"Dracula" published - May 26, 1897


Class two twenty twenty. We know things have been super weird lately. You were robbed of a graduation ceremony so we found some people to write you mentioned speeches John Legend. He's a Hillary Clinton. She's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj College Coach K. Abby Wambach two ALSI. They're all here to give you the wisdom that we could all use right now tune in. I heart radio new podcast. Commencement speeches are out now on iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcast. This Day in history class is a production iheartradio. Hello everyone I'm Eve's in welcome to this day in History Class. A podcast that brings you a slice of history every single day today is may twenty six twenty twenty. The Day was may twenty. Six 1897 Bram Stoker's novel Dracula appeared on bookshelves in London. While stoker working for the the Irish civil service he became an unpaid theater critic for the Dublin. Evening Mail in eighteen. Seventy six stoker met him reserving an English stage actor. He was considered to be an inspiration for US character. Eighteen seventy eight stoker have moved to London and become acting manager at the lyceum theatre by this time he published several stories including the Crystal Cup published in eighteen. Seventy two and the chain of destiny. A horror story published in eighteen. Seventy five in a newspaper called the Shamrock. Stoker's first novel the Primrose Path was published in the shamrock in eighteen. Seventy five didn't publish his next novel. The snakes pass until eighteen ninety but stoker didn't get a ton of attention for his writing until he wrote Dracula and the summer of eighteen. Ninety stoker went to the subscription library in England and requested the accounts of principalities of Valencia and Moldavia by William Wilkinson Wilkinson was a former British Council to Bucharest. Wilkinson's book is most likely were stoker encountered the names through and Rahula which for names for father in San Rulers and Valencia in the fifteenth century. Stoker noted that Kula and Malaysian language means devil while in be stoker also stopped at Whitby Museum and would be harbor where he spoke to members of the royal coastguard about a mysterious ship. The Dmitri that had run aground there several years earlier in the Book Dracula Stoker named the vessel that carries the vampire to Whitby the demeanor of Varna and his notes. Stoker lists more than thirty books that he used as sources for his novel Dracula and he went onto. Research TRANSYLVANIA AND OTHER TOPICS DRACULA for the next several years. One of the original working titles Dracula was the dead end dead. Then simply the undid the play version of the story was presented at the Lyceum theatre on May Eighteenth 1897 consisting of dramatic reading carried out by members of the theater's resident company of actors. Only a couple of people paid to attend the performance in his manuscript. Stoker presented the story as true but his editor rejected this presentation and wanted to publish the story as fiction the first one hundred and one pages of the manuscript were cut jocular was first published the UK by Archibald Constable and company on May Twenty Six eighteen ninety seven. The novel is mainly written in the form of diaries and journals. Kept by the main characters. Count Dracula is a Transylvanian Vampire. Who travels to England to get new blood and turn people into vampires in the end? Jocular is killed. The novel didn't fly off the shelves or make stoker but it did get reviews after jocular stoker continued to write gothic and fantasy fiction but none of the novels stoker later published achieved. The success that Dracula did Stoker died nineteen twelve NOSFERATU to a silent film released in Nineteen Twenty. Two was an unauthorized adaptation of the novel. Florence Stoker brands widow sued the film company for Copyright Infringement. Since then Jackie has grown in popularity and inspired many other films plays and TV shows. I'm Eve Jeffcoat and hopefully you know a little more about history today. You did yesterday. And if you have any comments or suggestions you can send us at this day at iheartmedia dot com. You can also hit us up on social media at T H C podcast on facebook twitter and instagram. Thanks so much for listening to the show. And we'll see you tomorrow for more podcasts. From iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP APPLE PODCASTS. Or area listened to your favorite shows.

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