Spot and Parasite SPOILERCAST - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 2/4/20


This week's episode of cell entitled is Made Possible With Support from Microsoft surface introducing the new Microsoft surface laptop three with its beautiful touchscreen. You'll experience stunning graphics with razor sharp resolution now available with thirteen and a half or fifteen inch screen and with the latest processors. There's no project. The surface laptop laptop can't handle. It's both light and powerful. So you can get more done on the go visit surface dot com slash laptop three to learn more that surface dot com slash laptop three. Welcome to still untitled data. I'm well I'm at a norm. Hello Hello again just did this go. Yeah no I changed yes. I am wearing replica. NASA coveralls and a replica. NASA physical training shirt from Luna Replicas. My friend Max. Kaiser Man has a website lunar replicas dot com. Go there and get some of of his incredible NASA stuff really good replicas of NASA hardware and software and clothing Is Hard to come by a lot of bad replicas out there but these guys are doing amazing it's for you who would be discerning about equality of a meatball patch. I totally yes. So for instance met Max. You'll notice notice that will you will notice. He literally bought an old seventies factor base machine and backs us with cheese cloth like the originals as Shitty as the early patches. All refined like Maude is done with punch cards on ancient pre computer computer. So that's the level of fidelity he brings and missing blue the same fabric as the jacket. I it's very close to the same kind of dwelt jackets made but you didn't know is that we prepared an enema. Another room mercury training as soon as putting a right stuff Scott Glen. Yeah Scott Glen sits there with the ETIMA. Yeah that does the Jose Jimenez. It's a it's it. Plays Gus grissom right. I believe Alan Shepherd. No grissom is played by Fred Ward Oh right so it must be it must have been I think. Scott Glen Plays Carpenter but I could be wrong. I can't remember the problem with that. Movie is a lot of those guys look alike because they're all middle aged white guy with also suburban great actress Lance Henriksen buried. Forget all these amazing people probably fifteen years. I watched it last year really holds up. The book is one of my like in the top like the new journalism Tom. Wolfe can key hunter S. Thompson is riveting. I didn't read it until Jen. Schachter told me to read it and by the way in the movie when they're walking down the long hallway. You know where that was shot now was shot on Third Street and twenty second bucket here in San Francisco. Yes so a colossal pictures which is down off of Quin street where I worked with Jamie Hyneman in the early nineties colossal pictures in in the eighties eighties when they made the right stuff did all the special effects and when they needed that long hallway. Shot there's that long factory building in Dog Patch on the east side of third. St The American building is a twelve hundred foot long hallway. And that's where we're revision. Three's to be so how excited Cisco you never know film here as well. We're recording. It's a weird way. You're listening this but in San Francisco as you're listening Mr filming the Matrix for what. Yep they're making making the Chow Skis. He's are making the fourth way trix right now. And it's I know downtown San Francisco. You got to remind me after this podcast. I've got to reach out to people the House keys and see if we can't get tested on that we need to really tested listener working on this production I'm coming for you awesome awesome. Yeah we'll bring cameras or even not bring cameras. We just show up with coffee nor nor a good grip robot. That's really really exciting and we could bring a robot. I know that was a good segue purpose Klein. Wow Hey Jesus awesome recorded episode but we have a boss Nynex spot robot. We do have one that for this whole year for this whole year. We are developing for him. We're going to give him some new skills and we are going to also help him walk out of the Uncanny Valley hopefully so that he doesn't creep people out because because when I see spot I see a magnificent piece of engineering and a solution to really interesting problems that we might not have even encountered yet and I I see a future that I like a lot of people when they see spot. They see a different narrative. And I get it. I get why they see that narrative and I know that they're affected by things like metalhead. Beautiful season four episode of Black Mirror by. I would like everyone to see the engineering defeat that I witnessed. We're trying to get on the good side of the robots. It's a fascinating thing because we all of us over the past decade or so have seen the videos that Bosnia namic says put out and spot is of DNA but it's not the atlas robot. It's not the BIPEDAL robot dogs not big jaw. Dog has a very specific purpose. Now inherits a lot of the engineering and design philosophy. That went into those but this is this is for very specific purpose. It is for surveying. It's four constructions for Industry News. It's a tool and it's a it's a you know and it is. It's very much a tool with very few attachments right now. Like it doesn't map the room. It looks at the ground in front of it and figure out how to move over it without incident. It took me a couple of weeks of having it here. The had it now for a month. Yeah it took me a while to rouse. They didn't have to steer it away from things it moves in. has its own sense appropriate. Greece I was just shocked. Navigate your shop. Yeah this is I look at this room. It's a nightmare for humans. Much less you know. Yeah but does it fairly handling. That's something that we've video out and you should watch the video because we did take it to one of your favorite places to bomb randomly and really try to put through places because it is. That's open area right. The violent where spot would likely operate of. But I don't think people understand. It's both physically a controlled with manual control. I can't be menu so there. Is this controller the screen. It's essentially an android tablet with two sticks almost like a video game controller and you can use a Tuesday control to to pilot. It been looked at the screen on the cat. And you're seeing what spot seats. You're seeing the view of the world that he is witnessing. So it has kind of structured light sensor so infrared and in visions these As Rocky y going on. I don't think there's any lighter actually red light itself him back right so it's very much. Like the MC soft connect or the Intel real sense cameras and has an array of those all round. So that's where I think. The magic check in is how easily it lets you control it. Direct it without having to think about things like ops bumps into this thing like. How's it going to make it over that obstacle tickle when you were showing it to me and you just tapped on a section of the floor from your shop of the shop to buy the pool table and just like okay I got this walked over there and kind of shimmied meet over to the left to avoid an obstacle and then walked around and then got to wear it was supposed to be and then you did the same thing by backing it up and I was just like? Oh okay. This is this. This works exp better than I expected. you know. The folks have been friends of mine for a few years. And we've had a lot of time to to get to know each other and I've been seeing. I've been following their progress actually since the early nineties. That's the first time Mark Roberts early work came across my came across my contention and it's so exciting to have him here. We turn them on every day. We play around with different things. We have a whole bunch of different plans for him And just like any good. TV show there are some things we WANNA do. That are part of an overall plot and there are some bottle episodes. I even have an idea for helping him to poop perhaps even better okay but yeah the video. The first video is up is a is a little taste and I'm very excited excited. How well a video has done? I think that the response I mean. There's a response online. Also the response person. I won't talk about. Both of those people have already come up by watching the video with a a lot of like the same direction they know when they see you and spots. Of course there's going to be pure caused by cosmic. We're thinking in those terms right but I mean one of the lovely things about producing a series like we are currently producing is we expe. Occasions are and it's really fun to both meet them and change them in modified them. That's actually some of the most fun of the storytelling and then spot in the wild which we haven't shown like you were able like you've walked the streets of the commission. Yeah with spot. Yeah Tom Talk about that. We were the first day we had him at the end of that day. I WanNa take them home. I want to run him around my house. It's got to climb the stairs is my house. It's so It was raining and he is relatively water resistant and we walked him from here to the House. It's a a few blocks and I mean most PLAC- a him just feels right ISH I. It's sort of a default okay. I'm being very open to the character of spot I have also yesterday I was calling she okay and I also May. I started playing around in my head with awesome acronyms or ideas about a name. That could be specific. Tim People keep asking. What's what's the name and my feeling is unless and until right like something something if something that naturally occurs it will occur? If it doesn't it doesn't but people they see it on the street next immediately. Their phones like holy cow like just watching it. The best is children seeing it like. It's not like children. Have a great scope of all the things that are going on in the world but they see this thing hang on the street and they can tell something really remarkable is having in front of them and their brains kind of like the smile of. It's the it's the look on kids spaces. They got when they get went to maker Faire. Like you're walking around making artesia rolling up door. I this is real so call all the thing that I wanNA tease. Before we move off of spot is that with the things we want to do with him this year. We are rounding up a number of collaborators elaborate to help in this endeavor that is truly exciting in old colleagues by and friends and people I admire goes far to say like a lot of people. We know work in the business of imagining the future whether it's actually building the machines and engineering or even just conceptually in terms of artistic world and Dan and what the future means to us as individuals how we respond to it. What we expect from it and what we don't expect and some of the best responses have introducing spot to those folks who have done nothing who've dedicated so much of their career imagining just from a theoretical or artistic standpoint? You know whether it's the way a robot bought moves or the weight should look and they are coming in contact with something that is of their imagined world. Yeah and that is super cool really because they don't have worry about the engineering when they're when they're coming up with those stories right so we're taking a piece of a science fiction in the real world real world have intersected in a in a really thrilling you you saw it in the video. I don't know I mean it must have been intentional. But the way when when any of US operate our natural inclination is try try to puppet it spot has has a head tilt and I don't know it has a functional purpose in terms of the way the legs and move and move around things but we all want want to kind of give it the headset. have it like perch up and sit And that's Portland. Some of the most fun we've had so far indeed indeed and I mean and we haven't even started to play with kinetics of how moves and that's definitely going to be something we we delve into. I I can't wait to see more. It's been fascinating watching. We're already cutting video. The number two right now yes I should be out in hopefully a couple like a week or two at most by turn into this. I actually think we now have the two videos after that already. The plan so we're good till like May June even having executing sorry didn't mean to clip their. Hey you've been recently. I saw you post it on twitter. Or maybe it was up for conversation. But you've been enjoying the criterion collection Indeed a Peter Becker who is runs. The Criterion Korean Channel Organization criterion collection is a friend of mine and I put a plum job that must be. He's a wonderful guy and he loves film so much. I interviewed Guillermo del Toro for him. For the criterion I don't think it's a plum job. I think it's a stressful truffle. As heck because it's so subjective in all I'm sure nothing everything here's why isn't this film in there. I mean sure. I'm sure that but then when you look at the channel you see all the different ways he's intersected different directors with other directors to talk about film to really go into the depth of how this came to be why this is important. What is it means needs culturally what it means is you know? Plot wise from Armageddon. His Ardoz Link will say having a Samsung television. It was hard to get the the criteria on general APP on Samsung. They don't play together right now. And this is part of this weird sequester who owns the standard landscape can we. Can we talk about this. I I'm GonNa tell you what my face was if you have a Samsung TV. Here's what works. It's not enough to just sign up for the ROKU ROKU APP on the Samsung APPs. You actually have to get an External Roku stick twenty five bucks. Attach that to your Samsung. It's like TV but once you do you don't need to use the ROKU remote. Your Samsung remote will operate the channel. Just fine which is that as I I see stuff does that. Yeah and then I've been I've been obsessed with it so actually I said the night Huxley passed. I wanted a mood of film so I watched watched one car wise in the mood for love which was exactly the right thing for me at that moment in time last night when I couldn't get sleep because my sleep patterns are still abysmal. Ruin my watch most of the original heist film which is a French new wave film. That maybe don't know if it's new wave exactly but it's like from that era ish and in the middle all is an hour long heist with no dialogue and it's absolutely riveting. ooh Yeah No. It's this it's you're watching something really special and you see so all many movies have borrowed from this since then from the bank. Job With Jason. Statham do films I so I haven't before we go on about criterion. I have real concerns about the APPS built into. TV's especially on low end models that are priced at an incredibly incredibly low low price rain. Yeah you think that's a way that people are GonNa hang more for cable and all that no they're collecting data. They're collecting data about what. Oh you watch what you play. What things you use your TV for? And I think even maybe we solve an apple. TV Den right right like that's the thing we used. Because I kind of trust Apple Apple with privacy stuff but anyway tilling off. It's justified or not. I don't know if I'd be interested here. What people think? I'm bringing it up because I don't know anything about it. I haven't I haven't done the research. We were working on an episode of Tech Pot about that and I would love to get feedback from people who maybe no more Then you can hit me on twitter or comments read comments in criterion had to spin up their own service risk because previously. They were part of film struck. We've championed that before. Fortunately when away and this was the sponsor that to to take that collection the licenses says they have to allow you to watch the selection of film otherwise you would not be able to find anywhere. It's been spectacularly successful for the and good mm so has been really really stunning and seriously if you're wondering whether you should sign up for criterion you do. It's a stunning film. Education in a channel channel with beautiful prints. Really like it's just great. It's like I'm just cracking the surface. I know it was live yet. So I'M GONNA go as as soon as I get home. You'RE GONNA yeah one film that's going to be on there. I'm sure at some time and I don't I love to get him on the PODCASTS. At the more talk about yet. The curation ration- Prospect Siamese Sierra totally have on the podcast and ask him when is movie like parasite going to hit the criterion collection and Bunk joon-ho interviewed a bunch on on in different in different things on this. Thanks for the was. It really really seems. We've been wanting to talk about parasite for weeks and the holdout has been. I'm so we will just refer to them as suspect W I. I think you're aware wolf. I've only ever been aware we'll one. That's what that's where Wolf Talkradio. But let me tell you. When I was the Werewolf it was here? We did a huge night of Werewolf Games ames here in the cave. Ben Ha and a bunch of other folks. Harper Harper was here and my son think too was playing with us and he was like nineteen at the time and the only time I was aware of he could tell I was the werewolf because he was the senior and I somehow managed to convince people that not only was I not aware of but but he was not the Sierra and unhinged him being so duplicitous. He likes slammed by in competition. We play one night ultimate which is basically no sleeps. You just do you get one one night of where wolf and then it's done. They built a bunch of extra rules. So that you can get all the information you need on one pass. Oh Oh my God and I will bring a copy of that as well. It is phenomenal. It's great for people who don't play with like five four people. We played with my seven year old spectacular watching her learn how to be duplicitous and detect duplicitous. Well and seven is just about the age kids. Start to be able to hold competing eating concepts in their head. We've talked about this before I played my when they were seven. I've played them. WHO's on first right and watching? They're hungry little. Brains grabbed these. The tensions of language and enjoy them is super. Nobody appreciates a terrible pun. A seven-year-old not not a parasite. I've been dying to talk about this film. Because so ben acker friend of the channel and good friend of mine half of Akron Blacker the writers of thrilling adventure adventure our many other things human being one of the things I love. We all know help. Fund is to talk to screenwriters about film right here. What someone who is immersed I in the mechanics of it thinks about very one of the things? I love about Ben in the way he talks about it is. It's always about character for him character character character. He doesn't give a shit about plots if it's not what about the characters and what. They're what was actually happening because of the characters and it took me forty years to get to that spot just for the record and parasite is the one of the most interesting character films. I have ever seen in terms of what you think about the people on screen where you're alliances fall. How you feel about the characters actors it is? I have never felt so much tension and such a thrill over just thinking what the Hell is going to happen next and yes and now. We're not gonNA do heavy spoilers. Actually it's not to spoilers. Spread the little girl okay. We'll get spoilers. The movie you undoubtedly horror film. It's a thriller by the way just before we even get to spoilers even talking generally about the film is is. It's a tiny bit of a spoiler. I would recommend that if you really are excited about seeing it maybe turn this off now because the less you know the more liberal than the film is the second time because I'm sure it's a whole different experience in theaters in the states because of the Oscar campaign so it his hat on a hat though. Which is the convention to say that you know they take something literal and and it? It is also the metaphor so the fact that people live there is a class system. People literally live under people. Yeah like also they live under people and writers and he in embrace that and it's heavy handed enough yet but they're still so many layers to pull back and you know so there are key you see every time you meet the character. He plays bunk. joon-ho is the director who directed OCTA and Snow Piercer. Here Sir and he plays with all of your expectations all the time. You meet a new character anything. Oh I think they're kind of like this and then you find out. Oh no no. They're totally the opposite of that. Actually they're also like that The two families and the film was talking about the the main repair tackiness. No family family the domain protect families a husband and a wife and their son in their their adult son and adult daughter and the son is a university student and the daughter is is not yet. It's unclear it's unclear. It's unclear May I. There's no there's there's not even a turn to suggest that they're actually related these four. I I that was unclear to me for pretty substantial part of the film I submit that they might not be and that the film I see that point I think that the the bond that they have and the the maybe the cultural need for like you know fought the frontal children relationship a is there. I totally get that. But but there's a way in which the the conventions that get played out in the film feels so subverted that go all the way to maybe that family family and the other family is a very well family. Yeah so the Kim family's the the poor family and then the the wealthy families the park family and part family lives in this amazing architectural masterpiece of a house which was completely constructed. Set up completely constructed outdoor set because wear where light falls in. I lines like bunk. Juno had diagrams in the script as he was writing about islands from the staircase to the kitchen to the thing the thing and there was they look for a house and very quickly realized they weren't GonNa find it and then they went to the lot where they built the house and spent days tracking where the Sun was going and built the orientation of the house is to accommodate for the sun based on the plot while right. Wow this set of the Kim him family. That entire street is a set. Yeah well that I can see because the way they were they were doing on it and the but yet only why. But it's not only it was. The entire street is set but apparently they were going around to like wrecking yards and dumps and other places and buying chunks of the city to make the set feel all super realistic. These old signs old doors and old windows. I mean we lived in a lot here but it it's definitely it has been lived in and then some d. idea that it every space that you pretty much every space that you're witnessing in that film is a space completely constructed is kind of astounding well and the different locations nations have entirely different. The most shot like different films right like the basements basement said his shot in a very grungy kind of turn kind of way And I was GONNA say like a seventies seventies like a pal and pack Ula film. Yeah whereas other the expensive home is shot almost almost like like the. I like not Michael Bay film but you know how the island had that whole gold. Now the whole thing felt like it was shot in the Golden Hour. It's terrible Gregor Film. The Governor Michael. It's a bad film. I have Michael Bay. It was Michael Bay. Wow but I like the whole shot. Golden Golden Hours. All glow in the whole house feels like you're in a in a higher plane which I guess there's a precision into it from the set design to the Sim Socrates. Even the acting. That's not naturalist like they are very precise it's intense rotations. Everything I imagine. I don't I don't know it's Miami of David fincher right movie. Yeah and hearing about how they would go and century and you're right you're completely right word up Cherian. Yeah that'd be like offense or David finch see also see also the Goldfinch also Peter finch. It's tough to talk about it without talking about. This is the the big moments so it's a film in which these two families intersect and it is. The intersection is mostly about class. uh-huh more than it is about sexuality or romance or friendship however those all play some role in it. But it's really deeply about class to me. That's what I took away from it and I'm not actually sure what the film stance on class is right. That's it's the kind of the big you ity that's baked right into the entire thing or who who. You're supposed to be rooting for your moment. I do ever feel like I should be rooting for anyone. Everyone felt like they were. Everyone felt. Everyone was unsympathetic to me. The film has a momentum in the first son. Third The Sun. Yeah yeah the Kim Sun. Yeah no the park son. Enough Park is the rich family. So the Kim Yeah I would agree with the birthday boy boy. Yeah he's about the most unsullied character in the entire. I I would say the two part kids are the are the victims of this whole thing. I'm curious about that more. But there's a momentum in the first half of the film where these things are falling into place and you watch it almost like a heist film in planning and the execution feels revel in Asia and in the same way that a heist film is super thrilling. Because you just are super excited see. What's right around? The corner is more like a manners. Drama in which it has the same tension constantly but the attention builds up to a point. where it you know? I'm describe a scene. Where they're they're drinking and they're eating food and they're celebrating reveling in success of their plot with a bringing the venue venue that they're in down to their level and that is so stressful to watch just a simple seed of a family eating dinner? You are like on the couch and contortions Russians with tension even before the moment happens for the Telegraph. And it's something that scene last longer than I could take so long long like the basement scene from inglorious bastards. That's what it's like. It's almost that amount of input you're sitting there and you're like I do not I do not one could things to happen to these people but I also don't want like the thing that's bad is going to be real bad. Julia had to tell me to stop moving because I was like and then he throws a curve ball at you right after that moment. What a win? And then the film Co. goes into complete even direction. Oh my yeah. And that's only only one of the ways. The film goes into complete direction before we continue on with the show. I won't let you know that support for still entitled comes this week from Microsoft surface. Introducing the new you Microsoft surface laptop three with its beautiful touchscreen. You'll experience stunning graphics with razor sharp resolution now available with a thirteen and a half or fifteen inch screen and with the latest processors. There's no project. The surface laptop can't handle. It's both light and powerful soon. Get more done on the go. Oh visit surface dot com slash laptop three to learn more. That's surface dot com slash laptop. Three now back to the show. I think it's time I'm to talk about this okay. So if you're at all interested in seeing a parasite turn this off now. The less you know the better now I say say that thinking that movies like since and seven and fight club are way better when you know what's going on. I actually think that they're improved by having watched them once Of course the second time is so. I'm I'm really. I'm really looking forward to seeing press a second time but the like so parasites starts off like any normal. We'll film you're meeting somebody. They're having a conversation with somebody else in a young a young man gets a job tutoring a kid that's how it begins And he goes so The young man is of the Kim family and he goes to tutor the son of the park family. Who He's been told is a brilliant artist who needs some real direction And it's clear. He learned the teaching the daughter to write reading speaking English. Oh right assisted senior brilliant kid who's got. Add Yes Jessica ESCA. Yes okay. So He's teaching the daughter that's Freia. Yeah and he. He gets that job from being passed from a friend right reference a friend Who wants to date the daughter when she's older? There's that's I'm being unpacking that the way in which he hold that there's already a plot. which which is that? His friend WHO's accessible handsome university student is about to go abroad for a year. Wants to eventually ask this sixteen year old girl out. But he's giving the job of tutoring her to his friend who trusts and and he. The friend also sets the stage with the family. which is the mothers in charge? But maybe not the the brightest or simple. I think what he says. It's what the translation is at least but the whole time this Kim families hustling the folding of pizza boxes. This is the whole thing in this dingy apartment. That is literally below street level. Where they're you know they're stealing Wi fi? There's a moment in the beginning when he says the street fumigators guys coming around and they're like. Hey the fumigated guys coming to shut the windows and the Father Says No. We'll get a free fumigation if we live the windows open and they're folding pizza boxes in coughing and holding their breath and it is. It's horrifying it is maybe some of them. I was five minutes into the movie the and I thought this is some of the most efficient character building. I have ever seen a friend of mine. WHO's a screenwriter? He his favourite character-building sequence sequence. Is the scene. In Grosse Pointe Blank when John Cusak goes to his father's grave and empties bottled Scott drives away. No words are spoken. You know everything everything you need to know. And the entirety of parasite feels like that level of character precision. It's dense in the way. That watchmen is dense so the sun goes it starts tutoring and the mother is then talking about her other child. A younger son is hard to control. Your right sorry and then they see an opportunity to then bring more of the family in so not. This is where the the the kind of that there's more to this family right. Yeah sister shows up up. The Kim's sister shows up and pretends to be an art therapist at this point. I'm thinking oh I'm watching the sting right right right. I'm thinking Oh this is GonNa this is like a heist that's GonNa wrap around itself and some stuff's going to happen. It's going to be a lovable rob through you know. They're they're going to somehow career replace the family. Yeah so so that goes on for a little while and then They managed to get rid of the south many. No they get rid of the show I I yeah manages to pull a little scam. Have the suspicion thrown on the show for so that they can install the Kim's dad and as the new show for now there's three of the four family members working for the parks family when they then reveal that the most difficult to replace. We'll be the housekeeper right. Came with the House who came with the House. The House is built in the film that houses built by famous architect. Who lived in it until he died? He no he sold. It sold eight in his life but he bequeathed equipped his housekeeper to the new family. And the Kim family's talking about home and she's there before them she's lover. That's her house she is she. He seems really She seems a little flaky. But she's tenacious like they recognize. She's a foul and I remember thinking she's a faux. Wait a minute what she seemed just like a goofy did uh-huh yeah and just to be clear. There's nothing evil that happens in this film really up until the point that the daughter gets the chauffeur sacked this true. Yeah Yeah Yeah and then you're like Oh man seeing you're seeing. What looks like opportunism opportunism up until that point and then it gets militias? Yeah so they get the respect the housekeeper sacked and that's when it reaches the apex of their success. Mom comes in so that well. So the the they get the housekeeper sacked and the mob on comes in to replace the housekeeper now all four Kim's working for the parks and the parks have no idea that relate a threat. Well the sun does this son does. This is one of my favorites bits else. What's so good? How do you convey this on film? The Sun walks over to one of the Kim's and sniffs him and then goes over to another team and sniffs them and and says to his fam- his parents the parks they smell the same and they smell. They smelt like my art tutor as well and that is another hat and a hat because is not only is he conveying that that he recognizes and he's telegraphing that you he the familiar to each other but they are the same people they are porous. Is there and this is when you immediately. Cut back to the KEMP's back at home realizing that they are going to all need to shower with different products and cross pollinate. And that's when you realise they're deeply committed to this ruse and to taking it very very far and so very shortly after that the the rich family. If we hadn't made this clear departure super rich that Kim superport the parks. Emily goes on a on a camping trip and now the Kim's are sitting in the house. As if it's there's enjoying this big Chinese meal sorry this big big dinner yes of takeout in the middle of the living room making a mess making a super for big Mac and making bottles stealing booze the whole thing. Yeah right and then the housekeeper comes back. The doorbell rings and it's the housekeeper who they've gotten rid of of because of her garlic allergy teaches teaches fuzz. They told her they they they they. They framed her for having TB and the housekeeper says recognizes them and says not as I I know what type of person you are you are and it's not. I'm not here for retribution. I'm not here. I recognize the game. That you've played and you've played it. Well I'm here for another purpose. Left something and left something in the bathroom and literally they go underneath the House House into a bunker and and this is where everything from her ringing. The doorbell like all ready watching the Kim's eat dinner in. This House is super. I wrestle. We're waiting for something to happen in Bell Rings and it gets much worse and the doorbell rings and it's the housekeeper like what is housekeeper. And then she goes downstairs and it turns out that downstairs. There's a secret door and her husband's been living underground in this house for. I'd like to run hiding from predators. Exactly yes in Pitch Black and this is where it gets very Kafka ask like. He's he isn't a career or something is thing. What's that hiding from creditors? And a anyway I don't know yeah. Fear right of survival and you realize not. Only like his character isn't just that it's not just the plot of him needing hi. It's that he has become this ghost in the house where he serves a purpose receives sir. He serves knowingly for the parks. Like Park don't know he's there but he turns on their lights. Wait what yeah. Mrs Missus. Their lights blink. All over the place it's rating the lights from underground. When the head of the park mark household comes home every day saying when we go deeper into this plot out you see the lights come on you? Assume it's just like a room sensing light and that's what they assume to you. You realize it's this man who's been living underneath a house literally turning on lights and he runs to have to do it every time and he has become a little a ghost in this house and watch this when I hadn't slept in thirty hours. Watch it again. And so and that performance formats of that guy so later on its review you hear that the the the Young Park Sun brilliant one who's got. Add that the sister there is pretending to be an art therapist for You've heard that he had a trauma at a birthday where he saw a ghost. And you hear about this. And then it slowly dawned needed. Of course the ghost must be the husband who lives in the basement and then there's a point in the film when the camera flashes back to what the sun saw at the birthday chilies. You're looking at the stairs to the basement which already been like a character in the film and it's late at night it's classic kids when you're a little child you're scared of what's in the basement and it's late at night. He's going to find some food in the fridge. And this is when the husband would steal some food they show the black the the the the the emptiness of the cavity of the stairwell and what emerges ours is and the thing about about the shot is that you've met this guy you know. He looks weird and he's got an intense face in his eyes are really upsetting and still that does not even. I know you've spent time with this character. This flashback. You're not prepared for terrifying his eyes are we know it's like they come. Above hysteria is is one of the scariest moments. It's the David Lynch film. It's the man behind the man behind the hall in GS. And I O one. That's not even crazy agai- this is literally the first part of crazy the a lot of the back half of this movie dude. There's a garden. So do you remember Monty Python where they did the Sam Peckinpah Garden Party where everyone's arms are severed and blood is spraying everywhere. That actually happens in this movie there. We go that's just what I don't think we can even start to go into the plotlines of the of the of the third act of this film because it's so interwoven. So convoluted and bizarre but people people are murdered in the open at a party and blood spraying everywhere and there are body counts and runs to rain with houses sinking. And it's completely bachelor and as bad should it. It is the what's important about. This film is the subtexts that slowly services is the the relationship between the the father of the Kim father and the park father. How those bonds like that relationship is you see what's beneath the surface? Yeah and he reveals. It's been surface and it's so unsettling and it's it's a face of sidey well and that's the thing so you watch you know no classically you watch the movie. The fighter with with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale and you realize that the end that the fighters Christian bail right. You realize oh the titles about a different guy than I thought it was right. Well and parasite does the same thing. What who's parasite you start out in twenty minutes and you'll have one answer forty minutes and you have another answer at the end of the film? It's kind of the answer is all of the above. And you know it's it's like it's the class system on society is the parasite on the human condition. That's literally where this film gets to the point of view the heavy rain scene. Where where you have you know the the park comeback from the trip because it's it's raining and they're talking about? How great is that? You know it's going to clean everything comeback smelly so fresh in their backyard. And the the same time the Kim family is scrambling their entire street is flooded. And they're being buried in this flood and this and this is the scene of the posted their escape from the ridiculous dickey's confluence of events back at the House during the dinner in which they left the big mess and it is their dissent they literally descend from the castle on high I to their basement hovel which is under water and they're drowning in their house. It is maybe the most thrilling film I've seen in years I can't. I can't recommend it enough. Everything you've heard about it. You know again. I hope you haven't listened to all of this without having seen Zeenat and love to hear your comments. Yeah I I'm so excited that there are still so many places to find thrills thrills and weirdness and awesomeness and filmmaking especially from corners that you don't necessarily expect joon-ho is always made films subvert expectations and this is I just can't wait to see what he does next. Sounds like This weekend the tech pod. We talked about security best practices 'cause I got hacked last week really. Yeah I hadn't if t t If this then that account hooked up to my twitter was very old Natta bad password on was apparently public that I didn't realize I thought it was the other one that was out and and some musical to post on twitter wasn't bad but I had to go back and change a lot of passwords and had to do a bunch of ironically. This happened the day after we recorded this episode and if I have been following my best practices I would have been fine. Can I tell you at one. Point Ord Camp Back Tech pod dot content downtown at one point in ord camp. I sat down with some security researchers to find out the level of security difficulties in knowing what you can trust from. Your chip manufacturer factor. Chip manufacturer is Intel. Yeah that like there are even if you know the exact architecture chip you. He's still not be may not be able to find the vulnerabilities within it within your supply chain where the Fab and the ways in which it turns out you remember the Apple Memory League League where the the the bus was talking to the buffer memory and that was where the password being exposed. It's like that problem exists in everything we own across the entire higher world times a gazillion. It's terrifying. I'm glad you're talking about best practices off security. Well so the upshot is I as a result of this hack update the. We'll go into the next time we record probably is that I'm going to start doing to factor hardware So like you'll be key that south for at least like a primary account that is the and all catch all of all the other accounts so yeah it was. It was an interesting conversation and you can find. Let's do it now. It's up. It should be up now okay. This is next week. All right and the address again. Tech pod dot content dot town thanks.

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