Ayurvedic Healing, Clock Genes, Circadian Rhythms And The Microbiome With Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar


my jugglers episode three oh six the sudden swerving through season energy position throughout the base of the spine around the world allows this ancient wisdom as we passed a measure to say what are the options are these energy center in these chuck help you on your destiny find your purpose welcome to my child and now you're a driver who was driving aj here horse in founder of my seven jugglers because the show where we provide you ancient wisdom inspiring story is an action steps that will transform your life so if you are new to our show then know that you are in the right spot now before we get started i wanna let you know and i've recently up you ordered it just gonna training video online to talk to you about the benefits of balancing on energy is an four by four techniques that'll help you activate your roof check it out ford motor abundance more alignment and more connection the lincoln natives might jeopardize dot com forward slash energy draining it's my seven joepags dot com forward slash energy cheney and with that let's bring on a special guest for the doctor so haas ships august adopt this was are you ready to inspire absolutely i regularly inspired and be inspired because what to wear process absolutely so doctor sue haas chicago is the word announced idealistic physician from if family of traditional visit keilor's in india he holds it beer in iterating medicine in completed it three year unless it didn't see as an md doctorate in i read it in medicine at the prestigious university in india doctor sources compassionate he led an expert clinician who dedicates the item in the healing an integrative wellness clinic in northern california as they sought after speaker end lecture he also travels through out the word teaching courses and i read that training doctors in providing i waited consolidations what thousands of patients in today's action drive all the listeners he has decided to appear on my seven jaka so thanks once again doctor attendance wonderful to have you here okay i got it so happy to be here wonderful now as we always do we begin each and every episode with some inspiration so what is that one inspirational court and if you have for for our listeners in how do you apply last year deeded in life i think it comes from my background and migrating tradition and the fans could score and just shanty montage which i like which is very revealing bait except joe's then i think offered almost every day and it goes i told my son my you must so much jolted again my mother daughter my american government and i'll explain what it means is i told my son gumri i mean beans need assault from on drudge today telling the truth that has no past present and future it is be on the time and space until until the neutral summer so much joy attending a mayor thomas is darkness need us from darkness to the region's lack of knowledge because it just that difference whenever the things a little bit tall dark and shady an ignorant just need to bring in walkabout little like you got shedding light bringing the knowledge will always just ignored so i have to remind myself this almost every day and the last one which is mother daughter my thumb going back to means debts the destruction metality and leaders song from county to immortality and it might sound a little bit funny to to connect was so still what markets but the fact of the matter is when you look at the check rather than look at the physical body doesn't energetic pockets over body that is a tax and that is connected with discussing excel rich because my mom so ben i remind myself of all these three things every day during my meditation it almost becomes that you go to the crack model life realizing thing that was really meet your eyes is all is not really the best way the best foot forward is to bring in what is the most radiant aspect of piece of knowledge of wisdom that you can bring in ann arbor shed light on more of a challenge you and most importantly you need to really connect and spend some time which you're a greater south which historically be on the gospel your senses and you're emulator build back on everyday basis will save you a lot of trouble adjusting wonderful wonderful i mean i love it when any one of our guests starts are show which aired him or an excerpt from in the language of science good which is such a sacred like a language like you mentioned leaders away we're from untruth duty donor truth away from darkness to the leading light of knowledge away from mortality rescue mazing are immortal sales help awful and thanks for sharing that wonderful wisdom we just did a let's start with the sixers are very marco off audio beta is are you know a month on a dozen demarco fired wait a year where the american red cross in markevic it simply means even though it's a medical science but of any basis of the medical science is to need people in guide people to connect them with a red dead democracy is that unlike unveil living that's why would they saw the box so again i just wanted to highlight that on one more time to really understand that this this mark hannity because well does said that the the the biggest fear that anybody have any time in the field of that and as you're calling cut that that has become seattle this and you conquer the fear of something slipping away from you so many most still a challenge us will be minimized and i think it's a good start the show today after new gmc is now on the very same dumping their many of our listeners who are aware of what i usually the ashley is and are looking for next steps but there are some who are might have heard about the word i read on and are looking to learn more and are fascinated in are curious so for them could you give us a more often over your ford exactly is usually the ira veda is a is a one of the most ancient comprehensive system has cans afternoon be managing editor is a the defense could get away that's simply means i you which is life and debate on this knowledge of science says the science of like how to living your life broadly in article optimize your health and that's exactly what i would say it's it's a consciousness based approach to health and that'd be since you wake up in the morning and you go to bed what do you do that could make your physical body or emotional body or energetic body feel really optimum i best so when i teach i read that to best and physicians i tell them that this is the way you're starting your life this is the true and the original lifestyle medicine every choice that you make it shouldn't be based upon who you are your understanding of your mind body type your understanding of qualities the food qualities of people's emotions nature read their behavior and paying attention to what conduct to you it is it is that expedience watching dusty and we call it as a beginner tick from a from a medical perspective because every experience has a corresponding component like a non certain genes until an officer and gm's so it is gender takes his nutrigenomics is the lifestyle medicine at the foot of sled medicine but this is mark i it's all about nbr which is a spiritual basis on friday but it's a great read understanding and the realization of you're rate of self the vegas there i think that's what i heard that is all about and that is the reason why attest to the test of time since five six thousand years ago which is becoming almost the cutting edge medicine as the practice like now the new age medicine it is tempting as old as the mother nature is an the the simple ways that could touch talked about in terms of basic elements ends understanding the census and city a in parts of the body how you're living your life and more importantly how you go with the flow nature i'll go align yourself with the dumps of the nature and so i think i read it is it is a fascinating science and it's even more i think about in the modern day they gotta go that's a wonderful explanation and listeners i hope you are taking down nurture listening because i read that as we doing is the signs of life but not just that it's the science of life for optimum health and wellness keeping in mind you're unique mind body type your universe around your environment nature and argue and how all of those factors influence your body as you proceed in life so it is amazing and i hope you you're the books with is now before we really dive into the questions doctor how did you get started in this year's how did it all begin for you so it's an interesting story in this i was born and raised in the way the family and the since age age i was initiated in a in a typically rating tradition 'em to to become a on the thought of starting scriptures in the way they look traits and things like that i did go regular school and everything and when i came to a crossroads crossroads that i was choosing education i thought maybe i should i should select something which is connected with my boots 'em which was studying that so i chose to go to and i went to medical school which offered me education which were the full lend up east invest so i did my 'em md and i contend in medicine i did my bachelor's a fight at the medicine so it's a pretty long program it's a six and a half year program with lots of clinical training 'em almost all the different branches of medicine some study there then i finished my doctor research and i ended up from plano city and as i was beginning my practice my love device companies she's also a neighbor physician they'd be mendez got mattered and restarted over practice in the middle of india out and rare we wanted to proudly grow in settled down at at that time when i was invited by his willingness masha mahesh yogi who is the founder of the transcendental meditation grow a very popular beatles and everyone else there in that time and he was looking for some young guide with the couples to travel around the world to talk about ancient heating system of fighter in a row we thought maybe that would be a good way to to come sylvie came in met him in holland and we tyler law around the globe lebron worked in about thirty nine different countries along with other kids 'em travel the globe teaching talking about something that people were so passionate about and i think i think that is how i got started and everybody every person in every country every culture i interacted start right away that and also that local practice of medicine people culture talked me a lot so i was able to compare where i'm coming from and how it can be applied not typically less than taking and mindset and lifestyle so i think my jeremy has been headed up a tireless listening with over over the last twenty five years doing something with jobs and wonderful wonderful that's really inspiring journey and i'm sure our listeners already excited to know how it all began for you and how that call how modest she arguing it you and your wife sort of went on a quest on a journey to a meeting different cultures different people integrating what you learn but also imparting wisdom engine wisdom if you had to share about iota there the now my question is what inspired you to write your recent book your latest book change your schedule will change your life i think i would say a lot of patients in my practice who wants to do the right thing they want you to go full for themselves they wanted to sit down bleed they want to go to sleep at the proper time they want to exit size by tally was this kid who is was so busy and so fact i living practicing bay area so i see people 'em routinely sixteen eighteen hours in both times on everyday basis they start their day commuting crazy traffic for about a novel slumping deck chairs and because for eight nine ten i was again sitting in traffic for about seven eight about another hour or so and then a dad exhausted by the end of the day the slumping deaths so far for some passive entertainment a and then the crash against the seventy nine hours and makeup and stockard all over again so even though they want to do something that scandals were not alive and so they they were doing wrong things at certain times and just creating more hopman one of the biggest example and when i was doing the research i found out about seventy percent of americans hate the biggest maybe they think man they they had their biggest kennedy meet in the evening at that school after seven thirty leave and when you eat that big name in the evening then it creates a lot of sluggish down heavy toxic reaches a deal and i just two days that makes you feel already darlan heavy in groggy that to wake up in the morning and you will have a product of the need for caffeine to get going and your host like this kind of disruptor star identify some key eighty as the market teach these people to change their scheduled in a way that it will slowly program that activity that thinking that behavior very very quickly and that was the very premise of the book and the book protest farm positive the people and the literally said that it does it does a couple of things that i do now let's change that like wonderful that is beautiful the premise action drive if you're watching if you're listening right now make sure you're not that it's not just about what you do but it's about when you do it as well the timing is also important that we're gonna learn more now a doctor you help people achieve an optimal health right so if you could be in the beaches one on one exactly is optimal health like well i think optimal health i don't wanna make it very complicated this is a and i would get loud crushing says new style harvey hottest says the change just sick of the muscles you just saw novel bull just see your role poetry the crack so work working doctors say when you have someone who is eating the right foods the right time and i were that digesting the right foods at the right time also eating the right foods you oughta be hotter do the right things activities at the right time but it's sleep or exist size are showing up for work doing vegas things in in accordance with the laws of nature and so you're hot you're just sick of the most so that actions are pretty balanced and regular and something which is uplifting for themselves and somebody about it you know bobo just someone who goes to bed at a proper time makes up early in the morning and makes up at the proper time yoga over to do so this alleviates all causes the suffering this is the yoga all flights so this is not rocket science it's very very simple eat the right foods which are guard made foods and the right time in the mom don't defend handle and i just do the activities of the question is it beneficial for you and others what you do that that makes a difference and something else so you'll see in focus lillard meaningful a everything that you do your body you're mind but just spit it should be done on everyday basis go to better the proper time makeup of the proper time and does nothing marquess it will automatically make you feel really great again optimum wow that's amazing you know before my grandfather expired one of the things he told me to encourage me to reid was a mob bottom lines with utah and i didn't know that law christian said this because this is so profound is so powerful and so after the applicable do the modern day a mind people living in cities where like you mentioned it's still busy people don't have time to do anything because we're always maybe commuting to work or working sixteen are days and then they come back and they're tired and they have coffee in that produces energy energy even more now you speak about circadian rhythms and you're in you're in your book right so what exactly are these circadian rhythms and holiday connected with optimal health son kadian rhythms of the rhythms of nature and a red light could not a liberal planet is tumbling on his access and it just soiling around the sun abusing speed ain't gotta mean you're headed in talkers suspension the gravitational force is that right so as otis tumbling on its axis the days and nights that creative as it is moving the the lunar read them the title rhythm down the center still rhythm of the planets and the movement that set the set acadian rhythms of the twenty four hours a day and night that creator and whether you believe in new zealand about eleven vancouver whether you're living your you are affected by these everybody species she's around the globe is this to a single syllable getting the solar random random when the sun comes up and what happens after eight cents down the bodies programmed executives at the clock internal clock in the body if they were having like that so a there are different things that the body does some somebody sunset and some sunset sunrise the body dozen different activities but if you're doing completely different activities off the sunset then is going to throw a wrench into forfeit functioning of the body are you're doing something else doing today which is not supporting actor with the body's doing that are rhythm psychos conditions enzymes 'em hormones that are perfectly time with the rhythm of cumulous and knock on near the rhythm of the universe in terms of when the sunrise and sunset happens even the change of season so when i go back to my room supply in a way that i found my dad talked about idear dated whiskey what is the most try you should have one of the most perfect evening routine you out here then it's eddie i interrupt me check what is a perfect evenings wilkins you should have water is a full season the goofy little idea you are so good the changing seasons our job is to pay attention to shane just which are happening around us in sync ourselves those changes that are happening in mother nature and if you are doing those things then it's perfectly fine but if you're doing what we call it as a set of kadian disruption or set acadian synchronization then it saves way to so many things if your body's trying to get some activity to do some bacterial project accurately and the nights are welcome synthesis and you're staying awake and you're watching the television than that kreider can doesn't happen and then it gets delayed then pushed back and by the time you realize if you months you'll end up in a bigger problem which is happening due to second interception itself last year noble prize went to these three americans yellow just who we talked about clogged genes that are literally clockwork that is going on in the body and if you are aligning yourselves read that i think you are perfectly six six one of the tagline back in the news in my book was eastlake to gain some weight sleep late again some sleet late to get some brake lights getting some but and if you're doing both the just getting action dr since your enjoy today's episode aboard a u v the would you like to experience whether this ancient system of medicine we look for you i'd 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com forward slash ac t i o n b r i b e you without dot com forward slash action drive all apply coupon code action drive at checkout uinta i only a dummy it's simple eight late begins a weird sleep late again somewhere i mean you are striking so many cards i could just feel it with our listeners and viewers right now because they're years of work they wanna listen to you more as you dish out these amazing nuggets of wisdom a doctor you alluded to this a bit but what are some ways in which we might be disrupting or going against are national inner rhythms right now we have several examples lifestyle a real patients will finish their work at six thirty seven o'clock and then you come back home grabbed a gym bag on ninety nine thirty day at the gym working out of ten ten thirty and then they come back and take practice sleep but demography is also charged in yukon me because you just said societal they're just going to serve the net and watch netflix and stuff like that and you're going to sleep play as you sneak late there's a delivery a reliever melatonin system because you're watching the the blue light and the screens in the night and that creates almost a mimic sensation as if it's daylight out there because you're you're looking at the screen right and then the body takes it's daylight out there are delays the secret show what should happen around nine o'clock to eleven to twelve thirty and so by one o'clock restart secreting and you fall asleep then that remains in jail system to tokyo nine in the morning that sort of vein off at six o'clock in the morning but since of demand that you will need caffeine you're neutral to get going you pretty dominant heavy a in the morning and since you are waking up late and you're feeling dollars that's caffeine is going to kick in created more destruction this but but thank you appetite and suddenly you don't go to stocker day risk a disruptor set a kitchen the could give you another example that even the change of daylight savings time okay they say that that one more time change that you do it is ten percent increase in heart attacks within the first week off of time a spring forward so many spring forward one hour it's about ten percent increase in heart attacks and hospital admissions within the week when we change the law so even that takes the body all the garbage gmc's us itself a there's a host of thinking that i discussed in my book chain just gradual change your life on the attack some gouge that you get a depression is that gets lost in the morning of the heart attack incidences will start around nine o'clock in the morning on the photo perations all stein and all of a sudden it for the production is really bad around run turkey or two o'clock in the night on the outside the symptoms ideally bad late in the evening early in the morning the wrong color somebody attacks happened around ten o'clock a in the night all of those things are cyclical because that's when the body is doing its work and that's where they imbalance set some and trigger so krono biological science that you by lucky has it from the logic and who seek to it now we're talking about growing up pharmacologic criminal pathology cronos psychology this is all related with how you'll see you and your mind the attention span for you to get the work done is at its peak between nine thirty one thirteen dock and so you should be on your desk and doing most of your creative work between nine thirty to one thirty in boston so if you're all you're doing that your brain is completely open and awake and can handle what i two different things but if you're not able to work on that time then it creates this section now that example is you don't have in the swing shift you're going to work around down down five o'clock in the evening and you're looking at one o'clock in the night right so that that is that is the reason why we call it as a graveyard shift yeah a world and end organization recently carter late shift as a known carcinogen so i know that in lynn park on some people need to work some you and mikan steam peacefully but the more you do that extremes deception it is the new cycle those sites like a diet cycles and there are so many different cycles in the body and it's a it's a phenomenal machine it's a phenomenal machine which so many gives a new some trolleys every event that all feeding off each other and the biggest q dot sunlight sunlight like which sets the tone for that as soon as you arrive in the sunlight that's why this whole way they don't see enough offering water to a sun in the morning doing sunset education the demonic because it's worshipping son that is the giving of life and that is the signals that is like a big ben clarke that everybody looks at it in the morning start their day the channels are open the operator opened the things start happening you shouldn't be eating in a solar nutrition pattern when the sun is breaking up in the morning a tender sunlight sushi beating the laker breakfast because you're breaking up off the seven eight nine hours of sleep you're i believe dark lively and boating property so you eat something like mom breakfast when some prominent in the middle of the if you're made meal of the day so that you can digest and bundles colonies since you're walking in doing what i hear different things throughout the day again in the evening utilize took me when the sun is setting it doesn't have the whole lot of heat and energy again over the sleep that after so you don't need a whole lot of foods you should be done anything by six thirty seven so that by the time you're going to sleep in three hours you have completed the pasta dish and so you go to sleep digested the food completely by that time so that when you wake up in the morning and then you wake up easily and effortlessly in little bit hungry for success so this is a sign this is a phenomenal science been around for ages together and the more i read about a everybody new scientific headline relatives the same mentioned but then you're tired of that is phenomenal i mean just like you pointed out in ancient times a day used to offer water to the sun and do pseudonym scott in worship the sun i remember when drum had gone for that you know a good gotta fight are going on war against auburn each entity other deadly dam which is like again celebrations did the sun for some strength for some courage for some determination and like you mentioned if we align are lifestyles do the sun we wake up a delight them eat that i damn how are you know a best means at lunch sleep at night time and automatically are you know has been wiped out of date they right and the thing is so yeah it's i i think you're a little kid i auditor this sort of was not because he didn't have strengthened thought he didn't know what to do but it was it was the confusion he was not living this the water the right for him knocks rather going to kill a big chunk of humanity in is the right thing is the right market to fort knox so that conclusion he wanted to bring in the light that gave him the clarity to go ahead and do so son is also giving the classic shedding delight that's why the sun dealership guy a three month is is you're in the sun but you need to look and that's exactly why this whole tradition is all about you talk about sunset stations were talking about a guy thing month throw you're talking about invoking simon bringing radiant lack of knowledge these are all these are all wonderful vase to connect and reconnect with this even though we know from a modern medical the science of quantum physics that such that style 'em is on the new version that summarizes in eastern sets invest right true there's nothing such thing like that because y'all to what we know is the sun is shining all the time it's all about planet little bit moving that's why disgusting charter off imagination that this is rising niessen seventy west but you like it or not everybody's species is affected by that so every living species is affected by so you you can make most of that color is simply living in accordance with the changing rhythms of nature and that's what i read as all of us rhythms of nature rhythms of seasons even mother nature gives you a different foods in different seasons greta because that's exactly what you should be eating monday so sharp in supermarkets read any food is available at anytime when they're not shopping indirect makes us so you go to a local farmers market that good send you walk in the season right now what like a girl and that is what needed for the body like now it's warm summer months and you go and find some property fruits and things that you should be eating so if you are if you are going out and eating different foods at this time then you're knocked in sync with some nutrition nutrition thinking lifestyle even the season's end the festivals okay all the festivals are based upon this luther lou the cycle at noon and academy but as we talk about any scenes and residents winter when is dollar dot if you want a lot of social function starting sometimes even christmas holidays you want the people to dispel the darkness and not get lonely and get winter blues and things like that then come spring that are festivals for spring whether you're talk about freeman jewish traditions bassac in india or holy or things like that they're all looks like you said with what you should be doing even more food needs to be cooked around that time what it should be and what are the values and things that you should the cultivating during those times so i think i think this whole tradition is is so fascinating as we do quoted from a scientific lens perspective that's what my job is being is looking at these things to a scientific lance really understanding and then he called them so that we will give them the respect that it deserves and motor partner they try to implement them to the best of all ability honored honored and by the way i think a viewer amino has become a fan off your court which states eat again some weird sleeves led the gains in which it's catchy and i'm sure all of our listeners wanna learn more about how they can really june their lifestyles and themselves duty circadian rhythms but he also speak about be a victim of far microbiomes right on the clock and you mentioned it is a critical connection between the circadian rhythms and are my crew by on so for our audience could you give us an overview of what the the micro my own as he is and then she could tended as the connection between the two thank you i mean i think of sharing that and the way it works is i read that looks at the hot as as loaders and that load those opens in the sunlight and it shuts down ran it south of sunset sober heart of a sort of china's silver fox ways that are more open in the sunlight on the shutdown sylvania eating late and sleeping late then you're throwing a big a lump of food a in the system which is already shut down in the shutdown system the food is gonna stay there without being i just stood for a long time so it becomes a heavy eight dollars sleepy sluggish new casino sticky i wake up and just a dollar heavy and groggy because heart rate pulse rate says richard everything slows down when you sleep and then ran the system shuts down the food just stay there without being digest that and creates a lot of unwanted heaviness in does this which is a prescription to get going back to the micro bio my thing i read that as the only sign that said no we just talked about these these microbes you never got but you gotta realize it from from modern medicine that about a ninety nine percent of the dna that we have in the body after doesn't belong to us long civilians trillions and trillions of microbes that are everywhere in the body so our body is is filled with these microbial population that is not only in the guy but not everybody opening every layer of skin so our body is launched them technically an just in marketing association as as rare the radio station is reliving that body are they living our body issue make their life difficult they will make your life better differ so you do whether you eat it five high fiber diet to eat a lot of good quite starters and vegetables in london based attack which are bairo biodegradable recyclables all of those things those other things with the driver for so album got is is the main qualities of these microbes and if all you're eating the foods which is allowing that microbiomes do not forget inflamed not to get dried out not to get wiped out then they will head to digest the food extract the nutrients and eliminate don wondered based but if you're white the outlook for taking antibiotics are not eating the right foods you already seen a lot of plastics in your food and a lot of synthetic send your food a lot of pesticides insecticides additives colors presidents they're all very toxic to these got micro bio population and once you wipe them out your digestion becomes very sluggish you inflammation in your guy you create nikki got you got for me lucy you'll see it in some extra bob deceived us and that ramp and inflammation in the got which is in constant communication with your brain is the root causes of most of the problems in dc does that i see in my practice i know there's a direct parkway between you're entering metal assistance and your central nervous system as you're entering the system in the country's inflame your central nervous system in the brain also becomes educated so the root causes depression and anxiety on happiness obsessive compulsive behavior go much anger that leads to inflammation inflammation is there in terms of global warming that we all have wonderful yeah it does it does i mean so many different an important piece of information that you shared a the factory on in this symbiotic relationship with on got biofilm which is not just present in are got but also like you mentioned openings maybe other parts of my body is will be helping support with digestion an iffy eat organs you stuff that is literally cleaning them off or destroying them now do not affect are digestion but it could also affect effect on emotions because they're connected to are bringing this is a lot of fascinating information and i'm sure our listeners are you taking notes in writing stuff down right now now since we're talking about understanding are sales in eating accordingly what is locked dot com and pizza if you could talk about these terms in this significance to her own all will be well i read that considers that the universe is megaphone defy basic elements and the fight a basic elements out space air fire walker in space at fire walker and the whole unit was every little thing in the universe is made up of despite things just simplification i read that combined some of these elements to call them as the oceans so the combination nation of space and air creates a show called lives about about the combination of space in it the combination of firing waters is though shark cars which is fired i could walk it together and that is a combination walker and so the notion of a magician combinations of the basic unlimited they are having structures as well as functions of the body that the government will get us some structure locations of these shows there are many us functions like as a sponsor the for all kinds of movement transportation communication everybody read is going back bafta decided responsible for digestion metabolic conversion temperatures got five and sponsor for cohesion struck lubrication binding everything together so their work hand in hand together like good friends and they're structured over physiology they create i wouldn't mind body type so they have specific in fact on the body body sort of under the influence of vodka you need unintended rioting in difficulty to gain weight and enterprising mind then you have a very active mind locker talk and it created the body type which is more air and space quality he invented it if you're more of a contact you'll be slashed red wall intense passion that dynamic a big bushy a victim says a bit a little bit more in the mainstream more acidic more many us in nature i know this kind of mentality in those tend to senator which is a combination of mind and body book and fuck i is more like a heavy easygoing relax a little bit more a focus in the ten dollar a big moans big structures joe's good combination of big muscles and fats and bone a load easygoing person but little bit more on the laziest say it's not the marty was that mind was so these are things that mean headaches promoter patterns the raby each year after they lied that none of those shows would increase seven degrees them and rusty eight imbalances in the sec so the whole idea of a dick science is based upon understanding your connection with the elements through you're those shows and you're bringing in which is going to increase or decrease that notion balance in your body and that's what i did with martin wonderful times are shedding now in your book you write that a and you've alluded to this as well that lunch is a pretty much the most important meal of the day i because i personally i do intermittent fasting which means i skipped my breakfast and then the first one i have is that on one thirty two but i have a good good mean at that point so is that the way to go in well again the biggest me let you have in the middle of the day that's perfectly fine all right everybody can sustain long foss thing like i just outside of a given seen lightheaded then you're busy this week and lower energy they bring something to pick me up to have the right tender wall breakfast small easily digestible and not everybody will have a big appetite to have the big me that fun thirteen afternoon to digest so based upon your body type and so that's something which is you i recommend recommend income metropolitan does intermittent fasting is good as any body types but some body type if you want to maintain a man's body weight and you are disciplined enough to to follow that i think is talking about idea it was miraculously left got it got it thanks overshooting i guess it's important to know your mind body type and then work obviously with inexpert are concerned so that you can identify what works for you best by let's talk about speak about v i am because you're right about me i more exercise in your book let's talk about the dining what is the best time to conduct the performed an exercise which is so important in negative details log we've got a lot of them did though i never made the share this is a classic elaborate expansion says the best time to exercise in a time of the day as the oceans have to you have no shot clock as they call it okay so morning six to ten am is the time of come from six am to ten am at the time of day from ten am til two pm is the time of it when you hit me like uncertainty does the time will fit the so ten am to two pm is but that time from amd pm in the afternoon till six pm is blocked at two pm till six pm monday evening is about that again in the evening from six pm to ten pm is that conflict i lost bus that takes that has the sleep better by ten o'clock okay and then from ten to end tonight is the night so the bodies very active dynamics getting out numerous function between ten am and the night i still am six sam is about that time in the morning so ideally you should make are around six o'clock in the morning democratizing the vending and the best time to exercise is between six to ten am in the morning and that's what i said in my book because morning exist size monday workout dispels but they and if you look at the research protects like a death that people who are able to get in at least a thirty minute bisque we're gonna signifies before brexit and took off what time of the day you will prevent stroke heart disease type two diabetes by for fifteen plus in this little drive just one medical dr okay attorney butter biscuit the size will reveal the chances of you having these diseases like fifty percent because you are you are not only getting tired but you have felt pretty heavy after making up a forum seven eight nine hours of sleep so you are shedding heaviness the car fire the energy that you want to build up the muscles bonds go and you find energizing quality and you you show for book completely wide awake and energize without any caffeine intake and red sox woodcock you're really hungry by round circular run after a in the afternoon ready you could have a better meal of the so i think monday woodcock we can't talk enough about it on the muscles how many they haven't set acadian memory has become them because they could recover from that the most effective way of color is from miami what if the same woodcock is done at seven o'clock in the evening they got the exhaust there that are more johnson supposed sports injury just because of that time and this is very interesting and i don't know whether you want me to go there are not by 'em like currently we have this a and be a steady will play all gone you know players go from one time zone to the other time zones that playing at different times of the day or something like that it takes a toll on their performance a lot even though some of them are smart and taking good draft stench taking precautions but it makes a lot of different where you wanna go then you out on the west coast and you're the leader of yellow later all of that makes a big difference when you should go olympic okay go from here to reorder competing on the fix is a complete different thing where you are in a in a different season by the time you go there so you were in the winter and you're going to southern south america and some of that your body he is is completely missed a skit a season itself and that affects your performance that affects your your athletic ability cognitive ability all of that so this whole cycle off walk the season studio about the timing does your body is a new sign that this time to like garlic arcadian medicine okay well i'm glad you mentioned that because we do have a lot of listeners avaz who are i did athletes or maybe executives and frequent flyers were always you know traveling different kills a different time zones different season so working these people do do maybe 'em avoid this a challenge challenge that happens when they crossed these times on when they cross these seasons is there again it's going to take a toll on that help no matter what you do because it does it does affect the body and it is it is ran it stocker see anything the difficulties in challenges and when you try to time zones your bottom moments of energy a sneak attack on your hunger navigation everything is shutdown so you should be anything left you should be eating right it shouldn't be doing massage is should be fucking drops of oregon gnaws a every time the set but i ended up playing and she could drop so far is when you're flying a every time we land you should get into the routine all living living according sometimes on debt it's a maybe taking melatonin that might help you support that routine quickly to a certain extent but eating lest you think right regulating keeping an emphasis on your body movements making sure that you're doing something simple like there's a lot of work i mentioned the book i really good to regulate you're muslim as if you're under or a the more you do i think i think god doing a pleasant a walk in the morning or evening in different time zones that you go staying physically active 'em normal what do you think too late in the night trying to steal slowly sinking from the time zone that you are coming from and slowly get used to the change in the show a in the new time zone that is happening but this is understandable work you'll meet you and me we are all after traveling back yes but as a different thing which mentioned in the book less socially yesterday and the people who somehow behave properly but leave from monday to friday now lug they show up six o'clock in the morning make up a grab their backs a show for love the look come back home so that could go back to work there go sneaker proper time the eggs decided they eat less all of that monday through friday that fine but come friday have a license to eat talk and sleep late in the water with tomorrow so they go out they each late ending the drink that socialize and then they make up around ten thirty or eleven on sunday day because there's no pressure for them to make up for lending at that time so is assumed that make up so late a they'd be having brunch instead of breakfast around four o'clock us something to talk and then they'll have that branch or a big lead breakfast sundance and the indoctrinate than their dinner would be around ten o'clock tonight and again this saturday night who wants to sleep late so that again partying and staying up of eight and then catch up on sleep on sunday again ten until they wake up do that day but come monday that the wake up at six o'clock in the morning this talking about with again so they have as this gone to a different time zone over the weekend and come back and woke up in a different time zone on monday right and what we know that one on what time zone change takes one day to normalize little team so they to a three hour times on changes is going to take wednesday or thursday for them to normalize the digestion bottom woman energy and by the time that normalize floodwater fried anger do it all over again so i call it as a social jetlag and so many people will do that a muslim remaking hardcore socialist jetlag action chime viewers listeners if you're watching this i'm sure you're able to resident 'em and again this is something that needs to change so that you're not having these experiences on the weekend where says during the week when you may be getting ready and going to work a now a doctor one of the most common questions that i get from our listeners are not communities about sleep because they're different types of people like you've mentioned there are some people who have been truly see plate right likely late at night and then those people who even though they're trying they're not able to get sleep whether it's in terms of links or even quality of sleep so could you talk to his a bit about the significance of optimal a sleep as well as how could i read the hell which you know improving the quantity and quality of sleep sleep is is a very important factor is something which is considered to be a yoga my a need to be in that at that time the whole nature of his universes asleep at that time so you shouldn't in bed between ten and fifteen at midnight some people have a difficulty finding a lot of people i call them a colonel type a lot of people who are lighten slighty and have a tendency to what about they have to be more careful now the stalled their television a rarely they evening because the last impression they have six lingers into their psyche and create some degree of anxiety 'em unwanted telephone conversations things like that they should be taking a nice relaxing lombok massage some things crack open the book automatic cnn a they may be able to sleep better to keep their bedroom fricking are thinking this sounds the soles of the feet of bacon listened to some soothing music the night i saw it some good watering food tonight maybe a couple of rome albany met a little bit of american key anything of that kind is really good for them sleeping faster or thought i they they cannot doing overcharge stimulation man's communication rushing violent movies and things like that they should they should stop working a couple of hours before they go to sleep they showed so their seats in the school water so that you pull the heat from the head to the feet there shouldn't give the bedroom nice and cool down able to sneak and they should on september bedroom very very dark without any flashing lights somebody said anything like that which also helps them sleep better incumbent assessor income for people they don't have problems sleeping their problem making up so they want to make sure that they're going to sleep at a profit time and they're making up a early in the morning a the dock oversee because i think so there's a sleep hygiene that i mentioned in my book which is really good so exercise according to you're a criminal types according to your criminals dives and we're realizing famously that it's such an important factor in one slice we used to think that you have nothing else to do that's what you do asleep but now we are painful new realizing sleep is one of the most potent anti inflammation reactivity that one of the one of the most potent anti semitic react to a team that won the lack of sleep makes you overweight fat dumb you lose your cognitive function you create dementia you'll create early onset of alzheimer's because of chronic lack of sleep so i think what you can do pretty good sleep hygiene 'em taking system so i'm getting the right kind of support and everybody has to do with that be pleasantly tires at by the end of the day is also very important nothing feels better so that's that's pretty awful i mean it's not just about the hustle but it's also about being honest with yourself and if you're tired and yet you're tired and then you need to do something about it create an environment in your room which is conducive to sleep 'cause we're learning sleep is so important to the overall not just hasbro's longevity now doctor you share your story at the beginning of how it all began for you but my question is how did when did you arrive in the usa first and how has the perception of i you know shifted odious how's it changed well i've been living in this country for almost twenty years now and i was in and out several times to back to my home country and i have been just as a home base and air travel everywhere a lemon work in santa cruz but i think i would would as going along with yoga is gonna get over that and that's i think these science the world looked at more off the shelf spiritual science is but now we are realizing there's a hardcore science in warwick yoga and i read that together and then more and more research you missed it these these projects and i it's funded projects going on a national highway traffic safety association which i'm a board member is is also doing a pioneering work in stuck to the patient scope scope of practice standards competencies all of that so there's a greater bardy fight practitioner that this coming out which is intimidating the the learning of yoga ninety redeye and effective pest management and duke dawson lifestyle and food and sickness all of those things just so far for that you could really save a lot of challenges and what you realize now that the onslaught of chronic diseases cordless in cds in cds which i noncommunicable diseases and most of them are happening because you're not communicating mature self profit and they are kind of unhappy and because of deep seated on happiness yellow for lifestyle the reason why you eat bad food the reason why you're small drain call don't exist size and because there's something you'll which is not making you happy and relax so i read that is is the spiritually in flew away off training people and educating people just enlightened vail limit and that's what i read as about so it's going in gaining popularity many people like you who are doing the phenomenal work to get the word out get the message out today gaining it's it's so this spectrum globally that actually is a wonderful wonderful thanks for the kind words and a doctor what is it one action step board of the one thing that our listeners can do next based on be discussion nick having today in in the wisdom but you know i would say don't eat anything after seven o'clock that's number one okay and the second challenge i would like to do is between breakfast lunch and dinner don't get any kennedy don't treat any food no smacking between breakfast lunch and dinner so costing in between the news and don't do anything from seven till eight o'clock in the morning so minimum turkey now is a good decent five things that you should be doing and try doing maybe fifteen twenty minutes a brisk regular things aside a even if you do jumped roping or like jogging wherever you layer which i would have rather it is a it is something relive order set the tone of your day before breakfast fifteen twenty minutes of this we've got a thing before so they drank to excess the show notes for today's episode your visit my seven jugglers dot com forward slash three oh six that's the episode number seven jugglers dot com forward slash three oh six win the diet is wrong medicine decision is of no use when the diet is correct medicine is also no use this isn't i read the thrall opening speech inducted sue haass's book as well action drive very often when we encounter difficult challenge or maybe a difficulty or we feel like there's no way out we feel like this is it and we feel like there's no way we're gonna get out of this i but like with any today if we take a step back pay attention to our diet pay attention to us circadian rhythms and make sure they were doing things like eating in exercising sleeping at the right time just their focus and shift out of energy and enable us to look at the problem that you're facing in a new light and very often this heavy new perspective can help us solve an overcome that problem so remember when died isn't on medicine is annoy years but when the diet is right is correct and then the medicine is again of no use a doctor sue us could you talk to us about a time when you had gone to a difficulty on each challenge in your life how did you overcome it and then what did you learn from it well i think we all face different challenges about one of the biggest challenges was to leave my country and gets used to living abroad was was a big channing initially ever little bit confused not knowing exactly whether this is the right thing to do or not but i think i think as a stocking doing and believing what i was doing was carrying the clocks forward read on coming from a the the feelings that i'm not doing my job about slowly faded away and allowed leak and finally do something which i fully believe so a that was literally ideas all fox kind of flipped over marlin chaos and confusion that i was feeling read that i would rather be staying home with my country with people and doing something which is good for them for that community but i think the project and inspiration that that found in his oldest washing my shoghi and many many teaches mentioned we work with some very many people 'em currently in the field of medicine it's it's really it's a a like renaissance bringing yoga and i would that what's already doing our work 'em they can't change everything but they can be this little candle that we can constantly shed light on the darkness through the festival ability that could innocence it is thanks for taking the elite and showing others what they can do and how they could inspire the world around them so based on what you've shared based on your story in just one sentence what is it one major life lesson that you could share with our listeners go with the flow govan just like you can't plan a whole lot of things go over the flow and you look around and you will find the signs that o'neil that they guide you read that you are on the right track a wonderful you don't have a plan on how to intellectualize a whole lot of things you don't talk with the scare or make a lot of guys condition analysis go with the flow and understanding exactly where you are where you need to go so they dr go with the flow and pay attention to the signs and symbols and the things they do deceiving i hope you've enjoyed her decision so far remember if you're listening to the audio version of this episode then you're missing out but not watching the live version because every saturday we do a live stream of episodes for my my seventh jacket us page so make sure you hit the like button to deceive the notifications and on today's episode we've covered so many topics it's about time both me and you will pay more attention to this kid in the dumps an online on activities around it a it's time it's time to eat at the right time sleep at night i damn exercise at the right time to generate energy that we deserve fuel are dreams and visions and it's time we pay more attention to how the universe around us is influencing the universe venus and vice versa because as he author david frawley one said as long as we're not living in harmony with nature in a constitution we cannot expect arms sales to be very heated i read that gives as the means and with that we mourn to the final round for today's episode the wisdom around for short questions that decline for brief but useful an actionable sponsors so don't do what is the best piece of advice do you have adler deceived i think the most important and why is that that is saved is a local yourselves i see this advice when i had no idea about a walk i want to do in non business of london any tricks of trains or anything just just try to create the structure rare if you are able to do any work for yourselves then you'll be much more passionate you are much more free to really enjoy the work and not feeding bordering not bothered by anything else and you can take it which you're condemns the new skills and i think i think that the buyers a when i came to this country several years ago and i was very happy and very pleased that i've followed that device got it so if you could turn back time spend one hour with someone who is currently dead or maybe even living who would it be well i wouldn't i wouldn't be i was very very fascinated by mahatma gandhi and his his live jodi things so that would be one thing which i would i would release creating a more like just spend some time the ten to really understand the score belief system and a phenomenally human been eating and written document a as a not as a as a nine year old martyr from anyone else but who made his offer mistakes and learn from his mistakes created his own philosophy and i feel very inspired by an order of one thing that you do in the morning or maybe in the evening before sleeping that has really improved the quality of feeling like regular size every morning so that's my every single team before a breakfast i love to do that and and the good tennis player i love to play tennis and a hit some balls today as well an evening i always make sure that i i do some says the sector 'em activity where 'em maybe a gratitude a prayer or something just just human in the fall asleep i practice meditation regularly transcendental meditation so that is being fokin a feature of my everyday gulfstream for a modern three for decades now so i think about those those simple things which creates these mindfulness based a a policy moments that consciously slowdowns your train of thought and you're looking at life friend i opens due to a different dimension is what is the biggest a chain that i have made in my living room and it ended you could share on recommend one book for our listeners what would it be i love my my friend and colleague duct tape of joe from both the southern state laws of success it's a great book it's a small beautiful book loaded with information contains a lock on done take this dumb golden deans who's i'm nikki practical and i would highly recommend everyone got a call from that so there's there's a lot of sunshine dry but the question is would you like to deceive this book for free the seven stitches laws of success because audible dot com is offering action dr one free audiobook download with a free thirty day trial is is that you can get the check out their service because listening is the new leading in the fact that you are listening to this right now proves my point and i definitely love listening to all audible books on my phone and in most cases these books i read out by author themselves so try it out and the download your next audio book my seven jack dot com forward slash free book that's my seven jack dot com forward slash free book for free audio book so doctor so haas thank you so much for joining us today was a real honor to connect with you into asking these questions and i'm sure all our listeners are feeling the same way before you go what is the one thing that you're grateful for and how can we find you online but i think i'm i'm grateful for for the human life and the wonderful nature that we inheritor so i i think i think maintaining our connection with a lift nature and spending some time outdoors every day so it's always good and that's gross ocean mountains of greenery red bull is far as this is something so nominate to be able to a harvard degree of that kind of vibrant nature that on the medication for 'em my my website is doctors to harvest dot com you can find me on the internet that my politically website are you feeling dot net ridiculing dot net and a you can you can find my books i've written many wonderful books a the hug buddy diet at the public by simon and schuster and find on amazon barnes and noble every read on the internet a book by david frawley as david folly in a while i'm doing shots here as we call them it was a technical book the art and science of basic concept and it's a wonderful books for yogi's practitioners a a radic and yoga practitioner titus so it's called as the art and science of counseling and lastly my new book which is changes could you change your life and then became a bestseller trump's entered into coaching different lines of just on the deal and i think it's a phenomenal book and there's really inspired you motivate you gotta changes that will meet a very powerful shifts to the way you're never going to see so i wish you all the best and bartlett across the game for the last time all right thanks a lot thank you so they're gonna drive we will have all the links in the show notes action if you've listened so far it means you'll really enjoy today's episode if you feel optimistic you feed giant up and you learn something new and please support apart cosby will be about a donation button so choose your favorite number and doing it to action five moment because video support week and create more and more useful and informative episodes the link you needed my seven checkout as dot com for slash support and if my seven jugglers dot com forward slash support if you're out on instagram and i know many of you are the biggest screen shot of you listening to this episode with doctors laws and tag me on instagram so that i can share your story with our community my handle is at my seven jacket us at my seven chuck it up and finally if you have any questions observations comments are you like the shed inexperience from to this episode then and write to us at aj at my seven joepags dot com that you did my seven jugglers dark gum finally doctors was thank you so much for coming on are short talking to us about changing are live by changing her schedule and giving these amazing nuggets of wisdom but people can immediately apply after the episode and picking as one step closer to a human evolution thank you so much

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