How Feeding Hungry People Is An Act Of Love with Jos Andrs


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He goes around with compassion feeding everybody WHO's hungry without question at incredible speed all across the world in a way I don't even understand. He's been named times hundred most influential people and won the two thousand fifteen national humanities medal. He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in world central kitchen, which is no small. In twenty, thousand and two, thousand, eighteen, he's a connery invaders a chef I've known because of his incredible restaurants in his food He's the founder and chef Kohner of think food group, which has thirty restaurants throughout the country and I just admire him so much as an author and educator humanitarian and you know he's doesn't just want to feed the few he talks about he wants to feed the many you trained in Ablity, which is Nardelli. The number one restaurant in the world in Spain, took a year to get a reservation in there and you know treating. Food is incredible experience that was almost religious for a very few people that got you experienced it but he really now has shifted his work to feeding literally millions and millions of people around the world through the World Central Kitchen, which is a nonprofit. That's specialize in delivering food relief in all sorts of natural humanitarian disasters In fact, he served three point seven million meals to the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and has since more than twenty million meals around the world in every country magic from Mozambique to Uganda to the California wildfires dealing with fires to every kind of disaster any anywhere there's a disaster Jose's runs at it most of us runaway he leans. covid nineteen he's been at the forefront of trying to deal with the changes in our food system, the lack of access to food and. It's just partying with all sorts of groups and government small farms partners to really deal with this issue of hunger and food insecurity. He's from Spain where I was born and has become a good friend and I'm so honored to have him here on the podcast doctors pharmacy. So welcome. Thank you, mark you. An honor do we with you? Well you know you're you. You said something winds, which is really struck me when I was a sort of reading about what you're doing. We've been able to do weaponize empathy without empathy nothing works, and you know as a chef know we think of shop says as about pleasure and deliciousness and sensation and enjoy man hedonism. But you know you talk about things like we may make sure where building walls that are shorter and tables that are longer. So. These are very different ideas to cover. Michelle. How did you come to? To get your more compass, how are you raised in a way that led you to be this incredible human being they've got nominated for Nobel peace? Prize. Well. I don't know back. I was nominated used the press said on I. Think Congressman on the congressman would actually over the years nominate me but but I don't you don't know. I tell you one thing that I just travel the walls that gone on. To every country, I go to every mission hail. From Haiti. To what Damola he's always people that that blows your mind away about the Mason commitment they have. To improve the lives of others. Without any recognition Without allow resources sometimes I'm those to me are there will be. On the run these will. the the heathen heroes that day there were. No matter what. UNDAY deliver on behalf house fast. So those are really the people that inspired me. So my mom, my life was like any other boy growing up in to Spain neither fast my mom thought they. My. My aunt was a pharmacies, my my uncle alter. My father and my uncle wargame to that. American base. For. A few years. I always watch my mom my dad when I went to them at the orbital because they wargin for shifts and so the husband that was the dropping psalm for my brothers and I and I. Feel very comfortable in a hospital in the emergency room But then we wi-with I was on and for me always seem that those men a woman will go the extra mile even beyond their shifts after they ended that they will be there reading a little book to keep that their family then the ride yet or that they will. Walk while all Burson. person. Because I didn't had any family member to do it with them. That was those little gestures that show me that some of the deep problems we're facing humanity actually they have very simple solutions misuses Dunkin an start doing is stop dropping in a room full of people start putting your boats go on the ground. The problems are under star. Solving. Won't brought him. At the time. So I guess that's how everything began. Inches really unusual quality when think about it because you think of most NGOs or various groups, there's a lot of planning and conversation and discussions, and you're like there's hungry people they need right now they need water right now they don't you in a week. We're going to go down there. We don't know what's going on. There's no resources mean you went to Puerto Rico after the earthquake and figured out within a few. Days. How to feel hundreds of thousands of people make food from scratch weren't giving process meals ready to eat packaged food from the World Food Program. It's usually garbage. I. Saw in Haiti you're giving them real food and you're doing it in a situation which is almost impossible. I mean there's an old Chinese proverb that says, you know people who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are actually doing it. And I agree. I went to Haiti after the earthquake I think like you we were both called to go there me as a doctor you as as a chef to feed the hungry and Really changed me because I think it. It made me realize that you know it's those small acts that that make the difference in the world that you can do something you can always do something and that being of service is such. I mean it's such a selfish thing in a way. Because Altruism and acts of service are ways in which we actually give meaning and purpose in our life and make us feel alive and good and I I see that in you is when you are out there helping people and doing things and you know we're watching you on sixty minutes recently on your profile you're you're just animated and alive and excited to be actually helping others. You're not doing this to make money. You're not doing this to build another restaurant. You're like you're like I'm I just see there's a hunger and a need and I and I WANNA help it. For me. It's hard sometimes in the old days. You still be home, watch. On see the suffering all photos that. sometimes the only thing back in my case. The mission is simple, right? Off Feed, the hungry I'm bring water to thirsty. On. It's a simple mission. The only difference between why I do what was kitchen dyson. I is that we take the word emergency. By its real value. Emergency means now. If you're talking emergency about food means you need to be feeding people shown. Within forty eight hours. You're talking our water means now we need to be eating feeding people, but we for hours on anything else would enough no, I rightly trade. People in emergencies wasn't drunk kitchen men and woman they know that they need to be providing services. In the same way we will provide Serbis enough for profit restaurant. If you don deliver within twenty minutes. Probably you'RE GONNA be. YELP. On. He's GonNa be nice. As on you don do surveys because you don't want to being jailed. You might do good service because stats. Yes. EXCELLENCE DO PROVIDE JUWAN to dream. You want to achieve. Okay. In Marion, we tweet every single one of our people like our guest. On their our guests in dame of me, would you even brings a higher level of necessity of dawn of of not failing. being. Success An morning board than he said, moment people wanted to see faces. Somebody that the ride. That brings the light of of hope. That somebody cares they are not alone that is coming. That things will be better. This is vital. That's why sewing ordinary in cease to be there in the face of people assume as you can because that way you ring inside of these down, you'll make people relaxed children to feel better when they see a foreign face that comes from the outside that sends a message to the communities that things will be better tomorrow and these hope sometimes is the only thing that people have. I need to see that I mean, you know you saw when you win brought food to the homeless and the parks and bags of food and you just you know I. Much, you just wanted to hug them. And then they they were just so grateful and you can see the relief in their faces. downgrades will do you know I need pandemic I've been be sitting because we have so many places that we are feeding but in Washington. DC I always in every emergency tried to get into a quick. So I, spent my dime what I go be sleeping meal news sites or opening Neil feeding places but then I always tried to have something like allows me to have certain kinds of continuing. On so borrow Michael Dinwiddie was helping organizations like this kitchen and Martha stable in Washington DC defeating the seat, which is where I leave and I will go to the headquarters every day where we were doing from one kitchen twelve, thousand music from that one. on night will try to do the tour of the different sites that nobody was feeding for different reasons because the. Shelters were over overload or because the one I go to the shelter a whatever I I'm when you get to know that people like I tried to and you listen to their stories under on their recent of why they arm on the streets, you'll see that sometimes I wish I had the power to. Do To us find this really quick solutions. Those people give them home on a stable job. Doug will bring them out of the streets and all the time they call I a net contributor to our communities. So many interesting people with with Wade's that very helpful. Very smart. Yeah. They ask an opinion about the country we should have the city we should have on on these gives Myard because those are people we need to. Listen more to because they are homeless, they should not be listened to. They can be part of the solution only given the opportunity to to to to speak up. It's true I mean most of us never take the moment to sit down with someone who's homeless and listen to Her story and really understand what happened to them, how they got their what their struggles are with their challenges are Nina we sort of have this. Incredibly disparate society and I. You're you're you're focused on hunger and and you know in America where we produce, you know probably close to five hundred, one, thousand calories more per person per day than people actually need to eat We still have rampant hunger were forty, six million people are on food stamps where one in four kids is hungry where I mean it just it's it's almost unfathomable that we have the wealthiest nation. In the world and yet we are still struggling with these disparities because we don't really have a model for a food system that is equitable and fair and produces good food that Craig good health that helps people you know build back their lives is it's really tragic as a chef. How do you? How do you see the way? The food system is structured now and how does it perpetuate this cycle of disease obesity and? Health disparities that we see so much now. I think the bounty we we enjoy now in in America in. Europe. the big production that humanity is able to achieve right now. Everybody would agree that the amount of calories we produced landed there. Are Know. Exponentially more the the the foot. Really we need as humans. We we see these amazing. We need to concur countries are on the walk in our own cities. We we we have people that they have more than they need they we have. People that don't even happen also to to to to to feed themselves on day under under children another dime in the moment we're leaving this this crazy time that in days if you were hungry, you are bored will be skinny Remember that one of the reasons is good launch. Pass in nineteen forty six was thanks to the Pentagon under requirement of the military. To the US Obermann, tween create to create the system so they could feed children in America so they would be healthier so they could join the ranks of the military. Astonishing to thank the military was the one that really created the reds fan indirect. This could lunch. Program but today we have these moments that we may have people that they are show how obese. But the steel in many ways they're hungry. They're, unhealthy. On these people take it as almost like a joke like they're laugh at you. But the truth is that we we forgot these the meaning of nutrients versus the meaning of calories humans we come produce calories nobody right now on on the store them in any way we want. To produce galleries and they come be fifty years from now in in a warehouse on this deal. Go by that's good. Humanity has be calm producing calories but even. So for us. Not. Nutrients. But non nutrients and the delivery of those nutrients. So the bodies our region we've done. So many of Brian, we phase I mean we could be talking obviously you know for hours. And hours and hours but the truth is that number one doesn't make sense that we have waste allow food waste have hungry people. More food than we need, and we waste forty percent of our food. So we have food for ten billion people. We want these days. I will argue that even more I I will say that if we could have a mechanism to test how many calories in eggs produce. Because, remember now, with the people that produce out of calories have fancy games and we have finally machines I'm wear. Barney. Day. So broadly we are we're Barney so much. Because we're putting in so many more calories, right? Up on it for a second in the days used by me going to school nobody drove me I will be healthy that will have to be walking like our voice school Auerbach's. As your children get me very shape This is no happening anymore I in some parts in other parts contrary people have nothing no buses to been. Eighty. They don't even have a school but but but then. They're hungry because they don't have any company so they should wear facing these these very different. Hungary eighty Hungary for. Hungary in Venezuela that Hungary numeric the recent are different in every sometimes spirit Politics. But then when you think about it, he's always politics United States of America right now. I'm for the last I would say every four years. Is Not being in the business of having a healthy relationship. I, I'm Guy I want have bigfoot Goblins, I will often An idle mind best but now. I realize a online investing in a company that these making their living out of the spends of not creating a healthier America, and this is a very pragmatic way. So what's going on right now is very simple when we have one of the richest, the richest country guy the most for country produces foot-drag nobody wait horn meat exports everybody I America fits America and help speed other parts of the wall you are afoot. We're brothers in Michigan back. There are subsidies we feed the farm bill within the US. The. That provides subsidies to big companies to produce corn and other grains cheaper than the real market establish. They are able to produce foods chipper than the real prize Bali of the market. Companies benefit from those hoops these on our or created the round last. sold as any company. And all of the sudden you have those with companies that they are able to produce very cheap borders. Very cheap solis. dispense of cities that the government gives. That them people eat it's okay because. We need to have affordable food to eat. But is kind his berry berry nonsense because we need to be finding ways to provide foot. Of Good Friday at good pricing of good quality to the people that needed it and make sure that those borders are. Nosotros, so cheap. They reduce calories in a way I cannot produce and that millions of America it's every day in every corner in every hub dog in every borger that they want to be celebrating that. But in the processes we are making America on healthier. So the American government in this case should be putting their power on the firm bill the rain more for more fruits, more vegetables, more beans, more grains. Americans and make sure that they don't supersede is the foods odar making America on healthy bursts was wise are making America healthy these way we best in Russian we invest in having a population that these really healthy instead of now that we have to be fixing that same population Wednesday, we reach fifty sixty, seventy years old and the government has to be their wives with our award pain to fix ourselves from the Cygnus we can we get out of Eating the wrong types of foods so the government should be in the business of investing solution when people are young with good for habits with good a sports habits with good quality of life in that sense on the stop making people sake the them we have to be paying the bill on the health growing, growing, growing, versus bringing the health goes down and investing the money we save from the health goes into the betterment of the lives of Americans Sydney. Seems like world central kitchen is a model for producing real whole food. for large amounts of people at scale and affordable way which seems really incredible and with rapid speed. How how do you accomplish that? Because if this is true, I mean thinking about school lunches. For example, I think about institutional food is garbage I mean I. Had Back Surgery and I was in the hospital and the breakfast was terrifying I mean I woke up from my after my surgery and I didn't really order the breakfast brought me a plate and it was French toast with maple. Syrup. High Fructose Corn Syrup. cheerios which basically starch and sugar a big muffin starch and sugar orange juice would you sugar and also I? Think I got a banana which was only real thing on the plate and coffee. Rich. Creamer, which is basically hydrogenated fats in in all kinds of caramel color in the Maple Maple Syrup Maple Syrup it was just garbage and it was all high sugar inflammatory toxic stuff that was an institution. 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On On on if you look at the photos that people, posts all over America, all over right now, we have people in Indonesia. we have only menace waylon Columbia. we have to. Be All Libra Rico islands. On all that resume, Eric, the quality of the meals yes. Is Astonishing this different type of destruction. On. The ships. COGAN could it be? I'm we have people. Give their best. I'm willing to give the best. On obviously. We have about the vegetables on I'm. I'm I'm frozen fish that we can get. But yeah. We can do better deletion on emergency. You might even what we can do in normal times. So the question. The question is why and I will give going back to politico will. I believe that the political willies? No they are because usually what happens is that those forty million people that they are. Under the hunger line. right now I think the number has increase or end sixteen, twenty, million more and as a real problem, they juice only are people that they are disenfranchised the boat. That they feel like nothing is GonNa work for them. So why bother? On because they, the mode editions don't act I think is almost mandatory that we tried to engage more everybody especially people neak. Nineteen hundred that will make re Republicans and Democrats ally come to the table. The ring is food solutions struck symbol we keep talking about desert's. I know how Americans don't believe that rallies people listening to me now they're saying or saying Margot full of Bologna. Okay. We may be for the Baloney. But the truth is that we cannot escape the we. have. Americans today. That don't have money to get done attack CEO Rober. they have to get public transportation eve only Dacian is available the glosses supermarket maybe three, four five. Miles away when I was young I would go walking for the breadth. Every day I will walk in from the front every day I will go for the fish everyday I will go for the meat w that my mom would will will will win by was a walk away. We have millions of Americans, they don't have the luxury off. To the place where they come by affordable food, those are food desserts that happened in America. When you have full besser Te, we need to understand that a wealthy family in Chevy Chase or Potomac Maryland. May. End Paying less. For Rice. And Milk. Than Poor, family, in, Anacostia. And that's the reality. Doubles everywhere run the walked. Rates Families Emperor brains will pay less for some problems that the Berry or family in the middle of the mountains of a fumble rat in the middle of Nowhere A. Sell these vessels makes foot tall are expensive for the people that actually should be getting cheaper. Ya, the system is already faulty egos that lawn. So why we on an? Awesome feather Monday, by the breast of I'm by the governor's I'm by the mayor's for desserts in America the next five years is do. We can make it happen. These is only one coordinator of many. Oh. How. Do you see that happening I? Mean it seems like A. Problem that has been talked about a lot. But no one really seems to be providing good solutions. Because everybody talks a lot. Really does on these business and the business to be successful, and you have to think like for profit no for no for charity your jarring remember rubber either my mentor, my friend. One of the big side hunger five. Fighters of hunger in America Berries Marias created these pitching Tommy Charity seems sees the redemption of the giver bursts who's Jari de should be the liberation of the receiver when we talk about doing something. We already redeem yourselves. If we have Woodson that ground aren't we the Law Committee. The know best. We really adapt to every situation because we do not create one answer to every. Neighborhood. Because he's different neighborhoods with different people, black people. Latinos Asians. why these different is different ways? Is it for an answer Alaska GonNa be the same answer and Florida, but nonetheless, it's spiritual. Did the same ending for desert's in the core neighborhoods of America? The ghosts of land is very affordable. Unusually the city the mayor owns land in those spaces Ibiza blind should be pulled every ex. Blocks of building some people. Where you tried to establish systems to make sure that you have regular farmers, markets of some farmers that come. That role that they got tell anyone else but they are they can sell it the same glaze that maybe the foot banks will be. you will have plays where certain things will be the native. But other things you will give the people that community to buy on their own, what they want to add the things that we may be giving them through the Farmville otherwise do let people use it snaps to buy those. Farmers. Immunity, farmers, markets, all of the time we have thousands of. Farmers Markets. America one visited? I'm already we're closer to make sure that one neighborhood the dime families are fed better families absence friendships Chinese have access to quality foods that they can afford that we can actually channel. They are when we have extra production of vegetables that the farm, the farm bill allows the government to buy that extra production of vegetables unchannelled them final them through those foot banks. Committee farmers, markets across America all of the southern, the community farmers market should be gone So problem should be the food that sorts honest problem community farmers markets are as one more solution badge. One thing should be happening in the next eight years if. President vice-president Biden wins because I've seen this administration's I. Make It happen because it doesn't show any interest whatsoever making discover. So I do believe we need to be thinking. But the both ideas are not crazy. Ideas are doable ideas that he's already some tests, but we need to go all the way in and make it happen private sector government local NGOs. Social. Social commitment from the local communities we make up together. It's true. You know but you grew up in Spain where like you said, there was a market and. Really down the road for hanging was a vegetable grocer and a meet Grocer, and you saw your family making food from real ingredients and you saw where it came from. The source of it and you're cooking at and tasting, and it was all real in country. We we really created generations of Americans that are so disconnected from the source that our food they don't know where it comes from. They don't know how grown they not involved in the production of it. They don't know how to cook it. All they knew how to do is get a package of. A microwave or get a fast food restaurant and that's really I think been a great decline in America sort of had our kitchens hijacked by the food industry and they a disintermediated from our own food and that act of cooking, which is so central to what everything you're doing is about seems to be something we have to bring back into American culture we have to get back in the kitchen. It's interesting with Kobe nineteen in the pandemic people are forced to eat at home. The restaurants are closed people are cooking at. It's it's of starting to shift people and I. I just WanNa as a chef. How do you think because started cooking revolution because you can bring all those things in those communities we can bring a farmer's markets but they don't to make. Kale. Or they don't know how to cook vegetable they'd ever seen a vegetable. What what what is the stepped? The breaks to the next level of of getting people really empowered to take back ownership of their food and their food system. Yeah I. I think that destroyed that we've lost Nolan America. In Spain and maybe the connection maybe we have I'm not so. I don't Romanticize so much about knowing you foot gun strong and I him. We have a good system many people they've never been too far I. Think people can be as commuted woman doesn't mean that we should not work to make sure that every children has been before the debris children understands how footsie stems work in America I. Think That's Very Gordon but again, we followed a true. Political will change us will happen with Berry. A romantic people going to conferences conference. Listening into the same people giving this MS speeches the sometimes I may be even every I I decided to do less and less even these things that I'm very easy to do and where everybody claps linked sales in the zoo after their they've been given us dean and they are happened Graham then everybody goes home. Next year the year after next decade the same problem continues and sometimes even Grove. We have two schools. In America. We have thousands of the schools. I bury always be better but the worried well integrated. Is. School system across America. Is School somebody poured them bar of the DNA of our communities of ours shows? Every school should be having a fully functioning each. Fully functioning kitchen with men and women working in this kitchen that they are proud of feeding the future of America. Than we are able to employ people that maybe are homeless weekdays on new. Through training new profession or bedrooms, a want to keep the giving back to their to their country on the scum them enjoy cooking and they are part of that solution and on. The what you see, I was invited the more and people working in Baltimore in the school system. There are Mason people amazing individuals they give the best. But in the last few years, many of the newest goals digging created and there are open almost without that kitchen. Only, with a Rome, the disturb reheat phase that come from the outside the friars of microwaves. Yeah. Do can do that because he's affordable each cheap but he's women the level quality starts going down and down and now. and. Then what happens what's the place in America when he's working? When something happens that very often ends becoming showed during place for people that their homes or their properties where damage. Schools, another side and you have the school that he's hosting on their GM thousand people. We know catch him to feed those people. when you think three hundred, sixty degrees. Undisclosed seasons become borrow from the emergency answer. Yeah. Moments of me and you'll have them there because at teaching serve not only to feed that showed there. But maybe Persia responders on other communities around nearby. Dan I know, for fact, another the sudden also when things are well, we have people that we employ where he will to create jobs where able to make sure that that school is connected with local for me. I network aware it will be bringing offered some vegetables. We are able to rain the farmer that GONNA be talking to the children's with awareness to the children of their surrounding hobby. Refunding cities that have been the developers into role areas are making a good living because they're feeding our children with money that actually is better this smartly spent by the federal government through the state through the city's another sign, you have an amazing emergency planning on the happens one day an amazing school kitchen school system that feeds children children are fed. That are smarter because they are readier, get everything they get in education they grow as healthy individuals means that the chances to be fighter vs might gaze like I am I are lesson all the seven, your investing again in the solution versus in the so we spoke with the food. Now is spoken speaking about this old system schoon systems they must be dot delivered by Federal Government, the states in this series, and they must be places that jess would provide the location. Borrowed that. needs to be good. INNING for. Education. Recently introduced. Congress something called the Feed Act to really address the problem and to activate emergency. Food solutions in times of crisis like covy nineteen and people who have food security when half WHO's shortages? And tell us a little bit about the feedback and other kinds of legislation around food nutrition really could make a big difference. Before answering is finishing with a this schools because I believe that is important to united with a good quality foot we will get children through the foot Wigley producing the kitchens in the schools. WE I. I helped create a with your Washington. University Afford Greg Long for high schoolers. I'm right because it was a wing to teaching history through. The we teaching science physics her foot. Itching here, a pop culture foot. Ditching, at the end. The Mason, Bauer of what we learn sometimes foot the program went very well and established that. We do that the school without walls US best. The one day we'll we're be bringing nationally by didn't land and. Farmers Market to Washington DC they created a program a call. Man I forgot front nine so often farm but these were we the farmers markets. Association. Washington. DC They farmers donate money to create these send Yael that allows to teach children how a garden works to children about fresh vegetables. I won't see some of flowering I would seat. Fascinating to see so I put curriculum is going to have to be also very important note taking away from anything is. The defeating makes children interested. makes. Children engage. Thinking is GonNa be quite frankly the future, and so I being buried brought to be shall be better any. from the outside because who is leading this amazing. They are doing an amazing job with that I'm very broad w able to borrow fed like Ali's waters that. On. She's been very successful in in regards Eddie Lewis yards. So he's things like that but we need to come with one planned. That is GONNA, help all America and one that's oldest the streets of the America doors on. And so they are able. They are able to go on. So on Western, they are the real question that I forgot the questions really is about the feed act, which was a way of mobile. Off. The country in the shafts times of crisis but also other kinds of solutions, realm legislation and food attrition that have to be done to make a difference that feedback dissemination because many many shops many being restaurant industry we've been. Spending highly at. In to Knocking on doors of the. Hill. Of Congress of the House of the Senate. asking. For the right solutions from our leaders. We had chefs begin to president trump. We had chefs going every single ad on congressman myself thing I spoke without. Overdoing. The number of more than fifty senators congressmen. Way, more than fifty than. why? Because we were asking for the right help? so He's being Wanda. One. which is to make sure that be worked for restaurants. me I. my restaurants they got bb soak. So I'm I'm very, very many. Were able to do it. On. Is the barrel production. Ceased ended has been created on. Always. Good. But execution is not so great on more is going to be needed. So we had the large ships working on that authorization we created independent restaurant when. I are see on on leaving doing an amazing job. We've done emission by on my other side. From debris early days I wrote a now open New York Times and another OPEC Washington Post both in descend direction that we are talking about the the health crisis, we're talking about the economic crisis especially, because president trump is the only thing he's been talking about. Not Understanding that the economic crisis would go away in the moment the health prices is beaten. But nobody was really talking about what those stewart creating, which was a humanitarian crisis I may I begun being buried obviously involving that one? On on with wasn't rookie Jim we. Chief, a one moment, three, hundred, fifty, thousand meals a day. I ain't right now day right now we are around quarter million. We are again emergency. We covert the black, the black spots, the areas that. The the dark spots of the system. That when the system shutdown so even feeding many hospitals. All the hospitals in New York. Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg a one moment I seventy deemed as we were doing three meals a day. Job At center, we had the big place in front of six thousand minutes a day this center park hospital. With Mancini. We were feeling there. we've been many others in DC and my daughter's will feed every day children's hospital inside and h well more play that all across. America. what nobody relies but. People. That bill hospitals they never thought the Demi. Amazing Right Doug we APPs there we put of thinking kitchens where the fire exits these way but. Like a husband though. When thinking about the Knicks? Why it is in some hospitals, I would say many. Areas that were shut down the Hudson. Where areas where they fit area where you had two people was. Yeah. I hope that from now on people think when they hospitals in case abandoned me Gump's. How buildings should be created so. I wouldn't be an issue. So what we had to be bringing in some places. I love for how we the Usually one central kitchen we cook. A one-week pages credit kitchen out of nothing. But. Destruction I'm we have millions of people in run without your ups and hundreds of thousands of restaurants shutdown Navy was simple. Why would put them up and running? WHY WE DON Partner with is because they don't do it for the money where frankly but they were able to pay mill. We would the restaurant working? The restaurants got hire some of the people. The restaurant is GONNA be buying Sunday local farmers that nobody they cannot sell to anybody on these weighed goose shown how Without being amazing but you re engage the common ground up process until we are okay to be open again as normal. So normal. So shady, you're using the restaurants to be emergency. I'm we did that we had. We have today twenty, four, hundred restaurants. In our network feeding across said, he tried to states and we get moving. By. Feeding her feeding me elderly or people can't come to their. not sure art. Homeless. At the. We. Have a system to feed the other Lee with over when they can leave their home and you'll have anybody we send one over home my home, the same traditional over foods. But in disguise by emergency over bar with US others rob on least an others in a Spain I had. Despite each postal. Service delivering foot home by home was beautiful to see. Hundreds of people deliberating one time to udderly that they had problems. We won't man, Lebron's with their immune system. I Mason system why I have to reinvent a delivery. When the delivery system is already been done in place. So these our central kitchen. Thanks. So while we were louise proof concept so I'd be able to go to Congress God Congressman Thompson. Off California. Congressman, McGovern Massachusetts. Introduce this bill supported. But Congressman Davies feeling noise on congressman or of Texas. Listen to me, Democrats and Republicans. Want. It by Congress, already now he's undescended. In the Senate we go senator come. Haaretz from California, Senator Tim. Scott of South Carolina Mall of the seven we have. A recall again on a Democrat or they're senators both sides are Yoni so the is that to make sure that the government is bill that will allow FEMA. Winds the emergencies declare to provide funds to the governor's on the city's because the mayor starting the frontlines to activate local restaurants the paid them to cover the needs in an emergency leg. The one we're living these US marshal. Russian. Jew them throw money the problem you'll keep the economy running. You'll keep America, working. Yuki. People funded families without being unemploy on the Hud Wego that because everybody the beginning I had some some people that were live. It's critical with me they say why I'm putting people a race cooking. I. Think People thought that I'm cooking because I have nothing on do. I'm very proud. I'm very happy for my daughter's and moving from I a ninety for ninety days I'm for you know for many people cannot afford me. I'm I'm for the for the I could do that. But y when his knee people were hungry, we were feeding people. In real in a real. So. We created when in February become following Kobe Yari one of my best rants ambassador. Hydro. was. The ambassador Mexico in China. Oh. On on January world for seizure. On. Keep me. Informed with what was going on on that basis especially in what I liked, how people were sitting in a Democrat this learning learning. We went through your Ben in February two feet princes A. A eighteen thousand miles a day to six thousand. Many of them Americans why ask because we've been feeding deeply aby cholera we've been feeding people mustn't be cholera on in our comes never why? Because we create the county protocols why I'm telling you all this is that the first thing we created Was a mascot. The mascot name is Muskie. M. A. S. A. Y. my ski. Mask red-hod with a big mask on a big hand. Maske was guiding all of us what to do. We created the health codes in how do we hide? Inside the restaurant. Behaving, picked out, do we hate him deliveries hunt? We have in for deliberates in how to maintain the teams producing the food the healthy. Some very proud that we've been very lucky, but they were hard. In feeding people having bury amas no cases. Yeah. All across why? Because we were cautious and spare worry that mass was mandatory that we had to produce more with less people than we had to give separation even inside the kitchen on in the restaurants and more important I created these circles that we've become putting the fifteenth of March on the floor, and now thousands of places in America has them to show people that they had to give seek speed distance I'm where the Muskie was telling you that you have to wash your hands that you had to wear your mask that you had to make sure that you keep. The distant from each other that you couldn't shake hands etcetera etcetera dies while I'm very proud of the work was drug teacher. If you want to gauge and adored, you'll find that there and you'll see they help protocols broadly they been the backbone of the success of central kitchen through these pandemic. We were ready. To adapt to this emergency adaptation meant be ahead of Kobe being fighting Kobe by giving everybody alert like you've been everybody cover like making sure that we protect each other. Even when we were working together just shows you what great leadership can do in solving problems and how and APPS. We've been a country to do this in your your example just so so powerful and I think there's so much more work to do not just with dealing with the food crisis in Kobe but really creating an equitable food system overall and Jen with some of these problems so that They will always be disastrous, but you know what was going on right now is a slow motion disaster in America around food with with incredible amounts of chronic disease and obesity and health disparities and the burden on the economy and the consequences of how we produced the food and grow the Food in our agricultural system in climate. It's all one big problem and I think that that you know you're you're so good at getting into. The practical solutions getting on the ground and figure out what to do and not waiting around philosophizing about it or talking about it but actually doing it and I think is this an example for all of us and I think it's really about just being connected to others asking and learning what they need in just solving one problem after the other and that's what I found when I was in. Haiti the hospital was shut down I was the first doctor on the ground with a crew. It was just a disaster and you just head start solving problems and fearing things out and creating an owner and creating getting supplies and giving this given that, and it's like you just yell us do it and I think most people are afraid of that and it's just it's just so powerful to see your example. I know your twitter profiles really beautiful. I WanNa sort of closed that ask you about and you say we are all citizens of the world was good for you must be good for all. If you are lost share a plate of food with a stranger, he will find who you are. So talk about what that's about and and the meaning of bring people together over food and why that so so important for all of us. I think the meaning I'll break bread Seem ordinal breaking bread in daybreak branch between two people. Maybe they don't get along maybe people don't know each other. I think humanity. These kinds from centuries and thousands of years that we created. The strives right. We. We all belong to try. And I'm on. So how? Saints we are children they. I send that you've been when nobody sitting a runway. Even when he's wrong, everybody gives it dries. On on these difficult to let other people from outside tribes to join your try. We need to fight that. Because I believe that life is starts at the end of your comfort zone. On really, your comfort zone. is ruined the challenge when you move away from the people you're comfortable. On we need to start seeing others that don't look like us that they speak like guys. Died they maybe they? They have other gods lay the ones we like. is as not people that our enemy but s people that they are there to enrich our lives to reach our bishop of the world's. For me I think that that they via that's rice happening Haiti that I like. Obviously I will go to finally restaurants because I would like to tweet about it to bring him to eighty remember the. The commentary about traveling to resume traveling footing eighty, but which was a national geographic BBS but me in that on that documentary. On that show again to people precisely to the fancy places I took them to the places where normal Haitians. Dime store. Haitians. Why Because as way. And then you'll realize that they are not. Strange People Ordinary people. Or people that I don't WanNa go there. We. I go there because I need to feel like I'm respecting them. They don't want our that when our respect showing up is respecting them but morton than allowing Jewish to be there to. A drinking you with respect giving you a smile a naturally making you feel comfortable because they know your place, you don't belong. Shouldn't we do the same? I'm we shouldn't be trying to make sure we put those walls down and we bring longer tables, green CDs together bringing communities together Dis Way for me obviously this is important I. Believe Foot is important sort that. Is barred the DNA of who we are for has many of the answers you can give you. Easter on science. Again give you own health foot is there on economic growth and unemployment unemployment on on. Greenhouse Gases Gasol unsealed to. Foot is there. Let's make sure that food is not a problem but the solution. That's whites you wasted going. It was so proud that. Vice President Biden, the Dow where he invited me to join or the Dire Dawa wars about foot first dying in the history of a presidential candidate. I didn't know that that's Quart Monde before the election. Data we have the whole food is a national security. So I am I am very happy that somebody like may be gone up president of the United States is giving Bordon's to foot in such a way. Totally I'M GONNA be there making sure that you pushing his teams to make sure that December important cornerstone on his possible Presidency Taught Tony why? Because at the end if we am we create a better. Food System where East Bar this solution Report Against Democrats will benefit. Identify. and. That's why food is so important rains all American together in a moment that America needs to be together more than ever almost right? Thanksgiving should be every single day. That's what we need to be aiming for. That's such a beautiful vision. Jose is incredible vision and you're absolutely right food connects to everything that matters to us as the problem but also the solution and it's actually why I wrote my book food fix which is really about solving those issues, connecting the dots and pushing our policy to actually create the change in. It's sort of launched something called the Food Campaign was the nonprofit to really educate and raise awareness and policymakers and drive policy change to deal with these issues because it's not just one thing is a multi-faceted problem but it requires thoughtfulness and sort of like you wrote about a foods art, it really brings all this together. Pretty Pretty Amazing. Well, we're in this amazing moment in history and I think it feels like the worst of times but I believe will come out of it and I think learn a lot and I think your vision is certainly a guiding one for all of us. So thank you so much for being on the Doctors Pharmacy Jose I love you an amazing man if people Wanna learn more about his work, I encourage you to go to check out the world central kitchen that W C K dot org you can learn more about what they're doing and get involved. You can donate. You can also learn more about what he's doing on his website Jose under. A eight J O S J O S E and e R S. dot com. He's just an incredible leader in the space of humanity and I think he will get the Nobel Peace Prize. I certainly will vote free. and. I just love to have you on the path because the thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of you loved this podcast please share with your friends and family on social media. Leave a comment here from Houston scribner every granted podcast, and we'll see you next time on the doctors. Pharmacy. Everybody's soccer hyman. Thanks for tuning into the doctor's pharmacy. I, hope you're loving this podcast. 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