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The. A radio news. I'm Ed Donahue, the US is imposing new sanctions on Iran. The AP soccer megani reports. This time the focus is on Iran's Revolutionary Guards secretary of state, Mike Pompeo says it acknowledges reality that the revolutionary guard corps, actively takes part in funds and promotes terror around the world, the we'll take its rightful place on the same list as terror groups at supports of unease Hezbollah Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a mosque Tebas LA among others. It's the first time the US has designated part of another government as a terror organization in the move could have significant diplomatic and military -cations. Iran has threatened to retaliate at its top. Diplomat wants US troops in the middle. East added to a Ron's own terrorist replaced? Saga megani? At the White House. Transition is being put in place at the department of homeland security customs and border patrol Commissioner. Kevin michelina n- has the job for now. Now Kirsten Nielsen is expected to leave on Wednesday. She resigned deputy White House press secretary ogan Gidley says michelina, and we'll get to work right away. Knowledge of this issue is is not just extensive. But I think it will go to help educate the American people educate congress, and hopefully it will lead to some changes along the southern border when Nielsen leaves homeland security along with the Pentagon and the White House staff itself will be without permanent leaders Stanford University says it expelled a student who lied about her sailing credentials in Iraq -plication, it's linked to the widespread college, admissions bribery, scandal former Stanford sailing coach John van damore pleaded guilty to taking bribes in exchange for helping students get into the school police in Hawthorne, California near Los Angeles. Sega man shot and killed the mother of his seventeen month old child during a custody exchange in front of the Hawthorn police station. The man was later arrested. The child was not injured. This is AP radio. News. A study says Dr access through telephone results in more usage of antibiotics. This study is in the journal pediatrics. If finds that children with cold symptoms seen via telemedicine visits are far more likely to be prescribed antibiotics than those who go to a doctor's office or a clinic. This study finds that a higher proportion of those prescriptions disregarded medical guidelines raising the risk that they could cost side effects. We're talking here about telemedicine programs that you can call up without talking to your regular doctor. The American Academy of pediatrics says the limited physical exams and lack of access to patient records can harm care. I'm Rita Foley national park in South Africa, rhinoceros poacher at a wildlife. Preserve was stumped to death by an elephant and eaten by lions Rangers found the skull and trousers two other men believed to have been with the man killed or arrested on suspicion of poaching. Ed Donahue, AP radio. News a factor that seems Casuals claiming tens of thousands of LGBT lives every year tobacco. Yes. Smoking cigarettes can damage nearly every part of our bodies. So we choose to keep this life three from tobacco this free. Life read them to be tobacco free now. Now. It's love your car month and Napa and show your car. The love get a Napa bucket for two ninety nine and save twenty percent on almost everything you can fit inside like car wash car wax and tire shy. So save some cash and look good doing it by getting twenty percent with the Napa bucket, quality parts, helpful people. That's Napa know how no participating auto part stores. Exclusions apply. Minimum three items may not be combined. With other offers offer ends four thirty nineteen.

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