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Now for free information call now eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, zero, four, zero, two, eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, zero, four, zero, two, eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, four, zero, two, that's eight, seven, seven, three, six, zero, zero, four, zero to. Listening to Dorf sports here on your favorite APP now here's. Welcome back everybody Mike Wilson, hanging out the Andy Door. You could hang out with us as well by the way one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, seven, five, two, nine, those are the digits. You can hit us up on twitter for Mike picks opinion for me door font sports. FACEBOOK, it's door Fon, sports, instagram. It's the real door funds, sports, and Mike. Let me just throw this crazy number at you. It's insane. A hundred and two. At roland-garros is what? My Man. Raphael, and the doll is that's his record one hundred wins, two losses at roland-garros probably the most dominant thing in any sport anytime anyplace you name it my man Rafeh new, doll Is the most dominant athlete on any one particular surface it's amazing. It really is the surface. I WanNa talk to you about right now. Would be the one where your twitter handle comes in really well. Only talk some thick skin with you brother. I WanNa talk some NFL football and obviously Anything that's on people's minds we encourage we welcome it one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, seven, five, two, nine, we're it's football nfl style but anything on your mind we can always jump ship and go that direction. But Mike obviously we are now into another week in the NFL it's week five here as we have a lot of interesting topics to talk about and most notably, it's still the Kovin factor hitting because we have a couple of teams that are going to be unable to play the Broncos and the Patriots but. Various. Come Away with another victory I. think that was relatively impressive over Tampa Bay. The other night look like Tom? Brady was forgetting getting a little forgetful I mean I. Guess at the Young Age because I can say this he's younger than us the young age of like forty three he he forgot what doubt it was. I mean it I know it happens but you don't think that that kind of thing happens to the best in the game. So week five some thoughts from you before we get into this. Inside thoughts with what you're talking with Tampa Bay. And the bears I mean look Big Nick Bag, next tick and he he came up again against Brady and you know you saw Brady be a little forgetful and he saw Brady Paul drawn and just walk off the pill without shaking hands to to nick, foles or anybody. So that was a little disappointed with that. But you know look this covert thing is is just one of those things where people have to be a lot smarter than they are You know you have the titans let all those people players I came down with Kobe and then they snuck in. A practice that was to me, that was about disappointed as you can get for an organization during this time, and then the Broncos and the Patriots you know the Patriots coming down at players coming down with it and it takes them discipline to get through these times to not put yourself in a situation where you could be catching the virus spreading the virus, all those kind of things. But you know around my household, you know the my my son is just happy Pittsburgh is back on it and looking to get a victory that. All right. So looking at the matchups panthers playing the Falcons and not a lot of intrigue with the Falcons because they just find ways to lose football games, a raiders playing the chiefs I think that's an interesting game because obviously the chiefs are a big favourite the raiders have had some moments where they've looked good. Time to time but they just haven't been able to to be that consistent cardinals going on the road to play the jets they got out of the gates pretty well, and then they stumbled now you got the jets on your. Your schedule that's gotTa feel pretty good. But you're traveling across the country. So we'll see how that plays out. Eagles playing the steelers the battle of Pennsylvania there maybe rams playing that team from Washington the bengals playing the Ravens Jaguars playing the Texans Texans Need Win Man They are desperate seriously, very desperate at this moment in time dolphins playing the forty niners talk of. Coming you know I. It's just a matter of time. Right? Colts, browns they're going at it that that's an interesting game. That's a big game giants playing the cowboys and then the vikings playing the seahawks. That's another interesting game. Obviously Russell Wilson has been very impressive and kirk cousins not so much but they did get their first victory of the season last week. So we'll be interested to see if they can follow that up but What what what's hitting you early in the season I mean obviously, injuries have played a major role and I. Think we all thought that would be part of the equation but. Anything that you're you're you're kind of picking up on right now. Your question, the injuries I, mean you mentioned injuries, and and that was the thing that I was picking up on and it's just not. You know the injuries to the guys that are maybe second second or third on the depth chart it's it's big is its name name brand people that are getting hurt the one thing the other thing that just it boggles my mind. IS JUST ATLANTA. They find ways to lose games like that Dallas game that they should've won and it's it's just incredible that these kind of mistakes are made by professional athletes they're supposed to be the best in the business but right now lane is just I mean it's just scary how they have lost when the Games man I it just boggles it said it just boggles my mind and then the other thing is you know the Kobe thing the covert aspect of all this that it's it's Rican a little bit of havoc with the League and like I mentioned earlier the Titans. A bunch of people within the organization come down with it, and then they sneak in a practice The League has to come down on that somehow You know my idea would be and and I've heard this bandied about. No one gets paid they lose that game check you know. So you can go ahead and play the game, but you ain't getting paid to do it for that game. But I I don't know how they're really going to control the covert thing You can have all the testing you want but once again, it comes down to the discipline of the people within that organization to keep themselves out of harm's life. Yeah. I mean, the best way to hurt people like we've seen in the past is obviously heard them in the pocketbook and. They decide to kind of change pretty damn quick. They straighten up. All right. So you mentioned some interesting stuff I'm now going to keep going. I'm impressed with the bills. They're they're definitely the class of the AFC East right now, which is something that we obviously haven't been able to say for a long time because Tom Brady was with the New England patriots. But now cam is there and you know they're tooling to I think that they're probably okay with where they're at this moment in time. But the buffalo bills have really shown me something I. You know how much I like Josh Allen I. Think this kid is a is a budding superstar in. This league and we can make all the throws he really good with his legs and now he's becoming a better decision maker. So that's something that I've been extremely impressed with Tennessee titans man they quietly are three and and you they just methodically go about their business. The steelers that there are three know I'm still kind of wondering how good they really are the Kansas City chiefs at four. No I. Believe all the hype I know this team is if not the best. There they are the best. So I don't need to say anything other than that but then I wanNA switch the NFC east and this division is pathetic bro I'm sorry. But it's very, very reasonable to think that a team could be anywhere from six and ten. Seventy nine under five, hundred, you're you're getting my point they're going to win that division and they're not going to be very good I I I, find that to be disturbing to say the least the packers offense, Aaron, rodgers remarkable so far the south I think that's anybody's ballgame man like Seriously Carolina the saints the buccaneers anybody could come out of there and then the seahawks and Russell Wilson what he's done the rams kinda coming bouncing back a little bit I. Think the NFC is way better than the AFC. I mean all the way through what say you real quickly Oh Yeah. No I. Absolutely agree. Is Better the bottom line All right. We gotta take a little break and by the way remember NFL rewind. That's ten PM on sports overnight America just a quick shameless plug for that. We gotta take a break. We'll come back. It's the door funds sports weekend edition. Mike Wilson Andy. Door grow back. 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Don't let your competition have that top spot check out winning reviews, DOT COM, and get to the top of Google maps. Go to winning reviews dot com that's winning reviews dot com. This is door fun sports. Well back in my people, he would be Mike Wilson I would be and when you're hanging out with us here on the door phone sports weekend edition. Did add a couple of different ways you can call us one, eight, hundred, eight, seven, eight, seven, five, two, nine you can hit us up on twitter for Mike Pigskin opinion for me. It's still refund sports check us out on facebook store sports there. CHECK US OUT ON I G it's real door fund sports there, and again, you can always come back late night with me on the world famous sports overnight America when I do the NFL rewind. Week five this week. So be extremely excited to do that for you at ten PM Pacific Standard. Time. So adjust your clocks wherever the heck you may be. Obviously you can catch Mike and I-. Mondays and Fridays and Phoenix Arizona Eight, seven, the pulse shake just go download the APP eight seven the pulse APP on your phone take us with you anywhere you want to be. Look Mike here's here's the cool thing. When you and I talk sports and when I call people out from time to time, they show sometimes they show up and sometimes they go hide behind whatever in their basement or wherever they want to be. But not that dude, not that dude in. Santa. Monica am I Sam Dude hurt me calling him out about his Miami hurricanes and their lack of they're showing up against the big boys and he must be. A, little upset about you and I haven't with those people from Ohio and maybe me going out there and shooting that that salad number and whatever it is. But let's jump to the phones and let's see what is on M. I. S.. Sam's mind this morning Mitch in. Santa. Monica you got the door man you got Mike Wilson it obviously is the door funds sports weekend edition, but it's your world man what's up You Really GonNa. Call me out about hanging was Buckeye on. The nineteenth coal first of all, my m J W. How is the backside of of of the Dorfman yesterday? Any different? How are you back the? The. Never changes with him It's just the amount of maybe frustration showed a little bit more yesterday than the previous time. But you know, hey, he helped me turn around my game late in the round. So I have really no complaints. Did free. Well, y'all who calls in came fans calls in and Santa Monica called in. Buckeye fan call him in but yeah Miami Hurricanes and want to talk in a bit. Did Not, have the best showing penalties penalties. One play doesn't turn a game, but when they stopped them on fourth down or stopped on fourth down on the initial series and With the linemen we had toll on the line they called. ticky tack offsides, which was he was offside. I was watching that and then country goes in for score was all downhill from there I mean you know it's tough. You're planning the rain. PUMPS PUMPS PUMPING is an insane football team and Derek King The quarterback of Miami. You start it was like one on eleven the entirety that game I, mean us almost single-handedly kept him in the bogging there. As much as they left. Out Forty two points and their defense is just kind of tax. But let's wants a couple of other things. First of all are there like two new goats in sports is Louis Angleton now who tied by Michael Schumacher this morning with ninety one victory. Now, the new goat of of of car racing and what about your the? High. Federer Twenty Grand Slams I mean there was a pretty huge day outside of the NFL. Football but. Always jump in Real Quick Mitch and you know what? What Roffe is done on the clay itself thirteen. Grand Slams they're the guys a hundred and two at roland-garros I mean, let that let that marinate in your brain for a moment people. This guy is the most dominant. Athlete on any surface all time when it comes to clay, the guy is just a magician he is. He is unbeatable like literally unbeatable unless he may be has an injury or something that's GonNa stomach flu you name it there's gotta be something wrong with roffe Nidal for you to get a victory over this guy on the clay. So dude he is unbelievable, it's absolutely remarkable. It is to me it's the most impressive thing in any and all to be honest with you. It is it's an incredible and even and you know you talk about where the goats in their for respective field. What they're doing and they're to today they really of Snow Max Abbar you may never have been matched again and they're gonNA probably go on and breaking. New Ones and there there's there's new goats now in different parts of the world. Of Sports but you know my. How long ago was it? That the door fan was talking about Mattie ice ice like the goat. We're. Him Web Tobacco the Falcons my goodness. Gracious I mean. What what what what kind of humor that I mean we only the bears in the line put invent ways of losing but the Falcons of the new team that that the chemistry figure out new ways to lose ballgames. Arable. They are there. They're extremely bad the defense is usually non existent. They give up a lot of points and matt is just can't make the throws anymore quite frankly like I've been watching him a lot and the arm strength isn't there the difference that I'm seeing with the younger quarterbacks is they can really sling it. They can they can throw it in any position and Mattie is you're seeing that the arm strength is really taking a toll so To me, the biggest problem is Maddie ice and how far he's declined Mike. You jump in. Now. He has declined and well look I mean. Atlanta has declined as well like you know we talked about them having that hangover from the Super Bowl they need to get into. Like a twelve step program because this hangover as wait last way too long for the amount of talented that they may have and when Dan Quinn, what does he get fired like? That's the next thing that I'm wondering when does he get? What does he get? Let go I mean Dorf what do you think the Dan Quinn lasts the whole season or or is he gone after this game or or when? It's common. Soon, I, think the pink slip is coming for. Him and other people as well. I wonder what goes on there with the jets I think that that's at a point where that's becoming. It's not it's just not tolerable. You just don't WanNa see that what what's happening with the giants. That's another. Team that you'RE GONNA scratch your head about wonder when the changes are coming look the cowboys made changes and they got fat Mike McCarthy making terrible decisions for them now, and Jack Prescott is Aaron Rodgers, Brett Farve and He's doing everything he can in his power to win Games but truth be told fat Mike Funding in charitable positions. Look Mitch. Let's jump back to you real quick. What's catching your eye from from the NFL right now? I'll tell you what's catch. Abiam it's the virus. and. What they're gonNA do about their. Time on figuring out endless and right now they finally postponed the new. England game this morning there was supposed to happen on Monday. So they're going to give New England Denver by this week and try to figure it out I. Mean I think it was going to go down is that they'll probably lose the pro push the playoffs back created eighteenth week signed the makeup games in there. But then what happens if there's a colon problem during the playoffs? I mean, this is. I don't know if we're GONNA last the season I don't know if I don't think that the NFL also like lose games, go by winning percentages, and then if Lori to go to four fifths because then that's gives an advantage to the team that maybe gets a forfeit or the team that gets forfeits gets hit yet another by week and as we know, the NFL season is a season of attrition. It's about who can stay healthy at the end and if you start giving. You know four-fifths and free wins an extra buys it would completely change the balance of of teams that are actually doing the right things. All right honor limited to get lucky. Yeah. Let me ask both of you guys a question. So and and this kind of comes courtesy of our producers skied who I talked to. Were communicating back and forth. Okay. So I'm kind of in the same boat as Scott thinking that in general most of if not all of these seasons that were playing out are somewhat of a joke but with the exception of what the NBA did and the NHL because they were obviously a lot further in their seasons and it made a lot of sense for them to try finish things out. But the way that things have kinda turned out, is it fair to say that the sports that we're seeing right now to a certain degree are obviously a fraction of what we would see. If it would be normal situation. So I guess what I'm saying is and I'm going to start with Mike, would you call these seasons a little bit of a joke or do you? Put an Asterik by them. No matter what or can you go past all this stuff and say, no, these are legitimate and What's happening? I'm totally okay with Mike you first boy that's That's a good question I I'm not. I'm. Not. GonNa put an Asterisk by it I. Think at the end of the day when you when you get to the play offs and we're seeing this in the NBA, these players aren't GonNa look at this as an asset they're gonNA look at it as hey, look this with the season. This is what we had to do. This is what we were the the hand that we were dealt whether it's the NFL NBA Nhl, whatever what have you at the end of the day it's still A championship and so I kind of tend to agree with that I don't think that these players or the NFL look at it. That way I can understand that some fans will the end of the day. The NFL. Had to do what the NFL had to do to make money and Andy you and I talked about this. Ad Nauseam, this is all about the mighty dollar. So they're doing what they have to do to recoup their money, but they're also doing what they have to do to have. Hey semblance of ABC's and all right Mitch in Santa. Monica. Where are you on this? We'll give you a final word and then we got to. Kick. It to a break pretty soon. So where are you on all these seasons? Well, I would say that. Baseball is definitely a joke that Jon, Poulter the professor talked about it last year or last week rather when you know teams us don't they just start going at at game sixty. I mean. We ended the season this year with with with a hundred games weren't even played. So yes, this in Major League baseball that is jokes and the way you know seventeen double headers you know rubbed the California A. you know second base runner two extra. That but the NFL and right now, my jail I wouldn't say they had because they're having to do with their. And so far they're getting away with it. My fear is that. Major. The NFL is. GonNa turn into Major League Baseball, and the thing is is they won't be able to come. You know because of the way football is a once a week. You know you can't lose anything and if it becomes, then that will be a joke. So I hope it doesn't I mean I'm enjoying it. Hey, the packers are having a great season. Hey Raj looks amazing. Look I'm really looking forward to seeing some good football games, but I just hope it doesn't turn into. A joke and I, and I have a feeling that it will because of the virus because of what some teams, how teaser handling it, and some teams are not I mean this is the packers are are you know the Wisconsin's a hotbed I mean the chances of Green Bay. Packer getting the virus are pretty high because of what's going on in that state and who knows what's going to happen in Florida and were there other hot pot spot? You never know I hope it doesn't The NBA. Let's see what happens tonight. If if we crown a new champion and Lebron's gets into another discussion but we'll see what happens and all that. But if I do have a one final shot if you WanNa talk about goats, we did lose go this this week and it was really really tough to. See Eddie van Halen Kinda, leave us with incredible guitarist off to have but. It brought us some great music and great times and shot up to Eddie van Halen's and all the other music lovers out there. Hey, great stuff Mitch and Santa Monica freesheets you brother I like when I call you and you step up to the plate. So good stuff. We appreciate that guy we gotta take a break and we're gonNA come back like we always do. It's parting shot time. So keep a close. He's Mike Wilson I'm Andy Dornan. It is the door sports weekend edition. Do, you owe ten thousand dollars or more on at least two federal student loans. Then you may qualify for new programs offered by the Department of Education. These programs can reduce your interest, lower your payments and possibly qualify you for loan forgiveness if you have ten thousand dollars or more and at least two federal student loans and currently not in school, you may qualify for one of these. Programs call now to check your eligibility student loan advisors are standing by to help you determine. 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So check us out there at Pulse Radio DOT FM and then otherwise check out the Paul Sap Eight, hundred, seven, the pulse on your phone I might parting shot time you're up my friend. Mentioned, Santa Monica brought up Eddie Van Halen. Know we lost a great guitars there but Major, League baseball lost a true treasure and Whitey Ford Hall of Famer With The New York Yankees he debuted in nineteen fifty what the Yankees spent his entire career with the Yankees either six time he was a six time champion he was a ten time all star his win percentage was point six nine was just as insane had a career win record up to thirty six and one. Oh six he was just a true Yankee through through and it's just it's just a bad deal when we lose one of the legends. Now. Hey good. Great. Great parting shot. Look man obviously we gotta thank Bret Boone for joining US got. Thank. John. Poulter, Professor Sports for joining us as well and I. I got a few things on my mind I mean Rafeal and the Doll record-tying Twentieth Slam. At the French Open Thirteen on the clay itself. Just the most dominant guy on an individual surface as far as it goes in the sports world. It's beyond incredible amazing Miami Heat Man lets you guys push a game seven make Lebron workers tail off to get that for championship NFL football. We didn't do our picks today. That's okay. We'll get at it again next week from Mike for Scott I'm the Dorfman saying peace will catch next week right here on the door Fon Sports Weekend Edition Mike Wilson and Andy Take care of. Wait. Maybe do it again sometime. Where the rubber meets the road. Actually I'm not even sure what that means. To you speed radio network life at heart dunk news feed, dot com, this stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow on facebook twitter and instagram. The president says he's immune I'm ham who so Fox News the president is in very good shape president trump telling that to Fox's Sunday morning futures as he prepares to reclaim the campaign trail after about with the coronavirus looks like immune for I. Don't know maybe a long time maybe. A short time it could be a lifetime nobody really knows but I'm immune this week the president schedule takes him to Florida Pennsylvania and Iowa the president's democratic. Challenger Joe Biden Will Begin Ohio tomorrow making stops in Toledo and Cincinnati while the candidates canvas, the country Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear from Amy, Coney Barrett the President Supreme. Court Pick Barrett will tell the committee that courts should not try to make policy. Leaving those decisions to the other branches of government. Judge. Amy. Coney Barrett we'll make her opening argument the Senate Judiciary Committee Monday during the first day of her confirmation hearing Republican chairman Lindsey Graham has set up four days to consider Barrett even as the full Senate remained sidelined after three Republicans tested positive for the Corona Virus Two of those senators Utah's Mike Lee North Carolina's Thom Tillis sit on the judiciary committee hearing is a hybrid model allowing. To. Attend in person or by videoconference Fox's jared halpern the Senate's top Democrat Chuck Schumer says, he'll call on Barrett, to recuse herself from a case on the affordable care act that will be heard by the High Court next month a derailment of the C. S. 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Saying the Democratic presidential candidate is using language, which unfortunately we are used to although in an appearance on state TV he did welcome an offer by Biden to extend an arms control treaty with Russia. Putin says Russia will work with any US leader, but he praises president trump for saying he wants to improve relations, Simon Owen Fox. News as millions of people cast ballots by mail, the court system is being flooded with legal fights. You've got different states across the country that have set their own rules for how when, and where people can vote and who is on the ballot. So now that. Means that the federal court system is more involved than it's ever been because you've now got millions of people who were voting by mail because of the Corona virus stocks which sin in Texas, for example, a federal judge blocked an order by the governor limiting the number of places where mail in ballots can be dropped off the state attorney general has filed a request for an emergency stay of. The judge's injunction. It's week five in the NFL with the Tennessee Titans. Buffalo Bills New England. Patriots, and Denver Broncos all postponed by corona virus cases. The show goes on in week five action for the NFL this afternoon among today's Games Romeo Cornell's first at the helm of the Houston Texans following the firing of head coach GM bill. O'Brien they're hosting the division rival Jacksonville Jaguars the. San. Francisco. Forty. niners expected to have Jimmy Garoppolo back qb as they take on the Miami Dolphins you also have Kyle Allen Starting quarterback for the Washington football team against the La Rams as well as a Sunday night showdown between the Minnesota. Vikings. And the Seattle Seahawks, Matt Napolitano Fox News Game Six. Again, NBA finals between the La Lakers and the Miami heat tonight the Lakers lead the theory Tampa himself Now, is the time to update your window treatments during blinds, DOT coms, annual friends, and family sale get a high end look without the high end price for a limited time to blinds dot com now and save up to forty percent on all blinds shades interior shutters more until October thirteen rules and restrictions may apply from Hollywood it's time now for Bob Bailey as. Johnny. This is Father Taggart I'm calling you from Ossining I'm one of the. Here sing-sing. Do for you finding nothing for me Mr. Dollar but possibly for someone else Michael Cairn one of our inmates asked me to contact you Michael. Can you remember he wasn't sure you would. Time gifter and conman got tied up with an insurance fraud a few years ago blond fellow. Michael wants to see you missed a dollar. Could you possibly find the time to come up here? I don't know father is this something important? While look, I'll be in New York. Sometime next month maybe I'll get a chance to stop off. Couldn't you possibly make it sooner? What's the rush is going to be there quite a while isn't he? Not. Very. Long. I'm afraid Michael is dying. Right. Finally, you can expect me. Welcome to Johnny dollar beginning tonight and every weekday night Bob Bailey in the transcribed adventures of the man with the action packed expense account of America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator. Yours truly johnny. Dollar. Expense accounts submitted by special investigator Johnny Dollar, the Allied Casualty and Insurance Company Ltd Markham Building Hartford Connecticut. Attention Ed Barth controllers offers. This is an accounting of expenditure is during my investigation of the McCormick matter. You didn't authorize the investigation and I'm sure that once the facts are out, you will under the following. Expense Account Item One seven dollars ninety five cents, train fare and incidentals, Hartford to Ossining New York. I was admitted inside the prison and greeted by Father Tech. is a tall mile looking man a jesuit I. believe he had a pass already for many led me straight to the prison infirmary. Just in here. Michael certainly appreciate your coming Mr Dollar. I hope it satisfies whatever's on his mind. I can't imagine what it would be. You know it was my investigation testimony that put them in here five. He told me all about that and I'm sure it has nothing to do with why he wants to here. She's lung started to go by two years ago. There's just been no way to arrest a condition. Does he know how close? And? He's not afraid to die. Hardly the same I remember fighting he's headed badly lost a great deal of weight. Asleep? Yes. Michael. Moore. Haven. Abroad, someone to see. I am Mike. Oh. Thanks for coming Sakes Janney Life Father Tiger. Asian alright Guy Johnny is just like you. I always said you were the best, Insurance Co... What's all this? I'm kicking out. J., dingy tell him. He told me. I didn't live right. I'll be back in a little while. Thanks you take it. Easy. Mike And Lousy place to die prison. But he got my choice thanks to you while it's just that you picked a couple of things that the lawn some insurance companies didn't agree with my. Whole nother that against you. Guy Does what he does. Not to tell you this. Maybe, I'd better get the doctor. You shouldn't be talking so much weight. Johnny, look you know I'm no crybaby when the doctor giving the news. I got to thinking educate the blowout you understand I know Mike I. Just. Had to wife once longtime ago when they started out. Then I. Drifted at her picture one day. Get a cough drop maybe. Wouldn't juror what I got. Anyhow I got to do something for before i. Johnny. I hear and get myself ninety. Johnny. If there was some. Money lying around would you pick it up for me? Depends on how clean it is Mike and where it's lying sure what he did, but it's clean alright you can find out yourself. Now listen. To, move me down here in the infirmary at roomed upstairs with Joe Joe Penny. No don't believe I do and Carthage from the hey stage, you got a sabbatical three weeks ago. Paroled. A camera a Lotta Guys Joe Joe Penny. Tissa cake he's got a little five year trick to put in. This Joe Joe, he does like a vacation. Real Picnic. Every time he gets a chance out in the yard. He's taken son so we don't get to color G. When Push Him with me I noticed it and I get to going over in my head. Why is a guy whistle in a cell block johnny. Why is he treated like a restroom? short-term he's got something outside waiting. Baby he's got something waiting for him outside something that he knows will keep safe. Money. Thought you said this was legitimate Mike it is now wait I didn't ask Jojoy anything about this. Now I took it out myself. Then a couple of times I hear him yell Indie Sleep Mukarram Viki McCormick. Make sense now jenny. The big Ice Johnny, the big heist a few useful. A rich guy named McCarthy got long islanders someplace I. IT gets turned over put one hundred thousand dollars with a jury remember. Vaguely and I'm thinking to Joe Penny was not somewhere. Else why would he be singing and of course learned Chinon himself around this flytrap for five years else why would he be talking about that when he's sleeping Macara make McCormick? Maybe, you've got something like. I know I got something Johnny and you got to do it. All right don't you see the insurance company must have a reward out they always do I live ward. Yeah. But My. Tenure Joe Joe is the done the job only knows who did it So. You look into it where it maybe turn up to Steph and get the reward. Good clean coin. OF TO MOW LADY You keep ass yourself. TATTY meeting. City to Butte GNC unplanned. died three hours later. The last living thing he did was, when kept me? Expense account item to fourteen dollars and twenty cents train fare and incidentals Ossining to New York. arrived. At two fifteen, dropped my bag off at the new western and went over to the Metropolitan Police Station to find out what I could about the McCormick matter. It was all pretty much all Michael, told me a Julian McCormick living on Long Island at suffered one hundred thousand dollar jewelry burglary in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, one. Twelve suspects had been arrested and released. The case was marked open and unsolved allied casualty had been the insurance company in Ball Adjustment Office. Frank Porter speaking my name's Johnny Dollar. Mr Porter, I'm an investigator. Think. I've heard you missed. And wonder if you could give me a little information about a claim, your company handled in nineteen fifty, one, a man named Julian McCormick on Long Island. Jeep. Longtime ago. What about? I might have some information on it. I don't know yet. It's a long chance. I'm at police headquarters and I notice you investigated for the insurance company I'd like to talk to you. Sure but it's Kinda late today tomorrow. Okay or you can tell me this right now is there any reward being offered ci risk kind of falls my sales? Alaska Nevada reward you sound like you can make full recovering WanNa make sure that you'll be paid for it. said, it was just a long shot. How about the reward? That's pretty standard with us on cases like this. I think it's seventy, five hundred something like that. I'm not sure where he's staying new Western I'll look it up the exact figuring call you. There lead be fine. Thanks. That'll be fine. Before I left the police station at turned out a Mug on Joe Joe Penny. He was a big broad shoulder lad with plenty of beef and a list of convictions for them in New York. State. The last one was for carrying concealed weapons is parole status was good though the parole officer furnish me with his home address. The Allen Hotel rates stay week on the one hundred Fifteenth Street. Open. I. LOOKING FOR JOEPAT That's me my name's Johnny Dollar Yeah. I I just came down from sitting I. saw a friend of yours up there joe was that my can. As Mike that's good. He died today. To bed, he was a nice old coot. kind of like them. said if I ever saw you to say Hello He didn't give you my address. Now. I. Got it from the. Parole. Office. Use some kind of cup now I work for an insurance company. By a drink. Sure. Why not? Expensive item three four dollars even for drinks. I wanted to look at Joe Joe Penny and talk to them and figure out how I was going to go about getting information from home. And the more I saw the more you talk the more I wondered if whatever you might have said about the McCormick case in his sleep happened some of them calling. After all a man with a long list of petty theories is highly ever involved in a slick big time safe cracking job that takes another kind of talent and when I was sure that Joe Joe didn't have. So I just been taking it easy and looking around. I figure I can get a job wishing to truck or maybe a cab if I'm lucky. GotTa get something to do. For all offices kind of hard nosed about things like that and. Bring up. One more. Thanks please limit like to keep it shake short. Say You got anything to do. Nothing special way. Thought might go out to Long Island later on tonight Salo to an old friend of mine if you haven't got anything to do come on long. You're okay but. Fewer. Why not? This friend of yours. He's an ex con to. He never did any time. Just a friend to sail always all. Rich Feller. As named Julian McCormack. Very big with a hallows around here today. Aren't you anything? Wrong? Joe You probably are why do you say that? Nothing ever know anyone named McCormick a new guy named ironing McCormick wants back in Salt Lake City. We were piles for a while. Yeah Arnie was killed in the war. He'd got himself drafted in the infantry. Maybe. He's related to my friend Jillian McCormick out on Long Island he wasn't related to anybody not that. I'm leaving. I. WanNa. Get up early tomorrow that come with me. Thanks for the drinks. Drifted off down the street and left me standing there and one thing I was sure of he had the name McCormick on his mind. Whether it was the right McCormack of the right case, I didn't know. Anyhow. He was my one big leave. So I was back at his hotel early, the next morning and talking to the disk. Hannie did you say room to Tanja? That's right I most. Left bag and baggage last night. Where did he go? What's his forwarding address say just? Now here's star Bob. Bailey to tell you about tomorrow's episode. Thanks tomorrow. There's living proof that a pretty girl can be just as dangerous as. Pretty girl. Join us once you yours truly johnny dollar. Yours truly Johnny dollar transcribed in Hollywood written by John Dawson. The entire production is under the of Jack Johnstone. Be Sure to join us tomorrow night same time and station for the next exciting episode of yours truly Johnny Dollar Roy. Ruins. Beginning. The. Johnson wax program with McGee, and Molly. Makers of Johnson's Wax Johnson self polishing. Resent now and Jim Jordan has McGee and Molly was Donald Novus Bill Thompson and Billy Mills Trick Joe Opens With embraceable you. In these days a fall house cleaning and moving there's a question that probably has occurred to a great many of you. 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Man Opportunity is approaching the McGee home tonight. Yes he is. He checks the house number seventy, nine wistful vista with a slip of paper in his hand and. opportunity knocks and here in the living room all unaware that destiny is wanting well manicured finger at them. We find favour McGee, and molly. Either somebody at the door. Maybe it's the wolf. Why it couldn't be. He knows this well enough to walk right in. McGee. Yeah. You answer that door or am I Play a game to see who answered it. All right you set up the car and Cable Mono you set up the card table. Lithium coin to see who sets up the car dealer. Ain't got a coin. ODD derived goal. Yes you do is this the mcgehee resident? Is Mr McGee at home? May I see him please May? Put your shoes on a gentleman. Visa Gentleman you wouldn't notice that. Got Them All. Stephan. Virgil. Are you pivot McGee, tell him no locally but. During the boxer rebellion and China I was known as Pingpong. How the hero of Choi Mu. They give me the name of the campaign in nineteen two penetrated the interior of being hoi with a cake of ice on my head. When your head and I was disguised as a coolie. Well, I said. Why don't you see what the gentleman wants and I don't think he wants any of that. Oh excuse me but. But will never meet anybody from China. Kind of brings back the good old day. how long since you've been there then where In China I've never been in China. You. Just tell me you were the hero of toy and the boxer rebellion. Oh Yeah. Well, what can I do for you? Mr Mcgee? Would you be interested in making five hundred dollars? Why He went right through the. as. Far Nancy the gentleman. Five Hundred Bucks One hundred dollars when I must say, it's a very interesting proposition are told you what the proposition is mentioned five hundred bucks, but the rest of it is mere detail. Well. Perhaps veterans use myself I. Am Throckmorton P guiltlessly. Oh I'm glad to know youth rocky. All simply this McGee I have probably the most complete invaluable collection of autographs in the world. But I lack one signature to make it just one hundred percent up to date. The man who gets me that signature I'll pay I've hundred dollars. Or five hundred dollars we'll get ferdinand the bull, write his name on the head of a pin. That's very good airport. But a bowl can't write. Five, hundred and fifteen we'll teach him. How did you happen to come to? Well, I was making quietly I was looking for a man with nerve and ingenuity a man who's not easily discouraged a man with persistence and stick to it of this. Well that's me. I got more stick to it of chilling gum on a dance for. Why even as a kid I was noted for my persistency but. No matter how ugly things? I'll always in their plugging. Godly Nikki I was noted. McGee the Ping Pong Papa persistency with a passionate pride proprietor peeking and poking into perfection problems who in personal perilous when periodically penetrate from the private practices, Public Personalities Planning on putting the public purse and perennially popular is the personification of barriers from the pound pokes with. Pacific, to the put. Hike terrific. So you really think you're the man do analyst for me. Do you imagine you Betcha I'm a go getter a go getter a about that Mrs McGee is you go get a Go Getter. You Bet I'm a go-getter. All you gotTa do is tell me who's on a graph you want but well, it's public enemy number one killer can over the Gangsta. Goodness he's fainted. Is there a doctor in the neighborhood? No, but there's a trained nurse next door. Shall I go get her school gutter? The. Appeal Swell. What that smell McGee. This is the gas house district. Molly. Killer Alva lives around here. Someplace they tell me. Why were you so upset about getting killer CANOVA's his autograph. He's the toughest guy in the country molly killed eighty two people. Oh, why? Why don't they arrested him? They did three times. For double parking and wants for spitting on the sidewalk. And catch up with him sooner or later richer all he has to do is killing fourteen more people and they'll put him in jail reading his income tax. Assures up looking neighborhood. Oh, I don't know me seems real quiet to me. Does. Yeah. Sure. Does look even the policemen walk around who who they have so little to do they get loan. Having the hey hey. What's going on here? On nuton skies from this gang, instead building across the street of bank robbery like this. That way we can coach. Joey. Twenty four seconds from stick up the. Getaway Watch them signals US this week on it appearance and we've got to have substitute for bump. See any honest bullet intercept voice minute of play. Okay. Coach now day. Joining Your Gun Gin meet me at the pool room. Brackish sure coach, okay. My it looks like you're right daily. This isn't what I would call a real peaceful neighborhood also, it ain't. For. The sign on that, blacksmith? Shop. Come in and try on a new fall. This tailored Hart Schaffner and Bethlehem St. I tell you molly this district is tougher than land shop on a blue plate. Special. Not. That McGee. Let's get busy. Or. Just kill can over live church nobody autumn easy to find. We'll ask somebody probably hey, kids bashing stolen perfume any Hartford. Oh, how aware? Thank. Down here why hello there, MR, old-timer aren't you ashamed of yourself trying to sell US stolen goods? Never mind that old-timer maybe you can tell us where to locate this killer, Alva. We want to get him to play ball with us for an autograph. KC. At the back you might say. That's pretty good Johnny. Here. One says charter feller she. says. Her name killer. CANOVA. Johnny. Out. autographed. GIVES EPI. Excuse me I got to see Dr Face he talks too much. Days Mcgee did you see his face turn white when you mentioned CANOVA's name by he was scared to death? To be a slight nervousness in the neighborhood. Yeah. Maybe the police have been down here he can the gang around. Hurt. Marley I think the government needs more yeast in its don't let five hundred bucks looks smaller to me every minute. I have an auction to gave up. Oh hello there little girl. Stay Hey listen to this this this bad district for little girls like you. You'd better run on home. I said You'd better skip along home. You. Got Business here. What Business Value Nylon. And this is the only neighborhood we can see it in the. Picture is it. It. Will Future. Feature. Double. Future. It's double feature. That read it because it is. That's why you're means something that ain't here. What is still have actually it started yesterday. Oh let go. Okay after we add. What other picture you're going to see? Wow, really. I says, what's the other picture in the double teacher? There isn't any I bet you. Can't be a double feature if there's only one picture I asked us. On Oh. Longer no it. Know. Looks the wizard of Oz is only one picture. So how do you pick you're seeing a double feature? Can Take my dally and don't make any difference whether to people say one pitcher one people stay till pitchers. Long Mr. Laugh to. Her. Here is. Began because. He can be. Arena. Hey Molly what I got an idea we'll shake your head going away. Listen, why did all Gildersleeve want killer always autograph because he didn't have it coolish eggs. And if he ain't got it, he don't know what it looks like what's to prevent us from this Are you suggesting that we fake signature and sell it for five hundred dollars. Why Molly that's dishonest? Is. On the other hand is pretty practical I just think we can all look McGee. My here comes a man running down the street and this BVD school. That's a tracksuit that some guy in training. Hey. Come here. Whole Pal. Hello Babe what he was doing around here. Oh Mister Wilcox. What are you doing here? I was born and raised in this neighborhood. You hear that. I always says Wilcox came from the wrong side of the tracks. You should talk now your mother told me. You learned to walk a year sooner Tyson Been Safari, Park. Now, this is your old neighborhood mystery. Yeah. I like to come back once in a while and mix it up with the gang, a bunch of houses fighters down here and I trained with him. Have Days I should think polishing floors in the Noli would give you enough exercise. There's nothing to that. That's Why with Johnson Self Pollination Guoco during any work at all. You lead with your Jenolan that time. Go on cuddles. This way Johnson's Glaucoma is just pour a few drops on the linoleum, spread it around with the long handle the Brier, and that's already tour and when it dries, it sparkles like chorus girls is at at ten dollar Table Two or. Why it's so easy gets out a condition I soft see. So I, come down here to work out with the boys. Well. If you're acquainted down here, Mister Wilcox, maybe you can tell us where killer can overland. Oh excuse me I gotta finish my roadwork before I cooled off and I just had a chill. Out. Get that molly you mentioned killer can always name around here and everybody clams up like a bowl of chowder. Say. Now, listen, let's sit down on the steps in this house and I think this thing out. Okay. I'll know the first thing we gotta do molly. My a street singer. Mistreat singer Yeah. Hey listen. But can you tell us where killer can over live? Yeah. But I ain't talking see. Oh all right. If you won't talk when you're seeing. Me Nobody can hang up on me Dan. Look, something like Don Novus only. Wanted, one thing. I'd like to hear you're seeing the lamp is low Ho cash you're seeing Plano with half. Wakes. We'll take plane side. Side me. Nine law. Land Is. owned. And watch the show is calm and who This law. Ams. Lips. Of You saw. Him The sweetest dream we in a new. Sweetest dream. Thank you very much Mr. discreet singer that was beautiful. Certainly was but I can't get over how much you look like a friend of ours Donald. G Twenty. Pounds online tool for Little Geelong Ali. Small oil in it. Appears almost too small comfort the night. Come on here. We get up those steps. Let's get going. Margie Molly. Let's sit here and rest awhile bother. Come somebody out of the house. Your part you're trespassing. Very, Satay shouldn't have mentioned it madam except with strangers looking about make the Mazda extremely now. Okay we'll go but speaking lurking and maybe you can tell us where to look for a guy named killer all that this is Mr Canova's residents along. Now, you Mr Canoga no Meta my Mr Canova's personal serving I lay out the clues he likes in the morning. The people doesn't like need me. May I ask what you wanted with Mr Canova This is wonderful. Listen Jeeves or Jarvis or whatever your name is popping and ask the killer to give his autograph. Well you. Yes telling it means a great deal to a very solid but what you ask impossible Mr Canova never gives his to grow. Autumn on. X. Ten bucks for you if you do. Your partner are you trying to? Yes. We are true judges of Canada if I may say so madam. We can make it twenty five. Twenty five thank you. So I will do my base. If you continue to delete daily about for a few moments in the vicinity I report my progress may I add however that I'm extremely optimistic thank you. Dog Molly looks like we're in five hundred bucks. One, hundred, seventy, five. All well, let's Oh. My dear logged evening. Isn't it? is in. Suddenly. Mr Bloomberg. boomer oh. We were in the woods I would ask what you were doing this Mecca. Them. We've been hired to get killed over his autograph Mr Boomer, and we bribed his valid twenty five bucks to get it for. Saw Think I could've sold you for fifteen cool ain't too late bloomer where have you got? have. It right here in my pocket somewhere. Killer Canova autograph came across it in the files when I was trusty. Steed. I'll let me see. We'll put that autograph. Autograph Autograph here's a small tube of library paste. Case. Ever, WanNa stick around home and read. A invitation to an alumni dinner party. Yes. A middle aged spread you might say. Now please Mr boomer autograph. If any owner ask the autograph having right here someplace here's a small box of strange bombs. Great one if you like won't be noticed on this program. Strawberry Lollipop along soccer. Check for short beer. Well, imagine how Grab must be in my trunk in the manager's Office my whole fail. Dame idea good day. My Mom. I. Just thought of something what again, what a cure canova finds out, we tried to bribe his valid. Well, what does well I well, well, chuck that's what I say what if he does I don't care public enemy number one if he comes out and gets up with me, you know what I'll do I certainly do. I'll wait for you at the corner. Mrs Robinson. How do you do? Hi. Is this rather tough neighborhood defined you in north of its idea you see club women take groups of children from fiction in the city and teach them constructing. Such as food dancing as. Weaving. Not. Really. Now. Isn't that useful? Particularly the basket weaving Nothing can I was on the way to a park. He won the firemen ball I. Think it was and I suddenly felt if I could only we've a basket I would be a great social success. Really. Interesting now, if you can believe it Mrs Robinson, I stopped right there in the street that the handful of green and yellow twigs and wall little. What did you do with? Molly along the way I lost it. Using. Must be going I'm full of think of dumped my little class in music appreciation. What RECCO Jiving Mrs Aptly. They'll by some of the greatest masters now let me see he just one guy offshore how Mr James dossier a Mila. Udal. Robert Cosby and Benjamin Gutman. Even run by a nobleman count basie. That's pretty hot classic SEPE and you're smart not to mess around with them, Jitterbug Makovsky ooh I'm. Glad you approve selection personally I'm afraid I'm not to musical on the outdoor, the violin. Support on the when I heard that violent music wasn't mural is the result of dragging the. Across the interior of A. Fiction. Always, says, molly that socially this world is like hunker pie there's upper across the lower cost and then they both make mincemeat of the middle part. You take the upper crust and put hold it hold it. Okay. Put the philosophy back in the bed. Here comes the man from. Tillerson over all bridge. You'll pardon that here's a new for Mr, Canova foil Hotdog, and did you get the autograph bud? Suggest you read the notes of Okay Listen. Just killer Canova don't give nobody no autographs. This means you this is pinal beat it and don't bother me no more see signed killer canola. Why that dirty little sneaking Salton us. Do that to say he can't this for him but. I say the I also object containing a technically. That's just to show what we think of him and his threat. To signature, well, we did what was the mother with the one you head On the note Madam Eastside. Oh heavenly. Know he? Did. You mean that note was his that was his. What I do that for all? Come on Malaita don't take it so hard. Don't cry not crying I'm shivering you just turn up a new coat. Dear Shaw who quite? Molly we'll be back in just a moment. What seven letter words Bells America's fastest selling number one floor Polish is deal Hyphen C. O. Eighty Johnson, blow quote. The popularity of is increasing every day and more and more women discover what a satisfactory product it really is. Code is easy to use any floor Polish you can buy you simply put it on your floor and then twenty minutes drive to hide Polish without any rubbing or buffing. That's why is called self polishing but easy to use is only part of the story it's because blow code gives such complete satisfaction every time that women tell their friends about it try self polishing local on your kitchen and on varnished wooden floors to it saves you work makes laws easy to keep clean and greatly adds to their beauty. Excessive, very mcgann molly saying good night for us in Johnson's Wax until next week incidentally my I'll say so long you to for a week or so McGee, where are you going? I've been called a New York. Oh, I have to be there tomorrow I'm on a committee of ten to consider ways and means of combat and red activities in America and committee man who's the other nine New York Yankees? Tonight good night. This, is harder wilcock speaking for the makers of Johnson's wax in Johnston South Polishing. Low Code Racine Wisconsin inviting you all again next Tuesday night at the same time. The National Broadcast and government. Radio it's nothing new. It's been here all along with free entertainment, News Sports Music and information. It's not just part of life. It's part of who we are. You know which station is going to tell you the score the game which one is going to give you a laugh in the morning which one will give you something to sing along with you know where to turn when the weather gets round and something big happens good or bad. You know where to go because radio has been here all along radio is part of your community woven into the fabric of what makes home home. 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In Germany, this ultra luxury cars built in four months to customer specs comes standard with a five hundred, forty three Horsepower v twelve engine, a refrigerator pulsating hand fitted leather seats a twenty one speaker audio system and DVD player with twin monitors. A panoramic glass roof can be set from opaque to transparent. So Ms Richie can enjoy the London skyline. So what's the charge on guys? Credit card a whopping four, hundred, thousand dollars I'm bobby like us like us you'll. You'll listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network. Lie at Hartland. NEWSFEED DOT COM. Brother. All right. Let's go storks. No. Kids safe to you but oh, my Gosh, you don't know. You don't. Cover. Making sure your child is in the right carseat is one of the steps to safer travel will route to will rock to know for sure that your child is in the right car seat for their age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat Kuku colder brought to you by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the Ad Council. It's important to plan ahead for emergencies like the storm. When it kicked in, we had rated we were able to get grudge with each other and know how to find each other. The whole experience was fine frightening ten hours of my life. If there's one piece of advice, I'd offer other moms out there. It's to stay calm t north. Some parents plan ahead some don't make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency start your planet ready Dot Gov brought to you by FEMA and the Ad Council. 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So brush no from both front and Rear Lights de Defrost the windows and warm the interior. But after you start the engine back, your vehicle out of the garage carbon monoxide fumes could really put a chill on your day. I'm bobby like us like us you'll love us. All right. Let's go storks know how to keep kids safe to you but. Know I know. Oh man you. Yeah. Making sure. Your child is in the right car seat is one of the steps to safer travel I will. Rocked it to know for sure that your child is in the right car seat for their age and size visit safercar dot gov slash therightseat Cooler Colbert who brought to you by the National Highway Traffic. Safety Administration and the Ad Council is important plan ahead for emergencies like this storm. When it kicked in, we had a slam rated. We were able to in touch with each other and know how to find each other. The whole experience was fine frightening ten hours of my life. If there's one piece of advice I'd offer other moms out there. It's to stay calm to ignore. Some parents plan ahead some don't make sure you know where to find your family in an emergency start your planet ready Dot Gov brought to you by FEMA and the Ad Council. I'm bobby like yours with today's karmic minute baby it's cold outside but you're the only one who shivering slip on your down jacket and hang out a while 'cause when I come back, I'll tell you how to rescue your car from the cold. When your battery goes dead everything could come to a stop. Don't take a chance on getting stranded stop by O'Reilly Auto Parts and get your battery tested free of charge. If your battery does need to be replaced reilly auto parts can help you find the exact superstar battery that fits your car or truck at guaranteed low price O. Reilly auto parts better parts better prices every day. I'll. Auto Parts. The dropping mercury has your vehicle frozen and your temper boiling. Keep your cool keeping cold C. O. L. D. C. before your morning coffee check your vehicle when frost and ice door locks mean more time getting ready to go. So start early. Oh, open frozen doors by heating with a hairdryer for us on the lock L. Lights are important. So brush no from both front and rear. Lights de Defrost, the windows and warm the interior. But after you start the engine back your vehicle out of the garage call. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio. Heartland, Newsfeed com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by you. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Quest for a refusal from the top Senate Democrat I'm Pam who so Fox News she hasn't been confirmed yet. But if amy CONYBEARE, it becomes the next Supreme Court. Justice Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer believe she should recuse herself from any decision involving obamacare and any decision related to the election. A contentious confirmation process starts tomorrow I'm going to be laying out the ways in which judge Barrett's views from her views on reaching back and reconsidering an overturning long-settled precedent are not just extreme. Their disqualifying Senate Democrat Chris coons the reason I think that Amy Barrett is a Rockstar and should be on the court is because she's very clear about her jurisprudence she's an originalist and she's a textualist. Means, when she puts on her black robe in the morning, she knows what it is to be a judge that is to cloak your personal preferences Senate Republican Ben Sasse both members of the Judiciary Committee on Fox News Sunday. When Barrett addresses the committee, she's expected to say that policy decisions and value judgments of government must be made by the political branches elected by an accountable to the people after doing battle with the coronavirus president trump says, he believes he's immune. And is in very good shape. I'm not on any medication and the medication that I took were standard pretty much routine other than the one, which is a miracle. It's the antibody stuff which is incredible how it works the president on Fox's Sunday morning futures. He'll rally in Florida tomorrow Democrat Joe Biden will make two stops in Ohio Monday Toledo and Cincinnati the men's final at the French. Open goes to Rafael Nadal Nidal Novak Djokovic America's listening to Fox News. This year is challenged businesses across the globe to be their most efficient, which means every higher is critical indeed is here to help indeed, Dot com is the number one job site in the world because indeed get you the best people fast unlike other sites indeed gives you full control and payment flexibility over your hiring you only pay for what you need. 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Relief Bill White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin are calling on Congress to use unspent funds from the payment protection program to help out in the short term while a long term deal is negotiated in a letter to Democratic Colleagues House Speaker Nancy, Pelosi said the White House approach to date has been a miserable and deadly failure police in Denver are piecing together a deadly shooting that happened during dueling protests downtown. There was a verbal authorization that transpired. firearm was discharged. Individual was shot and later pronounced deceased. There were two guns recovered at the scene. Denver Police Department Division Chief Joe Mon- Toya a private security guard working for a TV station was taken into custody. The man who died was said to be taking part in a patriots rally showing support for a political candidate might involve a bumper sticker or a sign on your lawn in Massachusetts though form went further with a display that got fiery some created presidential campaign sign has gone up in smoke the holiday Brook Farm in Dalton Massachusetts took nineteen bales of Hay wrap them and painted the words USA. And vote on them there were also a couple more with the names Biden and Harris the democratic. Ticket emblazoned across them. But while Dick and crane, the owner of the farm was out working the fields Friday night someone set fire to the hey signs at least no one was injured and police have a suspect in custody forty, nine year old Lonnie durfee has been charged with burning personal property. He'll be arraigned Tuesday farmer crane conceded that he expected his display vandalized but never imagined someone would put a match to it, Karen, McHugh News, and I'm from south. America's ready to get back to work. But to win the New Economy, you need every advantage to succeed smart companies run on Annette's by Oracle. The world's number one cloud business system schedule your free product to a right now at nets week dot com slash Fox net sweet dot com slash Fox. Last. Night fine. Fire. From the far horizons of the unknown, I'm transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These stories of the future adventures in which you live in a million could be years on thousand maybe words the National Broadcasting Company in cooperation with street and Smith publishers of Astounding Science Fiction Presents Act. Minus. One Nights story first contact by. Murray Leinster. They had been in space six months now moving with the incredibly faster than light speed of the overdrive. In six months they had gone from Earth outward an outward to the crab like Nebula with the twins stars. A. Routine flight of exploration and scientific research. Solid object about ninety thousand miles away. So located exactly identify. A small objects in. Captain I've never seen anything like this before whatever it is out. There is coming toward us at an incredible speed and retreating zero just as rapidly. What's the mass of the ignored? Varies with the distance from Sir step up the scanners. Absolutely nothing shows out there and yet there must be something those alarms of foolproof. Action Stations and all eleven's condition of extreme alert. All departments immediately captain what guard Iran and the same thing. Once before on the Earth Mars run, we're being located by another ship in their locator beams the same frequencies honors every time it hit registered to something solid. And monsters. Captain we're the only earth chip and eighteen light-years around how I didn't say it was another earth shipment aired. Another race is right. There's a spaceship out there. All right. Man By human beings. It had been contemplated and speculated upon. mathematically, it was almost a certainty that such a race existed. But an eighteen thousand earth years no human spaceship at ever encountered them. Now the situation was precipitated and somewhere outside the earth vessel, there was an alien race. What. SHAPE. Of what quality? Of what psychology? Sir Heading right forest at speed we'll be touching ten minutes. Heading right for us. Just what we'd do if a strange ship appeared in our hunting grounds. Maybe. Try to contact them. We have to do that. Friendly. Thank. The Lord for the blasters they may not be hostile center they may be that's what I'm paid for but on this job for to worry about the troubles of May never. Happen. To all hands now here this. Ship is approaching man by an alien race. I'll give the signal for a attacker defensive it'd be necessary. There'd be no move made unless I get the order. I do not wish to provoke trouble. By, their ship is slowing down sir. It stopped weapons report. Weapons Department report. remarked. I. Could Fix Weapons Alert Communications Department Report Communications Department reports. Where we saving modulated shortwave. Frequency. modulated. Hardly a signal. Not Enough power to do us any harm. Trying to make some sense out of it, report any progress to me immediately. One thing that favor sir didn't attack immediately without question than trying to establish contact. To indicate the reasonable we'll see we'll see What are they doing now? Can you make out the locator screen that power up? There doing something nasu. The hull opening. Probably Alex. Breathing they're. Letting something out it's round a bombs. I agree we. Observed Weapons. targeted. By. See, what they're doing. Sir they've left the object out there right where they were, and now they're withdrawing the shelvin reason why that couldn't be bombing. Intended to let us think precisely as you're thinking right now. I just have a hunter. I. Think they're friendly. I think whatever it is out there as a means of communication probably right but I won't gamble the ship. Served I'd like to volunteer to go out there and look that thing over. You understand whoever does examine it is expendable. Yes. Requisitioning lifeboat if it's all right with you, sir, I prefer just to suit with the drive in it. It's smaller and the arms and legs won't make me look like a bomb and carry a scanner. You may leave when you're ready. Thank you, sir. I'm already clear the lock me. Reporting to the Captain Mr Dock located Mr is targeted and by. That object, there's advice to capture one of our people division questioning. It'll be blown out of existence including Mr Dark. Standby. Mr. Dark Mr Dr. report. Object as you can see, the scanner Sarah's covered with many small haunt like the detonating Honda obsolete minds formerly Houston Naval warfare. Purpose do you assume? I'm GONNA find Sir. I'm going to grab one. Mr Dart. I'm asking. I don't think this is a mind circle, and so we can sit completely through your scanner. Deadlocks her. Having to report the scanner hasn't shown you. Sarah a section of the outer hull seems to be opening. Good. Hold on. I'm sure it's a communications device looks like. fictious scanners auto focus on that communication device. The. Time to the ship. Cashless Department Medication Department progress. We've established communication sir. Yes Mr Burns is working with us. ULA TIRED DOOR WE'VE established. Fairly. Satisfactory Communication Sir. They seem to have highly developed thought pats. We got a satisfactory translation from the machine on the fourth attempt. We can say almost anything we want to say to each other now. Of course how much of what they tell us the truth we have no way of knowing. You're the psychologist. What do you? Know they seem to be completely direct. They haven't let slip even a hint of tenseness we know exists. They act as if they were setting up a means of communication for friendly conversation but. An overtone that Mister Burns I have a decision to make. On the one hand opening contact with a friendly people have vastly different culture could only be beneficial to us a very. The other hand if they're hostile out of blessed and out of existence without any other preliminary, but you cannot talk indoors. It's not warranted yet to. Hear all departments here? This all departments this ship is on an extended alert. Provision will be made. So the personnel can have maximum rest of nourishment. Communication continued by means of art official language setup arbitrarily between the Earth Man and the Aliens Dakota by the Mechanical Decoders. Dark. Disobeyed orders he lived on powerful stimulants so that he could stay with the communications machine. Talking. Talking talking to the aliens. Other people, other people. Are we being received. The chief of this ship wishes to speak with the chief of your ship. Inch. By the chief of this. and. Ship. Can't chocolate cheaper. Go ahead. People of the other ship. I like to say the appropriate things about this first contact two dissimilar civilized raises. And of my hopes in a friendly intercourse between the two peoples will result. That chip. What you're saying is very well. that. Any WAY FOR US Each Other. Alive. Also, they've stopped sending very direct people. Buried. So I don't follow. I didn't know what that meant you know is there any way for us to let each other go home alive means what it says? So. What's to stop us from just cutting communication leaving? They can do like to stop us. Simply that whichever ship leaves I will be followed by the other. If they find earth and get back to their own planet we don't know where that planet is. Earth will be completely immersing mercy. They leave I will follow them. Attempt to find their home planet. Dark. Could you swear to any decision to the policymakers on Earth will come to Sarah? Even if they do follow the closer, we get to home the more of our ships and weapons they'll face never get away. What how do you know that they can't communicate with their home planet without returning? We cancer how do you know they can't? Don't say so that's the situation to sit out here facing each other crying out guessing other. To time wears us out and we'll have to face the fact either they destroy us or we destroy them. Navigation attention. Navigation officer attention. Every star map on the ship is to be prepared for instant destruction. I. Don't with the chief of. And suggest an answer to the problem concerning us off. Do you want me to answer that too. Much of. Tell me when. I am giving that matter personal attention. Every effort will be bent to the solution to this problem. Will you consider a temporary truce in the meantime? What what I chose. On cost you. Want your trust us. I suggest that we continue as we have. Up on this. Time. I agree. Weeks went by. And during the week exchange of information continued without let up. One. Time on the people on that ship at. Rest except myself and others on alert through. Same on this ship. That chip. Very, similar in many ways. Have a family. I have. I have a mate and offspring. Too. Bad for them as well as US for half to kill each other. This ship can't see any way out of it. Chip if we believe each ship es Archie would like. But we can't believe you. I'm out of that. We do not tell truth although we do. This ship would trail you home if this ship were able to. Chip FEELS SOBBING I. Believe a friend I. Shan't beneath. That is a possibility that you were put. Traps for me. I will stop. Talking. Down Control. Yourself we're all in detention. Any good to pace like some caged animal. Yes. All right. Now, I've read the complete transcription of your conversations with this one, Halio. What is approved nor? Sarah these people are so much like us in their thinking. So they're likeable likeable and they breathe oxygen. There air is twenty eight percent oxygen instead of twenty. They do very well on earth. Be, a highly desirable conquest for them. Said against violence as you are. Seeing any way out of this? And I think we've got to break the status quo. Sullivan seventy hours we don't see any other way. And I have no further choice. Blow. Them, to, bits. Indications. Communication this ship is listening. To me. Better. Communicate. Enter set by the machine. Silent. I would've called you but you signed off before. Around I. Find. Absolutely. Could turn to other things. The psychologist of this ship tells us that you. Have a threshold of tolerance to tension. He tells us that you will be forced to one action or another in a period of less than a hundred time particles and have no communication on this medic ship is trying to extract unwilling information from. His mentioned pass a report of this conversation will be carried to the chief of this ship. Be So We are prepared. Only the people of this ship could mean direct contact with the people of that ship might be better we got. Communications machine is to Kenny from place to place. And direct contact the people are the to be further apart than now. That's I. AM. oxidants present passed. I am said to. We are not yet ready for each other. It's hard. Captain. I'm Sarah I didn't know you were here. Quite a while. Eavesdropping I'm. Alright to. Nothing, can be personnel the situation like this, right? How long has a hundred time particles Pattinson. That reference he made to us not being able to stand is. Interesting. They're psychologists seemed to make more out of us and. We do out of them. They. Hit. The nail right on the head. Lately. I think we'll just have to push our timetable bit. No further communication with aliens under any circumstances that's clear is yes. Sir. If. They know so much about psychology. Is it possible that remark was intended to make us act more quickly probable doored probable. Why would they do that? Why You tell me why not? All of a sudden I have an idea so. It's crazy. It doesn't matter how crazy. I listened to. Sir I, think these people are playing some kind of a joke on joke. A joke north. Yes. Over and over again, I've noticed when I think is a sense of humor a highly developed sense of humor. Do you recall when we went to all the trouble to set up a fictitious star map and then they just send us back a mirror image of the same one. Somehow they're playing a joke on us. Maybe you're right. Which case? You've seen practical jokes. Jokes. Aren't always funny. Sometimes, they hook people. All departments man instant alert all departments man instant alert report instantly report instantly. Target the enemy ship on pockets standby. Fire. Trace. OF THEM LEFT Tiny trace. Now. We can go war. WHOA. To Captain Report. Picking up no own same frequency in the original and single. That's impossible that ship was destroyed I'm receiving signals they're set the machine will be down there and I'm GonNa. Make lease. Scott. Home yes, it is good. You suppose we'll ever figure out what happened to the other hip, never a blinding flash and they were done. I suppose they couldn't figure a way out of the situation. Unstable people. They had no sense of humor to cope with the situation exploded themselves out of existence seems reasonable. They must've had powerful weapons to destroy themselves so completely. Shame. This. Is Meant for lesser what's happening but I think we're overhearing a private conversation was our big with. Hamas relationship with people they were describing the disease, they call cancer. To the syndrome. Of. How? They might have helped us to. Well Bad We'll never find them again I think. The. Odds of such a chance meeting in the vast space of the whole universe. Figures from Sun. Up. Ended up louder. Signals stop there. So I don't know how but somehow when we fired at them, we didn't destroy them, but we did set up a condition whereby they become invisible to us and we've become invisible to them. Gotten to. Engineering Department hot. Forward motion. Captain, why we stopped listen to what you say there are, but they're not destroyed because we just heard them. They're out there somewhere. And visible you heard them. So they're heading for home we're invisible to them to. So how do you know how do you know this whole thing isn't snl suppose that's true. Captain you heard their conversation they weren't talking like any monstrous people they seem decent and warm just as decent and warm. We know this conversation wasn't planned to deliberately set up how do you know that? Yes. They may be out there and they may not. They may be telling the truth or they may be trying to trick. US. May Be Friends. Are, they may be the most deadly enemies you said, they had a sense of humor. What a joke to play? Deliberately set up a situation where we wouldn't know fact from fantasy truth from lie. Wouldn't that be a joke? But we don't know that they did that Sir. We don't. We. Don't know anything. Sir. Does that mean? We never go home again? I don't know. I have to think about it. I have to think about it. You just heard x minus one presented by the National Broadcasting Company in cooperation with Street and Smith publishers of astounding. Science fiction. Tonight by transcription x minus one brought you first contact written by Murray Leinster and adapted for radio by Howard Rodman featured in the cast where Wendell Holmes Bob Hastings Clock Gordon William La and Stanley your announcer Fred Collins x minus one was directed by Daniel Sutter and is an NBC radio network production. Next week at this time over most of these stations, NBC will present. This is Carnegie Hall a Special Concert Featuring the symphony of the air artists. Around Dot city in the territory on West, just one way to handle the killer spoilers and that's a US. Marshall and the smell of gunsmoke. Guns smoke starring William Conrad. But transcribe story of the violence that moved West with young America. The story of a man who with. Matt. Dillon. United States Marshal. some dumb some. Some time. Justice the the do that. You're just stirring up a lot of dust. Cleanliness is next to Garland's Mr Dylan. I know I know it just all you're doing is getting it off the floor into the air and hardly. Dylan. Duma sweep been later. My mother taught me that Mr. Dylan. Chester that cleanliness is next to godliness. He was a fine woman looked chester so good in and it's probably true and I got nothing against your mother except that she also showed a you how to sweep. Maybe she just didn't have the time Mr Dylan you see there is an awful lot of us and what with Chore. Come on. A. Drink. What. DOC said he'd buy a drink Mr Villain. You really said that. You're coming. Doc You gotta quit throwing your money around the way you do. Maybe, you don't need to. Wait a minute I'm with you. I'll tell you all about it. When I got back Chester I'd be mighty interested. Sure big everyone gets. Then why hockey will just complain about the cold. Go Sit with Kitty Matt. Bring a bottle Liars Okay Dot Kitty alum. Man. What are you up to hey, want someone to talk to? So he pick me and you I'm good listener. Lots of practice. You like Jim Moves don't you get in sure doc what are we celebrating? See. We don't drink to a fellow that you don't know. Kane. Well. Is the him. Yes, you'll be dead in a couple of months. That's but I told him. What do you mean do? Not The only one is told him that I'm just the last. Was this came. Just a fellow came in on the train last night leaving Pariahs Tamar. That's where he's GonNa die in Arizona. Musician and plays the guitar. House they. GonNa. Consumption. Bad and the last doctor is gonNA asked about it. He says. Falah. Climate out there keeping going for a little while long and on. No, he's. He's such a sad man some. Well who wouldn't they dock? I think canes been sad for a long time. Very nice phone to. Nothing can help them. Know. In a funny thing, Daca Sydney of thinking. Sometimes you have to tell them and they're gonNA die. Sometimes I have to. Open the. Car just came in. Yeah I don't think he knows anyone around here. You mind if I ask him over sure your party duck. Oh. Kane Kane and over here. Don. Gain, this is kitty how. This is Marshall Dillon. Watching pleasure to meet you. Thank you talk. Is your first trip West Cain? Yes. Mars. It is. Where are you from? No place in particular miss. Kitty. seem to spend most of my life on the Mississippi River. I thought you were a musician I. I was hired to ride the river boats and play my good top of passengers. At least you've a constant change of scenery. Have to twenty years ago in up and down that river got pretty familiar Marshall Kane I knew a young. Louis for the war and he was learning to be river pilot. See I wonder if he ever ran into him Nima Clemens Sam. No doc I don't believe. Very. Amusing. Invalid. You will just. A stories. You Leaving Dodge tomorrow King I'm headed Arizona Miss Kitty no reflection on dodge. If you hit a place out there called tombstone I wish you'd look Virgil earp for me. You tell him, I sent Jim. Thanks Marshall I'll do that. Say Kane. I wonder. Could I ask you a favor? Certainly Miss Giddy anything at all. What would you play? Something foreign? I, had an idea that's what it. In particular. Play something you like Cain. Another girl I knew used to like this. Your. Kidding. Going to stay here. Maybe, you could teach me to play like that. Be a pleasure MS kidding. But I'm afraid I won't be around for long. Walk. It's Neum Chester. Yes. I know but you end up with doc yesterday. So I figured I had a little time coming today it depends on how you spend it. Now if you've been gambling, I am now Mr Dylan even though I never. No Siri I was out helping a fellow learned to shoot a six gun. That's all now. I mean there's a man and who doesn't know how this fella don't never had one hand before he's a musician. Plays the guitar told me. You, mean Kane. Kane vessel. Yeah. So That's his name Nice affiliate. You'd ever WanNa meet. Yeah. But he was supposed to leave on the stage this morning. And let's see done over the six gone anyway well I don't know Mitt you don't. He just come by here early this morning and asked me if I'd teach you. Know where to get the gun said, he'd just bought it. Anything, wrong Mr Dylan no no. It just doesn't add up somehow. Well he won't cause any trouble. He's not the sort. You never know Chester. No. My Kid looks pretty this morning. She's got a yellow parasol Mr Dylan kidding. I'll go see her for a minute I'll be right back chester. Hello Nath Getting out, I could talk for a minute. I'm curious about something kidney maybe even helping. How long was came vessel with you yesterday. Oh. Italy till evening. While he didn't go out on the stage, this morning and He's bought himself a six gun. You any idea why? and. Sound like Cain. Anything happened yesterday kitty that he tell you anything. There was one thing that. Joel. Adams in a couple of his men came in Cain up pretty upset when he saw. Had, a bad coughing spell. Later, we ask a lot of questions about atoms. Just that Adams is a big landowner around here that. Wasn't working for him. Likes him very much. That's all I know anyway. They didn't talk Adamson came. No. I don't think they even know each other. Anyway. Sure. The sort of go. Get into trouble. and. Staying say Dodge has I think. A. Thanks Kitty. I'll see you later. Hello Cain. Marshall Del. Command Command. Thank you. What can I do for you Marshall? I I thought you were leaving dodge on the stage this morning. I was Marshall but I changed my mind you know how? We're GLAD TO HAVE IRAN I. Just, curious though you're. Stay in have anything to do with that gun you bought this one. Oh. Just told you. I thought he would. He's a good teacher Marshall. Yeah. But. That doesn't answer my question. Do I, have to answer. I'm just trying to help you so. I appreciate that Marshall but. I'm afraid there's nothing you look Kane. Your new in this country. Man Like you just can't pick up a six gun and call himself a fighting man. Not An expected live through it. I certainly lay no claim to be fighting. then. Why did you buy that gun? Is No law against a man having a gun is Martian. But any man who carries one is expected to use it when the time comes. It'll be a lot safer without one. Being safe doesn't mean a whole lot to me. Marshall. Not, now Yeah. I know. Doc told me. What's it all about? It's a long story. Anna no one I suppose. I'd really rather not talk about. I can't force you to. Tell me this doesn't have anything to do with Joel Adams. Yes it does Marsha. I'm. GonNa kill him. When I. DuNNo. Anytime. Why? That's a long story. I imagine. All Right Kane. But if you try to face him, he'll kill you before you got that done halfway out of your belt. And if you're sure many other way, you'll hang for it. You've forgotten something Marshall What I'll matter what I do. I'M GONNA die soon anyway. Month to going, make any difference. You hate atoms that much. Wouldn't kill a man I didn't hate what? I didn't think you were the soda man who kill anyone only Joel Adams Marshall. Warning, about you understand. Marshall. It's all right. He doesn't know me anyway. Never even saw me before, but you WANNA kill it. Yes Well I, take your gone away from me, but you just find another one. And I can't arrest you unless catch you're trying to Bush whacking I'm sorry for the trouble I'm causing margin. You know I've never had to deal with a man like you before came. Maybe, just tie up and throw you on that stage you could. Just, come right back. I guess you would. I'm sorry. This has to happen here. Dodge margin. Then why don't you leave? I. Guess I Hate Joel. Adams too much. All right cane I'm through trying to convince you. So long by marsh. I never heard of Cain vestal marshal and never saw before last night you must've known him somewhere Adams trying to make me out a liar. Marshall. I'm trying to save Kane's life and yours maybe all he ain't gonNA shoot me I'll kill them I I looked side what. Maybe. You won't seem. All. Should me in a bag and? In that case. In that case, what? Why nothing doing nothing or get it if Cain shot in the back, you'll be the first man I'd take a matter I. don't even know him why should I shoot only one and you just leave me be Marshall I can take care of myself. Adams and only yourself I. Sure Am. I don't much like the idea some stranger gun informing. Makes me SORTA uneasy. There must be some reason for it started again more chalet. No reason I know you've led a blameless life. You are running around here who chew on site if they thought, they could get by with it. I don't think you ever any good at them. So don't tell me Kane's got no reason. Not Orleans. Mardi a talk. That's all. Maybe. It's true. You don't know him but he sure knows something about you wish you didn't. That's all I got to say. Just, keep out of his way. A little time and maybe they won't be any kill another shore shore all time in the world. All Right Adams I've done all I can. Just. Don't worry about me. I'm not then Goodbye Marshall. Goodbye. We will return for the second act of gunsmoke in just a moment. But first. Back. Tomorrow night pull up your chair or better still rollback your rug it's the Vaughn Monroe show returning to the stars address listen for von the moon maid's the moon men and they wonderful way with popular music and songs. Once again at their old familiar Saturday night time on CBS radio, the number they're coming back tomorrow night you and the whole family are invited to this season scintillating premiere of the Vaughn Monroe show on most of these same stations. All the second act of gun smoke. Rory quiet around town tonight Mr Dylan. And? As. A trailer doing the couple of days as opposed business pick up and. You'd think those cowboys be to Tuck it out after I like that to have any juice left intimate tall Mr Dylan. Added to poor to cut loose any other time well, that don't stop them down in Texas don't know. It just like Uncle Mine back in Waco, he was poor old he was mean poor but he always said the only good money was was to have fun with. What did he had fun? But knows. He was to poor like I said. All Right Chester right. All, I ask is that you don't try to explain it to me well, but there's nothing to explain Mr Dylan I it's just it's just the Poorest Esther every my show. You WanNa talk to Kane vestal. CHAIN UPSTAIRS MY, office? Been Shot No. Not Shopping. How is he duck five is not too bad. Couple of cowboys found him just outside of town they heard a shot instead two men rode off before they could stop them and I guess who whoever it was. They didn't have time to finish the job just got started working on. So Adams made the first move. I'll be back soon chester yesterday to dealing with. Him On the head with a Gun Butt Scratched him some. Outside of that, he's fine. Still assault even if they didn't kill him duck. Yeah, I suppose it is anyway they took a shot at him when they heard those writers come along went right through his coat. Probably. Think he's dead. So that's where you went. Didn't even give you a chance to use that gun. Did He? I. Didn't have a gun on me Marshall but it wasn't he Was They Recognize. Them. I don't know many people around here. You know Joel Adams. So you told me wasn't that. Could you pick them out if you saw him again Know know. Mike. Marshall I don't believe I could. Grab Chicken. And the. Front Street. House taking walk after supper they wrote up behind me one on each side. Let me up carried me out of town ways. It must have got a good look at them at least when they got off their horses. To Dr My shoe. Dot Com has he been here? Oh, about half an hour why those cowboys? Sawyer. Came they brought right in here. Didn't they? Yeah. So it was maybe an hour ago when those two men all Java town. Was Plenty. Light enough then. Was it margin. You're GONNA fight it. Yourself aren't you. Yes Marshall it. It's my favorite was Cain, but you've been assaulted and shot at. So it's the laws business now. I'll prefer an charges march. You don't have to I've seen it I know who did it or who hired it done as well as you please Marshall. I got the handle this my own way. There's a law that says you can't murder a man cain and the same law says he can't murder you. Are you're so full of hate you can't get that through your head. That's IT Marcia. All right CAIN. You do what you have to do. So. WILL I. mean. Could get him. Time Hello Adams. I've been looking for you. Late Dylan can't you see minimal? It's not even midnight that's early for you. You see others marshalls always trying to get me on the broad boys. These boys are yours play pretty rough themselves Adams meaning. Didn't they tell you. Tell me what What they did, the Cane Vesta lay did not kill Cain vessel and you came through with now Adams. I can't cane isn't even dead. You know I'm curious Adams. Why do you think he might be why was somebody said he got himself hurt. You arrange this muscial you're not. Always what did he want? Hello Joel Adams. Strain yourself. So you don't know me. You. Came, vestal? My name doesn't matter. What are you haunting me for I never saw you before my life. That's true. You did. We had a friend in common ones of friend. Lou. Julie Travel. What about Julie? You. Riverboat. Gambler. Then Adams and you had money and find clothes in a way with women especially young girls. Julie was on the sixteen th never mind all that. So she went away with to be married. You told. All. They I guess the rest you wanted to marry her but I got her instead that he had said. A that's exactly. Now I thought you really had something on your mind versed. Why don't you get out of inquiry bothering people why you can still walk Julie killed a South Adam she committed suicide. What you didn't know that. Did you. Got Nothing to do with me because you never married after all. was just a year after you abandoned her new. Orleans. I think it has a lot to do with you deal Adams. What are your plans? Mister? You got a gun on your belt. Kid You. So. When Right now. All right vestal draw begun word is CAIN. One thing I always promised myself Adams. Someday I'd spit in your face. Give me the gun. He's dead. Valley was GONNA. Kill me. You heard him. He wanted you dead Adams. Anyway. He could man I know that that's what I say. You are under arrest for murder. From. What? It was a gunfight K. never even move for his gun. Hang for this. God Me any other way? No that's suppose. He could`ve I remember the river gamblers used to say. No matter how you win so long as you win. Kane should have been a gamla. Maybe it was. Come on let's go. gunsmoke transcribed under the direction of McDonald's stars William. Conrad as Matt Dillon us. Marshal tonight story was especially specially written for a gun smoke by John. Esten with music composed and conducted by rex corey featured in the cast where Harry Bartell with George. Ellison Larry Dobkin Parley Baer is gesture Howard McNair his doc clancy cosell's speaking. Join US again next week as Matt Dillon US Marshal Fights. To Bring Law and order out of the wild violence of the West in gun smoke. Back this Sunday night at your company on Eve Arden. Is Armani Brooks. Yes. It's the Bergen and McCarthy show with mortimer snurge Pony Poppinsan at the. Nobles Orchestra and Guest Stars. Back Sunday nights at the stars address starting this week. Returning. The same is our miss. Brooks. Starring Environment as an English teacher ever seeking her special degree in Romance. Comedy galar enjoy Bergen and McCarthy and our Miss Brooks on most of these same stations back the Sunday night presented by CBS radio. This is aimless, but my real name is Freeman Gosden I urge you to vote and as aimless would say, follow the election returns on the CBS Radio Network ABC. Radio, it's been here all along. 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That isn't what a judge's job is says in Kuhn's both on Fox News Sunday bears expected to face questioning and confirmation hearings beginning tomorrow over the issues of abortion healthcare and her faith president trump's back on the campaign trail tomorrow stuffing I for an event in. Florida the president telling. Maria. Bartiromo on Sunday morning futures he feels great after receiving antibody treatments calling them a cure the antibody kind of thing that I took. Was I've felt I felt really good almost after taking it a White House doctor earlier, released a memos saying the president meets the criteria for discontinuing isolation Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden resumes, his campaign stops tomorrow in Cincinnati, and Toledo more than three hundred thousand customers in Louisiana remained without power after Hurricane Delta pummeled the St Delta came ashore Friday night with winds topping one hundred miles an hour no deaths have been reported. Raphael. 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We were testing a thesis that we could convince Kim Jong on that he safer without. The weapons then he is with them. The North Korean parade marked the seventy fifth anniversary of its ruling party. A man is in custody after allegedly shooting and killing another man during dueling protests in downtown Denver private. Security. Guard for a local TV. Station is in custody protests between opposing groups turned violent in Civic Center park in Denver Saturday to police chief of Investigations Joe Montoya described what happened. That transpired firearm discharged. Individual was shot and later pronounced deceased man who was shot reportedly part of the pro police Patriot Rally Denver Police tweeting the suspect is a private security guard with no affiliation with Antifa Sue Guzman Fox News is one last chance for the NASCAR Cup drivers to advance in the playoffs with a race just getting underway in Charlotte today's Bank of America four hundred. 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An episode of Gunsmoke starring William Conrad as it was broadcast sixty six years ago today Monday September twenty seventh nineteen, fifty four and we thank you tuning in on this Sunday twenty seven th day of September the two hundred seventy first day of twenty twenty, ninety five days remaining in the year. The wreck of the old ninety seven to train crash made famous by the song. Same name took place on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, three. Glenn Miller and his orchestra performed for the last time on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, two before Miller entered the army the nationwide debut tonight hosted by Steve Alanon NBC on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four. This is tonight. And I can't think too much about it except I want to give you the bad news first program is going to go on forever. Why you're. Tired. Now. See One o'clock rolled around say. It's a long show. Goes on from eleven thirty here in the East that is from eleven thirty two. One in the morning and we Especially selected this particular theater. This is a New York theater called Hudson and we especially selected this for this very late show because this theaters. Oh. I. Think it sleeps about eight hundred people and. Steve Allen. The very first episode of tonight which would become the tonight show. So they're. Originally started out today tonight and then they did a home show but always one word titles. Tonight became the tonight show and it kicked off on this date would that be sixty six years ago today same night that this particular episode of Gunsmoke Air. On this date also one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four Senator Joseph. McCarthy responded to a report from a Senate committee that found him in an unfavorable light for his anti-communist kampen mostly about his methods I am not putting myself above any lull. I. By. The. Director. Anymore I think you and I. Will be coming goal we have do aren't. Even. Though. We've. Been Parkway A. Job At. The Senate. Committee report called McCarthy's behavior as committee chairman, inexcusable, reprehensible, and vulgar and insulting. The Senate did vote to censure him on December second McCarthy died in May one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, seven, three years. Later of acute hepatitis, he was Forty Eight, the Warren Commission released its report on this date in one, thousand, nine, sixty, four concluding that Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone assassinated President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And many doubts on that report to this day, the stage musical hair opened in London on this date in one, thousand, nine, Sixty, eight, it played almost two thousand performances. One, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight until its closure was forced by the roof collapsing in July of nineteen seventy-three in Afghanistan the Taliban captured this capital city Kabul after driving out the president and executing another former leader. Google. Established on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety eight also on that same date mark mcgwire hit his seventieth home run of the season it was a new record. Big Mac. Heidi. I. Ask. My Shannon with the call over Komo X. Radio on Saint Louis the record would be broken three seasons later by Barry Bonds, taking it to seventy three passing away on this date in history actor, Lloyd Nolan, Donald O'Connor, very, very fine singer, dancer actor, and the founder of Playboy Hugh hefner among those born on this dating history. Revolutionary Leader Samuel Adams Thomas Nast Magician Harry Blackstone. Senior Jayne Meadows. Pass away in twenty fifteen, fifteen years after the death of her husband Steve Allen and William Conrad whom you're going to hear here on this episode of Gunsmoke. Today, he was born on this date back in one, thousand, nine, hundred, thousand more. This would be his hundred birthday today. Also, Magician Carl Ballantine also, very, very funny actor. You may remember him probably from Mikhail's navy actor Roger C Carmel Excellent Second Banana Greg Morris for mission impossible actor Wilfrid. Burnley, who passed away earlier this year at the age of eighty five and TV host Don Cornelius of the so all trade. from Buckman. Tribe. And Guess Who Randy Bachman turned seventy seven today also meet Lopes turns seventy two MEATLOAF your no. Not Debt that the musician singer from General Hospital one night live and days of our lives. A Martinez is seventy two. Vicki and full house deal Edwards sixty eight, the teen idol Shaun Cassidy Sixty two also. He's the eldest son of Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy and his older half brother. Singer actor David. Cassidy. Let's see Tara Tamra Taylor from bones fifty years of age Gwyneth paltrow forty eight from three doors down singer Brad. Arnold forty two and ever Levin is thirty and she still wants your boyfriend though some of the people born on the twenty seventh day of September. This happens to be your birthday. Happy Boo. To you. Who? WHO ooh. Mrs Miller was part of the tonight show. Not. Officially. A she wasn't during the Steve Allen here it was during the Jack Parr era. She was there. Jack Power One night, Asher just wider. You show up here every night she said because I'm lonely. She was a widow. But. She became a singer. Go figure. We're going back to sixty six years September twenty seventh nineteen, fifty, four the birthday to boom Conrad one hundred years ago. Gunsmoke is next year on Classic Radio Theater on a Sunday. America is under attack and we need you to take action. Now, our history culture constitution, and the American way of life are being assaulted violent anarchist are rioting and looting in cities across the country they are demanding the defunding of our police and an end to law and order. There has never been a more critical time to defend our right to keep and bear arms the second amendment. Foundation created the Second Amendment, first responders program this program seeks to actively engage. Americans. Who Want to protect our second amendment rights please text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven, and become a Second Amendment first responder now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven, again text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms techs protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven. You know it's true. 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Even if you already own life insurance, you really need to check out my friends in accurate. Don't worry about health issues. Remember they helped me as the pastor I'm concerned about your soul and helping you to make sure your family is taking care of life insurance is more affordable now than ever. So don't make them wish you'd made that call eight, seven, seven, four, three, seven, four, seven, eight, one, call now eight, seven, seven, four, three, seven, four, seven, eight, one, eight, seven, seven, four, three, seven, four, seven, eight, one, eight, hundred, ability by state. I, feel it only fitting on the Sunday edition of Classic, Radio Theater Given its William Conrad's one hundredth birthday. that. We talk just a little bit about. His career. William Conrad. Was a fighter pilot in world. War Two. It No. That actor-producer-director career span five decades in radio film and TV. And they WANNA say he peaked in popularity when he started the TV series Canon, the detective series also on television Cannon Niro Wolf, and Jake in fact man. That was another find series that he was in. But. He Narrated Rocky and bowl winkle in the fugitive on television. But he also started gun smoke and he's all over. I mentioned him any time I hear his voice because you cannot not recognize his voice. Escape. So many find series that he did. I'm not going to go into all. And he was exclusive to CBS, but sometimes, he appeared on shows on other networks under the pseudonym. Julius crowd boy. And so now from sixty six years ago today September twenty seventh nineteen fifty four. Here is Julius Crow Boyne as Marshal Matt Dillon. In gunsmoke. Double Barreled, action for your this week. Tonight doesn't smolt Saturday night gun smoke again at the end up tonight show, I'll give you the details. Gardens. Around Dodge City and in the territory on West, there's just one way to handle the killers spoilers and that's where the US Marshall and the smell of gunsmoke. Starring Conrad. Transcribed story of the violence that move blessed with young America. The story of a man who moved with. I'm that man. Matt Dillon United States Marshal. The first man that looked for and last they WANNA meet. It's a chance a job and it makes them an watchful. Little lonely. I swear Mr Illness. Rider that Cottonwood rose last two hours. Well, that's because you started thinking about it before you even saw justice its water I've been thinking about. Never make dot without water. You'll make did not sane won't. Wait a minute chester look over that. Relate. What are they doing? Remain on the paint Horses Bill Prints Matar's foreman. The other must be right as his. got. Its hands tied behind his back and they haven't seen A. Closer. What's been taken down his wrote for What they're doing. They're not GONNA taught. They've seen amount. Fence Air Marshal. The Dutch. Always know what's going on out here. Marshall. I'm Armand is outfit. Known question how I handle things. Sources that gets sitting on. Boy There is that his Ads He's. Just. A Fisher Taya's hand. Wait a minute dole onto. His whether I'll shoot 'em. Okay. You're making Marshall. Pets you know me. You know I want to Stanford Lynch. and. And you know I'll kill you I have to. Think you. But there's still ain't none of your business market like caught net boy what you're trying to do. Taking him in the dodgers if you WANNA. Get charges against him illegally will be there. You can thank you look I came by here before you got your own economic. Because that, caught you for this Spencer Politic California or. Are you get out of? Three of you. On a just. Yelling. House the boy this morning. Wondering when you'RE GONNA turn him loose. Alyssa limit bars and bill pence writing up the street. When I. came in maybe we'll learn the truth about all this now boy swear eat line. Maybe isn't Stick. By I love is. Dull Mr, Ballard the whole story. Marshall. Would you call Lynch and wasn't going to be no lynching tall. Now. We're just hanging. Benson and riders Mine Cross trying to run off a bunch of cattle. Cattle even Marshall and where I come from a hanging up with the law hours a lot of site to hang. Loss to slow cal thieves has got to be hung. Get I. told you yesterday venture lunch anybody out there and I'll come happy I don't care what you call it. I'm not gonNA argue about this we'll worry about that later. Right now, I want to know what you're going to do with that. I haven't decided yet. But I'll tell you what he told me interested in what he told you lesson anyway. He said he didn't steal any cause and what's more he wasn't going. To. Live Marshall me in the men watched him cut green head how they leave him and start to right away. Stories, not a right away eaters seen this or or he was coming back and drive off at night want other. It says he changed his mind. He realized he couldn't do it even though he started to your believe a even kid rather than a man like bill pent Marshall. Who I believe yet. Let's get Outta here. pensive. March. I'll be mighty interested in what to do about this. Though will ever.

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