Cutting Sodium by Adding MSG, Measuring When People Give Up on Books, and How Giving Advice May Mean You Crave Power


Hi you're about to get smarter just a few minutes with curiosity daily from curiosity dot com. I'm cody golf and I'm actually Hamer today. You'll learn about a weird way to cut back on sodium a mathematical measure of when people give up on books. Ny giving too much advice. Light mean that you crave power. Let's satisfy some curiosity for some people just hearing. MSG is enough to trigger memories of headaches and upset stomachs but it turns out that not only is MSG not to blame for your post Chinese food blues but a new study also declares that it's actually better for you than the alternative that is it's healthier than regular old table salt and it could help us all cut down on our sodium intake. MSG stands for monosodium. Glutamate it's a molecule that combined sodium with the amino acid glutamate and lends a savory or you mommy flavor to food. It's also been maligned as the cause of so-called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome a cluster of symptoms ranging from numbness communist to heart palpitations. But it turns out that the Chinese food was framed later. Studies found that these symptoms happened at roughly the same rate regardless of whether someone who's consuming consuming food laced with MSG or a placebo that makes sense because glutamate occurs naturally in all sorts of food. You don't associate with illness. Parmesan cheese cured cured ham dried tomatoes walnuts. This goes on recently. A study published in the journal Nutrients took data from the national health and nutrition examination survey to to analyze how much sodium Americans usually eat. Experts say we should consume less than twenty three hundred milligrams of sodium every day but about ninety percent of US consumed more than that high sodium intake can raise your blood pressure and lead to heart disease. That's the bad news the good news. MSG can help when food. Scientists usually make reduced sodium foods. They do it by simply cutting the salt on. Its own which means the food doesn't usually taste as good that makes cutting sodium a hard sell l. for people who enjoy flavor which is pretty much everybody enter the new study. MSG contains two thirds less sodium than table salt but it also has a delicious mommy flavor that can enhance the taste of things like cured meats frozen meals soups and crackers by substituting some with the sodium in those foods with MSG the researchers say we could cut sodium intake by seven to eight percent in some foods MSG could reduce sodium by up to forty percent. It turns out. MSG is completely safe and they can help. Keep our hearts in bellies happy. That's good news for everyone if you love books but you don't think math it can be fun or relatable than check this out. There's a mathematical measure of when people give up on books and I mean look. We've all been there right. How many times James can one person stop halfway through reading moby? Dick or what about Stephen Hawking's a brief history of time which is widely called the most unread book of all time time to find out whether you're likely to give up on a book. Look no further than the hocking index. It's a fun. If in precise mathematical measure of how far on average people get into a given book the hocking index was invented by mathematician Jordan Ellensburg. But before explain how you can calculate the hocking index. I have to mention one. Caveat when Ellensburg first proposed the index in two thousand fourteen. Anyone could view the five most highlighted passages his Anani books kindle page the reader nowadays. You have to buy the book to view Popular Highlights on kindle but at the time Ellen Burke hypothesized this is that if people read all the way to the end of a book the highlights will be scattered evenly throughout the book. But if they stop reading after the first chapter the highlights. We'll stop there too you so you just average the page numbers of the books top. Five highlights divide that average by the number of pages in the book and you get a percentage the higher the percentage the further people read into the book. The end has namesake a brief history of time. Scores six point six percent on the index. While Donna tarts it's the Goldfinch recently made into a movie scores a whopping ninety eight point. Five percent sounds fun right but of course it is also pretty flawed. What about people? Who Don't highlight when they read or pilot when they start reading and then stop as they keep going or what about people who don't even use kindles to read ellensburg himself agrees in his original blog post? He included a disclaimer. That said that the index was not remotely scientific and for entertainment purposes only but instill. Why not today's episode is sponsored by Purple Mattress? 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You're going to love purple and right now curiosity daily listeners. We'll get a free purple pillow with the purchase of a mattress. That's on top of all the great free gifts that are offering site wide. Just text curious to eighty four eight eight. The only way to get this free pillow is to text curious to eighty four eight eight eight. That's C. U. R. I O. U. S.. Two eight four eight eight eight message and data rates may apply when you think of power hungry people you might imagine. Game of thrones breaking bad or say yes to the dress but maybe instead you should think of that Classic Advice Column Dear Abby Power Hungry people give more advice than the rest of thus according to new research and people feel more powerful than usual when they give advice. Even when. It's not asked for you know you could do less hand gestures while you talk. I didn't ask you cody. This is actually good news because it's kind of important to feel powerful sure. Absolute power corrupts absolutely absolutely as they say but a long line studies show that a healthy feeling of power can help people land jobs negotiate good salaries and feel optimistic day today a day. Pretty positive outcomes if you're not a CEO or an expert in your field though how do you feel powerful. One science backed ways by drawing. On memories of times you felt powerful and according to a new study you can also draw on memories of giving advice. A survey of three hundred people suggested that just remembering time. They doled out guidance to others boosted their sense of power whether the recipient asked for the advice or not giving advice in real time has similar effects in another survey one hundred and eighty eight undergraduates. Students reported feeling ten percent more powerful when they gave advice however that high was short lived unless their advice was was actually taken. Maybe you're noticing the same thing. The researchers did the desire for power and the desire to influence people are closely linked. Need more evidence. A different experiment in the same paper found that people who want power give more advice for that experiment one hundred twenty four. MBA students took part in a paired negotiating creating activity the ones with the greatest interest in Professional Networking Aka. The strongest desire for power gave their peers. The most advice afterward in other words giving advice might serve the person who gives it more than the receiver who will likely ignore it anyway. Maybe instead of asking for advice we should start asking asking if we can give it out instead so what was so exciting about our stories today. MSG actually contains two thirds less sodium than table salt scientists just say we can sub in MSG for salt in packaged foods without a taste tradeoff. Incredible and I thought it was really relatable that people quit books so often that there's an index named for it. There are currently like three bucks that are not finished on my bookshelf. That I'm like no no I'M GONNA I'm GONNA finish it. I'm going to finish this book. Says there's this other book that I haven't finished. It's it's rough. Yeah I'm Kinda in the same place right now like I always feel so much the anguish when I finish a book or when I'm having trouble finishing a book I'll usually force myself to do it and I know that you don't have to. And the hocking index shows shows how often people give up on books and live their lives and at the more you crave power. The more advice you'd give that seems to make sense it. Does we have a lot of advice on this podcast. Does that mean that you and I crave power made no. It's not all right vice. Though the experts we pass on advice from experts yeah we're just going to exonerate ourselves. Just move quickly along nothing to see year. These stories were written by Kelsey Dunk and may rice and edited by Ashley Hammer. WHO's the managing editor for curiosity? Dot Com scriptwriting was by cody. Goff and Sonya Hodgin periodicity daily is produced an edited by cody. Gov Join US again tomorrow to learn something new in just a few minutes and until then stay curious on the Westwood. One podcast network.

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