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#607 God's Word on Display (Deuteronomy 6:69)


Pre the word with David Platt is a resource from radical dot net. Deuteronomy chapter six versus six through nine. In these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and so talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you lie down when you rise. You still bind them as a sign on your hand. They shall be as frontlines between your eyes you shall write them on the door post of your house and on your gates. Oh, get the picture here when God speaks to his people he intends his word not just to be hidden in their hearts like yes that but he intends his word to be put on public display in their lives to saturate their conversations at home as as we walk. In the world that the word of God would constantly be on our lips talk about this. When you sit in your house when you walk by the way when you lie down when you're is. In other words, like all the time. Either you're lying down a rising in your house or on the way wherever you're buying them. As a sign in your hand as frontlines between your is like, it's always there doorpost of your house and your gates his word is intended to saturate our lives. So I I just want to encourage you as you think about the role of God's word in your life. Don't let it be just merely a private affair where God's word is hidden in your heart. Where you read it or you pray like talk about it like if you're listening to this with others than talk about this word with those. You're listening to if you're listening to this by yourself talk about this word with other people during the day today. Like look for opportunities whenever you hear. God's word. Don't just let it stop with you. Let it spread through. You. Look for opportunities to talk about the word all the time all the time. With your spouse with your kids with your friends with your neighbors with your co workers, even in the church in the world. But those who don't know Christ. They might know the word of God. And the goodness of God expressed in his word like just a quick phrase like it was reading the bible the other day. And it said this this was so helpful for me like that's such a testimony to the goodness of God. Oh god. Please help us to saturate. Our public lives just our lives before each other with your word may indeed be front and center in our conversations in the dialogue. We have in the words we say God, please don't let us hide this word in our heart. And then keep it there. Learn help us to hide this word in our heart and then proclaim it then share it with others. So put your word on our heart. And then help us to teach your word talk about your word. All the time. In Jesus name. We pray. Amen.

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