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Explorers & Contenders: Lucy Walker


Before we get started with today's episode I have a really exciting announcement wonder. Media Networks Encyclopedia will. Monica has been nominated for a Webby Award. We need your help to win. It's so appreciate if you could vote for encyclopedia. Britannica the best science and education. Podcast you can find the link to vote in our episode notes. Now let's get to it. Hello from Wonder Media Network. I'm Jenny Kaplan and this is encyclopedia. Will Monica this whole month of April. We've highlighted explorers and contenders women. Who veered outside of prescribed gender norms to accomplish feats infield strongly associated with men? These women literally discovered new paths and door participated in incredible athletic endeavors. I've loved this group and a found them. Inspiring especially during quarantine our final woman. This month combined exploration and sport she was a British mountaineer who was first known woman to climb the matter famously. Tall peak in the Alps that measures fourteen thousand six hundred ninety two feet all in all. She completed ninety eight expeditions in her life. All at a time when women were urged not to exercise strenuously. Let's talk about Lucy Walker. Lucy was born in eighteen. Thirty six in. What's now Canada to a family? That hailed from Liverpool England. She grew up in Liverpool where her father was a lead merchant. Lucy's father and brother were also early mountaineers members of the Alpine Club at a time when meter peaks in the Alps for being ascended for the first time as such. The family spent their summers in the Alps. But due to gender norms lucy took no part in climbing according to some sources lucy. I attempted mountain climbing at age. Twenty two after a doctor recommended. She walked to help rheumatism. A problem that had plagued for years from her first checkup the Alps that year. It was clear that Lucy wasn't your average walker. She wasn't satisfied strolling in the valleys. She wanted to climb peaks with her father and brother. Her family was happy for her to join and higher guide milky or Android to assist. Melk your a Swiss expert in the Alps became a pivotal figure in Lucy's climbing endeavors and was actually the only guy she would work with. Lucy's mountaineering was far outside the norms of Victorian society. Women at that time were expected to play very specific roles. Exercise was not seen as Feminine Endeavor while at home in Liverpool. Lucy played the perfect Victorian lady in the Alps for behavior last by the book on expeditions. Lucy often climbed for fourteen hours a day and she slept in mountain barnes between eighteen sixty four and eighteen sixty nine. She was the first woman to summit at least five peaks in the Alps still. She was forced to play by certain rules. She had to climb in a hefty skirt and she always had a male family member with her as being alone with other men was seen as improper despite her unusual feats for her gender at the time. Lucy wasn't particularly well known that is until she sat her eye on a famous pyramid shaped peak that no woman and few men had successfully climbed before today a snow capped pyramid of treacherous rock that stands alone and a loop and threatening high over this breathtaking range of the southern out. The metal on Lucy was determined to be the first woman to summit the matterhorn. And she knew she needed to hurry. An American woman also had her eye on the prize and was actively planning an expedition. Lucy gathered a group and set off determined to beat the American Punch on August. Twenty second eighteen seventy one. She did just that wearing a white print dress. Lucy became the first woman to make it. To the top of the matterhorn with that climb. Lucy became famous. She continued mountaineering missing. Only two climbing seasons between eighteen. Fifty eight eighteen seventy nine and she did so in style wearing dresses and sipping on champagne. Trousers wouldn't really become a thing for women until long after Lucy finished climbing while Lucy herself didn't keep journals or written first person accounts for expeditions that we know of others wrote about her and noted her fondness for Champagne and sponge cake in total. Lucy completed ninety eight climbing expeditions in her lifetime. She also helped promote her sport among other women in nineteen o nine. She joined the Ladies Alpine Club and in nineteen thirteen she was elected organizations president on September Tenth Nineteen Sixteen. Lucy died at her home in Liverpool at a time when women athletes were hardly tolerated let alone celebrated Lucy accomplished incredible feats leasing path for women to come all month. We've talked about explorers and contenders. I'm sad this month is ending but really excited for what's next tune in tomorrow for the first episode of brand new theme Africa and Legends. For MORE ON WHY? We're doing what we're doing check out. Our Encyclopaedia Amanda newsletter or Manacle. Weekly could also follow us on facebook and Instagram at Encyclopedia Britannica. And you can follow me. Directly on twitter at Jenny Kaplan special. Thanks to lose. Kaplan I ever sister and co-creator tomorrow hey listeners. Mother's Day is around the corner. Are you looking for a unique way to tell the mother in your life how much she means to? You never fear. Wfan has you covered forgo a classic gift and purchase customized episode of Encyclopaedia manteca starring MOM head to wonder media network DOT COM to fill out a few questions for just one hundred dollars will make a special podcast episode. All about your mom that will no doubt be a big hit vis mother's Day all submissions due by. 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