you just a taste again so that I can wet your appetite. Appetite for where we're going therefore see therefore is referring to something therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Jesus because through Christ Jesus the the law of the spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death so we have to be set free from when this law of sin and death that Adam and eve brought us into as a human race and we must be brought into the law. Aw of the spirit of life. That's what Jesus did at the Cross. Now this is not understood because many of you have thought that you were walking in juices aces in the midst of your sin. So a person who says to me you know pastor. I'm I'm living with somebody that I'm not married to but it's okay because I'm a Christian in Jesus knows and he's forgiven me no he hasn't are you kidding me. Well every night I get on my knees and I say Jesus please forgive me for living with this woman and I'm not married to her. He didn't even hear your prayer. You're not forgiven or the person who says you know I. I get drunk every once in a while. I get drunk or or every once once in a while I'll I'll smoke. Backed pack a day or two packs. A day. You're destroying the Temple of God. Do you think that you can get on your knees and say Jesus forgive me. And he's forgiven. You know you're not forgiven finished all you've just gone through a psychological process to make yourself feel good so that you can continue walking in your S- is in some of you go to the Internet. And in just a couple of clicks you're on that web page age of pornographic images and then you masturbate and then after you're finished finish you feel dirty you feel clean and you sit. Jesus forgive me did forgive you know no. It doesn't work that way. We don't walk in sin and then say Jesus I repent. I'm sorry. Please forgive me and now I'm back with Jesus doesn't work that way. It's a false tope. It's an insanity that's not how Jesus functions I'm going to share with you today. How Jesus walks and I'm going to share with you how you can be forgiven for that fornication fornication or that divorce were that abortion? I'm going to tell you today how you can can be forgiven for that penelope. It's not going to be easy but it is a free gift. You're going to have to be transitioned from the destruction of the flesh into life in the spirit. Now this passage in the eighth Chapter I WanNa just highlight one piece and we'll come back to it and back to it and back to it. I have much Anita share with you next week regarding this issue. Therefore now there is no condemnation for those who were in E. N. in and Christ. Jesus that's a lock. If that's a position in Christ Jesus now the Holy Spirit comes to every man and every woman and calls them to come out of their darkness in their sin. And you may say pastor the Holy Spirit is with with me that does not mean you are saved. You may even walk in some of the gifts of the spirit that it does not mean you are saved. Remember what Jesus said. The last part of the sermon on the mount many will come to me in that day and say Lord Lord did we not do this and this and perform this miracle and and he says to you depart from me you work of iniquity. I don't know you so it's possible to even perform miracles and be lost and go to hell. This is serious an I beseech. You don't be dumbed down by this lying lying preaching about God's grace covers you even though you may sin God's graces there and it covers as you over God's grace's everything no that's not God's grace that's that's make believe grace that's cheap grace. It's not real grace. Real grace transforms men or woman into the likeness of Jesus. Now today something. That's very popular. IS WE WANNA have our wonderful worship songs and we WANNA come into his zone of worship and we one have these warm fuzzy feelings and we call that the spirit of God it is not the spirit of God it is not the spirit of God. The spirit of God does not bring us into a zone of emotionalism and sentimentalism. Were we feel all warm and fuzzy and we say oh the Holy Spirit's here the Holy Spirit. No is not get the same high by going to a wicked concert. Get the same high by going to the Kennedy Center sitting through an opera where you have this wonderful music and and voices and action and lights and and you're enthralled Paul and you're and you're just filled yes that's not the Holy Spirit come on let's get real people WANNA sing songs for forty five minutes before the worship service okay. I'm not against singing praise and worship. I love praise in worship but to imagine that I can come into a praise and worship service filled with myself with my pride with my I pleasure with my wickedness and I can somehow say oh I'm in the presence of God and God loves me and he's forgiven me for my sins since you're walking in insanity that is not how the spirit of God will function with you. That's not how you walk in Romans. Eight not understand this. We need to come to Rome and six. And there's a book written by George Watson in eighteen forty five to nineteen twenty-three his life span. He was a holiness methodist preacher in the late nineteenth century writing about Moses he says the Bush burned with fire and the Bush was not consumed. It's evident that the burning Bush was a type of what God wanted Moses to be just as slow slow. The flames pervaded the Bush without withering its leaves or an any wise damaging its natural functions so God designed the whole being of Moses should be aflame with the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit without infringing upon his free the agency and without destroying any of the legitimate functions and faculties of his being. The question is often asked what will the baptism of the Holy Spirit eliminate from the human nature. The True scriptural answer is it will destroy sin and nothing but sinn some of imagined that if all sinful tempers was in desires are removed it involves a partial destruction of the human nature no it simply involves was the destruction of sin from the human nature when it is preached that the Holy Spirit can destroy the mental taste for light and trash trashy literature or movies. Or whatever your entertainment of choice is it does not involve the changing of the constitution of the mind but simply the purging out from the mind. The vivid fight and false tastes. The Lord did that with me with football. I used to hold huge. Redskin party's fact. I've even in the past many years ago released the Church early so we can all go to the football parties other since it was utter wickedness before God but I didn't realize it I was walking and room and seven so when we insist that the holy Lee Spirit can destroy the desire for alcohol tobacco. Opiates it is through by some some. It is thought by some that it involves the upsetting of the physical body of man but no simply involves the destruction of the abnormals appetites and cravings for those things which are positively against the normal constitution of a person's body eh all those appetites and faculties which God appointed to the body and mind will not be destroyed by any degree of holiness But those things that have been devised an and brought to pass in man by the work of the devil God will destroy by his Holy Spirit. It the flame of fire did not change the original constitution of the Bush or turn it into another species of tree or straighten the limbs into some kind of mathematical line the full baptism the Holy Spirit simply simply cleanses away all sin from the believer and fills him with the love of God without Durant Djing in the least the original constitution of either body mind or spirit without turning the believer into any other species. ABC's of being without changing his capabilities into those of any other person without necessarily straightening out his his special habits of righteousness his idiosyncrasies his way of being if it's not unholy it won't be changed each of us has a multitude of defects attaching even to the holy ones defects resulting from thousand complex causes some heredity some from race. Ace some education some from previous sinful habits some from defective faculties injuries injuries or being born with an infirmity. God is the infinite searcher of the heart. Pardon me he can an. We've the tangled skin and way and judge all the details details of a Christian's life in thought and in action so we may not be a towering redwood tree tree. We may not be a beautiful palm tree in the Florida breeze. We may not be a a cedar of Lebanon in Full Perennial Green. We might just be that ACACIA shrub. Growing on a store in a stony mountainside inside in ourselves the poorest and weakest and most despised of all things loaded with manifold infirmities and yet be so cleansed from sin so filled with the pure love of Jesus so filled filled with the celestial flame that the Holy Spirit makes us much better than we are and many will pause to wonder at the mystery of such a week thing being the residence of such glory. Pure love is a flame that Burns without consuming the sole words from pasture. GD Watson he's right on track as we come to Rome and six. I WanNa read something for you. This is verse three. No let me go back just very quickly to Romans eight. We are talking about the difference between the spirit of God being with and the spirit of God being in we're talking about the Holy Spirit bringing US along in spiritual growth confronting us with our sins to that transition point where we finally enter into. Jesus you cannot enter into Jesus in your sin you can be with the Holy Spirit and still be walking in your sin all of the Old Testament Sampson and many others. All all of the old covenant the Holy Spirit was with them but he was not in them because according into John Seven Jesus had not yet been glorified. The woman at the well did not receive the water that Jesus spoke of because he had not yet been glorified it was only after he was glorified that the Holy Spirit could come into a man or woman up to that point he was with but not in. Now let's look get the transition point that begins to be spoken of in Romans the sixth chapter and then we're going to go in much more detail all next week and I urge you share this with a friend. Subscribe to this broadcast and don't miss next week's broadcast. They will be life giving they will be that that. which will transition you? If you heed the word from the realm of Romans seven to fully living in Romans eight and the glory. Laurie of Romans. Eight now Romans. Six verse three. Are you ignorant. That is many as were baptized into Christ. Jesus were baptized into his death. Now again. This is not speaking about being baptized with water water. Baptism Jasim will not bring you in to Jesus Christ it is only the Holy Spirit. Baptism that brings you in to Jesus. Christ we need to pay very careful attention to the way these words are used. Paul was careful. And we're going to go in-depth in the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Luke Matthew Mark and there you will see they are very very careful how they use these terms. It's only those who are baptized into Christ. Jesus not with water baptism but with Holy Spirit baptism really we were buried together with him by means of the baptism into the death. That just as Christ was raised out from among the dead men by the glory. Laurie of the father. So also we may walk around in newness of life and that word newness means never existed before. It's something brand new. So what's he saying. Well being baptized into Christ. Jesus aces in baptized into his. Death are the work of the Holy Spirit not water. This baptism is that newness of of life that never existed under the law. Neither does it exist under the punishment of the law. That's important now now. This new life in Christ is on the ground of his shed blood and being regenerated through faith in that shed blood that is being made new to the shed blood of Jesus in this disposition disposition or dispensation. I'm sorry of grace. Mankind is restored from from the image of Adam in which he was born to the image of God. What is the image of God? Scripture tells us the image of God is Righteousness Holiness and true knowledge by the Baptismal power power of the Holy Spirit so this restoration is spiritual. It is moral and it is accomplished by the Holy Spirit Irit so Jesus is the end of the law for righteousness. Accordingly he is the end of all sin for those who are baptized into him for this is a baptism into his death and induction in to Jesus Christ which is a walk in the newness of life l.. Let me break this down a little bit when we come to Jesus and we are baptized into hid in into his death. We are literally saying I am prepared. Now to be. Transitioned transitioned totally out of my old life. And into a new life. I'm ready to be transitioned transitioned out of my sin. Life and into a righteous life righteous simply means innocent. That's the base meaning of Decca Suny a righteousness it is. I am innocent. So when when you come in to Jesus you enter into his death and you die. The only way to overcome mm sin is to die to it. How do I die to it? I Dr to it by coming to Jesus Aces and saying Lord. I'm asking you please. By your shed blood to totally change me and transformed me into a new creature church now this can happen very quickly or it can take a fair amount of time. It is required that we repent member John The baptist. The first word he spoke was repent the first word. Jesus spoke was repent the first word the apostles spoke the first word. Peter spoke the first word. Paul spoke was repent the only way into Jesus Christ is repentance where I finally willing to say I have failed enough. I've been disappointed enough in myself and in my ability to perform what Jesus would have be do that. I'm ready to give up all of my humanism. The the famous writer and presenter Tony Robbins or other humanists like Oprah for winfrey or Napoleon Hill think and grow rich or Clyde Bristol the magic of believing or a whole range of others Dr Jim Polski with the course in miracles on every hand there are humanists. Who WanNa tell us that you can be the very best you can be if you'll just try harder if you'll stop making poor decisions and make right decisions and then they give you all kinds of strategies for how to be successful how to change the way you think how to change the way you view reality how to have a paradigm shift? I used to follow all of these very carefully and try to do everything they suggested in I ended up in bitter failure. It didn't bring me to Jesus. Didn't bring me to holiness. It didn't bring me victory. It kept me and Roman seven. I can't I can't give you any news except that that there's only one way into Jesus you can continue with the Holy Spirit striving with you outside of you but there's only one way to come in Jesus and that's by the baptism of the Holy Spirit no water baptism I believe is very important. Portent it is the signing of the Covenant that says I will enter into Jesus and I am now leaving all of my sin I have repented specifically of every area of sin in my heart and in my life I have given it into the hand of Jesus I have asked him Kim to transform me into his likeness. I have renounced it in the name of Jesus and now prepared to die to myself utterly completely and finally you understand. There's no longer room for embiid or bitterness or anger or selfishness. There's no room now for uncleanliness fornication pornography you are now being transitioned by a work of God not by your work. Your job is to come before the Lord and be very honest and take responsibility for how you have fended him for how you have hurt others for you for how you have stolen from others how your bitterness has driven you to a place of desperation and loneliness to sickness genesis it is at time of abject humility before God. Were you finally admit you cannot be saved by your works that even the very best you have to offer is as a minstrel cloth a minstrel pad the woman just throws away because it's disgusting in its bloody. You've gotta come to a place where that's how you feel about your very best works to to earn. God's love you come with nothing you come with your hands open. You don't come clutching your baggage. You cannot enter into Cheeses Sa's and think you somehow have something to offer him in the way of skills or abilities. That's why Moses spent those forty years herding sheep. Not even his sheep hurting his father in law's sheep cleaning out. There knows cleaning the infestation of maggots in the nose of the sheep. He had to clean those out he had to clean the lice. Out of there are their coats. He had to lead them and care for them for forty years. He was being trained to take care of the rebellious children of Israel and he was being prepared to be filled with the glory of God so much. So Oh that men and women could not bear to look at his face because the glory of God shown with such brilliance from his countenance. You WanNa walk in the glory of Romans Eight. Then you've got to begin and chapter six and you've got to begin to recognize the only way you can enter Jesus by the baptism of the Holy Spirit not the happy spirit not the music spirit. Not not the sentimental sloppy spirit not the permissive spirit. He is a Holy Spirit. And you're going to have to come to the other end of yourself if you want to enter into life now you can continue to deceive yourself that you're fine that you go to church that you participate in all all of the offerings and celebrations of the church. You read all the right rituals but you're still walking and room and seven and you've never surrendered rendered that secret sin to Jesus so you look on women and lust after them. You look at your pornography if you have a chance you for indicate you lie to your wife or are your husband you lie to your children and your boss you steal at work you steal time time supplies you watch violent movies you fill your heart with filthiness filthiness and then you have the insane imagination that you're saved and and somehow you can't change this well you can't but Jesus Ken and he's willing to but you're going to have to die if you're going to do that you're going to have to come to a place in your life of a finally saying I'm guilty as charged and there's no hope for me I must Jesus can save me and I want want to tell you today he can save you listen really we were buried together with him by means means of the baptism into the death that just as Christ was raised out from among dead men by the glory of the father so also so we may walk around in newness of life that is the promise of God to you but you must first enter into that death up self and you can even put yourself to death that's a work the Holy Spirit's can have to do as he comes with you holy spiritus calling you right now I know in the spirit I year of calling I hear him calling you oh my brother my sister are you gonNa go back and stay in that wickedness are you gonNa make pretend that you're saved even while you're lost that's insanity by definition that's insanity I mean if if you come to visit your brother and he's out in the garage and he has to before his lay down on the floor and he's hammering together and making a ladder and you say to him what are you doing and he says I'm making a ladder and you say well what do you need a ladder for new say. I'm making a ladder so I can climb to the moon what you're making a ladder to climb to the moon. Yes you're insane brother. You can't reach the moon by making a ladder you can't reach heaven by pretending that you can clean yourself up and do self-improvement and do strategies for success somehow. Continue you to walk in your sin and think that you are going to reach heaven. Heaven is a lot further away than the moon that is by definition insanity and so enrollment six for if we have become united in the similarity of his death then we should also be united in the similarity of his Resurrection Direction. Knowing this that our old man was crucified with him. So that the body of sin might be destroyed that that we not hereafter serve sin for the one having died has been freed from sin. Please hear me as you begin to confess. Honestly to God and probably you'll need to a brother or sister the sin of your your heart as you confess that and you go to the depth of that and say Lord. Why have I done this? It has offended you as you confess that and you have a sense of remorse for how you have heard our a father in heaven and grieve the spirit of God you finally say. I don't WanNa do that anymore. Holy Spirit I'm done with that I don't WanNa go. They're not going to pretend anymore. Jesus I am being crucified with you. Now Christ these things in me are now being put to death by the the Holy Spirit as I confess them and release them into his hands he will take them. He will take forever your love of money he will take forever. You're selfish ambitions. He will take forever ever the lust of your heart. But you're going to have to be crucified with Christ if you're going to live in the glory of Rome mm-hmm and say this is as real as it can get verse chapter six verse eight but if we died with Christ we believe that we shall also so live with him. Knowing that Christ having been raised out from the dead men dies no more death no longer has dominion over him. For in that he died he died with reference to the sin once for all but in that he lives he lives with respect to God so also you must think yourselves to be dead indeed to sin but living for God God in Christ Jesus Our Lord therefore sin must not reign in your mortal body to obey it in the lust of it and you must not yield your members as instruments of unrighteousness to the sin but once and for all yield yourselves to God as living out from amongst spiritually dead men and yield your members as instruments of righteousness or innocence for God for Sin will not rule over you because you are not not under the law but under grace which shall we say then shall we sin even once hereafter because because we are not under law but under grace certainly not. Do you not know to whom you yield yourselves. As servants is to obey you are servants whom you obey whether of sin in death or of obedience and righteousness but thanks be to God because you used to be servants of sin but you obeyed out from the hardest standard uh of teaching under which you were delivered in having been freed from sin you or made servants with reference to innocence. Now you may never have heard this before but if you WANNA get serious with with God you're going to have to get serious you're going to have to get very sober. And you'RE GONNA have to go before the Lord and asked him to transition you out of your life of Sin into a life of righteousness and that will happen through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is only by the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That Jesus Christ will enter into you or you enter into Jesus. The disciples walked with Jesus this but Jesus was not in the disciples until pentecost Jesus walked the countryside and they walked with him. And you can walk with Jesus and still be in and sin in Romans seven but to be saved you must be saved from your sin. I urge you to read very carefully this week. The book of I John Not The gospel of John First John On. We'll be going there next week. We're out of time for today. I WanNa pray with you quickly Almighty mighty God I just hear that some or grasping or grabbing like a life preserver. This word I've spoken today. I pray Lord your renew accomplish in them all that you desire and and that you will come in power into them thank you Lord I pray in your holy name Amen will. You've been listening to pilgrim's progress aggress. I'm Ray Greenlee from the national chapel. If you'd like to come and learn more about how to walk in. Jesus you're welcome to do that. You can come and be a part of the House church. Let me give you a phone number. Seven three four eight nine one. Seven eight five call and ask for directions and I'll be happy to get those directions to you or you can text me at seven three for eight. Nine one seventy five and I'll be happy to text you. Directions do you want Jesus in all of his fullness wholeness do you WanNa

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