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Hey what's up? With on seven ten happy Friday to everybody. Yes. Sir The weekend is here. L Z granderson the Lakers dominance. Is, showing continues exciting time to be a fan of the crown jewel of the NBA known as the Los Angeles Lakers what did you? What was your biggest takeaway yesterday? My biggest takeaway yesterday was. We've. been. We've been very stressed out US here in Laker nation about who's going to be the third score correct because coups mouth for his talents as he is authencity hadn't really been a consistent offensive presence throughout the regular season and what I, what I have settle into last night and Kinda suspected do of course of the season. But certainly clear last night is that the third score is everybody else correct? You know it just last night it was. It was Caruso. Before that, it was Rondo the night before that it was you know Markeith Morris Listen. As, long as somebody is willing to step in and shoot efficiently and give us double digits were good. This notion that coups needs to be a consistent fifteen point score forty proper symphony infield. Every night didn't hurt her during the regular season and obviously has not heard us into the playoffs either I will contend that they need to guys not named Anthony Davis Lebron James to have good offensive games and you had Caruso and Rondo yesterday Rondo didn't have the twenty. Points scoring game he did have eight ten rebounds yesterday with eleven points. So I'm with you on that I think that that's what they need. They need to who guys to step up in those situations I will say this, you could tell the Lakers game was kind of a laugher yesterday. Now, get close there if I point game with a minute and change to go and all of a sudden things got a little tight until Caruso hit that big shot from Lebron. But. I knew was a laugher because our text chat with Greg and Laura was pretty tame yesterday there wasn't. A lot of conversations going on there you know Lauren Greg Greg specifically gets very angry when things aren't going well for the Lakers Laura gets feisty but Greg, you're pretty tame yesterday in the chat. I don't like this William Putting this. Why do you think that I get angry? Behalf, receipts and. Guess Yeah no no, you make. It seem that way. I'm sitting watching the game having a good time and but really there was nothing there was nothing hips A. Couple nights ago. What the Hell is going on I can't stand this somebody saves me I was just going to add. Healthy. Greg. I'm an ask Laura because again she's the more practical person not the most practical person on this show. She also goes with whatever you say that's not true. Or on salt does Greg come across is. Ridden while he's on our tex chat during Laker Games. Yeah. This isn't even a debate. I don't even know what you're fighting this. Great. Because it's because it's just not how it is. I've seen you watching a Miami Heat game or some other type of game you are way worse. But I'm not saying. What you'RE GONNA. Say I am very emotional watching sports. Right I'm Latino. Laura said in my ear. Yeah. That's what we do. I'm good with that. You know what I mean like I owned that you clearly WanNa fight this. That's not a bad thing. No I look I, enjoy watching my games and you guys aren't in the room with me but I am enjoying the game I do get a little upset when there's bad foul calls. That's all you rip the reps a lot. I knew this game was gonna be a laugher not because of what actually happened on the court. But because of what happened the night before all with House with house. Because listen. If you're at the middle of a playoff battle, you legitimately think you have a shot. You're not doing that just not now granted I don't know what she looks like. Some GONNA hold off my final judgement until a picture arises however. My tells me is that whatever she looks like a secondary to the fact that house do not believe this quad was going to beat the Lakers anyway. So he got it in before he left the bubble he wanted to make sure he says how you doing for he went back to Huston. Right. Shattered her out right and she was. She was one of the covert testers has. Yeah. Yeah. So she needs to be in the sweet spot. where she can get his attention easy now, I'm just saying dinners attention. But not getting trouble right away easy now. I would also say the Lakers now beating the rockets at their own game like that's the crazy part of this. The rockets were sixteen O L Z in the regular season when shot forty percent from three, their own three in these playoffs, all the losses against the Lakers, the Lakers have done everything in their power. To beat them at their own game and again it's what you and I talked about this a little bit on crosstalk talked about really the entire time we've been on the show ad being the big on the floor is going to resonate it creates this situation where The floor is more open when he's when he's the big man because he can flow in and out of the paint. And that just helps the supporting cast. It helps the role players it helps the shooting hell. It helps Lebron who needs space to get in there and work his magic in the paint to the fact that choice to your point. That into high screen and enroll that they're very comfortable that he a d guard chains art one on one right And clearly, it hasn't hurt them a great deal because they're up three one of the series and James has had know minimum if any impact at all on any of these games or series. Just when she know how good that guy is and how wrong it was that he wasn't defensive player of the year. Beyond that to me, this is a testament to what an X. Men Higher Frank Vogel was. Because one of the biggest issue that this Laker team had last year. Besides the fact that Lonzo ball is the starting point guard was the fact that. Their defense was wo to the full woeful awful and frank has brought in and we knew he would because he's a defensive dote coach nine harnesses defensive minded coach Jason Kidd One of the best defensive point guard ever played a game. We knew the minds on that bench was gonNA make defence a priority and it has come to pass. You're not scoring easy against this team unless we take our feet off the grass, our collective feet off the gas if we don't do that, it's going to be talk scoring against us. Yeah for sure. Their defense travels man like they're just that good on defense and that's kind his bread and butter right? It was always that way with his Indiana. Teams and look I almost look at the Orlando time as just like. This general manager was so bad. The hockey guy. Yeah. There was nothing for there's nothing he could do that. But look man I covered those Indiana teams. You know what? I mean like that's where I met frank the first time and what was he wearing? Suits. Yeah So He. You know he he was really good then too. He just ran into a team that was better than his. And now Lebron's right right now he's the guy that has Lebron and the better team but I wanNA shout him out specifically about this and I'd love to hear her. Anxiety ridden. Bergman and Laura's thoughts on this. Frank Vogel showed huge big humongous basketball's when he put in Horton Tucker into that game because that could have been disastrous elsie that would that could have ruined that only the lead that they had, which was double digits at the time could have ruined the kid's confidence I think if anything. The only thing. I. Would say stay Van Gundy said this about the kid your kid you don't have to shoot the ball every time you have it you have Anthony Davis on the floor with you. But defensively, he was great and I like the fact that he he did that to get him some run in a situation where they had a little bit of a cushion because they may need him in that next series. Well. He was a score. A quite frankly I mean that's what we knew coming into. This is about him getting a little bit bigger and more familiar but this is just this kid can't even buy your drink. He's nineteen years old it's not even twenty. And when you saw him out there and I understand from coach's perspective having a kind of. Sensibility but listen he's scorer. If coach 'cause your number, he's not calling your number to go out there and be tim on the offense at the end. He wants you to be aggressive and Oh, by the way it paid off now I may not pay off in game five it may not pay off. Ever interested playoff series but the reality is that Frank Vogel to your point showed a lot of courage and confidence in his young lookie because he's been working with them all year and he knew he wasn't going to shrink at the moment and it paid off. That's sweet movie. made it up to the basket with the finger to finish I was like go ahead getting your bag fell to let them know you ain't just hit a spot up you could break them off your wall to now right? Right? Yeah he was excellent. I were you excited to see him Bergman. Yeah I was really excited to see him I. Always thought that he was going to be a big piece for this team eventually obviously, not this year but I, mean, if anything he got a little bit too excited for he was like trying to take the James Harden to the bucket at one point and got a little bit a little bit of. A on himself a little bit but honestly, he's a guy that can get to the basket and that's one of the biggest things that the Lakers don't have why they even had dion waiters in a game. A couple of games ago before he got injured was because you need somebody that could get to the basket and Taylor Org, Tucker can do that. Laura were you were a little afraid though when he came in the game because you hadn't really even he's only been in six games this season I don't think I was afraid I was curious of what it was gonna be like, what how he was going to be how he was going to be on the floor but I love that Vogel did that because they really really send a message like. I know my guys got it and I'm going to put this guy in to just sprinkle more like I don't know what the word is. I have it in Spanish, but it's like say. Raiders. Translate. I can't say that the best way. No matter words just inject a little energy. I think, right? Not Energy. I can't I had the word of my turn to take. But. It's no, it's not a honus but. That's not a bad word that was. Here. kind of like kind of throwing like shade at them like look. I'M GONNA put a rookie and we're still going to be okay. I'm glad you said that because that's when I knew the rockets were done i. knew the rockets were done l. z. When Taylor Horton Tucker came in the game and they didn't take that as a personal affront Frank Vogel challenged them and their manhood. Basically I'M GONNA as Laura I'M GONNA put this rookie in the game who has played six games. Okay and I'm GonNa, let him go out there and do his thing in the middle of a playoff series. That's how little I respect what you guys are doing on the floor right now and the fact that they didn't fight back and take advantage of that. That's what I knew. This series was over that that moment right there I'm like this is done. Yeah I mean listen man the kid can play though like. He didn't get in a lot of housing. I get it but I thought the normal situation I feel this way though I feel like it was a thumbs up or. Flipping off the the rockets in terms of challenging them and they didn't come through I think it was simply frank being willing to try something when he knows what that kid can do in practice when he's seen that kid in action in the Games that he has appeared in and says, this is a good chance for me to give one of my veterans a breather because we have a good cushion and I don't think we're going to lose that cushion in the brief five to six minutes that this kid plays. Yeah. I. Mean I think you're frank. You're right about frank's idea about it. But what I'm saying is if I'm the other side of that I'm with Laura I'm looking at him like you're putting this rookie in this game. Oh Hell. No, that's not going to happen like you have to take it as a personal affront is what I'm saying if you're the rockets and I'd do six, five, two, thirty to forty. Kid I mean I I don't know I I didn't see it that way. I didn't see it as a I'm just GONNA throw in this nineteen year old because there's nothing you guys can do and you didn't step up honestly I really felt it started with house and I'm making a joke about it but it just seems as if that team was zoned in Dan in serious what happened in that scenario what never have happened? Would never have. I. On James Harden and the kind of leader he is this an indictment on Mike Dan Tony and Canada temp culture that's been set. You're in the middle of down play off with the Lakers. You're two one still very much in the series and you decide to prove that in the bo-bo yeah it's pretty well, there's no doubt I mean that's a cultural thing man you could have through Georgia Donna out there in the third quarter and he would have been good for buckets I only coming in the fourth they'll see that's my bad my bad. Sorry. To cut the lead down, they did cut the lead I would have been out with Caruso. Coming up next let's get into how messy this rockets thing is getting because I think it's messy like really really really messy like so messy that I think that this notion that they're going to be around and hardens going to be around I don't know if I'm feeling that way anymore we'll get to all that coming up plus more on the Lakers and. The one hundred top one, hundred pizza places in America find out. How many spots La has we'll get into that on the other side. So Donald L Z, seven, ten, ESPN. With year on seven ten espn our Buddy Michelle steel. Of Espn, was at the chiefs Texans game yesterday where there was some controversy about the two teams. Cana locking together in unity for and racial justice. Controversy Jurors because the game was a senior, the game was US newsletter. The chiefs are really damn good again. So that pretty much is the deal there. So we'll talk to her for a few minutes coming up in. Just a moment might trudell is GonNa stop by today at five fifteen we'll talk some Lakers with him and our boy mark Anthony came back. From. The L. AFC at six. Fifteen. We will chat with him as well. So. Real quick before we get into the rockets and what a mess they are right now, and by the way, the clippers are just destroying the nuggets right now they're up fifteen. Let me take a look I've been watching the US Open Yeah. It's IT'S NOT PRETTY Not Pretty. So it looks like that series is pretty much done right now. So we'LL WE'LL keep you up to date on that. It's forty, two, twenty, seven early in the second quarter clippers leading the nuggets. How's how's our boy doing? WHO PG The no no. No. The chatty rookie who wanted more touches. Oh Michael, Puerto Yeah what's up with that? We weren't on the air because of the Laker game yesterday but I had the same reaction that all the other veterans seemed to have had in this league and all the former players like you'll man relax you know what I'm saying like you just you know you got similac still on your breath you don't. Chill out. He said these touches Yo. You GotTa get more people involved about people I mean me yeah. Like you gotTA chill out man. All right. Like you've got an MVP candidate on your team in Nikola yoke edge you got a guy and Jamal Murray who's a baller you know I. But here's the thing though Dr. George he wasn't telling no lies. It's predictable as hell what they're going to do. He didn't tell no lies he may not have been to win. I. Should've told it but heeding tell no lies that offense is predictable as hell. It is but I would say that when it's rolling, it's pretty damn impressive. What I mean like I think there's some of that too There's very few teams that have a big man like that that can move the ball the way Yokich does so. There's there's not like maybe three or four teams in the sport can do it that way so Michael Porter Jr. by the way one shot up right now in nine minutes. So It hasn't been good now. Jamal Murray has eleven shots up so clearly he took that the slight and the most. And he only has three makes thus far in the game it's forty, thirty one we'll keep you posted. On what's going on there as Denver tries to get back in that particular game but real quick l., c. you know I love. The daily meal, my my favorite food website. So they did the one hundred and one best pizzas in America. How many do you think of the hundred one were? Based in. Southern. California. Of the hundred one So it's in America County Montana and every South Dakota. There are no pizza places in Montana, South Dakota that we're going to but that does count. That's what I'm. That's what I was thinking soy. So I'm GONNA go with. Seventeen seventeen okay, Greg Bergman how many place out of the hundred and one best pizza places in America are in Los, Angeles or Southern I wouldn't call southern California, the pizza capital of the United States. I'M GONNA say like to. Laura how many? I'm going to say four. Greg Berkman with the closest one. There it is one. There's one one again I think it's going to be very high. It is I will say this there is a lot of great cuisine here in southern California I think it is the best food city in America. As far as all the different kinds of cuisines you can get right. It's either here New York City Ok. P Also. Francisco's good. One lower this true. Pizza is not one of them like I did when we were on the midday show. I. L Z we talked about this. There's just not a lot of great pizza. They is okay pizza. You know what I mean, but there's not a lot of great ones. So the only one that popped up on the list was pizza Matzah There are two locations one in Hollywood kind of like In Pink hotdogs is because I've seen this place I know where it is. Yeah. It's just it's right there. It's like in the Melrose area basically. It's right off Melrose Avenue I. Think in Highland I think is are the cross streets and then they also have. Another one in Orange County basically down Newport beach. But that's the only one and that was number forty eight on the list. Do you have a good pizza? Go to pizza spot Mama and Papas. Big Mama's impossible's. In downtown that is my Go-to I've actually had some pretty decent peace and I've lived in Chicago obviously is born and raised me Troy I've lived in New York Detroit by the way five on the list Oh we got pizza dog. Like piece of poplars is like the spark which I'm assuming is in the top twenty of the top ten on this list. Yeah because. This is ridiculous. I look it up. I would. Be. Good but what did train has pizza. have. Like five or six places. We have our own piece as a matter of fact, in fact, there's a place out in La that says Detroit style pizza and then I went there and let them know that I Detroit Dog Buddy's pizza is the highest rated in Detroit buddies a straight it's straight. It's not a piece of populist but it straight yeah. Laura what's your go to pizza place? So I originally had pizza co Baldwin Park. It's close to me, but I just tried a new one out there. So good. It's called monstrous pizza and West Covina so good it's really different. They have like different toppings. So they get fancy with it. It's really good, Greg. There's a place right down the street from it's called Joe peeps but it's New York style pizza does that Count Yeah Okay so joe. PEEPS NEW YORK. Pizza. Delicious. Chicago's okay. It's it's fine Pizza I think New York and Chicago. I never heard of Detroit style. Pizza. I got. Boura Tinos in San Pedro that place to me is really really good Miami Pizza. Or there's a place called crust in. Miami that's really good names original. Yeah. It's unbelievable. It's on the Miami. River it's. It's like it's funny because it's like we're a bunch of seafood restaurants are but it's like the only pizza place in that general area just. Outside of downtown but I like Borough Tinos in San Pedro. That's my spot. Here's we're GONNA to Michelle Steele is GONNA join us. What's number one? Oh, it's actually a place. I'm very familiar with because I and you may be as well. 'cause you've been in Connecticut for before in. Connecticut. No it's okay. It's the best pizza I've ever had. If his mystic pizza I'll. Frank Pepe in new haven it is the best I've ever had. All right I'm out. Yeah. It's the best pizza. I've ever had and I've lived in New York and I've lived in in Miami. I've been to Chicago million, times yeah yeah it's the best pizza I've ever had frank pepe. It is really good. I'll give them that. All right. Michelle. Steals GonNA join us here in a second more is going to get her on the phone promised we will have Michelle steal one of our great correspondents reporters at ESPN joining us now here on Sodano L Z on seven ten. Espn Michelle thank you so much for taking the time. Hope you and yours are all healthy and safe. Now, we wanted to talk to you about the game last night in Kansas City and everything that transpired there but we have bigger things that we're discussing here including the top one hundred and one best pizza places in America that list just came out today. You're Chicago. person. Now I'm GonNa tell you what they the highest ranking Chicago Pizza Place they had year and you tell me if this is your legitimate I think I'm pronouncing this correctly is p Qods. Peak. Wise peak. What's sorry. Yeah that's. That's a little bit of a wild guess on my part because I've heard people I is really really good. But I'm not I'm a new. York. Pizza Person I am not Chicago Pizza. From here I love Chicago Gimme Chicago dog any days a week. When it comes to pizza I WANNA cake. With Say. You don't have to do the deep dish every time this thin crust come on I know that I know there's other stuff but they don't do the thing that drives me nuts I lived in both places but it's so hard to find pizza by the slice and Chicago I've got I've got one spot. I've got my Go-to, but it's not ubiquitous like it is in New York you Kinda. Miss you folding it. Eating it walking down the sidewalk I. Know you've I walk in La, but it's this thing that you do. On the car. Walkies were to do to get to your car and yeah, exactly we do that we walk. What are you talking? Excellent truth be told I take an uber to get to my car to walk in my car. I know what? Else? He? Occasionally, we will walk on the sand when we get to the water, right? Like there's that Ju- Sodano Michelle this. This. Is this is a true story real quick with it. My Buddies Standard Buddy's house they have run out of eggs. We were having breakfast they can you render store and get some eggs? I'd say sure I started walking they say, what are you doing some going to the store? They weren't you driving because I can see the store it's a half a block away. May Give you a ride. Off. They were sucked I walked to and back from the store look with the eggs and didn't drive. That is funny. Show Michelle I thought it was great I've never heard it referred to as I don't want to eat cake and eat pizza. But that is absolutely a great analogy which gago style pizza. Do you feel free to use that George. Was An excellent excellent here in Chicago we'll do Michelle. We sell steel the Great Michelle Steele ESPN reporter correspondent with this year. So you were there last night and and look the game was kind of a snooze. Sir, and it really wasn't the story. The story was when the players came in unison. To, lock together and arms right for unity and racial justice and the reaction was the story. What was your sense from being there what? In regards to what the reaction was like, what what did you think? The reaction was in real time. Yeah, it was unusual. I've been in business long enough that I can count on one hand the number of times I heard the home crowd booed the home team at Arrowhead, and both of those times happened last night you know the they're doing all Mitt here. There was some cheering as well. You know I don't WanNa paint with a broad brush with the bling certainly got picked up by television cameras and it was audible to any of the reporters that were in the stadium and occurred at two different points to different. Extremely you know in my is very benign innocuous points during the game or during the pre game during the lift every voice and sing. And they played a video on social justice inside the stadium and win the chiefs ran back into the locker room. After that, there were there were boos mixing with cheers again, and of course, this was what was picked up on national television for the moment of unity between Texans and she's players. That was you know that was notable by every single writer reporter in the press box because you. First of all, it was unexpected and second of all you just you just don't hear booing for the home team. Patrick Mahomes. Andy Reid at Arrowhead. You know let me give you guys some context though for this I was doing live shots up until kickoff in the stands because we're not allowed to be on the field because of crow virus protocols. So when you're in the stands, you're really close contact with a fan experience I guess which is something that I have not done for the NFL in. A long time and one thing that you noticed right away is the drinking. They're people who have been tailgating for three hours before the game that walk in and this is something I mentioned on Sap last night you guys I don't think you can separate the booing from the fact that people some people had been time went on for hours before heading into the stadium I don't WanNa make a uses. My point saying that is that whenever you have drinking, you have a higher risk of inappropriate behavior. And the bar. So what's considered appropriate has dropped in the last few years. And you get booing during the moment of unity and you know blowing during any moment of silence is inexcusable. But when you think about these players that have been denigrated publicly for years now their patriotism question and that not really being pushed back on by the. League. Really. Until this summer you get bullying during a moment of unity I'm sorry went so long with that first response. But. I've thought about this I. think There's a little bit of nuance here, and I think there's a direct line between help players. Patriotism has been questioned to people thinking it's appropriate now to publicly express. their displeasure, their resentment, whatever two players in the stadium in a home state of this is a problem for the NFL he's going to be a problem this weekend to. where I will say that as someone who has sipped every alcohol that's ever been invented and smoked. Marijuana Arab been thrown. I've never gotten so high or drunk I turned races all of a sudden. But with that being sad. with, that being said. I mentioned the bar for what's appropriate I think. STEIDL norm for some high changed in the last few years. When you see these players being denigrated the way they have the last few years. I will say that a drunk person's words are sober man's thoughts. But with that being said, I had her reports that there may have been some confusion in terms of the timeline because Boeing. Started when the Houston Texans took the field are is there any wiggle room to suggest some of that? Boeing, had to simply do what the Texans being present and not the demonstration itself. Yeah. So we were talking a little bit about that. You know among the reporters and four, the first the first booing incident I guess there were no There were no texans players on the field. It was just she's players and they were all lined up along the goal lines and at the end of that video and at the end of lift every voice and same thing when they ran into the locker room you A. Mix. Of Boeing and sharing and that was unusual. That was the first incident. The Texans were not under field, and then we're with a moment of silence. The PA person loudly said, you know we are going to and I'm paraphrasing now because I don't have it in front of me but you know the PA person essentially said, we're going to have a moment of silence for the fight for equality for all and the booing immediately started. Some chiefs fans did you know come at me on social media and say you know we were just saying cheese or we were we were confused because we saw Texans players, and of course we're going to boo but you know today's September eleven if it was a nine eleven moment of silence and the Texans were on the field I really don't think. I would be doing and reporters have been doing this a long time like it. It's it's hard to Confuse a boo you know I know what? I'm going to arrowhead for years I know what chief sound like and I know to boost sounds like and for for. For that matter Jj Watt Ultra knows that a booth sounds like he's one of several players who confirmed he also heard booing. Would have been great of JJ, with more genuine in terms of why they were born as opposed to saying he didn't know why they were doing but my last question you. In, terms of I'm just curious because we know that it was basically one fan for every five seats in the stadium how organization decide who was going to be there, and there's there's a chance that this booing was actually a staged thing and not spontaneous. Staged what says that the people who are selected were going to be? Antagonistic towards like a social justice message. Yeah. Like like I want to know what the process was selecting to fans. Tickets were given to certain organizations or people. WAS IT RANDOM? Was it a lottery? I do not know how the fans were selected for this game I do know. That they paid a pretty penny to get into the building because this was the first home game after the Super Bowl champions have been crowned, and this was you know this was initially very hot ticket in Kansas City last night, there were tickets still available on the secondary market once the weather kind of shifted and it appeared that it would be very cold and very damp for most of the game. But you know when these tickets came on the market I'm I'm told that they were snatched up pretty quickly and people paid a lot of money for the tickets. So people who who were in the building definitely wanted to be there i. don't know however who they were. I can tell specifically, I can tell you that the hunt Family Clark Clinton in particular wanted fans in the building. He wants to celebrate the Super Bowl Championship with people paying to to be there and wanting to be there and wanting to see that you know Super Bowl banner of. Being raised at Arrowhead. So the League does not have a leak white policy when it comes to fans of course, as you guys know out in La me here out in Chicago these teams are not allowing fans but some some teams are allowing them only five and the chiefs are one of them and when you're the Super Bowl winners I guess you get you you get what you want. All right Michelle Steele great reporter for ESPN correspondent joining us here on Sodano and L Z. Michelle. Thank you so much for the time and thank you for the great pizza debate I feel like that, and it was as important conversation as we could have today as well. I I don't want to neglect the pizza part. Yeah. Yeah. No next time you guys have pizza. Taw. Talk that's take. All right. Let's go I like big the hydrogen oracle the heartache of cake being Chicago style pizza. We're here for we're bringing you back Michelle steel just to have any kind of hot take. You've got feel free to let us know and we'll put you on. We. Take care of. Michelle deal with here. All right. We're GONNA take a quick break on the other side you and I will dive back into the Lakers including I've got a question for you about Tailor Horton Tucker that I don't think you can answer how about that. All right. So we'll get to that we also get into the rockets and the mess that they're in plus week one of the NFL obviously a big time game for the rams right out of the gate on Sunday night an abbreviated. What you need to know because we went along with our friend Michelle Steele l Z. What you need to know is this is the clippers have a twelve point lead against the nuggets. We've talked about Michael Porter Jr., asking for more touches and he's taken one shot in nine minutes so. Not necessarily great but a big game for Leonard Six of Ten from the field fourteen points. PG also had a big game, thirteen points and Pat Beth with ten points. That's when you know the clippers are really rolling when Pat Bev has ten at the half. You know he's been knocking down threes a couple of seasons. He's not the guy that arrived there. He's worked on his offense game to his credit. So I'm not surprised that you know he had a good half in a close out game but at the end of the day is like we said at the beginning of the hours George this is about coli and as goes the clips goes and if he's rolling their Roland. One more thing Daniel houses we mentioned to the show booted from the bubble L Z. for. tricking. Yeah to the best part of the story George is that it was for hours. Go ahead. Bra. Over. Bra Man. answered. Hail Year, Yep, and that's what you need to know brought to you. By Morongo Morongo, play it safe good times. So L Z times, or Yes to my house. E. Let me ask you this and is going to join us here in. Thirteen minutes we'll talk to Mike Trudell, our friend here in a few moments. Are you more confident now of the Lakers supporting cast. I am not wavering from where I was the beginning of the postseason. Which is The gap between our front two and everyone else's front to is significant enough that we don't need as much are supporting cast. But what they've shown particular doing the rocket series George is that if they need if you need a twenty piece somebody on this bench and give it to you or a couple bodies can string together for you and that's been beautiful thing to see. Yeah you need a couple bodies I think and if that happens I, think you're good because the key to the Lakers success has been. Think it's their seventeen and one I wanna say now when Anthony Davis in the Bron- each score, thirty points or more. So in look you're going to get close to thirty from each of them. All of these Games now, you may not get exactly thirty one guy may have thirty, four, one guy have twenty eight or they both may have like twenty six or twenty eight. But if you're in that range, you're giving yourself a real shot all you need from the rest of that group is to find a way to get you fifty points right for basically everybody else on the roster right and and the rockets in particular what they learned after game one and I want to give Kyle Kuzma credit because I think he'd led the way. That they found out that if you actually cut. Against the rockets you can get layups. Yes dunks. That's what I was furious about in game one. Remember that we were playing right into the rockets hands defensively by not moving off the ball. Yeah. But with cow Kouzmin, I believe in Game Two who really started cutting aggressively and a half court set and getting all these layups and dunks. Yeah. Yeah it is. It's one of those things where I it seems so simple, right but sometimes you get so caught up in like the individual matchups that you just kind of forget about the team game. Happens more frequently than you think right and I think that that's kind of the wild part of it all but you can't be stagnant in today's NBA like it's just very hard. It's not to say that there aren't moments right? Like we saw last year in the playoffs particularly from. Where there are moments where things will get bogged down and you just need to go get you a bucket but I think more times I mean definitely you know seventy, five, eighty percent of the time. What you want is good ball movement to help you win games exactly and honestly if you really look at the game when Rondos. The broad is one of the biggest cutters right? Because he knows that he's got a guy who can deliver the ball to him. You know. So now it's about you know coups when you had the ball at the top Miss Bron cutting a few times one time you miss them and Brown was he being guarded when he cut to the basket it's just missed him. He needs to be more cognizant of that to close out the series and not fourth leaders to gain six. Yeah, I agree wholeheartedly. So Ram's cowboys this weekend. You and I and the crew Laura and Greg will play to. We're going to do the game that we used to do on the morning show when I was on with you guys do with Travis to. In in your time with him as well, and it's basically the NFL picks versus the spread, and we're to do that in the last segment of the show each and every Friday at six forty and Here's the one constant. The Rams chargers raiders will be three out of the five games that we pick. Except, obviously when they have a bye week, then we'll throw in another game but I'm GonNa give you all the games right now if you want to tune in for that later, if you're in the car later, whatever at six forty we're going to NFL picks against the spread and now L Z we'll ask her I. Want to explain this for those that didn't maybe here when. During the morning show. There's five games, not all you picking against the spread, but you are assigning a confidence vote to it. For example, the game you are most confident against the spread you save. That's my number five, and that is worth five points, which means you Greg Birdman GonNa have to keep a tally of all this. Bad Math Greg that's math, and then the game you are least confident in is one you'll still pick it against the script say that's my one that's the game I least confident in and so on and so forth in between. So we're going to do that at six forty might trudell is gonNA join us in nine minutes but let's talk about the NFL and this rams cowboys matchup I like this for the rams and here's why I you know look I know we can sit sit here and say this about pretty much every team in the NFL heading into week one, but if you look it up. Man Is Sean McVeigh really good. In Week one, the rams are averaging thirty one points per game in openers in his three seasons and they've outscored opponents by sixty points there three zero in openers including last season against Carolina and I just think that. You know much like you and I both believe that they're going to be in the playoff hunt and probably a playoff team I think because of that I think you're going to see some of the Best Coaching Sean McVeigh has done because he doesn't have the top echelon top tier talent that he's had previously and I just think that for all the stuff that's going on with the cowboys their stuff there you know what I mean like that doesn't have his deal right? Other guys got their deal. I know they're trying to integrate a new receiver into the mix here Jalen Ramsey is owned. Their best receiver. So it's like I feel like certain things are playing in the rams favor in this game. Particularly be looked, which is how Sean McVeigh took the NFL by storm. His first year. He was being overlooked and I am going to acknowledge that I never played in the National Football League what I'm going to acknowledge George I know it's crazy. I've never really you can be a corner right now. I. Get that a lot actually. But I will say this. I've been covering sports for twenty plus years, and the one thing that the NFL has proven damn near every single season. Since I've been played paid to cover sports George is that there's always a couple of teams if not three teens that the experts get wrong and they get it wrong because they underestimate the will. Of a French is on a mission. Yeah. They do. They miss that every single time the will of franchise on a mission why are the rams on a mission? Why? Why tell me I'm GonNa tell you. What happened last year? What happened? They missed the playoffs they did and it was embarrassing because year before that they were in the Super Bowl I know. So what do they want to prove to everyone better they to? Write that they're they're good again. Yes. There on a missing, they also just missed the but like a game too. But everyone trashed him and now do you looking up and we've had several guests in the morning show and I'm sure you did as well George of current players as well as coaching staff that when I talk about how the national media talks about them that when I mentioned that expectations for them five wins, maybe six wins does that bother you more often than not there is a pause before they answer and the reason why they are pausing George is because they don't want to curse and get us caught up in FC problems. But what they're really trying to tell you is we hear the birds Chirpin yeah and we're looking for to hunt right GonNa because we want you to be like my dad at the end of the season when we win ten or eleven games. Yeah. I'm with you I. Think they're going to win ten games. I think I had them at ten and six I could see eleven and five. Nine and seven to But I think that they're going to be not only the playoff hunt but I have them in the place we did our picks of who the playoff teams are going to be, and we both had the rams in that particular scenario. So yeah, I like the cowboys I think they're going to win week one I. Absolutely think they're going to win the cowboys defense is still not great. I think that their offensive line's getting older I think the whole Dak situation. Will Linger a little bit and look I just think that and let me by situation I'm talking about the contract. I. Just think that the rams to your point are also going to be motivated speaking of motivated. It looks like the NBA is motivated because there is an issue with the backboard again in the rim in this clippers nuggets game, and they have now just fixed. They've spent the last few minutes of the second half is starting late because of it, and this is the second time. This happens during the bubble. Yeah, I'm going to assume that You know it's just temporary equipment maybe he's not used to and I don't know. Yeah. Guys hanging around who knows Yeah Don's looking good though dot smiling. Being played in these in these. Same facilities that probably has a lot. It's just wear and tear probably more than true. So Anyway, I Mike Trudell is going to join us on these celebrity hotline Morongo celebrity hotline Morongo played safe good, times Mike Trudell, your favorite Los Angeles, Lakers employees and sideline reporter I. Mean Maybe Ireland's your favorite employees for the Lakers but you know maybe it is true. True. Definitely. Your favorite sideline reporter right? There's no question about that. What? Of sideline reporters I'm saying for the Lakers oh for the Lakers. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I was like I'm not going girl Lisa saulters just because Mike is owners show man. Oh Yeah. Well, if it was also sideline reporters. You know there's also me. That goes without saying I. Didn't think we needed to say that you're saying it. Just anyway. But your favorite Lakers sideline reporter might your Dow will join US aid three minutes

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