The Day We Didn't Remember the Hookup


Hey, it's Danielle. You know what I love my cats digging, and Fred? They have these crazy personalities and they honestly are in cahoots together. De gets Fred to do things. I'm telling you, you know what? I don't love I don't love cleaning up after them. I don't like their litter litterbox. That's why Armand hammer created new cloud control litter. There's no cloud of nasties when I scoop, it's one hundred percent dust free free of heavy perfumes helps reduce airborne dander from scooping. So what happens in the litterbox stays in the litterbox, new cloud control cat, litter by arm and hammer. More power to you. Good morning. Creates city. Three-ton creepy. Bottles. I'm on a boat bitch. Once those are milked Jan. Hi, y'all. How y'all do it? Start your day with some Liz, oh, please do. Then you heard truth hurts, or you ride your heart. Are you ready? We're gonna play. Oh, no. You know what you've heard it all I wanna sing along. The Minnesota Viking Gandhi claims that she gets dressed that song every day. Yeah. I love it. Song. Welcome today. It is Wednesday June twelfth. Do you have any guess today? I don't think just just us. It's good. It's just us. Can you handle handle on as long as they're coming? Okay. Morning. Nikki, how you doing? Hi, good morning. I'm good. How are you? Can. I tell you why. I'm jealous of Nikki here. She's at the bar at the airport waiting to fly to believe. Hello. Even more sexy than that. She's going on our honeymoon. Are you even leave the hotel room? We will find any place in the resort. That's our goal. Froggy is here today. But every time we go to Atlantis with froggy and his wife, Lisa. They do each other in the bushes. Happy. Happy times delays push pushing the Bush. Oh, I'm so excited. Excited to talk to you ever been to believe. It's fabulous. I've never been tilles ever, but yeah, it works cited the people are so great. It's so beautiful, and you're there with your newly newly-wedded. What? What's your what's your, your husband's name husband? My husband's name is tad and L. I have some wedding advice for you. Dan, you've wedding advice. Good. I need it. Go ahead. Yes. Okay. So the last week before your wedding, we will you fight. Okay. But just keep in mind it's just because of the wedding love each other's. Okay. Fine. We were fighting because of the topic, we're finding that we're finding because we're just tense. Yeah. Yes. That's what it is as little things. Just keep in mind. It's the wedding. You love each other and be amazing grace, fight or two before the wedding. He's a groom sale at. But I mean I love him. The Chad have a wonderful, wonderful honeymoon Belise. Enjoy it. My and we're gonna send you an Elvis. He'll have his and hers Elvis Duran morning show. Listen have a great, great Honeyman. Hold on second. We don't even have a honeymoon. We don't have a honeymoon. Nothing plan. I feel cheated. I feel like I should take off a month a month. Can you? I mean. Isn't it? Something they have to let you do a law. They have to give you honeymoon for a month. At least I'm pretty sure I. The room. We'll start with Danielle what's on your mind. All right. So, you know, some of us live, these great amazing lives like Garrett who made me very jealous yesterday. So he went to the men in black premier and he was on the red carpet. And he's sending me pictures of Matt Damon of Chris Hemsworth. I'm like, dude, you're living the life that I should be living right now. Home know may only meet it was David Beckham, and I would've would've been over. Some rubbing it in my face. He's like. Yeah. Was with Damon, and Chris Hemsworth. Let's Gary me Dale baller is Ghandi. I wonder sat up my Bank because yesterday they caught someone stealing my identity, and I love them for it. Yeah. Danielle it was from the Bronx. Sorry or something about me and my people. So you're blaming Daniel on all crime. That happens in the ball, all of it is her fault snows, these people fair. Take handle scary. What's up with you? I've been trying to be good and not snack in between meals, but store the other day I saw something I haven't had in so long. And that was a Choco taco ice cream sandwich. Love chocolate Tyco talk. What ice cream and I said, you know what I thought of Elvis Duran treat yourself I know your head in my head. So I bought one eight it got winded up at about grow second. Chocolate tacos last night after I ate, my lobster MAC and cheese. I'm burping of crustaceans today. Sam, let's get into the horoscope. Join bring him bring them bring him Jerry. Okay, Jerry, go birthdays today. Dave Franco, thirty four. All right. Kappa corn. You've been questioning some of your relationships, although it's hard void becoming emotionally attached to the people who don't appreciate you and your affection, your days. Eight aquarius. You're working home, life have been competitive lately. If you're feeling burnt out practice the self-care you need and deserve your days in, I in Pisces important conversations about your family, and friends or something you rarely miss out on remember. It's okay to sometimes focus on your own health before others. Pisces your days. Eight areas romance has been present in your daily life embraced the opportunity to give and receive love and avoid being distracted by your work your days attend. Beitar your positive energy is infectious. Use your mood is a superpower and help your friends when they ask for your support your days and nine you're facing multiple obstacles at home, focus on balancing, and organizing your priorities before taking on more tasks days. Seven hey cancer. Daydreaming has led to new and exciting ideas continue to brainstorm. But don't leave your head in the cloud, especially when your workload is overwhelming your days attend. Leo, you've been waiting for a change in your daily life and relationship. Keep your eyes peeled for connections and adventures that could bring new developments your days. Nine thank you. Virgo friends could be leaving you out of plans and conversations. If your happiness isn't a priority to them seek some people who make you smile without a cost your days. Seven libra obstacles are making your goals feel far away. You're not one to shy away from challenge jump over hurdles, and you could be rewarded your days. Nine Scorpio, you need to confront your fears at work, speak up ask others for support. You might be surprised with the outcome. Your days in eight and Sagittarius you may embark on an emotional journey toward new answers, relating to your home life, take advantage of this knowledge and be content with the results you're as a ten. And those are your Wednesday morning. Tell you usually I just listened for Leo. I don't care about any of, of you other people. Right. But I was looking at everyone's Moore's all apply to all of us every day. Yeah. God, are you becoming a believer? All this. No. Everyone's everyone's horoscope applies to. All right. Say everyone in reverse ever. Thank you. Producer Sam into the three things we need to know Gandhi. What are they wasn't interesting things going on in the world? Denver police looking at a program that's going to have as much as one fifth of nine one, one calls. Get handled by train civilians, apparently right now most calls result in an officer showing up. But they're saying that, that sort of a waste of a lot of the resources to sometimes you don't need an officer you need somebody else. So they want civilians to be the ones deciding who needs to go. I mean great teasha do that. Oh, dear God. That'd be everywhere, new research, also, showing, now that it might be possible to convert type a blood into universally accepted, donor blood, that they say that, there are a couple of enzymes in your gut that could cause this. So if that happens, it's going to revolutionize blood donation. Yeah. And finally did anybody catch the US women's soccer yesterday? I heard about it, there was a walloping. It was hurt. Teens zero the US women took it over Thailand that there's controversy. There is because they celebrated a little too much. And so people were a little upset at the USA team yesterday by I wanna point out that why are they not being paid with should be paid? Okay. Well, this is ridiculous. We know why. Yeah, because there aren't because the women always get paid us. It's so stupid stupid number one seed, if they pull out of tree like did yesterday, they should bonus them all ready for today. Justin Timberlake, spe- Wreksa, and you're listening to Duran Duran and the morning show. Sponsored by state farm. Protect your car and home with the one that's here to help your life, go, right? State farm taught tune agent today at one eight hundred state farm. So I don't know about your office. But in our office in our company we had a gathering last night. It was actually great. I didn't want to go. I'm like, oh, don't. They get enough out of me. Don't they get what they pay for in the mornings? Do we have to go to a night thing too? So we went up to headquarters, do you ever have to go to your headquarters for a party? We have nice headquarters beautiful, but it's so far away and it's like I don't want to go, you know, we do our morning thing from six to ten AM, east coast time. And then we're done right. So I hard media and premiere radio, there are people who syndicate, our show, there lovely people on the phone. Three email. So we all got together last night, and I damn it. I had the best time ever. It was great. It was wonderful. We met with a lot of people you hear as our marketing partners on the show, and we had, you know, booze and food paid for by the big boss. And it was I didn't wanna leave and they said they kept saying, okay, Elvis, you you've done, what you needed to do. You can go now. Why are you kicking me out? I was having fun Gandhi. I were walking out Elvis. Like. The party's getting good anyway. So I had we had a great time. So next time you're invited to a corporate or company function near like a dear Lord. I'd rather stick my Weiner in pencil sharpener dot I had a wonderful time, I want, and I want to do it every night near such a liar. I'm not what they had. They had for food. I experienced my very first mozzarella bar, where it's like a ball of mozzarella we call Barada locally, and they just it's not local Barada is around the world. You just start pointing toppings on your Barada of Barada bar. He's so excited six bowl. You're scary six balls. Water ball, all tees every. Prada. Virata was totally different kind of tease which it's melted out. But it's it's a softer. Yeah. It's the it's creamy on the inside. Scary. I'm glad you had balls of Roddy. I didn't have any food at all. You know what the bet there were two things for dessert. First of all, yes, she did you had some of my little milk? I did suck your milkshake. To your yard. The other thing with they had these little cream cicle pops going full those my. My good look like little orange tampons. They didn't taste like orange damp. Tasting. So really good. So bottom line is we had to go to a company function. We went kicking and screaming, and we're so glad we did can we call him and thank them on the party's call Julie Talbott, love, Julie Talbott. She's been so make Ryan Seacrest got up and he gave the best speech about how what we do for a living audio radio. Whatever you wanna call it. And how we connect with our listeners. And it, it made me cry turn, I wish he would call until that story. I was a great story. And he call him Ryan t Chris. He didn't do anything. Busy. It wasn't wrong that I yelled out, whereas Kelly. Heckling that wasn't wrong at all. Kelly. Ryan Seacrest, got up and read a listener a piece of mail from a listener of from his show in Los Angeles. And it was just heartwarming his great. I saw Charlemagne there. Solomon looked so handsome. He so handsome. You know what I did? I did was shot. I mean he was in the men's room and you know what my trick in the men's. But do you do I was walking to the men's room? It's full of guys on my hey, is this. We're all the decks hang out. Still that joke on the breakfast club. There were a couple of moments where it looked around the room, and I'm like, wow, these really are all my co workers, how fun. People, Bobby bones was there. Is there Delilah feel good? What do you have their producer Sam? All right. So as anybody can imagine, standing up for someone is not always easy, especially when it's not the popular choice. So in return, I think we should support this guy named Cody Barlow he lives in a town in Oklahoma where they're not known for being the most LGBTQ openminded, but Cody said, screw it. I am supporting pride month. So he put a giant rainbow flag on the back of his truck with the words, not all country boys are bigots. Happy pride. That she'll go. Is amazing. Got the story from Brody is so cool. I'm gonna tweeted out the photo if you wanna see the truck, he said, I don't care what kind of negativity. I get supporting this as long as it helps one person in need. So Cody, thank you so much for being you. You're awesome. And if there is a Cody and your life, I would love to feature them Email me at Elvis, Duran dot com. Subject line good. This is John ledge. What's up chain smokers? Elvis durant. Let's talk about how much we love Taco Bell. Hey. I mean besides the fact they have their Nacho fries back in. They're doing a really great job with those NBA season coming to an end. Right. Every dribble. Passan dunk have all led to this free tacos, free talk owes for everyone in America. So a team stole a game on the road in the final. So taco Bell's letting all of America's deal free Doritos locos tacos. So headed Taco Bell June. Eighteenth day is that it's about six days from today. Head to toe Bill June eighteenth from two to six PM and steal your Doritos locos tacos, better, yet, you can order online, or on the Taco Bell app and get get them anytime all day. Steal a game steel taco to read this part. Yeah. I don't wanna read this here. Yeary read this part in the bottom. This is the legal stuff. All I have to say go to Taco Bell. I get to read the funds, and then he has to read, no purchase necessary. Limit one per person while supplies last. Visit Taco Bell dot com slash steal a taco for details. Nate. Text us at fifty five one hundred standard teen and miss jewelry imply, it's always ran in the morning show, Wendy. I do not envy. You. I shall look, you're in a great mood considering what you're going through there and beautiful Little Rock, Arkansas. You're about to do your first clinical rotation at an actual hospital. How nervous are you because this is big guns? My only goal is not to become the patient today, because I'm either gonna puke or pass out. But I'm gonna dry my dates here. We think of it this way, even our good friend. Dr Oz started doing what you're doing today. You know what I'm saying? And look what happened to him. You're gonna talk show. One day, girl. Exciting. We'll look get in there, make new friends and enjoy your first day to explain to people what a clinical rotation is at a hospital is a lot of people may not know what that means. Do the nursing program about twice a week, we go to different hospitals and you just follow a nurse around. But you actually get to do things through the patience like do some skills like I can do wound changes and do start IV's and things like that. So I just need to learn, and you will you'll be today windy, you know what it is. It's actually day one of new new adventure in your life. It really is in, I envy that I think that something we kinda crave, what you're going through today. So enjoy the excitement of the day, even though it may make. Don't patience. I'm gonna try my base. You guys made my life thing. You Nate Nate used to be EMT EMT. Okay. A little different, but not really you have to deal with patients. What's, what's the, the, the slogan is if it's a key and sticky don't let it touch your. I don't remember that wasn't in the train, it has to do if it's moist, and it's on a patient. Don't let it touch your fingers or something like that. Paraphrase. He did say that once he has no memory. All right. When do you have a beautiful day on your clinical rotations, and thanks for listening to us every morning? Okay. Thank you guys. I would think what are you laughing at sticky? I was gonna rhyme it with was not finger. I here's another one another, if it's taking sticky don't take leaky. Hey, so here it is. It's a pride. Of course. June is is pride month. And here in New York City, it was great before we went up to that corporate thing uptown, which I happen to love. We're driving through the village in almost every storefront had some sort of rainbow flag. A rainbow sign or rainbow what I'm telling you being a New York for thirty years, five years ago. It wasn't like that. And to see now everyone loves putting up the rainbow you know what in you even if you're still trying to understand what prides all about you can start with the rainbow. It sure is Purdie. It's nice in. So I was very touched on the on the right uptown, but I did notice. And if you know anything about New York, you know why this is happening. Most of the flags were below fourteenth street. Got to midtown Manhattan. I, I couldn't find a rainbow plot. What I did find downtown trash bags when I was walking from the venue last night. I'm like, oh my gosh. Elvis isn't kidding. It was a mountain of trash where I walk like it's so mad. I think it's gonna be a problem for me would love this town. Anyway. It's true. But I came home from Santa Fe yesterday, the land of cleanliness to the land of trash bag and welcome back, and I'm thinking. Home. Anything? Dusty anything. Right. Rusty. Trash trash low. Rusting that staff and warned it's awful whole end. The laces are torn up gift from my mother bay. I was born. Thank you very much. Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street. Gandhi has never heard that before haven't heard that before that's an old song mind. I can't believe sesame street's that old coming to it, though. I love try download it later. Have you heard rubber Ducky I do know rubber rubber Ducky of nights classic as beginning the first annual report of the day. We say, good morning to great t the frat boy, good morning guys, who the other day when you did that awful game of yours called what was it called? Oh, did you hear that? Did you hear that correctly? And I gave you hell because it was such a lame game all of our listeners got mad at me. 'cause they loved that game what's it called again? Did you hear that? Did you hear that correctly? So. They wanna play again. Right. So cute. See for cookie now. What starch with their see? Goldies. Goldies things that starts with C. Daniel, what are you going on? All right. They did it yesterday the women's World Cup the USA team beat Thailand. Thirteen two nil. Accent there. Thirteen zero, but a lot of people were upset because they showed a lot of confidence, and they celebrated a little bit more than they may not. Yeah. They shouldn't have no still Sola Brian, but Alex Morgan one, she got five goals. Absolutely amazing. They scored more goals in one game than the men's team has an every World Cup since two thousand six. The US women's World Cup goal montage. Yes, this is an English. It's been. Tex Mex photo here the room cut goals in polish. Stitch. Spanish. There you go. I like to Spanish the best by the way Alex Morgan tied the record with five goal goals. Yep. So they are the defending world champions, by the way and the men's team didn't even qualify. But yet somehow the men make more money doesn't make any sense, but let's just move on. Let's talk about this guys, look at this picture of this plate of cookies. Do you know what? This is all is good with Taylor swift and Katy Perry. Yup. Taylor swift gave Katy Perry. This will send her picture of this plate of cookies. And now they are fine. They are friends again. They hopefully will be recording a song, according to Katy Perry, she even said, on social, hey, we should record a song together. So Katy Perry and Taylor swift, our friends. Hope I'm not saying something out of turn here, but I think they've already recorded on. Hi, this is just this is just tricking. Did you hear? What is the plate of cookies have to do with sorry? Because, you know, Taylor tell likes to bake that here's a song of between. It's very that propo- between Katie and Taylor Taylor. Now what starts? Documents. And that's the things that's Katy Perry. Who cares about things? See gooky. That's good enough for me is that the song you were just talking about that. They had over them. Did you see the pictures of Brad Pitt this week? I swear you, he has worn the same outfit all week long for I tweeted it out for you at Daniel minero. So check that out when you because I just find it very interesting. Forbes has a new list of the one hundred highest paid athletes in the world atop the soccer players male soccer players. Neymar is number three Cristiano Ronaldo is number two. In Lionel Messi comes in at number one. So vilely Cyrus, lamb break-up rumors and a tenth anniversary post to Liam Hemsworth. She said happy ten Denver. Serie my love. It's good to know that everyone is dumb as they were in two thousand nine things we ever change. Fans and say I love you all at one time. Yes to. It's November twenty second first trailer is out on an Elsa are packing up and leaving Aaron Dale. They look like they're gonna walk on water meet an ice horse. Lot of good things coming their way is a little dark though. The trailer is a little dark, but I've tweeted it out for us a check it out at Daniel minero tonight game seven of the Stanley Cup finals. You'll have some catfish going on the series from your first responders live on FOX. It's an unscripted reality show about firefighters cops, and EMS technicians, this looks like it's going to be cool match game is on younger and krypton as well. Next hour khloe Kardashian, she took to social to give us her truth yesterday. I'm going to hold my breath till you. Kardashian stop. I can't wait. I'm gonna hold on to you to the credentialed story. Hold on. Say what you want. You're going to die. I'm not doing the story to mecca. You might die. Hey say what you want. But you put their face on a magazine, and it sells more than any other magazine. Okay. Just saying, so sorry I don't own a magazine. I won't tell you know. Can I just say one thing connection every time I'm flipping through the channels looking for something to watch, and I can't find anything there on, I will stop there? They're always like honorable mentioned from me. Say good morning to Lisa. Hi, lisa. What's up? Hi. What's what's going on? What can we do for you? What have we done to you today? Pray the I love trash song. I got in my car this morning, and it was on the radio and it was one of those like Alexa moments where you here, you know, you have something in your head, and all of a sudden, it's on Facebook that song as been in my head for the last few days, I have no idea why we're not the this morning and you planning it isn't that were called synchronicity. I think that's what it is. Yeah. Where synchronicity is, and we've all experienced something like someone will say, oh, God green beans. Okay. And then a minute later, you look over here and there's a picture of green beans. And that day at lunch, they serve you green beans, and everything turns into the synchronised thing. So yours is I love trash by Oscar the ground. Yes. But I mean that's thirty like, well, I haven't heard it in thirty years. So will you know we like to play the oldies but goodies my morning. I quite enjoyed the, the Oeste phone. So you, you grew up with Sesame Street as well. So, yeah. Don't you ever if you're seeing something that? To do Sesame Street. Do you ever get a little tear in your eye which it because it takes you back to when you're a little girl? Sometime. I sing the songs to my kid. Well, they're older now. But when they were little, I would think the lady buck song because I still remember all the song. And this is an important thing for Gandhi for instance, you, you didn't did you grow from Sesame Street, and I did watch it a little bit. So I wasn't really allowed to watch TV at all. But I did see Sesame Street a couple of times. Yeah, I up. I know your, your education and intellect was very very, very high goal for your parents. Yes. And so I think no never been your parents. I think Sesame Street would have been the only show that one in reading rainbow. I'd electric company was good too, at Lisa. Listen, thanks for listening in I love trash. You're going to hear it for the rest of the day. Okay. Thanks. It's like a sucker for you. Sucker by Jonas, brother. But I hear it everywhere I go anyway. What's this Brody? Well, that's a new cookie song if she wants to hear something new. No, we don't need new cookie. All right. So yesterday, there's a big controversy on our show. You know, we don't have the controversies, the big one yesterday was who should who should not be invited to the wedding, and I got a lot of feedback from listeners yelling at all. You guys agreeing with me. I'm not throwing a little fit like a lot of brides, do if you're if you don't have a ring on your finger. You can't bring a guest. I mean, you, you can only bring a guest if you're married to them, or if you're there freon, and I'm like, well, people live together without ever marrying, they should be able to invite each other to my wedding, or even if you meet someone on the street of a way to the wedding bring him in. Okay. That's big of you very apparent. It's a party. It's not it's not like Royal court with Queen Elizabeth. Oh true where they have rules. I'm okay with that. What? As your wedding. I think you should be able to do whatever the hell, you want to get a lot of flack from you people in the room, but a lot of listeners are going, you need to calm down. You're all puckered up. This makes me feel that are good. I'm bringing someone random tear wedding. The, the first guy you see when you get off the plane. Hey, you're, you're having a bad day, not only a wedding through these doors. But it's like a needle sharing program. Whatever you need whatever you need to get you off the smack. Come on in. It's a methadone clinic. What's carry see. I just feel that you deserve to have the most relevant people of your life during your most shining moment, will, thank you about what you feel I need. Events long without help people coming our that relevant to him. Probably all. Relevant except for granted. I understand what you're saying and Daniels, right. It's your wedding, and you could do what you please. And I think that you're being you're being very nice. And you rolling the red carpet for anybody. I personally would not choose to do so, okay, would want people that are that, that are meaningful to me to be at the wedding and some Rando just because you don't wanna be single that day at think it should be bringing somebody, I know. But if you're relevant to me, and that makes you happy have Arango that I'm all for. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Nate. Agreeing with me. Thank you of us. I'm sorry. I have a question. What's that? Okay. So this is obviously the hottest ticket in town. And I know my wedding. No, no. It really is a lot of people wanna go. It's not a ticket. That's what I'm looking at it ticket. No, I'm looking at it is that because I know your answer. I know you're gonna be angry when I ask you this can I sell my spot to your wedding? If it makes you happy really. Yes, I'll never speak to you again. Exactly. I knew that would be Iran or you gotta split the proceeds. Well, I'll do that. I'll give it to charity. How about that? No one half of it. Okay. And I'll give to charity. Themselves take out. I'm not gonna do that, so coming and that again is the shot donkey coming shot. Donkey. No. We cancelled the shot donkey, the tequila donkey, tequila donkey, even though we've met to -til donkey, and we know this donkey lives, a much better life than most human beings. We're afraid that someone is going to hear that we had a tequila donkey and think that we're abusing animals. And so we just want to eliminate even we know it's not true, but you know how the public is. But the burrito borough is still come. You'll be able to burritos off food all kinds of foods, soak side. What's that scaring? You know, I find it fascinating for someone like yourself who so uncharged and controlling your extremely relaxed about your wedding rules. It's cool. It's all right. I'm like, you know, you're very what I'm saying. Other aspects of life. You're very much in charge of like, okay? It's gotta be this way, this, this, your, your meticulous, and your perfectionist. So in I just find it interesting, I come here scaring yellow Brown over there. You know me when I'm in this room, I'm different than I am. When I'm out of this room course. So we're out of that room at my wedding. So we're gonna be nice to animals. You're nice to animals when you're in the we're gonna be nice to animals at my, my wedding. We're not going to abuse animals. We we'll be serving veal. Thank god. We say talking. Okay. Kill geese outside and eat their liver. All right. All right. Oh my gosh. So we'll move on. No more wedding talk. Abolish wedding talk for the rest of the day. I love hearing about your wedding, by the way. Hey snowflakes, we're not serving veal at my wedding. What you now let us know. I am a grad. Hey, what's up? Policy Khalid with Elvis, Duran Elvis. The morning show a game was stolen in the NBA finals. Now all of America gets free to read rita's locos tacos head to Taco Bell June eighteenth from two to six order, online, or on the app, and still, yours anytime all day steal the game. Steal a taco limit one per person while supplies last. Visit Taco Bell dot com slash still taco for details. Here's the problem. Here's the problem with sitting at work all day. Did you read the story today about what happened to be sit at work all day? Now you get a sloppy bottom. I believed that. A flat-out can I just say, though, maybe mine's not as sloppy because yesterday Gandhi, touched my boot did? And she said, oh, you've got a firm, but they're also saying Daniel to address that point, if you're exercising outside of work than, you know, but if you're not all you let my dog and he's out, what does he out max getting here? He looked. So sad out there. I know I'll be out there, too, because diamond is out there and she's she breaks the law anyway. So if you sit at work all day and you don't exercise you're going to get what they call sloppy bottom. Right. And no one likes us lobby. I worry about that. All the time. I hate sitting down. Yeah. My grandma had sloppy bottom, but we called it melting candle. Stomach. It's Clark Graham, we didn't address this yesterday. I wanna talk about Jon Stewart did. When he was speaking to that congressional committee about funding for nine eleven first responders, look, I know that we're here in New York. We are just blocks away from what was ground zero where all the first responders were all responding on nine eleven and we're there for months after working on the pile as they call it and, you know, at a lot of people, the most important people in New York City lost their lives that day with the falling of the towers and everything else involved with nine eleven. But for the months and years, to come people with diseases that they are still are, and so a lot of Jon Stewart's issue. And I totally agree is, he's afraid that congress who needs to be getting money to these people to help them survive. They're accusing us of complaining about a New York City problem. This happened in New York. And so it should be a New York. No, it's these people responding to a national tragedy that happened the day. So I don't know. If you've had a chance, it's been a couple of days if you haven't had chance to see John Stewart speaking to congress. Wow. Talk about a great American. I mean what he had to say in the passion behind. It was so beyond what New Yorkers need. What nine eleven victims need. It's what we all need to pay attention to the things that have happened in this country that are important. And so, John, I think the last time we saw him. He was on our show for Saint Patrick's Day morning. He was on your show. Di he I don't know if he's still smokes back, then he was smoking every five seconds, remember. Yup. Anyway, if we had more people talking to our legislators like Jon Stewart, did, I think we'd be in a better place, anyway. So a shadow to New Yorker in Tribeca Jon Stewart, but, but he's an American. He did a great job now who wants to go on a cruise. I wanna go okay, you're all going, okay. But. As you know, it's, it's, it's always a good time to go on a cruise year round. And our friends at Norwegian cruise line. They have crews ready for you for any season. You can go to Alaska during the summer months, you can go to the Caribbean during the winter months. I mean, they've got everything going on. So. Hey, I get an idea. Where's jeff? Where's Jeff Smith? Our engineer career Jeff, you'd have much look Jeff Smith is the most amazing friend and engineer. He's the one who keeps all these buttons flashing. I don't even know what I don't think they do things really. Most of the time, look good, but Jeff did something for me, which is the best gift in the world. He he built a studio. That would make it possible for us to do our show and other places. And it was it was a studio that Jeff did his way it wasn't like I heart radio corporate way you, it was your studio. It's your studio. It always had a lot to do with you, too. So, well, I know you built a studio that you wanted to build. Yes. But Jeff is always so great. He's here every morning to make sure everything works. So Jeff got married this past weekend. So Jeff, we want to send you on a region cruise. Oh my God. Really? Oh, so much. You and MRs Jeff. Nate was very excited because there's now Heather's with a different name in the. The odds both his well now wife and my girlfriend had the exact same name first and last. So wait your dating Heather Smith together. Jeff, I seven days on a domestic crews of your choice. It if. Marci wherever it goes. I want you to enjoy it, and please I don't know what to say. Thank you, just whatever. It's a free cruise. I'll take it. We want you to get out of here. You work so hard to keep everything running your here at all hours, and you take my text complaining about button say thank you and congratulate I appreciate it. Thank you. Jeff Jeff going on in our we've been cruise, thank you. Look at that. What other sponsors can we give? I don't know. Cookies for the cruise tastes cookies needed along. Nacho fry book while they're on the beach. Inaudible Nacho fries Taco Bell. Do you need a job through sip recruiter? Along convection oven? We got a convection oven. Don't steal your identity. While you're on the cruise line. Sorry can get your Mercedes Benz. I wish it could those are so nice. We at this party last night meeting, a lot of our marketing partners that there is these incredible people from the representing Mercedes-Benz because, you know, they sponsor Mercedes-Benz interview lounge. I said, that's a bad idea. This interview lounge you don't make I have a drink. I've got great ideas. Why don't we take half of a real Mercedes park it in the studio and interview people in a Mercedes? They see people like NATO like we could never get a car in here. Anyway. Anyway, why got to start dreaming, big boy that freight elevator could definitely hold it. Car with fitness don't meet, we need half a car, and what are we going to call it the Mercedes Benz interview car. Backseat backseat Mercedes-Benz back seat lounge does that now. That's carpool karaoke gets different. We're not gonna sing another thing. Another thing anyway. So I thought it was a great idea. And everyone's like who've you can never get a car in a building. Yes, you can funny cars and buildings everywhere. People drive them into buildings all the time. Charlie seen like Dr one through his house. Yes, Nate make it happen. Let's get into the three things you need to know from Gandhi than we have a one thousand dollar free money who's trying to phone today. It's a friends us. Singers snickers. Oh, Jeff for your honeymoon. We're giving them Snickers of boxes knickers room at bliss. Great to us. All right. Into the three things. What do you have? Well, speaking of cars over says that it is on track to start flying its first all electric air taxis, and they demonstrated them at the elevate conference in DC. So they're hoping to launch this by twenty twenty three we're gonna flying cars guy. Badgen I can't even describe too much traffic in the air. What could possibly go wrong? Okay. Did you guys read this story about a month ago about two Girassol in Florida who mysteriously died at a wildlife park? Now, what happened it happened that the lion country safari? It's just outside of West Palm Beach. They found out what killed these drafts and is a billion to one chance. They both got struck by lightning. They said that there are shelters for the draft, they can't force anybody to go in them, but they everyone was very concerned. What happened to these drafts? They finally figured it out giraffes from now on shell where lightning rod. They saw that'd be beautiful beautiful creature. I look at them. And I'm like, who made you? You have mazing this is why you need to go on safari. Yeah. Because every. Africa is drafts everywhere we have rat to New York, we giraffes in Africa about the same size. Finally held out this the next big trending clothing, could be clothing that you almost never have to wash. Apparently, some companies have started using new fibres and treatments that make these clothes, and they don't stink. They don't absorb any sweat. You can wear them for weeks and even months without washing them. Which is good for people dirty people and the environment. Yeah, I like to know whether coming out with the clothes you don't have to wash. They're coming out with very soon. There's lots of different clothing, Lynch already. We're in those, he's a head of the curve. Watch those genes never. This conversation really gonna keep the listeners thrill. Yes. Elvis, Duran and the morning show. Father's Day Sunday. Is it too late to get in touch with Tate's and have a gift basket today? I don't think so. I'd go on today at Tate's Bake, Shop dot com. If you use the promo code Elvis. You get twenty percent off. We're talking earlier about Katy Perry sending a picture of cookies to Taylor swift. Don't send a picture of cookie sent cookie. Tate's Bake Shop cookies, as you know, even if you just take a bag of Tate's over to your dad's for Father's Day. He's gonna love him dad's love cookies. This is the way it is. Or you can get one of these incredible. Tate's Bake Shop gift baskets have brownies in them in those raspberry squares, maybe some lemon squares, the cookies, that we love deeply delicious. Everything from Tate's is just butter, literally butter, the whole Bank, they'd SOGA, so once again for Father's Day for any occasion. If you're gonna go have dinner at someone's house this weekend, send a head a gift basket from tainted arrived the day that you're going for dinner that night. It's a great idea. Got him full of great idea. And then you have good dessert, guaranteed. In case there's this terrible. It's true Tate, bake shop dot com. Use the promo code Elvis for twenty. Tax dose, fifty five one hundred hundred standard data and messaging rates may apply. Elvis, Duran in the morning show. I haven't really had the pleasure to hang out with intern Robbie yet. Hey Robbie how you doing? Oh. You don't have to come in sit down. I'm hearing. I'm hearing intern Ravi who's in college. Of course, has the craziest wack dating game. Really? Yeah. There's one thing he did have I'll have him explain it to you. But let me ask you a question is, is this is from Robbie's life? Have you ever shaken has been so looked in the God, it's so great to meet you, and they look at you and say a Hello. We had sex three nights ago. Okay. No, that his never happened. Time in my life of that stuff happened. It happened Robbie. Get Robbie and tell that, that probably with him. He seems like he's got like some smooth moves is the dumpster fire. Justin Timberlake circa, nineteen whatever I don't know if that's a nice thing to say. So we're gonna get into intern Robbie and his dating life, wanna get into him. And after the phone tap, I wanna hear from you. If you've done this, where you actually had a relationship with someone. And then you look at the, the I, I've never met you before. It happened is a college. I understand it happening months, but three days later. That's like that's ridiculous. Thousand dollars. Thanks to Snickers is the one thousand dollar Snickers hungry our free money phone tip, Daniel, when you get angry in the afternoon. What do you do? I get a Snickers. You do. I have I have a stash but you guys don't know where they are. What I do to save calories. I get the little biddy miniature Snickers. Five. There was a moment in here the other day where everyone was kind of being a bit, and then the Snickers started getting passed out, eat this, please. True. So thanks to Snickers. They remind us that there is hungry, our it's like a couple of hours after launch a couple of hours before dinner. Yeah. Three first knickers and thanks to them, and their peanut caramel e new giddy milky chocolate Snickers bars of you're gonna thousand dollars for the free money phone tap be called a one hundred now and win a thousand dollars. One eight hundred two four two zero one hundred what is this a way back Wednesday? Who's it from from Jimmy jingle? Elvis, Randy Elvis. Durant phone tap. Right. He's back. One of our favorite characters from Dave Rhody, Jimmy jingles, right? Yep. Love, Jimmy jingles. I would hire him for my next partial mistake. You're about to find out why what's the phone all about today? Brody Elvis our list. Thomas wanted a phone tap. His wife, Jennifer, their oldest son Vinnie's having a graduation party, and he was supposed to take care of the payment. So I call as the entertainment Jimmy jingles, all right into it. Listen closely David brody's Jimmy Johns phone too. Yeah. Hello. Hey, what's up? I'm looking for for Jennifer. Canada. This is Jimmy jingles. Did you husband tell you I was calling? Yeah. You might be calling very excited. Listen, we've been working really hard on the J for Vinnie's party. I got the custom jams ready to go. I got my boy, Ricky rhymes banged everything out. It's gonna be great. Thank you. Yeah, we're very excited about it. Good. I got these rob someone play for you. And then what we want to pick out which ones you favorites. I'd so this Ricky rhymes drop some beats on. Here we go. Ricky kick it challenges that made to step really huge Deva, even though his dad, Vinnie will live at home. How was that? That, that my husband thinks my son's gonna live at home for that. What is that about? I don't know. I just I just was talking to your husband and he's like my son. Not really sure he's going to what is life. And, you know, he may live in his bedroom for eighty three told me, I'm just going by what told me. I don't think he intended fetal put that in a song that we're gonna play at his graduation. No not done a thousand points Bama professional. So you have to understand this is what works is what gets the kids moving. I let me play another one. Ricky dropped the bait. Getting aside sprayed the knowledge, even though he's going to traffic to hear college. Wait a minute, Jerry very good school. And he's graduating and this is the time honoring him. We're giving him this big party. Is this to be some kind of like a I don't like a punking kind of thing. No, no, no, no. This is all about Vinnie's life. This is all about the kids. Call it on fleet. You know what I'm saying? You don't Affleck is it's lit. It's on fire. Bowman we go. Ricky dropping. That he didn't get caught by team. He's behind the places. She. Yeah. Yeah. What? Yes. Time now for twenty. Not been a happen at his party to honor him for grad of powered Fania smoke putt. At the graduation to say he hits an odd to listen Ricky rhymes and I know all about that. You know what I mean? Why added barrel anything? Oh, that's what you're wrong girlfriend, already paid Ricky and I already cash that check y'all. Unprofessional. Only Tommy gave me a whole list stuff. Look even got one about you. You're gonna love it. Just calm down. Ricky Trump that Pete about the mother. So proud of Vinnie daddy never tried to cap out even though it was Jennifer's a high school dropout. Yeah, that's right. You Boyz make an even though you dropped out. I got the Giambi you jam baby clay gem. Rickie debate. That was celebrating graduating considering all the time you spent perfecting masturbation. Kicking. What can can't relate to that? I've been waiting. I like that about a about myself, John, you and you we send us on money. That's it or go have a drink or smoke a little bit. You'll be go talk back. Tommy. Yeah. She's calling do not answer that phone. Don't answer. Wait a minute. We'll call right back. Okay. We have to. Cancelation. Look at about Benny going to some crappy to college and like smoking, I know smoking pot under the bleaches. That's. That it was cool goalie kids like that stuff. These days. Well, yeah, because he had a cancellation and I didn't wanna lose the guys like highly recommend. Donna, should we tell her? Yeah. I pay gentleman. Jennifer, this is daybreak during the morning show. We're phone tapping you. What? Coronary. You might have right. Oh my God. A real DJ like a real good one. I didn't pay three grants. I need a drink. We love Jimmy jingles. There's your way back Wednesday phone tap. Thank you, Dave Rhody. All right. That was your free money phone tap worth one thousand dollars. Thanks to Snickers. Hey reese. Claw for claw. Your last name is Reese. Yeah. So they try to save me from mispronouncing people's names. So they spill the L A dash re. So you know what that's financially. Correct. No science of the land clerics. Zach do you love Canty and poverty? Yes, I do. You are one thousand dollar winner. You just want two thousand dollars from the Snickers actually, my son on driving, my son as been doing this for me every day to his high school. He's graduating this year. So shout out to the graduating class of Ord middle school two thousand nineteen good for, and this is Christians graduation present that you're off the hook you'd have to buy anything. Thanks to Christian. You guys have a thousand dollars on the way thanks to Snickers, and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful to end congratulations. You know what obviously are a great mom, you got Christian through school. I did all twelve years. I'm sure it was very easy. Oh, of course. Aren't they? All right. Nice talking to you, that I it really is to thank you so much Clarissa till Kristen congratulations. And there you go. It's your one thousand dollar Snickers, Hungary. Our free money phone tap. We have another one coming up tomorrow morning. Hey, everyone say good morning to intern Ravi. Hi, rob. Good more morning Ravi. Hello, everyone. So you're from Philly Ryan born and raised in Philadelphia that city you listen to us on q, one or halio. Guess drive up to New York every day or well last week I started last week I started driving up this week, I found an apartment so it's been wonderful. You don't wanna partner in the city in New York. It's so affordable on an intern salary. Well, the trick is you have a cousin that move stuff in and out of office buildings. And one of the office buildings just happens to take a little bit longer to move stuff into and living in an office building. It's well, it's technically a residential space. No not. There's a bed in there. So that counts not swat it, you can put a bad. Bet on the beach and call it an apartment. It's wonderful. Interim Robbie I've been reading I've been reading about you. And let me tell you something about all my fiance Alexander. We posed in front of your mother's mural in center city Philadelphia. It was on your Instagram account that mural is over by woody's and all that kind of stuff. Where is that it were? Anyway, your mom's offend tastic artiste. Thank you. Now. Are you as are typically gifted as your mother, I'm more into music? I'm very musically gifted posted drawing. Okay. Now not only. The only Robbie meet someone had already hooked up with but totally didn't know that he had hooked up with her. Good luck this happen at a part. This was in college, I was at a frat party. And I met this girl, my friend introduce me went back to a room allegedly and. That was on Saturday night. And on Monday night, I'm eating dinner with my friends in the dining hall, and this girl comes up, and I've never seen her before, you know, I'm nice guy. I want to introduce pretty I think, so you're tight. I go to extend my hand and, like, hey, nice to meet you. And she kind of looks at me. Weird doesn't shake. It gets up and walks away. And I'm like what's going on? Everybody's looking at me at the table when my friend goes to your jerk. Unlike what I do you went home to a room on Saturday, allegedly before was this, this happened on Monday and have a original habit on Saturday. Mike. Gather man. Today's a long time wasted worry you. Pre- pretty wasted. I don't really remember pay, Sarah, fake, say. Hey Sarah, how are you? I'm good. How are you doing? Okay. So we can't make fun of intern Robbie because this has happened to Sarah. We're gonna we're gonna call you intern Sarah. All right. What happened? So this is actually through an online dating say, I met this guy. We went out once or twice I wasn't really feeling that. So we just kind of stopped talking whatever year and a half later, I'm dating this guy's varies getting serious, and everything. And I guess I forgot to take my account off of. Okay. Cupid and the guy hit me up by active. We never met he was. Oh, hey, look really high and all this stuff. I I'm, I'm so in so nice to meet you like do we went out like a year and a half? To be fair, though. Sarah, I mean, a lot of people flip through a lot of dates online. So I mean, you know, intern Robby do you do, do you date online? I wonder profile a really have you had any interesting tender dates you a few. Yeah. All right. Sarah lissi, if your tender dating has gone awry, like Robbie's I gimme gimme like a great tender date. Actually, I met my current boyfriend tender. We've been together for three or four years go. That's, that's a successful one but Robbie happen to you. I went on a date with this girl, and she came to my room about seventy five pounds heavier than her pictures. Okay. You know, it's gonna catfish somebody, it's, you know, I didn't feel like going on the date that say so I sent her home and. Oh, no politely. I was like, hey, this is a good workout. You know what I mean at high comeback from a long weekend, I was away at a track meet, and there are water balloons, filling my bed, and a note from her on the door that said, don't lead me on just to semi back. There you go. I'm on her. Silence. The same time. She she didn't. She wasn't what she said. She was. I mean yeah you're right that you can't Robbie's on the wrong. Sorry you're out. I will never say with your AVI. I thank you for your call, Sarah. Thank you so much. But anyway, let me tell you something else, kind of funny, about Robbie's life. His mother hired him to be a stripper at a party filled with middle aged women. Oh my God. Did happen now how the office. So what kind of relationship, you have your mom or are you out of the stripper? Well, a pretty, pretty open one, I tell her about some of the stuff I do in college to appease her. And I told her about one time I stripped in college, she's like oh, you did that you can do this for my friend know God. So did you actually go strip from your mom's got cancelled thank God but it's rescheduled for few weeks for. Gonna take all your clothes up for your mom's friend. Well, my mom called it a performance and it's not stripping trip before what kind of tripping background, do you have? Well, me and my friends, the boys we, we stripped for this girl in our dorm room. So you're not a professional stripper. What they paid us. Okay. This is you get paid sixty dollars to split between the five of. Deal. Great. Okay. What's your stripper name? I actually took a took a play out of Mississippi over here. I went with Michael Cox. I might. So we just wanna let you meet the interns today. You got to meet intern Ravi. Nice to meet everyone. I don't know. I have so many more questions. Jason. Hey jason. How are you? I'm doing good. How are you? Same thing for you. Like you actually have an intern Robby in your life, seriously. Well, no, they're not in my life. That was quickly rejected from my everyday. What happened? What happened? I was out of the bar and it was a middle of the week so they weren't very busy. And this guy came over to me started talking to me, and he was nice whatever. But then he leans in and sticks his tongue in my ear. And I don't think this guy is just out of the blue so that, that kinda kills it for me. And yeah. Politely blow him off right about two weeks later at a different place with a couple of friends, and the same guy, walks over to our table sits down and six tongue in my ear again. You don't think irritates the same to recognize that a salt? No. But I'm concerned about where else? He's fixed tie. So you're saying he didn't even remember sticking his tongue in your ear before. No, I looked at him. And you don't remember me and he said, no. That's well, you tried that same move on to weeks ago, and he smirked and looked at me. Like, oh, did it work back and say, no? And it didn't work this time either. Tongue. You must have really handsome ears. I don't know about the rest of you. But those is a turtle beyond. I'm gonna go by Tung all the way down to your envel- or whatever where. Oh. Oh. Jason. Thank you. You know, if they don't remember you from the first time they aren't they aren't worth hanging out with I think, anyway. So, yeah, intern Robbie. I think we're gonna have a good semester with him something else. Daniel has her. Daniel report coming up. What are you coming up that khloe Kardashian? She is giving us her truth. It's no secret that finding a new job can be a lot of work. 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Let the power of technology work for you the sooner you download the free ZipRecruiter job search at the sooner it can help you find a better job, and Danny Shapiro, my new podcast family secrets, just wrapped up its first season and it's filled with stories. The secrets that are kept from us secrets to keep from others and the secrets, we keep from ourselves if you've been waiting for the right time to binge them all now's your chance. Check out the episodes, along with bonus interviews and stories and keep an ear out for the next season in August. You can find out more at family secrets podcast dot com, and you can listen and subscribe at apple podcasts, or on the iheartradio app or wherever you listen to podcasts. Chelsea handler. And I'm launching a brand new podcast with iheartradio called life will be the death of me. And I'm gonna talk to all these different people, my BFF Mary McCormack. That's what we should call. My book tour the apology for great idea. I'm sorry. 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Gives him over one hundred and twenty-five personalized genetic insights about his health traits. Everything by your DNA kit today at twenty three and me dot com slash Elvis and receive fifty dollars off till June seventeenth too. Two. In. Creates. Oh my breaking creepy. Cycling Konkan bottles. I'm on a book bitch. Sure those are milked Jess. A couple hours ago Danielle was talking about how jealous she was because our producer Garrett was hanging out with a bunch of stars last night. We'll producer Sam was hanging out with you start. You got to interview Disney stars right? Oh my God with heart radio Broadway, because this is needs twenty fifth anniversary so Jove around I got to talk to Michael James Scott, who's the Chidi. Oh my God. It was so amazing. It was it was just so I was on cloud nine the whole time. And when we got out and s j who's headed up like how's the interview, and like, I don't know. I blacked out, you know, producers him to so much for our, our show to keep us online, and in line. But all the stuff that you do on your own with iheart. So proud of you here really on the great path just again. I've said it before I'm blessed to be here, and to get to do it, and it's so much fun. And I like that it's opposite hours like Phil do everything in love with you guys. Do that night was to have you here doing around the room. What was that you're around the room, not, not exactly? I want to have a little gratitude toward people here. So I think it's importantly, reckon. The people in our offices who do things to make our lives a little bit easier and better every day. And today, I wanna shine that light on scary because scary, I recognize that you buy whole beans to replace the coffee and you leave it for all of us. And I know you do that. And I really appreciate it because he. Scary and his whole. Own coffee, and I love to tire office. It's my gift to every thank you. Thank you on behalf of everyone. Thank you. Yeah. It's, it's great to point out the things that people do in scare you didn't think anything of it. You just put a bunch of coffee beans in there. But it really changes her day. So thank you scary. Hey, danielle. What's up with you? Do the same thing. I'm gonna pay it forward and be thankful to thank you. Scotty for all the damn cereal he brings it while, you know, he's really milk. When he and Andrew doing that, that serial podcast, serial killers, you got to listen to, but even before that he brings in cereal for us. He brings in the milky provides all of it. He doesn't ask for any money and we go in there and eat it every morning. So thank you to Scotty beach. Got to be owning more fruity payable real fruit flavors. Yes condie. All right, fine. Then I'm gonna pay. Oranges shouting out people at work. I want to say we have someone temporarily filling in outside named alley. We love. Awesome. Let me textually abuse her during meetings, funny and get some jokes, and I love her so much. I love you Ellie. We do people working with heart. It is in my opinion, one of the best places in the world to work in, of course. Tony Mullane is here. Everyday with. So I was talking earlier about this corporate thing we had to do last night and. We come in every morning, we get to hang out with people that we work with every morning. Oh, God, we really have to drive all the way up town corporate headquarters, by the way, I think I, I don't know if I heart to doing well because the room we were in doesn't look like it's finished. Pay extra for that, really the pipes in the wires and everything. That's the look aren't. Maybe they need extra cash. I don't know anyway, so they told us we needed to go to this thing. And they said, the good news is a lot of our marketing partners will be there. Okay. These are the people that gives the fuel that keep us in going, maybe we need more marketing partners so we can afford to finish the rooms at headquarters. Anyway. So I was in the car driving all the way up Ted, you know, me, I don't like to go but fourteenth street. But I was up at fifty fifth street walked in and the warmth and happiness in this room was just breathtaking. Not only our marketing partners that we work with all the time, like audible. They're stopping by a few minutes, by the way, and I mean, the list goes on and on Mercedes. Just hanging out with our I heard in premier friends was Ryan see Chris got up, and we're talking about the connection between what we do in audio and radio with our listeners and the connection we have we deliver connection with listeners. Unlike any other medium in the world. And that's what keeps us going. But Ryan Seacrest got up there and read a letter from one of his listeners who had a rough time. Coming out to his parents. They, they didn't like it. They rebuked him review, the because they were very, very religious parents. And then some he lost his mom, and he just had a really rough life. And he wrote a letter to Ryan Seacrest. Hang I listen to you every morning on kissing ally. And you and your show with the only thing that kept me going. And so Ryan used this letter as an example of how we truly do connect with people that we're talking with every day. And the cool part was a lot of the listeners reached out to this guy now and was helping him with all different things like support groups, and this, and that, and the other thing, and it was like a little family. It was awesome. I wish we could get right on the phone, but I know he has another job. He's Kelly, but, you know, but one thing look, Rienzi Christian. This was brought up by Julie Talbott who runs our premier premiere corporation, whatever you wanna call it. And she's the best. She got up. She said, even though Ryan has so many things going. He's got American idol. He's got you know, live. With Kellyanne Ryan. He's got all these other things he does radio is and will always be his number one go to he'll never ever give it up unless he has to for whatever reason because it keeps him grounded and keeps them connected with the real people. So anyway, last night, I, I feel so I'm ashamed that I just didn't wanna go like work event. I don't have to put on clothing. But you know what? It was a great night. It really we really, truly are blessed as Samantha to work for student credible company, anyway, and that duly Talbot. I'd like to bottle that energy and, and sell it, she school, Bobby bones was there. Another example, Amy Charlemagne and Delilah. Envy, was there. All right. I'm sorry. We're going on Daniel. Yes. We didn't do your Daniel report. We're kinda late on that lets you wanna do waiting on this khloe Kardashian news, look Ghandi's, waiting on the khloe Kardashian, 'cause I couldn't Google Delilah last night. I hung out with her. I want her jingle. Sounds like you stole that. I heard Delilah has zebra. What could actual libra? She does picture in such as e. What did you say? Zebra Delilah has I'm hard of hearing. You got a slowdown okay. Let me repeat Delilah has zebra. Yes home. I go. That's all fine. The photo the photo. Has gone talk really fast or is it very fast? But that's our that's things. I love. She says it's so funny. I don't hear half of it. You gotta slow down from it. Don't find too much like this. Okay. Let's go to Danielle, apparently there's a problem with the Delilah zebra story. So about going Kardashian, she has broken her silence about claims that Tristan Thompson, cheated on his pregnant ex with her, she took to Instagram, and she wrote my truth is I met twist and because he chose to go on a blind date with me, a mutual, friend set us up after going on dates, he told me he had an ex that was pregnant Chloe said she was reluctant about continuing date or starting relationship. She claimed that not only tristen plead with her and tell her that the relationship was over. He handed her physical proof. He actually had her. Go talk to people in his circle to prove that he was not with this person anymore. She said, this is my truth. The truth. And I believed and trusted. And at this time she knows that a lot of people have lied to her, and she feels bad, because she has put his pregnant ex at the time through alive, and she went through a lot physically and emotionally. And I think Chloe is really feeling bad about it, but it's not a fault. She was lied to so Gandhi. I know you're really you're, you're in Kardashians are all your both about them are your thoughts. I think khloe always plays the victim and it drives me insane. Don't make fun of Kaluga lover. I'm sure they're all very lovable wonderful people. But she's just always it's not my fault. Everything is against me. I'm so if you if you look at her track record, she doesn't pick the best guys to be with, with right. Unfortunately. And I just feel like the poor things always screwed over. I mean I mean. I mean she's always victims because she's a victim victim. I don't think okay if you get with somebody and you know that they have another woman pregnant just in itself. Isn't that kind of a tricky situation to walk into because they have a connection with that person? There's a baby coming, there's a lot of emotion going on. She's pregnant, but think don't you think I think she loves love. She just loves lung Dutch problem. We all have a problem. Even love love. Usually dating the wrong people. I'm team rob cortege. We know you are a love him. I close my favorite, so I can't. HBO. They only submitted the season finale of game of thrones for best writing EMMY, which is very strange because everybody said that, that was not a very strong episode. So why wouldn't you go ahead and submit something else? That was a lot stronger. I don't know weird. I if you haven't heard peace at last, Katy Perry, and Taylor swift. They are fine with each other. Now, I know you can sleep better at night. Now, Elvis knowing. I think they have already recorded. I want to play that will have it. I think they have they were mentioning something about a song at Katie said we should record songs together. It all started with a tray of cookies that Taylor had made in passed it along. So, yeah, let's talk about some more Kardashians KENDALL Jenner. She's really not a credentialing. But KENDALL Jenner receives some really good news. She no longer has to ask for a restraining order against a stalker. The creep has been kicked out of the country. So that's very good for her. Congratulations team USA women's World Cup action from last night. They defeated Thailand thirteen to nail. And let me tell you Alex Morgan five goals, a lot of people will upset that they were celebrating too much. But you know what can you tell me what does that mean? They celebrate when they were getting these goals, they would, you know how you see a hug each other, too much, and you get otros it was a little much once you're stopping somebody into the ground. Maybe you don't need to keep celebrating waiting a broken leg every goal. If it was guys they would be forgiven and know what let them enjoy their win. They are currently the champs they're defending their championship from two thousand six and I mean from two thousand six they actually scored more goals than the men's team has an every World Cup since two thousand six in that game low waking up this morning in their winners. But people are making fun of them because they were having fun on. Let them speak winners say one in two thousand fifteen so they wanna win again hand they don't get paid as much as the guy. So give them something, I know. I know why you should be. People shouldn't be bitching moaning about how they celebrated their night's show. Starring Demi kept Fallon has Chris Hemsworth on the Jonas brothers tonight. And the lately James corden has Tiffany haddish will if she's so funny. Added Stanley Cup finals tonight, catfish first responders live. That's a new one match games on as well. You guys watching these new versions of these games like match game and stuff. Yeah. Summer TV summer TV's always the ballad always the best because it's the cheap. TV TV. It's federal curly as people don't know that Danielle right? But the, the shows that they put on the new shows during summer they do them, because they know that TV audiences are lowers, so they don't have budgets, like they do during the fall, and you don't want to think, in the summer, you wanna relax and the rest of what these these, these shows that you don't have to think. My thought is they should do it year round I want non thinking shows year round like this one, ours is non thinking, we're on your round. It's a low budget show. You don't have to think why not let little budget. We are. Tv thinking, oh tales of the city tales of the city. This is great for pride month, arm armistead, Maupin is his name, author from way back during the eighties. There is a series called tales of the city. It's about a young girl from the country who moved to San Francisco a moved into this apartment complex with the bunch of gay people, and she didn't know about gay people or anything. And it was a wonderful soap opera kind of dish wonderful thing that was a long time ago. It's now back with Laura Linney, one of the best actresses of all time, she was in the original and now, she's in the new, and it's on Netflix. It's called tales of the city. I'm watching it, it is trashy great isn't trashy, great fun. I'm into trash ingrate. Yes. Why this show that is true. Tash rate. We're always trying to look for shows free to catch, and I think tales of the city is it takes a minute to get into it. You should give it give it a watch anyone else. Have any shows are loving scary. Anyone seen billion dollar bully yet? No, that's the story of yelp at how allegedly all this was going on where they were trying to get people a little mom and pop places to pay. Otherwise. They would give them sink their businesses with bad. Is that true? Is it a true story or it's all it's allegedly? I don't know. I haven't seen the documentary, it's called billion dollar bully. It's been out. I think it's on Amazon. So, don't you wonder sometimes when you look at not just yelp, but any reviews anywhere, like I'm gonna spend money on this product because it's getting the best reviews. But did you ever stop to think are these reviews real all the time? Like there's a new hair like thing that I wanna get here thing, curling iron hairdryer. I'll go to the root views. And I'm like, I don't know Mike these these reviews fantastic. But how do I know I'm gonna spend this money is going to be crap? Like I don't I don't trust that they're over. I feel like the pay the people Aleta times, or it's like family member review it when over, even though you're a little iffy on the reviews still look at reviews for everything. I do. I do. Just my life based on the stars of restaurants like when I'm looking for a place to go. Let's look pick that one. Yeah. All right. I, I just wonder how accurate they are. That's all you know what I did to Google blogs, like I wanna see a blog on somebody having a whole conversation with other people on that product, and you can find blogs, and they'll talk you wonder are those people plan to age, don't know. All right. Let's get into the three things that we need to know from Gandhi. So it is pride months. And if you are part of the LGBTQ community, listen up because we have the three best colleges for you. The university of Washington came in at number one, followed by Tufts University in Massachusetts. And then Princeton, they say these are all great school. So good for you. Good for them a second now is in custody in connection with the shooting of David Ortiz originally. They just got one of them the other person took off on foot. They found out who it was. They have arrested him. They're trying to figure out what's happening because the guy that they initially caught said, I had nothing to do with it. I was just a motorcycle taxi driver. I had no clue that there was somebody who was gonna shoot another person. So we'll see how that one hundred percent certainty. Why not yet, but I was watching videos of him yesterday with kids, and these kids have sent him videos, these, these kids that have medical issues, and they sent him, these videos, telling him to get well soon and how much he helped them and now they want to help him I was hysterical yesterday. He's such a great guy. So I saw an article linked to your hysterical crying. Yeah. Was so sad. And now a little controversy. The world naked bike ride happened this weekend in New Orleans world. Naked bike ride happened in New Orleans. How'd that go at went fine until they realized a lot of the bike riders were using the bike share bikes and people upset? But do wash off your exactly. So they're saying, we might have to retool some of the rules or the bike share for next time. Well, the way gone to, you know, he's talking earlier about how you talk really fast. You have to talk in this room like contestants on wheel of fortune. Okay. You know what they do? They say okay if you're going to spell if you're gonna say the answer to the wheel of fortune, thing, you've got to say it, slowly and loudly you ever noticed that on wheel of fortune. They do that. I'd like to buy vow. Hey. They do scream. I'm death. Okay. I will slow it down for everyone. I have to say Hello to froggy and get will get well, soon he has the flu can't believe he's can't believe he has the flute this time of year, but it happens. Flu anytime influenza as they call it so froggy. Hopefully we'll be back on with us tomorrow. Also your story about reviews. We're talking about reviews on yelp and stuff scary. You're talking two billion dollar bullying whenever you wouldn't believe all the text messages were getting how they're little Ma and PA stores were put out of business because of fake reviews because they didn't pay. Someone my company pays bloggers to write about us. We pay and free product and cash, my old boss told me he paid 'em. Someone more money to get a five star review companies, pay people to write negative reviews on their competitions products. Not my job gives gift cards employs to good reviews on yelp. I was mortified. I mean they're coming in. It's not even by the dozens. I mean, there's billions of them. So next time you start reading review. I kind of wonder. Wait until. Nacho taco bells added again celebrating their Nacho fries, this time they're going in with a new single and trailer for a movie with. Emmy winning actor Darren criss checkout. Both at Taco Bell. About to get into sound with Garrett. But I, I gotta get back to this. This is huge Emily's on the line. Hi, emily. Well, and I and I thank you so much, Emily held on for over six minutes. Because wanted to talk to, and we've predate your, your time investment, and I look a few minutes ago, we just brought up, whatever arbitrarily, we were talking about yelp reviews, Amazon reviews, and you'll reviews across the board, and I was saying, I don't know if I trust them because I've heard rumor that some reviews are tainted by the businesses that reviewing and competitors. Putting bad reviews out about their competition and then boom on our text messages at fifty five one hundred and explosion of people saying they've been a part of this scandal scandal, how Sadie I know. But is it surprising now? So emily. Yeah. I'm this shady, painter. But you're you're you're that sounds like a great stripper. Welcome. Shady, tater anyway. So Emily, what, what did you used to do in your formal former life? So I am a reformed Amazon reviewer. They would send me sellers would send me free stuff and I would have to give it a good review and move at five stars and good little convincing review. Wait, Emily, did they specifically say you must give us a five star review and then we'll say or they just give us a good review? Here's a free thing. They you buy it on Amazon. They pave hell, you your money back. And then you, they say if you can't leave the five review let us know. And then basically pantley the five star review vision, your item and, you know, money, and all you don't Jetta give your money back and all that. So do you recall, do you recall, the worst product that you gave a great review too? This is so embarrassing. Okay. I had like a sports bra up from China or something. And the boobs were all crooked on it. Like it was super like that wouldn't fit anybody even in China. I just ordered a sports bra from China. Okay, so you knew it was not a good product sports bra lopsided spots from China, but you gave it a good review anyway, because that's what they expected of you. What I said, was that it was nice fabric. And the fabric is very nice. Fabric on the left Cup was five feet lower than the right. So did you get the product first and then you had to review it? Yeah. You get the product person, then you have to a review within X amount of days, but how do they get it back? If you say, no, I got this product and it was terrible. How can they enforce anything? If you already got it. We'll you'll that you, you, you don't get your money until after your reviews. Would you typically make on something like that? Well, you, you get the product for free like there, had they have, like a hundred and fifty dollar back massagers, and like foot spas, and then they have like random stuff like sports bras, from China was crooked boobs. That I would've thought back. So now that, you know, I mean I'm not saying all reviews are wrong. But now that you know what you did is far as reviews go. Do you even look at reviews when you look the restaurant or a product or do you still rely on them? No, I'm super skeptical everybody. Because I just now I assume everybody is a shady. I once what? Well, there you go. Well, there you go. Wow. We actually talked to everyone here in this room, Emily, and everyone of us uses review, everyone of us. So always be skeptical. You know what I'll do is for bad reviews, but even those could be planted. So I just don't know any couple overviews. They stick a bad, one in there to make it seem like it's legit. Our k people to up vote in down vote reviews, like super sets. All right, Emily, thank you so much. Thanks for holding. And thank you for listening to us. My world has been shamed too. Text a former hotel I worked at would bribe guest with dining gift cards. If posted a positive review improved it to the front desk, staff I. Part is that the good restaurants and the good establishments shouldn't have to do this shouldn't have to. But look, you know what you can have the best restaurant in the world that could have like one off night in those reviews from that one night, could berry you j it's. Yeah. Especially because people are so much more prone to complaining about something than to just being happy about it. So I think if you didn't do the sadly, it would be all negative reviews all the time. Look at this, I left a bad review on Amazon. The company contacted me and offer me a forty dollar gift card to remove it, but didn't let neither I would up the price and then maybe I don't know what to do. I'm so lost. No. What's scary? I just keep getting better and better. Yeah. This one company paid us. Two thousand dollars not to post negative review two thousand dollars. The sign an agreement that we wouldn't post them social media. I'm not gonna see what company does. But today. How do we know? These texters are real well. Oh my God. Maybe they're not reviewers being paid to Texas. I don't know my gosh guy. Look it into sound with garett. Hey Gary, hey, good morning today. All right. Let's talk about the bachelorette let last night it was on because it's normally on on Monday night. But the NBA finals are on. So hey, guess what? What was it on last night? Not today. All right. So hannah. Got to talk to Luke p and Luke p wants everyone to know everyone likes him according to Luke, p are not being really not adding up, but everyone I've ever met. Every place every school, I've ever been any anywhere. I've ever been in my whole life. Everyone loves me. So I don't I hate fan it. What is the truth? And I, I hate talking about myself, I don't ever want to tell you about me, but don't say things like people love this mad straight Nate. Everyone thinks I'm so handsome. I hate to say it, but it's true for some people. Please tell me didn't get around. What else? All right. Let's talk about song land that's on NBC. That's the show where songwriters come to compete to get their song sung by a famous singer. So Kelsey Bellerini countries superstars on. She has the number one song in the country right now. So this is Darius Coleman's version of the song hero called better luck next time. So your read on here. Asada too key with the gold and. Oh. The this. This. Kelsey Ballerini loved it. So much goes, that's the song, I want, she chose it recorded it out last night. Sounds like this. I can't believe song land is just not coming up. But here's Kelly Kelsey Ballerini. I'm so we're so so end to the stars that brings music when it's actually the songs of the stars. Sometimes male of Kelsey Bill rainy, don't get your. All right. So last night, I was on the black carpet for men in black international. Didn't talk to any of the stars of the movie, I talked to other stars though, Dr Oz. Stop by and his oh, are he was operating yesterday was talking about us on his birthday? He's operating on his birthday. The hospital. He's talking about my birthday. Yes, he was. We wish have you day, so I get to the Ave room. All anyone was talk about is how I know Ellis Durant and crazy team. You guys have I'm trying to focus on changing the Arctic valve, they're interested in why Elvis, which have your birthday bigger successful chain patients. Well, all right question. So I had a rush to get here. I've been here for two hours. I forgot to use the bathroom is how bad is it? That I'm holding it right now for two hours out of problem. But don't make it a habit. Fair enough. Dr. Have you birthday doctor? He always has the best of all right. So if you ever get the chance to date Gandhi and wonder she's ever going to cheat on you. According to the fifteen minute morning show yesterday. She has the best reason why she is the worst cheater. I e the worst heater in the world because I smoke too much weed to remember, you can always count on whatever I'm telling you. Morning show was a safe place. Know we're going to play it back on the big show joke. If my parents are listening. Dating profile scare saying you can say anything on the fifteen minute morning show, knowing your parents won't listen to it. Well, not anymore. Iheartradio Elvis Duran, fifteen minute morning show case parents, you should listen truthful now. Let's get education. Hey, did you ever hear what a koala sounds like right before it mates? No, no. Thanks for the warning ready. It's this is the sound. Gandhi smoking a ball. Okay. So picture Gandhi smoking ball. I didn't. The sound of scary having sex. Here's the sound of scary having sex. Okay. So, so that's the sound quality make in order to get a partner to mate with and you have the sound of quality having sex. Let's see, like once they start doing it. It's very different. It sounds like she's screaming out. Our don't put it there. Turtle sex fit. This is a new turtle sex from the UK. Do they do they turtle with the British accent? Listen. Watching them. Attack. Right there. Here's frogs having sex. Essentially mating, other may well isn't the same thing if they're mating. Now, what if the frog or two, they're having an orgy on a squeaky bed? It was something like this. The turtles who turned on about the other. Join. They're scary. Yes. Good. Hey, yeah. Yeah. No have right now bringing all. Jake. What the hell do living? Thank you, Gary. Good of that. To do that. God, what is happening? Hey, by the way, if you're listening to us on why one hundred and south Florida. The Miami New times voted us best radio personality. Collective. Okay. So I think we sent out a we just send it out. They put a graphic up. One of one of our artists at why one hundred puts his graphic of me. I look like a skeleton. He's like look like skeletal. Did you see a picture of it? I like it to a lot of fun. It's very day of the dead. Look, I was gonna say it might have been in your honor. It really is a picture of me on the day. I will die. Oh, anyway. But thank you to Miami New times. Yeah, that's cool. I know it's a reader's choice poll so people. Thank you. We got paid people. Reviewers. Let's move on to Cleveland where we are on ninety six five. We've been on kiss FM in Cleveland, for many, many years, and they're having their very first kissed the summer Hello concert. It's at the world famous house of blues Cleveland, Tuesday, June eighteenth. That's next Tuesday. We're flying in we're gonna we're gonna be on the stage to welcome. Eva, max and Allie brook in real life, AJ Mitchell. Jake Miller is going to be there. And of course, our very own DJ, Mike, d we want you to get some tickets are on sale now. Go to kiss Cleveland dot com. If you're in Cleveland, or even if you're not tribe, on over from Dayton. Hello. Yeah. I have some friends who may be coming from Columbus. Okay. Tell him to go to kiss. Cleveland dot com and buy tickets. Well, so it's next Tuesday night at house of lose now let's move up to shark as in Syracuse with once again, Jake Miller and AJ Mitchell, they're gonna be there this Saturday night at sharpies, if you want to celebrate the birthday bash with hot one. Oh, seven nine. Tickets start at five dollars. I pay five dollars to meet scary Jones. I'll be there for fifty I'd pay. I pay for Jake Miller. Scare. The hot one seven birthday bash in Syracuse go orange. And of course, Cubano to Hello to BUSTER. He's our new program. Busta BUSTER is he's now the boss in Philly acumen, too. So we're going to be hanging out with them on the beach later, this summer and call him bus a buzz, you can call it whatever you want, just make sure you call him anyway. So there you go. We call it affiliate news. And of course, to all of us in New York listening to z, one hundred we have the secret sound contest in every time, someone can't guess the secret town. It goes up another thousand dollars. Well, so one hundred dollars, so what actually went sixty five hundred dollars on the most impossible to guess, secret sound yesterday? It was the sound of a punching bag, which is anything like a punching bag, but if listening to us on one hundred New York now we have a new secret town. That's today ten weeks. Yeah. No one will ever get. All right. Danielle what's going on with you. Congratulations. Team. USA the women's World Cup yesterday defeat. Thailand, thirteen nil thirteen zero and, you know, they are the defending champions. They won back in two thousand fifteen and they scored more goals in one game than the men's team has in every World Cup since two thousand and six, and they're paid less. Let's just point that out we go head or ridiculous. It is a lot of people are upset that they were celebrating a little too much. I was excessive bio, but they were excite. Fid and they want so congratulations to them. The next game is Sunday at twelve o'clock on FOX so all is good between Taylor swift and Katy Perry. They took the social and everybody know that they are getting along. Now, Katy even mentioned that they should record a song together. I know you said it might already have been recorded maybe Taylor sent Katie cookies, or she posted a picture of the cookies. I'm hoping that they've got to tailor. I mean hopefully they've got to Katie. But, you know, Taylor, she always bakes for people we learned that the other day when Todd was here. She loves baking things for people on have you seen. Brad Pitt wearing the same outfit in the same week a love it, it is so weird. Like he didn't even like change. Any aspect of it. If you go to my Twitter at Danielle minero, you'll see it and people are just wondering what is going on? They found something he liked it worked for, I guess, off four has a new list of the one hundred highest paid athletes in the world. The top three are soccer players, but they are all male. Number three his name. Our number two is Cristiano Renaldo in number one is Lionel Messi and Miley, Cyrus was slamming. Break-up rumors in a tenth anniversary post to her Manley Hemsworth. She wrote happy anniversary my love. It's good to know. Everyone is dumb if they were in two thousand okay, another thing ever change, and they help the what you feel about me is one of them yours truly. So that's pretty cute, and frozen to is hitting your theaters November twenty second in the United States. The trailer is finally out on announcer. Our pecking it up and leaving Aaron Dale. And if you wanna see the trailer, I have it for you at Elvis, Duran dot com, actually it should be up. Elvis, Duran dot com soon or you go to my Twitter at Daniel minero. And by the way, it is a very dark trailer. So I'm just warning. It's a little darker than you're used to with frozen who hasn't lived on a dark trailer. Thank you, Danielle at today's national jerky, day, who loves a good jerky. What? All the men in the room like yeah. I didn't say anything. It's also national peanut butter, cookie day like that. I love still hold bag nutter butter right now. I have national jerky, nutter butter or something happening. They're both on the same day. Tony Molina's here. By the way, before you show this to the room, is it posted anywhere. It is where else tarantulas Instagram. Okay, so Elvis, Duran show on Instagram. None of us tremendous, Elvis, Duran show. Correct. So every once in a while listener will an artist who listens to us, we'll do a picture like a caricature of someone. So Where'd you get this? So this beautiful drawing was sent to us now. No one in the room knows who says he guests who this is yes, that's great. Of course, it's great. He looks just like him. Don't show it to pull on here. Great t so into sit a caricature of you and it looks like he's like you looking in America. Is this legit idle this listener made this of you? Never seen a more accurate depiction. Joe come on. Thank you. Danielle. Can you? Can we post both of these at Elvis, Duran show on Instagram? Absolutely true mind. She's gotten a lot better. I've looked at her Instagram. If, if caricatures could talk that one of Daniel, it was. Greg teased. Doesn't even look the same rate, Greg. Manny for modern family tea, which I wrote. But his kick out, Elvis, Duran show on Instagram. It's a mirror image. Muscular. You are great. All right. We gotta move. Today show, Elvis Duran on demand. Everyone. Free show posted every day searching held his Durant on demand. Only on the high part up. Elvis Durant in the morning show. Thank God for lifelock. Keeping an eye on my stuff like Danielle, they're keeping an eye on your on your, your spending. Not only lifelock really great at making sure no one stealing your identity in transaction goes through. They say, hey, did you make this transaction? It also reminds me of how many transactions I have going through that our mind, right? Kind of Gracie to keep you on a budget. I know I'm going to get one this week because I just put a down payment on a summer house for the family. It's coming. Flock has come in a recent survey found that privacy is the number one concern about smart home devices, sixty eight percent of people responding. So they believe smart home devices are listening to everything. We're saying, even when we forget, they're listening. And, you know, they are there is so many threats in today's connected world. And it just takes one little weak link for cybercriminals to slither end, though sons a bitches anyway. So when your personal information is exposed someone's gonna use it to commit entity theft, and you're screwed and the cool thing about lifelock. One of the many things about lifelock is they have people on staff who can work to fix it. We all know that no one can prevent all identity theft and cybercrime. But lifelock with Norton security can see threats we're gonna miss on our own. So I want you to go to lifelock dot com, just like Danielle, and I did are you on yet Gandhi? No. And I need it because someone just dome identity. I'll tell you what. You know, a guy it's me. Go to lifelock dot com, use the promo code Elvis. You get ten percent off your first year. That's right. Your Bank called you. Yes. See all banks. Don't do that. Lifelock can help you lifelock dot com, use the promo code Elvis for twenty. Off your. To rand in the morning show. Talking about anxiety for just vomits. Not that we're exhibiting any sort of Zion here in our room. I mean, four forty million adults in America are living, things -iety. And I'm not talking about just clinical anxiety. I'm talking about this every day. Yeah. Things -iety, and you can easily easily take some deep breaths. Sometimes it'll help it sometimes, but not always. But you know if you feel like your heart is racing. Sometimes you have shortness of breath. Whatever you have a list of thousand things to do this day, it could be an exotic thing, it just because it's not as serious as other people's anxiety doesn't mean it's not real. Another reason why our friend, Tom McKenna from. He doesn't know he's going on from. Audible is here. High tall. How are you doing? We're fine. Just fine. I wanna get some pointers from you, because I have to do the I've to read my book for audible and I don't know. I don't know how to do it. I read every day for a living narrate. I want you to teach me how to do this anyway. Congratulations. On all the success at audible. I appreciate it. Thank you so much, not only do you get the best writers can give you as far as their books and things. They've written. But also with audible you, I like the guided meditation. There's actually I use this today. It's an it comes with your audible package. It's, it's a thirty minute guided meditation. And by the time I was done. It was like. Just like that here that silence it was as if all the weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Do you guys do a lot of stuff like that? There's a lot of the content that we have goes, well beyond audiobooks. We have content that goes into audible originals. We have we have audible theater, we have health and wellness. There's a lot of different pieces of content. We've backup audible theater all theory about this. What is this? We have Manila lane right down the road from here. So audible feeder, I mean we the dramas and things there's this content that goes live, and we bring an audience in, and then it's distributed across the platform for other people across how come, I haven't been invited this, I wanna go do this, boy, but he just gave me idea, you know, in the old old days of radio. They had dramas or they had live actors doing dramas for audible. For audio you need this, maybe didn't click clause like a major panic in the world by doing that. They did a whole war of the world. We don't wait on. We don't want. Audible to be sued by everyone. A great idea right after that they can get the meditation thing. Anyway, just short of war of the world. I think that's something the thing about anyway, audible. I'll tell you how audible change my life. And I've, I've said this before I used to love to read books, but I found out, I guess doing Zayda whatever I had a difficult time focusing on a page of content. I couldn't read it. I have to repeat the page over and over and over and with audible, I'm getting these books that I can't read anymore. I can listen to them and it all works. It sinks in. Yeah. I was telling him last night, that the cool thing about it is, I have had a book on my nightstand forever. And every night I go all, you know what I'm gonna read a chapter, and then I'm so tired, because we get up so early, and I'm like I don't have time I was going to go to sleep. But once I got audible, I have gone through five books in month and it's fantastic because I just I listen to it everywhere, I go, so for that reason alone. Tom evan. You guys ever audible here today? Thank you so much Leveque. You guys have been great. It's so nice to have a partnership that you guys feel offended part of what we do every day. He talked from the heart. So it really makes a big difference. It's different than just running an advertisement with you guys. You guys are awesome. Remember the day I was talking about all of them, audibles confused with my edibles. I receive always as much joy from Ebel do from audibles. And I'm giving you like, really great marketing tactics. And they're like you can't. In trouble good idea. If you guys listen to what we have to say that you could quadruple sale audibles. Fought anyway. And that's another thing you know, I, I never ever want people to stop thinking about how romantic is to read a book. But you can't read a book, we live in a world where picking up a book and reading it is a fantastic luxury. But you know what you need to be experiencing. What these authors have to say, both fiction nonfiction and also through guided meditation into all the other things you can get off listening to audio which is what you're doing right now with our show. I mean, our show is one big. Despond. Taniwha audible. It really is. Yeah. So that's why say go to audible dot com. Download the audible app. Whatever. Just get it wherever you go get it. You don't have an audible app. We haven't looked at me. Like we need an audible. I thought it gave me another great idea anyway in there. Yeah. Turn off our show and download. The audible app. Why are you wasting time with us? Anyway. Thank you guys for do part of our show. And I'm still learning more and more about you guys every day. You have so much. You have way too much slowdown audible, audible dot com or download your app. It's very cool. And by the way, we should send them send them an invoice for this. This is a great this, this was worth how many. This is like a. This is at least two hundred grand for what we did. Assign that. Come on. You guys have deep pockets things that are trending today. Black men. Don't cheat is trending is a it's black men don't cheat day. Right. So Charlemagne and DJ envy. The who work down the hall at the breakfast club. They reminded me of this day, walking in also, you know what else is training to Philly taco, it sounds thirty but hear me out pizza from Lorenzo's and sons Lorenzo and sons in Philly they take they take taco and they rep rep one, they, they take a Philly cheese, steak gyms cheesecake. Right. And they wrap up pizza around it. I'll Mike everyone's talking about. It's making me clutch, my heart, right anyways. That's another big search going on today, so Philly talk, oh, black men don't sheet to call Charlemagne envy on that. I don't know what, what that day is all about. But first and foremost, it's all about audible today are fringe. Thank you for coming to our party last night. Elvis, thank you. There was a lot of fun. It was they kept a drink in my hand at all times. All right. We have these parties to try to generate more revenue, we spend more on these parties. Fun. Anyway. We'll be right now, Elvis Duran. What is it with these people Elvis Durant in the morning show? I cannot remember the last time I went oh, I can't remember the last time I last peed. Okay. I can't remember actually Daniel from the last time you didn't spend money. Bad one. That's what about you. Here's why I can't answer that question. I can't remember the last time I blanked because if I don't remember the last time I did it that I don't remember what it is very good point, you know what the older you get the more slippery slope because. They actually told us that you'll you really should stop talking about how old you all the Ed. I'm not gonna do that. I'm going to just be myself if you don't like me talking about me being, however old, I am. That's your problem embrace. It twenty five old broad. It's not just bought it. You're not even old. She that's the thing. Yeah. People if you're listening right now and you're twenty years old when you're fifty four like me, you wish you had a lifelike this, I'm living live of frigging, whatever, you know, I get aches and pains, but I don't care whatever. Now a days I feel like it's not the same as it used to be not like my mom is seventy and it's not like the seventy of, like when my grandmother was not at all. She is so vibrant and beautiful and has so much. She's she you, you'd think she's in her fifties. It's ridiculous. Like this party the iheart party. We had a great party last night for our marketing partners. Audible was there. They're great. And, you know, so many people who are quarter my age were, they were having better conversations with them that I was that people my age. They go I just refuse to grow up anyway. So if anyone has a problem if the research department of I heart like you ruling futon poke with how old you are. Yeah. Screw you bad. Now spoken like a true old guy. Now. I want to talk about something in Nate says I don't know that seems kind of old policies love, I love Lucy. Repeats. Okay. Fine people life. So odd old soul, I am very old actually act older than me and you're half my age. I feel older than you, Elvis is the youngest. Man. I know. Really? Oh, you know, more about current events will come in here days and you'll tell us something that happened. Did you see this? How do you know? Right. But like it blah, blah, blah. Always on the federal tip any wop's number to get into the three things you need to know from Gandhi, but I will tell you the older, you get the younger you get. I'll be crap in my pants eighty soon, like a little baby, and you'll have to change the ours. Great. All right. Here we go. What do you have going on? Okay. We have a couple of anniversaries that we're marking today. I today is three years since the shooting pulse nightclub in Orlando. Didn't you know, three years three years. Here's forty-nine people lost their lives. Sixty eight others were wounded and today, four hundred churches across the country are gonna ring their bells to honor those victims, very sad day. Another university today, talking about old, maybe this'll make some people feel old twenty five years ago today, any guesses OJ Simpson murder case twenty five years old today was the day of the verdict. Have no of the, the murders of Nicole Brown. Simpson and Ron Goldman OJ Simpson ended up getting arrested five days later when he got into that high speed chase in the Bronco down the highway. Today was the day that the murders actually happened nineteen Ninety-four June twelfth. And finally, over says that it is on track to start flying its first all electric air taxi. They demonstrated it at the Uber elevate conference in DC, and they're hoping to launch these by twenty twenty three but ready for the I'm not either. I want the air to remain open and look, up and see things and not get hit in the face by a car. I don't know. I don't think we're ready for air traffic now. What scary it was refreshing to hear you say that just now about about age and stuff because few years ago, I was celebrating my twentieth anniversary here. And I someone did an article on me and a public a publicity person got in touch with me. It said, oh my God. Don't you ever do that? That's terrible. Don't say how long you've been your longevity in the business. You've been at twenty years old. Sorry about that. I think it's it shows that this show people into the show that we've been doing it for so long. People have grown up with us. They've done things with us. I'd rather be honest. So you'd be fine. You're fine scary. Don't worry about that publicity person. How they doing in their job, by the way, they got fired. Okay. All right. So a great way back Wednesday phone tap of. It's Jimmy jingles one of the many characters from Dave Roti. It's coming up for you next. Rain in the morning. Crazy work hours can make it hard to get a good night's rest. If you're like me and have looked for a sleep aid that doesn't make you groggy. You gotta try the news, equal pure. Z's. Melatonin gumy's. They're great. And they're drug free so you can fall asleep naturally. Randy elvis. Durant phone tap. Right. He's back. One of our favorite characters from Dave Rhody. Jimmy jingles, right? Love, Jimmy jingles. I would hire him for my next partial mistake. You're about to find out why what's the phone have all about today? Brody Elvis are Lister. Thomas wanted a phone tap. His wife, Jennifer. Their oldest son Vinnie's having a graduation party, and he was supposed to take care of the detainment. So I call as the entertainment Jimmy tangles. All right. Listen closely David brody's, Jimmy his phone. Yeah. Hey, what's up? I'm looking for for Jennifer. Jennifer this Jimmy jingles. Did you husband tell you? I was calling. Oh, yeah. Yeah. You might be calling all very excited. Listen, we've been working really hard on the NBA DJ for Vinnie's party. I got the custom champs ready to go. I got my boy, Ricky rhymes banged. Everything out can be great there year. We're very excited about it. Good. I got these rob so play for you. And then what we want to pick out which ones you favorites. I this Ricky rhymes when it's dropped some beats on. Here we go. Ricky kick it challenges that made to staff really huge Deva, even though it's bad bits Vinnie will hope. How is that? Yeah. That, that my husband thinks my phone's gonna live at home for that. What is that about? I just I just was talking to your husband and he's like my son. Not really sure he's going to what his life, and he may live in his bedroom. Eighty-three told me, I'm just going by what told me. I don't think he intended fetal put that in a song that we're gonna play his graduation done a thousand points. Bam professional so you have to understand this is what works is what gets the kids moving. I let me play another one Ricky job debate. Getting aside beneath brain, the knowledge, even though is going to traffic to hear college. Wait a minute. A very good school. And he's graduating and this is the time honoring him. We'll give giving in this big party. Is this to be some kind of like a I don't like punking kind of thing. No, no, no, no. This is all about Vinnie's life. This is all about the kids call it off fleet. You know what I'm saying? You don't Affleck is it's lit. It's on fire. Bowman we go. Ricky dropping. He didn't get caught by TNT. He's behind the places. She. Yeah. Yeah. What yes time? Now for twenty it is not gonna happen at his party to honor him for grad polit. Okay. I'm gonna say he has to smoke pot at the graduation to say hits an. Hard to listen Ricky rhymes, and I know all about that. You know what I mean? You know what I wear? Wear anything. Oh, you're wrong girlfriend. Got paid Ricky and I already cash that check y'all. The most unprofessional. Seventeen only gave me a whole list of stuff. Look even got one about you. You're gonna love it. Just calm down. Ricky Trump that Pete, about the mother so proud of our Vinnie daddy never tried to cap out, even though it was Jennifer's a highschool. Dropout. He. Yeah. That's right. You Boyz make an even know you dropped out had been I got one more, Jim baby, you, Jim baby Klay general, Ricky debate. It's amazing. That was celebrating graduating considering all the time you spent perfecting masturbation. Deign what can relate to that? I like that. How about a about myself, John, you and you we send us on money. That's it or go have a drink smoke. A little bit. You'll be go talk back. Tani. Yeah. She's calling do not answer that phone. Don't answer. Wait a minute. We'll call right back. Okay. We have to. At about, then he going to some crappy to college. And he's like smoking I don't know, smoke in the bleaches. It was cool kids like that stuff. These days. Well, yeah, because he had a cancellation and I didn't wanna lose the guys like highly recommend. Donna, should we tell her? Yeah. Hey, jennifer. Jennifer, this is daybreak valves during the morning show. We're phone tapping you. What? Coronary. Right. Oh my God. This. Got your real DJ like a real good one. I didn't three grants. I, I need a drink. We have an idea for a phone tap strain dot com. Click on the phone tap. Tap. Tell us what you want to do this hotel recorded with permission granted. All three in phone tab, rain in the morning show. Oh, wow. Hey. My repeating. Hey, listen, if you're not catching the fifteen minute morning show podcast. We do it every morning. We all we talk about stuff in that podcast. We don't get near on this show. We even use the F word every once in a while, fabulous. The effort is fabulous your favorite parts using fouling. We actually revealed a few secrets on yesterday's fifteen minute morning. Did I thought it was a safe place? I am learning. It is not a safe plate note that I could say anything I wanted, and it would be fine. Mona people listen to the fifteen minute morning show castle. Make sure you're listening. Hey, thank you to our friends at Norwegian cruise line, of course. NCA dot com. Go there. Book your summer vacation, right there on one of the credible incr- incredible experiences. You get only from Norwegian. If you take a cruise to the Bahamas they have their own private island island, Stirrup, K, or Stirrup. Cay Sep K. Hey, what's belts, the place, but they usually say key? I'll really I in my experience, you take a K turn it into a key. Yeah. Exactly. Because see, for once with me on the spelling pronunciation, disturbance ki- like the Florida Keys different spelling. Yeah. The Florida caves anyway. If you take a cruise to the Bahamas, don't forget to visit their private island, Stirrup key, and anyone who books, June, July, or August, crews on their Weeden. Use the code Elvis give you an extra one hundred dollars on board credit. We love NCO re truly truly do. Hey. Oh. I love summer, by the way, I was reading in a magazine the other day about summer, bummer 's not there are none. Okay. So what do you love most about summer, Daniel? Oh, the jersey shore and taffy three things. So what do you love most about summer? Sure. But what about the stinging insects? Summer. Bummer a lot more this year than there used to gone to your favorite thing about summer. Oh, I love the summer parties and cookouts too much on bad for the skin. Summer. Bummer should protect your skin, though, to dangerous. Yes. I agree scary. What you love most about summer going in the pool. What about problem plants like poison Ivy? Summer bauer. What are you looking at Nate? Are you looking over my shoulder? Janci Tova list. It came from consumer reports. What do you love? Most about summer straightening. I love at night, the firefly's Arthur, so pretty. Yeah. But what about ticks and mosquitoes? Read, what do you love most about summer all of the weather, the weather? Yeah but there's a heat and humidity. And it's hurricanes. This awful. Summer. Bummer. Consumer report. I love some reports. Guy who used to have on the hot dogs, and we use to like talk about. He's the tell us every bad thing in a hot dog to kick off the summer out. Oh, yeah. You're, you're all gonna get brain damage. Lady hunt summer bomber. Ice cream is great for summer, unless you're lactose intolerant. And you pull your pants with diarrhea. Nate what we're very late. The summer bummer. This is Dan shea. Seth Rogan was while Elvis Elvis Duran in the morning show. Two. Nacho taco bells added again. Celebrating or not Joe fries, this time they're going in with a new single and trailer for a movie with. Emmy winning actor Darren criss checkout. Both at Taco Bell. I'm Mark Murphy. I'm a chef restaurant tour, and host of new podcast from iheartradio called food. Three sixty. Join me as we take a three hundred sixty degree look at history science culture and more all through the lens of food. The most important thing for me is not my writing ego. It's getting people to cook. Delicious food be sure to subscribe to food three sixty on the iheartradio app. Apple podcast or ever you listen to your favorite shows.

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