Episode 407 - Megan Gailey


Hello and welcome to probably science. My name is andy. would i'm mckesson. Hello there let's just jump straight into our guest. Because i i see no reason for an extended. Preamble down extended pre. It's the excellent and very very funny making gailey hay. Megan high smart cuties. I'm good how are you. i'm not. I'm not read it. It's all pretty good over here. Andy is a celeb- on that matt you are also a celebrity. Andy has been gracing. My tv i mean. He's the star of my favorite show. Currently so i think i didn't do a good enough job of staying on top of things social media wise the week. It was happening because i'll catch up to all this later and then like as soon as the last episode airs. Everything comes to an abrupt stop. I was like have backlog dmc to get through. But it's forgotten pretty quickly which is fine by me. It was a fun week so exciting day as the recording action. I mean yeah. That's i think we'll probably talk about that more with alex schmidt. We're going to have on next week. I believe who also did all five of is episodes in a day by the end of the day. You're just oh boy how. Gosh that's true. Marathon was alex does every day. So it's extra impressive. What do they record. If you'd won the last episode would you have taped the next batch of five th the next day or there being a few days off. No the so. Monday tuesday a non-combat actually even these times. Monday and tuesday jeopardy would tape a week's worth on each of those two days and then that entire crew turns over becomes the wheel of fortune crew for wednesday thursday friday. It's the same crew so they get through so that was. I think i was on a tuesday. So i think charlie alex will say we'll see you next week and if it's monday they'll see the next day but he actually did have. Charlie would have had five days off before his next episode. Take this is so fascinating to me. It's like it's just so cool. It was the think back on it. Because like watching the episodes you start to like change your memory of the actual thing experience because you change it to what you're seeing on tv and i'm like must have been fun. They were clapping. There was no. There was no applies. It was an empty. It was like a twilight zone thing where you're just doing this game in silence with just you two people. Alex the applause and things of that afterward. So how hard was it for you to probably less hard than like the real dark dark dark gone. But how hard was it for you to be like. I've got some fun banter bets. Like they're coming up with those like meter telling them ideas and they're like yeah that'll work. You have to give you a prompt a list of twenty or so prompts and you can give things that answer those and then they'll select produce like a handful. Give those to alex. He gets to pick whichever one he wants to talk about. So you know which of the four or five he'll pick from amongst. But then i said this before but i really just wanted to make sure my stuff was short. Even if it wasn't funny i just go. Rambo have one of these that guy who's like a bunch of friends and i we ought to of the country's just just watch his eyes glazing over. You're almost like as a comic jeff. They punch up on staff just for these people to give them like in the story on the laugh. Then you get out you know just general now it's also part of why put my bio. It's just. I don't want to have comedian pressure to have to say something funny and those. I just wanna play this game and not barest myself. I wanna be a normal smart person you know not a little joker writers generally my go-to occupation if Anytime i have to give a job such a dick saying comedian is like it just feels like say like i'm always funny myemma a professional person especially on like an airplane or something so next to you. Ask what you do. That's that's the worst thing i in that situation. I don't even know right. Try i know when he just pick either a very dull occupation like insurance. Just or i go with jazzercise instructor road. Of course you've got some prepared. Follow either those things. If i ask you what the last class taught in jazzercise was. Yeah it was a chess assigned to a jazzercise class. I'm familiar studied to put jazz into the exercise. Oh yeah i'm in bebopper size. It's a little more free form. I see those. I'll say writer this actually to me. Recently i said writer and the guy was like what kind of things do you like to write. I was like. I don't know. I guess comedy and he was like. Are you a comedian. And i'm like yes like coated it. And then and then he goes me and i was like this is worse. Case scenario yeah. You're someone that i've never heard of. Who is also a comedian. So this is going to be less. Yes and i should have known like when he knew what he was like. What are you like to write. I should've been like this is a trap. I should say textbooks or something all like. I write copy for websites. Yeah yeah i write breitbart news. Thank you so megan. All this before we get into the stories. What if anything is. You'll background in science and that has ranged from clauses. You'd like to hate it as a kid to use to blow stuff up in the woods with your friends. Yes so science was hands down my worst subject. Yeah i was like eight straight. As and everything. And then i just fell apart but i went to a elementary school that was a magnet school for science and technology and now i am terrible at science and technology so i do don't know if my parents getting me in there was worth it but i'm happy i got to go there but yeah i basically had to like squeak by in in high school chemistry and then shows a major in college that i would not have to take a lab science ever again. What was your major. I was theater and a communications major. That's a we've had a lot of those on the show with comedians. Yes we did have to take a science. But we did so i took like horticulture and that was very fun and then i took entomology. The study of bugs and our teacher was like a consultant for fear factor. So he was really cool he actually was but it was like a five hundred person lecture hall and the entire football team and then all of the liberal arts majors in there right so to kissing jokes basically yes exactly and i walked in and i was like this is where i belong but i had to have we part at one of our projects. I had to have a pet cockroach. Who lived in my dorm like a little plastic home and my cockroach actually ended up being pregnant and i got so freaked out that i released her in the wild wants experience. The miracle now. I was like i am not ready to be a cockroach foster mom. I love the idea that your professor is an expert and insects and has laid that expertise. Just like what are you. What are you ready. Specialize in the insect world knowing which ones are best joe rogan to put on his face. And i'm sure he had other career qualifications are like cooler but in my eighteen year old brain. That was the only one that stuck out. Oh no definitely. Did you go to college in the region no. I went to a big ten school. I went to purdue indiana so that this teacher also explain which of the bugs were. Edible proponent of food source that's what he specialized in was no wing. Like what bugs you could eat. And what bugs were it kill you and did any was already part of the class that involved. If you want to hear some bugs you can eat or not. I think so yes. I definitely feel that was offered at some point because you have not eaten a bug. I have eaten a bug. I think i feel like. I've eaten a grasshopper i think. Grasshoppers have yeah. Was it hard to get through the crunchiness. Was it a strange christmas. I didn't i didn't like it. There was a thing at the london science museum. They have this new year's eve they do it every and they have like a new year's eve thing at the science museum and a friend of mine is in the band the place so okay cool hookups. So i'm one of the one of the displaced so you know it's like kind of policy and downs policy in the museum but they also have bits of the museum open and some demonstrations and stuff like that and one of the things was it will bugs and they had a little tray with a sample of a bunch of them and some of them were just some of would like a sort of salty snack just tasted almost like just some kind of savory snack mix and then a karma bewitched one. There was one that tasted like dried. Mushrooms had that real sort of muscle to it. Yeah the haunt. I've remembered where eight above. Okay so i was on this net flicks high cooking show. I saw that. And so i was on the one that was like new food and i i was like why am i remember. I was with like two. Nba legends nate robinson. And john salley and we were served a play of crickets and we ate them. They were like in the one was in like a cracker. It was it was insane but we also had. We'd infusing them. I can't believe. I forgot that i was like i have. And it's like yeah. I got high in eight bugs with nba legend out brain. You're exposed right. Yes big time. Fan of specifics athletes beforehand You know. I knew they were absolutely john. Sally was on the bad boys of the pistons. That like predated pacers love but the pistons are like a major issue in my world because that's where the malice at the palace took place and it was up was the artist punching but john salad was not on that team. I i sure knew who he was. And i definitely knew who nate robinson was and i thought they were like the coolest they were there. They are a list former athletes. Definitely i'm from ann arbor so i'm not even a big sports guy but yeah the bad boys with like beer and isaiah. I guess very bad was he. No he was the one that got the most madda of the batboys. Thirty for thirty is actually really good. I mean they're all really. I say actually because i thought i was going to hate it because i was a terrible part of the indianapolis pacers organization to and i loved it. You come out of it being like oh isaiah was a bit of a victim. Interesting way. I guess. I didn't know i thought it was just kind of like a nice guy leader. I didn't know what he was known as. Well he just sort of anyone that was like mad at the image and it was all. We watch a lot of these things down. You're like oh. It was very racially motivated. But i was a young girl in indiana. So i guess i didn't understand that layer yet but there was a lot of hatred directed at the pistons because they did play different and they were put in the mouth in your face and because isaiah was the most famous of the team he got the wrath of of hatred directed at him even though he was the least quote unquote bad of the bad boys interesting. Did you ever play beers. Combat basketball for super nintendo. No i think he's in wnba coach right now who numb and it's so like he's fascinating to me and there's people like old. I mean he's old. He's an elder now and people still like franklin he really brings it out at people. He was a real brawler like he would face right. Oh yeah oh yeah. That's that's the extent of what i know about sports. We've now all answer. Wasn't even i wasn't even going to train shoehorn my interests i i am a blank science slate and i it all to wash over me. I i was going to. We've got stories sent in by listeners. Book while you were talking. I was just looking up a futile bug stories because given we were already talking about that and new scientists has a couple of this week. So i'm going to put this one in the show. This is him this one. Just more information about how bees fly which is still. I think not fully known but honeybees conflict sideways to fit through tight gaps. That idea there's little fat be has to turn on its site just kind of like went through a doorway bumblebees adorable. Bumblebees changed the flight patterns differently. When they have to posture a tight space based on their size indicating that they have some idea of their own size and shape despite this simple nervous systems. I didn't know that that was even a consideration. That i thought about that is one of the first things that moles and creatures no but to mo- most insects have bodied morphine. Actually i've just subscribed to new science. I'm getting a push alerts now. This oh yeah you'll get them for life now to test with a bs or aware of size. Sri ravi at university of new south wales in sydney and colleagues connected full hypes to tunnels through. Which buff tailed bumblebees again. What a name. Buff tailed a bomb. Bus terrestrial had to fly in order to reach foods that in place to wool in the middle of the tunnel partially blocking off but leaving a gap for the beast of slip through as the beast flew up to the will they fit it back and forth to get a better look at the gap and then tilted themselves over to get through without smashing their wings into the wool. The research is a sorry go for it. I just find be so fascinating and so cute. I love bees. The hell they do still scammy but they all but they are adorable if you're not if they're not landing or flying up your leg they don't even scare me. I know inside your closed. They don't scare you. Maybe the the one they really scare me if they like swimming to like drink and you know like that's a real fear but other than that i guess i've just been like stone enough and they're just so cute cute need at. This is true. Drink thing i forgot. That was a big urban legend. Growing up happened was about some kid drinking and not seeing that it was in his can and then it just wrote and he's allergic. Yeah yeah i think it was on rescue nine one one because i feel like i've definitely see it. Seen a dramatic reenactment of a child drinking pepsi with. I'm now looking up something. Because i i'm wondering where this is something that i've completely made up imagines a mess with a bee stings. Make you less susceptible to arthritis. I seem to remember reading is ago. That beekeepers Less likely to have rheumatoid arthritis as they get older interesting. Now all of my guy friends from high school now have hives and make honey really interesting also really interesting. What hometown again. I'm from indianapolis. I would not have guessed that. That is a stereotype about indianapolis. I wouldn't have either. There was there was one guy friend who got really into it. And then i think there were some other friends that had land so it sort of maybe started with one person but I get. I get incredible honey given to me all the time. These friends have waxed moustache. As i'm trying to picture what some of them are like one is like really burt like mountain man asking he makes his own jerky and stuff to one is like the original honeybee masters like a hunk is a tall hunk. They're all kinds of hunky punks. And then you go hug. Honey's yes that's a fireman. Calendars played out. I think beaten counters could be keeper and the thing is you could totally keep their faces out of it wear their little head thing and we just see the ads into this idea or or beekeeper burlesque because there's so many layers if you start with the full beekeeper protective suit you could slowly appeal that off and then you just released bees into the. Yeah exactly by the way i still. I don't know why no one's done cove burlesque yet where you just take off a series of progressively smaller face masks until you just have nostril. Tassels would pay for that so bee venom according to web. Md is given a shot for be sting allergy. Okay that makes sense but it is also used for osteoarthritis parkinson's disease multiple stores is paying another conditions. But there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses Okay so doesn't work. It definitely does reduce your potential to be which makes sense but yeah there is apparently no clear evidence yet that it has a positive effect on any of these other conditions. Okay good i was going to go out and get stung a bunch. Skeptical that simpson scene where they think the These is the key i'm cured. I mean oh yeah so. These researchers observed full hundred flights by the b.'s. And found that the amount they tilted depended on the relative sizes of the gap and the bees lodge be going through small gaps even flew on this sites. Stacey koon at university of california davis says is not that they have a sense of self or would recognize themselves in the mirror but they do seem to have a better sense of their size and shape than we thought. This is similar to how people animals with more complex brains perceive the will says winning warrant at brown university. When you look at a gap you need to walk through you. Calibrate that information to your body size. This emphasizes the university in how we perceive the world from insects to humans and coon says. It's may seem like a no brainer. But it's actually surprisingly complex calculation for simple animals. Be capable of kids sometimes scared to be in the bathtub when you open up the drain. Because they're scared to go down the drain. She said stupid kids. I know unless they've been watching. Stephen king's it. You don't have that understanding how big they are compared to the world around them. It surprising that these do tae. I mean just ending the article with a straight up dunk on tom. Your kit mississippi knows what to do. And you you're gonna fall down a drain kayla. Oh my god. It's like he wanted to. It's like he wanted to raise kids. He's like what's something. I couldn't do that. Kids don't know how to do. But if i can prove bees do i could make fun of scientists like. Who do we sick this antiquated writer on this article. I also didn't know brown was in rhode island. God i guess for. I don't know what i was thinking. It makes sense now. There's there's another insect story that i'm also checking on that 'cause this was also linked to from the same new scientists from page illness. Moss have acoustic camouflage the protects them from bats. Ila smart which i wasn't aware was a specific thing. Have sound absorbent wings that act as acoustic camouflage from praying bats the moth wings have an ultra thin layer of scales that absorb sounds and could be adapted for noise cancelling technology mock holderied at university of bristol in britain says and his colleagues project his sound waves at the wings of two species of ila smaltz. That's here we go. Here's an latin anthony up her knee and that tila sarah's luciana they found that the sound waves that bounce back from the most wings were much quieter by using an imaging technique quote acoustic topography. The team found that these wings have lay a layer of scales that arranged in the special repeating pattern. That absorbs sounds Across a wide range of frequencies similar to how stealth bombers are less detectable by enemy radars. The months have developed a stealth coating against the bat. Sonar says holderied the most wings which around the tenth of a millimeter thick absorb the specific sound waves produced by bats. So yeah bats it into this surroundings. Abusing echo location. As i think most of his new they send out sound waves and when the sound hits an object and echoes produced the bats use these echoes to build a measure their environments because the ill is not swings absorb the sound waves. They remained largely undetected improving their chances of survival. So that really is like a stealth plane so no other. Moths have ultrasensitive is to hit batsmen. The deaf Sound absorbent latte to evade the predators hold read and his team also compared the months with two species of butterflies and found that only the most have the sound absorbing qualities although these wings wings yeah although these wings only absorb sounds like bats it could be adapted for human sound frequencies says akito kara hala of the florida museum of natural history this capri of useful in applications such as sound absorb panels and noise canceling earphones. Some magic a few years time. If you're a yellow bose headphones have Just a little chamber of months in them now. Flopping around i love it or on the outside look like these awesome scales which are pretty. I mean you can link through. You can click on the link to this article in our show notes and see the three d. printed representation of these the moth wings scale patterns. I'm assuming these colors. The colors of the moths. yeah. I'd imagine that color coded by whatever type of the shape of the different scales but yeah. I'm happy for them that they have something over butterflies too. That's true the only time they win in that. Yeah and it's like. Oh listen we're not gonna get we don't we're not that colorful but we're not gonna get eaten by bats. No-one still like a month park and have a picnic amongst the moth soon. But they got the mothman prophecies. And but then i guess they have the butterfly effect. Dammit tolerate the both got movie franchises. What is the moth man's prophecy. Oh it's really scary. It's a horror film about. I don't even know. It may be a little bit sci fi but it's so scary you don't remember any of this specific what he prophesied this buff man. I remember richard gere. I think And then like bad stuff happens like yeah. I think it was so traumatizing. Me as a child blocked some of it out but forget it was better. I didn't think there's a horrible. The mothman dislike prophesying. The stock market going up or something. He's he's wants makeup like a bridge broke like there was like a traffic jam on a bridge and the mothman said break it up. I can't remember what the mothman who looks like. Our what was happening the leucopenia for the movies. The plot is too long to try to rush through. But yes doesn't have richard gere. Is john klein. The mothman who is the moth mad. That's what i can't remember. I think it's i think it's honestly i remember just like a bunch of is appearing. There is only maybe these moths form into a man. I'm just gonna assume it's the movie is a bunch of maltese. Become the voltron man. Give you prophecies. I'm not gonna read this plot summary but yeah in general. Butterflies do win. It's good to have just one one w for the moths collectively. This may be wonder. Oh the bats. Are you scared of bats. Yes i think bats are terrifying. Even an awful. No they freak me out in austin when they're like come see the bats under this bridge. Hell no i i think of that as like bloodsucking a see them. And i'm instantly afraid. Yeah are there any species that actually want to mess with humans. Maybe i'm being too overly positive about whether they ever pose a risk to us but that's risk to humans. I it's low. It's there's something psychological happening with me. The can carry bacteria and viruses can harm humans but the risk of infections low people who are not trained vaccinated should not handle bats. Well handling. I'm just talking. They're not gonna like fly into your hair or whatever it is. People think that the sleeping upside down. The nocturnal is very creepy. Bear comprised of pictures of people bottle feeding baby beds. That's pretty acute right. No freaks me out. Freaks me out and i've met like a sloth and i was like you're great. I love you know bats freak me out but i bet that feeling. I'm i'm fine with bats. I slept in the back cave in thailand malaysia. We were bent on some two or three day. Jungle hike with a guide and one of the nice was sleeping in a bat cave with all the gadgets and the caused everything. I was gonna that you were a distant relative of the butler and so you got invited. There for like a sleepover how it works. It's all about who you know. I wonder if they ever airbnb out. Some some of the wings of of the. Yeah i mean it seems like a waste so much space there could be just so much revenue throwing money away. No another story loaded up. Because i got another story loaded out. Yeah i've got a story from sean robertson about new moon rocks do it. You guys. Fans of moon rocks. Yeah well china is going to be retrieving. The first moon rocks that that humans have gotten since nineteen seventy s or. at least. That's their plan yet. It's hoped the unmanned change. I'm sorry would probably be chung e five probe. We launched on tuesday. It'll bring back samples to help understand the moons formation the last mission of its kind luna twenty four by the soviet union in nineteen seventy six. Isn't that crazy. It's been that long since we've touched they. Just i mean there were some issues down on earth between seventy six and twenty twenty. If this latest probe successful china will become the third country to retrieve lunar rock after the us and the ussr and the chung e assuming it's c. h. g. apostrophe five chang chung e five spacecraft named after the ancient chinese goddess of the moon will be launched a long march five rocket. Those are all capitalized type of rocket. The pro bowl attempt to collect two kilograms of samples from an as yet unvisited area of the moon called the ocean of storms. In comparison the nineteen seventy six mission collected. One hundred seventy grams and the apollo mission that put man on the moon brought back row. What's three hundred eighty two kilograms of rocks and soil. Wow big difference. One hundred seventy grams or three hundred eighty two kilograms and moon rocks must be. There's almost almost a thousand pounds of moon out there on earth. that's crazy. i not anymore. I had to depart them. Give me some of mind. But i don't see i get it. Experts are hoping shaggy five will a better understanding. Give a better understand how long this is. The bbc article weird. We'll give a better understand. How long movement remain volcanically active and when it's magnetic field essential in protecting any life radiation dissipated china. I mean it's first lunar landing in twenty thirteen plans to retrieve samples from mars within a decade. But again they're going for just two kilograms after we brought that back in the seventies and like we don't want to share you know it it does seem kind of sake that they've got to go get their own rocks when we already have some. Yeah we can just share. But also i was thinking like it's always super expensive to to get anything into orbit but i guess considering less expensive just to get something off of the moon's surface and return it it'd be it'd be expensive as hell to send four hundred kilograms out from earth but earth with the moon's gravity being so much less. Maybe it's not that crazy. Try to lift four hundred kilograms off of there but Good luck to china and china as they say in monroe collection industry rock on accessory. I bring this story. Because i saw it reported in a bunch of places but it's i'm still many scientists website so why not use the version. Because i don't eat mate and this is a it's generally a more healthy lifestyle but according to a recent study meat free diets linked with greater risk of breaking bones. Okay so maybe. This is a reason to really get into crickets and insect. That's That's considered not meet those anna. They're not plants. No i know. But you know i think there are a number of people who are some version. Vegetarian who wouldn't have as many issues with eating. Yes the meat meat free diets as greater risk of breaking bones. I was hearing at the opposite way. Yes people who don't eat meat are more risk breaking bones especially the hips. According to the largest study at this risk from lack of calcium and protein in the diet as what is the fact that they tend to be thinner and have less fleshed kushner fool. And i think they tend. I mean this may be like a weird stupid stereotype. But they seem like they would be the people that would be like climbing mountains and stuff like i just them as more adventurous people right as the ones who break their hips. The people that don't eat me. You doesn't break specifically it doesn't say what proportion of these hip Hips broken from taking an instagram photo of you. Doing a one hand in hand on the top of a cliff breaking your hip i mean as an. I'm an elder lover. I love our older population. When you break a hip that tends to be sort of like the beginning of the end. It's a really dramatic break. We talked about this on. I forgot what episode but one when we talked about space travel. Maybe it was with mary. Roach maybe chris hadfield but the thing about the reason hip breaks happen is because bones strengthen along the access that there That you apply stresses so like your your leg. Bones are strong longitudinal because they're constantly being compressed and so they strengthen along that access but you never really have impact latitude from the side of the words for it in your hips. You're hip bones. Don't have any strength horizontally. So the first time you fall on your and hit directly on the ground that's why but if you could say saying maybe even as a way of sort of keeping bones is one of the problems travels at your bones weak in and along every access. Because they're not. Being stressed repeatedly do small falls on your hips sort of strengthen them or just pay someone punch you in the hip. Great yeah theoretically that does strengthen the bonuses counterintuitive because it's not really an injury you see in football a lot and those. I mean they're like being run into fall laying. You don't even see in baseball that much so like i guess that does sort of prove you can build up stronger hit bounds. If needed or are they even. How many of them really take any blows on their hips. It seems like all the people who are good at falling in their sports fall on shoulders and things that are put. Football like a quarterback will be who sacked will be cloud into your from the site. Sometimes without you hear so much about the knees it's yearly the needs the number one thing and i have to imagine. The hips are because a lot of times. The are even non contact injuries. They're just like look up. This yeah and so the hip. The hip is cranking along pretty. Well yeah until you stop eating meat or get old. I guess yeah so so. Several previous studies have shown that vegetarians have weaker bones. The meat eaters but it was unclear if this had any meaningful effect on the risk of fractious. The new research took advantage of a long-running study called epic oxford originally setup to look at whether diet influences the risk of cancer by following the health of about sixty five thousand people in the uk from nineteen ninety-three omelettes. The study recruited people's typical diet and track their health route through hospital records by twenty ten. Vegans had broken hip at over twice the rate of meat eaters while vegetarians fishy has had a small increase in risk about twenty five percent. Vegans but not vegetarians and pesca terriers also had a high risk of breaking other bones. The overall level of risk vegans was relatively smoke equating to about an extra twenty broken. Puff thousand people over ten years but the fracture rate is likely to be higher in the elderly. Who break hips more often. As the average age of participants at the state was forty five says research at tiny tongue at the university of oxford. when people's diets were analyzed. Meat meat has consumed more calcium and protein. Calcium is an important component of bones. Protein may aids calcium. Absorption from food song said unless they are actively supplementing. It's quite unlikely. The vegans we'll have sufficient intake of calcium just from the diet but it is possible that people eating a vegan diet today may have high accounting levels in the nineteen ninety s. There was less falsification of plum milks. She says and then headline that Yeah and then heather the russell. A dietitian vegan society in the uk says is suddenly took off your bones on a well planned vegan diet but people need information to make healthy choices studying. The same group of people previously shown that being a vegetarian is linked with about ten percent lower risk of cancer after fifteen years and about a twenty percent lower risk of heart disease but also a twenty percent higher. Risk of a stroke. I never knew that. Hurt that personal in blamed now Stroke a wonder. wow. I don't know if i would take that bargain. Twenty percent decrease in increase in another ten percent. Lower risk of cancer is good decrease. But but let's say a very common thing as you get older but like heart disease. You almost feel a little bit more in the driver's seat on. I guess there's family like the genetics and family history but a stray twenty percent higher. Risk of a stroke feels like you're control. I wonder what the actual mechanism behind that would be. But maybe you a meter i am. I am to whatever and i do. I have talked about like wanting to phase out it's tricky. My husband is like deathly allergic to all seafood. And so that is like. I don't know there are just making excuses. I want to phase it out. And like i saw resou- i've done i'm doing more. Please meet so. I'm making changes for sure. But i haven't fully given up my my burgers and chicken pork chops. Children matt do you do any supplemental things or do you worry about any kind of like missing nutrients nope i don't but also i'm not vegan. I'm just vegetarian. So i think a lot of those things you know. I still eat dairy products. Woke said quite a lot even eggs. I still eat so that scott a lot of the same proteins as meet a lot of women suffer from anemia. And i know that Has had like because like i get a lot of iron from red like my mom's nurse and she has told me like if you are craving red meat. You should probably have some because of lake. My anemia often decree road meat. I don't actually crave that autumn. Probably like once or twice a month. Yeah i'll be like ooh i need. Yeah my body's telling me something That tried told you that. I tried it for like two years or so. That's a long time ago. A trip to peru ended that too hard to find stuff on this journey. I'm just gonna eat some guinea pig or whatever but others. no. I think that's what makes me feel guilty. Is that in la. It's so easy to eat vegetarian or even vegan. And i still. It's not like. I'm in the middle of indiana i could. There's so many options but it's it's still annoyingly more expensive. Get still if you go through like if you just go through a drive through and what the veggie burger rather than the meat boga. Even if it's not a place that has the even more expensive if his place it has like the beyond bug or the impulsive kind those ones but even just the regular veggie burger the plausible deals going to be. Yeah exactly like even if you get a like mushroom burger will. They don't tend to have those college junior or something like that right Got showed even even still sometimes. It doesn't seem she angrily more expensive to have vegetarian food unless you really basic well. It's it's more expensive to eat healthy too. Yeah oh totally to juggle. We know that which particularly being on the road as comex where yeah. You're you can be incredibly limited on your options and good luck getting solid after ten pm right but even then you still get a burger and fries louis. Cats has been about that. I don't know if i have. I think i probably for ten bucks. You can get like three full meals at mcdonalds or or make a down payment on some rubella. I have seen that jerk now. Now you mentioned that it's love just the just the use of that word is. Have you ever tried making your own. I don't know if that's the thing at all but making your own plant based burger patties at home. i haven't either. I just wonder if it's like a thing. Can you just chop up. Or maybe blend of. I haven't were also the ones even the professionally produced ones like that. I don't like oh. I'm having a veggie burger. I want it to be mostly soy based and tastes like shitty burger. Be be like it'd be under impossible bug where they've made a bit more to make. It tastes like meat but like the ones that just like being burgers or like mixed vegetables. Patsies yeah just are they just they always just have this weird texture. That just dixon. Your mouth is tonight. I'm not. I don't know how they would make him congenial right unless you threw an egg in there something sort of dry and sticky at the same time then. I don't know how they managed good. Yeah what's burned your steeple. What are you eating mostly during covid matt not enough like i genuinely not enough like i've been trying to put on weight again like i think i'm the only one who lost weight during like to a warring amount during lockdown. I've got some weight. You can have that. I that i put on like five pounds this weekend and you can have that louis. You're doing full-on home cooking or like some premade thing. I do a lot of stock up once a month at traderjoes done in brings and eat out freezer. Mostly it's good food but it's mostly freeze. That's what i started doing again. But at the beginning of lockdown. I wasn't going anywhere near a trader joe's or anything like that so i think that was partly the issue. I just didn't have as much access to really easy food. So everything was like a god white ball making a proper meal and then it just becomes ten pm and i haven't just easier to go to sleep without your dinner years. You know have a light snack enough to stop yourself from feeling faint but not enough to not lose my stone over the course of several months. Wait wait what's this stone fourteen pounds. Yep you've lost fourteen pounds. i had. It's like half of it's back again now. You s. fourteen pounds. Yeah why your thin. Yeah wow yeah so. I just suddenly weighed myself halfway through lockdown on like this is oh this is bad. This doesn't go to what is your. You're not a big. You don't really drink much right. i mean. I don't i'm not so i'm not total i but that wouldn't be a significant amount of calorie intake. Your i think it probably is to an extent because also you know if you go out if i go out. I probably about two or three times a week and even just meeting some of you guys ajay's ball which is walking distance my house and having a couple of beers and may be having a the some of the food as well or a piece of during covid. No no this is outside of during during covid. Oh yeah yes like. I'm about to bust you jays open. I'm moving back to l. a. Today know jesus very much very close. It's think of element is setup for cova cheeses. Close forever the forever forever. Yeah oh shit i mean. Speaking of they had a great pirker had great menu specials. Every two posthumous plug for restaurant. We could i deceived. If we just talked it up on the podcasts. That are just these other places. We go out closed. Who's going to start the before times. Podcast that just reminisces about. Yeah tell our kids about. Yeah guitar center. Guitar greg combet. It's the fucking saddest like they let you in april so it was like prime or like the peak of everyone's cautioned but they will let you in one at a time and then like you can't touch a guitar until someone else brings it down for you and cleans it up so that you're not going to like really play that many guitars because of the level of effort required for the guy to do the prep and then the deep rep so you're never really going to browse anyway squad. Kobe centers the list. But it was just a sad said. There are little like sad things that pop up like that that you're like i knew this doesn't really matter but when you combine all of these tiny sad things that don't matter they're one giant thing do matter. Yeah yep that's hey you know what else. Miss salad bars i love like. I'm i love a salad bar. I love a buffet. I mean it's like true hoosier in me coming out and it's gone forever now. I wonder when there ever will be buffets again or if we'll start to exist gradually but they will at least a i be. There will be someone at the food station serving food which i like. Actually that. I prefer that. I do like that because even pre covid just to the things you see at a buffet were put onto that place like picks it up and then just goes now and it just puts it back in the trade pact plexiglass. Oh yeah even at the like at the grocery stores you see that and you're like what is happening. I mean there was a time in my life in chicago where i just sort of casually stole food off. The whole foods are not as a means of survival. in ralph's. Two days ago. I saw a young woman take mall pskov to cough and then put back on go. I'd heard of people doing. And i hadn't seen it with my own eyes. And i i don't know if you heard me say what the fuck you doing like. Just leave it like just pulled it down off a face a little bit cough twice and then put it by company at no. You don't deserve ralph's. You got a lifetime ban from ralph's. Yeah you're either. You gotta go to volunteer now lady. You're going to go to john's how about that. Yeah yeah You know what else is long gone. What is no longer with us. T rex and triceratops and specifically the first ever complete team skeleton which is found offer fell to its death in a deadly joel with a triceratops. This story in metro senate by the robinson thinks have a scientists. Reveal the wills. I ever complete t. rex tillerson. So we didn't yeah. Each of the sixty seven million year old remains are among the best ever found and have only been seen by a select few people. They were discovered in two thousand and six. What fourteen years. They've been hiding this thing. I think they were waiting for a really bad year. Yes they found. We've got the pet nicknamed the juuling. Dinosaurs are preserved together in what is thought to be a predator. Prey encounter with both fought to the death entombed in sediment montana by professional fossil hunters a cattle rancher cowboy and two pals. How is that that's a set to. Cbs sitcom yeah. Just professional fossil hunters whose job not fossil hunters right right unless the capital of this person is. Wrenching is very much also. Mice is is over a million years old. Incredibly de body outlines skin impressions injuries. How how do we go. What dinosaurs a million loss. The points of. When did i form on earth that was largely life like eukaryotes not the the things with nuclear. We learned this. This summer met on celebrity substitute. The first truly having any the first of any life i think was within the first billion years of earth's four and a half billion years but that was like single cell. A eukaryotes are the ones that have nuclei right. So i shouldn't have sixty five million years ago is when the dinosaurs went extinct that we go off going on earth for about one hundred and sixty five million years but tons of life obviously preceded that billions of years but not billions of years of vertebrates things so incredibly that body outlined skin impressions and injuries including toronto. Soul teeth stuck in detroit. Sarah body can still be seen. It took years to extract the fourteen tonnes skeletons and arranged the purchase and sale. So it put. This is about like when they could get it on ebay. Basically so it's reported by only a few dozen people who've seen them so far but this week it has been announced. They have been bought by the friends of the north carolina museum of natural sciences. For an undisclosed sum. The group has donated them to the museum. Which is due to stop building their exhibition in two thousand twenty one. Well that's a real. That's what a real friend does. Yeah yeah buys you. Raise a mega mega mega million dollar fighting. Dinosaurs gives you like the museums being light looking in the shop window for years thinking one day one day. It's just not in the shop window anymore and the museums. Like someone's and then it's the museums birthday. Open up the president's this is a real like. Isn't it ironic alanis morissette. I mean they were fighting to try and kill each other and then they both died and forever are linked together. They can't get. I mean it's it's it's the first murder suicide so mexican stand-off was in mexico sixty five million years ago montana cliff fight as it's now known right right and the picture of the picture. The first picture that shows the teeth with that was just so it just looked so fake. It looks like a movie prop. It's crazy how detail that is really. Cool the one with the ribs clause. I mean it's definitely a full thing is being described as one of the most important Paleontological discoveries of all time and is the only one hundred percent complete t. rex ever found. I did not know that don't lindsay. Zano had paleontology at the museum. Said we have not yet studied this specimen it is a scientific frontier the preservation s phenomenal. And we plan to use every technological innovation available to reveal new information on the biology of the t. rex and triceratops. This fossil will forever change of you of wealth to favorite dinosaurs. I think we all big data gratitude to satan for placing this piece of fake evidence to try to an extra hundred million years ago. The eric dorfman director ceo of the museum at its museum is thrilled to have the unique opportunity to house them. Research one of the most important paleontological discoveries of time not only are we able to uncover Unknown details of these animals are not to me behavior but a new dedicated facility and educational programs will allow us to engage with audiences locally across north carolina and worldwide. That's good copy there now. Is montana a dinosaur fossil hotspot. Believe so isn't that. Were those two guys that brooks was obsessed with. Who were the fossil wars guys who were trying to sabotage each other's digs pro. That this is a pretty funny. I forgot if they made a movie about it. Or maybe they're talking about making a will. Ferrell john c reilly movie but i believe those guys were active in the wyoming montana area. Let me see fossil wars the bone wars. I should say this like if someone was like. Where do you think those dinosaur fossils are. I'd have. I'd have no. Yes so i wouldn't have been even but yeah no and the planes or the rocky Cope and marsh were looking in colorado nebraska and wyoming from eighteen. Seventy seven to eight thousand ninety two and they had some really funny disputes. That talked about in the past. I'm trying to find a quick example of any of the sabotage. They did to each other. So i hadn't realized how political dinosaur bones are. I figured once it's discovered is just in the public domain. Someone owns them but they still kind of release the photos in the and the research but no so this ranch his friends and his cousin or his friend and his cousin found the fossils in two thousand six and it's reported they came to a deal with landowners. The juuling dinosaurs themselves went to auction at twenty three tina bonhams in new york but no bid met the six million dollars of price tam. During years negotiations the fossil was reportedly locked away in labs or warehouses but thanks to donors the nonprofit friends of north carolina. Museum natural scientists has now bought them on behalf of the museum. The dinosaur caucuses have not been studied and researched entombed within sediment from the montana. Hillside where they were discovered. So you have a legal claim if you if they're found on property on yes and but not if you find was when it has reached a deal with the with the landowners like gets the rights to where they have to share it so each phone in this fossil is in its natural position museum. Scientists will have access to biological data. That is typically lost in the excavation and preparation processes. Wow you i mean. There must be lawyers that special specialized in like fossil deals. I'm sure they're all yeah. It seemed it does seem like a thing where i just assumed some kind of like eminent domain. Whatever that's called happens as soon as you find something like this just to make sure that no civilian starts to go. Chipping away at it with like a phillips head screwdriver. Just so much could be lost by incompetence because it's privately owned that. I thought somehow something happens as soon as excavating team comes into. This is ours. Now don't touch with your the feds. Come in yeah. It's like an a movie when a murder happens. Send like the town. Sheriff's like we're gonna solve this and then like a helicopter lands and get out outta here. Get your cheeto encrusted fingers. But yeah so. It's gonna continue to do the excavation once it's been purchased by a real professor or in this in this north carolina Guardian tickle hair which won't necessarily be america's specific the. I've just found says to collect on not to collect a fossil hunting laws hurting science. The collecting of fossilized remains of animals. Plants is often limited by law to prevent overexploitation and vandalism what is best for science how many of us by saying picked up a fossil bone on the beach pretty rough with imprint of a modest got on the side of the side of the road or even a reptile tooth in a stone quarry. I know i have and who's writing nece. Who's who's discovered this hanukkah mia and it sparked my fascination with the natural world. Let me down the long winding path of a career in paleontology. picking up. small fossil's child seems harmless enough. What what when you when you stub your toe on. Something rat and spectacular. Would you put it above the fireplace to be admi- for fraternity at what you tried to sell it for a good price. That's where things become more. Tricky lost year the fuss ally. The fulsome of a snake with four legs made headlines worldwide. But not only because it was the first time the world sore four legged snake the specimen have been found in the crato formation in brazil. An area that has yielded spectacularly well preserved fossils and payment until the fossil specimen in two thousand twelve parts of private collection in germany since brazil had made the experts at fossils illegal nine hundred forty. Two discovery spoke to legal investigation. How did it end up in germany. And if it had been exploited legally should scientists be involved in such practices. So yeah there's a whole so. The united states bureau of land management prohibits any commercial collection of from public lands but it does allow collecting for personal use and germany. Recently it up to the cultural property protection act severely restricts the collecting of and trade in fossils. It just seems like so much of the. Us is owned privately. Owned you know like. I know that there's massive national parks and state parks and stuff but it doesn't it seems like the amount of privately owned land. There's probably a lot of dinosaurs in there. Yeah just saying this article who whether the the finder or the landowner owns it and sixty percent of the us is privately owned land wise. I don't know if it's more or less than i thought so. Forty that's less. You think thought it was more of the. Us was held in sixty percent. Yeah yeah. I mean looking out my front window here. The i'm seeing a lot of blm land. But i don't live. Where do you guys do. I've found a long article about the legality of fossil hunting. But it will be the entire rest of the episode. Study going into this now. We have time for just one more anyway. I actually have to run in ten minutes or so. So i get. I have to get a test. Oh nice how often do you do that. Oh i ended up doing it probably once a month is a pretty easy though in. La yeah yeah very very easy with how fast in and out once you get to the place this place. I'm going to today you. You like park and then you actually get out of your car and walk up and like swab yourself in ten by yourself. And the last time i went it was three minutes and then i had the result back in twenty four hours. That's great. I thought maybe it was still A mess up there. There's lines at dodgers stadium and it seems like there. The lines extra-long this week but I think l. a. and california as whole pretty good test the place in the evening going on and it's like lincoln something okay from the house. Lives out in the mojave desert. The place in twenty nine palms is amazingly fast. And i've never seen another human in there. Who besides the employees. That's ninety seconds door to door from leaving my car back in my car so yeah. They've got they've got down here although the fact that no one ever their worries me. Because i'm gonna take advantage of this. Then we could all be moving more quickly towards a more normal world if everyone just did it every week. If it's free anyway. I think that would be helpful if we just yes. I think it would accept full. The thing i'd be worried about everyone was getting tested. Constantly is the fact that they're all full s- negatives and we'll say you can get infected off the tests and before the results and get your negative test. You you go crazy and party with worried about is the the number of people who would view a negative test as okay now. We can just have a big house party. I don't know that one automatically causes the other but at least we get enough data that we have a more finally there. Are things coming out that are like nationwide heat maps. We can see by county the case rate and have a more informed. Just it's been so little nuanced information in the last eight months which is important because like the analogy. I heard which is known asks with the national weather. Forecast is that's an idiotic concept and this is the weather it's a thing that's happening on the local scale. Free every one of us so the more we could have about our surroundings the better off everyone is. I think we're doing the worst contact. Tracing in the developed world are we doing contacts. I not really. We'll for like athletes right right. I read an article in the atlantic. About how most places are doing contact tracing in the wrong direction as well like the contact tracing foods rather than backwards which so basically now we know that most transmission of covid is from super spreader events. Like it's most of it. Is that the the majority or at least largest spreader events so you would on average. Let's say you know you've got the value which says which tells you on average how many people each infected person gives it to an if it's below one then the numbers are going down and if it's above one the numbers increasing but it's not but that's just the average across the whole group and actually let's say on average each person gives it to one and a half people. It's actually one person is giving it to like a ten people and the rest of the people are giving it to no one so if you'll doing contact tracing the fluid way you'll finding somebody who's infected and then you and then you'll finding everyone that they've come into contact with over the course of the next couple of days as a fairly good chance there one of the people who gives it to no one. So you're going to spend all these resources and find no new infections but instead if you find someone who's infected go backwards and find out everyone that that person met previously before they started sharing simpson's you've got a good chance of finding a superspreader who gave it to them and then you find everyone that that person met basically trying to track down the head vampire route one of the baby pies. Wow i didn't know it was that big of a. I didn't know that superspreader accounted for that. Big of a percentage. I mean all this stuff. It's just crazy that all of us don't have a ton more data and there's no easy solution to it but yeah that's that would just help everything because i think everybody has just gotten so religious. I mean that in the worst possible way about either side of caution or lack of caution. It's just become this dogma. As a poster thing that could be taken into account new information as it comes in anything that would be encouraging information to come in whenever possible with that. Was i think what think to an extent although they you know. They were battling up uphill constantly with the various governments. They were dealing with in britain and america but one of the mistakes that the scientists made in terms of communication was being clear about that too know like being clearer about we currently advising no need for mosques because mosques are limited resource and. We don't think they'll help that much and then later on the deal was okay now. We know the mosques really do help and then not unlimited resource that we recommend. Everyone wears them. If they communicated that more clearly. I think people would have gone along with it rather than just like what. Hang on just two weeks ago. They're saying that must don't do anything and now they're saying must do also you. You also have like celebrities and tv shows and sporting leagues being like okay. These people are tested. And now we're also being told okay. If you're tested you actually can't see anybody for thanksgiving and it's like okay. But what what. Why are the rules one way if you want to make a tv show and another way. If you want to see your family you can hang out together. If you're in the minnesota vikings but it's dangerous to go to the. I think the issue is the the messaging has been confusing because it is a disease that they're learning about on the exactly but but some which we just have to understand but we're not understand and also the whole of the nfl and the nba and the nhl and Which i'm missing out so yeah baseball But like the whole of them. All of those people put together is the tiniest tiniest percentage of the american population. So even if they do have outbreak. It's still not going to become a national or even statewide emergency. And you look at. Who had the strictest who created a bubble was the nhl and nba basketball and and they had no cases they had zero cases so it is possible but you have to spend probably billions to be able to do it even on a remotely large scale and you have to have incentive to the people in the bubble such as being paid on the level of professional athletes for them to adhere to these rancid. Aren't there you couldn't do that. Same thing in the regular world without having a ton of money to use in a ton of different ways yeah anyway. Hey you need to stick to these corinthian roles. otherwise you're gonna lose a seven figure rewrite sponsors. Yeah yeah there was an analogous thing. I just hate the joe rogan. Who are just like as soon as see one hypocrisy the like well throw it all out. Throw it all out that you don't get why this is useful advice to try to follow even if you occasionally don't follow it. It's still better if you mostly following like scales know it's constantly trade offs between restricting freedoms and also making people safe when you're constantly trying to play a balancing act of like okay if we're making schools go back then we're going to have to cut back on policies old groups of audina's restaurants years like if you if you're expanding one yield can after a contract another and vice versa but like people who look avenues and went to dinner bird down like i don't care i don't care. They went to their still need to follow these rules and went to dinner. But i also yeah. It doesn't then just by having a sex we. He's whatever having to six. i don't even know his policies. Everybody who thinks that anybody who's told them what to do is a bad guy. And what would you have done in their shoes. We have to have some kind of guidance and recommendations for people to in general do what they actually think a nuisance kind of attractive and he's almost too slick and politician to be a good politician. We wrap things up. Megan wear can listen to find out more about you and everything that you're up to so my husband and i host sports podcast together in a sentence. I've had to get comfortable saying an. It is called the greatest. So if you like sports like anything that's been in the historical realm of sports. We pick a certain topic and then talk about what we think is the greatest within that topic and then you can find me at making a on twitter and better making gaily on instagram. And i believe. I hope i can say this that. My half hour from comedy central will be available on youtube for free in the coming. Nice wholesome excited congratulations and all of those and check all of those things out. You'll probably to podcast of hours. Through put cost app that can also access the greatest so hit. Why don't we hit the subscribe button on that too. Well and subscribe to us. If you're not subscribing thank you very much you guys you can find awesome. Probably sized dot com. That's also we pull the show notes and the donation buttons. If you want to help us keep this thing going. You can find us on twitter at probably science individually at and e t wouldn't cushion probably science at dot com is the email address for any questions comments clarifications stories. You would like us to cover. Megan thanks so much for joining us. Thank you i learned. I feel science. We all lunch and we'll forget it within a few days but the moment we're smarter thank you megan. Thank you snus cenex time.

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