Standard is the Standard: When will the Pittsburgh Steelers' drama end?


What's going on? Pittsburgh Steeler fans. Welcome back to another episode of the standard. The standard. I'm Jeff hardman editor of behind the curtain dot com. If you've noticed you're watching live on YouTube on the only fac- and that's because my partner in crime my co-host Lance Williams on the west coast, which couldn't get it together this weekend. We tried to have the show without Saturday that didn't work. We tried Sunday. I was golfing, most of the day, we wanted to schedule then for Monday Memorial Day, and he had stuff going on that the time difference. It just didn't work outs this week. You're stuck with just me, but we're still going to deliver the Steelers goods, or I should say, I'm going to deliver the Steelers goods for you. And we're gonna talk about all the stuff that happened this past week. And the one thing they kind of resonates with me. And it's the reason why titled this episode what I did in that was when is the Pittsburgh Steelers drama going to end. I want to preface this with the fact that I don't think the drama that they're experiencing. Now is his dad is what it was last season. But everything is just so magnified with this team. Tyrrell Edmonds is liking Antonio Brown's tweet in that's causing drama Joey porter. We're gonna talk about him a lot today on the show goes onto the NFL network, and hey, he can't. He's not employed by the Steelers anymore. He was not his contract was not renewed aka he was fired. And he's talks very candidly about Ben Rothlisberger. And also about Devin Bush said, we'll talk about that in a second. When will the drum end? That's what we're going to get to a lot in this specific episode before I go going further. And before I forget that's the key for forget, and plus days goofy will kill me, it is, you're still have time to enter our win a free juju Smith. Schuster jersey contests? We've had several videos entered and to be honest with you. It's store progressive soaks planning symbols to grabs. 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So I mentioned this earlier when I was talking about the, the show and the drama and the drama and just seems like there's so much when will it ever end? Well, Joey porter he goes out on NFL network, and he chimes in about how he then office burger selfish. And the way that he handles teammates and certain situations and. And he wasn't alone when he criticized this burger and his apology to Antonio Brown. He said that he thought it was too late. You know, evil, he's got earlier. I don't know. It's tough to be to take an outsider's perspective on the situation because I'm a Steeler fan. I hated the way the internet around left a hated the way that he handled himself when he left, NFL Ben Rothlisberger. I pray would've done the same thing. What is that just to shut up just to sit down and say, look? I'm not even saying word because this guys bashing me up and down every day of the week twice on Sunday. I'm not saying word, and I love people view that in a negative connotation, they need that as he's just waiting for the perfect time. And for TA's ready for the media would be right back in his face with the cameras. He wanted to get ahead of that. And I'm sure that had a lot to do with it then Rothlisberger in the Steelers the PR department are not dumb. They're not idiots. They know how to handle the media. And so don't think that the one hundred Katie with Katie k with Bob poppy. Any wasn't strategically placed to be aired? The day before the sealers reported for organized team activities. They did it on purpose. They did that Rothlisberger say look I talked about last night. He answered the questions of the next day, and the rate is turn the page. He did that on purpose. So I think the jury pores comments, hey, he can say what he wants period he. He wants. But this is all tied together. It's all tied together, and we'll get to that in a second. Okay. Then Joey porter went on same interview. He talks about Devin Bush, and he talks about how when he was at the team, they were having to devote them to sometimes three players to do Brian cheesier. Typically did on the football field which is a mazing in itself, and that he feels a demo Bush will be able to do drying cheesier did in the Steelers defense, therefore can be more balanced in terms of people just playing their natural positions. Not having to go out of their way to try to cover up let a mistake, but cover of someone's weakness to speak about a galley John Boston. He played last year. He definitely has limitations for athleticism standpoint. And so if you go out there and you have a Devon Bush, you don't have to have a Sean Davis trail, Edmonds, or Morgan Burnett, who was there last year covering for Boston, and what he was supposed to inside linebacker position now at seven Bush's fast enough enough sidelined. Sideline speed. He kinda do what he's supposed to do. And everyone else can kind of do just there too. So that was important that was key for Joey porter was on the news and he was saying about yourself and I mentioned trail Edmonds in his Twitter like round the world, I said this on the Steelers preview last week, I read article that on Sunday in my letter from the editor, and that is my goodness. It when is when is this gonna just stop? I mean, for crying out loud, that means that somebody went on their Twitter time line. And they saw the Tyrrell Edmonds light Antonia rounds to face using air quotes there for those listing audio form his to face a tweet. First and foremost. I don't care. He can like whatever he wants and I use the example that I have a relative, and she would like anything that is posted from failing members, it could be a bible, quote. It could be an antiviral quote. It could be a video of grasp, right. It could be video of paint trying it could be someone I don't know letting their fart on fire. I saw it or someone every simply. That comes to mind, but she would like it. She, like everything. She's just like like like like like that's maybe Trump is like that. He said he likes a lot of stuff on Twitter. Maybe that's what happened. I really don't care. Here's, let's, let's bring it all back to that opening headline that title of the episode one is drama gonna end. There's no foreseeable drama ending, as long as the Steelers are driving. The needle the you can throw in bud depre-, calling Marco Bowie of the app, fat boy, on Twitter as another example of drama, the Steelers can go about their business, a little bit better trowel, Edmonds could think about what he's doing with for he hits the like re tweet flow, tweet stuff. Bud depre- certainly call out of media member without having to call them fatboy and talking about his weight, and that's the stuff that they can control. The Joey porter stuff they can't. Control because as long as they drive, the needle, and I'm talking about when Joey Porter's on the TV and he's a former coach and he's a former player and he's one of Super Bowl, and he's giving an insider's view of what's going on the locker room, people are gonna watch sites. Ours are going to recover it the Tribune review covered it, we weren't as was just like blogs team. A lot of people cover the story in the NFL network says to thumbs of we did our job. We got viewers got people talking. And that's what they want to as long as, as long as this. Team, whether it turn around lady on bell or still under not as long as they're still a team that is popular, which is always going to be the case as long as a teen. People feel are there, people got talk about which will always be case they're going to get they're gonna put these these stories out. They're gonna give these people to talk. They're going to have situations in place, where they know that what they're saying, might not be true. They know that they're going to be controversial, and they don't care because all they care about his use clicks, and all that good stuff. So when will the drama and the Steelers can do a better job of handling their own business, but at the same time their side, their team that is always going to be attention getting, and I don't mean from themselves wanting the attention. I mean the fan base is so huge that any bit of Steelers news people want to grab onto it. They wanna cling to, they wanna dissect it and. That's one of the reasons why our site is big. It's also one of the reasons why the Steelers are always seemingly surrounded by drama because let's be honest, like I said, let's say bud depre- doesn't call Marqaba, only fatboy, let's say the trill Edmonds doesn't like Antonio Brown's tweet. No one is stopping Joey porter from going on the national media in saying what he said, no one. He had no preach of contract. They're paying him to say that they want him to say that the Steelers can control that. So when I think of drama, I think it's internal, so you think about, like Antonio Brown's Facebook live, that's trauma. You think about some of the situations that they've been in with Antonio around lady on bell. You know, those foods Lee missing a walk-through for the playoff game. Seventeen it gets Jaguars. That's drama that said that they can control to not how they raided Levy on bills locker last year. It was bad. Look how they talked about him when he didn't show up for week one that's trauma, in my opinion, because they can't control. Chris carter. They can't control some of the radio guys of wing go and Trey wingo and Mike Golic. They can't control Colin cowherd, all these people that have these. Horrid views and opinions of their team. The can't control it to me. That's drama. That's just people trying their hand at journalism most the time failing. But ultimately, that's not drama. The drama they can handle is is to be smarter but depre- smarter define. I think we've I really do. I don't think this is going to be as bad, but that the drama will not end until that starts to take place. Keep that in the bag your mind or a couple more questions questions. Lanston. I went over some key points. We want to cover in the show before I get your questions in was is that, well, the Steelers are the Steelers Florida with two back sets and that's it. Would they have James garner, Jalen Daniels, or Jalen tangles and bettys don't junior in the backfield together? This is a tough one. I thought about it. And if my first immediate reaction is no because they're not gonna wanna take a wide receiver off the field. But if it's Jalen Samuels I can see them using him as a flex option where maybe if they're in the shotgun. Maybe they're not. And they're just like the old school pro formation but two running backs behind a quarterback under center, they maybe Jalen Samuels could then motion out out wide, he's receiver then that's going to definitely get some mismatches going. Get the defense moving. So that's an option. I don't see them running out of that too much. I just don't. Oh, I don't know say what she want. I just don't think that the NFL suited for that type of style. I can't think of any NFL team that runs out on the regular, but at the same time, maybe this will try to be trendsetters. We'll see the last thing before I get to your questions tease, fichus ter- during the first week of as was talking with the media. And he said that, you know, hey, just told the guys of after the media session. Like, look, I just want to know I'm gonna be around. I'm gonna be available. It's not just going to be once a week, which is what I intend rounded, and then they're like, okay, that's cool. Thanks. You know, he said, look, I'm not going to be in a hole. And so the question that lands, pose to me is was youth throwing shaded into around. He said he wasn't going to be in a whole. I think, yes, yes, I think that he probably saw firsthand how your brunt handled the media, especially last year last year was weird. This is a guy that called himself Ronald ocean one year. It was weird last year though, we're than that the way that he, he just didn't wanna talk to the media at all. He was only available every Friday, and those for a very short amount of time, I think Judy saw this look, guys. I I'm not gonna treat you that same way. I'm not an eight. Oh, that's just not how I'm going to do business. So was he throwing shade? I think he was was it like something that is going to cause Antonio Brown to respond on Twitter, probably. But ultimately, Judy saying, like he did his thing, his, he did his thing, and he did it his way. And there's some sub he's going to glean from that his work ethic the way he approaches teaching others 'cause everything you heard about Antonio Brown as a player was, he's the hardest worker and he looked out for his wide receiver room. I think gee says I see that, but also see some of the things that I did he didn't, like, maybe handling the handling of the media was one of those things I can't speak for him. So that's just my guess my personal opinion. But ultimately, he can take that hard work and that dedication, they'd internee around showed. But at the same time you could also say you know what if I can a little bit more friendly to the media. It's gonna help me off the field too. It's not going to have them. Be. The Pittsburgh media can be very fickle. They can be very angry and they can they can definitely take it out on players. So there you have that I think he was shave for short. That's just me. All right. Let's get into some questions. If you're in the live chat right now. And if you're listening, you're just gonna listen to the questions that I read them. If you're in the live chat right now and you have a question good and fire away. If you didn't know we do the super Chad feature. Sometimes like right now, we have a little over sixty seventy people in the live Shad, a lot of people that, you know, they want their question answer, but there's just so many people asking if you use the super Chad that's worth says, Chad publicly at DSP TSE Steelers radio, there's a little money next to you can do any amount of money it straight to the show. We really appreciate it. And highlight your question, I've always said, the my policy is, I guarantee we will answer any super Shad question, so you don't have to use it, but it's air for you. If you want Windsor few these in, then we'll get out of here, and we'll be back on a regular schedule after this. I guarantee it. How many games let's hear. Okay. See, so ask, how many games been authors i-it-it's cost the team, I think it's a tossup between interceptions and Chris Boswell field goal. Mrs or point after MRs. I always say when I wanna Kager misses an extra point it puts a team behind the chains. And I'm not speaking figuratively in terms of third and ten those chains. I'm talking about it puts them chasing a score rather than being up seven to nothing. They're up. Six nothing or rather fourteen nothing thirteen nothing. Now, they're having to ask themselves, they score another touchdown should we go for two or should we just trail a point and kicking other field goal. Or extra point it is crazy Benz interceptions in help, he had some crucial interceptions. It some really bad times. But in my opinion, I say, the boswell's kicks were bigger issue ass year than Benz interceptions. But that's just me. Question Jeff what position did you play in high school football? Who's your favorite NFL player? Little known fact. I did not play high school football is one of the biggest regrets that I have in life. I wish I would have I went to a private school and willing we like several Catholic that very good football team. And I came from public school. And so I didn't know lotta people is intimidated by the program and didn't play ended up paying golf. And I know that's quite a stark contrast, one state championship golf. I play baseball's a big baseball player, but I will say the growing up when I was in high school. One of the, the first player that I remember really liking the Steelers berry foster. I, I don't know what it wasn't. You didn't play the team that long case you're young listener viewer twenty nine, the man was he fun to watch. But the MS electrifying player that I've seen in. I don't know if I've ever seen any of another player like him was Cordell Stewart when he was slashed not Kordell Stewart's quarterback. And we know the Cordell absolutely had his head his words as thrower think acted is ninety four ninety five seasons, especially ninety five I think his rookie year and ninety six when he was still that guy that came in as a wide receiver he could throw the ball and he could run the ball. Mike kidneys was he fun to watch. Absolutely was fun to watch. And I think that it's one of those situations where. I. I just can't think, and if you're in the live chat, I'd love to get your opinion as if you can think of a player that was as electrifying as slash. I knew people that name their dog slash period. They named their dog slash because that's how awesome this guy was when he first came into the league. But. I just don't understand. Lands joins the show shortly. He's, he's chime in. I just think that it's a Troy, he was dynamic, but he never he didn't have the ball in his hands as much. That's a good one, though. Those are Ryan. He said, the Troy was as electrifying quotas to resolve them when he first came to league he was absolutely awesome. So let's keep the questions coming in his landscapes in here. We'll, we'll get his take on some of the stuff. We've already talked about. All right. Ron asked you. I do I think that the issues will go back a lot with washing outside statistics show. Now granted this is with Antoni around the outside statistics show that juju Smith. Schuster, does his best damage from the slot in not out wide. So I think that they are going to be able to move juju Smith Schuster around similar to how they used to be Antonio Brown around to get the match that they wanted now in the latter portion of interior runs career heated not move to this lot as much. He was always on the field. But typically he was out wide, even on single wide receiver sets. He would be out wide. They didn't put him in the bunch formation as much and I get it. You don't always want the best player on your team to be running across the middle. The possibly be decapitated by inside linebacker. They definitely did take him out of the middle towards these latter portions latter years of the tenure with. The Steelers but I think Judy species built more from the slot. And so you hope fingers crossed that Dante Moncrieff, Ingende Jane's, Washington pan out that way, you can move issues around. He can play both the slot and outside said that it'd be interesting to see how that takes place. I'm Todd Vander the host of prime time a new show from box dot com this season we're tackling the American presidency on TV stories that capture the way television effects, and reflects politics and culture. We'll take a look at fictional presidents who've changed the way we think about the real Oval Office, that isn't gentlemen. The president of the United States. Warning, PLEASE take your seats and how real presidents US TV to further their own goals. Would you come here to plug? Have you heard of the Ford characte from the first TV president people have gotta know whether or not their president's? Well, I'm not a crook to arguably the last, we have fighting the fake news. It's fake, phony fake primetime from the vox media podcast network, envelopes dot com. Listen and subscribe, wherever you get your podcasts. Let's see here lands. Can't graham. Lance get outta here. Ryan says, did you ever hear pad Magsi sales choice story, epic? Yes. Absolutely. I actually covered that on the on the website when he said it that is definitely worth the listen absolutely worth. The listen, if you haven't make sure you go, and you check it out. It's, it's basically pad McAfee talks about in case you haven't heard it McAfee talks about how he was lined up to fake field goal and he's upon her, and they were going to say, look, here's what we're gonna do if you see this on this hash this distance this defense, this is what we're going to do. We're gonna run a fake. And so he's there. And he's lined up there on the, the correct hash there. Correct distance. He's ready for it. He looks Viteri calls it. And as he turns around Troy, palm all over forty three moves over into that hole, where he's going to be writing, and immediately his heart stops, and he realizes I've got a I've got to kill the play. I've got to kill the play and they end up just kicking field goal. And he talks openly about how he blames Troy Paula Malo for killing his dreams score. A touchdown. He's a dream killer because. Because he had everything perfect until Paula Malai Lateran those films, he, he just moved over into whole and he wasn't able to run the play. But with that I, I Brian Lance Williams and Lance what's going on? What's happening Jeff? We are team gray shirt today. Yeah. Happening now much I was. Reminiscent about slash. I think that's when you to into this show now. Interesting story about that nickname. Okay. Go for it. So as you most of you guys on the site and listened to the show. You guys know that I'm from Manchester from the north side community. Maybe about seven minutes. Eight minutes, ten minutes tops from Heinz field, the nickname slash actually comes from my uncle. And because my uncle. Did a whole bunch of different things very well. So he could cut hair train dogs. Do this. It was like slash this slash this last that slash this. And so somehow that nickname from him to court L, they start calling Cordell slash on the north side, 'cause he can do a whole bunch of different things, and somehow it stuck. Well, so that's my uncle's nickname. Mongol to bass last couldn't pass but when he was slash he was fun to watch. That guy was an EMMY. Yeah, you'll slashes personally responsible for giving me a migraine headache. When they lost to the patriots AFC championship game. Yes when they scored one offense. Touchdown won the game because slash was. You know what roms was slash? Yes, we. Yeah. He was ever remember past that he overthrew by ice. Whereas ten yards. Aka, Mr. Shenley park. Not going to get there. So let's, let's go back. I talked earlier on the show about the drama and the Steelers and Joey pours comments will be yours what were your what was your takeaway on, Joey Porter's start with what he said about that? I'm so numb to it all. But you know the one thing about it is, you know, he's been in that locker room he's still with bin as a player in dealt with been as a coach. Now, you know, if you wanna hear a voice that could be true could be not, but a person at least is qualified to talk about. The matter is Joey porter whether you believe Joey or not, that's up to you. But it's not as if it's a guy outside the locker room myself yourself any other podcast that hasn't been in the locker room that isn't privy to. That's making the comments a person that was privy to it. And so, you know, this is Joe is opinion, you either believe it or you don't. Right. But what he said, should not come as a shock anyone. Right. I mean he said then was selfish. Okay. I am too. I am too. I'm selfish with my time. So I am too. You can't do that. Good. If you aren't selfish to a certain extent. I mean, you've got to protect your time guard time prepare just be a selfish guy. I mean ended the day, your responsibilities to win not be unselfish. Yeah. That was I didn't like that segment. I mean just seemed kind of forced it kind of seemed like didn't wanna really talk about it all that much. But they were asking questions and he's probably little bit bitter as well. I would imagine because he probably feels that he should still be coaching there. But what he said about Devin Bush was a little bit different. And this is where he said that the defense typically had to allocate two possibly three players to fill in for what Ryan shazier did, and he thinks Devon Bush will be able to basically go in there, and they won't have to do as much around him to cover for that position. Lance, you hear that? What are your thoughts? He didn't really do. He didn't scout haven't Bush he's not an inside linebacker coach. What are your thoughts that coming from him? I mean it's like asking Picasso to pay with a spray can. I mean you know you think of the defensive coordinator he thinks the defensive staff that now that they've got all of the pieces in play. We could actually go out there and paint we can paint. We create we can actually run the defense as we see fit in actually call it the way we've schemed it in designed it because we don't have to make this, you know, we don't have to create a work of art with spray paint. Or the Mona Lisa would spray pain that we have all the resources that we need to create do this defense like we want. So we could actually go out there and scheme and play. So it'll be exciting to see what the defense looks from that perspective. I agree. I think that it's, you know, at least he does have the tangible 's the lettuces in the measurable 's to you'd think to do what Ryan shazier did. In terms of silent sideline covering tight ends. There are some question marks will have to be answered. But at the same time on paper, I could see that now the one the one thing I really go ahead. Lance jobs, they joke. We should we should just instead of like measurable intangibly should say the bulls. He has a bolt. Oh bold. Let's just go to sure he has the Ables, so it's tangible 's intangibles measurable 's whatever Ables, he's has the bulls, so their balls in the middle of the defense. Hey, let's see what happens true. Now, the one thing I did want to make sure that. You I want to hear your thoughts were Jiji's species comments. I talked about it was he throwing shaded Antonio Brown when he said to the media that, hey look, I'm going to be around going to be available. I'm not going to be a whole course he was. He followed my if you guys listen to my last my last podcast or year I said it now been Rothlisberger should take the middle road. I gave a little, you know couple in structures on how you take the middle road in the middle road is simply, you know how can you throw shade in a way that does not call attention to the person that you're throwing shade? Any did it perfectly? He used pronouns. He didn't say a name he left it up to interpretation from anybody that listened to it. So he was vague enough. He got his point across. So if the person who heard it listen to it, they might think he was talking about it, somebody else, they might not think it was the perfect answer. Again, juju gets it. Yeah. I think that and I said this earlier, I think that ultimately he you'd be foolish to think that Judy didn't learn something from around his work ethic his ability to be a transcendent player. But at the same time, there's a lot that he could learn from Tony Brown. Terms of how not to do things in the media hated. The fact that this guy he went from this awesome character in the locker. I mean when he was in Tonio Brown. Everyone loved him. He did. They what was the show. Steelers dot com. A little five minute video that they will do once a week and Antony round would walk around the interview other players and stuff. And that was what everyone saw and it was awesome. And it was funny. If you're in the live chat go, I I'm trying to think of that any of that he ended up passing the baton to juju. He didn't wanna do any more and he would only enter get interviewed on Fridays. What it is. There it is. Thank you mad, what it is named the was the name of the show, and he didn't wanna do anymore. He was then he told the media's only going to be answering questions on Fridays sort of calling itself, Ronald ocean, and Mr. big gest, and that was Mr. big chess was after, but I guarantee of JJ species from looking at this guy, what in the world is going on. You know, intil he's like, okay I'm not going to be in a whole you guys. I'll be around. I'm not gonna just take questions on one day a week. And so, like you said he gets a man he knows how to play the cards and then guess what? The media now. Have you him at a positive light? They're going to be more understanding when a he has a mistake. They're not gonna rip him as much. He gets it. What was the nickname after you said, after Mr. big chest eating when he caught himself Ronald ocean now Ronald ocean? Okay. Oh, maybe that was Frank ocean's. Cousin wasn't was it Franken? I always thought it was Ronald freak oceans to singer jelly nation. Joey ocean. He wasn't Ron Mexico year. Wasn't Billy, Billy ocean. Was Billy ocean? Yes. Carribean can't clean. Yeah. Karaoke delights. Hidden. That's a new milestone for the plague ship podcasts when you mention Billy ocean care being clean on a show. Some out is the Steelers. I feel like you've been doing it long enough. We've reached the Billy ocean mile sent you. Don't rush Morrish? Yes. Caribbean. Queen. A heartbeat is one, no more love on the run. So, you know. Yeah, that's true. That's a great. My dad listened to him Kern up for anyone. So liens real quick. OT as week one. What do you draw from that? If anything we got a lot of quotes, we video of players being interviewed not a lot of news in terms of on field performance, but you're not going to get that 'cause it's as my Thomas calls and football shorts. So what were your thoughts on T as week once I'm gonna be honest? You have, you know me when it comes to. Here's my thoughts are your thoughts. Let's, let's be let's call us feta's video, you don't have to say is not as you could just say, Jeff, the only thing that I ever follow is the regular season. Pretty much like training camp like free season. I'm watching about in. Actually, like pre-season will actually I don't, but I say that I do because I feel like I need to say actually, don't. You're, you're probably right. Jeff. I just looked for injuries man. Like Reuben foster tours ACL. Like I know that because that was a big injury. Montly thing is looks long guys are injured. And you know they're not on a police blotter. Hey, it's a winning day for the Steelers. And I think that. At least you're honest Shaw's about it. I mean, I have to follow this stuff. I mean, I'm the one of the rights UTA recap after every frigging that's gotta be tough. Not so much, because I'm not there. If I was for the writers there, I'm sure that, you know, you're taking audio and your transcribing, and that's gotta be long by for me, as a second hand news source were taken taking videos of people putting on Twitter. I'm giving some Asians of it just kind of putting it into a nice little box for people that don't want to spend. Two hours, reading six articles, Beto TA's will here's a good thirty minutes. You can win watch videos, watch them interviews. That's just the way I do it. So there you have it. But I don't know. Oh my gosh. Days skill feels in the live chat quoting deletion get outta my dream get outta my dreams and into my car. That's another song. Yes. And Billy ocean had a Jerry curl. So that tells you how long ago that was while. Yeah. That was a long time ago. So he requested from heath. He said, well, jeez. You become Pittsburgh Zoll timely receiver during his career. He says, no because he'd likely have to go through a quarterback transition, what are your thoughts on that lands? I agree. You know, he's playing with a franchise quarterback now hall of Famer he won't be after what was it twenty twenty one. It's down here. Yeah. Uh-huh. After that, he's, so you'd better put up mosh numbers until did because after that it could be like Larry FitzGerald. He, he better pray that he puts a monster. Numbers in he better pray that. Mason Rudolph for Joshua Dobbs, turn out to be something special because. Very. Could it be special leaving my personal opinions on this aside? This is just we're just trying to stay neutral. You know, you've been you've been people have been attacking you. People have been attacking you on behind the curtain dot com and Bo. The guy that called you the I key guy, he said you're negative Nellie. He was going off in the live chat, not too long ago. That's right. I had to do a show coming up addressing that. Yes, that'll be that'll be coming up in a couple of days where you actually are you clapping back a little bit? You know, not not a real clapback. I mean, there's a difference between a hater in a critic like there's a different. So I needed to point that out on the show next week or coming up this week Dave, I'm so often with holidays, he actually today Sunday and it's not it's Monday. And yeah, yeah. Way off. So you know that didn't want to be long show that wasn't a ton of talk about. We're getting ready to start at TA's second week, will start tomorrow, which is Tuesday, which is most of you'll be hearing this episode in then we'll be back next weekend. Hopefully back to our normal day Sunday and get that scheduled out and back to normal swing and things Atlanta's or anything you want to say to the Steeler, faithful out there 'cause you missed the first portion of the show, which was planned by the way, I want people thinking to answer just like late. I was late. I was I was sorta late. Like I say Steeler fan be patient, too bad that the season isn't like vendors in game where we could do a time skipping get to September, but, you know, these are the dog days that are necessary in building a championship unit. You build characters team during TA's during training camp and door this time. This is where a lot of the heavy lifting is done in a foundational pieces are put in place where they started stalling offense, installing defense. This is this is the we see the fruit of this labor in September. But you know this stuff has to happen for you to see quality football in September. It's just takes a long time to get to September. Yeah. Now you're right. And as I say that we have a super Chad Felicia gives five bucks. We appreciate it. She's she's giving. She's giving us a lot of a little bit each show. We appreciate our team has always been the AFC team to beat the patriots just won their sixty win lose tie where the click bait for the news that's regarding the headline of this episode, which is when will the drama size because the Steelers moved the needle period. So I wanna finish this show up by not only thanking everyone watches in comments on Memorial Day. Hopefully, everyone that lives in the continental United States. Merica takes a moment to just think about those of serve the country dad, whether it's passed obviously moral day, we will moralize those that lost their lives, while serving and active duty. I know that my grandfather served in the army and the Korean war was wounded. But thankfully was not a kill. Old. I had some other veterans the family, I've gotten to know I know there's one gentleman that he works out at the gym where I work out, and he's a Vietnam veteran and this is a great guy. He talked about doing two tours of yet, nam, because he wanted to get his college education. They told him they went back right away that he would get his education faster and he'd be done, and the stories he tells about the man that did make it back. Absolutely frightening. Absolutely frightening. And so, I urge you to do anything if you're listening to this, if you see someone that is openly, wearing a, you know, Vietnam veteran hat, or if you're lucky enough. See a World War veteran makes you just go up and say, thank you. They do appreciate it. They might not wanna talk in depth like my buddy at the Jim does. But ultimately, I'm thankful. And I knew Lancer thankful to for all this people that serve our country overseas in here at home. It's, it's. Not overlooked, at least on my parlance. I'm sure you would echo that correct second. That my Granddad was a World War, Two vet my father in law like your friend at the gym did. Two tours Vietnam. And so. So definitely I have a ton of entrance in my family. So definitely I, I share that Senate. Absolutely. And so, when you think about it that way, talking about the Steelers is just really not that important. Talking to the game. Again, it's sometimes it's good to think that way because I think sometimes people take it so serious. And they even forget that, you know, I have no control over the outcome of this game. We're just fans we're just watching this, and, and we're trying to enjoy it and stuff. And so it's just one of those things where, you know, a little bit of brevity to the situation and, you know, understanding that it's important to us because we love it. But at the same time, it's not that especially OT as week, one is not important. So go ahead and sign is out Lanston the show. It is always to tell a friend and subscribe, how I will see you next week for another upset of the standard is the standard.

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