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Scheana Shay & June Diane Raphael


Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch. What happens live with me? Andy Cohen and her show Grayson. Frankie is top notch. And if she likes you she'll give you an apple lodge. It's June Diane Rayfield. Hey Bill in the world's biggest welcome to watch what happens on I am your host Andy Cohen live at the clubhouse after Vanderbilt rules at at a book signing that made us all WanNa turn the page not only is my. I got an endless stream of bravo knowledge. She's also streamed role in the sixth season of Grayson Jason Frankie on net flicks. It's our friends you Diane Ray. She's good as Gold Casino. Great to see you Gina. Did you heme that dress yourself now. Actually it did. I'm great to see you. I love your coordinated black outfits so much to talk about tonight via the two of you ever met before now Dan Dan okay for everyone who's asked how they can work out with my trainer. STANI literally I get people all the time. How can I work out with standing? Well guess what Christmas either came very earlier a little late over at the bar. He is celebrating his new virtual workout program available at Ne- U. FITNESS DOT COM. It Stanislav Kravchenko. Ace Daddy work out with you. Virtually right yes on demand on TV or an iphone anywhere anywhere arms like you sure okay very good and fifty percent off okay. Very good three game alerts of my guess. What Noah anyone say this word if you're twenty one or over in honor of China's hit single drink till your memories as good as a Goldfish by by the way the link to work out with stand up on instagram stories? Give us a call at eight seven seven three three rival or tweet me and Andy Your questions for June and Sheena while you're on your phone go to WWAFL Dot TV because we have polls polls polls. I want to get started on. Tonight's Van Republic still getting to know the new servers and Charlie has an interesting theory or to take a look. Oh I have eaten the Cheka three shifts in a row really love that Boston. I've never had pasta and my life. I have this theory that Pastas says the reason why everyone's like gains wake. If like you just Saxon your body thing cards. Oh it's your body you just love it. It's presented as if theory like he's done a Ted talk about crazy information which is going to go with it sir. We all know this will. Generally we leave the mispronunciations to Ramona's singer and actress and Kamala Damola but tonight we were treated to an alternative pronunciation. Courtesy of Britney. Watch this weddings. Going to be somewhere. She cools post sales for Psych Sake. Are you kidding me. We call it for sales low sales. That's just what it called and Kentucky Dramatic Combat Component is at Belay Visao by the sales. I mean what is that I think Lisa Mater later point quite well your questions for June coming in but before we get to those. Here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight I this season on vanderbilt rule sheen has been accused of having a a deep dependence on dudes while she denies it. Let's see if the tape tells a different story. Sheena watch this. I did briefly day. Max I I literally bought him an Apple Watch the show him much. I cared about him and he couldn't even use it to talk soon. I'm divorced I don't know if you know that still doesn't define me you're saving yourself career. Aides need to preserve those an offer care about you as my friend. You're saying that I don't know if I believe you. Oh my God no it. Can I borrow him I I I just want to read you a few things that you sent me. I think I'm obsessed with you already. You're a smoke show anyone. I feel pretty lucky as all I like attention mentioned from guys I wouldn't say boy crazy. June what do you think about Sheena approached with men. Listen I feel like you're spending to much money on thank you bye-bye Thanksgiving gift. That's how I celebrate that holiday an Apple Watch for Thanksgiving. It was marina. He couldn't afford it. I knew he wanted. I was thankful I had someone in my life was making me happy. Happy at the time and by the way you set a standard that I will not abide by watching like. We're not doing sorry here. And here's what back. When Gina was the new backlash she know was the new girl Stasi loved as her mercilessly? But to amend something Arianna said you either diocese China or you survive long enough to become a Stasi. You'll see what I mean. Watch we like to. I have a teapot with like hot water. And you put on top and it seems it. Is it really daynuss job to polish every glass on the patio. No that happened to me. You need to wash the glasses in the main room and and then make sure the coffee bar is cleaned. Okay what says tonight we have tomato best. Obviously and Tomato Basil Mito Best and Tomato Basil Loft servicing them the specials. No I just got their drink order. Might you would've been and you actually just did it. There's something talk to me. I feel like either like vibe with people right away or I don't like with you. Identify with her. I did it. We haven't really done wrong. So what is it. That's like bothering you about me. I don't like what you've done. Sorry not sorry honey all right code. WWAFL DOT. TV Are Paul. Who's side are you on? Sheena or Dana. She you know we got a lot of questions. Like this. From Samantha. Elise why is Sheena so quick to. Why is she too so quick to treat Dana the the same way? She was treated by Stacey when she was first hired knowing how much she hated it herself. You know in all honesty. Peter was the one who is directing me on the sidewalk for her so I was just doing doing what he told you. He told you to be a bitch. Sound Mater pause all the glasses and then does the right done and I had fun with it. It is a cycle of abuse. I heard I think you will see an apology later. In the second Stasi's celebrator being the New York Times bestselling author with a book signing tom-tom not to be Outdone Sandoval authored his own manuscript in the form of a two thirty am rage taxed as doc- and here's how that went. I just woke up to a text from Thomson evolve. Just listen do not put this on me or us because I will literally kick you out of Tom. Tom Is he out of his mind. I said SAUCY talks message because I'm trying to figure out how the Tom Tom is. Not GonNa look like control your Tom. I'm not GonNa Kiss Your Selfish Egotistical. All right here's what go to W. W. H. L. Dot TV. I want you to weigh. In whose side are you on. Tom Or Stasi dots about that showdown. Wow I'm way further than it needed to. I don't think she needed to scream. I think it was kind of putting on a show for all the people watching. Okay Okay looks like that's a landside landslide to okay. Finally June watches Bravo with the dedication of an Olympic athlete in training. So here's what it's time for June June Bravo. I've Gone Hardball Bravo Bravo questions. Get ready to take. I need your heartaches June The vanapope kids moved to the BURBS can domestication Calm they're crazy ways. I think so I feel like once you have a kitchen island decibels under it you just you just settled down agree or disagree with Tom. And King's comments. Let's that Sandoval is an echo chamber of negative negatively and is jealous of Stasi's success. So I do think he's an Echo Chamber of negativity. I don't know that it has to do with. I don't know that he wants to be a basic pitch. I I just think he's a negative person and you're shaking. One of my best friends not is not negative. Jackson Britney or married predictions on how long the union will last. We did have watch what happens. Live for our viewers. Give it six years that AH generous and fast. Oh sorry I got I have honestly twelve MOS- that's short for months. Wow okay new. Jersey Jennifer's very open about plastic surgery proud to be a physical trophy showing off her husband's plastic surgery. Skills is this unhealthy or teach her own within. It is very hard to be a woman in this world and I say to each her own. Whatever you have to do as you all right? Let's moving to Orange County. I know you love Victoria Korea Gun Vilson. She raised the reunion that the OC is her show. She demands respect. Should the women show her respect think of her performance foreman at the reunion. Listen I think that she did start this Andy. You have to recognize that we've recognized it. Eighty thousand million times so so I feel like what she really wants and what you might consider giving her is Vicky gun presents. The ladies spread a rumor about Kelly Dodd and the train was this slut shaming of course it was okay reaction to the announcement of the upcoming real housewives of Salt Lake City I'm worried because I'm scared. They're all Mormons and they don't drink but I'm watching obviously. GOP scared It's all happening in Salt Lake City. Right now it'd be sober scarier all right. Thank you so much shoe I gotta ask what you thought of the tweets that came out last week. We have Max and I mean obviously nothing. They said it's okay. I don't condone anything. They said I can say more on Max's behalf. If he is a good person he has a good heart. He's been an amazing to me. Despite what you're seeing on the show right now I have never gotten to know well enough. I don't anything he said is. Okay are excusable either of them I mean Liam g e mail June. Who Do you think is the most underrated housewife or bravo liberty? We'll Vicky convulsants Jason. Okay Sheena Tina ass wants to know how you felt about. It being said that you're a bad kisser. It's just untrue so it it was annoying. Yeah all right. Let's go to Kim from Pennsylvania. Hey Kim what's your question hi Andy. LA- cancelled as usual My question is for Sheena What's your current dating status? and Are you dating anyone seriously right now I am. He's actually sitting front row right any big Australian rugby player and I'm here for it. Four months yes yes. Have you bought him an Apple Watch. He got air pots. How long he got him to? How long does it take him to hang TV? We're still working on that Obama Youtube Channel. Okay all right for both of you. What did you honestly think about Dana? Stand up comedy routine. I thought it was fucking great. Yeah yea I'm actually seeing her live next week. Okay let's go to Katie from Vermont. Katy what's your question. Hi My question is for June. Diane makes you break the bolstering. See Lily Tomlin or Jane Fonda much. Oh Gosh that's such a tough question. They're both so incredible. Well and I think probably lily because she's just so outside in improvises and does stuff that so unexpected and her lines are here. They're they're they're everywhere. You really genuinely never know what's going to happen Amy True Russian tweeted. She what did you do with your gigantic wedding. Portraits honestly half of them have been shipped to fans and the other couple. You better just a mirror in storage still okay Any idea the status of the penguin you bought for Adam last season actually own the penguin she is still mine. Oh the penguin is still yours. But you gave the Penguin two atom. Yeah I was just a piece of paper. She's registered under my name. Go custody. CBS Oh wow interesting. Okay on next week's Van Rosa Jackson's Bachelor Party in Miami Conversation with Bowling Santa Mall bristled or maybe it's fake moustache. Here's this peak. I'm just pissed off about the text message nasty to my girlfriend. Sent a nasty in Tex tex-mex you should apologize for it. I mean I feel like she owes me an apology. I don't think she does the fact that she's screamed. Belittled me attacked me in front of customers. Those were her cousins and there was a my customers and I first met Santa. I thought he was just a really cool guy. Oh Tom Because it's not about you. You're just jealous Tom. But after all this stuff he's kind of Dick all right. It's game time everybody whether you're whether you just just recently binge you've noticed Gina's had some moments which were to put it bluntly uninjured so it's time to play through some. Our favorite favorite Sheena is from one to ten ten being the most insane. These scorecards okay. We're all the first one it's Miami girl back to you. Shut them. Please listen to me. All you've done until Tomonori on down do not. They don't care suckered it. Oh I didn't know I hit that OCTA The most birthday party. Why is good open right now? Live live right now your arm. Yeah let's go to rob obsessing over. Never should've gotten married. And now that I'm with rob. I know that so much more deals like we've just been together forever. Boban to have a Lake House in Austin him and I don't even kiss a lot because he is a kisser. TV on the wall and under seven minutes. I timed him. I I love him. We get married until July. She she gives it a one and Tutor to give it a ten okay Wedding we AH no no no have stop and start over. That's ridiculous. This is ridiculous anybody here you herself. I was thinking really pissed off right now. Okay so we're just GONNA wait for her to finish the whole song. This is ridiculous. This is so annoying. I don't understand why anyone gave her a cue to start singing little level penguin. O can you please just I need to. I need to walk us. Even though we're not in a relationship and I feel like we literally just broke up with ever happy Jay. All right okay Ed. It looks like wedding gets the most points. Congratulations June Tell me about the Jane Club Real Quick. I'd love to so after. Having my second child I was really struggling with leaving him and going to work and then at work mark I would feel badly about not being with him. I'd feel badly about working when I was with him you. I'm sure know that whole tension and so I started a workspace in la where where parents can come and work in a beautiful environment and we have fulltime on site childcare Jane implode in La all right. It's time for Moslem. Today goes to not only the Jane Club but to Katie sours assistant coach the San Francisco Forty niners. WHO's going to be making history times times? Two is the first LGBTQ plus and female coach to go to the Super Bowl. Sorry it took a couple of days for this news to get to us here at watch. Live the only activities. We're paying Tatoo or Theresa's bodybuilding career. What's happening hot fitness? But now we might get into football too and by the way it looks like the Jock. DOC straps won't be the thing about this year super bowl after all. And since June absorbs Robbo is eagerly as the cirque ru inhales Tequila shots. I thought it'd Hover Giver Bravo Pravo Jack Whole Day. Do you have one for us. Yes so my Jack Hall of the days the Sir uniform okay. I think we first of all I'm done with cotton blend on so I just want more than a t shirt dress. I'm worried that we're not being size inclusive. I don't know how many sides offered right right and I just feel like we really need an upgrade. We need an upgrade to our after so June Diane Raphael is grace and Creighton Condor. Jake Chuck it out in. La You can find Sheena Shea at Sir on Vanderplank Stanislav Kravchenko is my trainer. And also so you. It's the Netflix of fitness. They have all kinds of fitness classes for every kind of person. Check it out at NEO FITNESS DOT com. Tom And you can work out with standing standing. What is my what annoys you about training? What bothers lex? Hey she doesn't like to Lex but okay with uniform you're on the phone but McCain visit because I work work out hard. I just do what he tells me to. When I'm on the phone I just talking and I do? What he tells me didn't know being on the phone was an option air pods on like she? Yeah and I just walk right there. Just talk right to it. And I'm like standing. I'm yes Monaco Monaco. And then he said to me the other day. How do you deal with the housewives and I was like talking someone off a ledge? I remember the first day of the session when I was in a heated conversation. That was with us all. Let's go to Kathy from North Carolina. Kathy which question. Hey Andy you big fan and seen big Fan I wanted to ask Shayna is. She's been in touch with her ex. Robbie Robbie Hayes. He's definitely not an act. See someone I made out with a few times. Yeah we're still friends neighbors. He spent you know several months. He has has two kids. You're seen on MTV right now. Bartenders friends Oh yeah he did. I saw you got me. Yeah of course. WHY WOULDN'T I? It was the top of my listening to ask them. I mean with all due shortlist L. from San Diego. Hey Al what's your question. I mean it seems like it makes my first. She May and June Diane. I would like to know if she missed so friends with and you ever accessed from the show and in which one of them is June. Diane favorite may also be invited to watch what happened wives. Oh okay you first. Who is your favorite of your exit as Ooh? That's a real Sophie's choice. I mean listen I do have a soft spot for Shea. You know he was my way in. Yeah exactly it's hard to discern what's just comfortable and familiar and what's real love but But I did think he was a sweet teddy bear I soft spot for. And that's why he's the only one I'm still in touch with. You are going to ask you for so he is he happy happy and in a good place he he I mean I think he's still kind of finding himself I. He's happy and doing well great. I'm happy to hear that. Let's go to Laura Orphan. DCA Laura. What's your question Andy? first off. Hey sheena led to the But my question in June sorry which housewife would be your ideal? Sorry what was the question. What would be your ideal guest as a housewife on or band or below deck or whatever but who would be the ideal gas for? How did this get me? Oh does the podcast with Paul. She earned Jason Men soukous God. That's a tough one. You know because I know. Sonia Dabbled in film financing. If you'll remember correctly and took her out she was finding that lawsuit I I I'd be happy. Forgotten me love to read that script first of all I'd love and and I love to have her on the podcast. Very good Sonia if you're watching. That's an invitation. They do not fly you out. Nope I WANNA thank June Diane Ray Moore. Thanks for listening to the PODCAST. Everybody hope you enjoyed the show. Remember new episodes go live Monday through Friday at four P._M.. 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