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Animal Communicator Sonya Fitzpatrick


Shar goalless Sharp Communications Inc and sharpen. Llc Do not endorse or offer for any purpose but entertainment the views of any guests or other expert on sharp vision or UPN. I knew things before they happened. From the time I was a child at the age of eight I saw spirit at the foot of my bed and didn't know what it was and in my twenties. I finally realized I had a special ability that could help others. I have learned that love never dies. There is a spirit world that can communicate with us and we all have the gift of intuition. Join me and together. We will explore the possibilities of the unknown from beyond in more. This is sharp vision. Hi everybody it's sunny and shower in dirty crabs now in today's show is dedicated cried to all our babies who are taking care of us during this really hard time so cookies. Thank you you know. 'cause okay so I WanNa thank you guys for tuning in it. It means the world to me before we start. I wanted to tell you that I wanted to show you about my oils. But also my guest later on Sonya Fitzpatrick who's amazing. She's like the most amazing animal psychic. But I know a lot of people are trying to to meditate and keep positive in so I have oils that from my office there that That we use in its Holy Spirit protection and in ing so the when you wear the crossing it takes away any negative. That's around you. When you put on the Holy Spirit it takes you to the highest level of goodness loving died and then the protection oil is to protect us from any kind of negative things that are coming at us. You know we live in a physical world. We live in an energetic world. There's positive and negative energy in both and also Sometimes people like to like candles for themselves. But if they do that you can write your name in the candle put the oils on it and then you want to let the candle burn all the way to the end but If you're interested in that you can go to Chard Dot Net N. Nikki will help you out. I also WANNA thank Nikki in my office for helping me out. I WanNa Thank. Stuart has now talking about how special the animals are in helping produce my show today. He's right here in Palm Springs. He's waving and Tony Sleet Linda. Thank Tony and I also have a special shoutout today to Scott Monroe in I. He's my dear dear friend. I can't even tell you. How many kind things she does for me and never expect anything back and I WanNa wish you a happy. Happy Healthy Birthday and we will celebrate. When I see you and I'm able to to be close to you guys so take care. Happy Healthy Birthday Scott. Alright now I wanNA introduce Sonya Fitzpatrick who is the number one. Animal Psychic in the world. She's been on Michael in Kelly and Michael. She's been on every show you can imagine. And there's there's nobody who has lived up to her standards. She is the famous animal psychic. So Hi Sonya acushnet Dot and they much on your show. Oh thank you well. We're so happy to have you so So you're gonNA take callers today right. You're so when people call in later they need to know that we're only taking collars for your animals which is such a great tree. Thank you so much for doing that. In in So Sonia do Do you have anything to say about how the animals are doing now would he? Actually they knock it because everyone is home. They love it because often people working and they have them the day orgy. Animals are around a up when he's going to name they can be so human companion. Oh excuse me by your home with your animals all the time. I saw your dog before. I'm lucky because I went from home to appointments from home so I might catch doc sweetman. That's also in Eh your no I. I was reading your bio. Tell us a little bit about Judy. About Judy. Yeah unique mytalk Judy dive. She's on poetry. She's passed now but she teaches so much. You Beg really do rely so much on our animal. I know it. But that's how how you learn to communicate right. I was talking to animals the or I've ever speak to people. I speak permanent and they thought I was dumb. The we can. Is it possible for you to get a little closer to the Speaker leads you're breaking up. Yes hashtag any grew up on a farm but my my uncle's role thumb. I used to spend a lot of time thumbs and I used to spend a lot of time in the country and in those days you could wander anywheres it charged when we were saying and everybody everybody though I used to talk to the cows and machine and the goats and of course the dogs and cats that were around me. You would do your doctor. Doodle do little before Dr Doolittle told me amperage from being very young. They taught me language. I could hear them when I couldn't hear people because I had severe hearing loss and you know I still have but fortunately I wonder for where helped me to hear it clearly but I could always the animals language so I kept them too so you felt safer with the animals than they used to say. I used to pay around the my father. He was in business. Now you do a paper round for him and I pick up the talks. Not Having eight dogs. Won't I will in the morning as as taking my papers and then got when came to the house you knock on the door and go in and people you tae and the Catholic junk on the table and I always used to get to get the cash. Something rarely buy something enough because they jump on the table and then they have cream o.`Neil so that have been a country blatantly. What I read was your dog. Judy was old in would win. Your dog was in pain. You felt the pain within your own body. I did and I can do that now. You're not his head. Coaching for instance. One site talking to a dog for instance. I see I've got these are my front legs and my legs Aches and I see the world from how they see an. I smell what they said. Smell even the scent is it's it comes through. Taught me everything about Animal Communication. And they do feel that they're sensing now the the fear that's going through the the world. I can feel that so much because there's so much going on right now and it says you're GonNa people are staying home so the benefits the animals because they happen to like that but it's very sad this happening. You need to worry too every block. Okay so I have Our friend Cathy Sotoudeh's here in. She has a cat S. What's coned a Kathy? Her Way we can hear you. And what is the name of fifth cast? Her name is Rio. Rio R. I O. R. O. Like the river. What did what about Rio? He set the US very well. Behaved tax okay. So we have. We have a video to show you. Okay Still Tony can you. Do you mind playing video of real in Kathy really. Do you want all the tub? Do you want some parents? Hey gets you want me to grab her. Yes go getter getting her. That's what happens when you have live. Tv everybody okay. You're here come to Rio Rio. She she's a little loud girl. Abc News noted. You said it's what's going on. He said what's going on here. She can see out of the window not that one another window. There's a I just got new windows. So there's a whole bunch of windows I eat stays in. Yes and I'm an indoor caps. He said to me saying yes. I came back the way Ambi State. You're an endurance. It's just hey she she is going to be seventeen in November a credible. Because she just said Plateau. That's why I ask you though. I've remarkable acushnet an are still around and I can still jump up. You have no idea very well and should we tailor Cathy ask some questions about Rio so a couple of months. Now she has been really really vocal and really loud like her. Meow has gotten to the point where it's like route and I don't think she's hurting when I talk to her. I'll say hey. Do you WanNa go in the TUB. 'cause she likes to drink out of the water or like when. I know it's like when it's ready almost ready for dinner time. She's got this loud our so I just WanNa make you now. You're being but I just wanted to know that. Make sure that she's not in any pain where she's just being old cranky because she's old air. She's talking now she is what do you WANNA say? And she's just around can still jump up but have back of two bids. If you're not compatible sneak car repair we do and often you know set for a wall area. Thank that dog back for a walk if that see people wearing because they're not going back is out of print. Well I'm wondering because my dog is sitting here and my dog. My dog right now is having like leg and back problems so I wonder if that's what you're picking up. Because she sitting way so Sonia can you hear US okay? So her job. I cast back problems as well dog. As can you pick up the dog or you can't really get the dog on camera. Oh I can cheat. She wants to watch. It's wearing O. V. Everyone so you said you don't quote him one ninety Scott Lauber names that you probably my favorite thing. Her real name is Paulino. We call her noche. We call her NUCCI Pena. I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. Could you say that again? You're yeah when did you get her keys and I couldn't do dishes Not Wind up y'all but can I say something. I just did that with sunny. I think you're picking up on sunny because he's here to in his dish broken. I gave him one in my dishes. I I think that's what you're picking up on. You know what Sonia were still having a hard time connecting with you. We're not we're not hearing. It was the way you could call in okay so caffeine. So I'm going to refer you saw Kathy. S just say yes or no to me. I'm GonNa read for you till Gets on the phone okay? Okay we'll I nervous or do you mind. I want to know if you have family deceased. That's an amber or J. initial. Is that a female. Yes is it spelled with? Is it like a Marie or Mary? Marie Marie is it. Your grandma. Yup I feel like her spirits with you and Like Derby Kinda get going on. Are you working on another project right? Now I'm kind of inbetween projects right now to do a new project or not right now but what you're in between projects. Yes I feel like. There's going to be an opportunity a new project for you. That's great yeah and so I think she saying that you're nervous about this right now. I'm nervous about the next because of what's going on the APP but she sang that you're GonNa be all right and not to worry. That's good yeah. I was just talking about her today to that so bizarre. You're talking about Maria. That's crazy right wrong with you. Who's Joseph for John? John is her husband. She's with John. I'm sure they're they're they're both watching over your and they're they're telling me that you'd really never need to They you'll always be okay. You'll always land on your feet. That's good to know. Yeah they were all the nursing home. She was like three. They shared a nursing home room and they fought till the best John. John and Maria shared a nursing home world sweet but they thought the time. They fought constantly. They drove the nurses crazy. You tell her and then he would say no you tell him if nobody whatever. Okay so Sonia can I have my little friends here when when you are on my show the last time you read for sunny there yet you wait but before that we still had kathy on. I'm sorry I forgot we have Kathy. What's your what's your dog's name Kathy. Lena Call Lena okay. There she gets Sonja. Yes can you got is Sonia can you? Can you feel Paulina? They WANNA passing? I can hear you all Paulino P. A. Paulina in fact dog. Yes off belong to cash. Kathy's a girl that you saw. Which one is it? The white dog the white one the white ones that I saw the one with the cat. That's right and he says that the cat seemed charge. Is that true? The cats charts up. We'll pretty much I mean. She's the oldest one in the house. I have her cat. Molina's Baby I love the cat too. I love the cat to she says I need to pass the catnaps me. Oh they get along Lake. Her and my other cat are like siblings. They like hang together. They sleep in the bed together. They're constantly to she thinks and I went on a move the night that he found up them. I like them. He said but Arabic roots sometimes. Yes we have good manners. Sc Says Kathy. Well my one cat does much the Rio that you saw before. She kind of yells at her in the takes off so I think yeah. I think you'll has less patience for Paulina. Than Paulina has for them that they both along quite nicely together. They said if they're not lovey-dovey they do love each other. Hbo Always demonstrated but they cared about each other because their family and she said would he be getting anymore. Dunks right now no I unless you see something else you know and you feeling that you're no she. She's very special and right now. It's not the right time for you right. And here's the black dog. She sees. That would be either Winston or look king my friend. I'd rather has had to you on the ferry docks but once got to see she said small boisterous than the other. That is true and calm down but he doesn't to me. She said she says I take calm down a bit and he doesn't now tell you well. Sometimes you well know talks a lot but pussycats be like that too. She said yes. You said all pussycats. I liked them. She said and she said I'm I love that food to Houston and she said Viking. Get that food I love it. She said I go down very far. She said and she said one of them. Spas Yoga one taps. She's up on the table and to put their dishes up on the table. She would eat other food yet. She had but one of the cat teach really fast each or the other one too big like me. She says it's more polite. When is Pete's I'm tonight on the upper pussycats polite but are otherwise? Wow that's awesome pinned down. She doesn't even chew it. She like swans it. She says I'm always telling US Dan. She doesn't but I do love them. She said I'm one of them. Seems to not being on the bed. More than you. Yes constantly yes. She said it sounded bay. She says I like being everywhere. I like going out with my mom. I like being everywhere but she said like being on the bed too but we all have our own places. She said particularly the cats she said. Oh that one coming and she said she never stops talking. The Cat said that your dog never stops talking. She tells it to be quiet sometimes. It doesn't listen. It still goes on talking and I'll tell you what that's the way he is. He likes to talk. She said yes and she said mommy goes around without her shoes on behind. No she's staying home. If you walk around without shoes on. She's got I think Oh. Let me staying home. Because she hasn't put issues on at certain times when she's not working she stays in North Close. Nuts another wait. What is that going on lately? And it's the best time ever. She says when you stay home and she was. That's why you have to go to work. So let me tell you why I'm talking pethick but auto Kind of we all have to to works. Get something co money the vice your food and you have a lovely home to live in. That's one mommy goes to work on fast. Well she said she said everybody works. Then they are they do. They don't want people like to. She said you know the work you do. She said and she said why. Did they teach that to be itchy? One time pupil. Scott Me Wendy. She says one time she was bitchy. Itchy scratching itchy. Yes yes she was constantly doing that. Yeah she said I kept doing it. She said and she said Even did it when I wasn't. Ha she said. I'm not doing that kind of way about sore. I quite she said I guarantee of mazing Kathy spunky while much for allowing us into your home and to meet your thank you. I'm sorry a big no. No that's okay we have more for you Sonja. Can you stay on good? I count so here I want first of all. If you were great with sunny this is sonny. Do you have anything for Sonny yet? Me Say a Sunday. Oh thank you. She's gotTa Talk to me. He said he said. Because I'm a very good boy said I think the my other friend Sonny says I think but he likes to sleep with you. He does long sleeping with them. He said aren't you say goodnight to him? How I do. He said that he set them. We snuck up together. We need a big bag and there's plenty of room for me. He said and the COP comes on. Sometimes Oh you know what? You're seeing hat cat. You're seeing another small dog that visits. I wish the dog yeah. There's another small keeping it. He does I like to eat. Yeah he said some of the noise but some of them are rude right. They said quite Nice Kit. But I like my mom to Berry said who rude A black dog. He doesn't like very much. It's a bit rude. Oh a black dog. It's I think it's a job that people walk around here. I've seen it. There's a black guy. Yeah Yeah Critique your no animals. Animals communicate with each other even if they're walking and they don't know them very well. Animals will communicate with each other and he said it's not a very nice dog. Yeah there's one day a week sunny out when I go by the black dog yeah be said but he said and if any big dogs come you just pick him up. Yeah that's what I do So pick me off. Would you did so well with sunny. Because he does sleep with me every night. He cuddles with me. I have another little friend. Can I show you yes? This is durability Maria this is Derby says an art we look like. Don't we say it I tell you? Do you said art? I think my or fakery said than the other one's listening very pretty year. Derby's a girl he said. Oh let me tell us. She's a girl really. She knows that she said I know go. He said and he's a boy a yes. He say she said I'm a girl and he's a boy. I've got mother. Kathy does the gentleman she sees again. Samoan She sees the gentlemen. It's daddy that he's right here. Yeah lots him. She loves him she said was that he talks to the Special Way. You talk you talk. He talks conducted way. She said I write because he talks to me that any place like could talk to. She said he's very clever. She was different. She said you can cook but he can cook as well. You said it makes coffee. He does your tree. That's all. He drinks the men of that. She said I'm going Bacon Bacon. He doesn't eat allow to Bacon. But I beg in I give it to her in. That's not fat. She didn't have that's me she loves it. Yeah she got me Delight Bacon and I'll tell you know I come to eat animals. Tell Oh that hurts. She says because they don't eat dogs do they are no no people donate dog. Sure absolutely rolling. She had love dogs. Don't they kind of whatever people have they love? It doesn't matter what it is. They just love it Derby. She said when I love Derby Seventeen and a half years old seventeen and a half. Wow I know that right. You'd never know that. No he said he said they each come on come on. He said if that's how old I'll tell you well it's getting up. There is very good for his age right like not that next work I used to. He's her daddy is saying yes you're right. He said they don't and that's a wonderful drug called adequate takes the pain away. What's your hurt a bit lucrative it? What what's it called adequate adequate landon a adequate. Ad and Q. U. A. Q. U. I N. Wow thank you so much for that in an should should jobs take that even if their legs are not bad or just only when they go bad well. I think it's always best to get the bits opinion but I would ask him about that. Because our research on one of my dogs when it got very old and make the difference between my dope getting outside and being able to come in and out and walk around major tremendous skip French. Wow that's amazing thing that you almost so now you're really great if we have somebody call in. Do you think you can tune in on on Beran Omaha Ecorse? Okay so Tony Can We're GONNA take a little break. Tony's play something you guys. Don't go away call into the number in Sonia will read for your pet. Okay Donning thank you. Hey everybody it's sunny and Shire and I am so excited I am over the moon to share with you that I have a new book coming out called the universes calling you. And there's an amazing forward by Rupaul. There's an endorsement by Chris Cofer. It's about understanding your intuition. It's about protecting yourself from negative energies. It's about understanding your essence in your true purpose. In your soul's purpose on this earth you can get it. Barnes and Noble Dot Com. You can get it at Amazon DOT com. I would love for you to order the book and let me know what you think of it. Right a review for us. If you feel like it thanks so much. Hey everybody it's sunny and Shire and I just wanted to answer a couple of questions. People have been calling the office and texting and e mailing. Do I do private sessions will? Yes I do and I Love Reading. For My. I do phone skype facetime and in person if we're in the same city I also teach intuition so if you have an interest in doing that or if you have to if you're interested in getting your family together and you want a group reading I do those as well so just call two four eight nine nine two four two seven s for Nicole and I look forward to reading for you thanks. We're back thank you Tony. Relax on your Tony. You have somebody on the line that Once they're animal read. I'm looking through here. I'm not seeing that. I think I may have somebody I believe her name. Is Annie from two five zero? So let's go ahead and bring her on? Okay this is this. This person's name is Andy. You're on live high on my Sonya. Thank you for taking my call. Flava thank you. It's a pleasure what do you have? I have a beautiful Siamese cat. Name Nica M. E. K. A. Yeah ME UP. You got any questions you want to Oscar Yes. I traveled recently with my husband in January and February to Thailand or a month. This is the second time we have done it and I just WanNa know. How does she handle us being away for so long that me ask who was looking? After she quite like looked-after we had Our Renter Take care of her So she got to visit the basement a single guy and then we also have a neighbor and hurt. Oh he it was kind of a first time for him to take care of a cat but He's in key very nice guy and we also had our neighbors teenager daughter come and spend time and have free range to come to the house and hang out with Mika as well yes. She loved it but she said that. Snow One. Don't you though mum? She said the Arctic unless you she said but they were very colleen and she said. I hope you know going away a game for a song. No we don't know. She said you thought about her a lot. I did I do talk to when I'm far away. Yeah she said you had your pick the picture with a you have to pay. I did I did at one point over to someone I did. Every hotel we went to I had her photo up beside her bed. Amazing she loved it. She talked her. Doctor was pretty good with her. Good you know she. She took their pitcher Having she's having some issues with her ear and I'm concerned that is it. Just maybe some wax build up or is it something more concerning and it's difficult time with what's going on to maybe get to a vet right. Now yes she said that it's It it sometimes. It feels like a wetting. Sorry yes on. She has to not painful bit nuts. It's not paying for as much as it's uncomfortable role. If the right hand it is. Yeah 'cause I'm being it's the right is she's telling me just annoying people. I would not try it. Takes you in Hawaii to cry out a little bit? I will do that yeah. She liking us being home a lot. More got yeah. 'cause I'm like yeah? There's no one like mom and Dad. No one she said on your always. They say she said you're always cleaning. I am trying to keep busy. I like to say good night to her and very talkative being signees. But only in the morning yeah. They're very different on a Siamese cats in a lot of from ways I liked him now. She wants to know if you'll be getting any more cut we thought about it. She is going on maybe thirteen years old and we saw no maybe just let her just continue to have her. Indoor House healthy well protected lifestyle alone. Yes and let me tell us that. If he were to get a cat he probably would be a young one property. Jump on us when she would like that. Oh No I. Oh P P. Harvard been around other cats in her life. Yeah and she's been okay with it. Yeah she said just not cats that jump on. I'll tell you what you know mother. Mummy would say that they didn't jump on you. Another question go I'd like to know if salmon upsets her stomach. It seems to be one ingredient. Whenever it's in a food that she throws up. Yeah well what do then donning what she likes it. Though tasteful for food mom keeps me. Okay so no saying you greatly no more salmon. Thank you so much for calling. I just WanNa say during these times. I hope everyone is enjoying their time with their love of furry friends home because I know they're loving ir presence being home more. I we thank you for your kind words. Thank you somebody really appreciate that of repealing Sonia. We're going to bring Kathy back because her friend Melissa is at her house with her cat and Melissa lost her other cat and she thinks her cat misses him. Can you let her know in your she comes? This is Melissa. Hi Melissa I'm fan is on this is Princess Caroline. How are you Yes so basically Princess Caroline and. She had a brother that she grew up with. And so are you news for the cost ion dotting. Its hockey sting. People greet more with their animals dying when people are with US. Twenty four hours a day on. She does miss him a dog food. It was hard because I've never had cats before my whole life to get her and then I got him with her. So yeah so I I have a question for yourself do act. She had her cat sees the spirit of her cat. That crossed over yes. Of course when and what. How old were you when he passed fourteen and a half? It was in September. Yeah it was a good age you said. When are we young? He's here he's Hey y'all can heal him you said. When he was young he never have anything you said when he got older knowing. I'll tell him yet. When we get older is annoying and things go wrong. You said you loved they more than anybody make him a law she is. I I I know I've been thinking about maybe getting another one but you know the timing of everything. Well we wait. Is that a good idea for her to get another cat. If you were to get another one I would get an older one. Okay Yeah I've been thinking about because they young one will jump your pay a lot of energy and It would be hard on her at that age. She's very calm. She's like she. She still communicating with your catching spirit. Is the cat rounder. That's good that's good. It's funny because on sorry. Sometimes I thought she goes into these really deep sleeps and Basically like I will be in the living room and she'll be in like my bedroom on the bed or like in this league little tent thing and she's in this leg deep deep sleep and I hear oh well almost like. She's talking in her sleep. It's weird because she's sleeping and I can talk. Yes I can talk to. Cats got sleeping. You can't talk to people but animals dachshund cats. I can talk to them when they're in a deep sleep and they'll me from right love so maybe you can get a cat from the shelter in older cat want. Maybe that's an idea. Xl Great Melissa. Thank you so much for gun. All thank you. I'm sorry that you guys. We have to wrap this up at selling a year. Amazing as usual are thank you taunting. You're talking people connecting. Oh you're just so special Sonia and I'm so grateful to you especially time where everybody really is is depending on their animals to keep them happy and in it because they bring so much comfort dotting camera joy and that great company. You don't feel so alone when you off an animal so I really hope that you'll come on the show again another time. Thank you so much for being here and up to dotting okay and unscathed so much for having me on. Wait wait wait wait. How can people get a whole day? Well wait thank you. You too won't yet. How can people read on your party? Dot Com say that again Danica Patrick Dot COM SONYA FITZPATRICK DOT COM. You guys if you want to have a really joyful time in find out what your babies are thinking you need to get a hold Estonia. Thank you so much Sonia. God bless soon. Stay from idea my pleasure on you too. Bye-bye pleasure while by L. Everybody I wanNA thank Sonya Fitzpatrick and Melissa and Kathy Sotoudeh in Tony for helping us in Nicole in the office in my friend Stewart crasner for helping produce it. We're so sorry for all the technical difficulties and I want to thank Jeremy Crowding out for being here in Sunny Margolis. Who have these? These babies have made this time so much joyful for me in my friends in in I I know that so hard for you guys out there being sequestered in your homes but just know that you have Guardian Angels and spirit guides watching over you and so in your animals have guardian angels in spirit guides watching over them and another happy birthday to my friend Scotland Raw. And I want you guys to wear your mass in be safe. Don't go out unless you absolutely have to enhance food. Delivered at your door in. Weipa white every I WIPE. Everything was disinfectant when I buy at the cans everything do you can't be too careful right now. Anyway take good care of your cells. Remember intuition we'll take you places. Logic never could by by the wealth

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