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This episode of the Cryptovest podcast is proudly brought to you by Murray. Pay The universal plumbing system. So why don't you head over to moby pay dot. Io Now and check them out that's M. O.. B. I. A. Y. Dot today's guest Aurora. Wong who is the VP of Zany. The critical of which exchange they beat or call. Thank you very much. Thank you for the thinking lives. Hello and look what an exchange water massive platform joins us a little bit about the group itself and Wall Pot the exchange employees not definitely. Yeah actually the group was fawning. Two thousand twelve to one of the earliest and has grown into the industry's he's one of industry is large players. You know throughout those close to seven years already and the group's Flagship Digital Utah Ethics change is actually VP DOT com. which was started to operate things June? Thirty two thousand thirteen so we just celebrated our six year interstate. Thank you what's going into this place birthday right right. Right because in crypto space. It's kind of a long time already six decades before. Yeah so oh US route. Six four years we've been operating very safely and the grows steadily and we have over six million in registered users right now and of the daily average trading volume exceeding one billion. US dollars now. That's actually not not bad. We'll be junior quite good and over the years of we were actually Asia's first exchange to list those large cap Like famous tokens such at ether and Neil and quantum so at the peak time actually the The ETA global trading volume over fifty percent of the global trading volume. What happening on our exchange back that time that may was h btc he sees dot com? Yeah so we changed it in two thousand seventeen because you know two digits two main I really build a business. I hear what you're talking as many to be on the platform now. How many tokens can we tried net? Yeah it's actually a very good question Chian. That's one of the factors that differentiate ourselves from our competitors also Although we operated for six four years we only only Mr to a little bit over eighty projects. So it's actually eighty-seven I think the today's data we are relatively You know more conservative than our competitors because we balance a strict our strict and listing rules with a certain degree of risk off taller a risk tolerance so that we can do makes the room to list. Those most create like innovative tokens. I I but we don't miss that manny though we are really curated in selected A. What is this election process? How do you choose what project it's listed doesn't all we? Actually we have. Two major listing channels. No one is through our up program which is essentially upgraded upgraded launch pad version which is actually a similar. I Yo- models you're so we select the strongest and a proven projects and support them not only by listing them but also you know to promote them through like marketing efforts by offering users with like discounted tolten back by opportunity and the other channel is through the voting mechanism so basically we rely on on communities choice. You know we listed the the project. They voted for so strong community a strong community. It gives you access to what you think they would walk to my because I've asked for. Yeah exactly so. That's what we think you know I. It's kind of both. The channels channels could create US project selection process by the platform and the community so that we can create a thaddeus factory outcome with three-party multi. We were most clients. I'm a huge external ourselves creeping up on on the event that up and they're on the volume sort of things. Where all you? Since we started from Asia I mean started from from China Exactly and we've been stepping in to Expand our global presence since two thousand eighteen gene. So we have a pretty good global presence now but STU are flex shove DEBBIE DOT COM. We still have a large portion of Asian users especially really like Chinese users but the proportion is changing while you know we keep expanding globally so to Ferenci you. Obviously there are some differentiating points. We already spoke to. Of course the community I suppose guidance as to what missed obviously been around for a long time. So that's differentiating factors actors. Well what else do as an exchange that else to differentiate from other exchanges that are out there at the moment. That's a terrific question As well so I mean besides you know the security safety and you know highly curated factors. Of course we are. We are continuing to Butte at improve our products. So just this week we have our newly released like. AP's coming now. It's a really like brand new. Four release with a lot of unique features in it such as social and community community enhancement which includes the ability to gift to other users of the platform. The crypto currencies with with what we call in China like red envelopes ago so basically those are the digital envelopes where you can few few them with your favorite crypto. Oh currencies so you can give the crypto currencies. Do somebody into the spies. Look I'll send you a bit of this. Become interested in I come in. Yeah we'll bring Laughlin. It was absolutely perfect. Thank you and I think this will bring like more fun to our users I uses in. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah yeah is an awfully awfully what do you have any margin trading going on at the moment yes we try to leverage what products offer marginal. Yeah we do like Margin trading options and we. You have a kind of you can choose a degree of the leverage. I think the maximum is like twenty twenty eight times. Yes listen the margin trading now on so your theory bitcoin. So the farm major cryptocurrencies breath. Oh wow fantastic. As far as it goes when it comes to your news base six billions of law okay. It's also the biggest but it's very very loud. There's a lot of users. All would be lost the question rather than the site but other periods of long period of time when they're inactive might have a small group Norwest which trade. The trade is an large group of despite and so a sit back and do nothing on we. The portion of active users is pretty the high actually because periodically relaunch different high quality projects so six foot thumper when we listed eastern we. We really made up like almost like large percent lacked portion of our users of get wealthy. Actually because they're Sarim price went from like you know in terms of rooming be. That went from seventy two thousand during the period George it so we kind of help a lot of users to get rich and periodically. We still have certain these type of projects coming out so they keep active active but of course depending on the general trend of market as well for example the end of two thousand eighteen when the market was cooling down. Of course you know the the act of juicers are relatively you know like the portion smaller the lack of education in the ability to actually go short as on a trade. We did very very well threat that quite simply because one reason we can go short. So there's a huge gap between uses of the cartilage in the spice. Now that hold right and how to try to be really big area of exchanges might be missing out on. What sort of education do you have in place? Chart help to understand by be trading strategies. Anything Complex Oh yes we do have like doc Like training videos like newbies. Either in the in the area and also one of our subsidary exchanges is caught. BWI DOT COM B W DOT IO. That domain fit ward. So Ward's I mining coal-based exchange and just yesterday they launched another like margin in trading functions and a derivatives functions as well so we were also make the other like trading courses and You know for for the for the users as well and also we have a industry think tank. The group is called Z nexus. So we're not only kind. AWW promote the blockchain technology education to you know like normal people but also we provide like you know kind of one on one on the crypto currencies blockchain and trading like short videos to our users as well so it's kind of extra extra benefits to all of us. What languages do you cover on? These videos must be pretty diverse. Right right but right now we we are. Yeah we're doing that in Chinese only definitely I think With our global expansion we need to diversify the languages as well. We'll I'm sure we'll ultimate that. Possibly down the track. What's the guy with the Exchange Yourself with Ziegler Zieger phase and I wanted to say Zan Xavi Great? What's the what's the goal for exchange? Always say you want to innovate. You WanNa Bring Angle people into the spicy. WanNa make it easy for them. You want to educate them. What's the bigger picture where disease over five years from now with the business I think for the past asked six years we grew from kind of all? Original grew crypto company into a more mainstream in in professional one and we do see the next two years is kind of the story of Cryptos Fu integration into the Digital Economy Global Digital Economy. So what we WANNA play is not only to help contribute to like increase the mass adoption Shen of blockchain technology as well as crypto currency like digital currency into the whole digital economy picture but also position ourselves still one of the mainstream and leading players in this space not only from private sector perspective but also help the okay. What sample China's national strategies to promote blockchain's application in traditional industries? That's been a big step in that direction. Looked at that with a lot of a lot of the things he hasn't really because it's kind of started the global rise Chana says they're gonNA news on the rest of the world. We've been a catch up because you have been growing as a nation very quickly so that was really good stem and assumes that news came out. Bitcoin breasted export it had did have a very cute. It's like huge effect on a mess. Yeah on the on the market. Although you know blockchain technology it's different from bit guy but still can see the market sent Mantis just very sort of China's yes luck in China when it comes to assets and try it for a period of his quasi-bank right. So how was your writing. I mean the Chinese clients already Out of China or are you in Hong Kong or basis after the exchange. Yeah it's actually. The entity is registered in Switzerland. And we do have our headquartered in Hong Kong. But we do have like global operations centers as well so. I'm definitely you know kind of when the Chinese government Bannon Bannon is kind of the ICAO model because a lot of you know kind of retail especially retail investors. Got Hurt from yes in some air projects but we don't you know we don't definitely we don't touch that like we. Don't we have our own principles. And we try our best to select high-quality projects to offer to our users so yeah and we really hope to keep doing so. How does anything that we've missed that? He would like to tell us about any little things. That are coming out for the project. I think because We had a really successful up program cut off the upgraded launch pack Throughout the past three months and our first project was an Australian leading restaurant on payment project on Levin. Hey and they're talking. LVN and had a great success. Oh platform we're keeping in kind of projects with solid the business model that such as this kind of projects for them pay and we will be launching our force up project really soon and it's it's already actually yet defined the project the candidate but I do look forward to sharing more about this before very move yourself and the project I think you could go to dot com plus the website That's the domain. You can access our flagship platform but you can also Google Aurora Wong. It's a U. R. O. R.. And then and my last name is W. O. N. G. and you could probably find more press release about myself and also about our growth yet slipped pleasure. Thank you so much ladies won't be paid all the Z.. Think much crash off now.

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