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Trump is No Nixon


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one today on the Charlie Kirk show. We make three bold predictions for this week's upcoming Democrat debate and how lower tier candidates will play a decisive role in determining the Democrat candidate. We go way back into the time machine back. Act to the Watergate scandal the early seventies that ultimately took down President Richard Nixon and white bear resemblance to president trump and our current impeachment sham. Finally we look forward to week number. Two the Pelosi and shifts circus laying out all the players the testimonies and why it's probably all a giant waste of America and our time but we're going to cover it anyway because we do on Charlie Kirk show so before we go any further police. Make sure that you are subscribed to the Charlie Kirk. Show your podcasts provider. Open up your podcast APP on Apple podcast type in Charlie Kirk Kirk. Show do it right now. Charlie Kirk show press subscribe. Leave us a five star rating and leave us a review if you can. This is really important and helps our show more than you could ever possibly imagine and press download on some other episodes in the past that you think might resonate with you. Some of the episodes of doing the traffic back most of them have timeless content in them meaning. Their Evergreen will go through history through perspective. We go through economics. We try to cover the news of the day but we try to tie it into timeless history timeless perspective analysis of the issue shoes. So right now your podcast provider type in the Charlie Kirk show leave us a five star rating and give us a review. If you can't so here we go buckle up this strategy coastal Charlie Kirk. Show your home. A concern. Serb libertarian. Rational thinking here. We got up early. What you've done is incredible here? Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. We are lucky to have Charlie them sharply cups run in the White House. I WANNA thank Joe. He's an incredible guy his spirit his love of this country's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful for youth organisations ever created turning point. USA We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries destroyed lives and we. We're going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Welcome to this edition of the Charlie Kirk Show. We got a great show planned for you as we gear up for. What is going to be a very packed Newsweek? I was just watching one of the shows and Nancy Pelosi was going up and she was saying. Oh this is much worse than what Richard Nixon ever did in reference the Donald Trump and I happen to be kind of a history aficionado. I guess you could say history nerd one could say and I love diving back into American history and kind of comparing where we are today trying to see how instructive it can be for future decisions. I am so tired of hearing this comparison of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump. I think it's way over used and it's used by people that has no understanding what actually happened in the nineteen seventies with Richard Nixon. It's one of my favorite periods of time to study. It was one of the. Most formative of the entire twentieth century was the Nineteen Seventies. It was formative culturally and it was definitely definitely formative politically. There's so much changing at one time But especially in Washington. DC and Richard. Nixon made his fair share of mistakes. And it's so different than what's happening now and you have people on television that are trying to evoke a sense of nostalgia with baby boomer voters to make it seem as if Donald Donald Trump is just as corrupt and may just as many mistakes as Richard Nixon. Did there are some similarities. Some of Larry's are that the press wanted to destroy Richard Nixon and more than anything else and that's definitely similarity between Richard Nixon and president. Donald Trump. By one of the show. Today with an I told you. So I hate doing this Mr the producers laughing as he wears his special watching you guys who listening to Charlie Kirch. I know exactly what I mean when I talk about his Special Watch but I hate doing the I told you so stuff but there's sometimes it's just too good. It's sometimes we are promises. Made promises kept show at the Charlie Kirk show. We just have to walk through when we call things correct and we we call it as we see it and one of those things that we predicted which was before the last debate. Mind you we made a prediction. When when I made this prediction Mr Producer Kyle Kochta's head? He's really really. I don't know about that and we had a long conversation. Afterwards but the prediction we made was that Pete boot edge boot edge. I think I'm saying that right Pete. Buddha judge the mayor from from South Bend Indiana was going to surge in Iowa. This comes from me doing something. Unbelievably radical actually going to Iowa and talking to people people. I know it's something that a lot of people in the political class in the polling punditry world. Don't actually do. I came off of an event in September Went Iowa and we had our culture. Were stopped for turning point. USA USA DOT com wait are turning point. USA Stop University of Iowa actually talked to human beings about who they I thought had the best infrastructure in Iowa and actually having done what most of the people in the D. C. political class have not done. I've actually campaigned in Iowa. I campaigned and caucus just for Senator Ted Cruz in Iowa in two thousand sixteen I was in his inner circle and I wasn't that far from Illinois and I went there many times and I understand the kind of infrastructure and the kind energy the kind of focus and the kind of discipline that it takes to win Iowa and so I saw impede Buddha judge great opportunity and great potential to actually win Iowa Woah. So let's actually go back to the Charlie Kirk archives and you guys can go way back in the time machine and download every single episode. Something I highly recommend you do regardless so go back and do that. But let's go back Charlie Kirk show archives and find where I kind of the Babe Ruth pointing to Centerfield saying that people to judge was going to surge in Iowa am I knew when I made this prediction and Pete booed judge was in the single digits in Iowa and right now he's a lot more the single digits. I'll I'll tell you where he is right now. Let's play tate if I had to say. Hey this person has the highest highest likelihood of getting hot Niwa and no one is talking about this guy but he's had a good amount of press appeal and hasn't had a big blow up. I would have to say that guys people to judge. He has a midwestern appeal he has raised a tremendous amount of money is a great Iowa operation and I think he's going to have his Iowa moment so when we did that segment Pete Buddha judge I was on October. Fifteen people to judge was on the real clear politics average right around eleven point five percent and the latest poll has him at twenty five percent in Iowa and so he is now the front runner in Iowa. Now we're GONNA make another prediction here number. Eighteenth two thousand nineteen. He's getting too hot too early. He's a great candidate to get hot late. He's a great late breaking candidate. He is not someone who was built to sustain a lead in a primer. So if you understand the political fundamentals of how primary politics work in order to sustain a lead you to be someone like Donald Trump someone who is autonomous someone who is able to command the new cycle someone who they're making stories about and they're actually asking other candidates about their positions on that candidate. That's what you know. A front runner. Like people to judge in my own estimation and I could be mistaken. Can you all think I am or else. I wouldn't be saying it. I don't think he has the wherewithal and I don't think he has the Gravitas to continue this twenty five percent Threshold that he has hit. He doesn't have a twenty five point lead but he's at twenty five percent in Iowa. I think this is going to normalize the entire in the Democrat field. The person who who is the biggest kind of party crasher the individual who just needs to get out of the way and things. We've actually go to some form of equilibrium if what you wanted was a war. In or a Biden presidency is Bernie Sanders Bernie. Sanders has proven that he cannot rise and he cannot fall he is perfect. A Treading Water Bernie Sanders has captured the fifteen percent. Bolshevik breadline Soviets have kidding of course in the Democrat Party I mean it's remarkable. How Bernie Sanders despite having having health complications which were not trivializing? But it's a real thing to put the factor in when you're trying to choose the present United States and someone who has some extreme and radical positions is is able to stay right around that kind of twelve fifteen percent number in the states. Like Iowa and New Hampshire Elizabeth. Warren who predicted was going to surge. And I still think has a good chance of being the nominee she is going through a real stalling phase right now Elizabeth. Warren is proving that she is much more vulnerable on a lot of positions than people thought this debate coming up. This week will be something to see. We are going to have exclusive insight and analysis done in real time and we'll be posting that episode right after the debates so when you wake up Thursday morning wheel we will have watched that Democrat debate so you would not have to hear my three big predictions about this week's Democrat debate debate. You're going to see more and more attacks of Buddha judge being treated as the front runner and Joe Biden all of a sudden trying to make himself seem like a frontier candidates. That's number one number two. You're going to see Democrats struggle with the issue of impeachment. Impeachment is not that popular to the broader audience but it is popular popular with the. Let's say vengeful Democrat base. That has still not gotten over losing the two thousand sixteen election and the number three. I think you're going going to see a candidate that is not currently the entire national conversation like Tulsi Gabbard or Klobuchar essentially throw some hail. MARYS start to pick some fights now you might remember back in the two thousand sixteen race. Donald trump was aided tremendously and was benefited. By a Chris Christie Marco Rubio fight those that might not remember Donald Trump lost Iowa. Got Second Place in Iowa. Ted Cruz got I. Marco Rubio surged number three and in some ways marco. Rubio was being treated as the dark horse front runner the media wanted anybody except Donald trump even though they loved covering Donald Trump Ted Cruz was proven to have the most durability longterm throughout the Republican primary despite Donald Trump. I should say. He had the most durability to be able to actually launch a campaign throughout the two thousand sixteen primary race but Marco Rubio was actually poised to do very well in New Hampshire and then there was a debate. I believe that debate was either Saturday or Sunday night. Before the Tuesday in New Hampshire. I remember exactly where I was and Chris Christie. Who had no chance of actually? Winning New Hampshire went all New Jersey prosecutor on Marco Rubio. And this is when Marco Rubio Marco Marco's a friend but this is just a fair political science analysis marco. Rubio repeated himself three times and almost a robotron ICK way that ended his campaign and Donald Trump smiled. All the way to winning New Hampshire eventually winning South Carolina and I'll never forget when he wants South Carolina. Newt Gingrich went on Fox. It's news and he said the entire Republican Republican establishment. Better understand that Donald trump is now going to be your nominee. Never forget that when Newt Gingrich was live on Sean Hannity Show Joe now. This is instructive in one way. That lower tier candidates can play a really important role in disrupting the status quo or disrupting who's actually going to get hot Wen so so. Despite certain candidates not having a chance of actually getting the nomination like anger Yang or watch on this debate this week this is my third prediction. They're going to try to either a make a name for themselves or be do what they think. Correct and people like cory booker perfectly fit this mold and you can start to see if they want potentially auditioned for vice president or for secretary state date in the future. They might come to the aid of they think the nominee is going to be and you saw this in two thousand sixteen as well. After certain candidates dropped out when Mike Huckabee dropped out he went and immediately endorsed Donald Trump went ben Carson dropped out and endorsed Donald Trump. Actually did he. He actually let me rephrase that. We'll do some fact checking. I think he and crews were in such a feud dude he eventually endorsed Donald Trump because carson had a bone to pick with Ted Cruz in the Iowa caucus and how some things were handled. Keep an eye on this people to judge now is target number one one in Iowa and Joe Biden another promises made promises kept prediction on the Charlie Kirk shows. We predicted that Joe Biden was going to flounder and he I think is in third or fourth place in this latest Iowa poll so now I want to get to the Richard Nixon analysis. They are nothing alike. I WanNa get into that and where the media is totally wrong and I think I awesome insight. 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Let's walk through the facts of this because they are nothing alike well again. I shouldn't say they're nothing like I guess they were. Both Republican presidents hated by the media. But I repeat myself self. Every Republican president is hated by the media. Many of you have probably seen the movie. All the president's men was a nineteen seventy-six American political thriller about the Watergate Scandal. And so the Richard the Nixon presidency came unraveling for lots of reasons a lot of things that president trump has not done and will never do and never engage in so after San. Let's just go through the facts of this this. I'm going to add some color to it and I hope this will give you the important intellectual and historical context that you could push back against your leftist friends. Professors teachers relatives as you come to Thanksgiving making the inaccurate comparison that President Donald Trump is somehow even closely aligned with President Richard Nixon. Now I will say this there are people. Listen to podcasts. That are really big on Nixon apoligism. We will not do that on the show up. There are people at the Nixon Library. Nice enough people that will basically say Richard Nixon did nothing wrong set up by the people within him and he fell on the sword for the Republican Party. I think there might be some very interesting conversation around that. We're not going to get into that. I'm just going to do the facts and I will defend Nixon on some do things but he did do a lot wrong as well okay. So nineteen seventy-three when the Senate Special Committee chaired by a Democrat. which was Sam Ervin North Carolina Democrat? He was overseeing hearings on Watergate. So let's just start on. What Watergate was? Let's give you some context so there was a break in at the Democrat National Committee headquarters and this break in there. There were some people that did it. Young people that were allegedly paid to do this break in and it prompted an entire nation into it and the White House was doing everything it possibly could to distance themselves from this break in and as In articulated in the book and the movie that a lot of you have seen all the president's men which of course had Woodward Edward and Bernstein Profiled in it they went relentlessly looking for facts and looking through sources and of course the famous source was government individual within the governing himself. who went by an anonymous named deep throat on its right deep throat were they met Privately in a parking garage was dramatized and so essentially the more they looked into the Watergate scandal. And this break in the more. They realized that the White House was actually really close to this. And so here's what ended up happening is at Howard powered Baker. I remember that name. Howard Baker from Tennessee ranking member of the committee he deposed mid level White House aide Alexander Butterfield and ask them if there are any tapes of President Nixon's since discussions? He tried to not confirm it. But eventually butterfield revealed that Nixon did in fact had a voice activated system that tape everyone of his discussions as a here. Is what the most bizarre thing thing about this whole thing was. Here's what Nixon did wrong Nixon for his own posterity and for maybe writing his own book and the accuracy of his presidency. He kept tapes in the White House and in the Oval Office at recorded all of his conversations. And there's a great. There's another great movie that I highly recommend all check out called Frost Nixon which was an interview view series. That David Frost did. I Think First Name Was David Frost. We'll get that fact. Check to your on the church. That's what comes to mind. David Frost. He got the exclusive rights to interview. Richard Nixon post-presidency agency after he resigned and sat down with Richard Nixon. And one of the first questions asked Richard Nixon which is just an obvious question that he was never answered is. Why didn't you burn tapes? Which is why would you destroy the tapes that could have been incriminating against you in any way? The committee unanimously subpoenaed the tapes. This went up to the Supreme Court which eventually ordered Nixon to hand them over. In the summer of nineteen seventy four the tapes proved that Nixon directed the FBI and CIA to cover up the break in at the Watergate Hotel which was the debt which was right near the Democrat National Committee Headquarters Ten Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee who had previously voted against impeaching. The President Committee all announced they would now support peach mint even even very goldwater went to the White House and now very famous meeting which is now famous to tell President Nixon and he'd lost support of Senate Republicans the following day Nixon announced his resignation nation is approval rating in the polls at this point. Were just over twenty percent which meant that half the country. Republicans probably more want an exit gone by the way. Nixon won the nineteen eighteen seventy two election in an absolute landslide. He was a little biography on Richard Nixon. That people don't actually remember Richard. Nixon serve as eight years but two terms terms as vice president under Dwight D Eisenhower. They're two different types of Republicans but they made it work and then Richard. Nixon ran for the presidency in the now famous. Nineteen sixty election against John Fitzgerald. Kennedy were Kennedy won by some would say stealing the election in Chicago in the middle of the night. well-documented voter fraud that Richard Nixon then conceded that election Richard Nixon waited his turn and and then ran again in. Nineteen sixty eight won pretty decisively in one even more decisively nineteen seventy-two with one of the most decisive landslide electoral victories in the middle. Where where the the left? I actually think we might be heading toward nineteen seventy two election where the Democrats nominate ridiculously radical candidate. So contrast nineteen seventy four Nixon and twenty thousand so Nixon lost half of Republican Party support in one thousand nine hundred four right now. Donald Trump's approval rating in the Republican Party is as unified as ever has been one of the most popular Republican presidents within the Republican Party in history at ninety five percent approval rating. Here are some huge differences. One Nixon's tapes affirmed. He broke the law. Trump's transcripts of firm he didn't to Nixon actually spied on the opposing party. Trump was spied on by the opposing party. And and trump has an obligation to uncover corruption and foreign metal huge difference number three. Nixon resigned due to overwhelming bipartisan support. WE'RE DONALD TRUMP. The only bipartisan partisan's support in the house was against beginning the impeachment inquiry four. Nixon had no Senate Republican support. Donald Trump has basic full Senate Republicans support and unanimous Animus House. Republicans support not single defection. Other words he will not be removed from office. And you might remember. Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency and Richard Nixon really mishandled has handled the later part of his presidency. By getting too cocky and too confident and emboldening really bad people with his within his White House do far too much. President trump was rights to to hold the Ukrainian president in check to try to check out crowd strike which was foreign meddling. The comparison is baseless. The comparison is just trying to pick out a formerly. Almost impeached resigned president with someone who they walk to be impeached. The evidence and the historical context in no way supports this at all in fact Donald Trump and his presidency is much closer to not Richard Nixon and not Bill Clinton but I think his presidency and one that is about. The revitalization of America is much closer to Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan was hated by the Democrats. Ronald Reagan was hated by the media. Ronald Reagan was called the errant cowboy. Albouy who might be having health problems you Ronald. Reagan went through so much negativity and he was shocked he was shot and almost killed in the streets. Something something you think would bring the country together and actually have people respect him and not challenges mental capacity. No Reagan was shot in the streets and still he'd succeeded seated in his presidency by crumbling. Soviet Union creating one of the best economies in American history in shrinking the federal bureaucracy. And guess what Donald Trump just like Ronald Reagan ran on those famous words to make America. Great again all right. I want to talk to you about an amazing partner. We have and as you know we pick our partners very carefully at the Charlie Kirk show. I had a really bad back injury back in January. And I'm still trying to recoup from it and those that know me know that I almost always walk around with tennis shoes and not dress shoes just just because of my back injury dress. Shoes are so hard to wear around but now I have these amazing comfortable shoes that are for People Wanna get stuff done okay and again. I'm really picky with my shoes. I'm picky would I wear around because I'm always moving. 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I feel like this is some form of murder on the Orient Express with deep state bureaucrats playing telephone all to avenge a president. They should have won an election. Who they don't like the first one we have is lieutenant? Colonel Alexander Vin. WHO's the top Ukraine specialists on the National Security Council Vin men? Listen to this actually listened to the phone. Call that we have a transcript up. So I'd like to know what he knows that we don't know but anyway Vin men listened to the July twenty fifth telephone conversation conversation in the White House Situation Room and he reported his concerns about the president's mentions a political investigations to a National Security Council attorney. He said the attorney decided to move the record of the call onto a highly classified system that you could access a very standard procedure which Brcko pomme employed countless times throughout his presidency. So here's what the Democrats Angle is going to be going to tell you their whole script right now. VIND men previously testified transcript of trump's July twenty fifth phone call with Ukrainian president. Ah The music Alinsky was missing. Certain details Vinson said quote. He would have edited the transcript specifically show that Celeski mentioned Berea sma the company that hired Hunter Biden Roger Than just the company according to sources the original transcript reads he or she will look into the situation specifically the company that you mentioned in this issue and quote hello additionally CNN reports VIN been testified that one example of his attempts to change the transcript was to include trump telling Ukraine President Wlodimierz Alinsky the tapes that there were tapes of Biden. They want to pete the narrative at the trump administration is concealing facts and bearing the transcript on the classified server. Here's why doesn't doesn't matter even if we included Vince. Edit it doesn't change the contents of the phone call. This is so important. So they're going to try to make it seem as if demographer the person who actually makes the subtitling title of the call is not actually what was said that it was heavily edited in somewhere within the deep labyrinth of our government. There's incriminating evidence against our president. Anyone paying attention knows that Barista is the company and the tapes. The president is likely referring to is the footage of Joe Biden bragging about firing the prosecutor who was investigating his son's company. I'M GONNA play this every every single time on the Charlie Kirk show till I stopped doing the Charlie Kirk show and this is still a part of the news cycle. I will never not play the state because Joe Biden needs to be held accountable for publicly bragging about firing Ukrainian prosecutor around his sons corruption east and I went over the twelfth thirteenth time to keep and and and I was supposed to announce that there's another billion dollar loan guarantee and I got a commitment from Port Shinco and from Yahtzee Dotson Yup. Did they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did so. They said they had they walk out to press kind of setting. I and I'm not gonNA We're not going to give you the billion dollars dollars a said you know thirty. You're not the president. The president said I said call him. I said I'm telling you not getting a billion dollars. I said you're not getting the billionaire. That'd be leaving here. I think it was what six hours I look. I leaving six hours if the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money all son of a bitch the fire and they've put in place someone who was solid. That's right. Joe Biden into Council Foreign Relations Post. vice-presidents he was bragging about finding China prosecutor. Who is looking into his son? So here's the other person who's testifying Jennifer Williams who began working for the State Department during the George W Bush administration and serves As Pen Special Adviser for Europe and Russia she also listened in on the July twenty fifth phone call between trump and Dolinsky. Say One thing I I was I was a little bit in in the dark here I had no idea so. Many people are listening on trump's compensations. I mean I'm not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing but my goodness this is this eavesdropping. I mean again. Someone could say it's a good thing I don't want to try to infer but it's amazing. How many people listening to these phone conversations? I'm sure a lot of people are thinking this that just hearing about this. So Williams uh-huh tollhouse impeach him. Investigators that president trump's efforts to pressure Ukraine. Investigators components were quote. Unusual and inappropriate doesn't matter if she thinks that totally irrelevant and quote. Awesome light on possible other motivations for the president was ordered to freeze military aid to the US Allah the likely Democrat Angle is the show dissension in the ranks of the White House of the pence eight appearing hearing before Congress Williams lawyer provided the statement quote Jennifer is a longtime dedicated State Department employees. Will that's reason enough to try to discredit her. I mean what we need another deep state person who's screwed up our foreign policy over the last forty years Williams attorney Justin Schnur told. NPR quote if required to repair. She will answer the committee's questions. We expect your testimony will largely reflect what is already in the public record and quote. Here's why this doesn't matter. This is just another policy disagreement which represents no impeachable offense just like bill. Taylor's impeachment testimony last week. Do you WANNA I know all about Bill Taylor please go to the precepts Charlie Kirk show press download and. Listen it through. Here's the second panel on Tuesday. Boy We're GONNA have an action packed Tuesday and we are going to bring you analysis I promise on the Charlie Kirk Show debunking solve and also the Democrat debate later in the week. Kurt Volcker the former special envoy to Ukraine who longest sunland and energy secretary. Terry Rick Perry was part of a quote three Amigos and quote task by the president to handle Ukraine policy. Volcker has said enclosed testimony that he participated in efforts to push this. Let's get ministration to investigate corruption. But that quote us not aware that Vice President Biden's name was mentioned or across was made to investigate him until the transcript was released on September twenty fifth two thousand nineteen us at the Democrats. Angle's going to be if house. Investigators are able to uncover evidence that trump or anyone close to him directed Volker to shut down the legitimate investigation of former state as conducted by sovereign nation that Mike constitute a new abuse of power to be included in the articles of impeachment. The Democrats are looking to bring against trump said one of the sources house Democrat impeach. Him investigators are also trying to determine if trump abused his power by allegedly pressuring Alinsky to investigate Joe Biden and a son hunter and claims of tampering and the two thousand sixteen elections during the July. Twenty phone call so look. There's a lot that I'm talking about here but just I gotta take a step back. They're going to continue to parade these deep state bureaucrats that all kind of have their own opinions but no evidence that the president should be impeached. Here's who else there's going to be testifying. Tim Morrison who is the former and a C- council who also heard that July twenty fifth phone call but in closed door testimony told the committee conducting the impeachment career that he didn't view the president's actions. There's a legal inappropriate so that's kind of contradict some of these other testimonies. But here's the main crux in the Moors and testimony from the closed door hearings that we know of Morrison testified that he included every every edit asks for by vitamin and that he does not recall anyone including vitamin for the additions of recent Biden tapes. So why does this all matter. Why does this matter to just boil it down? Vigne has been accused of having blatant anti trump positions and had to be reprimanded vice commander in the military for displaying political bias. In favor of Obama Morrison it has also testified that he purposely kept vin men out of the loop because he had questions about his judgment which are also raised by other officials. So there's going to be a little bit of drama may be happening in real real time with some of these testimonies which is so interesting to watch as some of these hearings by the way can go completely off the rails for the Democrats so you have have more than who's going to be testifying. Essentially against Vin. Men Morrison testified in closed door. And now he's going public. It's a big deal that he purposely kept vitamin out of the loop because because he had questions about his judgment which also raised by other officials so by the way this could invalidate vitamins testimony. Just so we understand that. It's it's more than unlikely that vitamin could be invalidated by another witness. Who was called and I'm sure the Republicans like at least the phonic are going to call this out accused the big crux of the issue? Is this anyone testifying at all does sunland. WHO's also a WHO is the one-stop donor the president's inaugural committee? Who will be testifying Wednesday boy? Do you WanNa talk about a busy news day. It is Wednesday. My goodness is it Wednesday. Because you've got the Democrats all these testimonies going on. It's remarkable you got vind vind men you got Morrison. We mentioned all these people and but none of them have any new evidence to show. They're all just kind of perspectives. And and overhearing and east dropping. The most important thing is this. Do any of them have anything that now contributes to new evidence to lead to the impeachment of the present the United States. The answer is of course. Not the Democrats. Are doing this and melodramatic fashion. You know what this actually feels like you guys ever see the last episode ever of Seinfeld where they bring all the different characters from all the different episodes and they just try to basic all of course joke no no doubt but they try to make a these are bad people because all all of these people think they're bad people type thing that's kind of what they're doing donald trump. There's no evidence it's all just talking about what they thought. The overheard overheard or how things I might be missing and they're going to lose the American people very quickly on this. Let me tell you I had to do a lottery. Search on this the art team of Charlie Kirk show they. They spent hours putting all this together. I mean it's work. Understanding who Fiona Hill is Gordon. John Lewis how did he work with. Rudy Giuliani. What are the Democrats Angle? WHO's Laura Cooper who's who's WHO's this guy who's like I get it? I understand that your head might be spending with all this. Here's the bottom line and let me tell it to you straight that they do not have impeachable offenses against the United States. If they did it would have been like Richard Nixon. They would have said. Here's what we have. We have the tapes. Hey guess what we transcripted. They said we have the tapes. Let's impeach him and then the president would have resigned or the present did resign Richard Nixon. They have no such thing here. They are trying to use impeachment as a political tool to remove a duly elected president president of the United States by the way most of these testimonies are going to be big nothing burgers. It's just someone who has disagreement with our president. Trump has handled their foreign policy and mind you. Ukraine got their aid. It would be one thing if Ukraine never got their aid but Ukraine actually got their aid Ukraine got their aid and then some and also got the license and the permission to buy ins of very sophisticated and lethal form of armament to defend themselves against Russian aggression. There's also going to be lower. Cooper tested TESTA testifying. WHO's a deputy assistant secretary of the Defense Department who in a closed door testimony so that Ukrainians raise the administration's delay of aid in August after the July twenty? If it's phone call there the Democrats angles basically going to be. They want her testimony that conveyed the abrupt nature of the president's decision to withhold aid. She wasn't on the Ukrainian call so she can't speak any of the pressure she couldn't if asked point to an impeachable offense also David Hale the under secretary state by. I just have to say I think the Democrats are calling way too. Many people If they really had their case they should just call a singular person and focus on this person. I think this kind of trial by mob this trial. Oh by deep state mob. That's what this is. This is the deep state mob. It's not going to work. The American people have a lot of contemporary these individuals anyway. These are the very same people that covered for the wrong decision to who of eight Iraq. The wrong decision to stay in Afghanistan the wrong decision continue occupy every around the world. I don't think the American people are going to resonate with some deep state bureaucrat. That went to some ideally school that hates Donald Trump. I actually I don't think that's going to be a winning measure and it's going to be fascinating to see other Democrats on Wednesday night in their debate. Handle all this impeachment nonsense. Here's what they're going GONNA be. We're living through a crisis right now in our country where a president is doing illegal actions and he should be impeached. They're gonNA try and get seem as if there's some crisis and the only one that can solve it make no mistake this political charade. It's a disgrace by the way. This entire thing is a disgrace. I I am so proud of our president. What he's achieved for our country and I'm sick into the core that the Democrats and the media are putting up with the circus? I mean look. You're always going to have the fringe actors and the Democrat Party that want to impeach every Republican. That ever exists the fact that they're tolerating this. They're allowing this to happen. is a disgrace to our country and the Democrats would much rather see. Donald Trump being than America succeed the much rather see Donald Trump. Be taken out than see America reach any level of prosperity and success. I think it's disgusting. It's despicable art. Everybody a huge week of sports ahead I am joined here by our friends at online dot. Ag We have Dave Mason. Who is the sports book and Brand Manager? Dave welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Thank you for having me. So tell us what's coming up in sports this week. It looks like the College Football playoff. We're finally getting a better idea of WHO's going to be in. WHO's going to be out and give us some of the big NFL match-ups coming up this week. Yeah well big big week coming up this week aw are loaded because they absolutely killed us this past weekend Sarbaz load and has a lot of money there coutts. NFL Awesome scheduled coming up this week week week. Twelve already Geez All sorts of playoff implications on the line Colts Texans Thursday night some big ones on Sunday including seahawks plus to it Eagles Philadelphia Eagles. This look Arwan Sunday cowboys plus six at the Patriots and and Sunday night. The packers plus three at the forty niners. Monday night's a big one as well as the ravens minus three and a half at the Los is Angeles Rams and yeah called football huge. The College Football playoff sky shape. It up you know to ear SA- their their odds drop big time not only because you know the LSU defeat a couple of weeks ago but now to was out Odds to win cogs Football Championship. Ohio estate is currently the favourite plus two hundred. They have a big game against ten. Stay at home on Saturday. Even though Penn State's ranked nine in the right number. Two do state is giving eighteen and a half points in that once. Oh wait why Ohio states eighteen and a half point favorites. Yeah I will take that bet instantaneously. Is`sling I don't think there's any way that Ohio state wins by eighteen and a half points if they win by eighteen and a half point skins penn state they they deserve to be crowned national champions right then and there. That's that's that's something else. Oslo surprised myself that high but You know I'm Kinda Penn State guy by default discussing my lineage here in Pennsylvania but I edano they haven't looked at grade. The last two weeks know-how states just rolling over everybody is a lot of points series. You're correct eighteen and a half points UNFOR- game that means so so much for both teams. So Yeah Oh how states plus to enter favorite to win at all Ben Fahd closely clemson and Lsu but both fuss to fifty while so. How are the ducks of Oregon Oregon? Looking what are the Oregon ducks. We love the Oregon ducks here. My Dad uncle and aunt all went to University of Oregon. What are their odds? Even make the playoffs let alone win at all. Make the playoffs Those eyes are closed at the moment. That will be open back up tomorrow. They'll probably be about plus two hundred plus two sixty to make the playoffs. Where thanking maybe a little bit at higher to to win it all? They're they're currently sixteen to one hundred dollar bet with lock in sixteen hundred dollar profit at something. Well it's a lot better. It was the opening week when they lost Auburn. I'll tell you that they've been on a roll ever since their high. You Win The PAC ten with only one loss and a couple of these other teams ahead ahead of them. Start Losing Games and then they get it right there on the fourteenth Switchers eighteen playoffs when he wanted me to have this conversation. It'd be a no brainer in the the top eight teams go at it but unfortunately only four teams make. Yeah well hopefully. That'll change I. I like the current college playoff a lot better than that. BCS garbage that we had absolutely. I agree one hundred percent people still whine and complain but I've I've just always tell us guys remember what it was like five years ago and it was just just a guessing game and and all based on math models and whatnot ores better than BCS. I think eight is ideal and hopefully we get there eventually so so right now. Who are the odds on favorites to win the Super Bowl again? We're talking to Dave from online not a g checkout that online dot. Ag Our partner at the Charlie Kirk show so who are the big favorites to win the Super Bowl now patriots. Still the top No surprise there. Plus two fifty ultimate ravens right behind him plus five fifty followed by the saints plus six hundred forty niners plus seven hundred. Will I like I like those odds and my bears are not looking too good. I'll tell you and they killed us this this weekend to we needed them so much on Sunday night and and they not get it done we. We got Ashley murdered so I'm whining and complaining a lot of your day. I'm sorry I don't know if the House always wins or not doc but people can find out because you can win it online dot ag. I guess right so but anyway great to come on Dave. Thank you and I'm going to keep pulling for my ducts. They got a the big one against Arizona State this week and then they got Oregon State and I think they're going to be the PAC twelve championship. And the only thing that could prevent organ from getting in is if Georgia runs runs the table and beat Lsu in the SEC title game. That is what no one's talking about. That would almost ensure Georgia gets in and Lsu gets in Clemson Ohio state but don't asleep on Penn State. I think Penn State can make some make some noise and definitely. Don't sleep on that Michigan team that Michigan team. I think's the best two loss team in the country. All right. Well thanks so much Dave. I appreciate it Great partner here at the Charlie Kirk show till next time thanks so much. We'll stay tuned guys. We're going to have more episodes coming from the Charlie Kirk show leader. 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A conservative served libertarian. Rational thinking thanks everything I appreciate it. Stay free support turning-point U._S._A. U._S._A.. Dot Com till next time.

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