Anthony Joshua SPARRING 3 Short Chubby Guys JOEY DAWEJKO Feeling Left Out


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Aw like Andy Ruis but the reason we're actually doing this is because I'm not gonNA say the Welker was salty but definitely active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online at Cvs these statements have not been f e books Albee heavyweight now this one even being Latin said I won't say he's Mexican I don't know what he is but he's definitely looking more and more the talking wind it's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live CBC medic targets your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC AWW DOT com good morning TB welcome friend No from You Know New Orleans likes to say that Joshua needed to bring dwelt go back students day wanted to him and one asked why were you not call back to that Joshua camp for sparring and talking Little Anthony Joshua and his sparring partners once again we took to social media and notice the brought in another he just put the is like year now and we have to question ourselves I know that I were good friends are hacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and the life you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease it's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's being all those rumors to bed basically saying that you know what happens in sparring stays in sparring he's never once ladies and gentlemen to another glorious morning edition of the box invoice radio T. G. I. F. Thank God it's Friday time to make some money. ESPN being said we all assumed he gave Anthony Joshua great sparring if you look at the video that I'm playing on Youtube location he's old school he says and you know he isn't going to let the cat out of the bag that end better beef versus vise deck Luis Collazo versus cooter Bloomberg literally throughout all right but today we because all the rumors but there's an interview on fight hype from I believe June maybe even July where dwelt go was that's where Joshua congratulates him on being a great fighter in perfect sparring partner so just hazzing having US wonder was the spots dot COM Toco hills in Indiana gross the boss Actions Ages for all us you know Fan Home coaches he says it got great work with you know heavyweight Andy Ruiz you check his instagram you know he's gotten work Anthony Joshua so it would slack where he's at I don't know what happened to Mike Right now he's looking at me with like Yo what's going on why am I not oh to hardwood. Aj what is the real reason that this experienced chubby heavyweight was not called for sparring we thought the welcome would have been a good option but again it does have me scratching my head does have me scratching my head I will he said that he knocked out or not down Anthony Joshua on any interview wherever you may hear that he said is complete Fab Joey does Su Joshua we all know that I mean just doing some research on Joey you know one of his few highlights early what do you mean Andy use them and he's not bringing them in that doesn't mean anything because remember Andy didn't use them for the AJ Andy used them once upon a time I mean think about it he has first hand experience with Envy Ruis he's been in there with Andrew as he's gotten great work check exist Graham Russian real was Joey welco too much did they feel like he would not listen and not dial it back a bit did he career and he's got these big is he doesn't know okay this is not gonNa help me so yeah man what else one six five six six with good amount of way if not muscle mass oh you know joey would ensue Andy where the shoe on the other foot Oh yeah oh there he goes see now when I did that off air at work but when I did it I got put that button but yeah and look I don't know again he asked the question on his social media you know ask me whatever you want a fan look if if you praise them bring him back I mean he definitely wanted to go back and he showed brotherhood among thinks the boxes he kept his lips sealed when probed he said he will not talk so and he said you know anyone out there saying that he on so it will it could've been you know joey dwell could have been a suitable sparring opponent for that particular fight but for an AJ fi he's looking for reels are by left hook the rumor was the left Hook hurt Joshua sparring and we seen what the left Hook was able to do with Andy Ruiz in that fight go he does he says it's not the WELCO rounded an interview with him where I put it in the chat I think where he tells you clearly it is Vaco and he no like maybe this guy was stealing his thunder today Jay feel like maybe he was unnecessary headlines and he didn't want to deal with that for this camp afford to work well we're just happy to have you man he's staring I still hear you I don't know what's going on but anyway man Yo yo Yo yo the stand up stand up for these combined dot com zoom Aj seen it but again you gotta scratch your head and wonder was he not brought back because of all the Hoopla all the headlines DID AJ we missed a day sparring partner money on Sam but I never saying but since he's been born with Aj in and Louise Wise gene called this hear me friends you know the work was really good you know and like I said he claims he kept his lips sealed he claims that's the Internet making drummer of him being knocked out I would definitely sit in my hand invite but we'll break it down talk about it can get into it what's going on this well I just WanNa go ahead and get this war started day in six is you know I don't know he's probably telling you the same thing I'm thinking I'm wondering you did say anything is ally in that video where where he says this has close to two hundred thousand views so enough boxing fan senior I one lab bring into camp I mean sometimes you just don't use it the same swamp under but if and some psychological warfare AJ title fighting style he in that video where Ron says him and Aj are really good you muted champion what would you in love personal buttons on his end Mike All righty I'll click it up you know but the point is when axed on his social media why wasn't he brought back all he had was Emoji is Tom why did in Joshua call you back for sparring and and you know you just gotTa scratch your head and wonder why when Joshua's publicly giving joey developed going in I didn't win the fight maybe change up some things and change of sparring partners I know there's room of him knock me out cool Oh and we love to assume we're body language experts and we are you know social media posts experts we dissect that old I know what happened they know what happened but since I lost I feel like I may need to change things up just a little bit and get back to my winning ways and Shire's you know and this guy has got frazier boxer I didn't even know him you know but he's been into camps already this particular one as well the last one I dare maybe what the right guy to help me get ready for practice over over the game that day so they'd been said I brought Joe Joey and I'm only doing this for no and they'll specifically say yo ness we need to find out what he need that get back with joy I'm like come on Oh that spine a practice whatever and I bring a guy in practice in practicing and practicing go for the match fucking around a lose as well so you're telling me you can't bring Joey bag you could bring frazier boxer back I'll absolutely fraser kick kick him back I haven't seen a fight but I've seen self why wasn't I brought back we had such good Kamombe Camaraderie Iggy you didn't help me win I also now we blaming all partners like like fighters like the blame coaches if I go into a fight if apparent for in the SPA parties didn't help me get there I'm GonNa Chase or start taking care of opponents are lesser than him then maybe he'll get invited to these camps let's stop back in like we didn't tell people on Thursday they Mario Oh good morning good morning good morning everybody TB Universe back with another one in a course join probably feeling a little salty and then back in camp now may all of them rumors that get joey why ain't bring them Back Bay Rob mccracken my whole box been with Joey one fight camp and apparently the last time against Mario Harada or well fuck his name is he looked like he should not be in the ring let's let's like we didn't have missed I money and Guzzo now if I had money on and Golo but you know what I'm saying like come on Bro I mean that must be the problem that must be the problem you know inside the camp and maybe you would just one of those guys casualty of things having to change yeah let's blame it on the spot partner not on the the mastermind the they get treated very well the best sparring experience of your life probably but at the end of the day Josh came up short so they ain't gotta change be Kinda WanNa bees you know he's using a coli he's using frazier boxer who we don't even know this guy's last name training that's in the corner and the actual files blame it on a guy that was in the gym which you not the fucking trainer who's supposed to give you direction okay let's get rid of Joey all right that I was gonna be a tough fight let's back in like we didn't say that he already had a draw with doughy D- welcome and he's already four and gave other tough heavyweights a tough time and he the hope for the raiders it'd be joy joy dwelt instead of going to help me get back to winning ways man again body style is on a winning streak let's not act like we didn't put money on them on Friday on beating the odds with TV you know I'm not going to let a lot of people I'm GonNa tell you the truth Z. getting the rice spawn and it ain't the sparring partners is it the selection and who does the selecting mccracken all I'm saying blue those are my final thoughts again great deal on a used vehicle that feels new to you AAA has vehicle protection plan that fits your needs and your budget let's face it unexpected expense all parties I'm GonNa tell you things up period hey listen we listen people say he ain't get there and they wanted him to change things round mccracken he gave her the rob while getting ready. What I'm saying I'm just saying I'm just report in you know he brought in another guy that doesn't that doesn't only resembles Andy so now he's got to sick find out more about our vehicle protection plants at triple A. Dot com slash vehicle plan in Hale that is not only visual for some you know but it's all good I'm just keeping G. man left look got aj shook wouldn't that smell better with farm rich Mozzarella sticks in front of you yes fine farm rich in the freezer aisle breath looker man I'm not saying they blaming doing to walk away like that I'm just saying sometimes things happen if you've owned your car for a while or maybe you got to with the money will everybody will be we hear both sides of out of town say we do not all the time I do I do the your Yo Yo you know I got a question for you man if I go to one good enough period what when if I camps into sign on me bring me back if I don't get to win but if I would have got to win maybe joey answered repairs can pop up that's why triple eight vehicle protection plans provide comprehensive coverage for maintenance and repair to take some of the risk out of driving a class looking back but since I mean speaking as Aj I gotta change things are man I gotta break in guys fresh faces new news partners to give me over editor I still want that opportunity to sit down with this man and see what information he releases to me about Andy Ruiz since Joey gap put it on him and he got a gift period less stop acting let's stop acting like Joey A to give this up in maybe get invited back to more of these camps the joy joy saying he got a big fight coming up with a Mirage Garcia so hopefully he can get Training started assume like Brown even know maybe it was that left her yeah you could play the metaphorical violent all you want on an audio podcast forget uh-huh guys five guys that can't replicate a Andy Ruiz style five no you know a Amazon how and knock you out and they don't know cycle he already got you I mean listen Andy is already you'll daddy has just be real to do the Gimme the intimacy of Andy Rees year he's been on video saying that he ain't talking about small but it don't matter as a companion uh-huh maybe another heavyweight in really really a make it hard for guys year to to make headway maybe I got my job title confused I mean he ain't put in and they're indicating that you know he just didn't receive a phone call or no I was busy now he making you who's you know but I thought my job title was to critique you know what I'm saying and that's all I'm doing like if I'm in that or any fucking can't I want you know you gotta show us that he's not dead he you know that's why you went into this rematch but right now everybody watching Youtube knows the Andy Guy Gordon you cut out things but you just don't need you maybe can bring in somebody younger fresher and maybe have a little bit more energy because let me tell you floyd did that to pack cow he brought in Alex Serena and had them all stretching them all video and shit and you know everybody thought the Alex reason these calls are brought to you by El Camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit just letting you know the welco being asked the question and to welcome making it a joke with the with the six emojis you know what I'm saying must be a joke to him the VALCO has been in there Andy Rees you know what I'm saying you got it backwards get beggars big joe what's that gotta play that psychological warfare us get to the phone calls 'cause I got another one plan behind this one in case you're ready to rock and roll TB always working we're going out to California offers cooper for Andy he'll need that shit he don't want to not do the fuck out he don't WanNa put you down he don't WanNa took your right hand chewed up spit it out were making a and I'm using air pacman shake so it was like all of a sudden now floyd and I get what you're saying psychologically it was because of the left for got knocked out I don't know I wasn't there I can't say that it wasn't but what I can say is sometimes when you lose you go back to the drama autographs don't even matter but in a way like long story short man Jody Wilco I understand your frustration and we'll come back can't WANNA be a part of a championship championship camp I know Aj and he's embracing them as little little cubby you knows me you hit me with the details that devastated us at El Camino electrical services dot com remember to write his five stars on Itunes California talk to us and then up to Kathleen camps the just gotta change maybe joy to echo what was one of those things that Aj maybe south now if that's the case I'm Beverley not bringing back to do with lock my ass out in is literally the reason why I got my s. cake or less in your life goes on move on dot everything everything new because UK light its own rely somebody gets them a life on you actually damn already I was trying to get to see well pita early see what I hope I hope I gave you my message yesterday that it was skype the restarted nevins did you have no say making look like my bringing me for no you learn man you are against sharper everyday man I mean you end up being the warriors space December seven and no more precise cases all I had a panic attack or or rumors come out but I got knocked out or by jointly develop my daddy was get back to your life with CBD medic available online and at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease in writing so anyway now we don't Cook for one you insinuating that may have knocked his right now hot is fuck you know what I'm saying he he had come collector Kinda God known say he just get passionate about certain topics yeah like Charles Arabia got me watching the for that site so hopefully we get a damn good show good morning good morning to all dice while they good morning to you thanks for the personal shot you can't say at this point he doesn't have the belts and he took it away from him so he if he's not his daddy dance your Deebo but in the dating on saying I'm glad Eddie none of that stuff on December seven you got your van you got your location you got the press you got the sheiks you got all the ATV Brigham that'd be if that's what you insinuate but at the same time even if he didn't lock them out he's still got his ass wit and two more your Andy more for you to bring joy to care for the optics yeah you gotTa Yucel just talk to them to see both guys are taking the train a series of nonsense and Andy we s Graham and seeing Aj bringing in these partners hopefully we'll get the best of both aw job in your mind you got his instagram hit him up but let's would he be mad but I'm coming in right now high he could have been coming in aw I agree that that was one back in the show you know me I keep a tab of the fifty or Akiva Ted that is asked you got his ass wit with that whole Bullshit UK training booze he doing this head Bam Bam it able over there like death high dokie guys escape north and let the Alamo be a party opposite you got snakes eagles over here leading out news that he got knocked off Dawson Weirdos may be around I've hidden Eddie hearn Kinda lights this because he knocks you out I think that what he's doing is detriments his career he leaves Washington vistors he saw win Like opinion on this so hopefully he's avail gives back to us we're going out to Detroit must second Friday blunt little slow debate but you know I gotta smoke also altered his topic man in law and TB Good Morning Mike what up to do this and he's got health sparring partners that Mimic Candy is not they're not on that level Louise and correct I used to I used to take him to see what right they were they were feel like wwe superstar claims you know I I often forty one years old second I used to take my son to see that shit and I don't know if you stay too discussed going out to boomerang and see add tool you're taking that Tyson fury route being wwe Eso Shit is I always say please make sure you put your thumbs up you won't believe it this would good morning yard he knows this might fresh on the Friday off with a Friday see BBC so we hear champ you rocking out we gone out to Boomerang I really do believe that like I mean our Cyp What would you get someone in there that basically gave you concussion made you look like a pussy that name a saying I'm just excited to see this Los Angeles rematch no not enough respect to shout out to Anthony Joshua want but immediate rematch has posted then let me see here was this guy from again Canada right candidate in the disrespect level is amazing toy one of the only two unified champion I don't really care well see Joshua this get knocked is good I guess some also some people winter I mean and whether fucking doing ab homes in him right after he knocked him out loud you take it with a Nigga who he's making fifteen million defy some dude named Brahmin or something that's more call what happened is more than I talked he gonNA get down there with any any releases level again to get knocked woke up either what I hope is a good biting out for the best one and South Tyson fury though I mean he's doing his thing he didn't go for the rematch he's from either the WW Nah and got it brought the lake coldplay chilling cheese thank Green Bay Palmiero Dodge in them fucking frazier bucks or he's a fucking amateur he's got Lawrence a coli he's a snooze fest and then he's got this other concertos I don't care what I'd love to see baby ah right so but but that's what we're arguing arguing joey does emulate and resemble Andy Ruiz and at least Joey Josh was going to get knocked out again and it's kind of embarrassing having to do all of this just a fighter dudas truthfully was supposed to lose in the first place. Yeah I mean absolutely you're you're always going to do that you're always going to want to bring in a team that's going to give you the best chance to win we're saying why didn't he bring in Joey that would've gave him the best awards history is on the fall right now my Guy Yoga Lurk Oh what's going on local also from cat you know guy that looks like you know I don't know he's definitely and Chubby and a heavyweight or mo all sky Mo from the UK on skype just stainless steel boomerang strict for those with attention deficit saw stainless from his street city coming all right all right all right let's see we got a more what are you know the morning you know what you guys gotta learn to not be so biased and you know not read into everything man Yeah of course he's GonNa Sparring partners that a million opponent you take care more serious chance to win because you don't know who else is brought in we oh we do know he brought in Timothy Molten he's five and no he brought in it's up to him I mean I think that is issue may end up being a little bit more mental going into the rematch because of how the first fight transpired report awards that's me baby you know what I think the whole Aj thing is getting out of control man I think just like the British were hyping them up and calling them I think take me of comey with Stan has been encamped with Andy we so he's got you know he can impersonate a more he's knows them more personally all the champagne this game like Jose Cheney Cold Norway I'm like no way maybe that case there to service purpose whatever it is I'm telling you H is going to be better prepared this time around and he he knows what to expect he's not GonNa win with with the little so whenever he has to do to get up bats for him to figure out but I think the pressure is slightly a little bit more on him than Ruis because Canada but also you can also say Dallas because I've dominate that city has it that my opponent as will once again check the superstar back in action listening going once twice ruin the five Oh four realistic in front of you yes fine farm rich in the freezer aisle and enjoy it's cutting into your exercise time online at cvs these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease look on the develops I think were AJ wants to bring in and sparred that's respect you may have to go in there you'll and quickly shut off the stainless your Voice of Detroit came to my walk yesterday man that's how it is he's now the American thing that he's a bomb that recently it's going to go in and kill them I honestly think is GonNa Whitewash the big boy and he's he's going to beat them bad this time out so it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live CBD medic targets listen you don't have to be from some crazy just who'd you know what I'm saying I performing Indiana I mean there's some bad best around the size of Released about what he supposedly the question is has has his Stalin stance changed up is he gonNA come in specked did he say was blomming or bowl money Bomani Jones okay there you go how but we'll see that night because there's a lot of fun at the top at the talk to mimic so I think that be in do what that smell better with farm rich Matz pickle he wants to spar but he's definitely has a lot to figure out that's my goal right be Poli talked to me eight away and it's because I don't even want any iron have nothing to do with nothing no more bad the last couple of years five heavyweight division your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free Boil get back to your life with CBD medic available yeah the boy Aj looking looking broken and I don't know like three callers three dollars before I mean he's a broken all right thanks for calling in we going out to who do we got here looks Li- guys there and equipped to be at the level of the type of fire he was he was he was here's a relaxer shit. TV Mayo Smash that Light Mass Mass that life enjoy the Wilco shut all of your can hear me to their man yeah I think that's probably the welcome looked at asked Batman and he'll WanNa had no nightmare use the one asked to win his titles back easel approves okay I'm still talk garnered division so his sparring I mean it's it's up to him ah cut like that he lied about what he who he was so that's why he's just not as strong as she could be always lines with so you want you know what I'm saying and this is GonNa be the bottom line to the fight and eight is GonNa get hit a situation in a fight where she you know salute but you know it's over for my call southside no she's left her and I you know I won't Aj Winberg Loci man and the reason I don't know remembers nine but money how how're you seen a boom on I understand how you're seeing but on that night but to say a guy mentally not there week I think we're being a little bit too harsh aj apparently mental bovine wanted to admit Say and when you when you think like then you move like that they got things wherever they come in fighting ended the is Bomani Omanis Donald Yeah but capacity or or mental whatever is there because he's taking the rematch right away he's not trying to do like a very go to Dublin he ended up by the back to save them but you probably wouldn't have been on his side anyway back to the end fight plays out I may I agree with you Mike but at the same time is a little bit hypocritical because we sit here and we just it back to the topic at Hand Mr Andrew Joshua Mentally I don't think the salute and he never show need that mental aspect even when he was avoiding wild I knew deep down in my heart and he's important while regard Judge People's tweets and and and you know we we become body language experts and social media posts experts so you know to call those thanks you can win we may not be hurt like you think he's GonNa be he's GonNa break and then it's going to be over again for the UK and got to build another one and listeners only doing what they seen us do and rightfully so as a fan you have the right to question the person that you are invested in not only you know what your time but financially you are invested in these fighters even a guy like Aj you know you either have videon hey what's up next Mike who me okay about anything Joshua a male I like Joshua This is yeah I don't I don't know I don't know Josh was broken he's mentally not there I mean Ifo one site Yonsei maybe just took any lately he's not going to do it again or maybe just got him the day that I just I just reached out to spend on because I hear that he had along the way like he can find yourself being challenged again and like I say he quit the first fight so mentally when he gets faced with adversity he's GonNa quitting Dan McCall surprising how a lot of our listeners have turned into like mental health experts and saying man I'm just looking at eighty release you know spying you know the great of Andhra Holyfield like that boy is he's good like and yeah you off my reaction was greatest fiery action on that join I ever seen so yeah that's my call y'all have a glass on since parts but you know who killer is you know who like when somebody just pump fake and it'd be like a we but they only saw like yeah no admittedly every sense seen now like a true kind of came out about this boy Anthony Joshua I don't know maybe I mean he is running back awesome things with a nice little pass it also editor but I think that should go expire on the next time you phase and read 'cause boxing is mainly ask hurt he chose to play safe and maybe because it has something to do with the fact that how old he was and he just wasn't willing to take that chance but when you get to fight it as the Chad thanks for calling in going back to let me see we got erection what to date in muffing comments you know had some illegal links to watch them so I think you're entitled to say what you want in your own personal space but let's go out to forget about I look on on the outside but he's he's really good I don't know I'm I'm picking eighty Because it was just amazing how he did it we need to make sure that you over here or something like that are we in a nice spot you know what I'm saying like like we do Cova left canal go in the arena of you don't want you know or in the bowl rather but we're going to go and try mole one more time oh I don't know I mean everything looks good for as a sparring partners on outside but I don't know I don't know I kind of agree with the other callers I don't disown in in in the past you paid your ten dollars a month to have showtime and if you were you know a little bit more of a boxing degenerate than you even black do heavyset they use them for the Ba- Maine's diversify and he's come in multiple times and he's like now this is my man dilling White WanNa fight me fight him there's a spot where we can actually do like insight from from somewhere in the arena where the media room well that there's going to be really you need to get Internet but I was the media room just leave us a TV because they've done that in the past and I'm ready because in the Barclay Center you know they got like five TV's Union Usually the China's really handle like sparring partners anyway they probably was like man he probably looked at like who sparring where Joel workers he no he financially helping us South Pole as well so yeah now man like you fighters listen trainers are in control I who's running the fight right back not mentally there I think we we should call we'll pause on that until we see the oh but at the end of the day you to fight a man how many people need to tell you the fighter is the boss and everybody else works for him they're probably told him shit like that or some mad but basically you're saying that he'd home run his can't you know he's going to be better prepared but I still think he gonNA take a l but we'll see I could be wrong but I like well what do you know you K- yes no just listening is all listening in from work man that's what I love the most Nah he might even wanted that he might want it but I don't think he's trainers like they'd probably all know you busy as somebody else why I'm GonNa tell you what I'm Gonna I'm GonNa tell you why so the world knows why he has say so in the partner selection what was the name shipping bad man his name you know Doug Wilder and Shit we're GONNA come back to you on speaker while and Food I just WanNa New Orleans Joshua Yeah come on the Monitor Biden bled he back on him I connect with get invited guests today I'm recommending man we stay in the media center do it man if they got sloughs thank you to how I was going to try to eat mellon when everything got done and see nick person so anthony could abroad in specific person that's all I'm saying I would say that you as the I can't which reached out to him it wasn't louder now I'm pretty sure I'm pretty I'm not saying that while the picks everyone I'm showing that while the brought in a specific wrong dame nightmares like you know he left Hook flashbacks man wave else you have the power to say bringing joey foreign to do let's go out to our boomer stumbling blocks in salt to us one of downball what a what a good morning TV reasons is one of the first Friday the challenge that we some people say well what happened to him in the Klitschko fight I'll click was scared to step on a gay that he got engineers a year and run around now guy was talking about various and he'd mentally went through at the hype because he didn't running back then I understand that but to say oh shit flat on his mother fucking face her as you see the confidence that big boy that's what it is too much confidence in that big boy he blade to give your voice I've know your voice cracks I know you have trouble with public speaking it's okay we don't matter we'll pack on your back walking through it was named Joe customarily or something like that yeah yeah yea now now did he get in contact with J D B again all right now look I'm not saying why because we all know rally gets final say so but correct me if I'm wrong the Joe they don't I mean I'm pretty sure you know the wild runs this camp and I'll tell you why who recommended bringing in Joe you're mean like and they probably recommended dot bringing a man again because he's had another concussion or anything else just because see what he's built like a goddess doesn't mean God can calming statements in me don't be afraid calling as my last time and hey go mike check this out man you watching his which I think this the reason I bring him back we should look good does it look like you'd have to take the skull and take the fight in New York now you don't want that Joey smoke I'm pretty sure of that but I'm pretty sure that your cultures the one who's looking nostalgia matchups are recommending like probably his coaches probably in hate on y'all y'all should be like they could nobody window fuck you are you wanna live so we're calling in is free and you thank you get better than that nobody think about you fucking Weirdo and I'm dead at Mac nobody's lying nobody knows but they'll stay down there so when I give props talk about that and what about another do he brings in he brings in the South Pole all the time regardless if you find a soft porn the people in tech they've been in a long time but don't realize something most of the viewers who tune into TV Gani between two to six thousand we see us that level I mean who better to prepare you for Andy than my man ahead thanks. Cyp Talk to me. This is a notification I stopped talking to you and just let it will be other but nobody's listening Idiot Bank Me Bank me thank me see Yup ninety percent of them don't even know what the subject 'cause it only goes on his last in the live viewership is between four to six hundred so the fact that I'd bring up they you faith is at boxing I attract more like garbage because sometimes you can jump in the garbage to find some psycho card garden what do your help you I'm I'm I'm I'm GonNa make Mike's Reaction Bigger let me see let me see they goes face see his face he officially bread boy may been all oh ain't gotTa rewind is on loop at it up to look up to up to these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you I was Oh China play my man out now oh my God I watch that all night Kazan to be honest it was more to rent referee fucking shit up in a Joseph Parker Fight Parker was you could see the fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CD medic available online and that CBS vs these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease back in the nineteen source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get back to your life with CBD medic available online when the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you and a life you want to live CD medic targets your pain at its city was trying to set up and and Joshua never change his his game plan saying it didn't look good against Pevec until he got him out of here we're right back down a bit shorter stance uses against smaller fighters which makes absolutely no sense to me but that's what he does in certain shit you ain't got uh-huh and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you in the life you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source it's I think he's going to make that adjustment I I didn't see it in the TACO fight I didn't see it in the park light I didn't see it in the preventive fight did sit in the first release white so why don't fuck he he is looking at a stainless talked to US I know you're watching this on Luke Luke boop boop boomerang fighting in I just don't see it man that's why I think Josh was GonNa lose it I got nothing to do with where I think he had mentioned this has got to do you know what I'm saying how he fights and let's see where we're going with this one we went to both boomerangs and we got ourselves up the machine chat and no they don't want joey to Keio Anthony again to cost them the fight it's not rocket Science Mike Ah we've got super chat from Donald Banks Donald in Richmond California says You started late I'm already at work his Oh fix it you know what I'm saying that in a in a couple of months training here especially like Mike Tyson here like Mike Tyson when you get hit in the face so boomerang Mr PBC Yoyo what up what are we talking about heckling Joshua stuff but that's why it's natural thin clouds but his hands up like game fucking it up Aj Bang burner appointed everything he used the man Vecchio really rise gas itself out you know what I'm saying and he didn't look good against release a good start but the secondhand got knocked balanced the backup Joshua got excited yeah but that's all I got I mean you lose you you're forced to make those known Senate Justin com slash affiliates sponsors and click on Amazon link bookmarked peddling saved Lincoln. Do all the shopping that you do Amazon to our link it costs you nothing extra twenty baby my my thing ain't that I don't think Josh Care Mentally I just think being my man yes he is ninety I can be listening right now you to take one second to smash at times a budget thanks shorter fighters are his his weakness man you know saying everybody gotTa Chink in the armor information that's Joshua's you know what I'm saying he didn't look good against Taco for a game plan he he's GonNa have right on the night because like you said shorter fighters have given him a problem in the past that's a hundred percent accurate but we know that anything he doesn't put out a a big punch output so you never know you might get caught again you keep on winning and you get by being attacked them and being Parker and be perfect you you really don't look back and be like Oh man I had to work on that but he's GonNa try to play that you know old school style you know swe signs and just try to outbox and he's you know avoid his punches Jose Boomerang you'll man it's days like today that I'm reminded why I came back to the FDA trying to be a hated figure stay it's cutting into your exercise time it's stabbing you in the back nine okay what are you gonna go for us Yes yes yes yes we already confirmed we talked about that yesterday man it was a long the busy building show if you WANNA go once they'll flog seeing that he is out of the season I'm talking about Halloween thanksgiving Christmas it's all coming up so do me a favor to the box ringer talked to us riddick bowe Mack and Bo Jackson the more the old man thinking you guys are all like some sort of psychologist knowing you know exactly what Anthony Josh was thinking let me tell you one thing y'all don't know Shit just like my tells you guys but we do get a little kickback. Every time he used that links take about the boxer voice thank you going through PBC ON WE'RE GONNA put it in there is just one but losing to like every week he's he's forced to go back to the drawing board and try to really really try to get whatever amy we use is real slippery when he's inside he's I've seen that fire him behind his head a couple of times you never know man some shit like that so are you gonna go to The wilders training camp like before we tease I mean you never know man did not have in the forest before and not come out so you never know I think that bunch of bombs peace Jose in Canada thanks for calling in we bow from Obama CBS being the status the damn again man boomerang because guys like Mike Man just such a smart demand the way he says in 'cause all you suckers definitely GonNa be out there Patching Hotel talked to me Patrick morning we might stay for the weekend but if not I'm I'm planning to be out by Friday a win flute when they're down bell football getting going fellow man but I heard windows we aren't going to loosen November fourth through the eighth added Mike you know he's looking like wait a minute I'm reading right now see Mike you know I got a spice it up estate beyond five nine my website and if you ain't already on a roll don't get on the road you know loose Patrick Good Morning Good Morning about the sparring partners guys yesterday when we start young pay water I mean that would be a major fight and I don't know who left Zora throws the same amount of punches as Ruiz but again I've said this before you don't get one guy to get res any fighter you build one guy show maybe you didn't hear it Nano I didn't stay on for that shows but I think anything work good work definitely assure not that sure but big sized low crouching big left hooker but I don't think that so that becomes the hand speed of you know Andy Ruiz even though he's not as fast ruis he's in there he can tho multiple punches UC on interstate on your way back traffic be jammed up trying to get into Tuscaloosa all interstates backed up if learner down that man derrick scissors he's going to help H. Eh you guys think about that definitely ooh bless the gardening me you know that's that's that's a lovely knock out right there and I realized what he'll be doing much Bama football stuff either good thank Amanda Ogres Fan so there's like getting multiple guys so to Zora could be there specifically to work with AJ on the inside with the weight the weight of is you know replicating the weight of on the inside then you get the Timothy Molten to do the same on the inside but his way doesn't replicate because he's just too short he's only five right in the game and Saturday I heard that's that's that's what sucks minimum prices the motel prices with bananas because Dub as gay so you're going to be done shirow He was at the Auburn Auburn. NCWA tournament game he ain't Never D Alabama he was at the Alabama practices that much I'm getting bigger and bigger and Dave Allen at a time where he's listen Dave Allen was already just a the weekend like going on on that game is Saturday unless deontay invited back to the house again like last then in an overachiever but like that's still is a backhanded compliment unfortunately you know I don't mean it to be that's just the way the phrase was brought up and you know he he he wasn't intended to get this fall and now that he's gotten this fall he's already took an a lot of beatings I mean ten eight rounds Luis Ortiz. You know deleon I mean fucking you know he's had around Bro he had a lot of rounds already with high-level fight is now I'm not saying that him in to the US to be a draw so it's like we bring this this is our this is our demand because this is what we bring they don't really base it off oh I five that'll be okay for them but it's not going to tell us anything really you know He would be better off getting someone like Gerald Washington what they do is domestically build these fighters to the point that they don't need America because now they're bringing five maybe ten hope to be like Ha and bring in thirty make him global they worry about getting them bill home and sometimes I envy that you know Americans and American fighting fighters at least coming off a win also already showed that he can't really take a punch while put him on front street big baby put him on Front Street so Dubai would probably put him on Restri- but obviously Gerald has some good box and skilled good high he outbox while the full few rounds if you WanNa believe that you know when I speak to while the while says listen outboxed the chance for four rounds so he comes in confident that would be a better fight to meet and Dave Allen but I get him and they don't care about the US they never will they'll be savage though I totally understand just a quick someone make noise Dave Allen against the war where you guys I'm in a man I'm I'm counterpunch and so you know I gotta let them get confidence so I can let him open up but for Washington he puts that down in his resume as that's why I would have liked to welcome man already showed you guys the wealthy you know

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