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Welcome to giants of history. This is J T Fusco, and I'm kicking the show off with just a bit of housekeeping, and it concerns the future of the show and its continued evolution. So if you have just a spare moment, please listen, I would greatly. Appreciate it. I started to show because like most of you. I absolutely love podcasts at love the podcast medium because I feel like what you can learn while you drive or while you go for a walk or while you're at work. I mean, it's truly incredible. And if you're like me, I don't mind doing housework or mowing the lawn or folding laundry or any of those Muendane tasks that we just have to do every day if and when I have something interesting to listen to while I do those things, and that's why podcasts are so fantastic. I mean, there is just an endless variety of shows and genres that you can listen to while you go about your day. And I love all varieties and history podcast, especially that was the impetus for starting a podcast. But I wanted to produce the show that I wanted to listen to as I've said before and essentially I feel like I've done that. I feel like I'm there. I mean, these are the stories that I wanna hear and individuals that I wanna learn. About and from the feedback that I get for the most part from the audience, you feel the same way. But there is generally one complaint that I do get from listeners, and I get it fairly often. And I don't mind hearing it because I fully agree and that complaint is the frequency with which shows published how often these show show up in their feed. And like I said, I fully agree with this. Because right now, averaging about one show a month. And if I wanted to produce the show that I wanted to listen to one show a month is not going to cut it. I want my content to come out more often and to be published in a way. So that I can stain gauged with the stories that I'm listening to the stories that I'm hearing. And so with that being said my ultimate goal for this year. Twenty nineteen is to get to a point where the show is published weekly. Now, they'll be breaks, of course, because there's a -cations and something will always come up. But on the whole that is my goal to get a show out every single week. Now, I will say that for a very long time the challenge to that goal was just energy and sleep. And for those of you that don't know I have four sons and they range in age from seventeen to seven to five to three. And I started the show in July of two thousand fifteen so you can do the math there the youngest one who is three this past December wasn't yet. Born and his two older brothers not counting the seventeen year old who's been self sufficient for a little bit of time. But the ones who are seven and five now where even younger than. And so I would say that I was hard pressed to get a decent amount of shut eye on a consistent basis for a very long time. And if your parent out there or a new parent, you totally get that. And so you compound that with the fact that I have a regular job and my career. It was fairly tough to get into any type of rhythm. I mean as I'm getting older, I'm realizing just how important sleep is. And when I don't get it. I'm just operating in a fog for the most part. But I will say that now that they're a little bit older. They still get up at night every now and again, but on the whole I can pretty much count on now getting at least six to seven hours of sleep at night on interrupted which is a wonderful thing. And so what comes along with those hours of sleep is energy, which I can now channel into the show and into its production and trying to get on a regular publishing schedule as I've said, but for a long time that was very difficult. I mean, I was up and down all night every night with these little rascals, whom I love more than life itself. But to get the show on a regular publishing schedule, ideally weekly as I've said, the element that is the biggest challenge with that is the time that it takes to actually produce the episode that is to say everything that takes place after I record it. That is the biggest time suck and energy vampire. I should say. I'm not an audio engineer. I do the best. I can with the limited tools. I have this is a one man show as most of you already know, I do all the research. The writing the note preparing the recording the production the post production the publishing all of that. And that is why generally take so long to get these episodes out, but to get to a point where I can publish this show weekly and make sure that everything sounds good. And is pleasant not to just listen to but to actually here, again, if the show is not to a level where you're going to enjoy hearing it no one's gonna listen at all. But to get to that point I need to try and crowd source this show support a little bit better than I have in the past Anita press just a little bit harder. When it comes to the support piece because I'm realizing now that once the show if I can get it on stable footing from a support standpoint there are so many additional doors that open, for example, as I've said. The show gets published with much more frequency weekly is the ultimate goal. But also there is a second podcast that I've been trying to give birth to for a few years now. And that show is a show that I know you'll also enjoy if you enjoy giants history. But those things can only happen if I get the show on stable footing from a support standpoint. So in order to realize these goals of publishing show weekly and then giving birth to the second podcast, I need to build a base of about a thousand core. Supporters for this show that is to say a thousand core supporters at the stories level in patriot. If we can get two thousand core supporters at that level, everything gets better, I can look to enlist the help of a former producer which will allow me to accelerate. The show's publishing schedule. It will get the second podcast moving toward the light of day. And then I just wanna say here that the prospect of actually being an employer at that point. And giving someone a. Job that helps them feed their own family. I mean, all of those things that is pretty cool. And that would be something that would be extremely proud of as well. And so with all that being said, you're going to hear me talk about building this base, of course, support on a much more frequent basis, and the reason being is because there's podcasts that I support personally that I didn't pull my debit card out for the first time they asked and was usually a timing thing. Like, I was driving. I was on a walk, and I didn't have the infrastructure. I didn't have my computer with me in order to set up that transaction. So it took a couple tries. But when I did hear their request for support. And if I wanted to get behind that producer and that show, and I was in the right place. I had no problems becoming a supporter of that show. Some gonna try and mention it here more often in hopes that if you do wanna become a supporter of the podcast, and I just haven't caught you at the right time that talking about it more and more often will eventually bring us. Across the goal line there. And just like I framed my personal support of these other podcasts that I'm patrons of. And I'm sure that you've heard this before, but your monthly support is pretty much the equivalent of a Cup of coffee and croissant at a coffee shop once a month or you can look at it as the equivalent of a tip on a bar tab. If that's more your speed. And what I made that connection. It was easier for me to get comfortable with supporting these projects on an ongoing basis because I realized that I get a lot out of them when it comes to my own quality of life. When I go for a walk, and I get to listen to a podcast that I just love life is good. But I got no complaints in that moment now all support of the show is greatly appreciated. And if you go to the shows patriot page, you'll see that there's a few different levels now of support offered because I know that everyone is in a different economic situation. And if you're able to support the show at the stories level, and when you go to the patriot page, you'll see what I'm talking about in exchange for your support at that level. You'll have access to the patron episodes, which are standalone episodes for the most part that are not part of the main feeds content and as of today with the one that I published last night. There are fifteen other episodes on the patriot platform for supporters and. In addition to the patriot only episodes, I'm also working on a video AMA, which is an ask me anything. I also hear from people that they have no idea what I looked like and that's important to them because they hear my voice all the time. But they don't know who is actually speaking to them. So I'm working on video AMA. So that at least get the chance to see me, and I'll answer your questions, and you'll get to know me a little bit better that way, and there's also some behind the scenes stuff that I'm working on. So you can see how the show comes together all of those things. But I also want to mention here that if your financial situation is such that it won't allow you to donate at the stories level. But you still want to support the show, and you still wanna get access to the patriot only episodes, then just Email me, and we'll try and figure something out. All right. I don't want anybody to not be able to hear these stories because support at that level would cause some type of financial hardship in their home. But on the flip side of that. If your financial situation is such that money isn't a concern for you. And you're looking to support work such as this at a higher level. Then of course, that support is warmly welcomed and sort of make that happen and to support this work to get behind this project. Simply click the link in the description of this episode or just go to Google and search giants history patriot. And you can get they're going that route as well. And as always, I appreciate you. And I cannot thank you enough for your support of this effort.

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