Dirty Franks: The Bar, The Myth, The Legend


hey this is greg the philly blunt this episodes a little different than our previous ones because our guest is actually a place we've been surprised that none of our guests have picked the bar dirty frances as a location being a dirty franson institution in town that's been open since just after prohibition so we figured let's honor and celebrate dirty phrase with an episode focused on the bar itself we sat down to the corner set up shop and talked with jody the owner the doorman in some interesting regulars to find out what is made francs survive over eighty years and what makes it one of the best bars in town town it's a funny insightful while interview that we think you'll enjoy rave reviews ascribe if you haven't already what are you waiting for tell your friends about what we're doing if you think they'll enjoy our attempts to celebrate right the people places and things that make philly special j. sat on twitter instagram facebook all as the philly blunt and we hope you enjoy turn can i ask before all this begins what are we doing here so we do ourselves at every day we do a podcast called the philly blunt we interview interesting people throughout philadelphia so this place is you know kind of iconic as a bar so we that'd be fun to talk to the owner of the bar and and and then we thought maybe we'd ask a couple couple regulars to are we are we rolling wok what yeah we're on okay welcome to philly blunt folks i'm johnny goodtime this is greg i'm furry standing for reef the lost causes recessed nut reap the las casa is just reef the lost yeah yeah he said just wife just had their third child so he's he's quite lost indeed in three weeks here we are here we are surprised i'm actually have been disappointed none of our guests we usually record at the bar of their choice and no one one in thirty two episodes has picked here so i'm glad we're just making a stand point come on people dan go voices amazing thank you i was just saying he caroused earlier during a few ill and move on and so jodi you are part owner of this place part the owner of this iconic a bar in philadelphia started working back in nineteen ninety-two was brought in and j mcconnell raised me as as as other daughter that he never had now are you from philly or own hail no i'm from outside of lancaster county york pennsylvania view view every time i say york people like oh new york no so say like caterpillar harley davidson plant near your oh they are in your yup yep yep yep barbell york peppermint patty until it went to wrap my very first job was that york bon taen potato chip factory i put one hundred little bags into a big box that i later found out went to airlines so how'd how'd you find yourself in philadelphia fucking i got the hell out of dodge jeez louise i ran away as soon as i twice how old older you and you read the first time sixteen oh second time i was eighteen never went back to philly both times oh no first time appalachian elision trail when all the way up to maine and then yeah yeah yeah and came back and whatever and the second time guest to philadelphia but first before that one to new york to go to school back then it's a long story would you studying i wants to FIT fashion technology analogy i got my degree and started doing all kinds of stuff here in philadelphia i i had a whole line of clothing that i sold right on south street i think we're on south street get a boutique or no so check it out there is this this crazy leather guy that lived lived right below the the -partment that we lived on right next to the society hill pawnshop did we all know that there used to be this awesome some weather place we had the two floors it was three girls we were up there and we did amazing up some of us were artists summers drunkard summa's most were whatever we had a great time for like three or four years and i sold myself in the leather shop leather leather fashion shen or was it like what kind of stuff shirks chaps pants with kind of fashion we crinoline and boost TA's okay first word was yeah i didn't either kremlin might look it up in the encyclopedia britannica which is just to my left well that's the resource center that you're living right next to that by the way i i've had to fight to keep here which is you know i know now gone trying to throw it out i found it on this side of the street over an old city a year ago picks it up in my wagoneer brought it here this is our resource center people will use this stuff like we can resolve l. issues without having to user four right info unfortunately they've stolen cr we would you say the word what's crinoline crinoline oh come on to choose crinoline got through like that that man why couldn't you have just said mesh FIT degree hey thanks doing this era pad city do you live i'm in south philly i live below learn pat's and gino's load in their basement almost yeah half a block south it's live above leather store not not lives below right underground tomo allen laterally by the way the lateral nerve but at least i have a better landlord myself perfect so so you can't come on here in ninety two what was your first impression of this bar the first time he came when i started coming here in eighty seven and two and the end of i i moved to philadelphia airbnb maybe seven i end a few weeks later i ended up living carlisle street right behind pierce junior college university arts i lived basically halfway between midland cheese dirty franks and and then i got a job in midland cheese and then we have to fly to many people in them i won't come over here and then all here hanging out see you took an over or sorry started working here in ninety two and you've seen the change from a bar being a place where people hang out and have drinks and now you're seeing more and more people go ars and hang out on their cell phones and so forth what's you know do you feel like there's something that's been lost well i think i think frigging and i are kind of on the same page in a sense of like our customers don't bring their phones out the only bring their phones out maybe perhaps when they're having like some sort of debate normally they come into our bars because they want to communicate with other people and that's why we how how these local neighborhood bars so as far as technology is concerned this is not the premise of the bar never has has gone so i have to runaway john i got to babysit tonight for i am actually babysitting i just had one beer in case the family you're listening the complicated they're not aligning nobody's listening nobody's listening all our fire everybody thanks a biker guy greg johnny jody massage you're you're welcome reef the lost cause reef the lost c. a baby radio show let everyone know when your radio show it's it's called crack radio CRA ic- radio every thursday five to seven pm on one or six point five the FM locally in philadelphia on the world wide web philly com dot ORG slash listen i mean we've been well what are we three four times the great music college for like five years interest podcast lot's stop other the long we got the crack we got all sorts of loved reference to cocaine radio monday hey guys thanks thank you and you know i love dirty thanks arjun the name dirty franks so my from what i was told from j mcconnell owner it before me which is only the fourth earner is at the original owner was his name was frank okay and he apparently lee was the dirtiest motherfucker in town he was running a some sort of solid bar bodega kind of thing because you have to understand dirty frank's as it is now was on half of that in sixty four was when it became a u. shape far yeah yeah yeah the other door over on the side was only utilized by women who are blacks only white males were allowed to enter into the crackdown almost the exact same bar on both sides to report on the other side yeah yeah it's a mirror of it so people who don't no no like what is the cuisine here thirty francs we got snacks shoulders peanuts combos we combos got three different kinds of combos was and by the way the blue cheese is so's combo yet try something so good so i wouldn't i wouldn't didn't syria iraq yeah i'm sold i don't know greg greg sato bon bons mega here now tell on actually because when in your factories shut down went to new york by the way so we have a we have pretzels and peanuts and cashews ashes and then on the other side we got all kinds of zesty little potato chip factories gone yes jalapeno chips it's good amount of salt like a good old school board does keep people are sticking collect that's what people really want they don't want vegetables hey thank nobody wants you guys always have great staff i was that i've worked really hard to collect a crew of winning your dedicated the kid who believe in this place it really was a long term goal of mine to create a a really good solid staff and i finally have it i i it's not that i wanted just women but i have to say i'm i've been really really lucky to conjure and nurture a bunch of women who just love working here and he either had been here from like gecko and come back and or i've been able to pick up along the way so i my heart says thank you to all these women who are just like kick ass and do a great job yeah so it actually is very cool we try to get belonged i mean do you have to go do you wanna hang around do you have any like a million regulars here they want to interview with us yeah yeah once you hang out and then it'll be like field johnny carson show or new on the couch i'm actually kind of our afraid to do that i'm not not really sure how a jab of their neighbor asian they are either gonna be in a sense of like are you really want to bring him forth they really want to open the right by the way hey you're you're bringing it in if you want to open the dragon's lair aren't bringing the dragons came brain for that that's very young ace live down rodney street a half block down and it was like the art school how long are we talking one thousand nine hundred ninety one okay nineteen ninety i'd say where were you before that up in up in the north northern kenya park right across the mayfair diner there's no hardware store i was seventeen stupid knee high school go to a new york PA we know what's in mayfair i'm not from fucking philly fucking your i'm ahead cody you're both from new york damn straight oh wow you're real secret thirty thanks for all the right now at sang ever knew that never knew that you wanna talk about how i came to philadelphia philidelphia and talking about first time frank i think i'm ready to tell a story about i use that's a better story yeah first time it came into frank o. card i'm a young buck early nineties night sworn i was twenty one let's just put it that way i us twenty one living on rodman street in our school ghetto and we took all this liquid acid my friend in magazines say to rob to a strong start said you gotta get this party francis awesome they come in and we sit right over there you know straight there and the ashes kicking the liquids escaped in it's great i mean we got our pitcher rolling rockford theo just nervous asia whatever whatever happens when you take acid i see and then we need another pitcher rolling rock several i link to sheila gender here and i said i would love another pitcher rolling rock and she's like she looks alright actually no i'm only three hits of liquid acid on peaking freaking out working boris my pitcher of rolling rock takes my money i believe it was three dollars seventy five cents at that time and we sit down at sit down with news guys are trip have all these old heads from dirty phrase coming up like oh man you guys array and they're like really cool there just to make sure we're young bucks and he'll has really took care of his leg nation we all right make sure nobody's fucking walking ledger nice jumping off buildings trying to fire on the bed sores even coming here ever since yeah off and on i i went to LA and back fuck LA yeah l. a.'s shithole homeowner for the first time on thursday thursday thanks for off we're fucking fucking flak jackets room stabbed in the back man shake your hand stabbing bag of savings i love how long are we here for these year in some change damn didn't take long to make a bad impression two thousand using got stuck there when the nine eleven okay could not contact any anybody from philly felt really yeah yeah that's LA everybody's alone in that song i think that's pretty much the deal but i mean you know wh what do you like about thirty francs keeps you coming back you still in the neighborhood ah uptown shit i got placed fifteenth and spruce right away that for a while but yeah it's all right you travel all the way tayside abroad street it's a hell of a cumulus going to get over that fucking red lights dude every god damn time cutting down drink your ass right streetlight once you miss man you're stuck on one side of broad street for like two minutes but like not from nothing like what it was was lake it is what it is dirty francs what is he is some it up for us because it is what it is he can sit down next to the biggest lush don't look at me like that or poet laureate or a writer director you know high in everybody's here and the staff keeps that real staff just loves to do what they do they're very humble and they're very kind and the other thing is like we're and the regulars that come in here we respect that and we'll do the same things everybody whether you're newark sorry talked away from mike this very omni directional music i'm not an audio guy i'm a video guys start shooting the shit eric do you not take away the fact that you you are onsite guerrilla chew that yeah yeah so for christmas he's our gorilla christmas santa claus he's got this amazing suit that he slides into flies out of and becomes as other entity that is now a dirty so by the way when you do if you ever pass away before i do do it will be the gorilla talking that goes on forever man it will be gorgeous right it'll be asleep spectacularly who her real photo that goes up on the wall and now the miss they just happen to have a gorilla costume absolutely take out fake come on do you play off try going by bananas at a supermarket wearing a gorilla take out on especially in the little skewed because i thought that i use those little scooter thing grocery store i i don't like fucking walking and everybody thinks you're like fucked up so they just like no one question bullshit off the show for you brilliant thing in the world then a gorilla suit trying to buy bananas in the produce section your fucking foods trader bears or something a little weird on you yeah but ain't nothing you know it is is what is right and santa claus you guys have a wall of fame in the back by the dark for actually the wall fame started up front because we have so many people passed we now had to bring it back so we have to due to walls and i'm not sure we're going to go with that next because we're running out of space we have so many people that we need to honor right that have come before us because you know this is what we do visit how we how we're all and yeah i mean i mean we just gave honor to ban young men to sunday's go and a new gym mcconaughey the pass sunday yeah eh wise men i mean they're just crony and so the weird thing is that they died within two weeks of each other so therefore we had there are some race with only two weeks each other here so you're so you're wall famed you got you say you had to a ceremony for the wall facing new photo of of course they look like people tell stories and yeah we read about mike they tell stories we serve food we have a band we have lots of pictures pictures i mean you know we welcome all the community become in because that's what's that i think is the most poignant part of -able full of a local bar is it's it's horrible excuse me oral history ready no because when you're telling stories that have happened before you and other people have experienced and somebody else who's been here make my bendon there that night you're you're giving oral history that's what makes this place so so incredibly beautiful can't believe this story here i got a good day for you guys a lot we love the numbers of becoming air for out even anna how long when i when i start working nears day which has been since ninety two man people are just freaking awesome like all the all the brigade's come in there is having a great time they love this place that been coming here for ever and they just they love being part of what it is that you they they they've created here way before me and i was so lucky to meet like the captains and and they bring you gifts and they're just like so gracious they're so happy to be here and that's what made me fall in love with franks is the people an as like why would you leave something who is eight loves you back like do the froggy car umbrella looking at us ray bird dogging yeah no i have froggy car socks socks i have i have yeah and the wars wars is which i think are worthy ores from dad actually goes back to the j. mcconnell days where the oarsmen from the school bill there was a there was a there was an event and they were part hard of the dirty francs crowd and they won and they brought in their sticks and i asked jay to put him up there so so they're up there and that's what we hang everything from how far how far becker we going with that you know unfortunately j. passed away and i don't know how far back those go they just know they were there in his early inception which was thirty seven years ago okay yeah so you know everything has what's in here that is kind of you know that we should know about but most people come in here and wouldn't necessarily the hubcaps okay so that's really funny cats backed by dr i found out from jon segal though that why would happen is that people would make a serious turn and their hubcaps would roll off right in front of dirty franks thanks so people would just bring them in and john je started collecting so it's not like something that we intended to do john just did because he's like what am i supposed to do with it now just we everybody's on the same page here he he took over this bar win jon segal was the previous owner to james mcconnell j mcconnell bought it thirty seven years ago when plus seven so forty four years ago john sequel had it for thirty years before jay so i mean there's only been own that's wild thirties this place opened right after prohibition yeah i'm the chaff and the first woman really has a small neighborhood if you're in a small south philly streep eh you're doing something near house or work on your car everyone comes out to see every regular who passes by tapping you guys like what are you guys doing a podcast what's happening here what's going on yeah now everybody wants to know your business disciplines you like happy hour to the same are you how many days a week are you here after work or can you stop by every day you know comprehend we talked about like the word lush earlier if i become a lush i don't know i see you're you're a regular yeah but also like lake all you know hook up with my friends today known for so many years right so you know what it is like a family family here's damn straight solid yeah time we get his mail on certain all right very strong deterrence james son of who else eric you've seen anybody else here that we need to talk to what are you getting bored of me area pass off ooh boy he's quick with a hook here talking about spots i'm i'm very jergen tequila book and for certain thanks luck and bumped up guys komo where's my residual check in the mail freight we'll be coming here yeah you guys are awesome yeah right yeah what's up johnny johnny ryan craig so what's going on much we're doing the we do the suli blunt podcasts we have different people on each weeks we had jodi on this week and we feel like to tell the full story we have cue regulars on as well so so we asked turn erica point out some people we talked to and your name came up mining camera why is that i don't know just that was my time i'm here how's it going so far yeah it's amazing working out well we ria longtime listener first-time customer just pace back and forth outside tonight today you find the came in gave it a shot how did you end up here i'm not funny story i came started coming here for actually started coming here i come twice a year from two two thousand four has started a couple of times a year but it was always a great time os at a time and then i started becoming with the bartender heather and i started coming up more and more and more now i tend to not leave the vortex wait wait you said earlier living room like it doesn't even it feels like a living room except your you've always got like you're a college roommates here with you so everybody's always laughing hanging hanging out it really is and and halloween i came with my mom which was great and i was like all his mouth seventies you guys still have a cuss word of the year is that sort of thing absolutely maria any sort of parameters or is that all secret top secret and you guys just decide nope i i actually i just consult my staff you have a combined yeah yeah because that's what it's all about who is your favorite customers right food brings the best of the table you feel like that really emulates like what you want as a customer and that's how we decided like i mean one year it was a dome perks being that customer of the year anybody could be in their dreams for a day or you know you get all kinds of glory it's not about it's not about the fabulous fries it's all about the glory orey right now you can you can limping price guy i'm a big worry guy i want to put that on my business card i wanna start hanging out here more plus you get your photo right up by the door there you go that's what i'm talking about drilling we do this thing benjamin ask after a year you guys can vote with committee who's the better customer mayor john o. it'll be this kid be here like five six days here more well yeah but i'll i'll be probably much friendlier much friendly so excuse me so it's a tradeoff ira thanks for hanging out with i are we out these what were they blue cheese combos uh-huh yeah right that's belushi i'm so glad that we're doing a whole show this bar instead of having someone pick it and we just mentioned a little bit about the next like what kind of customer do you want because i mean i mean intriguing let's let's how about mystery commissioner intrigue who's a wild card to the hell's bells only gets wilder after that yeah i've got two guys only water out that got cheat over there and he like you can talk to your office but we got we can't we can't have here forever yeah yeah you wanna be on it com yeah all right yeah there it is uh-huh what's up hey guys doing well so talk is called the philly blunt johnny i'm greg i'm brenna abram apron jody judge i'm sorry what's your name rana jody is the owner here the brought assu gina combo we heard about these blue cheese rock shoals reynouard where are you from the area or so i live in philly now but i'm originally only from connecticut wow okay there's nothing going on in connecticut that i'm a philly girl now okay how long have you been here three years are not very long no no it's not well but i like it we're we're in connecticut eastern connecticut okay near a city some city something lots of farms and cows house okay yeah not not much going on out there now so you how'd you end up in philly school let's guess penn i look i came from mark okay so at drexel wha- what are you studying drexel the marketing and i work in marketing now working marketing where what kind of marketing you dip so i do advertise boy oy farms part of the problem farm farm problems he's showing us those humira commercial s i and who else we have all right but as we can say hey this is our diversity of this we have time she stole school we converter yeah yeah yeah we kill people such as she right in your work for company called misfits market we take uglier produce so i took a hard left there but yeah right thank it seems to be you're you're you're a little bit more money selling pharma than again burden me they went to drexel gone i have so many CD loads it's a problem student loan some yeah yeah we're not we're not hating here we're just trying to call it you you know call it a school drop-out i'm not so big pharma stuff oh yuck yeah i mean he's got some sort of monster got a sloop god come on how'd you like philly say like philly so that's your honor we're we're we're still on your team wash your chops a little bit on your team is still fully fathom how did you end up here tonight i joined thirty fronts because my friend max over here dancing hansen with pretty good eagles fresh air mass rocking show style people tell the people out yourself yourself we're back yeah he's a little scared after we just albert brenner all we got here need to meet you man you're you're you just got invited you're in grabbed the headphones so you can hear us on all right cheetah cheetah is cheetahs in the bill what's going on everything is good out dirty ranks yes we all live yet here title ninety s when i first started coming here okay thank you we care about the thirties but it's been live for you here since the ninety sir absolutely newton who are absent so how'd you end up here it's my go-to man i hear the friends bring you hear family no i hear i hear it was a long long time ago i'm here tonight because my kids at school and going to blow was it slacker that brought you in or was it before slacker a little bit before slacker lights are all these are all the bike messengers back in the day yeah this is ninety-one these guys are like lauder hard-core or bike messengers and they live it read it and still keep it strong whoa tell me a little bit about that lifestyle like what's your what's your day look like as a bike messenger you work on day you make money for me for my daughter make sure she got booed overhead and lived downtown like which is awesome girl second projects norville data blah blah blah so honestly my life goal as a young long as was the come down here instead of being norfield's so did that and this place stuck with me like outta place from the mark thirty where's that is all i got to say right right right so you you've been a regular here since the nineties or you hear a couple times angelique recently i don't want somebody to i used to be here like sh- every night command over there we used to house those only reason why they can't go oh erica's word accounting go yellow spots man i'm so glad honestly honestly honestly i'm so glad displeased displeased is open and still available like is just so much love in here so much love bites ice sheila jody guy is just so much love nights right right right so so you're doing the bike messaging i'm guessing that's changed quite a bit in the internet age i'm guessing a lot more people are sending those things by email now what what kind of what kind of things do you deliver these days if you're going from one side of down to the blah honestly right now the game strong like i started i started doing documents of the nursing so be wary yeah i don't wanna see fighter cheetah coming i know i know it's troubling amish rate messenger man i'll deliver food like what whatever you need liver whatever i'm and i'm saying it was that was that a big move internal was like when you because obviously the like i said the internet with google docs and so forth i'm sure a lot and that stuff can just be sent online i guess everybody just slid right over to the ubereats and all caviar and all that kind of stuff yeah yeah the ball as as far as much as originally court documents and blueprints and everything and it's good that they still exist like absolutely but pool game is so strong wrong you make so much money with like i started in ninety one i started choice currier us those who gain and with with the absence of adds definitely definitely have made me more money and more actually didn't say sustainable because it's not sustainable it hasn't been sustainable over the past few years since you ask the question about that but you know but you can't it can't back or you can't email a burger sodas what's right sure do you know anyone in the messenger world i know people who there's like marijuana carriers and delivery through text messaging and stuff you know anyone in that circle and not a you would ever do that i plead the fifth bitcoin not cool enough circle you heard about it and it's recorded yoyo ah yeah yo you know my roommate back when i first moved here had the one where the guys would call obvious and then they would show up with the or doing this but the suitcase and then those guys got boston two thousand because it was like you would call from a payphone and he would leave 'em paper she would leave like a number and then they would like know your address and like i'd be sitting there and be like holy shit this guy's like a suitcase filled with all these now everybody's relaxed about it like it's not a big deal two thousand through real rap like it's alabama's in ninety one i never got involved with that because scooby at like yeah i'll say why your your cell phone brushing but they do exist and it's kind of legal nowadays i mean they had the centuries and everything so i'm pretty sure to follow suit messengers and things like yes but the food you're doing well with food who game strive roy you've been doing this since ninety one i mean you must be one of the fastest bikers out there but you must give them point a point in just zero time flag hi my name is peter i'm number one do your it is you got twenty thousand deliveries for caviar under four years you do the math so three hundred sixty five days a year divide that about what's money over four years twenty thousand deliveries in four years now and and dirty francs the euro support sheila support sheila that's all right yeah so what do you think we let's try these combos give jodi the blunt you wanna hang out for a bit more your joy this is and this is bonus content if we ever want to get out by the way do you guys lane thing to drink yeah i am a bartender at take another paola i mean i don't want to offend the host right right so whatever you by the way there's no host there's host descent male regret they don't yeah it's true i might have i might have to here's a weird story related to this i got out of college the job i thought i was getting i didn't get so i started cooking at hooters on the river ice and then every four or five months i moved on found someone else like a year later i got a check in the mail for twelve hundred dollars three guys tried to be servers at hooters owners and they wouldn't let them leave a real to wear the uniform the mayor is a big class action suit whoever gets integra thousand dollars for a class action suit the twelve hundred bucks perfectly every guy that ever worked at hooters you insane dorguy hill the door guy thirty francs how long have you been here twenty two years oh ooh boy working here twenty two years oh man three furniture bill i don't know why they're coming up yeah how that that happened i was born this way oh yeah out of the womb and trying to get back in ever since so how'd you end up here bill came to philly go to art school until the art institute where were you from originally central pennsylvania right outside stakeout say he said you're we're done that's tony eric i'm i'm more redneck them all right what's his name county incline okay we're known for like a race town dam which is like a little resort area the people go to and then we got to like free state prison so in the thirty plus years i've been coming oh you know here in philly i bump into people in the right oh yeah i i know i know you're down over time exactly i spend a little time to upstate yeah yeah i was a tourist there for a couple of years i'm like oh you met one couple of land on the word on making one always correct jokes together kept running away yeah so so how'd you end up in philly i came i went to school in the art institute in nineteen eighty graduated from there taught there for about at eight years which is studying what did they call it advertising graphic design basically i got probably about twenty eight thirty years take for the mummers nell during during string band i'm gonna be walking up tomorrow morning getting said to me funny thing is i live in midland than i am literally three blocks from the to st and the club i'm working with is in jersey i don't have a car they gotta pick me up and drive back and forth so it works yeah they must be like we got a real like a guy from to st working on our religion and keep me and baron pizza money right so do you help so so what happens with the you help them come up with a theme or did they come to you with our deciders generally they have the theme already decided and then i kinda like what used to happen khanate always have one guy that would always do the drawings and i'm like all right get rid of that guy he's great for like the costume design and stuff but he would always draw everything in square and wanted to cover the street as a long rectangle more or less so i have to kind of reinvent the wheel and work it out every year i used to do a lot of the fancy brigades and it just got to be too much you know they're they're set for like twenty four feet high by forty eight feet wide wow and you know and the convention center and on broad street after be smaller because a the wind and the weather and things and they have enough marvels that can push him so how'd you get into that world like yeah i got out of the artists to was literally within like six months obsolete because the whole computer thing with advertising graph the whole max max max come out and everything and i got to know some guys i was working in a like a screen screen artists and stuff like that and it sorta hanging out with guys on the gallery or the head on airbus shop got to be friends with them and then the next thing and i was in airbrush artists disarray one fell into the queue we've been here twenty two years how did you end up at this spot i know you work down i mean i know you went to school down the street but he's just kind of wandering asking for job or how did that happen well i'll i i found on the place you could go to mcglinchey happy rooster oscars and dirty ranks in the daytime and nobody carded you we're sitting in here in nineteen eighty nine like eighteen years old on the other side of the barn we look over and there is earned structure class we just kicked they so basically the one girl panicked ran over and asked him what what we miss an should have been there our all share what are we doing what have you got what do we do i walk welcome to the bartender and i'm like what's he drinks and those drinks manhattan's i'm like well how many did he have because like mostly two maybe three i'm like well how much are they and back act in early two dollars we'll get into one sorry wait till he finishes the first one we buy my walk over and i go well you know what are we missing class first of all this is my bar i go to every day don't skip my class and be let me catch you in here i don't care also this class you skip tenure in drinking but now since you learn how to grease the wheels of society that's what you need your next week so what's a what's a typical the night here is a pretty low key walk in the door thirty francs it can be anything and everything when i started here twenty two years ago like this crowd is pretty tame and now-discredited like way back then this place would be packed every night of the week and without the smoke eaters it'd be like a threshold of smoke literally a five feet in the air career in a booth like reset and right now you stood up suddenly blind you can just take a look at the ceilings and tell her you know even though i don't smoke i i have a smoker's walkers lungs but right were there so was it a rough crowd when you started so you started laying the rough crowd it's it's like i don't know how many times i literally jumped over the bar and jumped over the bar and stage dived into a middle of a brawl really tech nowadays it's mostly just gotta yell and bark and then there's you know college students at argue argue with you about the laws and how everything let me guess you're a hero you're law second year law student at penn or like how do i think you fucking know at all blonde is going to be quick rapid fire brick rapid fire questions rapid fire answers all right greg what's the first concert everyone to first concert i conscious sir cool yeah yeah it we're not cool you have to understand i'm mennonite we weren't allowed to go to concert lease what i mean we might have to hold on dirty breaking oh you restart the whole interview he got to go back to scratch you rebecca square one right now i know you're trying to get out of your jody but really be here awhile awhile i want to hear about this lifestyle you came up in my my grandmother had me saved twice because obviously the first time at work you know i- hardcore mennonite it's hard core mennonites yeah still minute i know i know two minute i just kidding no i uh-huh over blood you got that yeah i guess the first concert server would honestly say would be the grateful dead i know well once you start dropping acid grateful dead's pretty awesome so listen to these these these folks from your i mean they'll drop facet of it was really good okay the government patties in their barbells people don't talk enough about the york ask and by the way i sold it and it was talking to me it was amazing sold eric back in the day no actually he was one town over red line i was in york food yet hilariously not we went to the same underage place big city back in the day trouble you were at imprint brushing that you're like oh you know unfortunately my parents didn't like each other i ran away twice as yeah yeah the whole thing the whole life in a way where i just was able to you know do my own thing and i am now what's the favorite place you've ever traveled symbol wow okay yeah yeah no hands down breath y history of the world constantinople i mean come on what's not to love about the market of in so many different things where people are just making and selling spice smells beautiful the call to prayer prayer like every six hours which drive you nuts but with beautiful i love it worse job you've ever had worse job i ever had was in york pennsylvania trying to sell up frozen meats on the phone i broke down and cried i i tried to it for two days and the woman next to me was selling meats laughter and right and i was like i can't do by called in sick i was like how i kit sued yes yeah it was i was right downtown york gina's like oh we you walked in he had like this little cubicle your your phone you had your little thing and it's like judy you need some yeah i need some i ah neighbor that you slows in east yeah you live in your county we're meat fresh on a daily basis i'm trying to sell you rosen right no yeah no has down the worst job ever what's your at bat music at bat music it's really seasonal aw right now on all onto billie holiday because i'm going into the you know the season i go back to billie holiday go back to you know at a janesville holiday is my my winning okay yeah yeah i know i know when it comes to like dancing music you know it's the LCD when i go out dancing it's where do you go to answer awesome i do some expertise i'm turning up big time what does that mean what i'm corny i'm aruba total room count you ru halloween one no i didn't i unfortunately not talk to me here i have not the experiment all right that exactly are just massive impact just like a house party or basement ten thousand people major warehouse fire breeders awesome asking all right plus other than thirty francs give me something beautiful about philadelphia i have to say it's interesting thirty francs has kept me here come the golden handcuffs but within that is the people it's really i and i i hate to be so like if you consider lane but the people are amazing that i've met through this far through in different or like organizations in this neighborhood and businesses and they're amazing i i have to say the best part tired of philadelphia is people as much as we get like this bad rap now sorry has out filthadelphia is the best ask ron i'm getting there yeah perfect jodi thank you for having us come here to celebrate frank's fred greg greg i want to go somewhere where we just get drunk and hang out and this was like this is absolutely perfect for the episode we were looking for shots now alan i love you thanks for hanging public go joe joe welcome to the home of brotherly love and blood the mayor's office is covered in bugs that you've creams cut

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