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New SpongeBob SquarePants Movie to Be an Origin Story Scored by Hans Zimmer - Movie Talk


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Amazon fire TV apple TV smart, TV's, PlayStation and anywhere else. You stream. It's hard to be healthy when you don't get breakfast. It's hard to recover from open heart surgery without heat. It's hard to get. Well, when you sleep on the street, it's hard to take care of a baby with untreated, depression, health goes beyond the hospital at providence, Saint Joseph health, we believe health is a human right? See what we're doing to advocate for the vulnerable and invest in health for all at future dot PS. J health dot org. On today. Show SpongeBob gets a big score a legendary comedian gets his own movie. And if you are a flower moon, Spurs as indicate they might have your number lookout movie talk starts, right? It's not a loyal. Is it? Well, is that what that is? I believe so what what are all the fights in Oklahoma about their about oil. Yeah. That's what happens, but we're not there yet right now, we're just here at the beginning of collator movie talk. Welcome everybody that is Haley vouch and that is still celebrating his birthday month. John Stephen Roca. Your actual birthday was yesterday. It was actually looked over. I it. It's been going on this whole time. No, no. It was yesterday. Well, very belated happy birthday. Thank you. Celebrate your actual birthday. He got together with my friends who like we all went to college together every year as much addition as you get to go that one birthday night with all my friends and have dinner, we just sit around catching up with each other. So very nice time, and they pay for dinner. So it's always nice. We go to the maggiano's. But I think that's ending though. No, more little Italy for you. What happened? I went to the bathroom for like five minutes came back downstairs, and they had all convinced my girlfriend to talk me out of maggiano's for next year. So we're not going there anymore. All right. And if you work at the olive garden lookout because party of ninety six that might be coming your way, while some exciting news in the world of sponged bother. Been to SpongeBob movies. I enjoyed the last one with Antonio Banderas was a pirate. That was a lot of fun. We're getting a new one in the summer of two thousand twenty we have some info for first of all it's going to be an origin story early. So it's gonna show the origin of SpongeBob. It's called SpongeBob. I believe the title of the movie is it's a wonderful sponge, Bob. It's wonderful sponge, obviously, a nod to the Frank Capra classic. It's a wonderful life and SpongeBob is going to look back on his life. How he first met the bikini bottom gang. You're going to get to see a little SpongeBob meeting all these characters for the first time and that wasn't enough. They'll legendary Hans Zimmer is going to be doing the score for as SpongeBob movie. Haley found I just gave you two incredible pieces of exciting information about the SpongeBob movie, which one has more tickle. Well, I've never seen enough soda SpongeBob. So I guess I wouldn't be the one to know about his origins. Dewey already know how the pineapple got under the sea. We have never seen it. We'd never seen it on. The big screen before. So that's why it's very exciting. And I don't know if there's going to be some sort of angel. That's gonna take SpongeBob through his entire life. And he's going to get to maybe rework his life going forward as he looks back in his past. I LA it's a wonderful life or a Christmas Carol, but that sounds intriguing enough to me to fire up duty and go see sponge in the summer of two thousand twenty well, especially if on Zimmer's doing the scar. Which is always welcomed that would be to answer your question. The piece of information that's of most interest to me. And it's it sounds maybe kind of funny when you first hear it because we think of Hudson were we think of like superheroes scores or Oscar movie scores. But he he really goes all over the place and has always worked in all John RAs. So it's a good fit. I mean, he did The Lion King for goodness. Yeah. Now Rocca maybe it's going to be The Lion King or something along that that is actually on the man's tombstone. But until that day comes SpongeBob is a fun project for Hans ever to take on certainly. And then we have this origin experience news as well in the movies going to be full CG. They're going to create entire CG worlds that are developed, but it's also gonna involve some live action. So you may get more cameos Allah. What we saw Antonio Banderas. Now. Are you a SpongeBob guy in your now old age? I would say that I have friends who are SpongeBob people because punch Roswell those animated series is that series that crossed that line between kids and adults. And makes it like it has a lot of subtle adult humor within its humor and storylines and plot lines and still like comes back to this basic tenets about friendship and being good to one another and all that kind of stuff and but it's enjoyable. It's very funny. You know, you never know what you're going to create. I don't know how high these creators want to create this old thing in the bikini bottom, gang, like, whatever. Pretty inventive people. But they did it and latched onto the bubble like adventure time does Rick and Morty do like you just these these animated series come along, and they kinda just cross generations. And this is one of them and a lot of people enjoy it very much. I had the pleasure of sitting on a train one time with Tom Kenny and a couple of other friends on the way back from Comecon. Very interesting cat. Lot of. Knowledge in that man, and these voice go, so, you know, he's bringing these extra levels of complexity to what he's doing when he does voiceovers or meanings or hidden meanings and things he's doing. So it was just fascinated his point of view of the series through his eyes. Because when you're at my at that time, I was just like, well, that's an animated series for kids. But he explained it broke it down. It was just very interesting to hear that you're took the famous Comecon train from San Diego back up to us Angeline stage. None other than voice over legend, Tom, Kenny. He must have felt about you how you felt or your friends felt about the little Italy. Like, why am I still here? Sports on Kenny. His frontier. Ted BIA Sally. Oh, he was at Netflix at the time. And so he knew all these people from doing voiceovers himself occasionally on these series that he was part of. And so he I'm sorry. He was at Hasbro at the time. He's at Netflix now. But he was at has at the time. And he was he knew all these people for most of they were doing so he just hung out with him. And so just by osmosis. I just got to listen to all this kind of stuff. But anyway, the thing is that this is made money. It's pretty incredible that you get a third installment of this series. And like this idea that it can keep going, and now it's got this other thing, that's all the episodes all the seasons, the two movies, and they have never done origin fully exploring what happened here. How everything happened? How the pineapple God the ocean? So this is excited a phone way to go so kudos to them for being able to third feature film installment of an animated series. That's really rare. And then attracting the attention of Hans Zimmer who probably has kids or teenagers who have enjoyed this series. So. One hundred forty million dollars three hundred twenty five million worldwide. This is going to be like I said the third one and it's the twentieth. Anniversary next year. I believe of SpongeBob, man. We are. We are all just getting up there in years painful Haley, I'm a little more confused than I was before as to whether Rocca actually had a conversation with Tom Canty or he just sat near him on a train and heard his conversations with other friends at net. Flicks man, come on, man. We had a back and forth and see man. You had a thing. Okay. Can I get you something? Well, there's there's been a little bit more of a hub in a chat room right now. And this is according to collider video who is in the chat room right now heroically, there was a karaoke shindig four Roco on Saturday. I'm just saying this is from collider video. I'm just don't shoot the messenger. Didn't invite Cody Adam Koster, Franken, many many others this Cording to the word of Anaheim angels enthusiasts? Cody hall road. All those people. You mentioned aren't incredibly funny sarcastic, Lee oriented, people in the last thing, I wanted was the dam to come and watch my friends, and I go out and do karaoke because I could just see the six of them sitting in the back of like statler Waldorf commenting all night. I don't want my birthday being ruined by crap. Like that. So another over those boys. Love hanging them here the Kaleida studios, but if I want to go and have some fun with my friends and curiosity and act the fool, which if you see some of the pictures that posted I did I didn't want those guys come along and Dory into I link that call sarcastically inclined alien, I both got the invite we showed up. Yes. We were there used to one stay longer than the other. I went all the way across town to give you a birthday hug you did. What that requires is gratitude not attitudes. I said gratitude I said I was nice to meet your cousin as well. That was really sweet. Yeah. Well, we had one of the Burbank beer festival. And then, you know, a lot of other stuff happened that night that we don't remember. So we assume we had a great time. And nobody said anything stupid. Social media. We have. That is about legendary comedian Bill Hicks who passed away after battling cancer in the early nineties is now finally finally getting the feature film treatment. He so richly deserves. This according to our own Jeff Snyder, Richard link later will be taking the helm he's going to develop write and direct currently and untitled film. That's based on the life of Bill Hicks who started really getting his comedy chops in Houston, actually, cross paths with Sam kennison a number of times. He has a good dear friend, Kevin booth. Who wrote a great book about Bill Hicks and his experiences with that? I've actually read. Yes, I actually read a book one time. So Bill Hicks such an influential comedian, and Richard Linklater apparently said he's always been a big fan of Bill Hicks. I don't know if there has ever crossed in person. Because apparently, according to this Richard linklater's film days confused came out in one thousand nine hundred three about five months before Hicks passed away and Bill Hicks saw was a huge fan of the movie. So kind of cool kindred spirits is Richard Linklater would say John Roco. Do you think that the Bill? Hicks. Richard link waiter, one of them posthumous team up is going to work out. Well for the mass audience. I certainly hope so Bill Hicks is one of those comics like maybe some people may be too young to remember. We're watching the nineties was an incredibly massive, corporal massive explosion of stand up comedy. There were so many shows on television where you could watch stand up comedy not like now what you have like specials. This was like all the time VH one a had had a half hour comedy hour. MTV had won all these fledgling channels. Aiming at the improv, right, right body, whatever his name was to the beach one when he was on their evening at the improv all that yet def comedy jam came around that time. So there were so many great comments came around so to stand out even more. So from all those comics that were coming around you had to have something special Bill Hicks really did. He was what they call the outlaw comic. And there's nothing wrong with being an outlaw. And I enjoyed his comedy always. And you write him and kinison were contemporaries at the same time and kinison was a populist comic in that. He was screaming about normal things that it does. But Hicks was more incisive Hicks more political in a satyrs. And he went from like talking about regular things to really diving in his comedy grew into the more political stuff it I mean, there was a conspiracy theories about his death because of things he was talking about. So if you've never listened to a Bill Hicks stand up said, go do yourself a favor. Even now twenty years later. It's still holds up is still so powerful and interesting. This is almost as difficult. To cast Richard Pryor or or Jerry Lewis who do you cast to play Bill Hicks that can really capture Bill Hicks is unique combination. I think it's a tough cast for sure I don't think it's on the level of prior or Carlin for the simple reason that there's just not as many people who know about Bill Hicks as they do prior Carlin, and it's no shame on his material. Or how great he was just the matter of you say the name Bill Hicks. It doesn't ring in somebody's mind. The same way of prior Carlin might Haley's that how you see it. Do you think that that a Bill Hicks movie could work? Yeah. I think this is a great match, especially if you told me a Bill Hicks movie with a different director. I might have felt differently but link later like you said kindred spirits feels like the right fit. And I just love almost everything link later does. And I always get excited for a new movie of his, but this material in particular, especially as you mentioned Roka, he was a really political and incisive and sharpen occasionally brutal comedians, and now might be the right time. To approach that particular life and the things that he had to say given that politics are bit divisive. Say politely. Yeah, it's interesting that if you listen to his material out of it would seem relevant for today to switch them in the names still holds very true Hicks, one of the things that he became known for is that he taped a set on David Letterman show, but then CBS would not air the set because of the word he said, I can't remember exactly what it was. I think there was some sort of like it was abortion in a graveyard something something with that. And CVS would not air the set and so many years after he passed away. Dave Letterman, always felt bad about it. And he had Bill Hicks his mom come on the show, and they aired the set for the first time it was really good set too. So Richard Linklater doing this is very interesting to me. I selfishly want this to be his next project. But Richard Linklater has a busy counter of things that have been announced that he's attached to and that's including movie about the space race in one thousand nine hundred thousand nine doesn't seem like that one has a lot of steam around it right now. He's also working on a film about a twentieth century, conman, John Brinkley and the China's said comedy Larry's kidney, so three projects. Circling right now, let's go to another one of that project before we move onto our next story. And that is the space race movie. Do the box office results or lack thereof for I man does that influence whether the public or whether a studio is going to want to continue down the path with Richard Linklater for space race movie. John Roco, I don't see how it doesn't to be honest with you. Because like we said before policy teen is a typical of space movie gravity's kind of space move. You start talking about historical space stuff. I think a lot of fans turn off a lot of movie goers. Don't want to go see something like this. They already know this or they can read it in a book, and there's only many series from earth to the moon, the right stuff as a film is already been so many things that have explored that space race. I don't know what Linklater would bring to it necessarily who's not really known for Meghan these blockbuster movies anyway. So I don't know what it why you would let him do something like it was a TV series. Absolutely. Except to a Netflix space race TV series. The you direct knock yourself, Al. But an actual feature film. I don't see what the point because the amount of money sunk into a space filled with a guy who doesn't do that. While the box up. It doesn't make sense to me. Well, I do imagine that it wouldn't have a lot of the special effects that were needed for something. Like first manor, even Apollo thirteen. I figured this movie is going to take place on the ground primarily, and you might even have a, wink, and and not a comedic element in. There might feel allowing battle the sexes which is a movie that again didn't cross the box office. But it is something I enjoyed Haley Kennedy Space race movie work, or do you think that I man is going to steer studios away from ever trying this period in history. Well, they don't think it will steer them away. Forever. But I certainly don't think it's going to be in the top of their list right now. And like you said, he's probably not gonna make a big budget movie. But when you are doing a space movie of any extent, there's a there's a certain budget almost built in because of what the sets and the costumes require. I wouldn't be surprised if that got shuffled around to the bottom of the list, though, it's a shame because I would love to see his take on that subject. And then I think he has a real passion for history and things like that that he doesn't get to explore as often as he does like his philosophical thoughts and relationships and things like that. Yeah. I'm excited to see link later does next for what he does. He's a filmmaker that I always keep my eye on for what's coming up. Hopefully, the Bill Hicks movie doesn't take twelve years to me. Speaking of Bill Hicks. You know, I'm not nearly as controversial as the great Bill Hicks. But I'm doing stand up this Friday, and you can grab tickets right now. Mark else live dot com. It's Las Angeles. It's my first big theater show in Los Angeles at Lowe's Globo's right on Sunset Boulevard. Tickets are going fast. Make sure you get them now. Mark L live dot com. Use the promo code schmos. Great line of just added. Jay, Washington, Candace Thompson from the tonight show, our buddy t Kenan Josh hosting and that young man, John Rocca. We're talking about Bill Hicks and what he brings to the sage Bill. Hicks has a great. Quote that I've always remembered and it's material you should go and save for the material as your backup. So you talk about whatever's on your mind at the time. How are you feeling about your set Friday? I think I've got some things to work with after my interaction with Adam Smith today, I think there's a lot to work with. Some fun with that. I'll have some fun with that. No, I'm joking. Yeah. That'd be great. If I if I felt that confident to walk up onto a stage, maybe someday, I'll get there. But for right now, the material would be what I use their. Well, I'm sure you can run your set by your good, buddy. Tom, kenny. We next story. But I do want to mind you guys that today we had collider hero. So make sure you guys check that out. I believe what you produce that show. Right. It was to today we had a really fun time on this one Taliban. Joined us tells Jaffe joined his voice over artists. Amy was back from our trips. Coy was here covered a lot of things today. Good full hour of coverage. We didn't even get the Twitter cushions. There was so much news and items that we covered so come on woman. Date change. What's what's going on with that the canceling with an epic series for Luke cage and for iron-fist covers some speculation. But when we think an old said heroes for hire. Well, Amy incorporate plugged in. They've got some knowledge about that. So definitely watch Coletta is sitting it's a more knowledge about the things you love and superior world. All right big fan of both the host of collator heroes except that core. He's just he always seems a little sleepy wake up. All right. We move onto the next door, and that's gonna involve too big time names Martin Scorsese, directing a Leonardo DiCaprio starring the two teaming up once again for their next project, and that is going to be killers of the flower moon. Now, this is based on a true story. It's a true crime thriller and takes place in the nineteen twenties in a string of murders that happen in osage. Yes, the same sage county in Oklahoma. Where August osage county went down. There was a bunch of murders that were going on there, and it became one of the FBI's first major homicide investigation. So right now deadline is reporting that the two stars have agreed to direct and star in it, respectively, and Eric Roth the screen, ROY. Her behind think he did. He shared credit on a star was born here also wrote Forrest Gump adapted that is going to be working on the screenplay. So it's rumored to start filming sometime next summer Haley, bro killers of the of the flower moon. It's a mouthful, but it sounds really intriguing is this something that's going to get your box office dollar. Absolutely anything. Martin Scorsese makes we'll get my boxoffice dollars. But I I love pretty much everything about this. I love on Scorsese does period. I love works with to Capri. Obviously, they have a very good partnership and creatively. And it's a story that I don't know much about. So I'm excited to learn. I thought when I read it this morning, then it said he live Roth was about. Whoa. Scorsese's getting weird and all day getting more grisly. I'm still excited though. Even though it's it's it's a fancier, man. Yeah. Roka? I mean, you look at Scorsese Capra that that's automatically going to get a lot of interest than when you have this story wine. It's interesting that it takes place nineteen twenties. The is one of their first major homicide investigation. Do you think what was going on the nineteen twenties with the FBI? Well, I believe that. I was right before a young man named Jagger. Hoover started climbing the ranks who by the way was also played by Leonardo DiCaprio, maybe to the best effect. But it was still it was a movie. Sure, Armie hammer was better than that film. I think it would be fascinating p played both characters that'd be suicide. This is a story. I had no idea about I guess, I it just escaped my attention to history much. I love history and says nature. The this sounds like a very uncomfortable and unsettling story to tell a lot of conspiracy about people killing a very rich native Americans for their land and their oil white people killing native Americans coming years after what had happened against the Americans in this country and everything that was going on during those times eighteen hundreds and so to have this still happening in the modern age essentially in the nineteen twenty s kind of a hidden, right? And it's sparked the creation of the FBI. That's fascinating to explore. I think as well. It's a dangerous film to make beyond us with your read that synopsis, I'm like without politically charged climate is you just said earlier Haley, it seems like a very dangerous film to make it this time. I don't especially because the FBI's in the news every damn day for the last two years about what's going on in our in our world politically. So to me this is a dangerous. Film. But I'm excited that Damon that sorry that dicaprio's a part of it. And that's course, as he's a part of it. But I just worry about the store. I look forward to it. It's gonna probably go damn good movie. I'm just scared about film coming up, do you? I mean, do you think that affects studios making movies like that? Because I think there's something like the post would be wanted anything if you were worried about that the post is one where you're like, oh, gee, I don't know if we should touch this right now, but they did and ended up being a pretty critically acclaimed film. Well, the post I think is more about. That's. Going to say is that's that's a ground. We've tread before many times. And no one is killing anybody in the in this is more like a racial thing and jealousy thing class thing. So all of that plus throw in north north versus south fill that in there. So there's a lot of combustible elements in this story. I don't think students renovation because I think studio see Oscar potential that's what they care about more than anything else. So I think that's what they focus on. And you get that name brand value certainly with Scorsese into Capri. Oh, hey, we do you like them taking this kind of style with their project because they've done similar things to this like a gangs of New York or even the departed. Yeah. But this is this is more of a it's a bit of a different approach to crime. Then what Scorsese usually does which is more in, you know, in the heart of the criminals mindset as opposed to falling the FBI. I mean, we saw that we saw both sides in the departed. But that's something. I'm excited to see. And you're right. There are a lot of combustible elements. That's well said and I'm curious because Scorsese is. The most avert political filmmaker, but he's a smartphone maker. I'm just curious if the type of straight up drama, he likes to make that isn't overtly political will fly when it's taking on a subject like this in these times, but he is also Martin Scorsese. So I'm like, I think he's probably gonna make a smart movie, that's well-made and thoughtful, not not just casually throwing around these controversial topics like hated gangs of New York. So that. Oh, yeah. Hated it. But after the movie right after Nissan dies, the film goes right to crap. And so to me, it's just it's a bunch of. Not fully realized concepts socially and politically within the film is Daniel Day-Lewis incredible. Yes. Absolutely. But decapa gives one of his more kind of like not as connected or dialed in performances like you see him now in that film. And I think it's just kind of a little bit all over the place so much. So that only at the almost very end, do you find out about them lynching black people from the because the voter riots like that should have you wished should have connected to the black characters more. So that when they see them we see them hanging from the polls the way, we get go crazy because that's northern story. It was happening in the north as well as the south. So I just felt like he didn't quite get there with that film fully, and politically and socially and that concerns me for film like this a little bit not a lot. But certainly a little bit. Okay. Well, then you you kind of answered the the converse of my question about supposed to vote the always that what's your favorite Scorsese to Capri? Oh team up. So we started out with. Gang's New York, and then we went to the aviator. And then we went to the padded, then we went to the departed shutter island, and then the wolf of Wall Street. What's the what's the best one to you? And everybody out there common right now the department not even I love that movie rewatch to love it. And I know it's one of his most populous films and easy to watch films. And maybe I'm just that kind of a basic bitch on on not really love it. And I watch it a lot like you said rewatch table. They're all great. He brings out some of to Capri best performances, which is really saying something for an actor of that caliber. But yeah, the department all day every day. There's a reason it's easy to watch. Because it's really. Pop music pop because it's stands for popular John's yet boy. I love that scene. Really hard. I won't. I won't say departed. I guess but wolf of Wall Street is not that far behind. I tell you that scene when he takes the quail lose that's an acting seminar class. That's it. Comedic acting just like this is incredibly brilliant dance masterclass. Oh, but I am blessed introduced Margot Robie to us since Susan credible in that movie as well. Jonah hills fantastic. But I would say departed I agree because it's not just populace. It's also very brutal film with an interesting love triangle involved, and when the shocks happen. If you haven't seen the original material, it's based on when the the twists and turns happened that tragic moment happen, you're really caught off guard by him is to work in movie theaters for like net gate, and I would always I was the projectionist. So I would run downstairs. I would know that scene was about to run down to listen to the crowds every time. And every time we lose their shores was amazing. I did not know that I was I was with a projectionist here on the panel, Jerry I used to because he he was a projectionist and I worked at a movie theater. I was just the concession kid. Never made it up to things are going really well for projection these days, it's a very intimate career. Oh, you film is driving got your 4._0._1._K families down here shovelling popcorn to the Mexicans. But it's delicious. And it's free move onto our next story. And that is the purge. That's right. The bird. Well, it can't go on forever. Or can it? I'm I'm not sure we don't know. And if we're to believe the writer of the four films, and the director of the last three that's all one person, by the way, James demonic. Oh, he told Entertainment Weekly. He has an idea for how to end the purchase. I said end the profitable franchise the purge. He said I have it in my head. I think I'm going to write it. It's a great way to end it all we want to end it all I think in this one, and I'm very excited when it came up the idea and pitched it to everybody they seem Saif. I think it would be really cool ending. How we take this one home? Great. I don't buy it. Because if this is the last purge, but it makes money you're going to see more purges coming around because audiences just have too much fun. They gobbled up even the ones that don't get the critical reviews because there's been some good ones in my opinion. There's been some not so good ones. But it's always an interesting concept there it was made for great trailers great selling points. And I think especially the irony here is if you call it the last purge more people are going to be interested in seeing it and more people go see it. They're gonna wanna green light more purchase. So, hey, go to you first on this because they are such a horror aspect to all the purge movies. Really, particularly the first one, but there's also the TV show right now. And I'm not really caught up on that. So I'm not sure if the TV show is existing in the same universe or the same world where the movies are it. Does it exist in sort of a null time zone, though? Because it's it's between the first purges and the movie the first purge which just came. Out and sort of the later stuff that we see in the purge election year, which more or less sees the purge you know, done away with. So obviously, it's set between those two timelines and that that time period, it makes her great drama, but it doesn't plug into very much in the films because we're already passed it. I I'll this. So I'm not sure that it's a lie or or that they won't pull the plug on the franchise. This hasn't been had to be tested really yet. But bloom house has always been very dedicated to the idea of only making their films with the talent that helped create it. So like insidious has always had James wantonly one L around. Leland L still writes the films, and I talked to Jason Plum for the first purge Blu Ray release and I asked him point blank. Like if Jane's the Monaco says he's done, but these continue to make money, would you still do it? And he really liked. He goes. Not if he wasn't involved in anyway, like he could take maybe in, you know, an EP credit and just barely be involved. But if demonic oh says he's done. I suspect that blunt house will stay true to their word and not make these films without any involvement from the creator's Roca if recent lottery sales or any indication people like easy money. So if James the Monaco gets offered executive producer credit on more purge movies, and it's just taking a couple of phone calls. Here's my arm twist. It okay, right. Yeah. I guess so I don't know. It's. Interesting. Jason is interesting cat in that way. And you know, if you're done with something, and he says democracies got this this novel way to finish your he's got a very honest way to finish it. But for me having Senhor franchises, tell me its final like, the final destination over and over and over again at some point, you know, fool me once full me toys that kind of thing. So, but I think it's I think it's kind of run its course too. Because it was shocking when it first came out, and then they tried to do variations of it to explore other sides of it other aspects of it so much. So they did a prequel collect SpongeBob little prequel. And and even that really wasn't received in the in the best way financially or critically as possible. And I'm not sure what the ratings over the TV series. But like, I just think maybe it's due to our current political times, it feels like something it's actually outdated. If I could even use that term because that kind of violence and tribalism and anger is now in the streets already. So. We don't need to see it on screens no longer novel. Well, it would be interesting to call this next movie. Whenever it gets made the last purge because the previous one was just called the first Persian. I would love to see I do want to see what that next day is like I want to see if you announce it. So as purge we're gonna go even crazier on this person. Then they usually do. So what kind of chaos will ensue? It's like we haven't seen the craziest. What the purge has to offer. You we get even crazier. Birch stuff. You would if you get the last perks. So I would sign up for you put that movie theater. You put that across the street from our home studio here in Cleveland, Ohio. I would go street, and I would go see that movie today. All right. I don't know they agree with me. But I would go see it. No. Things until they're done unless they make like twenty seven of them. But I I like the Kranj is a lot. I agree with you that maybe it's run its course than it is a bit. Six years ago. It was really relevant and now it's not as much, but I still think they make really good drama out of it. And even the first perjure, I thought was an underrated film. It's that's an angry movie guys. It really is. It really is. I understand Roka's point about people. Not maybe wanting to see that movie because it feels like that's what's actually going on. But it also it sends some some pointed shots at what's going on to. That's that's for. Sure. Relevant. So it's kind of the in Indiana that bottom line is it we're not inviting Roca hailing are going across the last and we're inviting Adam and Cody and Franken everybody else didn't get to go to the karaoke part. You actually did miss a great time. It was a lot of fun. Thank you for allowing me to perform happy birthday for your. Thank you for coming. Well, we have one more store to get to them. We're gonna take your Twitter questions. Go ahead and start tweeting us right now at collider video use the hashtag collider movie talk and tell us what you're excited about. And we will answer. Whatever questions you have whatever comment you want. Let us have it. We're prepared. Well, we have the trailer for the new Sandra Bullock net. Flicks movie that comes out to summer twenty-first, if not a Christmas movie the bird box called bird box. And basically the apocalypse is happening is going on right now. So what happens we get into a house Senator bullets? There are kids are there. What will our is their great comic John Malkovich. Is there what the hell is going to happen? I like this trailer a lot I feel like it showed us a ton of what we're going to see in the movie maybe too much. If you give me this apocalyptic premise, I love the way it started. But to see how it started. And then I see the rest of the trail. And I wonder wait how long is the movie's running time before we get to where the trailer kicked off broke. I feel like I saw a lot of this movie. Yeah. I mean, you saw her go on this whole journey from beginning to get caught up in this house to what they do to getting in the boat to what happens on the bow to what happens outside the boat and the kids and the bells and the filth and the Lord, and you get all of that in here. It's a way longer trailer than a normal trip to our two minutes and fifty seconds most chose to twenty two minutes tops. So it's a long trailer. But I will tell you this. It's certainly got me in its camp. I was super excited. And you know, what I I would never send your book does drama. I'm always like. And then I'm in like, I have. I have to be like, you're not. A not a drama are shake gravity's. Great blindside because they showed labor. Labor on side. That's a lifetime movie for God's sakes. But this this looks intense and interesting man, and it Kurt to me as I was watching this real like, we're I really think the more these films come out like this on Netflix like the studios have to really be scared. I mean, I mean legitimately scared theaters should be scared. This kind of quality coming out of a streaming service is incredible. Just this year alone. Right. Twenty two July that one about the wolf with Jeffrey, right? That just came out these are incredibly well done films in terms of the film quality and in terms of production and the actors that they get it's shocking to me. I just saw billboard for Amazon series with Julia Roberts, for God's sakes TV series. So it's incredible. So this looks fantastic expansive. Those like is a lot of areas that goes to great actors Toronto roads is in this as well. So as less Sarah Poulsen when that scene with her in the car my God when she's. Last over holy mackerel. Dinosaurs that criminal, but yeah, that this thing just looks exquisitely fantastic for me, it was an impressive that you're you make a great point about the theater experience going into the home, December twenty first I mean, this could be competing with stuff like Bumblebee and Mary Poppins returns Haley, it it looks like a great movie. Do you feel like you saw too much of the film from the trailer that we watch? Yeah. You bring up a very good point there that I had smart of a scourge just in the industry right now, though, then this one trailer messing up I feel like people need to tone it down. And like you guys. I mean, I wasn't really alive during this time period. But like in the seventies trailers would be weird things to just sort of suggest the movie or about to see not show. You a lot of it little on half of it or something. The thing is though doesn't matter because we're also going to watch it like, we're all so. Ready now, we might have been a little disappointed at the end. If we've already seen most of it. But we're going to be there. We're going to be a part of their numbers that prove once again that they just know how to get into people's homes and get them to watch their stuff. I mean, I don't know if movie theaters and studios need to be scared because it seems like every ten years there's some new invention that threatens their existence, but I certainly think net flicks is the most dangerous one yet. Right. It's scary. I think Netflix is clearly or things like Netflix could say are the new middle class. If you will because you worry about the middle class being squeezed that where you have these tiny independent movies that come out and they're going to get notice. And then you have these monster blockbusters come on. That's why people go to the theater, then you wonder about that that thirty fifty sixty million dollar budget range where those movies going are those moves still going to get Greenland. Well, this looks like one of them, and it's going to be on Netflix. And it's got it's got a great pedigree. Is Suzanne beer buyer directed it. She did the night. Manager. She's a director with a lot of promise right now. Jason Blum, she got her number. And then you also have Eric Heiser who wrote it so that he wrote a rival, and he he scripted a lot of interesting things lights out another one. So Jason one. Can she get is number two? Priority has is not appropriate Suzanne's number. What the hell am I talking about? Anyway, I'm excited about this movie. How was hold the dark the Jeffrey Wright filmed the euro is really enjoyed it. And I'm confused by people who are like, oh, I didn't. I didn't think it was what it said. It was going to be in the trailer. Young. I saw what they were going doors in the trailers that weird. Yeah. It's weird fun. Interesting weird. Like I'd like the performance of Jeffrey right in that film as well. And where it went, and the fact that it's causing twists and turns through it. I thought was enjoyable. It's kept my attention verse rebe rule film. I was surprised by that more than anything else in twenty two July. If you haven't seen that about the Norway attack to those kids seventy kids that were killed on that island or seventy people there would kill that is very that's on par with the United Ninety-three. Walgreens green. The green film, it is that powerful. But by the way, I love seventies trailers, those were great you'd have it like this. His name is Mark Ellis. He stands outside hosting movie talk about what does he want? Is. He going to be like. That's what it would be like lighten your cigarettes. Someone's smoking. You got your opener for Friday night. They do a trailer. Baba Francisco does it too. For a little bit. But hey, I like your promise bombing a movie trailer John Rocca voicing over any day. And that's going to translate into where I live Twitter question. But before we get there. I do wanna remind you guys tomorrow, we got a new Riley roundtable that your ears. Can enjoy got a new jet? I council the your eyeballs can enjoy and we have sportsbook Thursday night, and that's the betting show. Yup. Shines and it's right. Josh mccoubrey talking about the the line for the Thursday night game dolphins and Texans glitch you where to go what to put your money. What to put that money? You want to South Carolina, those that billion you put it down. Just listen to us one with doublet one person one. The billion the payout is nine hundred seventeen million dollars. So they'll probably walk with what four fifty of noodle was one point something billion what they take home as nine hundred seventeen million. Man. Got you're going to get a lot of phone calls from a lot. What do you do in that situation? Ball, do you? I mean, you wanna give money away. How much do much? Do you have a bunch of needy family members coming out of the woodwork asking for money? What do you give them? Do you get do you get you pay their mortgage? What is your strategy for winning Powerball? Okay. I'm kidding. That's monstrous, but you do have to take care of yourself because there's a lot of people that just get depressed and really sad after they won a bunch of money. I give them give them a little enough to make go away. I got a great idea. I know exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to take like I want a nice chunk of it. Right. I'm gonna take one hundred million dollars, and that's my and then I just give the rest to somebody else in my family, and I say come to their door smart. You don't want to be the richest guy on your blog. Everybody's coming to you. So if you make somebody else just a little bit richer, they're going to that door. I let's why by house a beach house in Malibu fit right in with the rest of the rich, folks. And I have that place. And then the money would be an I changed my number or no one will get in touch them. And I would catch up on. And I would finally blood take everything off on that. Excu once and for all like, everything watch everything I have all the time in the world is sit back and enjoy a watch shows that were to start adversity bubble. But when you're that rich, you don't you don't watch Netflix. You just see for talk last scotch and just stare into a fire. Doing. I'm the only one, okay? Loader questions and our first one like I hinted at is from Derek three three six your area code because. That's that's Winston Salem, North Carolina. Go Deeks, what comedian would you like to see in more dramas? He's Bill Burr in the front runner. Saw the movie Vilbert great in it. And he wants to see more Bill Burr because Bill Burr, obviously, maybe the funniest comic going right now. And also a very good dramatic actor neck comedic actor that matter. So who would you take I would throw in Tiffany haddish? I really enjoyed her in the oath really enjoyed her in the oath. I know maybe a lot of people not giving that one chance because Barron holds not sure what this is all about. It's actually a really good film. And she is incredible in it both dramatically both dramatic and funny moments. Yes. Throughout the film. I think I wanna see her more. You see she has that gear knowing her story homeless what she did all that. She went through that gears there. And I think there's a role waiting for her out there, Allah Whoopi Goldberg where she will get an Oscar for it. I guarantee I just had a feeling about mean, we haven't got to see a different version of her in night school. Versus what was on girls trip? So Tiffany's incredibly talented looking forward to seeing more from her. Okay. That's a vote for Tiffany haddish, whose hey, we pushing for I like that a lot. Oh, come had that one. I. I'm going to go with Bill Hader who who were sing a little more because he got berry. But for a while there, his only real deep dramatic thing was this movie called the skeleton twins, which I totally stand for. I think has been tastic it's him and Kristen wig, both doing really dramatic dark like suicidal depressive performances, and they're amazing. He's so good. He should be an all the dramas. I guess we're going to he's going to be funny. But like he's going to get to do fear and stuff in it chapter to some excited to see that side of him. Yeah. That'd be cool. My the first name that popped into my head was patent Oswald because Patton Oswald is he's obviously hilarious. But he's done a lot of good drama to this point. And I think that he's probably got a lot more in him than he's going to be doing. You're c- big fan. He's comfortable that spill. But you know, that there's people out there that exist just like that. So Fatma's WADA's as my vote but Bill Burr to see more drama from him as well. Oh, right. Brad. Whipple is up next and he says in the spirit of the World Series, which is going on game two is tonight from being town, which movie character. Would you want coaching your team in a sports championship? Ooh. And Brad says Hello from Syracuse. Hello go orange. What it can be? I'm going to take this as any character from sports. So it doesn't have to be eight coach necessarily it can be anybody any you might want coaching. You still the same is much. I would love to go. Peter gammons from major league. Your contract Dohrn. I gotta go with with Denzel Washington in remember the titans. That's a good one. That's a good coach that guy. He is fantastic. And that Phil. Yeah. Does he have a couple of missteps, but they're always in the right direction. So I I like him a lot. I bet he'd coach my team to a championship. He does it in the film. So I wouldn't be surprised pin doing in the World Series jas take in Denzel Washington from remember the titans. Hey, we found quick question. What are sports? Okay. I see where the yeah. Are competitive games that some people take way too seriously, even when there's thousands of miles away young at their TV as field can hear them. You. Ouch. Pouch. I haven't seen a lot of sports movies to be honest. I was a huge basketball fan growing up. But that you know, the Lakers had a rough time for a while. Tuned up on that Fairweather fan would ever come at me. Tom Hanks in a league of their own. Great, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Dugan. He's going to give you an inspirational pep talk, the heart is what makes it great. You know, I'm looking over Rocha's shoulder. I'm just thinking I bet you that Tom hardy slash venom would be coach that you're gonna play hard for. That's what he wants to coach or die. Yeah. You want to coach helmets will to the limit? I think that he's got venom under control to the point. Where certainly it's an intimidating thing to look at. But it's gonna make you do that extra push up run that extra lap. Same probably with Michael Myers. I wanna see venom arguing balls and strikes the World Series. I'm still going, gene. Hackman I'm taking Jean. Yes. Because I get coach Norma Fidel from hoosiers coach from the replacement, so he can take a ragtag group, whoever point whatever sport. And Gene Hackman is going to get you to the championship. One more question than we'll call today here. And that's from Jay Scott Saint Clair and his question is what is your favorite classic rock. Tune featured in oink later movie. Oh, so specific is. So I give you days. Confused confused. Go ahead. I'm sure had a few and then I'm also going to give you everybody wants some which is the wink later film about baseball college baseball, you need to go to the phones for this one. I probably. Right now. Right now. Obviously, I'm going to go with the incredible one two punch the link later gave us in everybody wants them because not only did he play van halen's. Everybody wants them. He also played aint talking about love and just kind of mashed them all into one cool party scene. Love what he did there. But you go to the classic dazed and confused the movie kicks off with the all time or sweet emotion. And that's a great one kisses rock Royal night Tuesday's gone when you go to the moon tower, and you have a great beer blast. But then the kegs out, and you got to go home and sleep it off the next day. That's when you play Tuesday's gone. So my first priority of every summer is got Aerosmith tickets. And I think that that's a pretty good answer. Daisy confused, but also get more days infused also available on I two got great cuts like Edgar winter's free, ride and fog hats. I just wanna make love to you. Not you Roca. Maybe after the Globo's show, we can godson of only honest with department. I'm going to happen in our lifetime. All right. How the phones working out? Well, I didn't find the name of the song. But I did think of one I don't it's not classic rock. You wanna do? Yes. That's why he's to sing. I'm here looking good good. Good voice hint. That with the song is I tell you when it when it happens. It's a song at the end of before sunset when she goes baby, you're going to miss your plane. She kinda does little wiggle and like this really happy sad ending. That's my favorite needle drop of his. But it's also because the moment, so it's a moment. Yeah. When you take the moment away. This is songs they'll hold up. Roka does yours. Look culture, culturally say low rider, but on his choice is kiss rock and roll. And I love that damn song. There you go. I wanna rock and roll. Pretty good one. All right. Well, this was I think it pretty good episode of collider movie talking with that we will bid you do. Hey, we found work in the kids finding out there on all the social media's when you're not singing karaoke. Yeah. So any time because I never do that. You can find me on Twitter at Haley fetching confined me on Instagram at haystack with groovy Hazak McGrew, John Rocca, working the kids checkup. Always at the Rocca says on Twitter an-and instrument components, have some fun to step some conversations. Oh and Friday. Komo foot that Bill you got a big Friday plan. Do man we'd be exhausting Friday yesterday's stuff break for you. Yeah. I wonder why. Apparently, apparently three names is the same as an Irish name in certain people's dictionaries. Look, I make the rulings according to the rules that are set before if you have an issue with please take it up with committee that does get together every schmo down off season. Well that does it finally for us. My name is Markazi finally checkup my buddy, Josh Wilson, John wolves Facebook show. I've got a pop into it last night. It was a whole barrel apps. Then like I said Friday, the big show Low's Globo's get tickets right now, just re tweet my pin? Tweet new might win a fifty dollar gift card courtesy of fandango throat to the Y to say goodbye, we will see all vacuum tomorrow. Thursday for our last show the week four pm t t so imagine when you put your child to sleep every night that they could die. If they are not connected to a mechanical ventilator, our daughter Natasha has a very rare genetic medical condition. She stops breathing when she sleeps, even though we pay our health insurance. There was no way we can afford her medical care. So we rely on Medicaid at providence, Saint Joseph health, we believe health is a human right? Learn more at future dot PS, J, health dot org, suspicious packages. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute police are investigating packages. Crude pipebombs that were intercepted address to Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama a device was found at CNN headquarters in New York. John Miller is with NYPD it appears that an individual or individuals sent out multiple similar packages. New York governor Andrew Cuomo says his office received a similar package, and the MP is is Florida congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz did to Hillary Clinton was out of town in Florida. We are fine. Thanks to the men and women of the secret service who intercepted. The package address to us long before it made its way to our home. Police chief Peter Newsham in Washington talked about the package sent to Barack Obama package was found at a screening facility. Located in Washington DC, the White House quickly condemned the attacks aimed at Democrats, I'm Ed Donahue.

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