Ghost Tours, Paranormal Activity and Strange Happenings at the Brookdale Lodge


<music> welcome back to do you know who i am. I'm patty lane today a real treat. We talked to a woman who dabbles in the paranormal hello. My name is maryanne porter. I am the founder of santa cruz ghost hunters though proprietor of santa cruz haunted tours and author of haunted santa cruz california. Let's get started as marianne tells us how she gets others involved in ghost hunting. I actually run run a haunted her store currently and we we pick up <hes> individuals from the brookdale lodge. We take them to two different locations us here in the area and it's not like oh. We're going to go walk around and i'm going to tell you about the history of ghosts. We're taking you on an actual paranormal normal investigation. We're we're going to get into it. We're gonna use equipment. We're gonna let our guests to use equipment and really let them get the experience of of it. I can't always guaranteed. There's going to be activity but you're more likely davick with me then if you didn't go the brookdale lodge is one place that maryanne is excited about well. The lodge is nestled in the santa cruz mountains and it's rumored to be a hub of paranormal activity while it was built back in the nineteen twenties twenties has been closed for years but the hotels reopened and there are plans to renovate the lodge back to its heyday when it hosted the rich famous celebrities and even gangsters he had there is a lot of stories about gangsters. There's been paranormal investigators who've claimed to i had maybe gangsters here in the old cabin saying i'm the boss in a lot of creepy stuff. There's also crazy pictures that are circulating around to that looked pretty interesting potential apparitions but there is rumor of gang activity back in the prohibition day of prostitutes being killed drug deals gone bad. It wouldn't surprise me in the nineteen twenties. The brookdale lodge was a place to get get away from the bustle of city life and escape to the mountains surrounded by majestic redwoods. There are plans to renovate the once popular mermaid room which chopin's up to a swimming pool on the upper floor but it's the brook room or dining hall that received the most attention so this is the break room. It seats three hundred diners on originally in the nineteen twenties. It had actual trees in here. <hes> fern like foliage all over the place now. It's whatever growth is still here is pretty much dead or dying walking into this this room the sound of rushing water fills the now empty space. The room gets its name from a creek that flows from the outside through a tunnel and then streams down the center of the dining hall. This is a real running brook. This is this is called clear creek. <hes> one of the owners in the twenties twenties the thirties. I remember not the owner but one of their associates actually made carbonated drinks out of out of the creek water. Was that fresh fresh that good of water. It's not hard to imagine how tables once lined the creek side with guests enjoying elaborate meals and fancy cocktails. It was a favorite spot for celebrities shirley temple clark gable. I just found confirmation that clark gable was here which really excited me and his movie with a joan crawford had just come out and santa cruz theater so he was definitely here. <hes> there was a star from charlie chaplin. Oh my gosh. I can't remember his name. It's aaj do something but until renovations are done all that remains is dustin the air a balcony in need of repair and dirty stained glass windows in the only sound you hear is the echo of your voice and the sound of the creek trickling over rocks and this lodge may hold some secrets. Marianne tells us many believe one guest never left a young girl named sarah logan and there's a couple different stories but i'll give you the gist of it that she had visited with family she had been running around the brook room area by the brook and had fallen in had hit her head on the way and fallen in and had drowned. I did find a death certificate of a sarah logan <hes> in eighteen ninety at of alameda now which is interesting because the logan family is tied to alameda judge logan win retired there has families all over there and he got alameda street right here next to the brookdale lodge sign now. Is that sarah logan. I have no idea but it's the only proof oof bike i've found that shows an existence and a death of a child age ten by the name of sarah logan and there's no telling of sarah was with us in spirit the the day i toured the brookdale lodge but something very strange did occur when we went into the room that was once hers harris were allegedly sagan sarah logan's room allegedly and what it what it was <hes> employees back in the day had it did not know what to do with this so they fill it with toys and i just got like a major blows. Walking in here is as soon as i went right here. I don't see any low. Oh yeah there's no electrical hookup in here. It's not that was just reading the doorway home. Wow are you here there. Anyone here who wants to say hello okay. That wasn't a ghost. It was michael fooling around. He drives the hearse for the santa. Cruz ghost tours wars however the home was real. I have to say my mic picks up that kind of <hes> whenever i'm near fluorescent lights or an electrical source but marianne assured me there was no power coming into that end of the lodge where renovations had not yet begun so this was sarah's allegedly sarah's room yes so employees is back in the early ninety s or so had placed a bunch of toys in here because i really didn't know what to do with the rome and made it as an offering for her the little ghost girl because i guess they were putting out you know when they had all the plates and the dinner ware and everything set they'd come and things were difference. The tears were moved around plays. We're missing tonight missing so they thought maybe that would keep her occupied here so it's been since known as sarah's his room they used to before four though i can't. There's no electrical in here. There was talk about energy coming through a mike okay that was michael again but still still no explanation for the home. Marianne goes on to explain a little bit more about the paranormal voice recordings known as v._p.'s electric voice phenomenon on where you can speak out in the air account like you're crazy. When you're doing it you take a digital digital recorder at least these days as back then i just had a regular regular reel to reel cassette recorder yes and you try and communicate with those who have passed on and and in response if you're lucky you will get a voice on the recorder. That isn't yours in isn't affiliated with anyone else around you. Oh here at that time something. He didn't hear that time yes 'cause. My understanding is the m._v._p. Work on different frequencies so a lot of times sounds good to take two different recorders because you don't know if one's on a high note ones on a low and so once i got my first ep was i was hooked. I was hooked after through a and she says she's picked up numerous. V._p.'s in this area one that came through was actually a motor victim <hes> and didn't we don't know that it happened at this lodge we know that did happen and it happened not too far from here but she came through through and that was just it gave gave us just chills chilled to the bone so it makes me wonder you know in the seventies well. The lodge was closed down. There was a lot of people here who knows what occurred now. Here's a clip. Marianne recorded at the brookdale lodge. The audio uh-huh quality isn't great but take a listen and tell me. Do you think this could be sarah. Logan singing look at me. The maryanne also investigates activity at a local cemetery. It's a very creepy cemetery and one of the reasons it is so creepy as there was actually ten rituals that went on on up there. When i first started investigating that particular cemetery we would finally bones. We'd find what looked like somebody was bloodletting. Something all over the headstones strange <hes> candles something ritualistic now when we mean my <hes> at the time <hes> co-founder was <hes> dena smith. She used to be a local here we would get v._p.'s left and right. Just people saying their names. We'd get help us. We get all sorts of disturbing gene. V._p.'s and even one of them was in a different language and i went and had a <hes> analyzed by someone who still spoke native american and sure enough he said this is a native american dialect. I can't make out which one so that was yeah. It was salat that goes on at that cemetery. This is nothing new for marianne from little. I was already kinda weird. I he had experiences and my childhood and my mom said oh. No you have a big imagination and then later on in life. I still had experiences and i was just kinda. <hes> into more of the unusual as opposed to the rest of my peers in adulthood i had a lot of people who passed away and then again more experiences lake. I had a friend who was murdered in two thousand and five. You've and we're really close. We worked together and he was killed and you know i was devastated. I mean just beyond belief and one day i was out in my backyard and i'm just in tears you know blubbering and just so so upset and all of a sudden i hear this is great and it sounded just like him. It sounded identical to him. I mean it's it was so clear and so loud that i completely stopped crying and i'm looking around. There's nobody there and my heart. I'm like what the hell that was. That was him that that was him but not everyone believes in ghosts or spirits. Well you know for the skeptic. It's not my job to prove who've to you that there's paranormal activity or there's spirits or there's life after death but i would want them to have an open minded least the possibilities ladies so just keep an open mind of the possibilities our souls remain out of energy. I mean energy. Just doesn't doesn't dying go away. I mean our bodies decay and rot but there's more to us than just our bodies so i think that's important to remember that you i know there's there's something more and if you'd like to go on a ghost investigation with marianne and her team you can find them online at santa cruz ghost hunters dot com and she'll be scheduling tours the brookdale lodge once renovations are completed sometime next year the renovations in the hotel portion of the lodge are already done and currently they're hosting guests and if you visit the santa cruz mountains you'll want to check it out. Thanks for listening to do. You know who i am. If you get a chance like us on facebook at remember everyone has a story to tell until next time a patty lane <music>.

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