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Less Rejection, More Connection


Thanks for listening to the sex with emily. I'm Doctor Emily and on today's show. I'm talking about why you're part or maybe rejecting your sexual advances and how to get a better understanding around it puzza matching your sex and relationship. Questions topics include rejection. How to make it sting a little less and hopefully to a place of better understanding you love Nipple play but your partner is so not into it post baby what gives you WanNa give your partner more sexy surprises in bed but your past. Has you feeling super nervous about it? What do you do in? How do you handle having different stress responses when it comes to sex all this more? Thanks for listening. I WanNa tell you about one of the oldest and most trusting relationships in my. It's probably the only one that's never really let me down. I'm talking of course about the Magic Wand. I mean the magic wand was a big part of my life even before I started the show. 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Such thinly dot com slash magic wand is. Is that my car sacred you call you. Got A boyfriend here. He just got his heart broke. Anything kind of cute standard. The women know about shrinkage. Isn't it common knowledge? What do you mean like laundry shrink sexual? Oh my fear so grumpy in bed pretty good but you know he's not the kind of job you just play. You're listening to sex with emily. Were talking about sex relationships and everything in between from our formation checkout sex emily dot com and you can find as an all. Social MEDIA IS SEX. With Emily across the board intentions with Emily so for each show. I started by sending intention for the show and hope you guys will do the same. So what I mean is when you're listening right now. What do you want to get out of listening to this episode? How could it help you? And maybe it's wow when I heard this show was about Rejection I know that I could react better with my partner. Turns me down for sex? Maybe it's just I feel like I could learn how to deal with rejection better in all areas of my life. My intention is to help you find a little bit more understanding for each other. You know think about it if your partner's not in the mood for sex act to blame yourself. How can you react better? How do you stay in the mood? Lech partner down gently. We don't want to hurt our partners feelings do we? I think we don't regards. Enjoy the show. Thanks for listening or guys. Let's talk about sex rejection in how to get past it so I'm here at producer Jamie because this really comes up. Hi Jane. This comes up all the time that you know. We're not always going to be in the same sexual space as our partner. In fact Miss Bachelor Beato Desire discrepancy is probably one of the most common challenges in relationships. So just because you're rejects you or. They're not in the mood for sex for night or for a while. People get rejected sometimes over and over. They have the reasons for it but says we don't even realize that were hurt by our partners rejections than we are blaming ourselves and we think we did something wrong and it becomes a mess. I want you guys to to learn something today about what it might mean when your partner says Notice Act so when you say no sex happy break it down. Yes because I think we're all really bad at doing that. For the most part. How do you say no to something? And then you know just feels such a strong word is right. It's no it is a strong word. We feel like if I say no as were pleasers we just think just. GonNa keep saying yes. Oh I don't want to hurt their feelings but ballistic we're going to there are ways to actually say now that isn't GonNa suck true not a sucker So maybe like okay so maybe. Your parter is overworked. Exhausted are completely stressed out and people have complained. The partners want sex. 'cause they're too tired but hey we worked a manding jobs of. Us Really Work Card plus where parents may come home and we got to take care of the kids. We got to cook got a clean which also tiring. And then there's when there's big changes executives like a big change like working late. I'm working a lot. More jobs have got a second job down. We have kids and then that changes so it just can feel impossible insurmountable. Like how do I get in the mood for sex? How do I do it if my partner like you can't always turn your brain off either like sometimes there are other things pressing on your mind? I would love to have sex right now but I'm thinking about all of these things going on. Believe me you know we I do so like. Let's say you're the tired stressed out. One I think the important thing is if you know you're like Oh God this is my partner is going to want sex right now and I don't what do I do. I think the most important thing is to let them know that it's not that you're just tired or voiding them or you. Just say no and keep your headphones out and avoid them. Let them know that you would like to have sex. Let them know when. Maybe you guys could plant for a few days from that or on the weekend. But that you it's not anything to do with your body your mind whatever's going on you don't have the energy for it. I think it's important to explain why we say no. Yeah instead of just being like gnome. Stressed out like it gives them under. Why okay so. I'm stressed out but here is what's making me stressed out or in sometimes even the ability to prevent might make you feel better and maybe we'll be in the mood after that xactly sometimes just talking it out. Us feel better okay. If you're getting rejected understand where your partner's coming from right? So so maybe they they tell you that they're really stressed out or they're anxious about something. Maybe if you try to help more with tasks that would make their life easier. Surprise them. Give them a relaxing massage or a bath and then try to have sex in the morning when the rest it right. Why not us since taking the pressure off of someone into saying it's okay. I'm here for you. I want to help out. Let me do something will actually be just the thing they need to come back around So nothing is you as being asked in the wrong moment and taking sincere not right this second as a blanket. No now this is a big one because sometimes we mean no not right now let me finish up with something or we. Just we need a different kind of approach and we say no not at this moment so sex campy spontaneous and somewhere in the mood and the other one is and it doesn't mean it's going to happen so maybe your partner is in the middle of the pay attention if we're cooking dinner finishing emails texting and you come over you start kissing on your turned on your sex right away. They might not be ready yet. Doesn't mean that they're never going to be ready or they might be ready in a few hours. But sometimes we take it as a no my partner was rejects me and then we make it a bigger thing and then we go to bed on satisfied when really what could have happened. Is You just waited to have sex? Maybe your partner needed fifteen minutes to finish dinner. Maybe she said no or he said No. And then you've got to fend it and then things were to shut down so if you're asking the wrong moment even though this can be hard if you're in the middle of the task you might be like no but make it clear that you're doing tasks and you'll be ready for sex when it's finished so you could say like. I don't want to be distracted babe. It'll be so much better afterwards. Forgive fifteen minutes Gimme half are or even give until tomorrow morning like it's okay to reassign it but let your partner. No it's not and the reason I bring that it's not a blanket. No because these things fester like pupils get rejected. And they've you know they just remember that one time they get all sexy and dressed up in their party didn't really see them or because their partner was busy and they didn't feel accepted and they start making efforts so I think the clear we can be in the moment of saying no better. Yeah I mean if you if I even me who wants to have sex. Most we all the time if I'm doing something like if I'm cleaning and you are trying to have sex right then and there. I'm just me like I need to finish this task that I am visibly doing. Please wait for me in the bathroom. You can start without me down with you. Starting today right you know but then people were like no she said no and now I'm at or he hears right. Well if you're the one getting rejected tried it see from their perspective. How being interrupted in the moment wasn't the best thing wasn't the best time in that. If you're patient you probably get an up having sex anyways. So it's a matter of being present and catching our responses catching our reactions. That kind of gives us upset. Yeah not getting like not getting hung up on yourself to like. Oh I ask them in the wrong moment and now I feel bad about myself and now everyone feels bad. It's more like Oh you know if I had thought about it. She is sheer here. Is doing task? If I was doing that task I probably wouldn't WanNa be interrupted either. Really being able to see it from the other person's shoes you could walk in their shoes for okay. Parters body has made fun of or it's change and they're not comfortable being naked. This is another reason why we don't want to have sex. You guys I hear this all the time we feel like we have saggy breasts or Labia is too long. We've gained too much weight or appease too small. We've got stretch marks feeling loose after childbirth. You know it's really hard to forget all these things when we are being approached for sex partner so and we get self conscious and so I think if if we're the one if we're walk of all these insecurities because we often get college in the shoulder. Like how can I get my wife to feel beautiful? We had some other things like a lot of it really is an inside job that we have to learn to love ourselves even if we're trying so if the insecurities you know remember that your partner loves you and they're attracted you and there with her for reason they don't people don't see our flaws the way we do it flies hard to forget that like not everyone is seeing like because if you ever had his zoo on your face like. Oh my God I have this huge zig and then the person you told that to like I didn't notice until you till now I can see exactly. This is what happened to the point. Listen there naked with you there in bed with you probably turned on and confidence. We always hear time time again. Is the sexiest thing in the bedrooms of you can learn to kind of practice in the mirror move past whatever your insecurities are like learned to love the parts earliest learned to accept the. Party yourself that yeah. Acceptance IS DESIGNED TO BE POSITIVE ACCEPTANCE. And that can turn to full-on confidence that if you're getting rejected you know it does help to complement your partner. Reassure them let them know how attractive they are to you and think about things before you say them. If I can tell or maybe you should go to the gym or Yeah. You know if you've been the one criticizing them that's that's GonNa feed into it so you can find a way to Kind of come back from that counteract that talk to your partner explained to them where it might have come from. Maybe that could help them feel better because sometimes we do. We also make these little nonchalant comments. That aren't even us. It would be an insult but because that's an insecurity of someone else. They fixate on that and you can't even remember you said anything. That's the thing we hear things we remember that I mean you could so k. two partner will. I remember one time. You told me that you've never seen a labia like mind before and I took that to mean that it wasn't natural or normal that you hated it and then maybe this gift part. Oh no I didn't mean to spend. It was unique. I meant it was. I think where we give light to the things that we are keeping in the dark. The the more we grow healthy we become another reason. We might not want to have sex is pain either. Sex is actually causing us pain or we're just in pain in general and we're like oh you're back pain sexually backers right. So Abe presented women though experience pain during sex at some point in their lifetime. And that's a pretty high percentage. Some women have it all the time someone just now and then. And then we normalize it and we're like to embarrassed. Tell our partners will wow. I've got some pain. So they make another excuse and so I think if you're in pain you let your partner know that you are in pain and that you're GonNa try to figure out some solutions together remember. You're both in this sex game together and you don't have to live with pay during sex. Maybe it's seeing a pelvic floor. Physical therapist getting checked out for what it is. So you can start to rebuild and actually have sex. It's not painful if you're getting rejected understand that you've got to be patient and that you're going to work with them on getting you know getting the the problem solve like figuring out how they can manage pain. We're suffering in a relationship since we don't ask for help when we need but since we just eat our partners to know that they're they're they're invested in our health. They want to help us get through it like if you let's say you've been having public for pain and you go to physical therapists and they give you like a dilated. If to us a few times a week to kind of help alleviate. Some of the pain will as the partner. Maybe you could say. Hey you want me to sit with you or you do exercise their. How are they going or take an interest in their recovery and somehow maybe even accept sexy in a way? I was thinking like some mutual masturbation or using the dilated with them. Because I would hate to feel alone in this like imagine you're letting your partner down because you don't WanNa have sex you don't WanNa tell them you're in pain because you might think that's normal or whatever and then you finally tell them and then you're part is like Oh my God. I don't WanNa hurt you like this. I was figuring out together Dakhli. Then yeah you're right in your partners I I don't have pains on. I feel like having this. I don't want to have the sex and then Unisex you could've went the sex. I love when you say that my new favorite thing. Okay this okay. The other thing is there is no build up. This is a big one is quickies can be amazing. I get it I get it but I'm not your partner. Just wants to be seduced. They WANNA be touched. They will be romance and take their clothes off slowly and turns. It's actually doesn't feel we're actually not going to get in the mood if we don't have a build up so we need it so maybe you know instead of going right for the sexy. Go Out for dinner. Go dancing massage making out that can help alleviate that can help kind of get us in the mood. So how do we react better this okay? So let's see this. There's no buildup and you need build up. You can let your partner know that you're not ready for sex yet and it's going to be amazing. You know you wanted to make for minute or you want to slow down. It's okay to say it your partner. Let's just kind of slow this down right now. I'm not ready or let's revisit it tomorrow because this escalated and I wasn't there I wasn't on board. I wasn't there. I left the ripped if you're getting rejected take your time teasing his now. This is a new skill. You GotTA learn. Some people just have learned to rush right through sex no not retired. Us behold production but once in a while. Yeah I believe I believe you know taking your time teasing finding out what your party needs for this buildup for arousal. Yeah because even like I can or as in pretty fast regardless but even if that's the case it's so much nicer when you prolong because then you feel more connected and then it's you wanted even more. That's the intimacy. I think that all of us crave 'cause quick. Sex is more of like scratching each. But if we're really craving a deeper intimacy and connection that comes from you know prolonged arousal and teasing all that stuff and actually our orgasms are can be a lot more you know. If that's your focus doesn't have to be but they can even be more intense when we wait. I love it hard guys. That's how the author Jackson and was sexy. 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Xm today to try Sirius Xm. For See There. I love answering your questions. It's why I do what I do. So if you want to question answered on the show sex with EMILY DOT COM click. The ASK 'EM LEAD TAB felt the short form Cheka. Yes if you'd like to be called a corridor show five nights a week. You can also email me feedback at sex with EMILY DOT COM. Include your name your age where you live and how you listen to the show all right. Thanks guys okay producer. Jamie Wanna read the emails. Of course okay. The first one comes to us from Zach twenty-five in Colorado. Hi Dr Emily. My question is ever since my wife had our daughter two years ago she really doesn't like nipple play. She says it reminds her of breastfeeding. Is there any way I can get her to like the feeling of sucking on them? Slash touching them again. That was a big part of our foreplay and I wish I could get her to enjoy it again. Thanks FOR ANY TIPS. All Right Zach. Thanks for your question. So here's the deal. When women give birth when we age move through the decades our bodies change and so does our hormones are desires. We like in the bedroom. The frequency of sex. There's a lot of things that are going to change. So while your wife might not have the same exact feelings about you you know with nipple play. I don't think that she's completely impr-. I'm fairly confident. She can get back to a place of enjoying sensation. So it's more like she got a new pattern she is associating nipple play with with breastfeeding. So now we gotta get her to kind of rediscover the sensitivity of her nipples again. So I would say let her know you can talk door outside the bedroom and to say you know what I love watching you be a mom. I love our sex life all the things that are great and say and I really miss playing with your with your nipples. I I would love just to slow down kind of like I always tell me like take sex off the table with zero. If and of course the problem you kind of want to bring back massage well I think with her. You could say I just WANNA lately start to massage your breasts. I WANNA start like massaging the sides of them. It feels really good like give them does explore her breasts in a bunch of different areas. That are not the nipples. So it's kind of like a tease. You're teasing your thighs and you're playing with your inner thighs. So now because I've just discovered recently is how great it feels when someone I'm showing Jamie Right. Now the massaging press the side of them and then you tease it. Maybe Use a light touch and then you go back to the nipples and build. She could build up if you can take it slow and she can start to kind of rediscover all those nerve endings sensations. I think she's going to get that feeling back and she's GonNa Learn to love the nipple feeling again now if she doesn't like if for whatever reason she can't get there. I'm sure you guys can find some other ways to play in bed. Yeah and I I love what you're saying about just not touching the nibbles in the breasts as a whole because I also do feel like sometimes the whole breast gets ignored guys but that it does feel good. I love a good tip massage. That's Nice so nice. I love every kind of massage and that one in particular. Yes it's like. We hold tension in there. We're BRAS old. I know deserve a massage every single night. Once we get the God Damn Bra off. I would love to have like a broad like hands. If what if you had a broad? That just felt like hands. He'll be so cooperating. It'd be like a hug all day. You could hug all day. That's right and maybe it has a little like like soft velvet or maybe aggravates every once in a while. It's like hello all the ideas we come up with. I just made me really WanNa get a breast massage now like I really want to ask a partner to to do these massage oil. They could use like the womb or play coconut oil. What are they GONNA say? No exactly and you know we have zero left words to say to each other okay mark. There's the door all right next one all right. This next comes to us from Jordan female twenty-five in Wisconsin Dr. Emily my boyfriend and I are big fans. We always listen and agree on your great tips. We've been together for three years now but somehow I still don't feel confident with our sex life. I want to surprise him more and keep it alive. So what are some good tips to get myself a little more comfortable to introduce toys and lingerie to our love life? I really want to feel more confident sexy. I was in a relationship a few years ago. That was emotionally and physically abusive and sex was a joke. When I tried to be sexy. It was hilarious to him. And I'm so afraid of being turned away or laughed at Okay Jordan. Thanks for your email and I love hearing. We love hearing argue. The couples are listening together. Learning going from the show that makes me like that gives me let God. That's why I'm alive reeling. So thank you for sharing that a lot of couples do have success in listening so during you seem like super evolved like. You're doing the work here. You understand that your lash relationship wasn't healthy and perhaps that that is having an impact on you and your confidence in the bedroom so while it's not great to go through things in you know pass relationships when we learn from them like bats where the magic happens so special people make comments and they don't make you feel great about yourself so I would say that some of this is going to be a you you think to do that Trying on lingerie or something. I think like laundry is amazing. But if you have like something that makes you feel sexy and you could kind of practice in your bedroom. How I've done this like I've gotten sexy lingerie and like a little roby thing and I was like okay. I'm GonNa Boyfriend's house. I'm going to like look how I look in the mirror. I wanted to move. This is who I am and like I could go. Oh God my thighs weird or my left Babes bigger than my right but instead I got myself into the mindset of like I'm GonNa look how I look at this sexy goddess in the mirror that's who I am and that is what helps that's part of it and even if you just get to the point of like okay that to see how you look in practice confidence. That's the part you gotta do on her own. You know. I'm a big fan of us. Working on sex work at our sex lives together with our partner because sometimes one partners carrying the whole burden of having to fix it but this part the self confidence part start with you but then also you guys could do together is check out the S. No maybe list on our site. You can download it. Yes no maybe and then you could sit there together and you could each fill out and figure out what. Hey what feels good to me? What feels good you. Are we both into spanking or we into dressing up? Are we into trying different things and it gives you all these options. Maybe it's press play you know and then checked and then you compare after you're like yes. I'm yes isn't here I'm knows in here. We're maybe okay. So why don't you guys do that? Then you have a blueprint you kind of have a roadmap to think okay. Well we are both in two. We both want receive central massages than the surprise. Comes in where you set it up one night? Maybe he comes home and you have. It's you give them a blindfold. Alamdar the bad. You have some massage candles and then you start to do some of the things that you learned that you both like. And there's something very empowering about taking charge of that so for example if you give them a bipolar then you put on your sexy outfit and you tease him. And you use like play with different parts of his body. He's not GonNa know what comes next. It's very exciting way to spice it up and play together. I love that you brought up the blindfold because that might make it easier for her to bring in the laundry because maybe the first time she he doesn't take the blindfold off so she's just getting used to the sex and the the playfulness in the laundry without him actually having to see her exactly and then the next time. That's great in Seattle off right. Then you're in the vicinity of yes and you might just feel so sexy that you can't help it takes the blindfold exactly that happens. We're happy all right. Thanks for email we appreciate Jordan. This next one is cassie. Thirty four from New Mexico. Dear Dr Emily. My husband and I respond to stress very differently. My Body responses stressed by shutting down. I WANNA snuggle watch. Tv and sleep his body response to stress by yearning for sexual intimacy to relieve because both of our jobs deal with the wellbeing of other people were often stressed and typically at the same time at kids to the mix and forget about it. How can we help each other in these times when we have polar opposite reactions? All right. Cassie thanks for your email. Just so you know. This is a very common struggle that a lot of couples are facing right now. We're running around so glad. I'm stressed out. It is hard to connect. It actually can really destroy our sex life so it sounds like you both just take some time to to de stress. Get Out of your comfort zones there at home it may like take a trip together take a day off get a babysitter. Rent a hotel room for a night. You would be amazed at what a change of location for tonight can do for a reset so you can reconnect when it's not as stressed and do you make time. I understand having kids and also this is just a time when you have young kids and you're you have jobs and you're working it. It is just a struggle for several years. But if you can't think about it okay. Well when? Are we the least stress? Now this is GonNa take a little effort. But I think it's worth it so maybe setting the alarm for fifteen minutes earlier in the morning. Because you're like you know what if we have fifteen minutes for intimacy to connect in the morning? Then we'll both feel connected as we go about our day or maybe it's Saturday mornings and the kids are all off doing something or you have a babysitter. You go somewhere because this is like as potent as your workouts. It's Portugal and the kids games. It's important as everything else family dinner. Your time to de stress and then to connect with each other and have sex is actually a priority so if you put it in schedule and you say this is the time we're going to have sex this time we're going to be intimate so you guys can kind of know that that's going to happen and look forward to it and make sure you're the right head space. I really think that would be a solution. Could help you both so this next one is from Josh who's forty-three in Colorado. Hello Dr Emily Big Fan. I was in a fifteen year marriage that ended and I am now dating apps but what I experienced this the women. I'm interested in one a long term relationship and I'm not saying that I don't but I'm also not saying that I do the women who want to just date. I'm usually not interested. I feel bad on dates if women are looking to be married or at least monogamous. I can't say that is what I want. But it's not that I don't want it. I know it's what I want with the right person. But how do you handle this if you what if you love dating someone to marry them but in the beginning they communicate that they do as like everyone is jumping from. I eight to joint account. I want to see more than one person. A while and then maybe get exclusive and then we will see. It's like a three year process and the women. I date who I find. Wonderful hot and amazing. WanNa be married yesterday. So what does one do all right? Thanks for your question and it's good to hear from you. So okay this makes sense. You're marriage for fifteen years and you're back on the APPS and a lot of women. They are looking for long term commitments. They are looking for marriage as are a lot of men. But you can let someone know that you'd like to date casually and that's what you're looking for right now. You can be totally honest. I just got out of a marriage. I'm kind of figuring out what next steps are and looking to spend some time with a few people and you know eventually. Maybe you won't be the longer term relationship right now. You don't want to jump in right away you can let them know that I agree with you that it does take time and I sort of date more like you do. I feel like I. Wha How should we know after a few dates if this is some we want to move forward with and have a relationship? I think that if you're dating a few people at once and you're really honest about it to everybody enter yourself then you get to see what's out there. Who Am I now? Who's Josh has a forty three year? Old Man who got fifteen year marriage. You might not know what kind of woman you're looking for. What kind of relationship you want. So there's nothing wrong with you wanting this but I think the big thing here is communication being upfront on the APPS that you're not looking for something serious in your open to whatever happens. Just let it know. Butler let them know. Put It out there. So everyone's on the same page. Our guys business with Emily Fi me Monday through Friday on Sirius. Xm Radio Five to seven PM. Pacific a channel stars one. Oh nine get free thirty day trial at SEX WITH EMILY DOT COM slash S. x M. You can also call in during those hours. Triple eight nine four seven eight two seven seven if you like the show find us rate. Us Five Stars wherever you listen. We love that gives review and I tunes Any questions suggestions feedback at sex with emily. Dot Com thanks to my awesome team and Kristen. At least Brian. Our interns producer. Jamie and Michael was a good for you. 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