Mason and Ireland [HR 1]


Question stands for this question. Yes who is for ververs throwing the ball all too lax believable. He's he was attacked. There are five guys there and three of them are wearing red shirts. Let me throw it over. The hair's just awful all that lasts that lasts. I texted you guys L. S. interceptions. Like okay you're on the eight. You got three chances. Yep Up to win the game and on the first chance you thrown into like try to throw shoulder and in doing. He did against the Raiders Tube. Do you had a chance to tie the raiders and he got zero yards. That's Okay Bergman. That just means I have to go next week from a fourteen or two five teamer. Maybe you the twenty six thousand dollars hundred and ten thousand six gold dollars. It was six hundred and ten thousand. You're back in the game. I got two more weeks. I'm taking my ten ten gram okay I want to gamble the rest of myself. No no now you gave him your ten go go all of you know alone. You tend that you're GONNA get any way when Antonio Brown doesn't sign with any curve. This is this thing I've ever seen. This is so you're grateful winner on your soul far ahead you got your colluding. Of course we're colluding. We're trying to. We're trying to fight till at the end and you're like Granola. Get off my lawn guy. I want to keep it that way. No no it is not because if this was the the other way around you the throwing it in my Grad school back to. It's not fake money. What about this makes you think this money is real? I told you this is going to happen to you because if you want me to go money you're going to get had it in your head that oh I can do this for real now. Convince myself that this is real. Here's what I think he. Actually you bet it all at the beginning of the year and he has sat on his lead as I sixty four you bet against the rams in the Super Bowl you made a whole bunch of modern it you gotTa head start then you just sat on your last year when he did the same thing. No I came in second lash. I know but you started off the year by putting by making like forty thousand dollars on top of all of us. It doesn't matter it doesn't matter because it was you know it doesn't. It doesn't matter until the Middle East and you're the producer no and it doesn't matter until the end you haven't won anything you're one squad colluding beat me head celebrating though it's coming it's coming. There's two weeks left by wait till you see the spread and the UCLA. Yeah I in eighteen and a half wait a minute thirteen. I just saw ten. No I you know I. It can't be ally. The person that told told me. I can't say who I am very good authority that it's thirteen and a half page. Ten different spreads what are. What are you get ten on the page? It's got A. I'll take anything over ten if you can get me ten and a half. I'm happy the best is thirteen and a half talking. Get A by. You're taking. Are you putting all twenty-six. No no they're going to be included. Oh my parlay. Yeah I feel good about that. UCLA is so bad You say you just get the tape from last year when he said all this. UCLA straight auto awful and the one thing about clay the one thing about CEO Klay is that he's fired. He's going out with a win with a win. Should wear all his cardinal and gold closed rose cause they're going to be wearing anymore instinct is another game now this is it. Do they fire on Monday or Tuesday. Monday I'm Ed Harris Style into the Coliseum call section six now section rambling fixed. Well no what what section you in now sexual one five. Be Fireman in section one zero five zero five. Do not let him get out to the partying. But if he announced surface Meyer on Sunday morning. Say He wins. No I just his favorite wins he wins and I think that's likely to happen. Okay do you get a little cushion. Do you wait a little bit of town. No you're recruiting like if if he loses. ABC always be closing. You're not closing until you've you've got urban Meyer. If you've got him back higher urban Meyer. He's not in a bag. We've got him bagging. He is in a bag for bag. Insider confirmed completely Cleveland. Fair years thirty six million and he bought a house in Manhattan beach. Isn't that what the Something along those lines that's done. You announce it literally this is it. Okay okay you hear who Pete Arbogast say or new final score sees a perfect. Ucla Cla twenty eight and this just in clay now welcome Turban Meyer new head coach. Not Go down that way. Exactly that way. and You bring wheat flies in on Wayne Hughes's private how parachutes out of the Perez. He gets fired on Sunday. No if he win is if he wins he gets fired on Wednesday if he loses he gets fired on Sunday. There is a thing that In in politics like if someone if the head of the Federal Reserve Dies yes. They're under a lot of pressure to name the next guy. So the Margaret hold stable right but a lot of times they don't because they wanNA give the the guy who died his respect respect so are arguing the play deserves respect. Look look he has been you know what he's getting. He's getting the last three years of that sweetheart contract that Lynn. Swann gave me no list. What we what we forget is clay Helton has been there? I think a decade. He's worked as an assistant. He is worth heads higher asleep for the cardinal and gold emergency head coach at a ballgame one year. He's been in their parking lane home when they party. And what's the one thing we say about Klay help noise Greg. Craik Yaracuy what have you done for me lately. That's welcome to football just beat. Ucla and he knows off into the Sark is not a great guy and they knew it when they hired him but they thought he could win the game so they hired him by the way. Lame good guy. Same formula with urban urban bad guy. It doesn't matter. I winced got moral failings moral. Come on thirty eight you want more about moral failings. You're seventy three and eight at Ohio state. Take that for more. I'm telling you it is not happening. It is not happening maybe by Monday. My sources indicate you have an sources sources no way soon as as soon as USC LEFT ESPN La. They stopped talking to you all that so untrue. They'll after that interview the Athletic Director Director. They stopped talking when I when I asked him. I said hey we heard like six guys. Turn this down. Not It's not true. Who is the best history? I heard that a lot of trouble finding somebody to take this job. Who is who is the guy the writer that was on right before he was and he said yeah they offered it to the guy at Alabama they offered to make Murphy's him out accurate? Yeah that is not accurate. I already forgot the athletic director's name. Mike right bone Mike Boone banks phone. That's what they say over there with money ball he's GonNa shape up urban Meyer intern that we're GonNa do you actually think the reminder things I do I don't yeah I know. I know you accused me. I always say that we should bring the left and the right together politically in this country and I think we have the west wing moment. And you say you're being pollyanna Ireland. This will never happen. Yeah you're being pollyanna about this. Urban Meyer No. I'm not if it's not if it's it's thirty nine. They don't care that he had an assistant coach. Five reports out there that Carol full will not allow Urban Meyer to behind we will not allow. She will not allow ten of their fat cat. Big money donors to walk down the street if they don't hire urban Meyer money talks locks the UCLA. Urban urban is coming. Your friend Sir one. They're all FAT CADILLAC THEIR BACK. Catalogue your neighbors. Your neighbors members of the focus group for who gets the head coach to a person one urban. Yeah all the rich guys definitely want. Yeah but I don't money talk. I don't think it's going in a matter and I don't think it's going to matter. I think that we'll we'll fight. We're GONNA find out Sunday. Oh Yeah we're GONNA find out because they're they've got to announce one way or another what they're doing because they will. They'll you'll have to do. They'll say we're having a search and they'll do all that business because they're recruiting. The recruiting starts in December. They want if they've got number sixteenth. But you've got you're you're not gonna you're not going to announce the new head coach on the spot. You're going to say okay. Working for conducting search we're going to search everywhere under every rock by the Urban Meyer under a rock. The Rock is in Manhattan beach and he's driving every day to the Fox News or you just go over there air and get him you know they're gonNa do wonder nationwide's let me tell you where to search where to search the corner of Pico and motor. That's that's where the Fox lot is urban there every Saturday go pick him up. That's your search boy. Come on man white. Give the people what they want. Steve Steve Day One Urban Meyer. The USC fans want him deliver for. What's don't stick them with Sarker Lane or Lynn Swann? or or the Parada Bobo that they've made these US flatness. It's fat cats that were responsible for a lot of that stuff Mr Mr. I've got all my stuff in your garage. Joins US he. He got you lynn. Swann gave us Lynn Swann. So thanks rich guy. Who's the guy that practice fields named after Brian Kennedy? Yeah Hey Brian go pick up. Get One of your cars isn't a car dealer. Don't even go drive the practice of Pico and motor and drive urban Meyer air over the USC campus. Would you please when this doesn't happen. It's happening. It's not happening not happening. Who's going to be the coach? Don't know but it's not a reminder. Uh Well you can't just have a judge Joe Nobody it's USA. Say It's Joe. Nobody I said I said I don't know unacceptably. Oh I don't think we know. But Penn state season break coming. I don't what is wrong with you. People Dream dream morals where they in what. I have a history of steadying college. Football Morality is not part of the course. Betting look cheating is different different. From what Urban Meyer did. It's not cheating correct so higher Scott. You've that's such a blind spot for you. Rick Pitino Tino state on the job for like how they ship them out of the country's coaching Ed team in Greece. Then they just win the title and even get a coach and get a coaching job in the domestic. I love eating the food right. Come on all right you can tell what kind of show it's going to be Mason Ireland. ESPN LA and don't forget fifth row. Friday what is going on right now per ticket. See the wizards in the Lakers. The day after Thanksgiving be in the fifth row for that game plus an autograph basketball. There's something to be thankful for. Here's how you win. We'll say something. Today that'll be on the pop quiz yesterday today. Wednesday and Thursday only four questions. This week we'll do it on on Thursday at four fifteen so pay attention to absolutely everything we say somebody put the wrong. Our of the podcast up yesterday. Men Wasn't Bergman Bergman. I don't I don't do the. Here's but here's the thing. People went crazy because they have to go back and listen to it and take notes exactly now not deprive these people the chance to listen to it over and over and over again. Who Does the podcast we'll yesterday Palais was here for the last hour but funches went back. You went back and listen to it right. Yeah I did I did and now a third hours fine user error there now important. Download the PODCAST. Listen to it repeatedly okay. I don't want it says one one eight hundred nine or eleven. It's eleven eighteen yesterday. Not One eighteen to the wrong date all right okay so as you guys know Russell. Westbrook of the past two seasons has basically basically averaged a triple double this Jason Kidd had a ton of triple doubles when he played magic. Johnson had a ton of triple doubles. Lebron has a triple double in his career. Cisco makes the beginning career. Seventeen years ago has a triple double against every team in the NBA. Except the Oklahoma City. Wow and if he does it. According to Elias keeps all these sports stats. He will be the first player ever to have a triple double against every NBA team against all twenty nine. We'll be thirty and how I may triple doubles Zia. This year one too. He's he's up to five Westbrook doesn't have that he has. That's what I said. He averaged one lasser. She would think that there must have been a couple of teams where he couldn't come. You know you only blaze for like two different years. Yeah but he only plays the east coast teams. That's why so year. So maybe there's like a team that lock him up right in assists or something but tonight if according to you nice if Lebron pulls it off yep he'll be the first. NBA Player ever to have triple double against every NBA team including the three teams. He's played for. He's had one against Cleveland. Miami and the Lakers. Yeah so and he's lebrons plane out of his mind he really is and he gets to cracks at it because we play tonight against Oklahoma City. Yup and in our next game is after tonight is Friday night in okay. See this happens twice this year where we played the same team two games in a row. It happens tonight and Friday Oklahoma City and then happens in March against Utah. But that's it and then Friday is back to back right because it's Memphis memphis emphasis on Saturday and then it's a four game road trip relieving on its Friday night okay. See Yup Saturday night Memphis Yup Monday night San in in Tonio. which is a little bit of a bummer? Because it's head to head with Rams Ravens so in the Ram game. I'll beat the Lakers game and and then Wednesday we wrap it up in New Orleans first. Time Anthony Davis is GONNA play against his old team and then Thursday's Thanksgiving so a pretty. Yeah crazy schedule between now and then. Yeah what's the story on avery. Bradley That he'll be reevaluated. At some point I don't think he's GonNa play on this trip no not on this strip. But they haven't said that did they. A week ago. They announced that he'd be evaluated in one to two weeks. And I've seen no update on the much-maligned Casey P. has actually been pretty decent recent these last couple of games. Yeah I've I've I've never maligned. FEDS Dance Party hoedown. That's doing the ACP malaria. You're doing the malign men. Aren't you dance party. Ho Does the guy who does the Lakers stance purdy hoedown ought do most people do not like ACP but it is a fat. Ah Most people do now. Like we'll stop leading your pitchfork crowd case I have stopped facing has a complete skill set. He plays defense he runs. He's athletic nick. He makes threes boy. What is he not do make shots and his shot? He's great last game and yes he was the fourth quarter. Yes come on man give the guy a break. Did you see what he did. At the beginning of the struggled out of the the box. Hey and I and I'll go back to this and I'll continue to think this I think. ACP played a pretty significant role in getting Lebron absolutely because because he made a lot of money for that right. He doesn't need to make another one right but he was the pipeline. Yeah he was started the dialogue. Yeah it was the between four years out of it and then so but I think. ACP has been great. Yeah great I think he's been fine I think he's had a couple of good Games he will. He will continue to be maligned by many by the dance party. Hoedown the dance party White Howard doesn't want me to speak poorly about him anymore. More so I will not speak poorly about him any good. This show brought to you by alignment healthcare changing health. Care One person at a time coming up next for the talented Mr Oto Matthew Berry eight seven seven seven Vigny. SPN We're going to do some this or that eight seven seven seven ten ESPN or you can tweet us at Venice Mace or at La Ireland. And let me Kinda qualify. What I meant with Casey? Casey became to the Lakers a year before grant Lebron did so. I think that allowed the guys at clutch to get to know. Oh the Lakers are working magic to get to know rob to get you know. Hey these guys kind of know what they're doing and this is possibly a place that it our guys could be comfortable and in the future and you look now and Rx learn exempt has multiple touch points. So yeah that's what I meant Matthew Berry next. ESPN LA ESPN La. What you guys doing? It's all happening. I'll tell you that much in Matthew Berry talented Mr Rose on the line with us right now matthew after you thanks for coming on as always how you doing man. I'm good. How are you guys Matthew? As I've done this many times before and I'm going to do it again at the risk of embarrassing can you but I am. You are one of my favorite writers and I mean that sincerely I mean people don't know Matthew was a screen writer before he became three Mr Kroto and spent time writing and writing and writing like you did mace once upon Time wrote a screenplay matthew he did it way better. My favorite column that you've ever written is the one about about how you got your house and it last week you surpassed it with the one out with the one about your daughter. I don't know why got me. It just got me and I encourage bridge everybody. I already tweeted out of my twitter account. Adalah Ireland if you want to go back and look at it but basically it's the story about how Matthew was in the what I see Matthew during the basketball season you and I you and football season mean Bass what we get in the tube where we're being shot from one place to another to another and you got a phone call that your daughter order had fallen off a jungle gym and broken both arms and I will. I will let people read the column but I wanted to tell you that I think it hit home with a lot of people including me so very very well done well. Thank you guys I I really appreciate it. You never know when you put a column out how people are GonNA react and And the support and kindness this from people about that column of been overwhelming and people have sent things to my daughters and sent notes for her. And it's It's been It's been really magical and You know listen we You know it's I'm I'm appreciative that it touched you. I think anyone that is apparent can That's one thing that out of hurt a lot and John Son's like you know as well as it's that if your parents that helpless feeling of wanting to try to do something to help your kid but not knowing how and So the column is sort of a about that and certainly scary but At the end of the day you know one of the things I'll say for anyone that hasn't been at the com yet is that Look Ultimately Bethany. I feel very lucky because my daughter fell close to seven feet from a jungle gym. And she you know couple br listen it's she's got a long road back but could Internet could've been had like it could have been much worse in there. There are kids all across the world that are in much worse shape so well to me. We feel really blessed my everybody go and read the Com. Okay Matthew. I'll get I'll get to the bread and butter of why we bring you on. I have had Matthew Stafford all year and he has been great eight UN UN. He was drafted. It was my third string quarterback. I ended up. Playing my first stringer for many many weeks. Should I and other people that own Matthew Stafford accept our fate that he is probably done. I don't think so I mean listen. I don't know that I would count on him coming back. Because you know the season hasn't gone the way the lions had hoped and so you know what I'm Schefter reported last week that it's a six week injury now it doesn't mean he's going to be out for six weeks Matthew Stafford's one of the toughest guys is in the NFL and he wants to come back sooner than that does not look like he'll be back this week. At least as we sit here on Tuesday and so which is a shame so yes I think. I think it's one of those things that you should plan for the worst Speaking to our column the column but like plan for the worst and hope for the best and so yeah. You need to make other the plan. You already have the last couple of weeks and I think you should anything you get Outta Matthew Stafford this year I think you could consider gravy All right let's let's let's go to the phones for Matthew Berry this or that Greg you need to read the names because my who's online one that's gusts and Brent League Gus in Brentwood. You're on with Matthew Berry. Gussie there and we lost us. WHO's up next face high screens Roy in Boca Raton? Hey Roy you're on. ESPN ESPN La. Hey it's actually J. but that's okay call Big Big Fan so it's ten teams standard. ESPN Lee John Brown wide receiver in Buffalo. Or Decay Metcalfe Bruce. Thank you I. I'm familiar with John. Brown is a wide receiver in place In Buffalo possibly John Bras were nothing. Short of fantastic. Don't love the match at home this week against Denver You know and decay. Hey Matt Catherine certainly come on you like the match the Philadelphia Eagles. But I'm still going to go with John Brown. I'm still GONNA go with talent and get loose for one you know. I'm worried about Josh Gordon. Getting more and more involved in that Seattle passing offense especially out of the by so it's close Because I don't love the match but I'm still going with Jon Ronnie's just been too good. You know John Brown has at least fifty yards receiving in every game this year. Is that the guy who used to play for the cardinals. Yeah smokey John Brown. Wow I was with the ravens. Last year we had Kinda came on as a as a young player dealt with Migraines Migraine. Some really awful health issues has gotten them behind him at a nice here with Baltimore before Joe flacco while Joe Flacco the quarterback now Has had a nice here in buffalo with Josh. Alan Nathan who it says. He's in Saint Louis Nathan. Are you actually in Saint Louis calls from everywhere today. What's your question for Matthew Berry Nathan as an so? I got a seven single terry or Jordan Howard. Yeah well at the moment and seven singles day because we don't know Jordan Howard. It's GonNa play one of the one of the speculation nation. We don't know any of this for sure but the speculation is that one of the reasons. Eagles Sign J. I is because they were nervous about Jordan Howard and his health That they I thought it was more than just sort of a one week thing. So we'll see It's been a frustrating time for Devon Single Terry right and if Jordan Howard healthy I think I I would go with Jordan Howard at home against Seattle Single Terry. Unfortunately Josh Allen is so the goal line he's been altering some touchdowns Frank Gore is still around Bronco six six against the run over the last four weeks so If how it's healthy it's Howard if he's active otherwise it's single Terry All right here's a line calling from La Your Matthew Berry align go ahead. Hey Matthew thinking I for your article as a new father that's amazing In the flex p. p. we are tyrel Williams or Terry mccarn. I'M GONNA go with tyrod Williams here you know. Look it's a good matchup with jet secondary. That has really been struggling. Terry maclaurin Dwayne Haskins. You guys know Redskins Fan. Dwayne Haskins does not look ready for prime time just yet. And it's a good match up at home for Haskins against Detroit but my expectation is the Terry maclaurin is going to be shattered by Darius slay and this one and so Tyler Williams who doesn't get the volume that maclaurin does but maclaurin relieving struggling like he bailed you out he got like a Oh by the way forty one yard reception last week that kind of salvage his day I prefer to tyrone Williams and this went and thank you very much for the kind words about the article Let's go to twitter. Kevin Ramos. Tom Brady or Jacoby percent. Tom Brady. It's by the way it's close so I get a Brady's been disappointing but Dallas Alice with Jeff Driscoll just lit up Dallas like. I think Tom Brady at home gets going. I'm nervous about Jacoby set against Houston having a huge game. aamot Thursday night still not Wha Hilton. Likely it's close but I'd go Brady Sulejman. Rafique wants to know drew. Brees Matt Ryan. I don't think he screwed up up by both as top five plays this week but I have ryen slightly higher. Mario Garcia non devante Freeman Tree Cohen or Jordan Howard. Well sort of thing. We don't know freemen's Fremont's coming back at at the moment it doesn't look like he's coming back so I'm GONNA assume he's out it may be too rico and just by default because those guys Howard and Freeman may not I play. But if Howard active I would rank them Freeman Howard Three Cohen. But again it depends on if the health of freemen and Howard and Gus us in Brentwood. The Guy who's called dropped out then went to twitter and tweeted us to get this in so good for you guys. I appreciate yet. His his question is boy. This this is a you talk about slim pickens but this is what he's got to choose from. Jared Goff for Sam Darnold. Yeah and it Sam Darnold I mean Sam Darnold at home West Coast team traveling east through one. o'clock game raiders. Going to be there and It looks the raiders. Defense has improved. You Know Give Jon Gruden and his staff credit that they have been proved but boy I I would. I would rather go and get the raiders secondary than the Ravens Secondary Jared Goff. It's just you on. Apparently Jared Goff adverts been banged up woods scratch cook. Isn't there like he's missing a lot of weapons. You know in fairness jared Goff but You know it's been. It's it's been tough there even playing fantasy in space From Guardians of the Galaxy Star. Lord wants to know Shawn Watson or Russell Wilson. PR also when they don't think you can screw up. I have I literally have them both as top four. Plays this week I probably go with Russell Wilson. Just because how do you bench Russell Wilson. I mean we. We saw like a bad game from Shawn Watson. It's GonNa be a short week. Will Fuller again. Banged up. Believe it or not colts actually tenth against the pass over the last four-week again. I both guys top four. Plays this week so I don't think you can go wrong with that one but I will send one spot higher than Watson this week. Here's Stephen Orange County. Hey Steve you're on with Matthew Berry what's your question. Hey guys Running backs which you sit Zeke play Henry and Nixon with against the Patriots interests. I not I understand the desire right. It's a tough match against new. England and mixing has been better lately. But I just I can't imagine benching China's EPL Elliott by the way the the the way you attack New England is through the run defense. They that it has been an inconsistent. Run Defense so far this year and my expectation is that you see a a lot of Ezekiel Elliott and this one. So you know. It's no pushover for mixing against steelers. By the way the steelers problems are on offense. Defense Defense have been great lately and I couldn't believe it matthew when I I saw that mixing scored his first rushing touchdown last week. It's it's been a brutal season for Joe Mixon his fantasy value. And obviously you see the entire bengals organization and I think it was. I actually think it's something you know. We talked about this on the podcast this morning. I A podcast. Every morning and Follow that fantasy Hennessy. Focus or download it wherever you get podcast but we talked about this that we think this is Cincinnati Super Bowl their home division rival. It's the steelers Mason. Rudolf like if there's a chance for them to not go oh and sixteen. We think it's this week so I think there's a little bit of like the gotTa do it If ever there was a game bengals come out and play tough in this one but The I'm just I'm not benching. Ezekiel Elliott for Joe. Mixon I'm just not doing it all right so in for people who listen to show you this matthew before or he moved back to Bristol are back to. Connecticut was a diehard Lakers. Still as Lakers fan diehard Lakers season ticket holder a matthew. Have you seen the eleven in two best record in the NBA. Yea Lakers play yet. I I've seen I've seen some of them again. It gets tough here on the east coast. And if it's gotta but I Yeah I caught. I caught the win against Dallas. That was That was a great game. Lebron was just ridiculous. I forgot to guard Danny Green which was a huge break. Love Danny Green. I have to tell you like you know I mean obviously as Lee you know eighty and Lebron but Danny Green has been a really fun edition this year like I go from you. Know he was one of those guys that like when he was with the Spurs you always used to curse him out. Like don't back I open. You know what I mean. Yeah now he's died. He's the guy that makes makes other teams Roll their eyes and so Yeah Yeah it's been. It's been a lot of fun and it's a it's exciting. See Before we let you go. You mentioned the fantasy focus podcast. What else what else can people catch you on well fantasy football now every Sunday morning at ten am eastern on ESPN two so seven? Am Pacific the fantasy show is streaming all season long on ESPN plus. I don't know if you guys have done this. I've got some grief about promoting Disney. Plus all you sell. How are you kidding me? Disney pluses awesome. I yeah yeah I mean seriously. Ide- demand delorean's on there every Disney thing of all time is on their Greg's Watson and gave. I have a friend that got all messed up and watch fantasia. which by the way? It's fantastic when you're messed up. I like I'm right. I'm that is my Recommendation by the way when you get dizzy plus the first thing you should watch vendors endgame and pay attention Eh. Get to New York. That's right there yes exactly. I'm in the movies so you know it's like one of those things where I mean like I couldn't believe I got grief about that like yes I love it. I think the bundle of Disney plus. ESPN plus an who for like twelve bucks a month for the best. You know the best deal out. I will happily show when it's something great. Yeah all the Star Wars all the Pixar all the Disney movies. I like just everything so Yeah I'm Some of the anyway. And so if you subscribe to the bundle you can watch vendors and game with a bunch of big named guys and me and then you can also stream the fantasy show on. ESPN in class and NFL prime time with boomer and TJ. They're back Payton's places. We got lots of great stuff. All Right Hey Matthew. Thank you very much for coming on man we appreciate it. Hey thanks guys in Really appreciate the kind words about. Yeah Matthew I'm going to tweet out it again right now. They're a couple of people that have reached out to me since we've been talking saying he wears it so I'm going to send it out again right now twitter at La. The iron. Matthew have a great weekend. Thanks guys appreciate you. Hey the keyword promotion is back owning mortgage is giving away one hundred bucks in cash if you have the correct a keyword. Today's keyword is rebate. Listen to the morning show tomorrow. Keyshawn will give you the cuticle during the seven. Am Our if you've got the correct keyword. You'll win one hundred bucks. Oxen cash brought to you by owning mortgage trust and simplicity to both real estate and mortgage coming up. Jalen Ramsey was might Sunday Sunday night for the game and Jalen. Let's just say likes to talk. Yeah and we'll share it with you coming up Mason Ireland. ESPN LA. Hey if you're a rams fan you I wanna be with us for the next hour. So because at four o'clock ten minutes from now Johnny Hecker Rams Punter will join us. Then Lindsey theory I rams beat reporter will be. We hear hanging out in studio. Lindsay is great. And we're walking. You Up to Lakers thunder which is pre game tonight at six tip at seven thirty at staples senator just announced by the way Carmelo. Anthony will start in his debut for the Portland Trailblazers Twenty minutes. So that's something. Let me keep an eye on to all right. So Jalen Ramsey is generally regarded if as if not the best cover corner in the NFL one of the top three and he. He agreed for the bears game to get miked up. You know. NFL films up somebody. So if you're wondering what it sounds like when you're playing against danced Jalen Ramsey or you always mouth move and if you always wonder what he's saying Yup hears about a minute of Jalen Ramsey miked up against the bears Sunday night ninety two coliseum. That Iraq did that will move with not because it was so weird we got you got fool but now we gotta get Bisky wants this rouse left side. It's rocks inside the twenty defense on board down married off both on this alert. Twelve children today. Nobody tells them today. All right so I got a question for you. Yes this Sunday Sunday or this Monday Monday night. Football the rams play the Raven one of the Ravens cornerbacks is Marcus. Peters that's right who the rams traded and who apparently has been playing really well since he was re interceptions returned for touched. But you know he's going to want to put on a show. Oh sure so. If you're the rams his focus is probably going to be on revenge do you do you run towards or away from him. If you're jared Goff I think you throw away from him now. We don't know the status by the wide receivers. We know and cooked. Says he's GonNa play well Lindsay's he's coming up next brandin cooks he's GonNa play. We still don't know anything about robber. Woods I and whether or not GonNa play so they are going to have a brand cooks back which makes makes a difference. I would imagine you throw away for Marcus. Peters in this game we ought to be interesting to see what they you know the Rams upgraded jalen Ramsey is better than marcus peters. But they could've kept. Peterson played them on the other side. But I think the money they saved when they shipped peters out allowed them. Tell to me this moves because they didn't trade for Ramsey mm sea just for this year. They traded for him for the long term. Because he's going to get a contract with the rams this off season right okay so coming up. Next is Johnny Hecker. And then Lindsey theory right after that Mason and Ireland E._S._p._N. L._A..

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