Ep. 132 | Matt Tifft


Haven. Welcome in the racing writers podcast. I'm your host, Kelly crandall. Happy Daytona Road Course Week, the xfinity series put on another fantastic show at road, America over the weekend. But now it's time for all three NASCAR national series to take on the Daytona Road Course for the first time breaking t shirt for all the fun we're going to have. It's a more road courses t available. Now, I have one and we'll be happily wearing it this. This week, and if you want to join me and grab one for yourself, head over to breaking t dot com slash Kelly, and while you're over there, you can also look at their full racing collection and you might find some other designs you want to add to your wardrobe. I have been doing over the last couple months again, that's breaking t dot com slash Kelly. I've got great show for you today with Matt Tiff to the twenty four year old who ran for front row motorsports. Last season in the NASCAR Cup series. If you are familiar with his story Matt had vacate his car in. Martinsville last fall when he suffered a seizure in the team's hauler early in the weekend, which also caused him to miss the last three races of the season in November Matt and front row parted ways as he expressed the need to focus on his health instead of racing. Matt suffered a second seizure in December on his honeymoon and he's here today to let everyone know how he's doing and to let everybody know what he's been up to trying to find answers about his health and matinee spoke over resume. So I can happily tell you that he looks great and is doing well, we had a great conversation one that also covered what it's like for him to watch races from home and the entertaining live tweeting that he does if you WanNa fun, perspective during the races, I highly suggest following on twitter. So we're covering all of that in some more today. Matt is a great guy, very well-spoken, and naturally when it comes to what has been thrown his way in life, he's very educated as well. It's fascinating to hear him discuss the brain and what he's been learning. There's just one more thing I want to express before we get into the podcast, and that is just a thank you to jbl for being a great partner of the racing writers podcast these last ten weeks. JBL has great products and I have been genuinely telling you all about some of those that I use like the jbl noise cancelling headphones and the pulse force, speaker. JBL. Dot Com is where you need to go to find any headphones or speakers you need. But JBL. Also has products for you, your house, your car, and even your kids. So make time to visit JBL DOT com to find what fits you, and again thank you to Jbl for being a great partner. Now. Here's Matt tift on the. Racing. Writers podcast. Well. It's good to see you. It's good to talk to you look. Well, how are you doing? How are you feeling at this present moment? Obviously, in regards to everything that you've battled over the last couple months. You look good. How do you feel how are things? Well, in this present moment, my allergies are Florida a little bit but. The Sea spray up beach. But now I'm feeling good. You know knock on wood near things have been good for a while. You know. I. Did some testing stuff over the summer. We learn a little bit more about what was going on doing that kind of stuff. So as some medication changes and things like that try to. Make sure that things don't happen to your wife and everything. So been doing really well, you know it's kind of hard because it's so it's so weird obviously with this whole Kovic times and everything because sexual been a good thing for me because I feel like because everything's means cream at same. You know that kind of started before everybody else had the warranty. Do things different is so I was kind of already on that asks. So it's made the transition a little bit easier because the weirdness. So but no, luckily things been really good and up and head great Helfer of months now. So you know I think we've found it on some stuff that's out a lot. Of that is trying to stay busy in the. The, last one, the last seizure I guess I should say you announced I, think was on your honeymoon, which was back in December. So all clear since then you say everything's been well. So as right now that's been the last one and everything's been going good. Yeah. Yeah. No things have been good to end the the weird part about it is you know every state has different driving law for driving streetcars and things like that. So north, Carolina's only six months. But I've kind of gone longer paths just because I don't want to put myself at risk for others at risk yet until I kind of feel totally confident that can do. It's been one of the weird thing says that. Even though I've been fine, it's still. It's still a little bit of weirdness with it because I feel like is much as I could do those things. He kind of just like. I don't know if I'm completely ready to do it yet, which sounds weird. Being race driver do that. But I think it's changed to being more of A. It's the right thing to do sort of a deal. Just make sure that. Are, good. For a long time and the reason I say that I'm not yet because they did change medication in. So I, Kinda WanNa, go another you normally six months with that I. Kinda like do since they changed the medication good six months with that. Just feel really good about it and be like, okay. Well, at this point I really am safe to do. Do these things again and I mean apart from that amine normal life has been fine. I've got that I still drive stuff like that and I go out and do things in in pretty much everything else is normal. The only thing that I don't do anymore is in a race on the weekends or or drive of a streetcar. So everything else luckily has. kind of gone back to being normal, which was not the case at all beginning, say you mentioned different medications and you had shared on twitter that you were doing testing and going through different things? Have you gotten any closer matt to trying to figure out if is there a trigger to what brings on or do you have any better idea of why these have happened in widely happened when they did or what's been the journey? The last couple of months in terms of searching for answers? Have you gotten any answers what have? Have, you learned going through the tests and everything changing the medication over the last couple of months. Yeah. I, think the weird one for sure was the first one I. Mean, that's that's the weirdest most bizarre one to me. So I really wanted to understand the reason why the test was trying to understand. How could this happen all of a sudden sort? So that one when I was in week four was Kansas where race snare there and the prior week to like mid week going into canvas, I got really really sick with. Food poisoning. Now, I was feeling better by the race weekend, but a Lotta people. No, I was big advocate of the Kito. Diet. I've been on that for two and a half or three years, and so that was the first time that I had come off of it. Is I. Literally just was so sick from I. Think I had them unfor- chicken from Indian place. So I was so sick to my stomach. I. Couldn't pull down anything like the only things I could hold down with. Crackers and like non trustable or something like that, and you're talking to a guy who has not had read two years. So like best a big big difference at the same time I've grossly could not keep anything more in. So I think my electrolytes. We're in a pretty bad place at that point too, and so this kind of in you room I remember the rare I was literally. Its ups for a water in a bag of Thomas, like it was just terrible. So. Fast for going into Martinsville, I was still finding the bug A. starting to feel a little bit better, but still biting it for sure. The night before I drove a states fill, and then the morning of I drove from States Ville two to Martinsville from there because I love in Huntersville. So what's crazy about it to me is in looking back on that night from only got five or six hours sleep. Sets family. Come in. We would dinner and stuff, and then I eventually made my way up there. But Added Cup of coffee which I was normal. But I think because my stomach is so upset really starting to affect some things there, and then by the time I, got to the track in the morning I think, hurt my fuse, my parked my truck. I. WanNa stay. Lights seven or seven, oh five. Some I. Watch in ATTRAC- Talks people going into the track and I had the seizure at like seven fifteen. So I'm really really close to being drive number of the happened. So in the Infield. CARE. Center. They said my electrolytes were like tanked which I'm not surprised because I was trying to keep up with gatorade and things like that and pedialyte. But like. Like I said I just kept everything kept coming out. So I'm not shocked on that that that happens in general with that testing and my brain tumor recession spot. It always has a little bit of scar tissue on there. So because of my brain tumor when I went through in two thousand sixteen, I was always quizmaster by Nascar by the doctors by everyone there had had a seizure because. That tumor was very prone to seizures, and so I'd never had one ever ever ever before the Martinsville one. So that was kind of weird things like why would this happen now? But if you look at I'm sick because of the food poisoning I had really high, I did some testing afterward stomach wise called cal protecting. So it's a thing in your stomach that shouldn't be that inflated, but Super Super. Super inflated by tip danger, dangerously high levels which would mean like extreme infection and pass that the electrolyte loss in their of created this perfect storm I. Think for happen, and then when I went to the honeymoon saying. So I went back on Keita. Once I felt better everything Kinda got back to a little bit more normal. Then I had no wedding honeymoon and opposite nobody wants to have the. The happen on their honeymoon, but I ve probably eaten bad again and things off I. Don't know if it was because my stomach wasn't settled yet or like just what the deal was, but there's definitely some sort of an infection on time, but that's not the main cause for the main causes that my tumor recession spot is more susceptible to having seizures. So basically, you know what would affect. Affect a wooden effects from somebody else. Another driver does affect me because so sensitive to that stuff and I've always been very sensitive after the surgery, but then I found out things to like. So once we did the testing, they're basically, they confirmed that I have a normal abnormal eeg, which means that It looks normal for a person who had a bridge out. Were you a? They'd be like. We need to scan on it because something doesn't look right here. So beca confirms to the activity is coming from somewhere in that area, but there was a large amount to pinpoint exactly where, but they just knew that that was that was the case. But again, it was my first one, I've ever had was October. So they couldn't put anything further back before them because I had no epileptic or anything like that a perfect storm I. I just. So when you hear that and you and I'm listening to you describe it like it might just be triggered by some. So are you having to be more vigilant now and like what you eat and your diet and things like that? Because you know you're prone to seizures or is there really kinda nothing you can do about it? I, don't know if that's the right way to put it, but it's like, how do you? Yeah. So it's like, how do you fight that? Because you don't nobody wants to have another seizure? How do you live with that knowing that it might happen? Yes. So it was definitely tough in the beginning. That's where I talk about this medication change that kind of happened in there. So when they learned that there was some activity coming from that area base confirming it is. Related to the brain to I'm this thing is not related to I should start by saying, this is not related to die because I was off of Hito again for many months eating normal a enduring all this testing time in some ernst stuff. So I'm back on Nash because life away some field, but but it's not related just to die. So they use a perfect storm of the infection that was going on and stuff like that. But another thing that I found to from this was I've been going to a an upper cervical, a chiropractor, and so it's what we found that a lot of the stuff in my see one and C, two vertebrae were very very kind of pushed together and. And scrunched together there to where it when you look at a graph and stuff that should be a straight line ended shouldn't be any pressure or things happening. So what we've found is that there's been a lot of things that were based on my neck curvature and everything there was not correct which could be resolved from Australian could be accidents could be you know whatever in there could be things I have when I was a kid, I don't know. But you know because of what I did everything. I? Kind of look back to the Summer Bristol race and the practice that weekend I had out of the car during practice because I got out and I think ran like three or. Or four laps that run and I was supposed to do whole long run like fifteen twenty months and came in and everybody's doing what's going on and out of the car I remember looking up at the Jumbotron at in Bristol in the stadium vicious spin and spinning and Spinning and spinning, and so it was my first really bad case of Vertigo and I started notice that something was wrong with that, and so when we found this stuff with my WanNa see to that whole area basically has seventy billion neurons to go from there to your brain down your spine and everything. So what was happening is that since that was so impacted or injured or whatever, before this crashes or or. Or just normal stuff before when putting pressure on, that is essentially losing nerve float my head. So that's another factor in this twos. I. I had some issues or injuries in there. There were compounding onto this again, not same as the only factor things a perfect storm of a lot of things. But that's been something we've worked on to is to try to fix that area and his very gentle I dig this little gun, my count pushed the bone back in place and they've these scans and stuff with it. But you know like you said living with those the hardest thing for me, the first few months was because I never had anxiety or anything like that before him in Paris. I shouldn't have that. You know like this. No fear. You're you're. In the job line that we do with think. But so I never experienced that before. So all of a sudden here. I am and I don't know from going GonNa have another seizure not like can kind of questioning things. So that testing gave a lot of answers into what exact medicine tonight should go on because I was on something called kept up, which is a very generalized anti-seizure medication. So it's good and controlling most seizures from most people that obviously, I had another one in December. So there was something that was right going on there. So I went on this new medication, but the other cool thing is now I have A. What's called a rescue medications tried this Little Hill. surfable pocketed. I keep in my pocket with me and so if when I have the seizure, I have about five, ten second four. So it was. A warring this about to happen. So I feel it all than going had. I can take this pill and basically it shuts it down to doesn't allow it to happen. So that was one of the coolest things that from the summer at testings that I have this tool our it's like okay. Well, if Shit's about the fan, I can take this inmate stop. So that gave back of feeling of control the because there's so much of a lack of control of all this. Got One is GONNA happen. What's you know? There's so much stress. Like will this happen in public? Again, I mean immense courses terrifying on the high with my wife, see that stuff. But you know the horrifying thing for me, is that replying that stuff of the first Martinsville incident everything was the the feeling of of seeing the guys face as with three crew guys in the in the hauler and seeing their faces like windows happen. Of course, I'm terrified to. But just like the shock and the holy crap like is he? He you know as you dying like, what's what's going on at the moment father was in. So just that feeling of not wanting to see that you look at people look at you that way. So if you go to a supermarket or anywhere I, just anything family events whatever and you have that in your back in your mind, it's terrifying. So that ramp deadlines ideal lot from it. I had terrible PTSD from those events because just it's horrifying. So I've had to do a lot of therapy a lot of meditate. A lot of. Just. Restorative thinking in practices and stuff because it was so bad. But one of the coolest things like I said, the came out of the testing thing was now I have a of the where I know that if it ever gets left that I can take shuts down luckily I'm had taken really, but I can't take like a small maintenance wandered the day too. So kind of helps offset to make sure doesn't happen as well along with my normal medication, but there's just like a large dose that I've always there. Just in case you touched on it where you said you were doing therapy and things like that. Because I wanted to ask I can't imagine. Living with that stress anxiety that you mentioned because you just don't know if it's GonNa happen again, and that makes the nerve. You those are the words stress and anxiety I cannot imagine living like that. So again, you explain how you had to start doing things to battle that because that is a real day to day thing of just not knowing if this is going to happen again and just all the emotion that comes with that. Is there other things doing? Can you just stayed a little bit more into explaining? How do you fight that on a daily basis? How do you fight that exile Zion that stress? It started with in the beginning. It was very hard because like I said I haven't been I don't WanNa leave the house. I. Put out that statement at one point of of my battle with with all that stuff. So that was my first pick. All the stuff because I've had family members that have really struggled winning. And things like that. But I I guess. I. Didn't know what it meant. I knew what it was like to be nervous, and it was like the have butterflies by know what true anxiety was. I, guess it took a period of May going through that to learn what was real and what was anxiety like, what was real, and what was my mind playing tricks says because there's symptoms when I would have a seizure had. There's certain things that kind of build up in happen because it happens all kind of in my job tongue. That sort of stuff like is, what happens I before? Before I I s out and it's extremely painful and everything. But sometimes, I'd have like little blitzer little twitches and stuff which be completely normal. But of course, my mind would go to, Oh, my gosh, is happening again. So I had to learn at first what was real and what was not necessarily real. But like what was a seizure risk and what wasn't, but yeah, at went to therapy. We've done a lot of something called either ardia Nassar are Ndsu de that one I'm coming but. Basically, when we go to slough a rapid move, allows your brain to process today and basically make memories and do all that kind of stuff. So when something dramatic happens it is unless we have PTSD new, relive any of nightmares and All that kind of stuff, those events happen. So that would happen all the time. So I wanted to shut that out somehow. So they would do the deal where basically I would talk to the service and tell them exactly what happened everything. I remember the feelings of. The middle of after it people's faces. I saw you know all that kind of stuff that affected me same thing, the second seizure, and basically we would go through that and then would do something with her finger or this metronome looking thing where he goes back and forth and back and forth and your your is just follow it and it's crazy because what it allows you to do is it allows your brain to. To. Take the first person like you're going through it again, like right now in allows you to a memory bank where it's kind of like a memories, kind of first person that Kinda third person like kind of looking back on something, but you're not really living in that moment looking back. So it needs to start with those memories to rest a little bit. So that was a huge help and just practicing that. That over and over and over again, that was a big thing. I'd say you know another big part of it too was just once I got comfortable enough after in a few weeks. Expert few months of their be was trying to do social things again, going to dinner scare the crap out I mean it was just it was terrifying to go do that kind of stuff in the beginning and so obviously this. This is three Cova Mary thing before that was restricted for a bit. But as one of the big roadblocks was going out and being social because they're so afraid of that stuff. So first step would be okay. Let's go to dinner with just me and Jordan Novi Alright. Well, let me go to dinner with friends. First Time was terrifying, but at the end of it'd be like, okay, twelve nothing happened positive experienced. Experienced in the kind of dude over and over and over again, and then you do the next thing and then the next thing. So everything at first terrifying, remember standing in line at the Charlotte Airport. The first flight I was GONNA have, and in the industry we fly all the time we go the the commercial airports all the time too, and I, remember being afraid standing in in the Yeah. The TSA. Tsa Security Line. The end of last year when this happens in Martinsville, then you miss the final three races of the season. What were the emotions like getting out of the car those last couple races, and then coming into this year and knowing you're not going to be preparing for Daytona? What's to spend the whole roller coaster now when it comes to having to get Outta the car? Yeah. Think if you asked. Asked me back. Then it would have been much harder answer. This lies easier now to compartmentalize because it's been some time, but I remember seeing with Martinsville, and then I went to Texas because I did the press conference out back of a Holler there, and then I, went to homestead. So going to Texas was terrifying I remember that like it was a good feeling but a horrifying feeling that same time and the interview I did at the back of the the Holler. there. I can't get to a point where I said I wanted to say and there's a few questions. But at the end, I couldn't feel any more questions because started having full on panic attack, and so I tried to shuttle it just trying to cut it out as much as I could, but it was the first time or I'd had Any Group of people up to me whereas like. I don't know what's going on my concern have legit panic attack, and so that's kind of realized that stuff was happening. Emotionally. Chad before. So you know going to Texas was I. Thought it was mistake for the race and everything after that interview, I had to get out and talk to my team and everything just kind of hang out for a bit. But within thirty minutes was out of there by couldn't stay anymore when I came back in two, twenty, sixteen, I, did the interview at Bristol saying that was coming back if the brain surgery and everything that night or extra during that day, it was amazing with brain. How sensitive it is. After did that press conference? It was so stressful that I had to. To go lay in a semi alleges in the cab of one of them for like three hours just like it was. So incredibly stressful and same thing for this. Like as soon as that happened, I had to get out and I just went airport and pretty much just just sat there for a few hours before my flight even came prescribe. He took me over to in and out. Burger. Before we went there and he just kind of sat with me eight with me and stuff, but it was just so much to not only come back to the racetrack. But no, what happened. Going to the racetrack. So it going in the hauler seeing the exact spot where it happened just a week or two before them. kind of had among just like kind of looking back because I knew at that point that that was going to be a big change in my life that the entire cup series thing was going to be done for a long time or me in that moment. So you know that was a lot to take in, but you know like with therapy stuff, I had to kind of go and say, okay, well, I'm not Friday racetracks anymore. I'm not afraid of like going to haulers and stuff like that. So just kind of desensitized and that stuff eventually do but. Going back to homestead. WHO said is a really special place to me because I saw my first race in two thousand and three. I went there every single year I think until I twenty thirteen or fourteen something like they're twenty thirteen as a fan. So I have so many good memories there. We made a lot of racy and business deals there towards the end like when I started racing. So it was just a very special place to me. That was actually really cool because I got a of John Hunter. Some gets really hang out with my team some, but then standing on the. The Grid I should really, and it was the first time that has kind of into the sexist thing was such a shock because of making mouse unseen seeing first time. But home said felt good just because it was kind of like a closer thing for me like it was. You know the end of the year, it was the end of kind of mind with front row and everything and everything was going on that you can cause the guy still have all your shirts on everything like that Astana Anna strange to see, and then somebody else that driving your car. But yeah, it was. Those actually gone day for me and just do that I watched the whole race a little bit from in the mountain stands to watch for awhile while, but just is a good day to do that. But then obviously, it was weird in the off season because normally you're in order to Daytona and I'm normally good until the second week of January I'm pretty good with offseason mode than like you know, let's go. Let's get to they tone up and that's when I kind of realized. Realized like Oh I. Don't know one and looking forward to now because once you January, you start getting back in the shop you you're getting fitted in your seat if you have to work with you guys on what you're GonNa, do it up the boards simulator, whatever it is. That was the first time I kinda got in there went. Well, I, don't really know what I'm doing at this point. So that was definitely strange, and then I really struggled with that week to week. Through really through when you guys are going to Atlanta because every week, I'd be watching the race like thinking, I should be out there kind of watching looking at how I did, what notes I have and have all that stuff and You know it really was the Atlanta, the words when it shut shutdown, that was the biggest switch for me because all the sudden when you guys shut down for quarantine, everybody else quarantine. It gave me time to say, Hey, it's. It's okay. You know whatever happened was supposed to happen in this time to move on video and I. I, think that was a very good thing that time was, of course, circumstances are terrible I wish the whole thing would never happen with the Kobe stuff. But at the time gap in, there was great for me to say, Hey, I can just go at that makes sense. Are you tuned in every week? Still? Are you able to watch from afar? Enjoy it and I ask that because I, want to ask about twitter here in a minute. But in general, are you tuned in and learning to love it from afar and watch it and take it in from TV? Yeah. Yeah. No, I. was I grew up in this as a fan? It's hard for me to be a fan. I wasn't racing on Saturday or Friday when we're doing the cup stuff on Sunday I was in my hotel watching the other race. So I've always been a fan. I think the difference is now, I still know a ton of people in the industry. I still keep up with a lot of them. So I kind of know the inside stuff still, but it's kind. Kind of fun to watch from a broadcast points. So Kano the inside and the outside track on stuff. But yes, been kind of fun because I tune in when I want to. But at the same time, you know, I don't have any responsibility. So I, can of Chime in whatever I want to. So that's kind of been more entertaining innings as much. Flagged ever really was much but I don't have might security blanket on as much as I used to. Well. That's exactly what I was. GonNa say is because you have had some very great entertaining tweets. I mean I saved a couple of 'em where I don't know who you're talking about. But tweeted at one point during one race dude, get off the track you. Great. Yeah. You had a great gift back from I. Think it was Pocono and Justin Haley spun out I. Think it was Riley herbst and everybody kind of knew it was intentional. So twitter is it just one of those things where you kind of touched on it where you really don't have anyone answer to? So it gives you more freedom now to really call it like you see it when you're watching from home. Yeah. Yeah. You know it's just kind of fun because was like instagram and facebook and stuff, but mainly instagram I normally share myself from scrammed facebook. That's more of like lifestyle stuff for you know whatever. But twitter's fun for me because it's the most engaged I. Am with the racing community and Yeah, it's Kinda. Fun. Because you know when I see stone like the Pocono or or the thing that I think tweeted that shouldn't the one with the Boko thing, Mike. You just know things as driver that sometimes fans don't know like it was that ten. No, that's totally intentional, and there's another one with Harrison. Noah against the fight afterwards thought they did a good job in the interview and Not. So much in there. Just being the political correctness in there, but it's fun for me now because I get angry with that stuff now because unlike not angered by it worked up about it because you know as a driver what you're supposed to say everything. But then with blast broadcast important is comical because I knew exactly what happened and you're just looking at your like, no, that's not at all. What you did, you totally took him out or he? Did something stupid or? Trapped I, mean my my whole point with the things that you are in the top three national series of stockcar racing in America. Like you know, you should be held some standards. So I just find it funny to watch things unfold. Now, because you know when the commentators come around and they asked the questions to them, and there should be an answer and you know that there should be answer and they dance around everything with it. I like both wanted them because like you know you're just making everything up to dance around what you just did. You're going to get a lot of crap for Monte, you're on meetings. How has your perspective overall now watching this art from home being on the outside of it? How has your perspective of any changed or have you learned anything from having this different view? So I'm always been very involved. I, was racing with the sponsor side. So that was you know something different with me. I was actively doing some pauling being involved on the sponsor searching side and that stuff. So for me, it's Kinda. Cool to see how some drivers do a good job of. Of representing their brand sponsors and stuff and other people don't I think too. It's kind of a fun thing to see you know the different broadcasting styles between NBC and Fox M. Who really does a great job at Morrison We have some incredibly talented people in our industry that represent us, but I also think it's cool to see just in general the things that have changed. The All star race ahead honored when we had the shoes cone all the stuff that people. People are pushing for which I'm talking on twitter myself, but these things would have never happened. Had it not been for twitter? So it's kind of cool to see. I think I'm a normal fan with a lot of stuff but I know enough from the business side and you look at someone What I think has been this here is Matt colleague in his car's inexpensive. You know they are are CR cars and they're getting full support from them, but you know you. You. Look at a team like that. That's really kind of made a huge presence in the expenditures and they'd like good over the years. But is cool to see for me a group like that. The small team doing big things like that. Or Ryan Seger guys, xfinity. What's different? This year I think spending is the most fun cereal watched in my opinion just because the race Langston stories that go on there. But then someone like chased Briscoe I, mean, just going on. With that stuff and calling the shots and hey, I gotTa Win Ten races this year, and then you actually kind of dope are doing it i. just think those are fun things to watch. But same time I know the pressures of what they're going through. But then it's kind of weird to see too because you know the guys you race with it, our income yarn expended, and you look back in different years every year, there's different depths in the fields in there. So you know the truck and xfinity series. Now, maybe they don't have as much depth as it used to, but the people that are winning the races that are competing are in a revolving and they're. They're really battling really hard with each other as truth even in cup. This year, Spin Danny cabinet has been the story this year you watch cow Bush like, wow, this is crazy and we haven't seen this year's so just little things like that. I think they've been so many storylines that are so to keep up with. But at the same time I don't watch every single race. The entire way through I. Don't sit there the entire time. I like to keep up with an on twitter or whatever, and then I'll get home and watched the last art and Kinda get caught up to what's happened so far. But in some race, I, sit down, watch the whole. BS, it's been fun just knowing what's going on and all sides, but I, think there's been so many great storylines this year and how good of a job Nascar is done through the horn team, the on the Toronto virus situation that it's fun to see. So many good things happening and is fun to see people's takes that are things that are happening to. You know the Bait on the aero package and all that stuff see maddie going off like crazy. But then having the exciting for why finishes or battles and stuff like that too. So I think we've so many good things going on that it makes on to be involved that side right now to I was going to ask you to put on your driver analyst hat and kind of breakdown what you've seen from the season. But you already did it. You just threw out a bunch of topics. They're calling chase, Frisco and aero package and whatnot. So I appreciate that I love the fact that you're kind of become like a driver analyst now where you're picking up on stuff and. Oxfam yeah you. Was Still. There you go. You've noticed the different storylines and different things. So is it still difficult though to watch it from afar or has it gotten easier over time? Yeah. It's. It's hard in the beginning like I said, it's super tough when they went back to racing as a man. I, wish I was doing that just because nobody's doing anything really. But was over in a week and the other thing too is I've been busy myself. My wife opened up a store front of ever clothing herb or boutique in in South Strauss I've been. Been Super Busy with that, I've been able to work in some projects and some things at home to spend different businesses. So I've been so busy that you know I. It's something I had to find something to do with the ticket my time in know make money and do all that kind of stuff. So I've been busy enough now to where I don't feel like I have to be out there anymore whereas it used to feel like, Hey, that's my especially, when is my number my name above the door played? That's nego. That really should be me out there, but I think the pool thing for me to see was for this year, and probably the hardest part initially was the fact that would look at front row, the alliance they have with row chevaliers a little bit different how they do it. But they got a lot of great cars and Jesse's from them this year. So I was really excited because when it happened all that stuff. Martin. I, signed my deal that come back for twenty twenty, and so I was really excited because I knew what was coming and I knew the the good things that we had coming. Coming in there in the cars we're getting all on. So we've been able to see kinda like the fruits of their efforts and their jumped. They've had performance at some tracks when they used those cars and do those things. So as to Kinda, cheer on those guys now, Eh, I is like I. Wish I. Could you know try this out just to see what I feel like with those improve cars. But now kind of like Emma, you know kind of a fan of those guys and hope they do well week to week. But certainly, I would have liked you've tried that last year when I was driving. You had mentioned last year. I think it was at. Texas. That you still WANNA come back and race one day that still the goal now here in to August twenty twenty? Where do you sit on that Matt? Do you still hope one day? It's a possibility to return to racing or have things now changed for you. List I, love racing and I love driving race cars at the heart of everything I'm stories. I don't know realistically what the timeline, that's the hard part because I don't know what that looks like, and that's more of a thing that I I've some meetings with my doctors and stuff over these next few weeks and months and stuff the Wiki keep talking about with my progression as I go along. So I can't sit here and say what timeline anything is GONNA be. I don't know. So I kind of have to go past that in a way. Way. To say, Okay Wolves, can I have to plan for other things, but you know help professional sports? Are I mean you kind of have a window that you get to come in with things? But massacres differ that because if you find a sponsor, you find some funding to do something, you can't come back and do a few things. So I'm never ruling it out. But at the same time I should probably worry about Driving Streetcar, I do right well. Just. So people that understand, let's say down the road you decide and you're able to come back. What would be the roadmap that you would have to follow to get back into a race car? I don't know. I haven't asked the question you. Yeah. I've not asked START I have not asked anybody. Would I truly don't know when do you think that you'll get back into a streetcar? You mentioned you're out driving the boat and doing things like that. You had said earlier kind of taken that slow. What's the timeline there of just taking that next step. So like I mentioned in may be kind of change around my medicine they're. So my plan is for. For November is to be able to do that. So holiday season that I wanna be on back to normal doing that stuff. So that gets enough time, and hopefully some this craziness will be gone down to where you know do do that. It'll be normal stuff I can travel to, but I think new members is what I have my head of when I'm GonNa, go do it as long as everything's good until then get out there all holiday shopping. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I'm sure will be doing that. It'll be exciting though because it is unbelievable. How much freedom you lose when you cannot drive a streetcar. It is absolutely crazy I mean, you don't think about it, but is hold time. I feel like fifteen year old this witness, they get his temps and then winning his license I mean, it's just like that such awkward faced where I know I can do it. I know I'm allowed to do things, but it's just weird. It's. Is that sense of freedom you lose? It's just it's bizarre to be honest with her because, and then it's really expensive for lists, Newburgh all the time to ms such strange period right now, because it used the two to five minutes, you'd wait for Newbury lifts and stuff to go places. But right now limited people on the new. It's risk when you do it any way. Way Twenty to thirty minutes when he wanted to get a pick your the scandal everything out. So you're not really try to rely on other people when they are getting around to do stuff at the stains. I missed, it's hard to count on that stuff because one is expensive and then to it takes a lot of even get into. Let's Uber and then you got. To do all the today Shin, in the masking. Some of them have defined plexiglass rings. Like ninety degrees in the back seat. Everything has been a little bit interesting with that. Suffer began to say like Alan, he goes to the drive, Thru? I am that out and go in and get you know do all that stuff. So is planning going on when I wanNA leave my house. All. Right. Let me ended on one last question. You've kind of touched on how you're staying busy a few minutes ago. What do you have going on in life right now besides being married and enjoying all of that. How do you keep busy? What do you have your hands than what you have going on in life nowadays? Well, like I said, now I've been out of the last week or two have been in new. Jersey doing on vacation up here. But yes, I like I said, my wife's she started up a business down in south, Charlotte Net was opened at the end of June. So probably, April through June, we're literally just building. Building the store. So that was pretty much every day long nights to midnight one am trying to get that thing done suite a set opening to get things done by A. so a lot of coordination, lot of doing stuff with that. She's taken over a lot of that stuff, but I run a lot of the finance aside on that some kind of self claim CFO on that deal, and then I own a few rental properties. So I'm still involved on that I've had those since I started racing one of the invest in do stuff with that. But then I I kind of have things off and on that I do. Stuff throughout the week busy. But that's one thing I've tried to think of to is what's something i WanNa do going into next year and looking at that and I think the honest answer in there is I'd love to work in Nascar something in racing because I miss going to the track. Miss being involved in the industry week to week or whether that's broadcast role lower, doing something within the sport. In this weird time right now became the racetrack I wanted to because not official team member. So that's kind of missing art. Right is traveling and not only just traveling race track with traveling in general I mean. When you do thirty, thirty, five, hundred, thirty, eight weekends a year traveling deemed on four this week, you get to go to law school. New article things during stuff with some friends and. I, still have a lot of friends in the industry that I I. WanNa. Do stuff with. So I'd love to figure out something that I could do with Ms. And I think they'd be really fun. So we'll have to work on that driver analyst role then maybe with Fox are NBC. Unplugging for me. Yeah. You do some analysis from the couch of what you're seeing and all those storylines. Interesting Yeah I did love it though the other week when I don't know who it was. They got in a wreck, but someone is saying that they just got or something happen like that or maybe race in Siebel talk goes now, he just he took him out. There's no other thing I was like, thank you. See. That was awesome. I love it when they actually call you blab on that. So if they just need like a guy in the side that you know identical calls up the official explained rule that I could just be the guy in the side of the end of the says, now, he could totally them purpose that kind of stuff they use plug me think of phone. And do it. And married life is good is very good. Yeah. It's been great. It's good. We got our three to two cats. So we're always taking care of the zoo at home. But no, it's. It's been really good. Yeah. What's up with me and there's a lot more days I'm there than I used to be that's giving. Well Matt. You look good. You sound great. I'm glad you're doing well, and once again, I, appreciate the time and hopefully one day. We will see you back at the racetrack, but if not I hope we can see you maybe again sometimes somewhere in the sport and it works out. So again I shape time. Glad to doing well. Like I said, it's never ruled out of him coming back, but we'll see. But thank you. It's been a long time since I've done an interview law rusty. So thanks. As every week when wrapping up the show, let me again. Thank Matt for his time and candor. I. Wanted to check in with him and see how he was doing and it was great to see him and hear that everything has been going well. But how about the fact that he isn't making too much noise about racing. Again, he's staying realistic and focused on his health and the steps he needs to do to I, reclaim some of his independence and I respect honesty about that, but it would be great to see him back in racing either behind the wheel or maybe he'll find another role that suits him in the sports. So everybody stay tuned as I will be because it's going to be fun to see what happens. If you want additional Matt tiff content, he was on the podcast last July. So go browse the archives and look for episode, Seventy Nine. As I said at the top of the show, NASCAR is headed to Daytona for the first time run on the road course. 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