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Look ahead to Real Madrid v Barcelona and the Champions League reaction


all come back to the row. Madrid podcast everybody now if you miss. Thursday's Champions League update and stay June the end of this classic of review as we've added onto the end of this episode. Let's begin today with a trading update sedan had all the squad available ASENSIO and eat. It has out in training today as full the expected lineup for Sunday. Eighties Coo Trois. Or the back four of many rambles Varun and Cobb Mahal Midfield Valle Verde Casimiro crews and iskoe with Benza and bail up front as for Barcelona. The News that we'll play. He trained as normal to date no adverse reaction to the not to his ankle that he picked up against. Napoli Barcelona trained by the way today behind closed doors as setting through on how to beat Madrid. He said we want the ball as much as we can possibly have it. We must try to make them run. Sergio Ramos has been giving his opinions about Lia Messy. He's got huge respect for him. He is one of the greatest players in history though. Sunday isn't his days. It would mean that we have done a very good job. What about the best way to be bustling and what he said Look Possession. We all know that but they are uncomfortable when you pressure them. Putting pressure on high up is very risky due to the place they have but it causes them problems. And I think this is the key of ruled an eight as meeting about two hundred fifteen as we stat and betrayed eighty-seven winds to eighty two for Barcelona where forty five draws in the league is seventy-two each next Gulf of Barcelona. By the way we're be that four hundred eight L. Classic are now Madrid's full in recent seasons isn't good at home. They've lost the last three scoring a single goal conceding. Seven the last win the Super Cup. Second leg back in. August of twenty seventeen. They wanted to nil essentially on Benza with the Gulf War Z. Dan's team prior to that. It was another two defeats in the League. Conceding at further seven goals and to find that Madrid Greenland eager at home. It is all the way back to October. Two thousand fourteen when they three one. Run out of Pepin Benza. With the girls for Carlo Ancelotti who was in charge of Madrid that's overrule. It is seven meetings Barcelona since the last Madrid victory. More entry makes worse reading here. Is that in the Millennium? So far since two thousand two thousand one season. Madrid of Matt Barcelona Fifty Seven Times across all of the competitions. And they've won just seventeen of those now. The best performance in that time was a four one hundred victory back in two thousand and eight. Ben Schuster the man in charge team that included Ramos and Marcella. Believe it or not row will robin egg and Ruud van Nistelrooy have. They wished that afford line night that they were the scores on that day. Shafie resign sent off earlier this season. Of course we saw very red nil. Nil draw eight flares on the day ended up the eller. Carter's on a night. Madrid can count themselves unlucky. They created almost double. The number of John says the Basel owner did at seventeen. Ben Smith Belen iskoe played up Front Casimiro Velvety crews in Mayfield. Ray Expect to all of those players to be involved this weekend now. This time last season they lost here to wreckage. Go about someone had the slight majority in terms of procession but again it was. Madrid's profligacy in front of goal that custom and a gain. They created almost double the number of chances the bus alone in fact if you look back at recent leaguer performances creation of scoring opportunities as neff up being a big issue ferrall Madrid even the five one loss back in October twenty eighteen. They created more chances than Barcelona last time. Basel and actually created more. Chances in a league game was in the three new victory at Bernabeu back in twenty seventeen onto the title of the Buffalo and a lead Madrid by two points at the top of Lalita. They've scored sixteen more goals. Sixty two Madrid's forty-six but they have conceded substantially more as well twenty nine to row Madrid's seventeen in Madrid light bustle unbeaten at home though drawn. Four of the twelve hundred games. They play Barcelona away from home of taken only eighteen points from thirty six. They've been beaten five times. Wait this season Bilbao in the cup. Alexia Levante Granada and athletic club gain in the League in four of those five defeats as well. They did not score a goal. Madrid at home as we said unbeaten in belieber southeast at in the Cup are Manchester City. In champions. We have one here. Two teams have denied Madrid. A goal at home in La Liga row battiste loss November and Athletic Club in December. What about the stance then for the game? Ravin trade currently score one point eight goals per game against two point five for Barcelona in terms of match possession. An average of fifty six point nine four Madrid sixty two four eight four boss Salerno Pass completion rate a six four six barral Madrid eighty eight point five for Barcelona in terms of shots per game. Rambler at sixteen point three to twelve point nine for Barcelona. In terms of tackles. It is fifty nine to rail Madrid. Fourteen point four two boss allowed and disciplinary wise. Fifty one dollars four read for Madrid. Fifty six zero five red for Barcelona onto the goals Benza. Top scorer with thirteen seventeen. Different players have scored Ram also. Though is the next to Ben's on five sixteen assists providers but like the top goalscorer. It is Ben's MMA who's top of that pile as well on six. As for bus learn a messy top-scorer eighteen goals fifteen different players have scored swath where eleven is second on the list. Fifteen different assists providers but again like with Real Madrid is the top goalscorer who is also the top assists provider and that is messy with twelve and miserable. No as we know isn't great. He's not scored in the last five messy in the last six games as only score in one of them but in that game against the AIBA. He's called four of the five goals moving away from classical coupla other stories today more media speculation row Madrid in some form of discussion. Or another where Bruce Adult men with the intention of signing earning Holland. Monot light is reporting that initial contacts have been made. It said one small little foundation on that to back it up or Montana's the president of the Champions League match with Manchester City. He gave a personal update on. Espn has out is that I'm convinced he will return. Before the final game we are in contact with Madrid's medical stuff. Asked about what he expected by the way from. L. Classic. Oh I think he's it. It will be a technical match rumbling on for four a second day are the headlines asking what happened with Tony crews on Wednesday in Champions League all is waiting to see if he's reinstated as expected of course by Sudan for L. Classic once again questions about Marianna and Yovich appeared where the question. Why in a time of extreme need could marry on at least a being on the bench as sedans view is quite. He is the future call us. The Colombian coach has again made it clear to comets. Rigas that unless he is played regular first-team football he went to be caught all any upcoming squads seems. Little Jones of that happening chemists now actually resigned himself to missing out internationally. At least and the President of the Brazilian Federation is currently in talks with Florentine Perez discussing the release Rodrigo and Venecia's the Olympic Games. This some of the Olympics run between July twenty second and August the night now than if you missed yesterday's update following the Champions League defeat against Manchester City. Stay tuned that is upcoming now. How is it from me for the moment? Don't forget you can catch up with all of the seasons news by the website at www rail Madrid podcast dot com or by Google stitcher spotify anchor and all the rest of the major platforms. Do enjoy our classical this Sunday. Albie back early next week for the moment though for meeting cable Bob I feel now however getting welcome back to the Real Madrid podcast Madrid's wake into the joining reality. That's Champions League. Exit is staring them in the face after the to defeat by Manchester City at an obey. Have the media's responded today well sedan selection was seen as something of a major gamble with escom Venezia starting the two however remember Dick. Combine for Madrid's goal on sixty minutes but it was a night where Madrid created very little just three attempts on target all night in comparison to Manchester. City's eight ISKOE's goal was his first in Champions League since September. Two thousand eighteen when he school remember against Roma views on the key decisions of the night have been disgusting. Great detail across the broadcast media and in the written media over the last twelve thousand so most seem to agree that the big decisions with the correct decisions cases did not for Ramos Cub a hall giveaway. Clear Penalty Reynolds was the last man in line so we had to be sent off. It's only ramesses. I read Cobb by the way since his soulread cod of last year when he was red-carded against Girona back in February all twenty nine overall his fourth red card in Champions League does place him on top of the list as the most central flares. In Champions League history with four red cards it places him alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the pit bull himself remember Edgar Davits now after the match. Ramos was in rather bullied mood. He said after difficult tonight. There are two options for us. We can think about yesterday's loss or we can work on tomorrow's win. As far as the player Reviews Tiba Koteswara mates three outstanding saves. His contribution was highlighted He avoided any real criticism. Mandy as well made few errors defensively. He wears Madrid best in the first half for sure. Valverde also impressed with his physical presence. In Midfield Maldrich was also praised for his directing of Madrid's Gabe in Midfield Casimiro did not escape criticism for his performance is especially in the second off where he was said to be unrecognizable from the player that they knew now he spoke off to the? Gammons that if there is a team that can overcome this that. Is this Real Madrid. We had seventy five spectacular minutes. What we didn't do is complete the job. This is not over. There is a lot of work to do. What about the views of the coach Dan? He said we played very well for seventy five minutes. We are very annoyed with this loss. The gain these tires as one hundred and eighty minutes. It is not over yet on the team's defensive errors on the night. He's at Erez Eras. They all part of the game. Here is a simple as that. We have given everything out here tonight. We like ten minutes of concentration in the end and that is where we paid for. It was also asked to buy why the team had hit this slum. Was it to do with fitness. All the number of games played recently that. I think it's physical. It is more of a problem of concentration. What about he was asked if he thought of the tie was all that one his response quick and unequivocal no. If there's a team that can turn this around than it is Real Madrid. We have one nothing yet. Spanish media was also asking how this team could be twenty two points behind Liverpool in free merely Kevin Debris Ruina was simply described as a genius. The editorials have been blunt and very much to the point of this Madrid. They say is not good enough. Better one also. A few took aim at Z. Dan Highlighting needless team changes and bizarre selections they say that cost them initially in the Culpa del Ray on this night when Manchester City had Kevin Debris Ruina sedan elected to leave out one of the season's most consistent performers Tony Cruz. A this was the first time since crews arrived back in twenty fourteen that he didn't actually start a knockout game in Champions League. Now some journalist chosen to speculates that there were other reasons beyond technical by cruise. Didn't play didn't even go out to warm up. And of course in this era where cameras are literally everywhere. In every corridor one did catch of course Guardiola and groups having a quick chat. Which of course was enough for some to speculate that the there are going to team up gaining primarily next season. All of this of course has absolutely no foundation. What so ever one piece of good news. Though is the Venecia's will not be sanctioned by UEFA after his comments criticizing the referee after match couple of other stories that with mentioning care after academies name has started to appear quite regularly again over the last couple of days with mendy having taken over for Mocilo on the left. The time they say is now right for hacking me to return and take over Kabul halls position on the right. He has already stated of course on numerous occasions if there isn't a key role for him don't expect to see him leave. Germany where he is currently settled but these situations around Kabul Hall and indeed last night's performances led to the speculators. If you like saying that Kabul's time is now over. It's time for Madrid. Look to the future and Kimmy is just that front of girls. The debate rages on Tyler. Martinez name highly visible this last twenty four hours it was suggested Boscell and of course were to be his next destination but without set messy seal of approval. Nothing really does move over there now. This could let in Madrid providing valuations of met and he is enjoying another very good season of course in Syria with Inter. Very all that rounds up for today's podcast. I'll be back on Saturday this week as we look ahead to classical. Which takes place on Mark's fest? In the meantime you can catch up with all of the seasons news so far via the website at www dot Rodriguez podcast dot com. Also I tunes Google Stitcher Alexa spotify and Anka FM. That's it for the moment from Tim Capable. Thanks for listening and we'll see you later on in the week.

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