The Great Gildersleeve 50-12-27 (388) Gildy-Bullard Double Date New Year's Eve


Grab Foods got presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. The. Leave is brought to you each week by the Kraft Foods Company. And craft you know brings you. The famous cheese food, VELVEETA delicious pasteurized process cheese food with a fine cheddar flavor. That's wonderfully rich yet. Delightfully Mild, you can be sure it tastes wonderful. Because Velveeta is made by kraft and for the name craft has meant the very finest in cheese and cheese foods so next time you're shopping, be sure to get Velveeta see for yourself. How unusually delicious it is and remember only craft makes del Vita. Well the Great Gildersleeve, his family and friends hope all of you had a merry Christmas. Everybody had his house did the tree was never so gaily decorated and Saint Nicholas, never more generous boy, a hockey stick. Skates, thanks. Thanks Santa Claus I. Thank you. you deserve it Berry. You've been a good little girl all year. Look what Bronco gave me. Yeah, what Mr Sleeve? L. Quilted road is full, husband, the and slippers to match lose. That duty well, babies coming soon and we want the little follow to be proud of his mother. That's right my. Ronco. You're the sweetest headwind in the world. Are urged. You are sweet. Hey, why don't you give me? Long Package Leroy. Actually said. No you haven't. Last week. would. He has another big package for you. That came yesterday you to. Santa Claus. In Santa. Claus came twice. Yes, that's time in high yield. To hide it from Yankee I got my gift from Catherine. WHO said it why a secret admirers on your for! You I don't have secret admirers Oh. Yes, you have. Better. Alligators us. There's not leroy alligators suitcase. This is a pretty expensive present. Silver fittings inside only lovely anti. Here's a guy. To throckmorton with love Vicki Mickey had level right alligators don't come cheap. Runco you ran. Victoria shouldn't have done this. It's very embarrassing. Didn't you send her something? Ran Yes. Christmas card. Thank you love in Alligators Bay. This isn't funny. In fact is getting serious. Gildersleeve. Bronco, margin I are driving over to my folks. Not Do anxious above the your end. Vicky figure out what to do about that gift. Go forget Mr. Gildersleeve and Vicky just likes to be nice to her boyfriend's. Only been out with her a few times, but I'm not boyfriend. Mr Gildersleeve when Aunt Vicki. Decide your her boyfriend. There isn't much you can do about it. But she likes you Mr Gildersleeve L. I like her, too, but I've been going with Catherine for quite a while and I won't let anything come between. I mean it. What? Family. Is Thank you my? Uncle Nicky News. How you handle it I'll tell you going steady. Receivers Hook I WANNA see how you get off the hook? You Roy. It wasn't Christmas hair. Vicki. You Merry Christmas and thank you for the alligators suitcase. Well I- Evanston out all my presents this year. I opened do that way, said other guy then surprise them later with the president. Roy Wasn't you go skating? Operate. Now then Biggie as I was saying about then you prison. Expect anything in return. Mickey you'll have a new year surprise. You. L. I can't tell you. I don't know myself. What am I going to do about? One thing I've got to. Get Her a New Year's pricing. Get. Obedient helped me out. PV. I, do for you today. You will I have a gift to buy. A gift today I'm going to give three Christmas last. Monday you know Bibi. I still have to buy a gift. Forget. Somebody well isn't the case of my forgetting. Somebody else remembering. Again you've. Got An alligator suitcase from secret admirer. Very embarrassing PD now I have to buy her some around. She's Miss Vicki Chase drugs. Attack the woman who else. Yes, but she doesn't understand that I'm interested in Catherine. Milford if she gave you an alligator bag, I'd say the IT's pretty well. A. She's getting to be quite a problem. She calls me at home. The water department. She calls me. Telephones you read the? Baby's Day. Yeah. Yet he gear HBO and wants to give me. The. Elo. Pb wasn't you tell me would was you didn't ask me? Didn't. Know Vicki! I kept calling around. You find me. I'll bet you're still looking for gift a little. Boy. Well! But. If you insist on spending money, I may want to spend it on both up. A big New Year's Eve that the POB real you will and. Genuine alligator back. What Sterling Silver Fittings makes you feel obligated? Doug take me to the. But I've only tried to help you. Get off your mind. This! Biggie I may have to work at the water department. Department I knew. All those going on. They use a lot of water. I'll. Be In touch with. Yeah. Goodbye. I don't know why that women keeps. You land. I guess it's just because there aren't many eligible men around I could expand it. Off My mic somehow I, Catherine me, see. US. That's not your neighbor Mr Bullard packing his CADILLAC I. Look at that stuff shirt bobbing those other guys around to make room for is. He made it. He's coming in here. PD, good, Mr Bill Edgy Big Spanish. Giving I. Don't Miss Them Born. Hello gives me. Yellow Mobility. You will rough on that car out they when you was I, is none of my business crew? A Dentist Bendik I'd buy him a new car you. He'd get my. Give me a box of coronas beaming man, and you care for a Mr guilty. Thank speaking. I'll give him a cigar. It's Christmas. New Years is coming up. A Nice Christmas stadium is to Berlin on the contrary with Marshall at Harvard Craig. Away at school I was very lonely is too bad I looked at myself in the mirror. While shavings at Merry. Christmas and that's all of us to. Well at least I had Mississippi. Look at. You're a very lucky man. Maybe I am. I. Suppose, New Year's Eve will be just as eventful newsy. Say, there's no reason for a wealthy where we like to be lonely on New Year's Eve. Let's say. Why don't we ring out the old year together? We get a table at the palm roof. Just you and me. No we'll get dates dates thing. But I haven't given a talk about anything but stocks and bonds for the past seven years I don't have a laid to Scott. You'll I have too many? To one of the attractive girls I know the alligator woman. Well. Let me. Say Mr Bill well? It's an idea, guiltlessly you you. New Year's Eve Jarring Company Boone. Beautiful, music! Yes, yes, perhaps I should start fifty one by breaking out of my cocoon and living a little. Now you just everything to me me. Thank you, Gildersleeve. It's very nice of you to share your friends with a lonely man very unselfish him. Isn't it peavy? Took Kanye? The Great Gildersleeve. We'll be back in just a moment. These hurry days. When you're busy with holiday plans, you probably have need of a lunch or supper main dish. You can fix as quickly and easily as possible, so let Velveeta be your handy helper. Crafts pasteurized process cheese food. 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And The old year weighing the great Gildersleeve as many things to be thankful for. The least of which is getting his neighbor. Mr Bullard will take Vicky Chase off his hands. New Year's Eve now. He's bragging about his clever maneuvering as he drives judge hooker old. release. A jet it's Nice of you to share your lady friend Gayle. You guys they both me. Out there off with Catherine and let Vicki Handbook you. What do you think of that I? Think getting the best the deal. You get rid me hurts this all big as worked out wonderfully, and I'm the one who worked it out I hope so. But Rumson Bullard is a handsome man with wealth and position. What if he decides? He likes your little nurse better than he likes Miss Changed. George if he does you need a nurse well. Rumson is competitive nature. He takes what he wants and he usually wants what the other man has. You wouldn't dare. Why turning around going by Catherine's House I'm going to make it clear. She's going with me. You're. Now with you, but only be a minute. Longer than that. MISTLETOE OVER THE DOOR Catherine that afternoon Miss Mellberg Merry Christmas Fan Happy New Year. Thank you judge. I thought I'd better come out and see why Youtube didn't come in. To Stop Vitamin Clear about tonight. Make quite clear. He wants to tell you that he'll be your vote. And that is other. Girlfriend can have Mr Bullard. Here so amusing, isn't it? You Catherine, I just wanted to make it clear that you'll be with me. Stock Mark Nine naturally assumed that. Fight? Everything's Rosie. Here's Mr Bullard Bullard. Stopping, Judge Yellow Mr blurred. I've bought a new car guest this evening. Bye. Going to introduce this, meal. Better you miss, Bill freed. You remember Mr Bullard. How Dan. How do you do Miss Velvet? He'll be our table this evening with his date. Oh I. You going to be with us Miss Nelson with me. Well well, this looks like a jolly potty. Gildersleeve as A DAS-, doesn't it? Judge. Grell. Tonight is indeed, and I'm looking forward to see miss. Milford Thank you Goodbye Milford. By guilty either by by. Goodbye this mill, saying goodbye. This gift. Thank you. Off that for the night. Guess so. Guilty. You don't have a happy New Year's E.. L.! My Little Craig Round the watch. I. Did it best. That bullet be wearing a new Tuxedo to go with his new car. Abney. Worried burly, I'm not worried now. Actually I very cleverly arranged so that he's helping me out. US taking this chase off my hands so I can be with this Milberg yeah. Fact he was attracted to miss. Milford doesn't mean that she likes him Nelson. It doesn't worry me now. Competition is good for a main. Driveway brick and you got it. Yeah got new patients. Tonight you bring out all here are bringing a new competition. Nike arena all year by bringing in you have. Early. Who? Gildersleeve! Birdie laughing at me. My competition. Or Angie I wouldn't worry about Mr. Bullard Liking Catherine not much. But I worry of Catherine likes him. What are you laughing at? You have. No Problem Mr Gillers leave. I when I was court in March, I was faced with a very similar situation. Fella named wally. haw thought he sort of like Mardi. Bronco till I pretended I liked his girl, then wally spraying. Van. So that what you were up to. Work didn't any. Any regrets. Oh course, not darling. ADDS something broncos? The Way I see it Mr Gildersleeve. Mr Borg's interested in Milford. Because you are grevy neighbor now you pretend you're interested in that Vicki. He'll try to beat you out there he might. That's his Achilles heel. Hilo right. Way Up his date. Wouldn't stoop to that. Wouldn't die. Gathered will lead the way if otherwise. Vicky. Tables in that dark corner. Palm Room love late night. You're lovely to Catholic. If I'm not to attentive tonight. I'm using psychology. Bear trap with her blonde. This gildersleeve. was just wondering if he bare backs will be tickled by the palm. Oh, you would think of that track. Morten Oh isn't the a lot of fun at a party Mr Voeller that remains to be seen. US It here. Thank you rolling you over there. Under the coconuts. Thank. You and you hear that. I Your Beautiful Your add more Europe ladder you. You're lovely. Take the word water. DRAINPIPE cazenove. Millburn. Your even more captivating tonight than you were this afternoon. Vicky is more captivating tonight. She's ever been. Your duties as a nurse. Allow you much time for recreation. Well I'm the fate I spend most of my time at the hospital. How does a man in perfect health get admitted to your hospital. Here. Maybe! Chase Dan. grand evening goes. I've never enjoyed myself so much. I can see that. Nicky I. Don't want to take you away from Mr. Bullock such a good. That's. Really does. He spent all leaning Mumbling Sweden. Nothing's to cap. Off! Runco psychology better start working. BLURT. I say Vicky and I. Go to dance again unless you'd like to dance with. She took from Arthur Murray. Go right ahead Gildersleeve. Wheel set this one out. Shall we sit with them? Mickey well. Perhaps we should throckmorton. We haven't been to sociable except with each other. Really haven't been very sociable either. He certainly is an attractive man. I enjoyed the one time he danced with me. If I. Wonder what they're talking about. Catherine, I want. You get him interested in. Maybe. Take notice if I start mumbling. Vicky. You believe. Off. But it isn't working. Glad to hear some. You. Just say then loads rum's. Coconut in his head. Very soon. George is gone far enough bullard. What now give me Roy like? They have a word with you in private Gildersleeve. If it's about the check, stop worrying I'll pay. About the check. Please step behind the PA. Very well. Excuse me Catherine, Chase. Raw. Nothing, I can't. Feel unwell ridiculously mile. Appel, bullard prepared to defend yourself. From what? From me, you you best to steal I'm stealing Catherine. I was liver Scotty Vicki to this party. And what have you been doing? You've monopolized the entire all right. Did you expect me to talk to the palm dreams? Just a minute board you were just talking together. You were flirting. With Vicky to. Restarted. You Always your so stupid that I have to explain it to. You Gildersleeve I've been trying to make you jealous. Jealous Enough, so you take an interest in your own date renovated. What I've been trying to get you to do. then. You've been waiting for dance with Catherine. You ready to dance with. Or that you didn't care for perish the thought Gildersleeve. thicky and I have a great deal in common. We both like money. and. While of. They they've you. A. Governor loosely. Happy New Year. Gathered Oh Boy, Oh boy, Oh, boy, OH, boy! The. Great Gildersleeve? We'll be right. Where your family's nourishment is concerned, you don't WanNa guess you want to be sure that's why when it comes to buying cheese food, careful shoppers insist on Velveeta. Crafts delicious pasteurized process cheese food because they'll. Vida is not only good to eat. It's good for your family to rich and important food values from milk that growing children and adults need. A nourishing Velveeta is as digestible as milk itself, and it's perfect for wholesome, good eating, snacks and sandwiches anytime at all. No Wonder Velveeta out sells all other brands of cheese food combined. Make it your handy helper, mother Velveeta, the quality cheese food. That's made only by CRAFF. Now, Wasserman steps out of his role as the Great Gildersleeve to. Is You all a happy and prosperous New Year? We're glad that we have this opportunity to committee our homes and wish you all the joys and blessing to the holiday season. So it's a happy new year to all of you from the members of our cast. Cathy Lewis No. Shirley Mitchell case gale. Gordon Rumson Bullard. Kurna Bronco Ross Judge Hooker Richard The grand eating. And now on behalf, the National Safety Council, here's a special message from our little family. MERRILY ROB are monitoring. Let's all remember. The traffic fatalities rise sharply this time of year. So keep your wits and windshield clear. And his Lillian Randolph. Very just wants to say don't be. That flow in Cleveland Snow. You'll get there. And his deadly my nephew Lira. Happened frees up don't get yourself. Very good. So folks. We wanted to be listening next year. And Happy New Year to from all the people behind the scenes, Robert, armbruster and the orchestra. Fine Writers Paul. West John Elliott Andy White. From Rape Bergerson our engineer, mighty frazier, handling sound effects from our producer director, Frank Pittman and Virgil rhymer for NBC and of course these holiday greetings come to you to from our sponsors. The Kraft Foods Company their representative on this program on Houston and the entire family of graft employees. Happy New Year everyone unite. Quick. Way To make leftovers more. Just add craft prepared mustard and you had a lot of. Hidden flavors in Boiled Ham Sausage most enemy upright out every bite tastes better now you've been two kinds of craft mustard salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer milder flavor and craft mustard, snappy horseradish added. Have both kinds in your pantry, then with every meat dish, hot or cold, just add a little mustard and you loud a lot of. Craft repaired mustard. Ear The falcons. Over the station, check your newspaper for Time of broadcast and listen next Sunday as the falcons solves the case of the rolling stones. Groucho Marx next on NBC.

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