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Madonna: Music as Sex and Sex as Power in the Reign of the Queen of Pop


This is Julie Rieger author of the goes photographer and Co host of insider's guide to the other side and I'm Brenda now to have written a book but Julie's Book and you are the most gifted so I could on the planet listen to insiders guide to the other side intense expression an icon status on this episode sex controversy brief cheerleader cheese and Madonna I'm Jay Brennan in this Scripps Land So poor that it immediately smacks of surveillance footage Madonna nineteen years old is lying on the floor of downtown diner she's just been raped she katie couric on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts bobbing mumbling frantic scared nonsensical she can taste fear in her mouth Adrenalin her breasts is exposed she's wearing all white I'm Katie couric and I'm back with my new podcast next question with Katie couric yeah that's me this season we're tackling the video is grainy owner will get unexpected insight from people you think you know like singer-songwriter Andy Grammer I've got a ton of questions like how a white supremacist she was targeted by the Vatican for performances in nearly arrested in front of fifty thousand people for simulating masturbation she repeatedly pushed her African others Madonna obliterated mainstream attitudes about sex refuse to be slut shamed pushed herself creatively right up to the limits of the stories about Madonna are insane she's one of the most daring explosive artists of all time she was raped at an early age law she was a megawatt star who would not be dimmed not by critics not by knife-wielding maniacs and certainly not by hotheaded McKee danced and began to slowly but powerfully push yourself into American consciousness a small step that would lead to scandal controversy has been radicalized online when and how did vaping become an epidemic wire so many people into East sports next question aims to make sense Komo nurse assists along the way she made great music some of the greatest pop music ever made that music I played you at the top of the show I can't afford the rights to Mickey by Toni Basil and why would I play you that specific slice of choreographed cheerleader cheese could I afford it because disgrace land is a production of iheartradio in double Elvis media a quick warning for those affected by depictions of physical and sexual abuse this episode that wasn't great music that was a preset loop from my mellow tron called mellow push push 'em K.. One I played you that loop because in some cutting edge trance like CBD why does actress Kristen Bell Ticket we'll talk to big names doing big things in new spaces like Jennifer so through her are using it as a weapon to fight off abusive directors to overcome overbearing producers to outrun breathless Paparazzi into outlast alias Burke complicated an ever changing world one question at a time I look forward to figuring this all out together listen to next question that was the number one song in America on December Sixteenth nineteen eighty two and that was the day Madonna stage for the first time at New York City's they stretch pants and an oversized men's button-down shirt that she borrowed from her boyfriend who is comforting her he just made the scene around him. The number of rest unluck Madonna cries Madonna moans Madonna rise on the sticky tile floor her boyfriend swears vanish it's brought onlookers grows to a small Gago there no doubt hardened by their city but not so jaded that a freshly raped teenage girl lying on the floor doesn't warrant a curious read one of the many urban storms swell up daily Manhattan stirred by violence stifled by cynicism Madonna is in a familiar position the center in the late seventies and early eighties was a beautiful mess Reggie Jackson Jimmy Breslin garbage strikes the son of Sam Bronx on fire Punk Rock Street Art Mark She was raped for real held with a knife to her throat on a steaming hot Manhattan roof enforced into performing fellatio most raped combination of hustle timing and expression three things Madonna was a no short supply of not to mention talent does the undeniable force of nature she knew she was was she knew the world would see two Someday York City Madonna's New York City be for real expression real art transcendence an opportunity to express herself push past her own limits achieve true artistry stand the storm a position she seeks a position she craves a position she pushes herself into even in this moment dot is a raped woman but as an actress victims would understandably not want to relive their trauma on film Amir year later but for a hungry artists like Madonna this was an opportunity an opportunity invading highbrow galleries the advent of hip hop and cheap rents it all felt like an explosion of creativity place in a time nineteen seventy nine and nineteen eighty three years before Madonna would become a star in decades before Madonna would confirm to Harper's bazaar that inner first year in New York overnight at least that's how it seemed for those who knew Madonna at the time but stardom doesn't happen overnight for anyone it's forcing made it to Manhattan from suburban Detroit Nineteen Seventy eight growing up working class Catholic Rochester Michigan But New York City it's merry go round act grandmaster flash and the furious five it was a rock and roll crowd and flash to them anyway scratching records with Suede Kangol on under his headphones absent any playing a raped woman the part was her first from the independent film a certain sacrifice shot guerrilla style around the city across the it was a place for one day you're just another face in the crowd at Max's Kansas City or CBGB's with the right timing be discovered made famous lucky star seemingly or culture shifty music and art was conceived and Madonna was there affected by all blondie Basquiat hearing FAB five Freddy Andy Warhol clash were on Stage Bonds International Casino in between songs Joe Stromer was chastising the Times Square crowd for the less than warm welcome they'd given the opening Madonna was disciplined Hungary some would say desperate but that wrap was ridiculous best sexists that worst one man's discipline is another man's desperation on at bond's a stretch that started out as eight shows but after greedy promoters oversold the venue the band had righteously agreed to keep playing shows until hills both of class every ticket was honored for their fans it resulted in a month long residency with a mind boggling run of openers including the dead Kennedys crowd the fall of becoming a singing sensation and then and actress a modern Marilyn Monroe by way of downtown sheep but you could actually act her right or killed by the city treated Madonna Louise Tacona no different the roots of Madonna's creativity version homework ethos or well established if Madonna were man with her career origins be seen as desperate probably not she saw what she wanted and there was nothing there was no one who's going to hold her back from her gold music scene while dating one of the youngest coolest most talented rising visual artists of time would have held on tried to make the relationship work out John Live instruments on stage might as well have been an alien Joe's drummer the clash frontman wasn't having it Madonna and the crowd that night thought Joe is decidedly more attractive when he was angry when he was strumming but still nowhere near as attractive as clash basis Paulson who let Madonna and her two friends sneak in through the a store just as he'd done for countless other seemingly anonymous fans who show up without a ticket the classroom in the middle of the now famous seventeen night eight of characters helped Madonna Turner essence to the iconic image that turn the world on in New York City at the time was one big come on how far could you push you're not to mention countless punk Rock Dance Club kids moving to the rhythm of New York's Paulsen crime grime at Trysofi it's shaped Madonna fuel the Madonna Shen off-putting as it was too powerful men in the music business at the time was part of a termed legions of young women who would constitute or early fan base by the occur no joke but not Madonna drugs weren't received saw Michelle Basquiat was out Donna dumped pushed on it was bridge and tunnel Betty Boop by way of Midwestern adolescence it was decidedly on cool not of New York non-regional its own thing world all of this is on display in her first single they hit the billboard top ten borderline it's a little too seriously but Madonna seemed to treat it all with the mischievous wink nod free-spirited Catholic next door to those just outside as a result it was a thing that along with their humor and confidence in her looks turn most men on in this outsider status made her supremely relatable far the most interesting. She wasn't the stunning Debbie Harry the suicide blonde crushing studied hearts from the stage seabees and she wasn't the beautiful beyond rail thin perfect body and in manners if Madonna's imperfect looks didn't betray her outsider status thinner accents certainly did Madonna didn't have a ticket she pushed away when she made the scene she took note the frumpy at devastatingly cool Shamu show basket visionary iconic I'm excited about where it's all going the single was Madonna's first big come on her flirtatious glance across the bar her nonchalant doc to teenage girls and marginalized gay kids Madonna immersed herself the growing dance club scene at the Eighties Manhattan and club Culture Nikolai ability at a time when mail record executives expected female singing stars at least the ones who they wanted to top charts to be the perfect image of femininity fully committed to the promise of the unknown the feeling is similar to the beginnings of any great relationship you feel comfortable and safe while at the same time was smitten Sean Penn was on the dance floor whose electric the casual touch from her hand pushing in the whisper in your ear keep pushing the mischievous laugh fucking around he was going to shoot him down `Paparazzi parasites vultures circling their Malibu home on his Madonna's wedding day the Catholic school girl in trouble and perhaps more important she flaunted vulnerability she willfully exposed to round belly treated it as an asset as opposed to bad brains and Lee Scratch Perry the clashes generous attitude toward the fans extended beyond the ticket holders to the point of just letting whoever showed up it's hard for me to explain the greatness appeal of Madonna's borderline the opening notes on the electric piano got me every time I hear them it's a sin rubber bracelets necklaces Nash Hashes she exuded mischief sensuality sex she wasn't the most beautiful girl in the car but she was heart melting smile pout the abandoned the control a total turn ons Madonna had made a pass in America in America days in the Philippines when he was filming apocalypse now experiencing a very real alcoholic meltdown and using it as fuel vers performance on a set drowning cocaine classic street artist who is in the midst of becoming one of the most sought after gallery artists in the world a year later with a star in even more intense ascent he madonna we in a way it means the New York City doesn't quit ever it pushes itself into every pore of your being until you become are expelled. John's Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez looked bored so did TOM CRUISE INSERTED Andy Warhol but Andy always looked poured into him Charlie Emilio and Tom Look good he was on to something else her style was her own leather and laze fashion manifestos the version Hornbeck Kadhamy she playfully tinkered with part vintage punk time Madonna recorded her first singles everybody and burning up she was equally entrenched in downtown punk and dance club culture to seeings took enough to keep his mind occupied while Sean Madonna sorted out the helicopter thing where the fuck was the shotgun Schon gave up and settled on dispatching a friend Tom in endless tests of her so far bottomless appetite for attention but in the moment pretty damn funny and if she were being honest with herself totally exciting here's Sean and Madonna proclaimed a deep love for one another it was the reason she found it funny and the reason he couldn't stand it at least in that way they bounced each other's intensity liberty in this case as he was in all cases what the hell was all that about is exactly what America would be saying about the marriage that began that day until the day dissolved inevitable snap like an actual shell shocked Vietnam vet instead of the actor famously played one in the epic war film additionally Martin Sheen Orbit Fans in particular it seemed like Madonna was always in on the joke that you'd never quite get but that compelled you WanNa know more about it with an armful Rockin was missing an house sean was Manic Madonna was laughing as usual it was all a joke annoying yes possible harbinger of what her life would be bull childlike sound and melancholic melody that looks back to the seventies and then be comes in and all of a sudden you're a new decade onto something fresh etched into the sand on the beach below his home in giant twenty five foot letters faulk you as a silent scream at the vulture photographers circling above rich and famous as he and Madonna could even have the helicopters would drown out the sound of the ceremony making it impossible to here was the reason everyone was there in the first place culture that celebrated in flaunted sex was as big an influence on Madonna is downtown pond her sexuality was hers to play with and she was unafraid to share it with the convinced together eventually get strung out on heroin most people in her position a twenty five year old struggling to make her own center in downtown art was arrested on the island for dangling photographer over a balcony she wasn't surprised she might have even liked it a little she was surprised however to learn role and ended up having a heart attack on set for his efforts and at the moment in Sean Penn's backyard it looked like he might be having another one either that or like other Shanghai surprise as Madonna suspected their union have become a nonstop test of endurance against a swarm of Paparazzi. When Sean Earshot as slinging drinks from the bar against the Tiriac frightening young love struck post punk adolescents and the awkward silence she was Madonna Madonna for her part entered into it with clear is about their chances she understood when to like minded volatile artists got together that they could either spur each other held firm she was undaunted by the more experienced more successful man sitting in the producer's chair and she insisted on recording the track it goes it didn't come easy? Madonna had a staredown veteran hitmaker now rogers who is producing the album he didn't believe in the song thought it was a novelty bit Madonna Madonna pushed herself in the mainstream American consciousness she was a megawatts star and nothing was going to dimmer shine not even leaked nude Madonna laughed she looked great on white with her black top hat. What the hell was that about handiwork wondered or hall was insightful about Salon Angel into the groove dress you up all cracking the billboard top five every single over half of the nine track album was a stone cold hit unlike Sean Penn Madonna could handle the exposure no shame no pain virgin whore what's the difference in the end we all sink beneath brought in and produced a tight sounding monster like virgin became a massive smash Madonna's first number one hit followed immediately by material girl early like the grains of sand that made up the giant fuck you on the beach for the four years in between Sean Madonna's marriage was a straight up tidal wave relation and she crushed it her movie career took off with the success of desperately seeking Susan Henner third album true blue dedicated to Sean Penn greatness or flame out in epic fashion a year after the big fuck you in the sand they're on the island in Macau filming a movie we'll be right back after this word Word Word WanNa talk to you about best fees best the fiasco and bombing of Shanghai surprise was a loss on Sean Penn's turf the movie Biz Madonna the musician she was in the middle of an new extremes and among the two stars at the time it was Madonna who truly transcended from the top of her craft global icon they inevitably but amicably the papers Sean Penn would not get less volatile when they were back home if the pension coney marriage was meant to push to artists new heights the Sun Madonna pushed on she owned live aid performing alongside titans of the music industry at the time from Eric Clapton Mick Jagger to patty the iheartradio APP apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast was next Brando next Pacino types that come along every decade or so to him the helicopters were big fucking problem there were the kind of problem only power couple has cheated replaced harvey cartel who according to Manic Director Francis Ford Coppola didn't have the acting chops so Martin Sheen poured himself into the four she became a true pop icon the in on the joke virgin whore axe she had developed the ripe dance and punk scenes of New York resonated across the globe plus Shaw got word that the choppers were frequent guests especially Martin Sheen who is rumored to be flashing back to intense paranoia back to his LSD mccheese Mo- sharing prop helicopters Filipino military while dodging revolutionary guerillas turned on tune way the fuck out photos from her days as a model back in New York struggling to make it when the pictures were leaked playboy without her approval in nineteen eighty five she refused to be shamed UH SEAN didn't see it that way because Sean saw everything through the gaze of a serious minded artist he was just her type currently taking his at bat as one of the Sean escape from an unlocked jail cell and high till that the Hong Kong on the first very he can find the entire troubled production fled Macau and they're able to keep the divorced nineteen eighty-nine and with the nineties on the horizon Madonna was freer than ever to push cultural and sexual boundaries right up to the limits of the law the decree disgrace fan? I have my head stuck in the books constantly reading about the seedier darker side of life this game best fiends has become my Go-to pally without saying whose instincts were right the artist had a vision a vision or producer at the time can see she was rewarded for commitment as was Rogers who eventually the brings you into another world challenges you and keeps you engaged the world defined yourself maneuvering through the best scenes vibrant electric colorful world of bugs which for me is an added bonus because my son is obsessed with bugs right now this is as unique of puzzle experiences you'll find which is why best fiends has been downloaded over one hundred Abell and Tina Turner in front of a live audience of one hundred thousand and a global simulcast audience of one point nine billion nearly forty percent of the Earth's poppy mentor status as the Queen of pop selling twenty five million records around the world but all this glory brought even more attention she and Sean driven each other president of creative high with borderline she crossed the threshold into stardom but when our second album like a virgin dropped in Nineteen eighty-four funds it's the opposite of dark it's visually stunning keeps my brain sharp in out of the soul sucking Internet void best fiends is an adult puzzled means a mobile puzzle game that I've been unable to put down since they sent it to me I've become obsessed at this thing like David Bowie became obsessed with the CPAP as you know days now and I'm already on level thirty you don't need the Internet to play best fiends is great for travelling in for keeping your mind active and fresh ended updates monthly with new content a million times download it yourself and hit me up on social media let me know where you're at how you're advancing through the world at best I've been playing train stations and airports for Ford onto save an extra ten percent off no the damn after party Prince Michael Jackson Elton John Even Mick Jagger and the rolling Stones Madonna didn't understand first of all want to do is compare show notes with your dancers in your band and celebrate the Herculean task you all just pulled off staging a highly complex physically demanding emotionally draining show in front of thirty thousand people but no the after party La was the worst for The after Party was lame it was always lame sides by Madonna's estimation free that's friends without the our best fiends obvious reasons the biggest star fuckers on the planet are stars themselves but Donna thought it was silly the Hollywood ask grabbing but Warren Beatty took it seriously this was after all his he'd been on the list for twenty five years a career player in Hollywood land the social conventions of Celeste Q. 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It's gone is the belly from her borderline days. Her body is taught fit muscular a dancer's body a result of the grueling physical demands of the four month three hotter Madonna leans into the ride straddling her imaginary lover teasing her hand begins to rubber belly slowly inching down her navel me feel shiny and new the drums kick in Madonna rolls onto her back spreads her long legs revealing gold panty clad crotch and comes song continues to the chorus backed verse and when she hits the second course she does another spread Eagle and more grinding more intense this time pushing it hard unease on the bed. She grinds her hips into an imaginary lover beneath her pushing like a version touched the very first time closer to the crotch she moans the vocal refrain slides her hand back down her belly again this time even closer closer to her crotch pushing it dominating her audience of thousands a baseball stadium jammed with horny inspired fans and the small handful of conservative soul crushing Canadian mounties screaming cheering panting right there alongside or with every thrust until the music finally comes down post climax post coitus continued away to the stage lights above her I was beat incomplete been had I was sad and blue but you made me feel yeah you made singing not missing a beat they mouth nipples Palmer Vagina. The song's tempo picks up Madonna's ham grabs crotch she's on her back thrusting her hips up so the show could have ended right there Madonna's performance of like a virgin under threat of censorship from Canadian mounties was so inspired her head in her blonde hair up and down up and down up and down her healed feet outstretched like a v. the crowd is freaking out in full throats there was no need to finish the set but of course she did and in the end there was no arrest the authorities perhaps sensing a potential riot back down is up onto her feet on stage begins massaging Jean Paul Goatee Cone Breasts and falls into the arms of her two dancers who take her she rise beneath them still it's more than sex it's violence it's inspiring it's nasty madonna rolls over onto her stomach on the bed and begins frantically dry humping banging ace and hand between her legs mesmerizing and Kinky black and white this was Madonna's idea of coffee table book sex all caps the song hits the Bridge Madonna falls onto were back on the bed to dancers at our side caress her arms and back she rises it was to be literary and visual companion to her fifth album erotica sex would sell out its first edition within a few days but even as America slut Time magazine predicted it'll be the first aluminum covered soft porn book ever degrees the remainder been but they were wrong of course today sex without money to peop- Madonna's erotic fantasies with one hand it slapped her wrist with the other Madonna's pushing of the envelope her virgin horror image had always attracted is one of the most in demand out-of-print books in the world but the prudish backlash of the early nineties was real as a result of the hypocritical controversy erotica allies took Madonna from behind was staged so what he was taught as was Madonna wrapped into other women. All Kerr's buzz cuts critics never considered Madonna serious actor Madonna was supposed to act she wasn't supposed to write books she was supposed to push boundaries on film she was supposed to arch so long as it was the right edge she was supposed to inspire critics to write lofty over intellectualized views long-form think pieces dissecting the motive intense criticism but after sex the criticism reached a new level critics who once praised her pushing boundaries now trashed her work casting her as a try hearts attitudes with a knife to her crotch or Madonna alone in a leather blindfold studied lingerie with exposed nipple cutouts a riding crop between her teeth Michael Power structure dictator creative station the reviews for body of evidence the nineteen ninety three crime drama Madonna starred in alongside Willem dafoe meaning behind her lyrics in her evolving image she was supposed to make movies look what happened Elvis singles record stores that's where it was at everything else was just would Madonna's first record since nineteen eighty three with no number one hits with all the noise the time seemed right for focusing fully on her acting career played by James Russo a real life good friend of Madonna's ex-husband Sean Penn the project with Ferrara Hotel and Russo was a snake pit of masculinity as an actor Madonna despite her more than capable turns in desperately seeking Susan League of their own alongside Rosanna arquette and Tom Hanks respectively act and mentally and physically challenging situations humiliating them when necessary all in an effort to strip the actors any contrived stage artifice and hopefully life was being obliterated Madonna grew paranoid anxious tents insecure violence was imbued into the nature every shoot volatility make records and videos to show off her belly above a boy toy belt buckle and tour make the power players in the music industry more and more money every time she got a creative itch gnaws overexposure but Madonna would not be putting a box she knew she had the

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