The Steelers Post-Game Show, Part 2: Ben is back as the Steelers the Giants 26-16


All Right Pittsburgh Steeler Fans Jeff Hartman Co editor behind the steel curtain DOT com here back for the second half of the post game show the steelers beat the giants twenty six to sixteen. I'm joined with co editor Dave Scofield in the P. P. podcast producer Brian Anthony Davis. We're talking value, just it all the offense of grades. If you're just checking our part to make sure you go back and check one, we gave you out all the greats of the offense. Let's go to the defense guys. I was super impressed with the defense. If you think about the situational stuff that happened, you had the steelers come out, they get off the field they punt want the Anti Johnson fumbles and you're thinking, oh my gosh, here goes saquon. Barkley diving into the end zone for a touchdown but no, they hold onto a field goal but let's do this the right way. Let's break this down. We'll start with some individual players, Ashley. Let's do it this way. Dave will start with you because it's way the rotation we've been doing which defensive player stood out to you. Today we'll talk about the stat line and then we'll. We'll go over the grades for that player who stood out to you. Okay. Well, I, of course, I WANNA claim my ex factor. Of, Vince Williams, who seemed to be all over the run? That's Brian's guy that's Brian's guy. But another one who I like to look at guys and not just here all the talk. You know your ex fat or your from from the preview. Devon Bush had a great game but you know who really surprised me. was, Tyson Allah who just right was wreaking havoc in the run game in the middle of that line. Yes. People were talking about all know John Hargrave all Allah just went. I mean he was he was moving the line of scrimmage in the steelers favor. That's what you want from your guys front both on offense and defense move the. Line of scrimmage in your favor and he was just on run plays just moving it back. It wasn't just him but. Because they were all moving together. So that was kind of stood out against. Let let's go over to the stat lines to these guys events Williams finishes with five tackles four solo tackles one sack three tackles for loss and a quarterback hit Tyson who you mentioned had four total tackles three of them. So low zero sacks two tackles for loss in one quarterback hit you were right those players predominant and so if I'm given, what do you give them for grades since you brought him up Oh, anyone I bring up I'm giving I'm giving. As A. Man. Because right. Brian Good and China in on that those guys and then also who your players you wanNA focus on defense. Well I mean, Dave mentioned half of the unit there. I bet you three guys come on but I thought that we would just do one and like ever everyone picked good ones. So we gotta scrape at the bottom of the barrel and say, John I, thought Terrell elements was awesome now. Because I didn't I he was the weakling tonight and but again led the team in tackles. He had nine total tackles. But I really thought he was awful. Tonight but the guy I want to talk about here is it's Bud was. As Great. As everybody was you can give as to all those is the Dave mentioned. Bush was Bush seems like he made that second level jump Alalu, a race hargrave going away and Vidi. VICI. He is Vince. Williams and he controls that run game when you when you ever think about a guy like Saquon Barkley. Who is Dominant and amazing I. Have Never Seen Him shut down like that and I've been watching him for a lot of years not just with the giants but with Penn State. But I'm thinking. But Duprey, Alvin was all over the place he when cam hayward's getting an interception. It's bud that's forcing it buds like chasing this guy all over the place Dana Jones. He was just all over. He was omnipotent. He was like a starbucks in. New York. City. On every single lock. He's there. You're all over that field. You saw number forty, eight it it was a fantastic performance I'm even thinking that he's the MVP of this game if this was the super bowl and you had to put. Put an MVP on it. I know Juju had two touchdowns ban. It was Alvin Budhu DuPrey, that led this team to victory tonight. All right. So let's look at depre- stat line. He had four total tackles three solo two tackles for loss one pass defense in one quarterback head no credits acts. But like you said, he was all over the field I I think that it's easy to. I before I, get to my player how what are the odds that we would be talking about a game or the steelers had two interceptions in those interceptions were accounted for by T. J. Watt in cameron, heyward, the to. Think about that like what are the odds that that's out? Interception for campaign word and my Gosh was in an awkward looking thing. My wife was down here watch. Was He doing back there? Well genius. Choose. Trail in the PLANO game which. It the next thing you know the balls up near he jumps like. I I don't know what he's eighty Tax. You you. You saw that he was not the only steeler around bad. Ever. Guys basically like we better give him space because if anyone of US breathes on him, he's. On this ball. So although man like he looked like the athlete, he was the. Man That's that's Cam. That's. Tanks thank goodness. A got called a touchback because they would have been on the one inch line and that would have been tough but they called it. You could see it never has come the whole way out passed and it never came all the way up. Okay. So for me, I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Talk about a guide no one else brought up I think. Dave SORTA did when he mentioned the entire events but Devin Bush so anytime, saquon Barkley was out on the field and he was coming out of the backfield on a passing route. Those he got loose a couple times. Devon. Bush was in his back pocket all game seven total tackles five solo but I was just impressed with the way the Bush was moving on the field he was. He made the progression that you would expect from a second-year player. He. was flowing to the ball speed athleticism be inside of the defense. Look just fine. Thanks in large parts of Devon Bush Sean Manahan bring puts two bucks in the jar has a question where was Minka we did not hear his name called at all in let's look make fitzpatrick was credited with two tackles too. So that's it no other stat line for him another player who had a pretty quiet day with stefan onto one little tackle he has. So let's have a snack attack over loss and a quarterback head a lot of people in the live chat were down on Steven Nelson. He gave up some big plays including touchdown Joe Haden. The first touchdown never should have happened because that was a really really bad defensive passer call my opinion on Hayden, but let's grade the secondary Brian said the trail edmonds was awful earlier. I said that a lot of people were down on Nelson and Hayden. Minka Fitzpatrick was pretty much nonexistent in this game. So if we're talking about how great the front seven was in stopping saquon Barkley and putting pressure on Jones. Had Great. The Secondary Dave go head. It's so tough because if it wasn't for weeks three through seventeen last season, you would think that they did just fine. It was just how dominant that secondary was through. So much of two thousand nineteen has raised the expectations to where you really only want to give them. Probably, you know maybe maybe a C based on based on the on the stats gave up like I did not expect Daniel Jones to throw for two touchdowns and be pushing three hundred yards. I did not and and I know some of them were you know some of it were dumped off and things like that but they they gave up too many. Too, many big plays I mean like, for example slayton one or sorry forty one yard reception. Barkley. Had A thirty eight yard reception and you know and they gave up one hundred yards receiver. Too late with his two touchdowns. So that's something that I wasn't used to see him from this from this secondary. So maybe I'm being bit too harsh but I, I had a lot more expectations for. What you Brian Gray was, you give them I've got to give him a C minus but I don't think he needs to worry just yet now. And they did get. Some people are saying, they did get a lot of yards on that last drive when they were just basically you know prevent defense, get your yards, take time off the clock but. That that that first touchdown and did not look good. Anything about the they come out no huddle. I don't think anyone really expected that. The, come out in the hurry up I think the caught him off guard a little bit early in the game but. Like you said Brian, this is a preseason game and there's a lot of communication in the back half I'm going to give him a B minus give him the benefit of the doubt they perform like that again. Gary Grades in good under the sea. But ultimately, that's what I did. Now my favorite part of the show. Special teams talking about diggers. So you earlier in the show someone said, should we be worried about Chris Boswell? We brought up Dustin Colquitt. Let's talk about cold but he had four punts for one hundred, eighty, three, yards average forty, five, point eight I'll take that inside the twenty one hit along fifty nine Chris Boswell is two for two field goals along forty one, but two for three with extra points, guys. Any concern there with the special teams units whether it was Colquitt. Folding whether it was Boswell's accuracy. Dave. What do you think? I'm not concerned moving forward because I think Boswell shook it off pretty well in never wanted missing extra point that was his I missed extra point sense week thirteen of. The two, thousand season against the chargers. So he had a pretty good street going on I. Mean he was one of only a couple of kickers at didn't miss any last year but there were a lot of kicks this this week. Lots of kicks messed. So to to just miss the one any and I mean, he clanked it, it's not like he completely shanked. It wasn't a close I mean. For four more inches and that's going to, and that's going to hit the upright and go through so but you don't WanNa flirt with that much I don't think he'll it bother him and like you say new holder chalk it up to that and say move onto the next week. Brian thoughts on the kickers. Dave hit the nail on the head. I really don't think that there's much of a problem like you said earlier that you were more concerned about you know kicking out of bounds I. that's probably the one play that I missed because I was setting up some BPS's stuff and I was looking down at my computer and I missed the. Missed the kick out of bounds but. I'm really not concerned about the kicking game. Loved Colquitt I poke would definitely proved to be an upgrade and He was pretty good. Boswell I mean. I had no fear when he was lining up for any of those field goals so I'm not too concerned. Ray Ray McLeod is on the distance. Oh, my goodness I mean I thought he was gone. He was so close I don't know I'd have to look I'd love to watch play again to see if he's read the the blocker. Wrong. But it looked like he was just one player away and he was gone he was gone so. That's something that's do offensive. Never really seen is a return man with actual threat of taking back I mean a kickoff we know Deontay took when back on a punt return but ultimately is kick off. So Sean. To Yell Rae Ray Ray. Sean Manon Delo tiptoe thank you very much. He gave him an F.. And half are. You go ahead we used to live chat when we when we went in between. A super chat we went in between shows who it was from Kathy you can't go back to it. It's already gone. It was for two dollars a tip jar. Thank you Kathy and she wanted to know if the giants looked better than what we expected. I, I'm GonNa say the Daniel Jones better than expected they look at everything. I. Thought they were GonNa do Great. They couldn't do save more for you won't read this ain't just listen to this saquon Barkley I mean we're talking about Saquon Barkley fifteen carries for six yards. Six yards and had a seven yard rush I mean think about that. That seven yard rush was a pass, but he threw it backwards. Or else. Positive fifteen carries for six yards. This is like that. That's some early two thousand and stuff right there. That's that type of run stopping Brian. Hey I drafted. Snow draft why that happened he was the only giant. Fan because you have to play, you can't play hundred lineup. All one team headed to have someone. So I did him you had to do. and. I love the fact that I lost my one league because of Barclay and that's that's my policy. Don't care if I win two hundred bucks at the end of the year. All I care about is spending two thousand dollars on steeler memorabilia when they win the super bowl so I don't care. About losing a fantasy game when one guy on my team is playing my real team the Pittsburgh steelers. Barkley did not look good but the answer Kathy's question. If you're a giants fan, you've gotta be excited about one. Daniel Jones. But you've got a real coach and you've got a real offensive coordinator who was the head coach for a long time in this league as well and you have you have a foundation for what could be really good. So I mean they're not going to a this doesn't seem to be a playoff team the season but Barclays. Going to be down for long he's not gonNA, have he ran into. A very good. Run defense team and I can't wait to see the rankings as far as run defense because the steelers are probably going to be. Ranked number one or number two I don't know what everybody else did but they're. As far as rushing defense, they're gonNA be up there for what they did. This is a good run stopping team. I want I want to preface saquon Barkley is great. Then offensive line leaves a lot to be desired. We'll just put it that way shield ninety one put five dollars in the tip jars his favorite play the night love Chase Klay Pools Toe tap dance at discipline intelligence we've been hearing about from camp also big props to Chase Klay, board the very end on that little jet sweep where where he got the first down yardage necessary stays inbounds and I know on twitter I I said great play heads up play and they said, well, it really didn't matter now I get it but at the same time it's rookie. Well, but it's a rookie in his very first game very first time getting a hand off and he's running on the outside like you said, he could have tried to make cut and go any. Push amounts and he goes down I. thought it was a heads up play. I've loved it. I thought it was great. That's intelligence. Yes. Team play he didn't care about his own stats. 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To be sure you don't miss a single episode. John Manahan puts two dollars in the tip versus three bed plays deontay fumble the out of bounds kick in the midst extra point yet those were all three bad ones. No doubt about that. Leo See puts nine, Ninety, nine in the Thank you very much for that. He said be a barry white great to see. deontay get so much action will be very interesting to see Daniel Jones. Again, against the rest of the League are pass rush challenged him on every play a DNA was cloyne and he was. It was you could well ahead know the steelers were were. You could tell they were keying on. SAQUON. Barkley I mean they were just going after him. That's why he had the rushing stats to the ad I feel that the giants were completely. Focused on T. J. Watt on defense. They just didn't want watch to kill them and he still may degrade interception. You know. So holding calls, how is that possible? He was getting held a whole day. They didn't call holding the entire game on either team. What was the last time you watched NFL game in there were zero holding calls. I don't think I've ever seen that. At least not in the past happy era we're in right now I gotta make a comment real quick about that last comment about Barry White bad and Deontay. Getting some action. That's something you hear all the time I don't know if you plan that when he put that output Barry White and getting some action that's always in the same sense. All right. Let's Lino. This is all been sunshine and rainbows far but there was some things that we had to not like. Okay Let's talk a little bit about things that we thought were better than it could be better We address some of them but overall guys, Wilburton things. Awesome. Takeaways with Bryant here. What some takeaways year like you know what is a good win where the WanNa know? It's easier to correct after victory but my gosh, this really is bad. What is that for you? Brian? I was not impressed with the offensive line. For the part lot of people have been telling me that they're worried about big al.. I credited game. There was there was the first time that wasn't a sack but when Ben got the ball off, there was a big Al pushed all the way back in the womb. There are a couple of times and big AL gave up another sack to there's there are some things that really concerned me about him. The alot snap from pouncey there. You know now that you have possibly two guys injured on offensive line that scared me even more. Yeah the offensive line was was tough. I'm looking at the overall stats here. They the steelers rushed for one forty, one through for two eight. thirty two passes to thirty runs. Oh my gosh, that's close as close to balance. I don't think you're GONNA get any closer to that for steelers only three penalties for this dealers for twenty one yards. I see your concern i. definitely do Brian I. Dave. You can chime in on that and you can go ahead and go with something else that bothers you there something else that it's still bothered me and you guys are going to hear me go a little bit of a rant I didn't run the one yet doubt I know I. Still upset and I'm not letting go. I'm I'm I am upset with the steelers with with their coaching staff and with. Stuff. I'm extremely disappointed with the steelers be reporters who failed to even bring up the issue because they don't. They don't inform themselves about the rules but why in the world are you playing with forty seven players when you're allowed to play with forty eight? To crap with hires. Active and no one elevated from the practice squad they up the number of players you can dress for a game you're paying. These is anyway even the stand street clothes. Why is he there Anthony Mcfarland Ugg three or what are those guys? They had another spot to fill and they put six guys inactive when you only need five? So we kept kept waiting. Did they elevate someone from the practice squad? We didn't realize you know what's going on. No they played with forty seven guys when you don't need to I mean was it just an oversight? What were are they doing and why in the world was nobody asking about this and getting report on this? This is not brought up tomorrow. I think the whole beat reporter circuit needs to be fired because do your job know what they're supposed to be doing and ask the question that needs to be asked why are you playing a man down the whole game? Wow all right. Before I. Get more mad. Well. Dave dozen swear much. So what With him saying what the crap which advocates worry. Dave that's that's him sticking up a middle finger in. And just. A whole lot of. Yeoh dollar signs and question marks and exclamation points there. So wow. That sounds like Keith Butler, an interview bag gum. Then we gotta go get their bag dumb football. It's funny when you see a transcript of key butlers like press conferences, they actually do right in like Dag, nab it and understanding for like elmer fudd reference but anyways so dave brings up the. Inactive list. It's something. About because the steelers win, you're happy with all that. But then I just get back. I mean, and why are they not answering the question? What did it? No coach Tomlin said in a past interviews this past week that yeah, they're going to give extra players. Why would you not use them and then they didn't use it I don't understand. Well with the offensive line, the way it is they probably will be used that. In the coming games but something that I was upset about and this is a need your reaction thing and I talked about the offense play calling a little bit earlier but for me. It was just ball security I can't stand fumbles and interceptions happen. You're trying to force a ball and but for some reason, I, cannot stand fumbles whether his deontay Johnson's muffing the Pont first-quarter whether it's Benny Snell who really had a chance to cap off a super impressive performance and then you have to market with that stupid fumble on the sideline. Good for UGG issues, driving a heads up playing, getting the getting the football getting loose ball amongst a sea of blue. But still that really fear infuriates me it's something that this us have always struggled with but still we're going to have to deal with. Let's go through some super chats here just a fan foot, four, ninety, nine, the tip jars, jujubes fumble recovery, which I just mentioned monumental for the final drive. Yes. For as a very important play going through another another one here. Case in right he says five dollars. That's the spot Ben Saving for Switz-. I. I don't know. We'll see if switzer maybe gets a call with You know I don't know what they're going to do with the injury situation. If they I don't even know if he's eligible to be a veteran on the practice squad if he would will see, we shall see. but guys, fifty, four minutes in we have five minutes left. Closing, thoughts on the game itself this team moving forward they now prepare for the Denver broncos come to Heinz field and we to know fans, but they will be back at home. Brian what are your thoughts on this this team in this game wrap it up. This team is prepared for the long haul. There's going to be some rough times, but I still think this is an eleven and five team I love what I saw the leadership of Ben Rothlisberger but I love more than anything Juju. Smith Schuster, the with the zest that he was playing with with a fire with the intensity. He felt like it felt like watching a man out to prove something and I thought he proved something tonight on offense two touchdowns. Fantastic. You mentioned the fumble recovery, but it seemed like if this is the super bowl and it's a final drive like you had in two, thousand, eight and San Antonio homes, it seems like Juju Smith. Schuster could be that guy to leave you on that drive all the way down at the ten yard line to victory with thirty eight seconds left in the game. So juice officials. Stepped up tonight and I think he is a lot closer to the number one wide receiver that everybody is asking for. Dave Scofield? Yeah I'm that's a great answer for Bryan. So I'll go somewhere else. Benny now getting the chance going over one hundred. You know would have liked the. Touchdown. Snuck it in there did. Offer that? But. It was just it was great to see him run the way he did and to run. In you know up the middle and on the edge you know you know not not not necessarily stretch play you know what I mean. Just to just to see the to come in and make the most of it and come back after the fumble. If lost that fumble who knows how we would responded but Your job. Benny. My final thoughts actually not even about the steelers is about the national football league. There are a lot of people some that are in the live chat right now. that. said that this was never going to happen. That, there's no way the NFL football general whatever be played in twenty twenty or maybe for the foreseeable future and I'm not saying I told you so or anything like that I'm just saying. I'm happy to this is back there give it means there's no fans in the seats for a few months or a month or a few weeks. So be it but my gosh was this great distraction. And this Sunday was a great distraction and so I hope that fans and they're still some skeptical out skeptics out there a while. You know once once they are playing each other and their traveling in. Yeah there's risk involved. We know this but at the same time, I'm going to take it all in for as long as I can. No matter what because I love this team I, love this game I love the National Football League and I love this being able to be on these post game shows talk talking football I wouldn't want to lose this for anything. So Kudos to the National Football League for the protocols they put in place. Got It done. They are back at least for the foreseeable future we should all just celebrate in just say you know what? This was awesome for the first time in a long time. Something felt normal. They were no fans I know in the fake the fake crowd noise was just awful that was so annoying. I'd rather hear the players talking on the sideline yelling than I would fake grab his, but I digress that's my little. rant ended up Brian before we call it a show why don't you let listeners out there know what's coming up on our podcast side because this is a weird week. This is a Monday night at what's going to be happening Tuesday for the wrestling the well something that's happening right now if you go to the podcast platform, you could check out Michael Back who put together a Mike Tomlin press conference post game press conference recap it's already on the. podcast platform anywhere that you download your podcast it's going to be there SA- check that out. It's probably about a I eight minutes show, but it's going to wrap up everything that Mike Tomlin said in. Give you a little bit. Especially if you missed that show so. I got. Oh. My. Gosh. See, cavs, oh, excellent puts four, nine, nine. The digits is Brian Sounds like frank the tank when he shot himself in the neck tranquilizer gun in all schools is what he's talking to. Gosh I. Are you sure it's not my my Room I. DON'T KNOW BUT AS UNION Wow I gotTA reevaluated. Drink some lemon. Listen to this Brian and you'll you'll be like it got better better as the show and on early on I. was like Man Brian gathered like frogs in his throat he needs like clears throat. On your bike it's gotta be. Well. We'll have to take a look at that again, but he's Wild Yeah because Even got. Buffalo Bill from Buffalo Bill from. People talking about. Oh goodness. Gracious. So checkout. Let's ride. Excuse me not. Let's ride the live Mike Tomorrow as well. That's going to be another basically postgame check. Let's. Say Friday which have been now. An definitely. There are so many options I gotTa tell you. It's so nice to see a lot of these names back for the first time December as well. But and if you are back for the first time, check out that podcast platform because where you were just getting about seven eight shows a week. Now you're getting in the twenties it's morning noon and night there's new stuff from behind the curtain dot com. Behind the curtain radio, it's there. So check it all these shows, and if you missed part of the show, go head back and check it out. It's going to be showing up in the podcast platforms and probably the next half hour to an hour as well and A. Yeah. CRT here folks the Pittsburgh. steelers win their one and now. One down. Nineteen get or eighteen to go 'cause they need to be nineteen s a one down eighteen to go the the train keeps moving. Tomorrow of my Tom will be at the front of the camera zoom call not other podium He'll be they're talking about the upcoming game against the Brown broncos will be back. Make sure you check us out all week. Makes you a check us out next Sunday for another steelers post game in the meantime enjoy it. Stay safe behind. We'll see you take it easy.

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