Episode 351 - Angrily Ignoring Misinformation About It


Eighth Year Stone ads episode three fifty one angrily ignoring misinformation about it. A podcast. You're about to listen to includes cursing and talking about who has please advised. Welcome to another episode of atheists nomads. I am Dustin and I am coming at you from studio is in the bedroom Studio A in our living room is currently torn apart and there are some cables that I'm GONNA need for the the new setup that are on order right now with the shutdown in social distancing and everything those are pretty well delayed like Might be getting them boy sometime next month and I ordered the more than a week ago. So we're going to be rearranging to wear the computer that's been doing most of the audio work. Plus the big interface That's all going to be going into the TV in the living room. The the new one we got a couple of months ago Fifty inch four. K. TV BUILT-IN ROKU get an amazing deal on it. So really pleased about that. And Yeah we're GONNA pipe through a really long. Hdmi cable the computer into that. Which will make live streams really cool to just sit on the couch and see it all on the TV and when we do interviews we can do video interviews and actually see them Easily if it's me and Lauren or more people we can all see everybody so that should be really pretty cool. I'm I'm looking forward to getting that setup but again it's going to take a little while and a probably a month and a half ago. I set up a desk in the bedroom. Could get a place where I could get a behind closed door to try to work on schisms and has become my Home Office for working from home and it is set up as a secondary studio. I I still need to get some sound treatment on the walls so hopefully it's not too terribly bad right now we will. We will see how this all sounds in the long run and limited testing. I've done before. It seemed okay using the old interface for this and and Mike so the sound should all be pretty familiar. Otherwise settings are all about the same That's getting way too into the weeds. I'm frankly getting kind of tired of of the whole stay at home and shelter in place and we all are. This is one of those things where we need to. Just buck up and deal with it. It sucks but it's important to make sure that people don't needlessly die because right now people are needlessly dying and there are some people who are not willing to buck up and deal with it such as a local ammon Bundy who you may recall from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. A few years back. He led an armed insurrection against the United States government. Seizing Federal Land and destroying any artifacts and has his. Most recent thing was a defiant Easter gathering near his home in Emmett Idaho where he was hoping to get a thousand people. Together in. Defiance of the governor's shelter in place order. Yeah he was hoping to get one thousand people you WANNA guess with. The real count was sixty. Yeah he got sixty people. He also didn't run out a big space research. Nope just used a warehouse that he owns on the edge of town out of these sixty people about half when asked by. Diego Rodriguez a pastor who spoke at the event when he asked who was from out of state but half rose their hands after the event or before even During the event the people were hugging and shaking hands. Nobody wore masks or any other protective gear. There were tons of most of the vehicles. There were pickups. A LOT OF THEM HAD AMERICAN. Flags mounted some had bumper stickers promoting the three percenters militia and somebody at the entrance blow a show far which is a horn made from a horn that you blow that is actually a type of Goat Horn. It is at least loosely based on a old Jewish horn talked about in the Bible but has been taken over by Christians especially the Jews for Jesus and Masonic Jewish groups and now the Patriot movement. Which has a anti-federal movement that seeks to overthrow the federal government and replace it with a libertarian theocracy? Which of course it would be a complete oxymoron. The the pastor there the event He did say during it Quote they'll speak all manner of evil against you. They'll say that you were just trying to bring attention to yourself. They say they'll say that you are trying to destroy other people's freedoms because if you go outside and you breathe someone might die. Yes they are ammon. Bundy was just trying to bring attention to himself. The people gathering are just trying to bring attention to themselves. They have been promoting themselves in as an anti federal movement. They are actively opposing. The state government and Idaho has one of the most conservative state governments out there. One of the most liber- Libertarian state. Governments out there. And they're opposing it too so no they they are just anti-government and anybody who's truly anti-government doesn't get it like even anarchists. Some kind of government. I don't know what they're really hoping to replace the government with but obviously it's not just getting rid of the central government man. It's pretty crazy One thing that the Bundy said at the event was I think it's bad enough and our rights are infringed upon enough will physically stand in defence in whatever way we need to. I believe that is specifically what Governor Brad. Little was talking about with a hose shelter in place order when he said that he doesn't want to have to enforce it but he has activated the National Guard and will use it if he needs to. They're bringing people from out of state and outside of the little town of Emmett to an event with more than ten people to potentially spread Govett. Nineteen either from Idaho to these other states or from these other states and to the town of 'em and win. The governor threatened the use of the National Guard. That was I know. At least I interpreted as stopping travel across regions like stopping people needlessly traveling from state from out of state to say a fucking Easter event in Im- it. It's not like they're going to be having the immaturity festival this year. Kentucky has mandatory shelter. Kentucky has a similar shelter in place and advance of Easter actually two days before Easter. Good Friday governor. Andy Bashir warned that anybody who violated the stay at home order on Easter knowing that there were numerous churches threatening to ignore the order also acknowledging that while most churches and every single synagogue and mosque in the state at shut down for this time there were some that weren't and he said that anybody who went to one of them would be subject to a fourteen day mandatory self corn team with police recording license plates and sending health officials to in person place all of these people and their households on quarantine. What actually happened ended up being at least that one church Maysville baptist. Church had a full house. At least it looked like it from the parking lot Which As a general rule of thumb churches considered full when the parking lot is eighty percent full. That's when people start. Stop showing up and just drive by so yeah. If it appeared to be near near full house it was full and that was despite a heavy police presence and even some nails blocking the parking lot entrances a church member who arrived beforehand Remove the piles of of nails and they ignored. The police warnings and signs and then they police went. Oh and some people even covered up license points To make us so the police wouldn't be able to record their license plate numbers so then. The police took down license plates when they could and the numbers when they couldn't and again everyone who attended lease. Let me phrase it. The owners of the vehicles that were in the parking lot during the event and everyone else living at their address are now quarantined for fourteen days. How fucking selfish can you get like if you can? You can hope that. In each of those cases everyone in the household attended And you didn't have. People need needlessly getting quarantined. Or at least everybody's getting quarantine due to no fault of their own but that's not likely with the Baptist Church but if there was anybody in attendance who had a roommate who is a devout Christian. Yeah that sucks. You need to pick your pick your roommates better. If you're in that situation and in Virginia Bishop Gerald Glenn of Richmond's new deliverance Evangelistic Church said at one of his. Actually I believe is that his last service he attended on March twenty second quote. I firmly believe that God is larger than the dreaded virus. You can quote me on that. He happily announced that he was being controversial violating safety rules at way more than ten people in attendance and then he was diagnosed with Kovic nineteen and has now died his wife's also sick with over nineteen and according to their daughter early on her father dismissed his symptoms because he has some other health condition that often leads to fevers and infections. I'M GONNA GUESS DIABETES. And so she ignored that he nord that apparently ignoring that diabetes and and or any other health disorder that negatively impacts your immune system but she would increase risk of severe complications from Cova nineteen including death. He firmly believed that God is larger than the dreaded virus the virus that killed him. So let's turn to misinformation removing from people ignoring it to misinformation about it and around it. The Reuters institute at the University of Oxford in England reviewed two hundred cove nineteen related claims. That had been rated either. False misleading by the fact checking organization first draft news. And what they found was that fifty nine percent of all claims were reconfigured. Only thirty eight percent were completely fabricated. Now that is that is really disturbing. That they found thirty. Eight percent of those were literally completely made up but the majority of them were reconfigured. Meaning they took actual information and twisted one example and one of the more common ones they saw it had to do with the instability of the virus at high temperatures. So the the claim they're making is that the Sun will kill it at twenty seven degrees Celsius and according to preliminary studies which again at this point. We only have preliminary studies. The virus does become unstable at high temperatures and the higher the temperature the less stable it is that is true that temperatures above seventy degrees Celsius. That is seven zero degrees Celsius so a mere twenty seven degree Celsius does not harm it like when you put it in the Oh yeah the subtle killer that twenty seven degree Celsius. Well then. Yeah if you're outside on a warm day then you're fine. No that is not even close a yeah would also that that twenty seven degrees Celsius number would also be one. That would be really something. People are optimistic of in hopes that it will die off in the summer or at least I down in the summer. But if his stable up to seventy degrees Celsius then no summer won't impact and just going outside does not protect you at all. Yeah seventy degrees Celsius higher than the temperatures you get in death valley the desert of Iran or Sudan that recently had the new contenders for highest temperature. You don't find seventy degrees Celsius. There's also some concern. They had that. Maybe there was some some deep fakes where they're using Audio and video manipulation through Artificial intelligence to tweak things into people saying stuff they weren't and they didn't find any evidence that that was actually happening. This was all all of this information was being produced the old fashioned way with people. Tweaking stuff editing audio and video to take things out of context rather than actually using a I to change the video and audio and this is just simple cuts. They found most of the false claims. Were focused on public health authority actions about forty percent of them a lot of these related to the World Health Organization and UN. They also found a lot of them. Were around five G. Because there is a conspiracy out there. The Five G. is what is spreading the virus as if electromagnetic radiation non ionizing electromagnetic radiation is spreading a virus. That is not how physics works. It's it's it's radio waves. We have radio waves. We've had radio waves for one hundred years. They don't spread viruses five. G. is just more radio waves again. We have radio waves lots of them and they also found that public figures are critical in the spread of this misinformation about twenty percent of them were spread by prominent figures like celebrities and politicians. And because of these people's significant reach they got seventy percent of the total engagement despite only being twenty percent of the false post and they also acknowledged that most of this isn't being spread by bad actors. It's just people who are coming across. That are ignorantly sharing misinformation thinking that it is good and that it will help somebody else and if we want to get a little deeper into one of those types of misinformation. Pew Research Center did a survey looking into Americans beliefs about the origin of Cova nineteen and they found across all. Us adults that forty three percent believed that it came out naturally only forty three percent. Twenty-three percent believe that it was intentionally developed in a laboratory. Six percent believe it was accidentally developed in a laboratory and twenty. Five percent. Aren't sure so. Nearly thirty percent of people in the US believe that somebody created Kobe. Nineteen in a lab and depending on who you talk to. It's either the. Us government created it to make China. Look bad. China created it to make Donald Trump look bad or the deep stage with secret. Democrats in the American bureaucracy created it and put it in China to spread to the US to make trump look back. Now this came about completely naturally a where it gets even more interesting. When you start digging into the the the demographics on who believe what about it is there some interesting things that that show up for. One men and women are roughly equally likely to believe that it was made in a thirty percent of men. Twenty nine percent of women. Men are more likely to be confident that it came about naturally whereas women are more likely to be not sure with forty six percent of men believing it came about naturally compared to forty one percent of women and twenty eight percent of women believing or not being sure compared to twenty two percent of men white people are the most likely to believe that came about naturally at fifty percent whereas blacks are coming in at twenty one percent and Hispanics at thirty five percent. Hispanics are the most likely to believe it was made in the lab at thirty nine percent whereas blacks are most likely to be not sure at forty one percent. If you look at age demographics the eighteen to twenty nine group is the least likely to believe it came about naturally the least likely to not be sure Andy. Most likely to believe it was created in the lab at thirty five percent whereas those over sixty five are the most likely to believe it came about naturally. That's fifty one percent and the least likely it was made in a lab at twenty one percent education's a big factor with college educated people being sixty one percent sure that it came about naturally compared to only thirty one percent for people with a high school diploma or less and Republicans are less likely than Democrats to believe that it came about naturally and a lot more likely than Democrats to believe is made in the lab so if you are a white male over the age of sixty five with a college degree or higher who is a liberal in votes democratic. You're most likely to believe the truth about this. And if you are a Hispanic in your twenties with a high school diploma or less who votes Republican? You are the most likely to believe it's was created in a lab and that really goes to show how much younger people don't trust. The government and less educated people tend to not trust science as much as more educated people and that thirty four to thirty nine percent of Republican and leaning Republican. Those numbers are those are the diehard trump supporters who believe anything that makes trump look bad was intentionally created to make trump look bad and right now the. Us government is actively engaged in a lot of very anti Hispanic practices actively targeting Hispanics and Latinos as dangerous other. So it makes sense that they'd be more likely to not trust the official narrative and the history of of black people with medicine in the United States has been really really ugly for really long time which is tragic for the historic abuses and tragic for the poor health outcomes for basically every thing for black people in the United States including Cova Nineteen. And it's so just so sad that this is something incredibly serious and yet there's a whole lot of misinformation being spread and I hate to say it. But Russia and China are actively trying to promote the spread of misinformation around Cova nineteen to destablizing United States and part of Russia's plan is to turn blacks and Hispanics against each other and against whites and to turn young against old and Republicans against Democrats and. It looks like their efforts might be working for a good example on the actual science on this This particular strain was first discovered in two thousand thirteen in bats. Well there are more current viruses which there are forms of the common cold that are corona viruses that have been around for a long time and are pretty benign and then there are current viruses like SARS and merce and Cova nineteen which is also known as SARS cove to and they have found additional strains in wild bats in Myanmar They captured wild bats and did rectal oral swabs and collected some Guano samples and checked for Colonel Viruses and they found three novel Alpha Current. Oh viruses three novel Beta Krona viruses one known Alpha Kurna virus and these novel one sees would be ones that haven't been identified before that's what novel means in this case. It is new. It's not known it's not SARS it's not Cova. Nineteen is not murders. And it's not the common cold these are new strains that we also don't have immunity to there are more this. They are spreading. They are making the cross from bats into an mostly bats into humans and nobody is making it in the lab There is some some decent evidence that part of what has been spreading this at least with SARS and and cove nineteen is the the wet markets with live wildlife in China which they are looking at trying to shut down they are trying to shut them down pretty poorly but one of the reasons for the existence of those wet markets is for traditional Chinese medicine. Which isn't traditional. It's something that was created as part of now it's cultural revolution and China is promoting traditional Chinese medicine as misnamed as it is as a treatment for covert nineteen. Since they don't they're still aren't good treatments for it and the resources available to try to keep people live while they try to fight it off are pretty limited and this particular treatment. China is promoting requires for part of its cocktail bear bile and their environmental groups in Malaysia. That are sounding the alarm that this could lead to the extinction of the Malaysian Sun. Bear There are poachers going around collecting the bears phrase that they're poachers going around killing the bears to harvest their bile to ship to China to be turned into traditional Chinese medicine and so even though the bears may not be dying of Kobe nineteen they are dying because of it fucking China seriously for one last story. I do WanNa talk about the news. George Pell was Catholic Cardinal. He was convicted of child sex abuse from his time as a priest and sentenced to prison. he was the highest ranking member of the Catholic Church to ever be charged and also to ever be convicted and the Australian High Court unanimously overturned his conviction on all five counts They cited in in their ruling They said in their ruling quotes. The jury ought to have entertained a doubt as to the applicants guilt with respect to each of the offenses for which he was convicted and order that the convictions be quashed and at the verdict of acquittal. Be entered in their place They one of the things they they they questioned was that he was convicted. On the evidence of one man the five counts. Were all about two boys. Getting raped repeatedly by PELLE EIGHTIES. And one of the men committed suicide in two thousand fourteen so he wasn't able to testify and this was before any allegations were made so it was just the one man testifying to this happening and there was no physical evidence again. It was from the eighties. So there's no physical evidence left and the jury found that testimony to be convincing and quickly reached the unanimous guilty verdict. But the High Court didn't think that a single witness thirty years later was sufficient and it is really easy to get angry about this Another priests getting let off the hook for raping children but on the other hand one. Victim's testimony thirty years later. This is a really tricky one. Where whether you rape one person or you rape multiple you're guilty of rape and should be sent to prison for it and especially if you're raping children. It often takes a lot of time for them to mature and process through it and decide that it's time to report it so some extra allowances need to be made and it's really sucks when people killed themselves possibly because of that abuse but for legal system. Do we really want people going to prison on accusations from a single person from thirty years ago with no physical evidence. I don't have an answer to that. But if you're angry about this I think that's something worth considering. We got some feedback from Randy via youtube to episode three fifty five slave stream. Couple days after the fact love your content and we'll support whatever changes you come up with so thank you randy definitely do plan on continuing with content and right now. There's just a lot of news that has been really irritating me and I felt the need to yell. No microphone about it. So hopefully you will. You will continue to enjoy me yelling into a microphone. And like one of the you know the podcast. One of the ways of looking at it throughout the entire length that has been going on has been me having conversations with people and it's it's time for me to be to get comfortable with having a conversation directly with the listeners. And I'm I'm working on getting better with that and I. I think I'm doing pretty well. So let me know if you what you think but yeah I think I'm I'm getting better at that and from colleen via twitter. She's at Sea Rose Jay on twitter at atheist. Nomads listened episode. Three forty seven Boorda Tele is a yearly vaccine is not always commonly given though. This was not something I was aware of. She knows because she works in pet care and they do that one routinely for pets so yup. That's definitely something to talk to your veterinarian about if you have if you have pets that's going to wrap it up for this episode. I don't think I'll be getting another one out this week. But if you want to support the show you can find out how atheists dumb as dot com slash donate and if you WANNA contact us like Randy and colleen you can comment or tweet or send US messages or comments on facebook. Don't do facebook. I don't check it very often. The feedback form on the website and the email address contact atheist dot com are usually best. Twitter works pretty well too. I get emails when with from Youtube comment. So that also works. Well we love. We love feedback so keep that up and remember. Not all those who wander are lost. 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