Episode 59: We Want Boston


Start spreading the new. Then today. I want to. Part of it, new Yar new Yar the what is up. What is happening? Welcome back to another dish of the short. I'm your host hubs alongside the other side of the laptop. It is one. Oh, nine. In the morning on a Thursday morning. I'm your technically Thursday. Yes, yes, there's a morning now. I'm heroes ups. Tommy smokes. What's happening baby? What is going on? Feeling good feeling a we. We said yesterday or whenever it was that we didn't have a depressed podcast. They we didn't wanna have a podcast where there was no Yankee baseball ahead of us. We'll guess what? Not only do we have key baseball. We have inky Red Sox playoff baseball, which is the premier brand of baseball. It is all you want. It's all you need. We've been striving. We've been, we've been starving for this since two thousand four, and we finally got it. I, I can't fucking sorry. It's crazy. Like, oh, four sounds law like law. I knew it was, oh four. Odyssey sounds long ago, but I thought of it to myself in a different way. He's having played the Red Sox in the playoffs since they lost the thrill that. I've thought of it as four, but I haven't thought of it like that adds a different angles to it. I don't know. This is a, this is our redemption time. This is me, Jared said after the game that you know, you can throw out history books it everything, throw out what they've done in the last fifteen years throughout. We've done in our century, plus it is. It is just knew these teams are all young are new faces. This is the new era of Yankees and Red Sox. Baseball and finally were on a collision course the play each other. We almost got it last year. The SOX fell Felli Astros, but here we are. I mean, we could not let me, let's let's not talk a Boston yet was eight, let's say there for the end. But I mean, you could not have scripted a better game near gangs like this is exactly how we thought it was going out. If the Yankees were going to win. It had to go this way it had to go and had to start will be Severino in that motherfucker started, breathing fire. I mean, you could not. I mean when that first inning almost collapsed the stadium, it was so electric, his fastball his, it was all there. He was blowing. One new early on that he had. You can tell early on that he had, he was so let them that's why he was the star. That's why I think it made sense is you know, when seventies got it, sevi- God, you could tell early on. He was locked in. He was out for redemption Severino rises as as summer saying on the internet. Coming back from the wildcard start last year, the best second half. It was a great start. He gave exactly what the doctor ordered. I don't love starting for the fifth inning by Boone mattering because Delon was awesome any any. But I typically don't like bring Delon into a jam. I'd rather him work himself into a job. That makes any sense, but it worked out. He can't complain Severino we look people are gonna say also four and a standing ovation. You know, suck for Florida's people out innings. It's it's exactly what was needed. He said post game, we knew what four or five innings could not have asteroid anything or. Yeah, he. Was unbelievable at love. The emotion pouring out of him when he got the struts and the fourth inning. I've never seen him like that. I mean he the still images that are on Twitter of that are unbelievable. He, he rose the Cajun shadow to me for an electric hype video. I think I answered I answer the the haters of the first one. Everyone seemed like the second one and gone listener actor though. Right? Yeah, he likes retweets maybe, but it was more positive sweared. I thought this one was better. I thought it was too. I mean, you know, you living, you learn you you. It was the first time I did a hype. So now it's the second time that I was able to fuck around Smalley make things louder, but it was. I'm a man that man that man needed to set the tone in he did. And that brought a baron brought up. Sorry that we didn't really think about this. But the Oakland a.'s started an Australian relief pitcher who had never won a baseball game before and had a high for Yere in a winner. Go home situation that happ who who was designated for assignment on June first and like, no, go talk to us. I mean, we kinda talked about it yesterday. We were looking Ziaur as in the fours, lean Hendrix, never scared. He never scared me. I don't care that he opened. Also, this is quick aside. I don't understand why like baseball media, people fig. It's important. To note opener. Verse starters, if they don't mean the same. Exactly. Like is that starting game? He's opening the game. It's the same thing. It's literally the same. Exactly. Yeah, I starting it. He's opening. It doesn't matter. I think opening only goes when you have a starter coming in. Second in the second inning, like with the rays would were doing with like, fuck out Fara. I guess it was far they're doing it where like you had you guys guy the first inning, and then a star came in the second through sixth inning, second through fifth inning like that, that's an open. This is not an opener when you're going full bullpen the whole game you're starting starting. I mean, still like even in the scenario, timeout, that's the guys starting. The was weird. It's weird. The semantics argument in baseball media, but whatever, Liam, Hendriks, starter opener reliever, whatever you wanna call him. He was overmatched Byron judge. Well, first mccutchen works. Good walk. We, it's all this guy fucking does is great. At bats gets on base all you need Valeo at our good fielder mccutchen what an addition, he was overlooked. I mean, people thought, oh, cool. He'll just like, you know, he'll be better than fucking Shane. Robinson, he was, could you imagine like imagine comparing those people right now, but so Inc it's on and judge wastes no time and sends a ball. So I mean, the moment he may contact. I still haven't really eaten all day. Like unlike unhealthily like hungry right now. I'm gonna get McDonalds at some point after this. But when he made contact blocked out and I think my heart stopped it was the ball just kept going. And then once you the best feelings of judge homerun and you see the leftfielder take one step and he's like, no, that's not coming back. We're not even gonna ways unless it was the stadium collapsed. I'm shocked the third deck in just collapse. It was unbelievable what a moment. Unbelievable reminded me so much of. Of it was a very similar start offense of Lee to last season. I mean, obviously the aren't down three, nothing about him the first time. But last year Gardner start off with a walk. It ended up being three run home run, but you know, two run home run. I mean, it was an, you know, the place or up. It was like deja vu all over again. It wasn't to come back but still start off with a walk, and then a big clutch home run by when your guys. It was also you could tell right away that, well, I mean, obviously, were that you could tell the stadium was alive from the gecko and that just gave them something even more to cheer about. Yeah. I mean, you gotta yet. That was unbelievable. You had to start that way you had. They could not have fallen behind in this game. They had to get get ahead because you know how good they ended up open should be, at least it wasn't really that good at all. This whole in was terrible, but Trevino actually comes in Trevino. Maybe he should have just started because he was very, very, very good. He, he gave me he got me nervous Torino because you know, you start to look and it's like. Oh, are bats all of a sudden last thing, one full minute, like all three guys in. It's like the scores still to nothing here, like, fuck yet. We gotta get in my head. I was like, five. You can get five runs games over and they were stuck onto a long time like, oh my God, like several inches one bed in, and you know, they, they end up sending him out there for the fifth, which I, I was a little surprised that thought the plan was gonna be said at four. They kept him out there for the fifth and the you have della warming up Bill. I seven gets out of the fourth and yet del warming up that scared me. Bring him in that one call that I, I'm sure everything looks like a strike a rare. Everything looks like a ball depending on pretty good gate, but there that one call when they're, it was a one to pitch an Severino was on the mound of the fourth inning ended up being a walk. It was when there was I or they're two runners on front, remember what her was pull it up, but. It was right on the outside corner of the plate and they called it a ball. Many ended up walking him. I was fuming that was so clearly a strike. Yeah, it seemed like a few pitches that were were strike three and you just, I mean, don't just wasn't giving the call one. He walked off the mound. Basically he struck out whatever gets out of work. The Laura that, right? Yeah. Laureano Helda player. I that scared me. He does everything. He's he's built like he, he's just a threat at all all points of the game. But to he, it's out of the fourth. He comes out for the fifth immediately gives up to base runners that's in for savvy eighty seven pitches. Only two hits walked for. So you look back in. That's where leeann that's that's what beat him. But the end of the day he gave us everything we needed. They bring in Delon in the fifth which would choose men on. I was like, what the hell Buni what are we doing here with men on base like this is a disaster waiting to happen. Delon does he gets to week, fly balls the they don't advanced the runners at all. And then he strikes out Chris Davis and his, let's roar it was unbelievable. Comes out again for the six. I didn't. I was like, what do we do? This is the beginning season over again, like no, I like that. I like to that because you're going, he was so good in the fifth, and you're going batter by that more so than ending by fair. So. Renzo if he gives up a double Ori walks out, he he can come right out. So I, I didn't mind that you want you wanna try to squeeze many outs out of ever. Got you. Got as possible. Yeah, for sure. But he comes out the six and he was unbelievable. I mean, he was so dominant. I dubbed it the six most important outs of his entire career, like in one in one setting like like he was his biggest out for he's come from last year is crazy. It's crazy, and the honest like we didn't have much faith in him. I coming into this post-season like he was a little shaky. I blaming you because I, I was about the put him at the top of my trust tree in the bullpen yadda. And then you've talked me off of it. I I'm putting down his back at the top of drudge. Okay. Zack has fallen to six by the way. So I'm done almost a complete reversal. We'll get to Britain more, but we'll get rid is back up to number one. He was so fucking good. Those are the best biggest six hours career. I mean, yet you, like you said after last year being just so rendered completely useless. And just that that was unbelievable. You could almost give him the MVP right after Severino in this game, though. Six outs were so massive, bridging the game too. The wrestlers guys and in the bottom six judge leads off the double which I saw a screen shot of immediately bounces foul. It's double it. The the spin on the ball was and he ends up at second Hicks, Amelie singles in home place. That's the third I might head. I was like, let's fucking go. That was the run we needed. Now I can get, you know, three is so much different than to, you know, it's only one run, but that is such a big difference with the lead and then Giancarlo walks by the way them pitching for Narodni in in this type of game. I'm not eat eighty five. I love. What are you doing? Bullpen game scared me. But the good part of it is we thought about how like Trevino was very good, but it's also then. All right. Well, he's gonna come out. It's not like a dominant starter where you're just like, Wilber does not going to touch this guy for seven innings. You knew even when they weren't hitting Trevino's. All right. Well, we'll get him out like an inning or so. So. That was nice about that effort Ananta. We said it yesterday for Nando Rodney and familia feed me all the bullpen games or those guys are all Fernando or a knee is eight years old. He never ever going to be a guy that scares me and they took advantage of almost immediately five pitchers. I mean, I think that even out my expectations and it just never feel confident with that kind of manage camping, still pitching. He's the does the Larra thing. He's a fucking loser. They they dismantled him quickly. He got out of game, they blowing in, they bring in their their their golden arm. Blake trying point seven, eight year entering this game, you know, hadn't given up multi run since April of twenty seventeen at good. This guy's been, but you know what? He never faced a bit moment as he did not game his. I look back his nationals. When he's the nationals he struggled will. The nationals are big, you know, that's that's a big market. He never pitch. Well, they're when during the postseason e crumbled in. Oakland, you're not facing these big games like, he's just not. You know, he just completely collapsed. Avoid comes up with two men on works unbelievable. He he was fighting of so many pitches trying to such tricky at that. I mean the, it's just he's so good. Every pitchy throws is, is deadly and voice fighting off once again, ninth pitcher, the bat, but a hanging slider absolutely drills into right field thought it was gone off the bat soda. He puts up his finger in the air today. What I said, oh, yes, so did. Yeah. He thought all go to Mars. It does just get out of reach those Scotty in right and bounce crack caroms off both runners score hands. Third, the stadium was just up for grabs. It was unbelievable, unbelievable moment. Fucking Luke void of all people in the world. Come through that guy, holy shit. He's unbelievable. I mean the if you didn't know Louis voi- go into this game, you know him. Now guys, this dangerous person. He's a dangerous human being with the baseball bat, I will say this. This, if that ball was caught and you just had that visual film pointing you just pack up your bags, they would have lost that game. They were somehow lost that game. That would have been the turning point and that everyone would have pointed back to that image of him. I was shocked that he put the fan. I think it was so gone off the bat. I thought it was like as bad as this could be short porch home run. Right? And I wasn't so confident where I was gonna put my finger up. I ended up working out and awesome triple, but that was a cocky movement at him chugging around the bases on the south fly was great too. He's he's just so likable in the post game as washing on, yes, the post game and he was just basic things like I love this team and said, I don't know how long will be playing baseball, like especially for guy like him who knows when this little journey they started playing. I'm here having fun. I'm gonna enjoy it as long as last year as the best mentality in the world is an awesome guy as telling Jaren you could not craft a bigger. Like like, not he's not a superstar, but like like, Aaron, judge. I'm sure he knows what barstool is, but he's so measured in everything he does in very jeeter. Ask that you know him. It's racking with us. We'll never probably happen and then you have the Magellan hard. Labor tour is definitely just have no idea what Parcells forces in there to preserve their own in Severino's. But like you know, the Red Sox have a ton of stories like that whole team is sparsely guys, and it's like God crafted Luke Voight like into a less because he's he's a big story and he so lovable and he just fucking mashes the baseball. And I just love every second of him. Like I think every day for Luke void of these days, he is unbelievable. Love that guy. It was a humongous, broke. The game open game ended on that. I mean, they weren't coming back from that. Actually when he's outward, does she when he scored the six? I, the three was big, but the the foreign five, the new the had to get those runs across. He came up big when when they needed him the most. I mean, it's been unbelievable. I, it's so did Greg bird really boot in the game? Oh, yeah. Thunder sleeps him and Sonny. Booed. It was so five off that. Oh, fucking funny. I think he did laugh. Yeah, I think he actually did left. I saw on the screen. Shadow to the short porch guys real quick. So many of you out there tonight. It was like overwhelming. How many there were stunned you guys are awesome. So many void shirt sport shirts on the big screen. It was great at. I hope you buy shirt. This guy. It's a, it's a great shirt. He's a great guy should definitely fucking by a great shirt, but the short porch people out there. I love you guys are awesome. Like it was very humbling to see that many reports guys coming on. Many were out there. I, I mean, it's tough to gauge a number like so many people don't love that. Like, you know, came up and said something or whatever. I mean upwards of seventy five hundred people. Oh yeah. Like and like to be honest, like I didn't really. I didn't tweet out where I was or anything they just kind of they found us in it was those guys are awesome. I love every second of that and they're just like very, very down there. People and just humbling is like, you know, credits Yankees podcast. Than it's, I mean, you know the biggest thing in the world, but if it makes one person's day, like if it makes one person's, that's all I care about. And like there was a guy. Don't remember. His name came up to me. Dude is going Afghantistan in two weeks and all he did it say like, do I approach? I love that shit. Like, you know, keep doing. You are also is like that's great. Is always I can make that guys anymore. Though the I found out his buddy, I'm I might be able to find it, but he's he's, it was. It was very, very cool. I will say. No. So after that trying to, I'm trying to go back. John Carlos Baldwin moon. I mean, the that ball couldn't have been hit further. I was towering thought it was foul like live radio, adding new guy, great angle the whole time because we were sitting behind the dugout third level, like four throw a perfect angle for that thought is gone the whole way. But yes, that was awesome. So I guess we're going to Britain, Britain, Britain, gaming, anxiety. I mean, it made me think mistake wasn't over. You know, thought it was. He's I dunno where we, we put him in the trusty on the flip side, the shop enough for me. Yeah. On the flip side, Chapman's fastball came back. He was throwing a hundred miles an hour. That was awesome. Did not see that coming? I, it was just a. It was all hands that all hands on deck night. And now. We got j probably on Friday and that's exactly. I mean rest the Chevy green. Yeah. I mean, we'll be finding full off. It's just like, here we go like it's bad. It's time to go to war. Dave day port hates me so much right now. I was going to save that for like a, so he's just wanna get you have anything else you wanna older like before we go into like red sauce, like what was like being they were Dallas, Jared, our right Dallas is a great guy. But I mean, he really have a moment to even say anything like it was. This was about as stress-free of a playoff wing as it will get. You know in the fourth inning when it was whenever it was two, nothing. It's a little scary because it's so easy to come back to nothing, especially when the Pacers juiston the fourth and then a little bit with Britain. But for the most part for a playoff game, you cannot ask for a more comfortable with? No. And honestly, I kept saying all day and people gave me score predictions and I hate scorpions, because like what's the point. But I said seven, three hold items, seven two. So yeah. And if you ask me, I think I, I mean, I don't remember exactly what I said on this podcast last episode, but if you ask me like how we win this game at score quick sevi- gonna pitch. Well, exactly how you could script that is exactly how it was stunning. I couldn't believe how bad as bullpen was. And then when you really look back, it's like, well, it's really just training and then three really good, and it's like our who else is lame Hendrix are Dirani shore. He's we said this yesterday, rhinos there nuts, Mike. Oh. All right. I wanna give to credits here. Gary Sanchez was great on the actually blah locked few really top pitches. I thought I was really scared when Dan came in for that fifth inning, which human on he's wild is to Manatt. I thought a wild pitch could've been coming or about, you know, abounds or getting away to make it second third, and then a single, you know, Buchan ties the baseball game, but or yet ties baseball game at point. But no, Gary was great, made a good block and that's in that series of events. He wasn't good at the plate. Find Graham dub plate sure whatever, but we needed him to catch the ball and he called, I will say that would almost made me more mad at past Gary. 'cause it's like, all right. When when it really matters, he can lock in give it his all and be a good defensive catcher. And it makes me think that you know is troubles in the past or just sort of lax days. Ical, not totally caring, but when he locks any do it. So. So Gareth from intensity, every name, Saint credit. I think our boot managed to game. I didn't leaving Severino in for the fifth, but that was pretty much the only thing I disagreed. I it made sense to take on our area there in the six just because it was basically the the top of the order. I think drudge was probably judge was do up in the bottom of six. So you're looking at probably only one more at bat friend who are in at that point. I think for ratings of, I've never never this four innings Verena defensively more important than that one plate appearance for an too harsh. So I like that move and obviously he made it a worth it with done. Ably will catch. Yeah, I knew when an Har had come up for his last at bat, I told the guys like this this. This is his last at bat less last. I because they're taking off for the initial throw were void had come off the bag to make the tag. Then he bounced when the void. This is no need for that with the lead at. I thought. Bring a Walker, I didn't know hedge virus income in, but I mean that catch was almost like he took a good a missile up to the moon to. I mean, I was unbe you can make there've been nicer place at third by Machado for sure, but in terms of catches, you won't see you really won't see a better cash. That was unbelievable how he got that ball. I honestly made a similar catch in like fifth or sixth grade. I was I was at second base in unbelievable leaping catch on a line drive. I got, I got. So it was unbelievable Boyd reminded me of that anyway. Oh, wow. Someone just posted. That's awesome. They on the Jumbotron they had a ton of Luke void shirts and someone just posts on Twitter. That's fucking awesome. It's just like five people in which it's awesome retreated. Yeah, just retweeted it. But yeah, I mean, now we're on the Boston. I mean, I think that's what else do we miss anything with this game as top the bottom really good thought the guy who look worse than probably labor. Those vary overmatched the Swain. I think he was just excited nervous, excited. I mean, I'm not taking anything out of it. Just making a mental note. Yeah, but Gary Boone was really good too, as you said, Boone. Perfect. I mean, I didn't agree with giving credit for starting Severino. I feel not totally buying it, but he pre-game did make it seem like it was all you know, his decision. So credit credit to him. I did run into a stat today main Jared that we were doing little research. The as at ninety five miles an hour plus on the year where the third worst batting average in ofensive Tagore's across the board in baseball and Severino highest average law city. So that's, that's what came into that was the analytical 's all doing their their magic. And that was why Severino was given the ball because they hit these guys. They. I mean, you know, they didn't hit hap but has a better road pitcher. But when you factor in the home in Severna being way better home pitcher and how his loss is in how he is our ase in the whole mentality thing of just being the big dog and let him eat. It worked up. So now we are onto Boston and I can't fucking wait. It's going to be unbelievable undoing getting on train late Thursday night on a get their whole day Friday. And then we're Jared, Jared, going like six AM like today. And then I'm I have a whole workday. I'm gonna host starting with KFC. And then and then I'm gonna get on train. I'll be there Friday, Saturday. We'll be both games. It's gonna be wild. I think there's a section ten live show at a bar on Saturday during the day that I'm gonna be a guest on for one of they're gonna do like two hours and rotate guests on every one of them. The booze. I'm going to get at that place in Boston are majors like beat up. It's those boots are going to be. I'm going to savor, I'm gonna love that shit. I am. I am Dave port. I made me an enemy of Boston tonight. I mean, he's, he just gets me for reasons those reasons off off the website on, but for content and not whatever. But he does not like me, but, hey, at least he Tagme tweet. I guess he could've not done that. That would have been crew. Apparently. I don't know if you saw the Instagram story calls, he was least favorite borstal employees. Yeah. Sucker tweet. Yeah, I saw I saw the Instagram. Yeah, I did. There's so much good content coming out of of this. I mean, you know, there's evolve evolved things people say where you know Dave made a deal with the devil and all the good fortune. The parcels have Boston sports, patriots winning Celtics, Red Sox while they have. We've had there's no Yankee Red Sox series since Barcelo has been like even close to what we know. Four was still just a newspaper. So now it's on thing that has not happened in the barstool, Aaron tonky fans plenty red sock fan. That's going to be be hostile. Yeah, and not to my own horn here, but I think I've done a pretty good job of building the Yankees story life fan base since I've got like I feel like it was almost like non existent like like it just, you know, we didn't have a lot of shirts or anything. Not that we have a lot right now, but I just think there's a lot more Yankee stories, early known at this point like they made, there's they're proud to be like Nike school is. It was mainly a Boston website, and I'm just, I'm. You know it. Now we go to war like this is we built this up for two years. You know, when I first came as company was a fucking intern, but I always wanted to be Yankee guy and lead this charge. I'm so happy to be doing it and and you you and Frankie. Let's fuck and go to war. I'm I'm so ready. We had five game series. They haven't announced the starter for for for Friday, but can't imagine it's Tanaka now it's gonna be cell happe- csar yet it's gonna be sale hap, and then I think maybe call crazy, but I think Sisi might get that game to start. I, I would agree. I picked what I wouldn't Austin. I don't think you pitch Tanaka in Boston. I agree. I'm doing knock it for game three than you go severing back for foreign half for five. Yes, I think perfect. It's perfect rotation. They have set up right now. That's what I would do. I want to knock at home. I see. I'd rather see. See, I guess on the rhyming didn't have a good start at Fenway during the sweep in August at all. But I, I mean, obviously he's over Lance land in eat, you know, you trust him in that could be more of a game reminder bullpen. Help get three or four at Assisi. But yeah, I'm going hap-. CC Tanaka Severino. Sorry. Yeah, yeah, we we agree. Sorry, nature's asked me if I can sleep on his couch, but I gotta go back home Boston as I gotta go pack for Boston, which sucks. He asked you if you could sleep on his couch, he's, he's if you don't wanna take the bus home, you can sleep union crash on my couch. Offer needs been very friendly. Me like EBay to tell. So it's like EBay time, like he issues. Like shelves, can you sleep on my couch, please? Please? Thank you. No favorite. Please, amid begging view this man. I'm, I'm just so relieved like the all that stress alluding up for once I pitch happened, I was like linked God, but the stressing upset got, I will say, hey, I'll say this. I gave shit to getting the Yankee Stadium. I got in ten minutes. It was. It was a walk in the park. They chose block. Yeah, or I just haven't really been using gate eight enough gate. I just walked right in there was lines relegate was just a walk in the park. Got an early. I was a lot of sitting around, you know, that's when like short porch people showed up in that was cool, but just a long grueling day. I mean, hey, I've not that Bowie Dallas braiding. He's a good sport Dow's handle. Well, he's a very dues. I don't think you're capable of bullying, Dallas Britain. No, nothing. A lot of people are capable of blinked. Our springs Centric millionaire former baseball player, I know, but I did as best. I could. The Yankee certainly helped out as didn't do him. Do many favors. It was sorry, this just sound tired. I have not. Actually. I've tried to eat things all day. Agai literally bought lunch in had one bite him. I t's burger and then I, I bought the whole chicken tub thing at Yankee Stadium had maybe half of a chicken thing. I just like was unable was served the digest food today. I just couldn't do it so many at some fucking McDonalds, way home and just eat my face off. I can't wait. Do we miss anything? I'm so fucking tired, but I don't. LA, I'm tired too. I gotta get. So I know. So next show our next show will. So I'm in ongoing rough from rowdy, Kentucky to I'm bottle. I am. It sucks. I'm gonna. I'm gonna be like basically on the ring, like doing Instagram stories in tweets, knowing during game one, I'll try to be following still, but yes, sucks. But but buyer often rowdy and have it on Bairo Ferrari have on your laptop as you watch the game undergrad do little multi-screen thing that's hold twenty teen multiple screens Avella, but you by referei I can't actually think of a better. I don't think Friday night man. Just invite your boys over via boys. Overwatch green one. What is it to screen action? Yeah, volleyball's her Buchan by thirties, go fucking hammered, watching grad socks, battle it out. And watch refer- Atty and then do the same thing on Saturday with Yankees, Red Sox. And then you've got fucking Conor McGregor fighting what fucking Saturday. Oli show what a weekend, what a weekend sports. Oh my God, it's can be unbelievable. I can't. So they are next up. So probably will be, I would guess, do you want to night recorded Sutton? We're not gonna let our core during the McGregor fight going to be out in Boston. Let's to court Sunday in have it out neither Sunday night or Monday morning. We'll record sometimes on. They'll be out. It'll be on Sunday, will you know? And you'll be listen on their whatever. Yeah, that's it. That's what can game. That's awesome. So happy, this, Madge miserable. Let's get on a bus right now to in the morning and after loss on God. God, I can't wait to wake up in the morning and just tweet Boston. I cannot fucking to tweet that this is what the porn on to make the Anki are the scrappy on deduct. All the pressure is on Boston. The hundred eight went team, highest payroll in baseball. We know Boston. They love to buy their World Series, the keys, the homegrown scrappy Cinderella. I said they're going to try to knock off label Chicago's the the greatest sports story of the keys. There's the little engine that could the big bad Red Sox opening a. He's just chug chug chug of the little engine that could just David trying to take down Goliath. Let's good luck boys. Wait, we got, we got a giant to slay. Your Kosovo people off of that, and I tell you. And saw you do that? Probably this only people by the way. Do you can't talk about the payrolls, a Yankee fan. Number one pair on Boston fucking talking about you still paying Kara Crawford fucking morons. We literally went under the luxury tax this year. We like didn't pay any. We're frugal. We're basically small market team. Yeah, we're pretty much like the race now, basically, dislike nickel and diming. Yeah. We absorb the as Billy bean to kill himself. Now Billy being. I mean, nobody Billy being the ninety, seven wins will he'll hang that they'll hang has had all that for a while I read that. He told his players like it's a good thing. We're playing the Anki because that's really close than eager to the Boston already told. That's what they said. An MLB radio today. As a way to get a motivator it ever. Yeah, it was looking ahead. Maybe it should look ahead fucking juggernaut team front you? Yeah, brought this lineup when it's fully healthy like tonight is terrifying. Like I said, there is no breaks of just there's just nothing and like tonight and hardened do anything labored and do anything. Who else d- didn't do anything, and they just shocks district of the walk. I mean, which was a big walk in retrospect to them hit. Yeah. I mean, there were plenty of people Garrett and do anything, and they still put up a it. Were they were there? They dominated offensively. Man. Awesome. Thanks for listening guys. Really appreciate it. If you're at the stadium real quick show, you should have video tweeden of the guy sweeping sings. We Carolina's fuck Boston, got, I mean that video needs to go viral that guys, that guy looked so angry. That guy was hating us. He looks like is entire family, which was murdered and like sweet Caroline was playing during it, but all right. Sorry, if I don't have come out sounding like if we're lagging, you're not. I mean recording. I'm running the -partment take studios right now. So I don't know how the wifi is anything's place stinks, but not the parliament takes you just this office. The wife is so shaky but bear with us will be back. So I think Sunday, let's hope for split it worse. We split you go back the anti stadium, just physical series Berkshire. By the way I'm confident. I'm confident Ke's Yuki and four Yankees in four. I think we're on the same page there. I don't know what game we're gonna if we don't not let us still do not let us when on Friday. Do not let that happen though you that right now, confident on good. What, what game, what a ride would a team, Luke void? I love you will see. I want. City that never sleeps. Number one. A little time. Star. It's up to you.

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