BTM120: Heat Seekers & High Value Targets


This is derived aaliyah and you're listening to the demands podcast episode one two zero. Are you ready to be the master architect of your life. Are you ready to design your business and invest in needs that create the lifestyle you've always are you ready to learn from entrepreneurs and millionaires who have achieved a certain level of success. Hey this is Derek Location Independent entrepreneur and you're listening to the before the millions podcast Gina Lofton. I am an investor and you're listening to the before the millions podcast hey there my name is heather haven would marketing coach and global entrepreneur and you are listening to the before the millions podcast. Hey this is Marcus crispy host of the Seven Minute Mentor podcast Global Entrepreneur all round Geek and you listen to the before the millions podcast I am MC lobster the cash linenger and you're listening to before the millions cost you're listening to the before the millions podcast whether so you're looking to invest more cash flow all built an online business that allows you to be location independent you come to the right place. Mr Hollywood himself presents the before the millions podcast and now your host array what is going on B._T._M.. Tribe welcome to this Friday bonus episode of the before the millions podcasts. I'm super excited that you are here with me. Heat seekers and high value <unk> targets no we are not after bin Laden okay but I want you guys to focus on today's episode on Your Business on what drives your business. What moves your real estate business for? All of you. Release it entrepreneurs. There's out there. What are those high value targets where those things that actually move your business for it? I mean as entrepreneurs we get caught up in Shiny Object Syndrome. We get caught caught up in perfectionism. We get caught up in doing things that are just busy work and then sometimes we get caught up in doing things that actually needs to be done in our business but they don't need to be done by us so with all these smokescreens how can you. Really just identify what is a high target do probably going to need some heat seekers so hence the name heat seekers and high value targets so if you feel as though you should be doing everything in Your Business Business Right now <hes> I'm not going to disagree with you but if you can focus more of your efforts on your high value targets and we'll discuss what that means here right now but if you can but if you can focus more on your high value targets business the girl that much bigger that much faster and have that much more of an impact and create the ultimate lifestyle design that you want so so so for your business starts to think about what are some high value targets. What are some things some high-value tasks that you can doing your business that you know for certain will move business forward? I'm talking to all of you realtors. I'm talking to the property managers out there. I'm talking to all of view investors who fixes and flippers you wholesalers heck. Even you coaches consultants. I'm talking to every single real estate entrepreneur who has a product or service. What are your high value tests so this could actually be coming up with products and services right? Maybe this could be public speaking being the face of your business you like the C._e._o.. Type tasks right creating getting the vision and the value for me like according to podcasts now every single week that this is a high value task for me. What are some of those things in your business and guys? I really wanted to really think about these things right. What are the things that actually push your business forward while you're at it? I mean sort of viscerally have these things. Go ahead and write these things down. Write these things down. A super important is there's nothing more important in your business than working on your business. I promise you okay so then for the next seven to ten days now that you have your. A high value targets for the next seven to ten for the next seven to ten days. I want you to track everything that you're doing your business. I mean everything. And how long does it take you to do it. So from six six to seven once you get off work your respond to emails from seven to eight. You're having new client calls from eight to nine. Maybe you're meeting with your team. Whatever it is for you track every single thing that you you do for the next seven to ten days and then Maye silent and it may sound tedious now but you put in the upfront work to get massive return on the back end so track what you're doing for the next seven to ten days and if you need help tracking you can use evernote you could use workflow hurt? There's this new adcock notion. <hes> I personally use a visceral journal I usually ninety x journalism. Many of you knowing you can get that over at before the millions dot com forward slash ninety x find a way to track what you're doing in your business for the next seven to ten days okay so we got that we got our high value targets and now we've tracked everything that we do in our business. Once you have a clear picture of where you're spending your time I want you guys to start categorizing all of the things that you're doing your business so those little emails that you tend to when you're working on your website your business cards all of the all of that stuff. I want you to categorize everything into four different categories category number. One are going on going to be a ten dollar per hour tasks so that these are things like maybe responding to emails you know sorting your emails basic customer or client service right things like maybe editing videos in creating images these these really small ten dollar per hour task they need needs to be done in your business but they are ten dollar per hour tests start writing those things down what are those things in your business and then once you've written those things down start thinking about the one hundred dollar prioritize in writing an email to potential clients. Maybe if you have an email list going to your email this this can be client. Follow up right things that you would categorize in the one hundred dollar per hour Tass. Ass Right those things down in the second column. Now there's third column what are those one thousand dollar per hour tests. Maybe building a sales funnel and if you should not skilled at something like that maybe just mapping happy now the sales swindle and having somebody else built that right that's a one thousand dollar per hour to ass as a major function of your business that is your. I mean some some argue that your entire business. Maybe writing your sails copy and if you don't know what copy is this is a joke that we have in my mastermind group but if you don't know what copy is you're behind the curve. Maybe Planning Your Day and you may think that this is not a one thousand thousand dollars per hour tasks but planning your day is super crucial so that you can plan your day so that you could plant a day only focused on your highest value tasks so many people to do away with this because they don't have time but actually planning your day super expensive but actually not planning your day is super expensive super costly. This is a one thousand dollar per hour task right. All of your one thousand dollar powers has here and last but not least for ten thousand dollar prioritize. So what can this being your business. Maybe it's creating new offers or a new product or new service. Maybe it's a major improvement on an existing offer or an existing listing product or service. Maybe it's public speaking. Maybe it's laying down your company or your businesses cultures and values. Maybe it's creating a mission statement that leads your entire company. What are your ten thousand dollar per hour Tass now you all four of these buckets okay? It's time to start figuring out where we could cut the fat. You guys know I'm a big fan of delete delegating automate. So what are we what are we. What are we able to completely removed for from our business because it's not really serving a purpose? What are we able to systematize and automate right? There's so many different automation tools out there and there's no reason why you should not be automating. Mating most of your processes and last but not least what are you able to delegate right now and I have an episode primarily focused on how to go about all of these things I think that episode numbers episode of one hundred so before or the man's dot com forward slash episode one hundred so that if you start delegating out these ten dollar in one hundred dollar per hour task start focusing on the one thousand dollar protests and ten thousand dollars per hour tests and the more time you folks on those tests the more your business USC rose so guys you're not there yet. That's perfectly okay. That's perfectly fine not saying that you have to be there. What I'm saying is that you should at least start being aware of how you're going to grow your our business? Now see this especially when I'm doing strategy calls for people who are interested in the before the millions mastermind. I'm generating revenue but I'm burnt-out went all of the things in my business and I really don't know what to do next. Ray help take things to the next level as I just mentioned. It's it's not too late. It's not too early to get your estate business unstuck because I'll be opening up registration for my mastermind once it's more this year is once more but that's it so next month. I'll be opened up. Registration registration has been open once this year and that was back in January and was open for a very short period of time and now the second gained an last time registration will be open. This year will be next month so you definitely want to hop on this opportunity and building my thriving multiple six figure businesses in the past three plus years has taken more than just has the right investments. Yes it's the centerpiece of lifestyle design one hundred percent. I don't disagree but there are things that are often overlooked when pursuing this lifestyle designed business like building a team like positioning positioning myself as the expert I creating and launching courses and membership programs or new products and services like mastering my mindset home. My goodness like mastering my time like we're talking about here today. Most experts in this in this world they teach real estate in a vacuum but to truly create sustainable growth it takes a much more holistic approach approach so if you're a real estate entrepreneur like an investor a realtor are property manager of fix on flipper etc and you've already achieved a certain level of success but you're spinning your wheels to get to that next level. You're very likely do not need another course you do not need to read another book. What you need is a cohesive growth strategy? One that combines mindset visibility <hes> crazy authority paid and organic traffic. You talked about the last episode building team freeing up your time. We were talking about that on this episode serving a connecting with your clients and customers becoming the actual C._E._o.. Of Your Business in addition to that coaching right accountability community support so if you're a real estate entrepreneur today's are currently getting eaten up by busy work and you're not moving forward and your business and you're looking to go for your answers answers like what's the best way to get potential clients. How do I leverage my resources to grow exponentially? What who should I be hiring to help me and my business and have a greater impact or maybe you're subconsciously self sabotaging your success because of your mindset because your mindset hasn't caught it to the reality that you actually walk look if you're nodding your head to any of those things I wanNA help you the same way? My coach helped me grow multiple six figure businesses. It's my turn to give the gift to others so if you're a real estate entrepreneur and you're ready for coaching and support you ready for some accountability and taking your business to the next level I wanna go ahead and invite you to fill out an application for my before the millions mastermind and schedule a a free strategy session with to find out how you might be a good fit for the mastermind now. It's a minimum of a one year commitment so the do that head over to before the millions dot com forward slash mastermind again that's before.

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