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Starting I could not think of a better time to have this. Next guest on my podcast. She is the founder of raw beauty. A wife a Mama. A host of Ron Inspiring podcasts. Raw beauty talks. She is first and foremost health wellness coach but she takes us beyond the highlight reel of influencers and wellness gurus and shows us what health and wellness really means. And today we're going to experience the And today we're going to experience that behind the scenes realness up-close Ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome the beautiful. And empowering Aaron Tra- Laura Thank you. Kaitlyn no such a nice introduction. I'm so excited to be here today. Yes very excited to have you. You've been on you've been on the podcast a few times now and will continue to be on a few times. More people who have missed previous episodes. You just give us a brief background of kind of who you are and how you become one of the most inspirational gals out there in my opinion. Oh my gosh for you So my name's Aaron to Laura. I am a Mama first and foremost of a four year old and a two year old. We are all currently in self-isolation and we are hiding out. Pardon me are you in Vancouver? Were in whistler right now so Yeah we decided to come here because there's a little bit more space for the kids run around Obviously we don't have childcare or anything like that right now And so were yeah. We're navigating that I'm a health. Coach is my profession and the founder of Rob Beauty Co And with raw I started it about seven eight years ago. Now just crazy and my whole goal with it is to really inspire and empower women with the tools to feel amazing audie from health perspective from a mental perspective. Helping them find confidence in who they are and so through that. I've had an opportunity to work with some incredible brands and so many amazing women yourself included yet. I think a lot of times when people think of following someone on social media and they think health and wellness. They think they have a picture in their head of what they're going to see on that instagram page. Whether it's models in swimsuits or whatever like these healthy bodies look a certain way to some people in their mind and I think that intimidates people so tell us about what they're going to see when they go to your page you're gonna see all different kinds of women what health looks like in all different ways. I think that women that you're describing the like woman with the six pack. Who was you know six feet tall and the model in the nineties? That was for a long time. What I believed health was and because of that. I really ended up struggling with my own body image with my relationship with food and in high school I developed pretty severe. Eating disorder ended up hospitalized for about three months which was incredibly hard at the time obviously But at the same time now. I'm so grateful that I went through it because it really was a springboard into learning so much about myself and I'm into this conversation. We're now having about what does health and wellness really look like. Because we've been sold an idea of what it looks like from being sold the constantly receiving thousands of messages about what health and wellness looks like. And when you peel back the layers health and wellness is really something that is so much more broad than just the weight on the scale and your physical appearance so you know when I started Robbie Detox. It began as an interview series where we asked women to take off their makeup to stand before a camera and have their photo taken without photoshop or filters and and we had a conversation about what it means to be a woman and what their health routine looks like and what their mental health struggles were and one of the things they found. Is that often the people who had the most quote unquote perfect bodies weren't necessarily the most healthy all around and so on the page? We we showcase all different types of body. We celebrate things like cellulite. And Tommy Roles and and then we also celebrate those women who are running triathlons and superfit and the Mamas and all of the different stages of what a woman's body looks like And we're really you know at this stage in the game. Mike goal is for women to really redefine what healthy looks like for themselves and for their body. Yeah absolutely and I know you've been really open as you said earlier about your relationship with food through the years how you've grown in how food can actually affect your mental health. So obviously a lot of people are you know having their memes joking at home about being stuck inside and snacking all day and all the weight gain and talking about that but Relationship with food is is going to look different when our life has drastically changed. So how do you had? We maintain a healthy relationship with food during all of this all these crazy times. We're going through right now. I I mean I find myself as everyone does the board eating or the like not listening to your body just doing something because you're like I'm feeling depressed today in New Jersey food. How how do we maintain a healthy relationship during? It's such a good question. And so many people are trying to navigate this right now because we are innocent area where we're being triggered to eat from so many different things whether it's boarded them Insecurity a changing landscape increased feelings of anxiety. Were at home which can be a triggering place for people at times and so a lot of people are finding themselves in the kitchen often or reaching for food more than they would and also craving things like those simple carbohydrates and sugar. And what can happen? Is We start off joking about this and and making fun of it which is totally fine. Like it's it's good in some ways to to laugh about some serious situations but what I find with. Women is because our relationship with food is so complicated that while this may last for a couple of days of more eating that often on the other side of it are a lot of feelings of shame. Discomfort feeling like you're GONNA become out of control and then because of that recycle into a mindset of restricting so then we're like okay starting on Monday. I am not having any of the suit on my house. I'm only eating. You know veggies and steamed chicken or whatever it is and then we restrict and then we know whenever were in a place of restricting. It's having a slingshot and pulling back the band of the slingshot restricting restricting restricting. And almost always we're GONNA go flying off in the other direction and end up eating all the things so we end up in this really uncomfortable cycle. That's not only impacting our physical health but it's really impacting our mental health. Our confidence in ourselves. We start questioning our ability and our habit. The comparison game strikes up so what starts as something really simple. I find for a lot of women can become a really toxic relationship with food. And we're in this scenario right now where we're all at home. Were all a little bit stressed. And it's very natural normal in that situation to reach for foods that are going to give us that adrenaline rush. That are gonNA feel good. That are GONNA like taste. Yami when you think about what's happening from a chemical reaction in your body. When you're stressed you're sympathetic. Nervous system is turning on. Cortisol is coming through your body And oftentimes in that space. Our mind is no longer also really logically thinking. We're not consciously making choices about what we're putting in our body or how removing our body or what we're doing To FIGHT STRESS INSTEAD. We're in this fight or flight mode and we're in fighter flight mode. We're thinking we're not really thinking we're reacting and we're trying to do something in that moment that's going to help us balance out our body that can help balance out those stress. Hormones are flowing through our body and one of the fastest sort of most eloquent ways that we can do. This is by grabbing some sugary yummy foods. Because that's going to release some of the more common hormones going to get a little boost a little bit of on those feel good hormones in our body balancing out the stress so it's actually really functional strategy. It's just a short term strategy run in the long term. Were actually not going to feel as good. And we're also not actually addressing the underlying problem which is distress or the anxiety or discomfort or the boredom that were feeling I totally agree ads. Like and and how do we change? That is the question like I don't I don't I find myself doing. I'm an do it with wine. I do it with food. I go the opposite way where I'm not eating because I'm stressed like it's there's so many different ways to look at it and it's everything you said is so right and it's like okay. Well now what totally like? The most annoying thing is when you can logically understand what you're doing you're like no. I'm not hungry right now but I'm still eating the whole bag of chips. Ym I doing this. It's so frustrating. It is frustrating so one of the first things that we can do is simply ask ourselves. Am I hungry? Am I hungry so for your writing this down right that one sentence one question down right now at my hungry and what you can do is start to identify whether or not you're actually physically hungry or whether you're emotionally hungry? True hunger is always going to feel physical. It's always going to be a physical symptom like Tummy growling or your head. Might be getting eighty. You might find that you are getting hang ary You start to feel dizzy lightheaded. Or fatigues but it's a physical sign from your body. Emotional hunger is kind of what shows up when it's not any of those physical signs so say you're walking into the kitchen and you ask yourself am I. Ha- Hungary and notice. Yeah I haven't eaten for a few hours and my stomach is like getting a little rally or I'm starting to feel a little bit irritable. Then go nurse yourself give yourself some sued. That is going to fuel your body. If you find that you are not hungry and you're like I just finished in our. Why am I back you right now? Why am I going to grab the wine? Ym I did whatever it is. Ask yourself what am I hungry for? That can't be solved in the fridge. What am I hungry for? That can't be solved in the fridge. This is going to help you. Identify that route emotion. That's driving you to eat so that you can find alternative ways to address what it is. That is driving you to eat so if you come to terms with the fact that you are stressed you can create a list of things that will help combat that stress other than eating. So maybe you could phone of Friends. Go take a shower. Get outside for some fresh air. Talk to somebody that you trust that you know. has the ability to help. You feel more calm if you find that. You're bored and you're going to grab food or wine. Is there something that you can do other than eating? That will help fight that boredom again calling a friend's learning something new turning on and watching funny show. Oftentimes we get into these patterns or habits right like every night after dinner we have. That seem dessert or every day around. Three or four o'clock we find ourselves in the kitchen. So consider yourself almost like a record playing and when we have a habit it becomes really easy to just stay on that same track for the pattern to repeat. Repeat Repeat Repeat and so if we want to start breaking our habits we have to scratch in the record so that the needle can no longer continuously play and one of the easiest ways for us to make scratching. The record is to do something other than that action. Even if it's just for thirty seconds even if it's just for one minute and then you find yourself back in the kitchen the more you take a different opposing action the more scratches you're gonNA make in the record until one day you find that you're actually no longer trying to address that underlying symptom of stress or boredom or frustration or anger resentment or whatever is bubbling up for you sometimes even excitement. And you're actually you know really addressing that emotion with a tool that will help solve it rather than just cover it up. That's a good idea. Even you talked about that record that could be even the routine you get in as it could be a good one like. I gotTa Peleton bike and I've been getting on that every day and now. I crave doing that because I did it a few times and that can help to you not doing good things you can get in patterns of that too and I know you believe in treating yourself and we're not saying that like don't eat. That's a bad thing. 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And I feel like there's so much social media right now about being more productive and writing your bug and getting bashed shape of your life and really using this time and maximizing this time but I've also read a lot of Of really compelling articles speaking about the fact that we are going through a trauma now and in time of trauma especially in the first couple of weeks all you need to be focused on is trying to get some sleep which is a struggle for a lot of people right now. Eating maybe moving your body a little bit and that's it. It is going back to the basics. Yeah my thought around the whole conversation about you know treating yourself with food versus nourishing and feeling yourself. I'm somebody who has what would be considered junk food of some sort every day right. I love having my handful of chips while Dinner or a little bit of ice cream after dinner I make chocolate chip cookies with my kids. And we all have one So I'm absolutely not about Having yourself but what a help my clients do is really learn to listen to their body and to tune into what your body really needs in a moment. Why you find as you learn to listen to your body is that it's actually not craving junk food all the time and that when we start to notice what happens when we're eating junk food or what I call low energy foods is that we feel tired or skin breaks out or for some of us we start to have more anxious thoughts and so as you start to notice when I eat this. The result is this and the resolve autism great. You're less inclined to go overboard in eating those things another thing. That's really helpful is to practice mindful eating which is something we have moved so far away from as we like eat in front of the TV and our on our phones scrolling as we eat a meal so one of the things that everyone can practice a little bit during this time is really as you're eating food rather than inhaling it we've all done right when you like eat cookies and you're like crap. I don't even know what those tasted like to notice. What are the flavors of the food? In eating was the texture of it. Actually put it down in between Bites We practice something not every day by any means but called a twenty minute meal so you set your timer and you actually try and make your meal last for twenty minutes which sounds like. Oh Yeah you sit down for dinner twenty minutes but we inhale like I was just having lunch with Jason and I always remember this because of our conversations but same thing he was eating the sandwich and he just inhales it and he's like Gosh. I don't want it to be done. I'm like I enjoyed it so much. I don't like you don't enjoy it you literally. You took it down as fast as he possibly. Could you were scrolling while you were doing it like this. I'm having this conversation with Aaron in like an hour because I always remember our conversations about mindful eating because it's made such a difference in my life just like saying what you say but twenty minutes is a long time. It's a really long time the first time I did this. I didn't tell my husband. I was just curious to know. It's something to judge yourself about. It's more just like becoming aware of how fast you eat and I made dinner. He had to helpings completely cleared his plate in three minutes. And some of you are thinking no way. There's no way I kid you not an. I bet a lot of you if you sat down. I know that there's some slow eaters listening to this right now. Who are like I absolutely not. I can guarantee that you could finish him yell in three minutes while you're scrolling your phone and have no idea what it is that you just ate. And here's the the challenge with the way that we're eating right now in order. There's a difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied. So there's a difference between feeling full and feel unsatisfied. Have you ever eaten a meal and being like still not satisfied? I STILL. I'm still craving something more or I feel like I need something else. And so the way in which we feel satisfied about a meal that we're having is a by addressing any cravings that were having so if you are craving something salty or sweet or crunchy or veggies or whatever it is we incorporate some of that into what it is that were eating And then to eat mindfully to use all of our senses and when we do that sends a signal to our body and our brain that we've eaten them. We've had a chance to enjoy our food and that we are satisfied by our meal. If we're sitting there eating dinner scrolling our phone Your Body. There's no way you're gonNA feel as satisfied which is going to lead to you eating even more than your body needs. Because you're you're you're not satisfied right. Let's it's wild concept that you know that just by your mind being other places. You're not being mindful while you eat and you cannot be satisfied just from doing other things like it's just wild. What the brain is capable of? When it comes to these sort of little things that you would never think about unless we have these conversations you know people would never think about that. We'll be right back with more off the vine wraiths therapy listening to off the vine race therapy and not. Everyone has a troubling relationship with food. But you never know if the people around you might be struggling roommates during this time or you just you just never know and so what advice do you have for those who maybe? Maybe they're not struggling themselves but they could potentially no others who do yeah. I think that I mean anything right. Now whether it's your relationship with food or anxiety or maybe you have a family member or who struggled with depression in the past. It's always just opening up an asking. Somebody how are you doing? How are you feeling in this time? Depending on your relationship with them and how much you know about their history or not but I think that at the end of the day communication and connecting with one another is one of the most important of things that we can do. This is obviously such a challenging conversation For people to have with people that they love because they're requires vulnerability and it can be uncomfortable. But it's also one of the most important conversations that we can have yet because you don't you also don't want to bring up feelings for them of insecurities or make them feel like they're shame around what they're doing so it's it's hard to have that that language or no the right language to use with somebody that needs. That might need a little help. Yeah you know one thing that is hopeful in any type of conversation we're having with somebody is taking a bottom up approach versus a top down approach. So think about it. Think about if you were to go to Jason and ask him to do something for you and you're like I don't feel like you've been folding the laundry enough and carrying your weight around the House and I need you to start doing X. Y. Z. And data the Jason has shut off. His defense. Mechanisms have gone up. He was no longer listening to you. Receptive to the idea. That's a top down approach to communication. A bottom up approach would be you going to him and saying. Hey I've noticed. My anxiety has been like really heightened during this time and I went back to the drawing board. What do I need in order to support myself during this time? So I'm going to commit to doing more meditation and booked in a therapy session. I'm also finding when there's a ton of clutter that that's like super distracting for me so. I'm working hard doing that. Would it be possible for us to set up a schedule where you do the laundry twice a week? And maybe pat manage the bathrooms. Your central going to them asking for help while that's huge when you go to somebody and ask them for help. They're going to be so much more receptive to what you are saying. So if you're approaching somebody that you think might be struggling with food or your roommate A family member. And you're saying it's making me soup. Brian comfortable you know that seems like you aren't eating anymore. You're not coming out with us or you're never like open to having birthday cake at a party Immediately shut down feel ashamed to feel closed off whereas if you go to them and say I've been worried about you. You're one of my best friends and I care about you so deeply I wanna check in and just you know. See how you're doing and if there's anything that I can do to support you I've noticed that your not having cake as much at a birthday and it just makes me. It makes me worried that you're doing okay. Something like that is going to be a lot more reciprocated. Yeah I mean that's a good way to look at it. Where how you approach every kind of relationship you know. 'cause I think we all do that especially under stress right now. Where if we're feeling stressed or anxious and who isn't during this time. Your approach is so different with every kind of relationship. And that's something I think. Jason I both have been working on and conscious of because I when I'm when I'm anxious. I'm irritable and I've been you know the certain if I drink too much wine my hangovers anxiety and I have to really watch that because in this time you're like well. I might as well open up ball wine and you're like oh it's five and then by the time dinner rolls on your own number two and then so then the next day you know. You're you're you're anxious and you don't even realize sometimes how you're talking to your partner or yourself even or friends and and you do have to watch your approach to certain people when anxiety times are high. Alright everyone if you know me you know. I'm super into self care whether that's trying to stay active by writing my Peleton taking my dogs on the walk or just going about my day. That's why I'm really excited about this next sponsor because they helped me stay on top of my game super grapes. Soft choose from human super grape. 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Dot Com slash Bein. I wanted to talk about in this time the strings I how people can try and prevent their minds from going nonstop during this weird time. We're all living and what tools that you personally are using that you see success with in this time yeah. I'm so glad we're talking about this. I had not tell you how many people I mean. Obviously this is within the nature of the conversation that I have every day but how many people have reached out to me to say my anxieties at an all time high or I never understood what anxiety was until now I feel like you know it's hard to catch my breath or my thoughts. I CYCLING. We can all experience anxiety in a number of different ways so it feels different for everybody but this current unprecedented as we keep hearing scenario that we are in right now is causing so much anxiety and it makes sense when you look. I'm going to take you back. Biology Eleven or twelve right now per second so that you can understand a little bit more about how your autonomic nervous system works so that when I shared these tools that I've got for you today. You understand how they're working. I think when it comes to our body the more knowledge that we have the more empowered that we are to feel our best. So your autonomic nervous system is broken down into your sympathetic system and para sympathetic system. The sympathetic nervous system is incredibly important for normal normal functioning of her body. And it's what's known as our fight or flight response. It is vital that we have this system so I don't want you to get stressed about feeling stressed threat on when the sympathetic nervous system turns on we're going to see an increase in cortisol. Running through the body glucose is going to move to the muscles of our body. Our heart rate increases And we turn into that sort of fight or flight response where we're going to have survival based thinking might be breathing a little bit faster and really. This is a survival mechanism. It is created to be turned on in short bursts of time. You can go back to that analogy. That's always used about you. Know Lion being right in front of us in that situation. You're sympathetic nervous. System would turn on all of those functions that I just mentioned what happened and you would book it out of the yet to try and survive from this lion. The problem is that the nervous system isn't meant to be turned on for long periods of time and sometimes it can turn on not because there's immediate danger in front of us but because there's a perception of danger in front of us and so what we're seeing right now with all the media that we're getting all the stories about death from around the world we have way more news and way more fear based stories and information coming at us than any other time in history is that are sympathetic. Nervous system has turned on. And we're in fight or flight response which means were not necessarily thinking logically at the moment so all those people who are writing their book and putting their course out and doing all the things like. We're actually not in that com- space where we are rationally thinking about things when we would ideally be producing that kind of work are Paris empathetic nervous system which is our rest and digest response. When our heart rate has decreased? Our organs are functioning. Optimally are digestion is working well That's the space that we want operate. In most of the time so both systems are absolutely necessary for optimal health. We need both of them for us to function but right now for so. Many people are sympathetic. Nervous system is on full drive. And when it's on for an extended period of time we can start to notice things like an increasing Zayed's a decrease in sleep Cravings for food that we normally crave irritability weakening of our immune system and so many other things. So I wanted to share with you sort of. At tools to help you turn off that sympathetic nervous system and turn on your para sympathetic rest and digest response of an all of these are evidence based practices that we know work and there are things that you can do from home that you can start doing right now. They don't cost a million dollars So yeah I think like in this. In this time I feel like people are also making excuses And I have found myself doing the same thing like well. I can't go to this. I can't do that so I'm not GonNa do it where there's so many online tools and resources and like we're going to talk about in this podcast that you can do from home for free like so many things that were that. I'm excited that you're gonNA share some insight for that for us. Yeah it's really kind of cool time to obviously not for those who are on the front line working so hard right now and shout out to all those individuals thank you thank you thank you but if you are at home and you're working from home and you've cut down the commute time that you normally have had social time that you normally have than it is an opportunity for us to practice using these tools which ultimately will support you throughout your entire life. So I'm GonNa make sure that Caitlin has a pdf download of all these tools. But if you want to write them down as we're going along you're welcome to do that as well so you you have a pdf that I can share. I do okay amazing. Okay so the first tool that we can use. That is one hundred percent free and it is always with. You is connecting to your breath so as I mentioned when our fight or flight responses on that stress response on we start breathing more shallow. And sometimes we're holding our breaths and breathing quickly what we can do to turn our para sympathetic nervous system on is to mimic the breath of an individual. Who is calm so I do that? The dog thing. Pardon I do it with my dogs. You deal with your dogs. Do you remember this type of breath. I taught this you. I'm sure I'm sure remember. What is what is there a specific. It's called the five five seven breath. Yes yes because remember. I talked about how when growing up I had anxiety. Ocd about certain things. And I got so upset that my breath in was shorter than my breath out and I was like if you if someone could have just told me. That was normal. I would have saved me a lot of pain growing up because that was something. Ocd In me. That like really bothered me so yes. I remember this technique. Oh it's so easy to do and it's something you don't need to be sitting down and close your eyes for thirty minutes to do it you can be doing at while you're eating while you're watching a show while you're having an argument with your partner just a few moments and all you're GonNa do is breathe in for five hold for five and exhale for seven breath in for five hold for five and exhale for seven so the trick here is to along eight that sale and do it. Do we have time for me to show. Yeah please I love that. Yeah as you're listening right now just close your eyes and take an exhale and then breathe in for five four three two one hold for five four three two one exile for seven six five four three two one breathing in for five four three two one hold for five four three two one and xl for seven six five four. Three two one. An ideally you would repeat this up to ten times but sometimes even just doing a couple of breath that did wonders for me right now. I've been like short a little short of breath all day and I think that's from a bit of anxiety and that just helped me so much right there. Good good and if you find that you're a little bit anxious breath feels a bit tight. You can change this two four six so you can have a break then for four hold for four and breathe out for six just as long as exiles along gated and this is something you can do it any time. It's crazy how. It's something that we do everyday all day without even realizing it and how much it can actually help our bodies. I remember going to this girl. Her name's Dr Melissa in Nashville Nashville Brain and body and I had like a rib that was sore in my back with sword and she has adjustments and she just made me breathe into that one area of pain and just breathing helped me. And I'll look what the hell it's crazy are. Breath is magic so just tuning into your breath in that little way. Don't completely believe what you just said. Because I've seen really amazing things remit so if there's anything that you take from this podcast I would say carry the five five seven breath with you because you can do it anytime anywhere. That's a good tattoo. Five seven Oh my God I have been trying to figure out what my first tattoo should be forever is. Maybe that's what it needs to be. That is perfect for you. You have to do that. Oh my gosh. Let's PERV. Egged you just nailed it okay. Great we can pause this show actually no tattoo. Artists are available right now. I don't think so. That will be post Corona Post Gerona goals. Yeah let's talk about my other favorite beverage. Lacroix sparkling water delivers refreshment flavor and sparkle with an innocent twist zero calories zero sweeteners and zero sodium. Their twenty-seven Lacroix flavors and the newest additions to the family are Leeann cello and pass. Take which is French for watermelon. I'd have to say these. New Flavors may take the lead in my favorites so refreshing and delicious to slip through the day. You gotta try them. Lacroix sparkling waters are Gluten Free Vegan. Kosher and non GMO whole thirty approved. An environmentally-friendly lacroix cans are sustainable and recyclable. And they are the first on the market to be produced without BPA liner enjoy. Lacroix sparkling water a healthier alternative for you and your lifestyle McCoy. Sparkling water is available. Nationwide so for a full list of retailers visit Lacroix Water Dot Com and for more information joined the Lacroix community on social at Lacroix water. Okay so the second tool is practicing. Mindfulness so again. This is something that you can do any time. One of the most anxiety provoking things that we do is obsess about what is going to happen in the future. We spent so much time future engaging trying to problem solve about what's happening in the future and obviously we need to do sometimes but the majority of our thinking is In the future we're never living in the present moment and really the present moment is all that we have because we cannot determine with certainty. What is going to happen even five minutes from now so to practice. Mindfulness all you need to do in any given moment is to connect to your five senses. What do you see right now? Look around as we're doing this right now wherever you are. What do you see right now? What do you smell? What can you taste in your mouth? What can you hear around you? And what can you feel? Can you feel your bum in the chair? Can you feel your feet? Walking on the pavement. Are Your shoes tight right now? Are Your pants tight right now? Are you feeling a little bit tired? Do you see the light in the room. I love doing mindfulness exercises during my bedtime routine. Especially when I'm washing my face and brushing my teeth two of the most mundane tasks you could ever do. I can guarantee most people do that and they are thinking about what happened during the day or they're thinking about after your third doing tomorrow or how quickly they can get into bed. But I would encourage you when you're getting ready for bed tonight to really be in the present moment. I want you to feel the temperature of the water. Get a face cloth and let the water run over the face cloth and feel the steam coming up over your face. Notice what your face wash feels like against your skin. The SAMALABHA is it. Smooth is Foamy bobbly. Feel the warm face cloth on your face and let it soothe. You do some five five seven breathing. Maybe put on a diffuser or like some calming music tune in to forget everything that happened during the day and everything you've read and everything that could possibly happen and just come back to the present moment and be really mindful. I think people forget. Just how simple that can. I know it's hard but you know like how the simple steps because everyone wants to know. How do I do that? And it's as simple as the pay attention to your senses and things that are happening in that moment and people always want okay. Well how do I do it like? That's literally how it's so easy but so hard because we are so used to living in our minds and living somewhere completely different than where we are. You can use this when you're eating when you're driving in the car when you are having sex when you are making your bed in the morning. There's so many everyday tasks that we do that we aren't even doing. We're not even there mentally and so one of the ways that we can com- our nervous system is by truly being in the present moment wherever we are. We'll be right back with more off the vine grapes therapy. This is house of Kim with Kim Zodiac excited. So thank you guys so much for tuning in this episode of House of Cam. We are number one right now. Just keep going and going and going and going my glass of wine at this point you guys. I don't know if that gave me a really bad headache all good. These shirts is subscribed to house. Kim Apple podcasts and podcasts one so you don't listen that don't be totally that's so funny. Whatever now back to the grave there you're gonNA like tip number three but I thought about it. I'm not gonNA like it. What is it? Don't drink wine while we already. We already talked about it a little bit so being conscious when you're feeling more anxiety out alcohol and coffee. Oh yeah two of my favorite things. But you're so right. Alcohol's a known depressant. It is unknown depressant and I find when I drink I get what I call the fear and I always just thought this was normal like drink and then everybody the next day. It's fear where you're like. The world is falling apart. How am I gonNA get through this next week? There's so many things that need to be doing. I shouldn't be hung over right now. Why do I feel this way? It's like my mind just starts thinning and really that is a sign that in a way it's poisoning your body terrible word but I hear you. I like my brain goes well. What about Tequila? That's an upper heidrick. Then go for the Tequila. What has with anything right whether it's food or anything that we do in life. It's all about moderation. I am not telling you that you need to put away your wine. I still enjoy wine. But I'm just mindful when I'm like feeling on the verge of a panic attack or when I noticed anxieties high or when we're going through a really stressful state. I no longer turn to alcohol to support me through that because I know that it's actually not going to help right so I'll call no longer becomes the solution. It is a short term solution. I was GONNA say that's another one of those short term solutions. Yeah it is. Yeah Yeah it is. It is short-term pleasure that can for some people not everyone result in a longer term pain and so sometimes we have to get used to choosing short term pain saying noted that thing in order to have a longer term pleasure. The two piece might need a whole another podcast episode on the two. Ps The to drive all of our habit loop so pain and pleasure so then the thing with coffee and again. This is very it. Depends on your individual body. There's no one-size-fits-all solution here. Some people drink coffee and they feel jittery. They feel more anxiety. And so if in this time and space you're already feeling anxious and coffee is elevating that really try and just reduce your caffeine. So I have earl grey tea in the morning on those days so that I'm still getting a little bit of caffeine but not nearly as much and I still get that like warm you drink. That's I think that's the the what I like the most about coffee anyways like I if somebody gave me DECAF. I'm not sure if I even know the difference. I dislike having that Warm Cup of something in the morning. Yes and there's so many options out there to replace both of these drinks even if it's just for short period of time that that's like ginger beer or pink lemonade or sparkling water with tons of lime or a virgin cocktail of any kind. Or if you're looking at caffeine A low caffeine T- peppermint tea a four sigmatic drink. I mean like the possibilities are endless. Once you start looking for the lines are open to that. Number four is being mindful of media consumption. So I don't know about you but I turned into a media fiend. When this all started happening I was like couldn't keep my eyes off my phone. I was checking every five seconds to see if more people were sick. Like was it across the border. Yeah what was going on? I was obsessed like my fight or flight system was on. I was not rationally thinking I was like. Tell me where dangerous. Yeah it just obviously stirs up so much more anxiety so really in this stage of the game. Maybe checking and reading the news once or twice a day some for some people less. I'm no some people it's required in your job in their most likely a lot of healthcare workers who are listening to this right now who are like. I have to know what's going on. And so of course. This is speaking more individuals who have the ability to choose what they're consuming And that's that goes across the board. That's news that's social media. It is a time when you need to become a more careful than ever before about what is coming into your phone and what you're choosing to. Yes absolutely that's GonNa say even for the healthcare workers who do need to or people who need to stay informed on everything going on in the media right now. It's watching what you're consuming on. Social Media. Yeah exactly and recognizing that our devices are designed to be addictive and so in some cases that really requires us to set up systems in place so that we can't be checking it all the time whether that's like putting it outside and your car for an hour or plugging it in night in the bathroom so that you're not scrolling until one am and then immediately checking your phone first thing than when you wake up. Instagram also. Has this cool new feature where you can set a reminder so it will let you know when you spent thirty minutes on the APP or four hours on the APP you just have to put your limited and it will just let you know sort of where you're at in regards to your social consumption. Yeah I do that mind on thirty minutes which I need to change because it just makes me feel like like like I met like a true addict like it's not even noon and it's like telling me and I'm like okay. Well they'll like there'd been a long time fall and like I forget that I just said that myself so I need to change that but yeah it is a good reminder though absolutely all right so you love the bachelor the Bachelorette and of course bachelor in Paradise Monday. The next bachelor chapter continues the Bachelor presents. Listen to your heart. Twenty single musicians will step inside the bachelor mansion to embark on an incredible journey to find love through the power of music. The harmony of the couples will be tested by their relationships and judged by some of the biggest names in music like Jason Mraz and catch up Toni. Braxton and jewel plus Bachelor Nation Fan Favorites Entertainment. Weekly says this new show has everything you know and love about the bachelor date. Cards rose ceremonies and Chris Harrison. Bustle calls it classic bachelor drama with Musical Twist and Glamour Declares. Listen to your heart is quite addictive. Which of these new bachelor hopefuls will make beautiful music together? Who will strike the right note? And who is there for the song reasons the bachelor presents? Listen to your heart all new Monday. Eight seven central on. Abc number five is to balance your blood sugar levels so when we think about blood sugar levels again. It's a chemical reaction that's happening in our body and a when our blood sugar levels increase and then decrease suddenly an increase decrease suddenly were riding on this roller coaster of chemical reactions happening in our body. So it can really help not only our physical wellbeing. Our mental wellbeing. Too Bat Allen's those out a little bit and some simple ways to do that to drink water easy consistently every couple of hours to add protein two meals and then the one. That's hard in this moment and that I want to stay again acknowledging that I know women already feel so guilty about this. Is Reducing High Sugar? Simple carb foods so like all the five candies and while the like cake and crackers and stuff like that. It's not about not having them but it's about balancing out with foods that are going to take our body longer to digest and it's recognizing that when we eat those foods it's not. It's not about our weight. It's not about gaining weight. It's about how you feel in your body and your your mental capacity to handle stress and so for me at again I said I eat those types of things a little bit every day otherwise I feel deprived and it feels restrictive So it's not about not having them but it's about recognizing that if we have tons of them. It's really doing yourself a disservice in so many more ways than just the weight of your body. Yes okay. So that's bouncing your blood sugar levels connecting with those that you love. So we're seeing quite a lot right now. Social distancing being changed physical distancing so still connecting with people over zoom. Making time for phone calls Going for a walk with somebody Maintaining that distance from them. But this is a big one in regards to having support for those of you who are struggling things diety or depression. Any of that stuff number seven is moving your body when we exercise our move our body. We're going to release more of those good hormones that helped balanced stress. But what I want you to to consider in this moment is whether you need high intensity workouts or whether you need something that is going to be calming and soothing for your body make yoga or the class or Melissa would. I'm loving her stuff right now. It's more pilates based is this. What is your name Melissa? Would Melissa would okay. And she has online programs. A lot of it is just using your body so you don't need to have a ton of equipment and it's really all those things Just mentioned yoga. The class by Taryn to me and Melissa Woods workouts don't require a lot of equipment as I said and and connect you back to your breath as well so when we're already feeling a lot of stress for some people a really hard workout will feel good. It will help you feel stronger. It will help you feel more balanced whereas for other people you might feel more depleted so again going back to your own body and recognizing what works for you. Yes because it can change every like for me. It changes daily. Sometimes I'll get on my bike and all be in the middle of such a hard class and I'm like this might mean not being able to catch my breath on top of already feeling. Short breath is not what I need right now. And that's I swear Peleton's should be paying me so much money. 'cause I can't stop talking about them but like they have different. They have different classes and different things where you can do yoga from the. Peleton like they have the screen. They've Yoga have meditations on there. And it's just like it that it can change every day. You don't need those high crazy workouts every day to feel good or stronger like sometimes you need a mental workout like meditation. Yes exactly and we've got it in our minds that a workout has to be sixty minutes and you'd better be sweating and like you better be sore the next day. I'd really like tank urged people to change their thoughts about that movement and exercise is about elevating your heart rate. And you can do that. Going for a walk. You can start moving your body ten minutes a day. Twenty minutes a day it's better than nothing And it will release support you in boosting your mood and reducing anxiety. The last one that I want to talk about is in probably traditionally included on this type of list. But I it's really important right now more so than ever before. If you start to notice that you are having problems sleeping that your anxiety is high. You cannot get it to turn off your thoughts are maybe a rational you have achieved in appetites And it's extended more than a couple of days going to really encourage you to talk to a doctor at this time and to have that medical support because were in a of time that is different than any other and I think that one area in health and wellness where we sometimes do ourselves a bit of a disservice is that we assume that by doing the tools that some professional tells us like the ones. I just suggested to you that we should be able to get ourselves out of a place of anxiety or we should be able to move ourselves beyond depression and I have personally found that in moments of my life. I was doing all of these things and I could not on my own. Get Myself Out of my space of panic attacks or depression or anxiety or when I had an eating disorder. It was the same thing. I needed medical intervention. I needed Western medicine in addition to all of these eastern based tools. And when I say I needed Western medicine I mean I needed medication so I am absolutely not by any means. Prescribing this to anybody right now saying that. It's the answer medication for anxiety or depression. You know is something that needs to be taught about thoughtfully. It's something to consider with your doctor. Only but I wanNA talk about it. Because there's still such a stigma around taking medication. And I think that in moments like this were much more vulnerable to mental health issues disorders suicide all of those types of things and it is not worth being tough girl like avoiding the medication. Not going that route like forcing yourself to meditate and do the gratitude all of this stuff when it gets past a certain point. Yeah that I mean I can relate to that and I think I think everyone knows because I've talked about it openly about being on medication for that is sometimes and that was me it was I could not control. My anxiety was stronger than me and I think you know. I tried the meditation and the Yoga and it was just at the end of the day. Sometimes it's science and it's that you're there's an imbalance there and it has changed my life being on medication and again like you said like we're not saying all you're struggling right. Now go get on some pills like it's obviously. It's not like that word just like you said trying to have the conversation around that like it's it's okay. If that's the route you need to take. Yeah you know two years ago. I had my daughter Brooklyn. I went right back to work because I love my work so much and was busy doing that. We had James was two and a half at the time. Life was really wild. I was loving it. I felt like unstoppable but I started to have some symptoms of anxiety. I started to notice a weakened immune system I got shingles kept getting the flu and he started to notice. My memory was not working in the same way but I had released this course and I was like I just WanNa get these amazing group of girls through this program but I crashed. I burned out in a major way. I ended up being diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and panic disorder. I started having the most severe panic attacks I would be dry. Heaving my whole body would be shaking. I was having a thought that I needed to leave my family and it happened over. The course of you know like I was getting the flu and colds and the shingles and all that stuff over the course of maybe six weeks but it went from feeling somewhat manageable to like overnight being something that was so extreme and even when I started having panic attacks. I refused the medication for at least three weeks. Because I wanted to try using my tools I wanted to move my body and and prove to myself that I could do it without medication because like so many people I had this idea in my head that if I took it I be weak and what I learned in that process is that really medication is just one more tool on this list of tools that I've given you. There isn't an eastern versus Western approach. When it comes to your healthcare. It's about using whatever tools you need in order to show up as your best self and really when we can really thrive is when both eastern and Western practices are used in conjunction with one another. Because I waited to take the medication it. It really truly took me over a year and a half to get even back to the foundation of where. I was before it was months of being stuck in bed with a toddler and a two year old and a newborn at home. I I just don't want that scenario for anybody and so I'm sharing this story now to to say I went on the medication. I'm still on it now. And the medication really allowed me to access all of these tools again that I'm talking about it has made me such a strong coach. It has allowed me to see both ends of the spectrum and I really want people to understand that. It doesn't make you weak. It is not a doesn't define your character who you are. It doesn't mean you have to be on it forever and it's really about everyone just feeling that they can access whatever tools and whatever is right for them in this moment. That's what I want. People to leave with today is perfect. The perfect thing for people to take away. I feel like you gave us so much in this podcast that I'm just so grateful for and I know so. Many people will because all those tools like I can't wait to go look at the PDF and practice them. Because sometimes you just need a little reminders of things you already know you know like and that's what it's really not and just hearing you say those things. I'm like you're so right. I'm I'm practicing some of them and I forgot some of them and I'm GonNa. I'm GONNA really put those to use during this time because like I said I need to remind myself of certain things especially with the wine is such a big part of my podcast or certain things that I do and I need to watch like okay. How many podcasts do you have going on tonight Caitlyn again? Just use that as an excuse. 'cause I really do. My anxiety does does come on strong after after a night of drinking wine and it's not about never having again or not enjoying it but it is just about knowing in this moment. What works best best for your body and then being being bold enough and courageous enough to actually do what you need? Yes exactly I mean. Yeah you're doing for your self and that's you know that should be your number one priority. Okay we all could use a little time to relax right now. Given everything that's going on even in our normal day to day life. It's important to take time to relax. 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I love giving gifts that are experiences versus just things and this is the perfect way to do that. Also you just know your mom or whoever you're getting to is going to love it because they can choose the spa and treatment. They prefer so. There's no worries that you're not giving them something they want. Go TO SPIDER DOT COM SLASH. Fine to say fifteen percent off gift cards of seventy five dollars or more or enter the Promo code vine at checkout that SPA finder dot com slash vine or Promo Code l-e-v-i-n to save fifteen percent off a gift. Your mom will love. Well thank you so so much for taking the time I mean. You're you've got all these things going on and you're a mom and in this time so thank you. It's such an important message and I love having you on all the time. Always welcome and next time. We'll talk about the two. Ps thank you so much for having me on. I just WANNA say for anybody who feels like they need additional support especially in regards to the emotional eating if you feel like you're stuck in that cycle of restricting or binge eating or constantly thinking about food please come on over follow us at rob beauty talks on. Instagram. Also have a podcast called Robbie. Choksi confined it anywhere. The PODCASTS ARE GONNA give Caitlyn another free guy with five steps to help you overcome emotional eating into end that battle with food in your body so we'll make sure that you have lots of tools leaving this episode to support you moving forward. That's incredible you are just. You're just a true gem. I absolutely adore you and everything that you deal. And you're just all everything you say is always so important without being over like it's not. I don't get overwhelmed listening to you. Talk about like everything people need to do to during you know some hard times. It's like all simple things that we can do. And you give us all the right tools and it's just comforting listening to talk about it so thank you so much and everybody. I always preach about raw beauty. So if you're not I hope everyone that's listening is already following. But if you're not go now and and thank you so much Erin I. Mr Facing was so nice of you to buy. Even if it's over skype okay gave I love you by Bristow? Your session is now ending. Thanks for listening to offer. Vine Grapes therapy tune into here. New mini-stove every Thursday and check out new full length episodes every touquet exclusively on podcast one dot com the podcast one. App and subscribe on Apple podcasts without TV.

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