Gruden Reveals Early Take On Haskins


You want it you need it. It's what everyone's talking about the Kevin Sheehan show now. Here's Kevin all right. I am here. Our Erin is here. This show is presented by window nation. If you're in the market for windows call eight six six ninety nation or go to win donation dot COM Tommy's GonNa call in you you know it's just impossible to keep track of all of his vacations. He's another one this week. He's up on the Jersey shore so he will be calling in at some point in a little bit probably in about thirty minutes. Hey Ted Lerner Mike Rizzo. Can you get Anthony Rendon signed to a contract extension. Please there. It goes doubter see you later. He ran down slams his his way to a six as soon as lead Bob Carpenter last night on mass in one of the moments of the season so so far a two-out bases-loaded Grand Slam to break a two two tie in the bottom of the sixth last night in the first of three against the braves a huge series series against the braves as the nets are approaching August in a legitimate pennant race for the first time since the franchise moved here in two thousand and five six three was the final the nats now closed the gap to four and a half games in the National League east the trade deadline's is looming lots of stories out there about what the nets will do between now and tomorrow afternoon there was bad news before the game last night Max Scherzer back to the injured injured list retroactive July twenty six so he's not going to be available until early next week. Dave Martinez said after the game actually before the game and talking about Scherzer's answers injury he said quote the first time it was just Bursa inflammation and now he's got a strain of the rumbold muscle oh boy boy this is not good with <unk> right now. Apparently he was pissed off that they put him on the injured list. He wanted to go last night. He got a cortisone shot. <hes> as he worked his way back over the last week week and a half also had a stem cell injection after the second issue ooh cropped up that would be the rumbold muscle issue but things haven't improved so sure Zor right now boy before the all-star break I was pretty much convinced against that. Sherzer was just taking some time off. They're going to give him a break. He didn't want to pitch the All Star game he's legitimately hurt and this is an area of big concern. Eric Fed he'll get at the start tonight for him <hes> but we'll get into to the nats and more detail when Tommy calls in but needless to say on the Sherzer injuries a legitimate concern earn but with that said the nets continue on this incredible role if you go back to May twenty third they were nineteen and thirty one they are thirty eight eight and eighteen since and now eight games above five hundred four and a half back of the braves with two huge huge game still in this series <hes> at Nats Park <hes> some breaking news this morning. We're going to get to the redskins here in a moment but Ian Rapoport N._F._l.. Network <hes> <hes> veteran offensive tackle Donald Penn is flying to DC today to sign a one year deal with the redskins tomorrow <hes> that according to rappaport rappaport <hes> and of course this in response to the Trent Williams hold out which I've got more on. I know we spent some time on it yesterday with J. P.. She and I did <hes> by myself as well but got another thought or two on that and follow up to some of your tweets about the conversation that we had yesterday. I'll get to that in a moment but Jay gruden wooden spoke this morning by the way I'm thrilled that they they've signed Donald Penn and you've got a veteran player that if healthy is capable of stepping in and playing the left tackle position at a level that's N._F._l.. Worthy on September whatever that date is when they opened with the eagles. What is that September eighth ninth? I think <hes> they right now. They didn't have somebody on the roster that could do that. They now do a one year deal with thirty six year old Donald Penn who was a a pro bowler a Pro Bowler in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen with the raiders he got hurt last year <hes> but hopefully we'll be healthy enough but Jay <unk> Gruden after day off yesterday down in Richmond <hes> held a pre workout press conference this morning and I want you to listen carefully to what he said. In response to a question about Dwayne haskins progress you know one of the things that JAS talked about. Is You know Twain's gotTa get comfortable in the Huddle. He's got to be able to get that tempo. Impo going of play called up to the line of scrimmage with plenty of time so that they can check they can get their offense set. They can run their proper. Yeah Promotions etc all the pre snap stuff in plenty of time. This is always a big challenge for young quarterbacks especially those young quarterbacks who who really didn't have to call plays in the huddle in college which Twain Haskins really didn't do much of. I want you to listen very carefully lead to what Jay said because I've suggested over the months that Jay is brutally honest <hes> he will be encouraging <hes> but you will be able to read between the lines <hes> based on the Jay gruden listening to Jay Gruden press conferences and learn something about <unk> out where they are in the quarterback competition. Listen to what Jay said this morning about Haskins progress. It's going to come a long long way to go. We haven't even represent all the different looks yet so there's a lot of he's gotta see and adjust to the biggest thing for him getting in and out of the huddle so we have time at the <unk> to adjust things and that's something we have to continue to work <hes> and the tempo is critical. You know there's a lot of times we're taking too long in the huddle and to the line where we'd be stressed out with five four three two one on the shot clock so <hes> I think the tempos got to pick up a little bit the bell come with <hes> spit out the place in the huddle get in the line and make the necessary changes but he's he's coming along for just being here for a few short months wants all right. What did you hear there Aaron? What did you hear from Jay Gruden? It was interesting because it definitely sounded like dwayne obviously isn't where he he wants them to be right now but I couldn't tell if that was just him being optimistic seeming like it or if you genuinely believed that well he's coming coming along quickly so maybe by the time you know September rolls around. He'll be exactly where I want him to be. He said Long Way to go yeah all right. He talked about Tempo Abo- which is always a big J thing are getting the place called getting up to the line of scrimmage with plenty of time left to make Jay's Jays offense work all right. This is really important. Pre snap reads where you're going with it. You've got to have plenty of time. When you get to the line of scrimmage rich <hes> sometimes you are in a in a in an R._P._O.? Situation you've got to read that sometimes you've got to place called in the huddle and you're going to check check to one or the other <hes>. This is something that I am convinced now. In my own mind <hes> that Jay Gruden does not WANNA move forward word in the opener with a quarterback that is not ready to run his offense now whether or not J. will have the final say on this is still to be determined. I my my sense of it. Is I understand the track record. I understand how Dwayne Haskins got here. I just for whatever reason and maybe I'm being really naive or in perhaps hopeful I think the owner and team president are going to defer to the football people on Dwayne haskins skins readiness to play things could change like injuries to the other quarterbacks or a phenomenal performance in the preseason by Haskins that completely convinces the owner and team president that he's ready even if the football people say hey look that was against you know third stringers guys that aren't going to be in the League and the third and fourth quarter are and we made a really simple. This isn't what you have to have for you know an N._F._l.. quarterback against the Philadelphia Eagles on opening day am I but just letting it out I think they're going to defer <hes> I think they're going to defer to Jay and Kevin O'CONNELL and the football people on when Dwayne the Haskins is ready to play and I think what we heard from Jay Gruden there is that as of now he's not ready to play that he hasn't hasn't taken like this significant jump between O._T.. As and minicamp in the beginning of training camp where he is ready to operate jays offense at the level that Colt McCoy Ken or perhaps even case keenum kin right now the betting favourite to start the opener is in in order is keenum McCoy Haskins in my view and I know you have thought since you know going back to June that haskins would start the opener. I think it's more of a long shot now. Start the opener. Yeah I agree with you obviously barring injuries barring injury and barring just a dramatic turnaround Ajay Finley actually tweeted out a few minutes ago from an offshore book who has lines on who will start week one for the Redskins as case keenum at even money McCoy Royat plus one fifty and Dwayne Haskins plus fifty seems about right. I'd actually you know perhaps yeah that seems about right. I make keenum the slight favourite avert over McCoy and Haskins more of a long shot to start the opener doesn't mean that Haskins again. Don't be disappointed by this if you I actually it's interesting because I talked to so how many of you in so many redskin fans were friends of mine who would prefer that Haskins doesn't play right away would prefer that the organization be super patient with him and even if he doesn't play in this first year when they don't have a lot of weapons and they're not ready to contend or or be a playoff team more likely likely than not <hes> some of you. Actually I think have thought about you know how how positive you would be if the result was they. Were patient with him. I think that they're going to be patient with him because I don't think he's GonNa be ready to play at the level that Jay Gruden. We need his starting quarterback to play at <hes> for the opener now. Maybe he's ready by week. Five the problem is once the season starts the the amount of work that Haskins gins gets is truly limited. You know you don't have backup quarterbacks getting snaps. Once the regular season starts so what you will I'll have more likely than not is Kevin O'CONNELL and and perhaps even Alex Smith really working with Haskins and hopefully in the meeting rooms in Haskins gets work. He's a scout team quarterback and gets extra work with guys like Alex Smith and Kevin O'CONNELL after practice that kind of thing to get Dwayne Haskins ready but i Mike Gut after an I heard that live this morning when I heard that this morning I just said it's keenum or Colt in the opener more likely than not keenum in my view. <hes> Colt certainly is as the most comfortable and Jay's offense but I think what Jay is saying reading between the lines as he's encouraged by a lot of things but he's but he understands this process as for his offense and understand it would be very difficult if Dwayne Haskins or very difficult for joint Haskins to get to the point where he's totally comfortable to operate A._J.'s offense in the way that j once operated by opening day <hes> where where did those odds come from the J._p.. tweeted it was off sports betting A._G.. I know they're are known for kind of these that updated this morning after Jay's press conference or I don't know if feels after Jay's press conference but J._p.. tweeted that out a half hour ago and this is the site I know that sends outlines to reporters and tries to get the buzz so probably fairly I it was set this morning whether or not it came after the press conference. I don't know one last thing on this because we are our <hes>. What are we nine days away from the preseason opener? It's a week from Thursday night in Cleveland against the Browns for the preseason opener. I've always been a a firm believer that what we see in the preseason is so misleading so misleading now you can as a fan evaluate new players. Hey that guy really runs. Well that guy super aggressive. That guy was made a couple of really good place. <hes> there's no game planning you're playing against players in many cases uses that aren't going to be there in the regular season. <hes> I WANNA see Dwayne Haskins and that number seven under center in the shotgun. I WanNa see the physical stuff but I I just don't know that you'll see what Jay Gruden and Kevin O'CONNELL and the quarterback room will see in training camp practices. I don't know that you're gonna see that necessarily as a fan in the preseason games they will learn something. I don't know that we will <hes> from watching him because he's GonNa have a big big arm and he's GonNa make a couple of throws and he made may hit on a big play or two down the field in the third quarter or fourth quarter of one of these preseason games but ultimately. I don't think that means much up quick tweet that I wanna read from Alvin who tweeted me yesterday. Alvin said leave Landon Collins alone being motivated by the disrespect shown by your previous employer will be a good thing for the redskins Comma Kevin. You should know this more than anybody else here. Thank you Alvin. I appreciated that I wasn't really motivated. Last summer necessarily in wasn't wasn't disrespectful ending at all so it's not analogous at all to the land and count situation by the way tweet me at Kevin Sheehan D._C.. If you WANNA send me a tweet <hes> for those that missed it yesterday. <hes> Landon Collins I mentioned was at it again this weekend. He can't get his former team the giants out of his mind or off of his lips he can't he told the N._F._l.. Network that he'd love to bump or thump giants G._M.. Dave gettleman in pregame warmups when he sees him before the first skins giant's game in week four now he was having some fun. It wasn't mean spirited. He was asked about the giants this time he didn't bring it up. He may have brought it up but this time he was actually set up with a question that he answered. I hope he's motivated by what he perceives. The giants did to him. He was clearly hurt. I mean listening to Landon Collins Alan since signing with the redskins. He was clearly hurt that the giants weren't interested in bringing him back similar in some ways to O._B.. Jay Hey he's upset over the lack of love from the team that drafted him and you know he's referenced. He's referenced the giants in just about every interview interview. He's done since signing here in free agency. I hope that motivation helps and I don't have any issue with him being motivated by what the giants it's apparently did to him. I just don't want him to talk about the mistake. The giants made by not attempting to bring him back. I want them to show me how much they the F. up by not keeping him and not just in the games against the giants but the games against everybody I think Landon Collins in this this off season has put a ton of pressure on himself with his comments. He better play well I think he will. I like him as a player. I liked this signing dining. I think the REDSKINS had to go big in this off season. That was the big splash in free agency. They even had one like that in a long time. They paid them more money than any safeties safeties ever made in the N._F._l.. I like him as a player. He thinks that this system here is better for him more cover three more quarters coverage wjr. Don't forget that the giants with Landon Collins there the last four years they've had some pretty good defensive talent on that team with him. Better talent than the Redskins redskins have had over the last four or five years. Maybe the skins have better talent defensively now than the giants but who knows if there as well coached remember Landon Landon Collins played for Steve Spag new in No I I tend to agree with you. I think Trent Williams in terms of talent and even performance has been the best redskin in the last ten years even though he hasn't always been available available or reliable <hes> you know we certainly know about the suspensions a key suspension <hes> in the latter portion of the two thousand fifteen season look I I am in favour of trading Trent as opposed to giving him a new deal. I would rather trade him then. Give Him a new deal obviously what he would bring back in. A trade is important to me feeling that way. I think that they can get a second no worse than a second plus a mid round pick you know a second fourth or second a fifth or second conditional. I think that's the worst they would do but I also think there's a chance that if a team gets desperate because of an injury it could be more it could be a first rounder. I do believe that that could happen. That's my position on this thing with the information that I have right now which probably isn't enough information and you know Jay Gruden said this morning when asked about Trent Williams no update on Trent he said I'll let you know the update. We'd all like to hear next it would be to hear from Trent <hes> but he's probably smart keeping this between him his agent and the team. I think that that's the smart path behalf for him. <hes> could he win by going public with what he's specific issues are. I guess he could <hes> but I I personally I think in these situations when you're talking about you know perhaps a delicate situation and by the way him I do believe I absolutely absolutely do believe that. Some of this is about a new deal and a desire to get that new deal in a new place so if that is part of this I. I don't think he'll help himself off by going public. I think he's smart to keep it quiet right now. Who knows maybe we'll get Trent on this podcast? I've tried where maybe he'll end up on. One one of the radio stations perhaps or maybe a print interview who knows but as of now he's not talking. I just think that Trent is getting to that point in his career ear where one more big deal may be the last big deal of his career and then you add to that he's a competitor so having a chance to play for a contending attending franchise before his career ends would be you know a natural aspiration for him at this point in his career and then add to that if there's some bad blood over a medical issue or lack of trust with the team President <hes> you know this is probably where he is. I just think the Redskins have have to be careful with this thing. I just would not pay him. I would trade him. I wouldn't pay him now. Somebody said to me yesterday Kevin this would be a dangerous precedent to either pay him or trade him and essentially saying you know the president of a player holding out and getting rewarded awarded for it <hes> some in this someone mentioned to me Ryan Kerrigan who may be watching this very carefully. He's got a few years left on his deal and maybe maybe he'll wanNA leverage his situation situation next offseason. There's no comparison to the leverage that Trent Williams has right now with any other redskin on this roster. He's a much better player and more valuable valuable to the redskins than any other player right now if the redskins have the mindset of trying to win now as many games as they can again there is nobody on the roster right now who can replace him. They just signed Donald Penn according to Ian Rapoport that will help the redskins leverage a little bit it also may be setting the the stage for a trade <hes> the the precedent in the fact that they signed him to one year deal and we'll get more details on the deal if there's any actual guaranteed not money in the deal that may have been what took some time there were. Maybe they wanted to see Corey Robinson. I They saw enough of him and they're like you know what we gotta. Pay Donald Penn.. We gotta have a real veteran veteran in here but Trent right now has unique leverage whether the skins given or he decides not to use that leverage when push comes to shove. I mean we'll have to wait and see but this is a guy who was supremely talented. <hes> has performed but hasn't always been there when they've needed him. I think we can say that Eh fans of this team again. My position is I wouldn't pay him <hes> but I would trade him. If he's intent on holding out I would absolutely try ready. Get his much back for Trent Williams right now because this would be the the one of the most optimum times to get a lot back for a player who still has a lot left but may not be the same player when you are getting ready to content if that ever happens I mean you have to think that way right like if you're building a roster Trent Williams if I pay him by the time he gets to the back half of this you know extension attention. Will he be the same player when we're actually ready to contend or could I get a first round or a second fourth and add to young players for less money that can help us us when we are truly ready to do something good <hes> on the field again I also wouldn't fear setting a precedent that others might look at it and say hey if they caved on Trent. Maybe cave on me. Trent Williams is a unique situation. I don't think we have to worry about that. So Donald Penn Sign Trent Williams still holding out a Jay gruden talking about Haskins today <hes> training camp really starting to ramp up and we're nine days away from the preseason opener against Cleveland and the regular season will be here before we know it always happens that way that the month of August flies by with these horrible preseason games the first I which in the N._F._l.. Airs Tomorrow Night No Thursday night. I'm sorry in the hall of Fame Game <hes> The broncos and the Falcons. It's just always nice to see football on television Ryan which will get to see on Thursday night. If you're interested I quick word about window nation. <hes> the intense summer heat is back causing your old leaky windows to produce reduce unnecessary high energy bills allowing damaging U._V. Rays to fade your valuables and make your windows even less effective. Listen Up. The kids are camp families taking vacation but my good friends Harley Aaron Eric at window nation. They're still working. 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Let's bring in a Tommy <hes> from the Jersey shore where he spending the week and and you know there are several things to get to but we gotta start with the Nats and went Anthony Rendong did last night Grand Slam bottom of the sixth. They're four and a half half back now Scherzer's back on the I L. Tommy and that looks maybe a little bit more serious than maybe we thought two weeks ago but on Ren d-o-n he's is having a career year. He's in. He's GonNa be in the M._v._p.. Conversation how expensive will it be to keep them here now with the season he's having did the nats make a mistake by not getting this done much earlier. Well Yeah yes they did of course they did <hes> and now we're we're talking about a situation where they have two months left where they have exclusivity to basically negotiate with him. After you know I mean some you know he'll be come a free agent after the season's over and then every then they'll be competing with every other team that I wanNA assigned Riendeau now. Now you know who knows what the free agent market will be this year last year was a big disappointment to a lot of players who cost awesome sells a lot of money. Most most of them have saved safer too big to Machado and Bryce Harper by becoming free agents. I think that Ren and don't would would go for a huge amount of money on the free agent market. Maybe two hundred fifty million dollars or more which for him would would be a large amount so yeah they've made a mistake but it doesn't appear to that the the learners have any sense of urgency to <hes> make it deal with them why not because on some level and I know that he is obviously not a does not like change. He doesn't want I WANNA be a public figure. He probably wouldn't want the the show that goes with a long <hes> free agency for him and he may want to get something done sooner but I would think naturally that the season he's having that it's now going to be more difficult for the nets. Let's get him signed because he'll want to test the market and a bigger market team with deeper pockets in the ability to throw a massive deal Adam probably the exist more now than it did. I'm worried that it's the expensive it could make it less likely that he returns here well. It's always whenever there's a Boris client. It's always about Scott bores and what Scott Boris does what he did for Harper in Philadelphia <hes> was he gets his hooks into an owner and he convinces that owner that this is the most important deal he can make. I mean he he. He convinced the phillies owner that bryce Harper would would be worth the money that he paid this is. This is the Boris M._O.. He bypasses assistant general managers and gets this hook into an owner. That's what he's done here. In Washington you know over thirty years and sometimes it's helping nationals and sometimes they'd hasn't but I mean I've heard that he's convinced the Texas Rangers that they need to have have <hes> Anthony Randhawa Rangers are moving to a new ballpark next year and contrary to what the national state most teams when they move into a new ballpark Mark WanNA compete right away in order to get fans there and start things off right and while rent don't from Houston he is a Texas native you you know and and Arlington so long from Houston but it's still Texas so all it takes his one doesn't have to be a deep pocket. One of the obvious guys like the Yankees he's a Red Sox as we just saw this market all it takes his force and convincing one owner that he that he needs to make zone and offer offer he can't refuse the nationals have always been unwilling to do that all right <hes> they they got the win last night there in a pennant race right now as we approach approach August and the trade deadline is tomorrow what will be what do you think the learners and Mike Rizzo's approach needs to be between now and the end the day tomorrow. Oh I think the learners have given Rizzo very specific marching orders that he can't inherit a lot of a lot of salary salary to add to the payroll that would put the team in danger of going over the luxury tax threshold and pay a penalty <hes> he's east. That's what they've done. In the past they've handcuffed Rizzo at the trade deadline. Two Thousand Fifteen probably was the most famous when they told him he couldn't add had any payroll and he wound up getting on it and PAPPA bon from the Phillies <hes> who agreed to pay his salary for the rest of that year but <hes> <hes>. I don't expect much. I expect bullpen table scraps not bullpen steak you know they're they're going to get some arms. Maybe an arm <hes> if they're lucky that will help them and it's going to cost them a chance to compete for the world series because they have the lineup that can that can compete in the postseason and and at Scherzer's healthy they have pre starters that no team save for the dodgers can match up with so they have two thirds hurts of the ingredient but they have a bullpen by prayer. I mean you know it's it's. It's just you you can't go into the postseason with the bullpen is has constituted you might as well just you know. Sign your exit papers right away well. I mean it's the playoffs I mean I I understand the significance of needing a bullpen in close games but there's always the possibility that they generate so much offense in their starting pitching his so awesome that they're able to get through a best of five in the divisional round after winning a wild card it could happen but I understand that to increase their their their overall chances. They've got gotta fix the bullpen and you would this be a result when you say they'll end up with bullpen scraps and not a star. Would this be because the learners are cheaper because other teams. There's just too much competition right now for it. I think it'll be a combination of both I mean you've got to you. You've got to win the trade deadline. <hes> you know you've got just like you know the National Compete Pete in the postseason <hes> for free agent now they're competing for you know at the trade deadline now they their farm system isn't as strong as it was so they don't have necessarily as much as many prospects I say have had in the past but believe me the main hurdle. We'll be <hes> Mike Rizzo's inability to add <hes> significant payroll for the rest of the year <hes> to to compete all right <hes> has the beach beaches fabulous beautiful weather not a cloud in the sky <hes> excellent excellent vacation a case. What do you do you just go and sit on a chair underneath umbrella? Yeah that's pretty much. It read a boat in the ocean a little bit. I read a book. I I walk on the beat. You know <hes> all those kinds of feel good moments when dancing last night buddy really g go went to Keenan's and north wildwood how would hurt the soul cruisers one of my favorite bands and we had we had twenty eight people at one table so that's awesome so that and and yes you're you're out there hitting the dance floor moving and that I'd love to see that I know you've told me over the years that you are an exceptional dancer. I am the the boss with the red hot sauce ever forget that <hes> what book are you reading <hes>. It's a collection of Chicago sports writing over the past hundred years so I mean I you know what do I do. I read other sports writers to I know this is hard to believe given how good I am but I even tried to get better so I try to read other sports writers especially from the past to see how they've written and see what I can steal from them. Who's your favorite sports writer all-time from Chicago? Oh Wow my favorite look. You know it's hard to say Mike. Royko is my favorite writer from Chicago. All Time <hes> Rick Calendar Calendar is pretty good my downey. I really liked him and you know as as as questionable a human being as Jay Mariotti may have been he was a heck of a sports columnist. He really was right yeah because on television he's a pain in the ass right yeah yeah as a personality. What what's he like as a person well? I haven't had any dealings with it but it's not hard to figure out you just Google is he. He doesn't have a job because of who he is not because of his talent he can't get work anywhere anymore all right. I want to get to some redskins stuff first of all I want. I haven't played this sound bite from Jay's press conference this morning and I'm gonNA play it for everybody the including you and then we can respond to it but there are some by the way the redskins did sign according to Ian Rapoport they signed Donald Penn to a one year deal so they've now left tackles here over the last few days which is more likely than not an indication that they don't think the Trent Williams thing is going to end anytime soon and I'll get your thoughts on that <hes> here in a moment but this is what Jay Gruden said this morning because I think the the context was a question that you know so far you know other than the Trent thing not a lot of drama in training camps so far. This is how Jay responded. We haven't had a whole lot of drama here over the years in my opinion. There's been a few instances from time to time but <hes> it's a good group of guys are all diligent working hard not a lot of drama here over the years. He doesn't think he now I know that was tongue in cheek and if he was smiling when he said it but it didn't sound like he was smiling when he said it you know who knows i i understand it yet i don't understand it what happened when when we left the end of the season last year the redskins had cut what are their best defensive players and team leaders because after every game he was white and a blow torch to the coaching coaching staff that's not drama swearing after after every i mean he couldn't he couldn't wait to rip the coaching said now oh you can chalk it up to a malcontent a loud mouth all you want but the fact is he wasn't important guy on that team he was wondering their best defensive players years he was we've been told one of the leaders in that in that locker room now there could be revisionist history on that and now i read from i'm josh josh norman that the secondary is smoking smoking hot you know i mean what what happened to what did he say swearing said ted i mean who answers for that i mean that's just one drama that many dramas but it's like it never happened before one of your best defensive suppliers it and no place else in the league i think we've read this was so blatantly critical of the coaching staff and the scheme and everything they do and it's like it never happened <hes> yeah i mean i j i mean you could go through a list of every every single off season there's drama in every single off season albert haynes r._g. three kirk cousins scott mcluhan you know the the judge by the way that's trent williams this is the first holdout like issue on that we've had but it's a holdout from the arguably the team's best player in the team's number one leader where the reports are is that he doesn't trust anybody in the organization yeah i think that's rather dramatic i'm you you tweeted yesterday you saw the landon collins story which i've talked about i talked about briefly today and talked about more yesterday about hidden you know essentially saying that he'd love to thump dave gentleman on the sidelines in pregame warmups before the first skins giant's game wh- what did you tweet out a tweet out of comment with that basically i tweeted meted out they must do drug experiments on on redskins players while they're enrichment because the stuff that comes out of their mouth it's unbelievable it's unbelievable achievable it really is it's like a loss grip on reality you know i i mean something like that happens with the new you players to quickly there in all the sudden for whatever reason they get wrapped up into i don't know maybe it's the lombardi trophies may be dan selling them one on one because because apparently he can really motivate people when he's sitting there talking to them one on one they get paid and they're just they're ready to go this guy is so hung up on his former team he was so clearly hurt by the giants having no interest in bringing him back i he's got he's got some planning trying to do this year because he has run his mouth since the day he signed that big deal you know but i thought this is where this was his dream place i know washing away well it is i mean the two go hand in hand on home every night and look at that sean taylor jersey that dan snyder gave him and said i'm so i'm so thankful for dave gettleman for not signing me so i could come to washington what's the matter with this guy well i mean i think you can be both he may the funny thing the ironic thing is he may not have wanted to sign with the giants even if they were interested because he loves sean taylor so much perhaps the giants knew that all along but he doesn't need i just you're right something happens when these people get here and i don't know what it is but one of these days it will it starts at the top if you're the owner of the team and you see this consistent culture of running your mouth and not delivering on the field at some point you put a stop to it you don't sign those players you sit down and you find those players and you really make it very clear that we are going to take the high road we're going to shut our mouths else in play because if you look at the great teams here over the in previous years they're not teams that run their mouths much i mean in the players that do oh b j uh-huh b._j. and antonio brown and others haven't been on winners brown yes in pittsburgh <hes> o b j not i just it's amazing how this happens when people get here but you know that the foundation of fostering that culture at least starting it is is coming to grips with reality and telling the players we haven't done anything we haven't done anything here we haven't done anything here for a while we have nothing to brag about until we do something you see the thing is though i'm sure dan snyder i think they've done something well that's where the delusion gets in the ways that you know any the combination of what we've talked about in the past just being so self self absorbed and not real bright they they don't get it they think these years have just been disappointments because of the injuries that they it has has nothing to do with how the organization's been operated anyway <hes> what do you think trump williams what is your my position tommy is if this is going to be a long holdout i wouldn't pay him i would definitely not pay him and if it's going to be a long hold out i'd be trying to trade him i sort of felt from the jump ah well it seems like they're in a better position to trade him now <hes> then they were at the start of training camp <hes> given the fact they brought into tackles at least lease to try to soften the blow a little bit neither one of them adds up the trent williamsville <hes> look i this is a tough one because i can't fat i if the redskins hold fast i can't fathom tread williams sitting out a regular season game i don't know if he's ready to do a levy every on bell but <hes> you know if this is about something more than money now of course it's just it's it includes money but if fits real if he really feels like he was betrayed by the organization that runs deep and you know how these guys are these guys athletes athletes make up slights to motivate themselves if he really feels that he was betrayed by them i it may get in the way they of all rational thought yeah i think the you know there's always three sides to every story you know their or side his side and the truth and we haven't even heard from his side yet so i there's probably a lot of pieces to the story that were missing but somewhere along the way hey the medical and the money i'm probably plays into it and and i mentioned earlier perhaps at this point in his career the desire to actually play for a legitimate contender under you know and this may be the opportunity to to force a trade to get a new deal and play for a team like houston at home that you know can actually contend to go to the postseason and do something although they haven't in recent years but you know seeing him on on that team or seeing him in cleveland or seeing him you know in a in a place that that seems to be you know arrow pointed up you know i can understand that aspiration from him if that's part of this yeah so can i i cannot that could be a component as well <hes> and and you know look at the redskins can handle this because this is the first real drama that they've ever ever had <hes> undertake yet true true yeah i don't know they may not i mean the lack of experience with handling this kind of drama may hurt him in this situation but in all seriousness they really haven't had this holdout situation now they haven't here i got an idea let's let's send alex smith to go down to talk to trend because apparently he has a calming influence on the red on the redskins quarterback room and we know oh how rowdy those quarterback meetings can get and the presence of alex smith as seems to have had a calming effect so maybe he can have a calming effect on trent williams as well well apparently alex smith was a training camp today walking twenty-five thirty yards with dwayne haskins having a conversation so that can help shawn springs is a a big guy that's you know really i think a mentor for join haskins and he knows trent williams played with trump a._m._c. could help they should try anybody but bruce sal and dan snyder got that would probably be best strategy to get to get trent ashton playing again no one no one from the redskins training staff raffi either so <hes> the last thing is gruden today and we played the soundbites earlier but i'll just paraphrase gruden essentially said long way to go with haskins tempo is is the key you know getting comfortable with calling plays and getting to the line of scrimmage and plenty of time is going to be really important <hes> it was one of those read between the lines thing thing the things that i think he's telling us that it truly is a long way to go he was also simultaneously very encouraging and that twain's working working hard and he's he's getting there <hes> but i really think as of today before we've seen anything on on the field in a preseason game not that we learn much from that anyway i think it's keenum or colt keenum's the favourite colts a slight second and i think it's a long shot that haskins starts the opener that that would seem the logical way to proceed i mean that that would seem to make sense <hes> and you're probably right that's probably what will happen i would i would think even those who want swain haskins to to succeed and it it's in their best interest for him to do well would realize the folly of throwing him out there <hes> early in the season against that that brutal opening schedule but you know landon collins may want him out there for the big giants game you know that big game four so he can put it to his old team put it to daniel jones and or eli manning all right last thing for you you and i texted you this over the weekend and i haven't talked about it yet but you're at the beach in you know if you're not out dancing the night with your twenty-seven friends <hes> i would urge you to go see the tarantino movie once upon a time in hollywood tommy it was incredible you're a a huge tarantino fan and this one i am this one you are going to love because it's got all the late sixties jeez l. a. nostalgia which he just nails from all of the sound from the music to some of the radio news reports sports to the physical features of of hollywood boulevard in the hollywood hills and all of that and it's wrapped into this story about this you know at this point this be rated you know western actor played by decapa grow into the manson murders orders of sharon tate like the whole time he was and say this to those of you that have seen it already will understand what i'm saying it wasn't slow loaf for me but i do think for some the first hour or so we'll be slow but it pays off in a big way but i don't think any of it will will be slow for you i think you're gonna love this movie and the decapa performance and the brad pitt performance both of them were just incredible i am looking forward to i don't know if i'll see it on vacation tonight's boardwalk night kevin tonight's hit the boardwalk tonight baby i got to win some prizes you what do you ski ball for you steve all the horse race you know the horse race thing where two horses race across these <hes> mechanical catechal track and you and you and you make your horse go fast by shooting the water pistol into the horse's mouth is that what it is i i am an all star and i brought home some pretty impressive <hes> stuffed animals in the past <hes> what kind of food you can eat on the boardwalk max's pizza <hes> there there's about three or four of them along the boardwalk really good new york style pizza so much grease you need a towel instead of a bit to eat it god all right well enjoy it <hes> i'll let you know about thursday <hes> b.'s supposed to go away this weekend as well but i'll talk to you sometime tomorrow night to let you know if you're gonna call them thursday and if you don't wanna call in because you had a big night eight out the night before that's fine too okay ball enjoy the beach i'll talk to you later i'll say all right that's it for tommy for the day i'm did you see the movie yet have you have you seen it or not i haven't i'm hoping to see it this weekend i'm telling you it was a spectacle for me anyway i heard i've talked to a number of people in it it seems to be sort of a mixed feeling on the movie i loved it i thought it was one of his best to me in order it's pulp it's inglorious bastards bastards it's reservoir dogs and then probably django in terms of the tarantino movies wasn't a big kill bill guy or jackie brown guy <hes> i thought hateful eight was okay that it wasn't great this one though the performance by by dicaprio in particular is just so good but it is a long sort of interesting nostalgic you know late sixty southern cal- california build build up to what ends up being a really odd twist of history at the end i i'm not going to give it away but you may also i'll have to be somewhat familiar with the manson murders of sharon tate in the group that were in that particular house in nineteen sixty nine <hes> to to really get a lot of it but i i thought it was spectacular he's he is so good in the acting in that movie was phenomenal <hes> you gotta go see it but i was reading reviews i guess after after i went to see it i didn't read the reviews before i went and i was surprised at how mixed they were <hes> there were some people that said it just never came came together for them <hes> but others loved it in the same way that i did i'm anyway i think tom he's gonna love it it's it's right up his alley in terms of a movie <hes> all right <hes> i'm quick word about launch workplaces in bethesda brand new facility in bethesda if you're looking for new office space and you live in that bethesda area this one's in the massachusetts asser -chusetts avenue corridor brand new fully furnished offices conference rooms co working desks brand new facility <hes> call all today to four zero eight hundred sixty seven fourteen for a free two day trial you can also visit launch workplaces dot com <hes> to find out about all of there are other locations in town and they've got plenty of them but this affordable private office solution is brand new in bethesda and if you live in upper northwest chevy chase d. c. <hes> upper northwest ipe potomac bethesda just over the bridge the american legion bridge in virginia <hes> and you're looking for a place to work or are looking for a place to move your office to consider launch workplaces in bethesda again two four eight hundred sixty seven fourteen or launch workplaces dot com so i am following this you know as we have done here the last few summers the top one hundred n._f._l. players of twenty nineteen lists that the n._f._l. network does or n._f._l. dot com does voted on by the players themselves <hes> it's it's a list that right now all through the top eighty or the from number from one hundred to number twenty one there's one redskin on the list it's trent williams he'll be the only one on the list there's not going to be another redskin on the list and trent williams came in at eighty one but here's the interesting interesting thing about this list as i as i was going through it <hes> late last night there are already seven dallas cowboys on this list seven now they have a very good defense the cowboys we're going to have one of the better defenses in the n._f._l. i don't think there's any doubt about it they've got byron jones who comes in at number ninety seven <hes> followed followed by He's not going to be devalued. He's GonNA end up being. I think they're eighth player. That'll be eight players in the top one hundred that's a lot I'm not sure any other team. Will we'll have that many. The cowboys may have as many players in the top one hundred is voted on by the players themselves as any other team. I haven't gone through the list of of all the teams <hes> but I would think that seven is an awful lot <hes> on the list. I think the chargers have a lot so far <hes> listed <hes> in the fact is I'm looking through it <hes> well. Maybe not in not not anywhere near what the cowboys have Joey Bosa comes in at fifty six Melvin Ingram at forty. Five chargers have a good defense to Keenan Allen at thirty eight. That's three <hes> Melvin. Gordon comes in at thirty four. That's four Derwin Jane's comes in at thirty one one wow I'm going into a second year. That's five chargers so far with clearly Philip rivers to go <hes> so that would make it six <HES> <hes> Philadelphia so far has four players the giants don't have any all right the giants don't have any players in the redskins had the one with Trent Williams but I just thought that was a lot of players <hes> for for the cowboys to have their defense is going to be outstanding. I mean it really is <hes> Zeke. Elliott's a hold out right now. Did you read with Jerry. Jones said yesterday about this particular holdout did see that yes. He essentially said you know he minimized the running back position. <hes> <hes> you know they tell you just a few years after drafting him for right exactly they signed Alford Morris by the way for a second stunk in Dallas. <hes> you know they may need lead. You know Alfred to start the season. I actually didn't realize it. Alfred wasn't on a roster <hes> but anyway <hes> Jerry Jones <hes> in talking about <hes> Zeke Elliott's holdout said quote the point is you don't have to have a rushing champion to win a Super Bowl A. Jones said yesterday M it was the first one to do do it. That's one of the dilemmas running back is that the League knows that you can win super bowls and not have the Emmett Smith back there the Zeke back there consequently when you're looking at putting Zeke's contract in place. We've got to realize that the ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl so you gotta do all the things along with having Zeke that allow you to have other players that you can win the Super Bowl. That's what we're going through. Close quote in this is the this is the can't play you can't overpay one player at the expense of losing losing other key players in your team now. You don't need a rushing champion to win the Super Bowl. You don't need to have a great running back to win the Super Bowl as we know from looking at Super Bowl winners in in recent years however here's the one thing that I thought about when I heard Jerry sorry say this is that the cowboys absolutely have to have zeke Elliott. This is what they do. They want to run the football and they essentially essentially by drafting him fourth overall and really focusing on having a big time back by the way is an elite back no matter what you think of him as a person person or no matter what you think of a football player Zeke Elliott gets four yards after contact or whatever it is. He's a dude what every time they handed to him. It's it's like it's your shocked if he doesn't get four or five he is a top flight back that the cowboys have now won what two division titles with in the last three years right haven't they want it to the last three years yeah. They didn't their their rookie season daggs Zeke's rookie season and then last year they won the division title <hes> so I and they've done it with very good defense an exceptional pass rush which they're going to have a great defense again <hes> and the ability to dominate time of possession by running the football. This is their the model you know the Patriots adapt to the talent they have and they've got a great quarterback that can do that. DAK NEEDS A run game. I think he does maybe he will evolve Alvin to being able to throw it on his back and go win. Football Games <hes> without a running game the cowboys the cowboys formula formula is to run the football with Zeke Elliot and dominate time of possession and then put that dominant defense on the field. I actually think the cowboys always have a chance to be really good this year. They were a good football team. At the end of last year. They were the defensively they were <hes>. They were excellent defensively. Let's not kid ourselves about how good is much as we can't stand the cowboys that was a first rate defense last year was an an exceptional run defense and they were very good at pressuring the quarterback <hes> and and they had they had an offense that could rush the football they had Zeke Elliot who had the ability to run the football to the tune of probably close to fifteen hundred yards didn't he. It was somewhere in that neighborhood yeah so that's their model so Zeke I think I think he's got him a little bit. I they're not sticking Alfred Morris back there and became and continuing to be dominant dominant offense. Now the funny thing about about <hes> Alfred is when he got his opportunities you know he actually played pretty well in part because they've got a quarterback utterback that is also a run threat and this is sort of what Alfred succeeded with with our g three in twenty twelve and in two thousand thirteen to a lesser extent <hes> the cowboys. I'm trying to think of the other backs that they have their <hes> it <hes> did did they draft the Ohio State Dai- they've got Darius Jackson. I'm looking at their dairy Jackson Tony Pollard Mike Weber Tony Pollard Mike Weber is the Ohio State Guy yes. Where did they pick him this year? Because I Mike Weber was seventy seventh round pick. He's actually not a bad back <hes> but they add <hes> they had Alfred Morris to the mix cowboys will be hurt by not having Zeke Elliot you know from start to finish. They're going to have to figure that thing out because they have a team. That has a chance this year to make a run. They have a chance to win. Eleven twelve. You know plus Games. Their defense is that good if they can run the football and get the same kind of performance from Dak Prescott where he's not losing games and he's keeping them in there and I I think times has played well. They obviously added weapons. <hes> with Amari Cooper Midway through the season at the trade deadline last year the added Randall Cobb and this particular off-season season that Guy Gallup could really run Jason Whitten's back in the fold. I don't WanNa be overly optimistic about the cowboys. It makes me ill to be that way but I picked up on on them early. Last season. If you recall Aaron and I said this is an outstanding defensive football team that's going to be in games because of their defense and wh- what were they were weren't they like three and five when they went to Philadelphia on Sunday night and one that game that essentially kept their season alive and and they they had been good defensively you know they'd been okay defensively but that game where they went to Philly on a Sunday night and one that game I think there were three and five let me pull up their schedule. Yeah there are three and five and they went won that game in that totally turn their season around went to Atlanta the following week in one beat the redskins on Thanksgiving and remember that game on a Thursday night against it's the saints when they held the saints who were rolling offensively to ten points. This was the thing even early in the season like they held you know the Texans down. They held Carolina to sixteen in the opener <hes> they were and they killed Jacksonville. If you were calling the Jacksonville didn't have much of an offense but this was okay good football team last year and by the way the type of football team and the type of formula that can win in the postseason now they lot they beat Seattle and they lost lost to the rams on the road and the Coliseum <hes>. I think with Zeke healthy I I don't know that they should pay him and I don't know what they lose by paying him in terms of other big players they've got you know they've got to extend coming up but Zeke Elliott is super important to that team we we sue report and by the way unlike Trent Williams situation here they do look like they can contend for deep into the postseason they do. I they do to me anyway because of that defense. You know it's a situation nation where running backs there are teams. Don't WanNA pay running backs. I think the girly thing got completely out of hand and they don't WanNa follow that but at the same time during his suspension two years ago we saw that the cowboys running game you know there was a thought that they had such a great offensive line that they could put anybody back there and we saw two years ago they can't you know the other thing going to and I just pull up the cowboys schedule and you know how I feel about schedules in trying to predict schedules but the early portion of the schedule the first three games or giants at home at Washington Dolphins at home. They have a legitimate shot to start three no before they have a huge game Sunday September twenty-ninth ninth at New Orleans but you don't Sunday night match fits magic in that week three game. No I don't <hes> I mean you know I they've got a chance to start how quickly and and do some damage early. I mean things change. We know this injuries are a huge determinant of N._F._l.. Games and N._F._l.. N._F._L. All seasons but to me the N._F._C. East really does look like on paper a two team race. It's cowboys in the eagles. They are far superior in talent back to the other two teams in the division including the Redskins. The redskins have defensive talent their front seven they do and I'm I'm optimistic about that and hopeful that it gets coached well and we see you know a big jump defensively like we did last year for the first half of the season and that Jon Allen Doron pain and and you know all ah Tim settle I I heard Jay gruden talking about Tim settle this morning and that he's going to be a part of the rotation. They apparently love him. Obviously I notice in sweat is the the guy that I think could be a star but we'll have to wait and see when till they start playing real games but they got issues at inside linebacker right now. At least we're not sure about the secondary completely -pletely <hes> the cowboys and Eagles are far superior on paper <hes> roster wise talent wise to the redskins in the giants at this point <hes> one other thing <hes> John Harbaugh made a comment yesterday about the Ravens Offense Harbaugh was on <hes> n._F._l.. Network I I guess yesterday perhaps they were at the Raven training camp yesterday or the day before but I read this <hes> yesterday a Brian Billick who was on on the N._F._l.. Network set had made the comment about the ravens offense saying it's going to be an offense that looks unlike any offense ever seen before in the N._F._l.. <hes> Harbaugh aw said in responding to that comment from Brian billick quote. I would kind of agree with that. I really do closed. Quote told that Cam Newton's career high is one hundred and thirty nine carries harbaugh said Jackson will run the ball more than that quote. I bet the over on that one one I'd bet the over for sure on that one closed quote <hes> he also talked about some of the Revolutionary Missionary Offensive Guys like Bill Walsh and he said quote the game was probably revolutionized with Bill Walsh and Joe Montana in the eighties. What's the next the era going to be and he says were about to find out closed quote? He has a quarterback with speed and the ability to be a dual threat quarterback like maybe we haven't seen we've seen a lot of them. Russell Wilson Right now obviously the most successful of the last a six seven years in terms of being dual threat in in Russell Wilson does everything so well Lamar Jackson struggled lashes a passer most of the time they got to the playoffs offs the Ravens did running the football and running their quarterback last year and I think what we're hearing from <hes> from John Harbaugh aw is the following that dual threat running quarterbacks who run a lot in these games <hes> and the fear that so many have had had over the years. You can't run your quarterback that much in the N._F._l.. You get them hurt. You can't win you got. It's gotta be able to throw from the pocket when all said and done got to be able to throw from the pocket Yada Yada Yada I think John Earnhardt by saying my quarterback can occasionally throw throw from the pocket he will but we are going to run the football down people's throats with a a dual threat running quarterback. That's what we're GONNA do. It's not gonna be the wishbone but there's GonNa be shotgun and a whole lot of zone read a whole lot of zone read where Jackson is keeping it and using his speed to break games open in that first game that he played when flacco got Kurt they went to Cincinnati as a thing. It was a foreign five team he had twenty six carries for one hundred nineteen yards and as a team. They Ran Hannah fifty three times. I mean remember what the Ravens did last year. This is what hard bus talking about revolutionizing the offensive game with something that people haven't seen well. We saw the beginning of it last year we saw them basically use their starting quarterback as a nother running back the following week in his second start against the raiders at home <hes> he only carried it eleven times for seventy one yards but they ran for two hundred and forty two yards in that particular game as a team. You're talking about some massive rushing performances the following week they played in Atlanta. That was the game that R._G.. Three actually got into on because Jackson got hurt briefly but Jackson carried it seventeen times for seventy five yards and the team team again went over two hundred yards rushing in a win in Atlanta and then there was that incredible game at Arrowhead <hes> between the Ravens in the chiefs chiefs that the chiefs won in overtime the came back and won that game in overtime twenty seven twenty four in that Game Jackson rushed fourteen times sixty seven yards and also he actually through. I think that was the one game where he threw a couple of touchdown passes as well and had a passer rating over one hundred in that game and I don't think he through. I think that was the game he didn't throw a pick and legacy yeah. He didn't throw pick in that game. I think he fumbled it once or twice but didn't have a pick in that game and then you've got later into the season they played Tampa <hes> and in that particular game he rushed for ninety five yards on eighteen carries two two hundred forty two as a team <hes> barely throwing the football in the game against Tampa. There was that Sunday night game remember against the chargers that followed the Redskins Titans Titan game where the Ravens just took it to them with their defense and Jackson <hes> and the Ravens offense actually made more big plays in the passing passing game that particular day they threw over two hundred rush for a buck fifty nine. You're just this is what you're going to see from the Ravens. They are fully committed. When Jackson came in last year and week ten or week eleven whatever that was they and it started to work they moved on from flacco and this was the way they were gonNA play football because remember in the playoff game against the chargers when they got behind the one thing about the ravens last year well if they get behind they can't possibly win and and they fell behind in that game I think was twelve nothing or fifteen nothing in that game and I was convinced that he was coming back with flacco in the second half and he stuck with Jackson and the reason is he talked about this after that loss Lamar Jackson our future? This is the way we're going to play. Football and Jackson did a good job of bringing them back in that game amy giving them a chance by throwing a couple of touchdowns in the second half they are one of those teams next year and then people have accused me of of becoming sort of a closet raise ravens fan. I just enjoy great defensive football and I love John Harbaugh as a coach love them as a coach. The Ravens are going to be a very very interesting team to watch offensively. They should be really good defensively again. They lost some players in free agency but they are going to be very interesting to watch two thousand nineteen play offense in our budget told you <hes> that he agrees that he agrees that that their your net you've never seen an offense like the one that the Ravens are GonNa Rollout in two thousand nineteen and I think what we saw was the beginning of that in twenty eighteen win a Lamar Jackson took over for Flaco a by the way Josh Johnson turn down an offer from the ravens the Ravens brought Josh Johnson and worked him out and he turned it down weird and the reason was is. He said they are keeping Griffin in Griffin supposed is to be ready or close to ready when the regular season starts so I think he was seeing himself as just a placeholder until the regular season and didn't want to be that <hes> I'd love to

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