French Open Day 5 - How on earth do you beat Naomi Osaka at a Slam? Edmund out; The bathroom break debate


Hello, everybody. This week's addition of tennis podcast is brought to you in association with sewn us who produce those incredible speakers. And we've been sent one Catherine where to get him wing. Sonar beam is my second already have one regular sewn awesome. This is it's, it's an addition to my Sonos family. Very welcome. One makes you feel that your tennis tournaments sit in your chair feel at the balls are whistling buyer, also sent one to Matt, but his television. Bring him into the conversation, but with wasting. With wasting go words good, have it. Sonus dot com. If you'd like to have let. Hi, I'm John McEnroe board. This is Martina Navratilova. I'm Mats Wilander. I'm STAN Wawrinka you I'm Andy Murray. And you're listening to the tennis podcast. Hello, welcome today. Five of the French Open, off fifth or six. If you have the previous six daily French Open two thousand nineteen tennis podcast boots you in association with the telegraph, alongside the telegraph tennis correspondent Simon breaks. He has made me totally lost track of sport, recovering has live quick schools open in front of him. If you hear occasional updates more, England and South Africa or getting up to please. Service are sacrifice myself here because I've put my favorite on air play Moser is not to get digital interference. I wait. No, with the England can stay on top of South Africa or not are no length that we won't go teeny sacrifices. We won't make to bring you the tennis podcast. Matt Roberts here Roussy. It's been it's been yesterday was a backloaded day, we had that frenzied our around between eight and nine just before we recorded the podcast today has rather quiet down a bit. But it started off in a state of frenzy, four shoes that I really wanted to watch all of them, and it was difficult to keep on each one. Why were they will shed jeweled? I why did we see a soccer and other Inca? I on Long Island today can speculate. I rushed up the says on seeming much lunch, go to the Toboso that doesn't like alka. Well, I was stopped by a Japanese tennis fan. Who was, it was actually sort of desperately trying to establish whether one of the big screens could be switched onto long line because it was showing Shatra at the time, and he had this sort of desperate, pleading look in his eyes that are flown over to Japan emerged to get a ticket for sanctuary and Amy sock. Okay isn't flipping my lawn chanter, and I and I applaud him to just go and stand in front of long line and try and exchanges. Ticket with a with a massive Serena Williams, fan or something. I also say tried to seat him with the consolation prize of Karimi Nahra being an action shot briefly. But he wasn't having any of that. He really wanted see Noma soccer. And I really felt for him. That just as it was getting going would just because he didn't have three hours to work it because I wish him well that panda. Flooring, mix up just to the end of the second set thinking, oh, the maybe one more game in this out to be quite a lot left in the match because the soccer was set and forty down. And then she was five one often that she fought back to take that second set. And then she was five one up and serving in the decider and she confessed at that moment to having vision. She had a wool. She got broken banks. You're one of the breaks, taken back from her buyers Aranka, and she was having visions of Madison keys. US open a couple of years ago flash before her own in, in press to the, to the Japanese press pack, although I, I always stay for that portion of the name Asaka press conference because she tends to answer in English. And that's what she did today. She said. Yeah. Because she was on the court about it. And she said that she showed tour. He said, oh, he was say, mentally strong today. Seems like common. Good. She said. No, no. I choked over there. Right. Choked over there. I think I was really emotional Japanese journalists asked about that. I'm not sure MS canoe. The Japanese for choke she had to say that, that's a new word, and then she said it in English, and I the soccer thought she was saying Schork, and it turned out that she was actually saying shock and said, yeah, that point, I was thinking that medicine keys match USO in two thousand sixteen when she was five one hour lost it. And in her own words, she she describes that match as the traffic match. I was listening to Fabbri Santoro translate that reply. And I didn't hear that. Thing that shoot if I can continue to malign fringe players on this podcast, which is why wouldn't you think that any fringe player would know what the fringe fringe Kook would? Say about for be Santorum any bridge. I'm not sure I what is the French? Tonight. We will we to be established to be established as a matter of urgency. I remain convinced that MS might win this tournament. I've further convinced that over after that, as a rancor performance stop playing well when she's like about a foot from the edge of the precipice. What a scale where she said, impress. I completely trust myself to if I need to break back when it's going down to the wire, I back myself to do that. She's got this complete belief in her game that she will find it when she needs it, it would just be for her. Because you can say that way like, I'm not going to switch until one that, but I'm not sure one comes just decision women play best of five. Do you think she'd be constantly battling back from two sets to love down? Well, she's already used up a lot of lives in this sixteen ino- street, grand slam St Louis. She's on now. I was looking at a record and seven three senators and I think all those three senators she was really close to going out, but I just wanted to how many lives as she go, I wouldn't want to put a figure on it, because with a soccer anything, seems possible really tell you what we should fit night, Victoria Aranka, because she's playing very, very well and could be a factor on the grass, I reckon, you'll be she was she was powerful. I don't think she maintained her level in the third and also one slight downside of the match was the eleven minute suspension for both rim brakes took place between the second and the third because the. Second was absolutely scintillating wasn't the it was, it was as good a set as we've seen, what's your take on ISE ISE a downside? What's I mean, I don't deny that its downside for for the viewer. I mean eleven when he watching a tennis match eleven minutes where there isn't tennis happening. Obviously not ideal. But what's your take on its own? Have an awesome for it. I mean, just, just unfortunate, isn't it? I mean they used to be none of this. Habit. I it seems like occasionally people are going to need to have a long, both from break in you mentioned menstruation in the Twitter debate, the followed but. It wouldn't be sure. A problematic issue. People weren't already abusing the system. It can't always be for such reasons because it happens so often. Yeah, but other rules are vs and it doesn't mean the rules wrong. It just means that I mean, Jonah Viansa to, to healthy perfect polices police abilities. Abilities to that. But I, I think just I'm not saying there isn't a discussion point there. I just have grown very tired with hearing male commentators. Just say, oh, here we go. Now, the boss from break without even giving thought to the possibility claims that she never had a ball from breaking her career, but then that's privilege as well. Isn't it? We talked about this with the Carolina Pushpa Hawaii asked on the eve of the tournament about the, the rule change that the both women men in our need out, one per match now I, I also with the sheets that was further the women's women were limited in the same as ways the men, and it seems to me like it hadn't even occurred to her that because women straight the would be a particular problem for them. So I can only assume that it isn't a problem for her, which is privileged in the same way that it is for, you know, male commentators and pundits. And whatever that say, oh, this is appalling, you know it's just game playing well, look it might be. I'm not saying that rule doesn't get. Abused. But just to assume that it's an illegitimate, or a case of abuse of the system. I find tiresome. This is the, the, the incident rate must be greater than it would be if that were always the explanation. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, the John is about it. And I don't deny that for the viewer. It's not an ideal situation. I think I just think it's like re framing if the issue prompts needs to occur sock with three to play Senac of he got the better of Maria Sakari to my great surprise. I have to say because I started putting Sakari in the category of people that just sort of get the job done world. She was five one up in the first Senate turn into a three hour ten minute max that she lost. I think she'll have big regrets about that. And yes, so senor of a next for soccer, which you would think would be better matched, then really informs Akari little, this is going on. Dominic team is busy being under armed serv- in Chatree the match that you presumably accidentally stumbled upon. Round. But we're pretty high up in the press area on shut trae, so you can sort of peak around the corner without disturbing to many people. But I just saw the old dramatic public dropshot and then the wave in the tiebreak with some Hugh serving. Thirty eight is in the first round. I'm not sure how many it was today but he was equal first after round one on on serves. I think it goes onto court only thinking about the highlights reel and nothing else for sure. I mean, I honestly thing they broke the world record of Rupp shots. I mean every other every other points he seems. Dropshot dragon. Yeah. He's, he's with the deadly Enin von Reuss of. We've been and on the Suzanne Lenglen court when I finally located the match, I was looking for, and he he described. Describe liquors spec heroes. So that is so timing, isn't it? How many of them serves today? Most to slightly budget carriers sharing to go where Kane and she kuri is is yet. I think he needs to be reminded. I think he might have forgotten from. But I'm sure if he remembered the such a down the line sort of fellow Jing does. If he knows if only knew how desperately he will letting me down. If you just stand there and say, okay, your point. I do get a bit. Retired who when people keep saying in their own? Visit great tactics. Just didn't think it is rarely today the case. Well, it wasn't the night but he won. He won. Both points when he did it and against teams down in that far back. It makes a little bit of technical sense every now and again but it team look irritated or accepting team. Did he didn't really look like that? But he was clearly not enjoying the match tour. You just had absolutely no rhythm and team lives over them top spinning shots. And he wasn't getting to do any of that. And when he was he was missing a lot straight much where he's up to a potentially unnecessary set. Could it cost him? I'm not sure it was that physical. It was. It was three hour match. I think it wasn't that it was less than three hours. It wasn't physical. And he's got which will come onto, why he's got Pablo Cuevas next quite next. I think that of suits him a lot more. Only one player being better, which is the perfect scenario for anyone, isn't it? Djokovic sells, it's Feren dome. Yeah. He does play public rove us next because public waivers need two sets in a bit to get the better of Bush. Number one, call Edmund earlier today. Much everyone cut number six been retiring with a left knee injury early on in that third set he explained to us afterwards the it's something it's an injury. That's been niggling at him for awhile. It's something he's managing it sounds chronic rather than acute. He an MRI the end of last year. So he's been sort of monitoring it and managing it doesn't think he needs surgery intends to, to get himself right to play the gross. He said to me, the he didn't think he didn't retire because he thought he would be causing himself the damage by continuing to play. He just knew he wasn't able to win knew he wasn't going to win, and that's why he retired which I think is raised a couple of. Eyebrows done. We think of it, but certainly a. That's not even a dump squib is it. What is it for? Edmund certainly a pretty uneventful morning on court six. The fact that I was blocked from getting in an officious. I think they had a security briefing yesterday morning because they will free and easy stewards for the first few days, and then suddenly yesterday, I was getting involved in all sorts of Caucasians with officials wrong officials left. Right. And center anyway. I probably should be able to get in a head of the, the crowd of spectators, and they just because I was meant to be covering. Maybe that maybe that's privileged. But I that was my position. That wasn't getting wasn't getting much agreement from the man on the door. What's your position on Kyle? He was limp. I guess he looked like his mind wasn't really on the job. He got broken in his first service game, he managed to break bribe's lost the tiebreak. He was pretty close suppose not tie-break. He, he initiative smash which would've taken into the change every three all, so, you know, if he wasn't that I would've maybe pushed on through the pain, I it slightly factory ready to go off, if you're not in any physical danger of worsening injury. The train didn't actually examine his Neanderthal came in on a quick chat didn't he get quick? I mean, it's, it's a bit like KiKi buttons yesterday, the mind was made up. I think the full the trainer chain training came onto a your colleague a Simon Fraser of the time has come up with a heck of a astound on Carl. I believe that was the star. It's been circling for some time, and that kind of whenever he's gone down two sets to love, he's never even one another set. So he's, he's never even come close to mounting any sort of a comeback. It's -nificant sample size because he went out to fourteen occasions, where that's happened. Yeah. I mean, it's it is quite alarming. He earned his career. He had cramps regularly to the back end of five-set matches. And he wasn't able to physically deliver his best for that long. And we thought maybe the first round here was a potentially landmark in his career that was the longest five-set match ever played. It was fantastic win. And it didn't they afterglow with? Well, yeah. I was hoping it would lost a little while longer than twenty four hours said that niece Jake onto the last remaining Brits. She takes Victoria. 'cause may we've decided Simon the given. Aw. Day support for because my VAR sort of ownership of Brin lounge to continue calling her 'cause my because Kuzma that it sounds wrong. It doesn't feel right. So we're going Sharapova on Kazmi over the news. Switch from your mover young player fandom to to yesterday. Mr. He's. Switch. I where we're on. We're on a break. But now if I may. Thing to tell me about earlier this year. New eager switch tax. She she's is, is caught his eye. The latest. She's really good. Catholic taste isn't that cool though she she's junior Wimbledon champion last year. And now she's into the third round here, seventeen actually eighteen tomorrow. So when people listening to this podcast, she may well be eighteen and yet she from Poland's beat Shawn Wong today, six three six love she's won both matches. So does that make an older than Amanda and is moving then because Amanda NS mover is seventeen? So when a sheet turns eighteen tomorrow as world which she doesn't talk about her as well. Yeah. Go for it because I mean, not actually getting several incremental boom was one of the most profoundly still lives with the qu-. She's your face. When you talk about shrinks in my mind, like just couldn't believe how well she played. She's completely took seven CRA power, and she played seven today and it wasn't quite so dominant. But it was I mean, she just found her best level once again, and social fascinating match because several is fire basically, you see all the effort. She's putting into everything and you hear it as well. And and there's some over is smooth and you don't notice how how she said in the ball. She's just go. Perfect timing. Her backhand is the purest thing on a Chica strikes. It perfectly every single time. If you've gloried in her match you've thought Amanda, honest movers the business to a press conference in there are two downsides. Nisa. Learn about in Melbourne where she's from. Oh, nice. He's banned from New Jersey and she and her the Bruce Springsteen isn't she actually from the same town year free hole. And then the second thing I mean, presumably I imagine in freehold New Jersey, there is some suit. Yeah. Some sort of stanchi in honor of Bruce Springsteen on every corner. How is he? I think that's happened. But anyway, the other thing is that speaking tour, it's very difficult to get anything out of her. Whatever she's highly media framed and just bats the way everything media trained equals actually cramped, with the media, say media, Joe, it comes across that for sure she's not. She's not nasty tour. She's. What did you ask for about? You know what it is about plants Alenka that brings it out of her. And she said she's a great player. I need to be my best thought. Okay. Thanks, another angle, that say what about backing up of this used to see the place struggle to do that? And she struggled struggled. And she says, I respect everyone crikey. So I didn't have a lot to go on there. But her tennis is great, and she's in a section of the draw with three other unseeded players, which means that the streak of unseeded players that a grand slam on the women's singles, we'll get onto twenty one consecutive slams. Now, we will be seeing one of whom Anisimov, beg you both over and Alexandrova. Apparently, save is quite cool. She's making you blind faith Lori is he's unexpectedly Spanish, which is something Orland. The name apparently Moldovan extraction. Thank you for that. And she's covered in tattoos, and she's on the patriot. She was an ardent feminist. Yeah. I mean, I found out about her existence today, but she sounds great about two hours before it. Learning. I would just like to mention that I do know that. 'cause mover is reading hamlet for the fifth time what? That is really that is. I didn't know apparently, she's a she's a massive Shakespeare fan. Yeah, he does a degree in politics. Yeah. It's like a. Overall movie convention. I've got nothing to bring to this party of mature. Lefthanded under a van bitch ROY hundred Patrick visible. For Derek has it keenum from distance on their own school issue, going to be J onto tomorrow? What is semi mature? And she's got some experience. You know, she, she's paid on that court already because mobile which. Favor. It has to be less on really than the bull ring. Number one call yesterday where there was a boy he just ran laps. Wasn't there all the way round all the time? And there was a brilliant brilliant, who is the end 'cause contests getting the IRA, there were so many children on that, and they were in constant motion, and there was a sub a child's baby cried before one of her serves about some of the penultimate game. And I saw the share on pyre just put his head down and pinch the bridge with news. Oh my God. When is this going to still getting constant grief from controversial? The, the motion or under and she had a little bit of sympathy was on really on the Paris. He. He will be a lot more settled pretty rowdy for sits bus yesterday. Dan, sits pass match. We'll be noisy. Yeah, but they weren't necessarily be doing laps in seeds winning through quickly news. Serena Williams, clicked into gear. Seemingly today, six three six two over Karimi, nor abort, Sean presumably, by my Japanese friends today cheering as loud, as he possibly could never drag, which one four and three over and relaxing. So Serena has now if you if you look at the last year, she's only won back to back matches in five tournaments. And there's five tournaments grand slams of his French Open who's food to this year's Frank show, you need to have a sort of maybe a bicycle home. Okay. So I read into that. She's arena, peaks. Peaks doesn't play many other events in the I wonder like all these plays soccer. Serena Djokovic, 'cause I've always said, I wanna I wanna peek at the slams, but it's one thing saying it, but actually doing it and to wonder how they get in not mental space, what they're doing to the games that is different is, is an interesting point. It's just kind of taken for granted I think that they can peak for these men's bakhour. They're doing it. Serena Williams now plays Sonya slash severe cannon. Yes. Rather than undress goo previous today yesterday. Yeah. How many matches are we have just seen on the draw that suddenly a soccer and Serena feature on the same page? How many much is are we away? They need to win final. It's the final kiss that needs to happen. I can't believe we haven't seen rematch yet of Asakusa arena, three in the press conference after her second win when she will dark any question, and it's. And. Every place tough. I'm going to need to play my best tennis. Thanks very much. We'll see you later are the seeds winning three quickly in surprise seeds. Winning three quickly news. Alexander's of this is his only his second ever straight-sets win the French Open. I know he's young. But that's ridiculous. Isn't it? Yes. He probably a lot better saves a lot more aggressive. I didn't I didn't watch a lot of it behind the baseline standing on fridge today. Not eight okay. No significant improvements really listening to the podcast, I would say, yeah, tennis because this is Neil coach. We haven't been waylaid with allergies. Mendel we spend this morning. The British press at a Eurosport thirtieth anniversary media breakfast with Boris Becker McEnroe, and so on. And the general kind of mood was that the, the exhaust peration level is really growing, now in terms of the, the next gen it seems to have just reached a tipping point. So this week's edition of the tennis podcast is brought to you in association with sonars who have centers Casteran, the sonar beam this speaker that tax us to your television. And so you can feel like you're within a tennis match. It's, it's amazing. They've also sent one to Matt. His tally doesn't work look at his face. He's not you haven't even got to tell you. David. A storm watching the tennis is we, it is good. Man. It is is worth waiting. Five heard. Yeah. Face. If you choose it in with true play, right? You can go anywhere in your room and it will make you feel like you're Anna tennis tournament from any seat, and he can control it from your phone, or with voice commands viral exit which for the people of a Lazier persuasion. Maybe like myself, it's notch. Perfect for gonna look send us dot com. And everyone can. Having to talk about the same place. Basically, they're still way way. Most of the guys we had clashed isn't Bosley, but most of the memoirs about the men in that there was definitely a feeling of frustration. Is it problematic that they put a label on them? Well. Absolutely smart at the time. But now but it's also problematic. The kind of the umbrella covering them film, so brewed. And so desperate. Dominic team is considered part of that group even though he's, he's four years old, five years older. Sorry, then sit surpass right? It's just like anyone anyone anyone anyone who is in code Djokovic, veteran dollar Mary will. Think they'll start including Cain issue kuri again. See because technically he's always, I think of him as the same Jen is, it's the Nishikori roundish team. Jen, the middle dementia of reward, become abandoned, TV, Jen. Because teams the any one of those, that's not underachieving. He's a creep in with the young about two years behind Nishikori to three. Between exactly the same age basically, we will given up on shop. And migrated back to. Of is the higher. It's the hype that kills I'm in. I mean what is he twenty ten twenty the other day? I know I just need a bit of a break is it's not it's not. I just need to see some signs of progress. A war is just all very stagnant at the moment, and I, I still believe in the macro sense, but in the micro sense, I'm finding that. A bit painful. Well, I think Phoenix has got more love from that generate that, that group of draft. Then Greg right handed referee. Okay. Nope. Been watching enough prime coverage. He says it every day, okay should be should be up on that. But I think he might have trademark to that nickname. Doesn't look it. It doesn't look it. Please. I think it's four. And I think that. Movement. There are there are, there are significantly heavier four hundred and Felix, and he's, and he's got that Djokovic back can joke joke joke. Doc on the run sliding into it. The Djokovic kind of invented Felix is kind of got a bit of that going on as well. But none of that is a catchy. No can't the wrong one of the big to there. But he couldn't think of anything. Yeah. I mean, would we cooling sits at pass the right and did? Well, he he's definitely closest to Raja but, I mean, I've, I've, I've, I've said what I he's. Combination but he's also got that sort of relentless depth metronomic Djokovic g thing about it. I mean not yesterday didn't he can find the strings for a good period of his second round match, but made it three any other notable results day, we still go quite a few matches still to be cleared up today. Mostly involving French fries leaker. Poi- has just started against Monte inclusion Caroline Garcia, just one through a think fees has one against juryman think, man arena was a bit injured Bill portrait because he having knee issues. Well, the reason we're recruiting this podcast now is, is because Matt was spiraling into a well of despair about Dow poetry suffering, another knee issue, and I wanted to provide a distraction, but good news. Matt, he's t set one up usually heat to initiate, this one guy who doesn't need another interest or Potrero, but he seemed to sort of. Slip on the clay and went to have a bit of treatment and really was not moving about three or four games. Lost the first set but given these won the next two, six four, six to his made a recovery, but while I was watching that match I in order to kill myself up. I started watching sue Shay. Enough to date the injury. And today, she could she could probably check on she's still on sponsored. Cool. She's wearing all sorts of sponsors. He's got like five different issues. Then. Yeah. Right. Then we need to get a presentation together that train. I she lost. De lis lis. But it was just punch line. It was just the joy, there was a moment where she, she was taken out wide. And she went to the side of the core. And those someone watching on court fourteen at their phone on the side, and she picked it up and pretended to make a phone call. And then put it back down Maria Sharapova winning Wimbledon style other that wasn't pretending was it? But it led to a very lucrative Vodafone deal. But yeah, same kid be forthcoming for C ratio. I want I want to share app on my phone. That gives me an alert whenever she's playing so I can tune in, because I feel like I just missed too much who shave content. That's petkevich. She lost Shaq. Goodwin semifinalist about four thousand years ago. I mean, that's I mean, just know any gets into the third round but that feels quite big. Yeah, absolutely. And the other woman who's had a big result. Monica Puig reached the third round her first third round at a. Slam since she won the Olympic gold and wouldn't advent that is for the coaching powers of command Murray, of course was with Stevens. When she when the US open staying at my hotel. Another one. Another one. I mean, KiKi buttons. I'm slightly concerned. Actually that, whatever virus. She's come down with. She's spreading around the sixth floor of the McCue Paris below in all the it was some sort of food poisoning caused by the, the cuisine, the mceal Ashburn, not staying Stefan Steph, no sit surpass, we still on the Mikula Mikula, French Open double. I think. The unlikely McCue French Open w berth in the tournament. John's but yeah. Unfortunately, she's just spreading some sort of lurking around the six or any other business. Matt, from day, five of the French Open Djokovic to him. But it was very very to say he was very good. He's doing what he didn't do last year, which was his, his completely relentless, not expanding any unnecessary energy in the early rounds thing, which is what Donna federal did yesterday in particular Nidal, of course. But yeah, they're just these three guys are just doing their thing. So. Between the draws is narrowly between the, the talk women. Groping sets left. Right. And center and the top men. Living up to the Eurosport teams depression, the lack of any new blood to break up the pattern which the competitions if you found more interesting so far, I guess it'd be quite Brits Centric. Really? So I suppose I've enjoyed watching Cantera think they really enjoy the day with match with really entertaining controls the styles. Lots of and flows. And yeah I'm really looking forward to it. Because maybe because I haven't had much of a chance to watch tomorrow. We see Roger Federer play on London. Casper roos. He doesn't like playing on not the center core. Of course, the last time we saw that at slam end up leasing Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon, get the same happened. Casper read I mean, all I can think of when I hit an end customer now is his. Celebration upon the volt of Nick curious in rowing, star is like. Clatter on Longland everything. Yeah. So casper, we've got something about it, including the brilliant set about his father who played in the Mike. Mike my friendship with federal. Did he could be grumpy about being too long is a fantastic who it's actually, one of my favorites necessarily mean the wardrobe feels the same way but. I think it really is a fantasy setting in obviously has. Yeah. As long as much today was a good example. Yeah. Very good point. On his racket as well. I think he knows if he goes in with the right mindset and a good game. He will win that also long length of rank damage. Yes. Come is it still the start of something for demonstra of one of them coming in on a injury wrecked inconsistent different yesterday? Vibrators. If it was terrifying. I hate Greg O demonstra of soon. None of it. But yeah, he, he thought it was the start of something in round on. But I'm just worried about Dimitrov shoulder. They said today to always a concern, I wake up everyday hoping, I'm not gonna have pain in it. Match yesterday. Really clear up. Sounds pretty much. Get worked out every show Stevens against a oak also along Lynn and Elise Mertens, who we decided with the cut of point to the mix didn't we for the for the women's draw against an were also in the McCue semester and feel shut features county push giver, against Petra Martic Mugabe against vid Lena. I think McGrath is winning that. I think I think Charlie Kushtia could have been on to something. He has McGrew three in the final. Okay. Well, dr. Doctor, I said the probably shouldn't have entered if she wasn't comfortable in the titles, I sort of I sort of need her to go out. I said very similar. So I'm Debbie Goffin's Nidal and pleased to see go fun doing something. But I think these boys gonna do tomorrow is probably lose in three sets. There's a if if anyone wants to preview that match go on YouTube and watch golf fan, the Dow highlights from Madrid from a few years ago. So I had literally game where every shot was the highlight reel shot. And it's you know, I think YouTube whatever captured is the best game in tennis history or whatever, which might be a stretch, but I eat your heart and fully recommend watching that because it's stunning and Stephanos sits Citybus against Philip crane events things off. No, I agree. Right. NFL. She's playing well that's the that's a bigger. I'm going to regret saying this. But that's a bigger obstacle for me to the Reverend sits pass match that we want to see then Demetrio Greg. Simone, much dropshot dragging Vondry take takes on for Navarro Downer. If the strength here. She was all aver colors Juarez. It wasn't. She like certain five one strength. Yeah. I was. Was thinking, oh, it's under something here in the next. I always call us. Whereas in the winning press conference gets them one slam TC removed on Wimbledon, it's going to be the donors from correspondent Karenni booster against Ben more pair is he it's been more pair, the best friendship for this tool moment. He's one eight matches in a row in Paris, without losing his blank blank, blank blank tier. So he's, he's onto the role here and he hasn't been booed off with your point. Like I watched them in messiah this year, and the French crow the heater didn't they literally booed him off here. They love him. Singing, the Marseillaise before we start itching archive footage of unruly cons final with the one hundred nine hundred ninety eight here and he was booed, not any during the match, but he was booed during the ceremony repair categorized with the curious group, but he's played almost every week this year as he really he has any problem in effect. Oh, yeah. Every week. So it's just a man. It's just the the t he's a little the mad. Ahmad pianist was the wild hair isn't he when he hits economic very, very tight whole people to the ground? Love sit tight trouser Nick Lima who Lear mile concrete Diego Schwartzman that much stood in progress last night. That's a big scout for mind is Nikola who the great friend in the men's. In the tables, and then Jake Conesa against Victoria, because may we all know he's winning that one fakes what's in the papers Tamari, Simon. Desperate to find out of cricket. Come on, Simon how much how much does it impact the space, the you'll get tomorrow? I mean busy days what with the your to hearing folks is Solomon really, really big moment for me. About seven which is good news. Everyone news American listeners. The server. They need only ten. It's it's over. It's, it's. Did he did this? Right on that. Boom show on all fronts. Let's wrap up this chain. We've been the tennis. Cricket put kost brute Unisys with telegraph. Whether it'd be a little cricket and a little bit of tennis in the sports pages tomorrow in association with our executive Jesus tells com with Rio with the way reminded that David will some point on this course. But yeah, he's busy going to last night as he was the greatest, showman sing along life. So that is the biggest. The bigger fish that David Lewis Ryan. Trying media director of feverishly championships. But more importantly, the greatest showman. Votary centers feature to grow features a glow. Stick, a very grumpy Faso suspected might be something to do with children. Try to sleep for thinking that would be better than having to watch anymore. I didn't quite manage to. We're in Paris took him, TENNIS Davis singing along the change of the greatest show. We'll be back to.

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