Jeff Utsch on President Trump wanting to use the military to stop the riots. Can he do it Constitutionally?


You are listening to the conservative circus. I M your ringmaster James T, Harris yesterday the president. Called on the state governors. To get serious and to curtail the violence to put down. It was telling them not to be week that they have to take action, and they have to be strong otherwise. They're going to get rolled. And he said if they don't protect the citizens that he's going to come in and he's going to come in with the military. Jeff Coach is an instructor at the leadership and Freedom Center in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. He is also our our guru. When it comes to constitutional issues. He's in my partner with the constitutional conversations that you can podcast. You can listen on pockets. Download the free iheartradio APP and Jeff. I want to ask you. This action at the president is threatening to take many people on the left says he's trying to be a dictator. Many people on the left said that it is not constitutional wanted to check in with you. to to get your assessment of the president's speech yesterday and this action that may be taken. James T good to be with you. Well, you know I. It was a short speech short and sweet. What I did like about it is. He mentioned liberty in law. And I like that even in one of our songs, you know we have liberty and law in the rule of ause very important, and it's kind of a shame that we saw states around the country, exceeding their laws by the powers that the governor's took. with many you know shutdown orders that I think were unconstitutional at the state and federal level, but then all of a sudden we see a reverse with states and local authorities, not enforcing the law. So you see this kind of seesaw effect, and what's the consequence is that we do not have liberty, because we're not following the law so I really liked that about his speech, and then when he did mention, he said he's going to strongly suggest to the governor's that they call up the National Guard and that is the first step I mean look in the Constitution Article Four, section, or it says the United States. She'll guarantee to every state in this union, a Republican form of government and show protect each of them against invasion. And on application of the legislature or of the executive, when the legislature copy convenient gets domestic violence, so the first step James T is that the governor or local authorities should call you. Know would request the federal government before the federal government imposes themselves. I would strongly recommend president trump do that, but there are precedents that presidents have used or Congress has used to send in troops from the federal level of because things weren't going right in the states. Let me ask you. Let me interrupt you because. You. Just suggested is a lot of folks were upset with the president. George W Bush when Katrina hit the outcome, the federal government's not move again to Louisiana well. That was because the governor didn't invite, president. Trump in in federal help for him to go in without that invitation without that request would have been unconstitutional. That's what that's an example which we're talking about right. Well absolutely. Yes, on something like that and natural disaster. The governor is supposed to invite the federal government in or it's. It is semi looked at as an invasion. You know now. It has been done in the past, but that is the first step. Unless it's extremely extenuating circumstances where things are out of control in one of those times was reconstruction in the south. We know that federal troops were in the South four nine ten years well, even longer than that really eighteen seventy seven, so they were, they came out after the war was ended, and then they moved back in, but the reconstruction in the south in this had to do civil rights that had to make sure that the Civil Rights Act was being followed and that the you know of. Violence against blacks was curtailed and that the rule of law could exist. We also saw that. James T with Eisenhower using the National Guard remember in Arkansas the governor in nineteen, Fifty, seven, using the National Guard to keep blacks out of a school, but then Eisenhower said no, we're GONNA federalize those National Guard and send in one thousand, one, hundred first Airborne Division troops without the permission of the governor as a matter of fact with the governor against that so I. Haven't had you know in enforcing a supreme court decision said we're GONNA. Bring rule to this, and then we also saw other presidents James P because of civil rights actions in the sixties. Do the same thing. So this is not unprecedented as the left is trying to say these. this would be the president taking on dictatorial powers. Not Unprecedented, but I sure would not recommend it. You know if he can work with the state governors in offering this and then call in it. Or highly recommended. They call up the National Guard. Where where needed it would be better to do and only extreme, extenuating circumstances do otherwise and so you know he did a good job. I thought on the short talk, but then when he walked over to Saint John's Church. James T. I think he could have used that photo. Op and opportunity to speak a little bit more to try to heal the nation and I do think it was. Was a good photo. OP. I think some UN you know spoken. Words were hurt anyway, but I think with him holding up the Bible there he could have gotten into look if we were to rely more on this the Bible in the teachings in it. We wouldn't be in the place that we're in right now. And so I think he did a good job, but I think there's some more things the president could step up and do. I have to agree. I thought the I thought the walk across the park to the was. was a boss moment, but then when he got to the church I to expect it for him to say something, say something more. He's conversation. We had the other day about know-how to truly he'll racism in our country, but that wasn't part of the agenda guessing well, maybe another time. Absolutely but you know I think he could still do it, but you know if he would raise the Bible up and and say something like if we were to love each other as we're suppose to, as you know taught in this book, and to love God and loving, God means knowing and obeying his commandments, and he gave me a couple. Say Look, we're all. Not? Perfect doing the right things, but we've got to do better and try better better and leaving God out of the discussion and kind of abandoning his teachings is one of the reasons we're in the problems that we have and racism would not be even a problem today if we understood that we're all God's children, and to treat each other accordingly I think he could on a long ways and just a short message there James T.

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